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*"" 1 ?1?
Democratic Convention? Concluded
Mr. Stioppard, and of tho gontlomnn
u .1) II *!-? r -_J .ijj
tin uuttiuwuujjjxr. lJiiniguu, unu tuu
gontlcman from Charleston, Mr. MeCrady,
beg loavo to niako the following
That tho committeo Uoorn it inoxpediont
to tako any action upon thw
resolutions submitted to tliom for consideration,
but reconitnond that this
ooikTontion tirgo on tho respoctivo!
counties tbe utmost vigor mrd ?c?i in'
porfocting a thorough <ari4 compact or ;
g*nif?tjon of tho Dcmporat^ party,,
with Ifio viow of consolidating ovory1
possible Btron^th until tho Ui^o comes
for tho nomination of a Stato tickct.
rWo further rocommcnd that tho
"Suite1 ft xecutivo Comm ttco tnko such
Motion al onco as will promoto tlio
purp0B0 indicated in tho forogoing,
Gon. Gary offered tho following resolutions
as b substitute for tho report
of tho committee:
Itogplved,-v'Jk'hat tho platform of tho
Notional Democratic party bo adopted
qb the platform of tho Democratic
parky o^outh 4^f*olina.
RcsOlvcd,' That tho Democratic
<|>arty ol South Carolina, wWoti thoy
$nako nominations lor Stato officers,
put a straightout ticket in tho field.
""ROBOlvod, That tho county conventions
whoro tho Democrats nro in a
minority mako such nominations 'as
thoy may deem expediont, and bo
govornotl by tho circumstanccs surrounding
Gon. Gary urged that theso thrco
resolutions would dispose of all tho
important quostions bo^ro tlio convolition,
und that tho expression of
sontimont by mombors indicated a
determination to mako a straight-out
fi^ht.; *
Gori. Kennedy made a good, defense
fit tho roportof tlio committcovandfiaid
whilo ho' jyltjiired the chivalry of
thoso who favor a vigorous straight,
out campaign, ho was opposed to pro"Cipitating
action at onco upon tlio
unnnln nf Snnl!> r!ni-r\lir>o islmn
calm and dcliborato judgment was
necessary. We should wait until tho
Rational Democratic party had adoptod
their platform. Whilo every
Democrat in the Slato would bo roady
for action whon tho long .roll of tl?o
JfaKy was boat, for tho present ho
advised caution and prudence.
Mp Ttnll cimlninn/l tlm iinoAlnllnno
ofTorod by Goncral Gory. The Democracy
were organized for iho first
tiruo einco reconstruction, and they
woro roftuy now to take action.
Genoral Butler doprccated an in-,
clination on tho part of mcmbors to
hVoid discussion of Democracy. He
discussed tho standing of Democracy
in 1808, 1870 and 1872, and paid while
fKrt **nonna<i?iu?? Iah nnfo KA.?A
v*iv * uvv/iidvi uvui V/ll (tV/VD JlJilJ I m V u UL/UII
unconstitutional and revolutionary,
thoy wore tjg|.null and void, as cvidoncod
by tho platform oftho National
Nomocracy in 1872. JIo favored tlio
adoption of a platform. Ho deprocatod
tho introduction of tho name ol
Gov. Chamborlain. IIo called on tho
young and old to work morn, noon
and night.
Kx-Govomor Manning made an
eloquent and effective spcocti, in which
1IU IUTUIUU ol/llllglll'Ulll tiC LI UII 110
intondod to uho all his powers to
nchiovo ft Domoomtic victory in Clarendon
at tlio next election.
Colonol Cothran, of Abbovillc, favored
tho adoption o/ tho committee's
report, and tho postponement o( action
until t.hn !if?inml>lii><c r>l o
_ ... vi \/* c? > ncu<; |
convention in tho future. Who would
loso by delay? Is tliere danger ol
Democrats joining the Republican
party? This is an inopportuno time
to join that party while it is on tho
run. Thotimo for j)urnocrats to bocome
Republicans has passed. Some
have joined it to their everlasting disgraco.
They can never recover from
llio shame it lias brought upon them
in South Carolina. It will cling as a
liorltago to them, their children, and
tlioir children's children. ILo concluded
by saying that with tho help'
of God tho Democrats intondod to
carry tho State at tho next oloetion.
Mr. Murray, of Andorson, suid tho
pooplo of tho Stato woro far in ad
r.f 1i "L.i ii -
thuuu Liiuii lUUUUrUj l/IIHli till) |
ors only were afraid of action. If
wo aro UomocratH, let us put out principles
boforo tho world and stand by
thorn. Lot uh honcofortb saerifico no
principle, but earnestly maintain wbat
WO boliovo to bo right.
Colonol Lipscomb, of Newberry,
opposed tho roport of tho committco,
Tho resolutions from his county con- ; i
vontion callod for somo docisivo nc-? <
tion on tho part of tho Ktnto coovoik j
tion. lie road *!>e call of tho. State
Kxccutivo committco to show tlwit tlio '
convention should take such action I I
^ ijHiiHii .Hi in. i ill -- i i i*.i
fts-Bfiny bo doomed pn por and nocos-*'
amy. JIo m.ido a lengthy and fbrciblo
spotoch., Hie Jirguracnt^ nbounded
with Mfisddrtl artd' gdod 'counsel, and
urged ifnmodiuto action and thorough
disciplino. novioivod tho cumpuigna
in w^iclj t|)0 J) /mocrats worcj
usUed to vote for Carpenter, Tomlin?&n
afii.^^ooo, i-lo said whoro now
is the Judgo whom Democrats wora
called on toja^po^C^in 1870 undor
tho namo of tho Union Roform IteHo
(hap gon6 15"a<?J<
into tho wing of tho .Radical party,
and is fooling tho olbow toucW ol
. .. r. t i
>v nippor, iwoso?jin(l juiliott.
Gonoral Connor opposod tho roso?
lultdnS'&s n foitor upon tlio hands o tho
pc$plot and r<jcon\mondod thut tho
delegate's go lrcin'o and urgd" upon tho
people , organization for action, and
that tho plan .of campaign bo developed
at ji'futitVo .feonvention.
Qeii. Kennedy called the previous
question on tho report.
The yens and nays were called,;
when the report of tho Committee on
llesolutions was adopted by 70 to 42.
Col. Hoy t introduced tho following
resolutions: r
iicsolvod, .That tho State Executive
Committee \.i hereby authorized and
empowered, whenever in their judgment
it may- bo dcemod proper, tocall
a convention^.ol' tho Domocratic'
party to nominato Sl.ato olficors and
aunounco a platform of principles, to
bo composod of dolegatos from tho
gvimui vvuiivivo iii 1 VI11 IU tllU
n ft moor (if rtic tabors Lo which each
county mny bo entitled in both houses
of tho Gonornl Assombly under tho
11*9 (v f^Tporti6nmout of Lho various
Tho roso'ution was adopted.
An invitation for Lho next convention
to mopt(at Ciroonvillo was rclorred
Lo the Stato Executivo Commits
Tho convention then resolved itself
into ccmmiLtoo of tho whole, and
passed tno usual complimentary resolutions
10 tUo -officers oi Llio couvou.15,
wi. /. A\ J>
Th'o convention adjournod si no dio a'
1 A. M.
Columbia, April o(>, ISTG.?Itliav
ing boon stated before one of tin*
Congressional committees that the
notorious Merrill received between
$ 21,000 and #22,000 Mr arnkts ?>i
Ku-Klux in this State. I liavo ol?tained
the following particulars i>1
the transaction lor publication:
In IS tP Governor Scoti od'u^ed a
reward of $200 for tho arrest ami
conviction 01 tnoso engaged in 111<
Ku-Jvlux outrages. After the anes'
and conviction of many of i h in, lies
ter, (the detftctive who was Bent from
Washington to "work up the ease*,")
pre Routed to Governor Scvtt acertiiicate
signed by all the officers ot the
United Stato* Court, viz: the district
attorney^ marshal, commissioner,and
perfiaps the J'ldgo, in which it was
stated thai he, Hester, was the person
whg^iiuaid tho arrest of and ufoand"
the testimony to convict the nllowd
* ? 0 - "
criminal^, and that ho was therefore
entitled tu receivo the reward promised.
lie also presented a cortificato
signed l>y tlie attorney goneral to the
t-lfect that tho Governor had full an*
tliority to give him warrants npnii
the armed lurcc fund, bo called. His
claims thus ceitiiied amounted to
?18,000. Gwvernoi Heott gave him
warrants to the amount *?1 $9,000,
but refused to give tho remainder
until tho Legislature should endorse
his actim or in some way authorize
liiiu to do 30. At the next mooting
"f that body, however, nothing was
done by it to that end, while Merrill
brought forward a bill claiming a re
ward for the same arrests, amounting
to $35,000, which was passed and
ho received a warrant tor that sum.
Ah 11(1 (!Oln i>1 ;ii ii( to tlin itniili-niui hxio
? I - " ~ J " ?"
over hoard it is presumed that the
warrants wore cashed, an<l tliur tlio
$9,000 proporly issued by Governor
Soott romainod unpaid. (?) iJoatcr
sold bis warrants and may l.avo received
a part of Morrill's claim.
Wo lonrn from tho Andorson
Journal tliJit the School ('oinminsioner
of Anderson has reeoived un act 10
Moving tho County Commin8ionorn
from proving school claims, anil that
hereafter they will only ho nignod by
school truBtcoB, and approved hy him
is formorly.
Morton ami Conkling prolmMy wish
:iow Llnil lliey lirt'l lot I^o to 1
N I'j W: A.1)V KKTIHfellENl'S. j
It Pays I It 1'nys X !
That pays? r #
-^4-oV?l 1 A
IT PAYS every Manufacturer, Merchant,
Mechanic, Inventor, Farmer, or Profes- <
sional man, to keep informed ou all (lie im- 1
pvovemcntH ami discoveries of tho age. 1
TICK SCIENTIFIC AM Ell 10 AN which lias
been published weekly for the last, iliirtv i
years, docs this, to iuiff?x(cnl beyond Hint oft 1
any other publicatioh,*iu fact it is (lie only ^
weekly paper published in the United Statos,, ,
dsvoted to Manufacturers, Mechanics, Invcn-, i
tions and New Discoveries in the Arts and,
Every number is profusely illustrated and!
its contents fsmhrno<uho latest _apd mos^_in?i
tcr&tiifff inftrnfltiop pcrtainilf tff thfPln-M
du atrial, MlJhatncafc and Scieiuificfpogfess!
of the Woi U: Bescifptions, ?th jSleailliful ,
Engravings, of Now Inventions, New Imple-j
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of all kinds; Uuseful Notes, Itcccipes,,
Suggestions and Advice, by Practical Writ-}
era, for Workmen and Employers, in all thej
various avis, forming a complete rcDcr,tprj;<oP
Now Inventions and Discoveries; (Jpntainingl
a weekly record not only of tlic progress of
the Industrial Arts in our own country, bull
also of all New Discoveries and Inventions in
every branch of Engineering, Mechanics, and;
Science abroad.
The Scientifil American hits bean /he forc^
most o( all indilslriil f>ubliefttions*f<n'4.hc past.'
Tltirtv Vftnra It iu Ilw? 1 . I
* J v,,<- """I v..*;..,? |
est, and the best weekly illustrated pnpci de-j
voted to lCnginaeriug, Mechanics, Chemistry,
New Inventions, Science and In'lustrial Pro-i
gross, published in the World.
'flic practical Receipts are well worth ton
times the subscription price. And for the
shop and house will auvo many timcs'thc cost1
of subscription. ' I
Merchants, Farmers, Mechanics, Kngin-j
eers, Inventors' Manufacturers, CJtcmists,!
Lovers, o( Science, and l'coplo of nil Profes-i
sion.-\ will find the Scientific American uscfu^
to them. It shouhl have a place in every
Family, Library, Study, Otlice, and Cjouuling
ivu'jiii, in i-vti j nuiiiuug nooiu. v/oiit'gc mm
School. A new volume commences January
1st, 1870
A year's numbers contain 832 pagas ami
Several Hundred I'.ngravings Thousands of
volumes are preserved for binding and reference.
TcriLS, $'1.20 a year by mail, including
postage. Discount to Clubs. Special
circulars giving club rates sent free. Single
copies mailed on receipt of 10 cools. May
be had of all News Dealers.
ricftti, Messrs. Mi nn & (Jo. are Solicitors of
American and Foreign Patents, and have the
'.largest establishments in the world. More
than fifty thousand applications have been
made fur patents through llieir agency.
Patents arc obtained on the best terms.
Models of Now Inventions and Sketches examined
and advice free. A Special noticc is
made in the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN of nil
Inventions Patented through this' Agency,
with the name '41I residence of the Patentee.
Patents are often sold In part or whole, to
person ) attracted to the invention by such
notice. Send for Pamphlet, containing full
directions for obtaining Patents. A bound
volume containing the Patent Laws, Census
of (lie U. S , ami 112 P.ngravings ot Mechanical
movements. Price 2*> cents.
Address for I lie Paper, or concerning Patents,
MUNN <& CO. M7 Park Row. New Vork.
Branch ollice, Cor. P. & 7th Streets, Washington,
1>. 0.
Jnn I), 187ft 18 3
S>notor?R ! < Howcn.
Hijf.-cscittatibe?1> F ]lra<lley.
Clerk of Court?S I) Kei'th.
of I'-abate?I II IMiilpoi .
S/tcrij)'-?.J Itiloy Ferguson.
Coroner?Wnfrcn Boyd.
School Conu/ii*.iioner-*?ll A Bo wen
Trcii.sitri r? H' A I.eplej.
Auditor? Alorzo M Folgcr.
Count;/ /?iAm/*.iioni>r6>~-3olutf T JtlrtsBctt,
i>. /v..:- \t r \ ??? ?
. ii 111 nun nuiHJli. v rnl^, u ?1 l.yilCMI. I ICM'K
County Commissioners, C LlIoHingsworlli.
Trial Justice*?tiuelrt/, Luke 1. Arioil?Sit'
hihriti/, J H Clayton? Cenbral, James A
Liddcll?I'icktm C //., C L llollingsvrorMi
and G W Taylor?Ducutvillt, J 1$ Sutherland
' f
\H VV i k '-H ?<41? ?# '* ;*
Foil Tin;
fb arai
t ' " / J
> i ^ j> i i v
(?{) "*' a day guaranteed using our WELL
AIM Ml .V I'KILLB. $100 a inontli
paid (o gooil agents. Anger Book free. Jilz
Auger Co., Hi. Louis; Mo.
J * ^ ' < *
Hills, lionds and Postage .Stamps Wanted.?
>t lor rarest bills, ^ln for rarest stamps It
will pay to Roinl them i.nni<vlmlcly. Also i
tliorc curiositiox. Am?;rioan iSlniup Co., Mox '
[D t">, Now York. (
DoC '1 <\\ \
NEW , AD S ION as. !
fnilli Scholastic year (jus iiriJod into tj?o
1 Terms of 20 weeks*each. Tho First Tqnn
commences January 17th, and ends June 3d; j
[lie second j Term commences July 4th, A|\d
biuIs November 18th. }. . t
Sl\ideifts cntpripg wUhiiv two weeka, aft^r
ll\9( commencement of I ho Terms, will '.foc
cjiftrgcd for ttyc whole Term ; those filtering
after thitf tiuu;, from t|?o .time of onteriug:
It is more satisfactory? that Students enter
at the commencement, wlicn the severAl
classes aro forming, ?
Courso of StudyPRIMARY
1 ?i rt' o..li'u? ...1
igi x vi in AJjiU murium iwuiiiiig.
'2d Term?Spelling and Rending continued;
Primary Geography; Mental Arilhmetio,
Exercises in Writing.
1st Term?Spoiling and Reading continued:
Geography continued; Introducing JCnglish
Grammar; Elonients of Written Arithmetic;
Kxercises in Writing.
9.1 Torm Snollinw on.I lt?n/lin,? ? 1
Elements of Written Arithmetic completed;
Intermediate Geography completed; Analytical
English Grammar; Primary U. S. llistory;
Exercises in Writing.
' sv.uton class. ?
1st Term?English Grammar completed; Physical
Geography; Oommon School Arithmetic;
Towns Analysis of Words;
2d Term?Greene's; Analysis of English
Language; Arithmetic continued; Smaller
Composition; Higlicr U. 8. IliHlory.
1st Term Latin Grammar and Ilarkness' Eirgt
f' Latin Hook; Latiu Reader; Davius' AlgdbW;
v History of England.'
*d To rin?Four lJooks of Ciesar; Arnold's
aecsml Latin Book on Analysis of the Latin
?.Sentence; Greek Grammar; Kendriek's
Greek Ollendorff; Greek Reader; Datios'
Algebra completed; Natural Philosophy.
1st Term?Six* Rooks of Virgil; Grefk
Header completed; Plain Geometry; Higher
Composition and Rhotoric.
2d Term?Snllust's Catalino & Jugurtha;
Xenophon's Anabasis; Higher Algebra
commenced; Solid and Spherical Oeome
try completed; Chemistry.
1 st Term?Cicero's Select Orat ions; Xenoplions
Memorabilia; Trigonometry and Surveying;
Roman History; Latin I'voso Composition.
2d Term?Horace eniire;"Six Hooks of the
Iliads; Greek l'rose Composition; Algebra
completed; Astronomy.
The above course will prepare can
didales lor admission into the Sophomore
Class of any o! our Southern
Colleges. Studonts, who do not Btand
a satisfactory examination upon the
several Htudics oi each class, will not
!>ft allowed t.Iio privilcgo to advance to
the next higher, but ho retained in
1 Slich class, till ;ill tlw? Rinding />< i? !?<
satisfactorily completed.
Tuition of Piumahy I)kf aut.mknt
l'kli tiut.m.
Junior Class, - - 810.00
Intermediate Class, - - 12.60
Sou i or " - . 15.0U
Preparatory Dcparlmont, 20.00
No dednet ion will lie made for losl
limoexcr.pt from prolonged .sickness
.Monthly reports of punctulity. de?
portmcnt, and recitations in oaun btu
dy, will lie furnished parents.
J. II. CAUIilrjLI'i, Principal.
Dec. 23, 1875 17 if
A irflnfo Wontnd T71
a A v A i v i J *f ClA&UVsH JL UI LiXU
^7r\Tur /T*rl ^ narrative of the oxploils, adj
W''MAWjvciiiircs ami travels of Mnd>
^A'PTri/l1"110 1,1 J- VELASQUEZ, other
iiAl 1J-iX*| wjsc known as LT. 11A K KV T.
ISUKFultU, 0- 8. A. A True Southern
Heroine, Edited b^ C, J. WORTlllNGTON,
laic U. S. Navy.
MADAME VELASQUEZ, disguised ns a
ConfedfcraHS'officer, participated in a number
of the hardest fonght battles of (lie lute war,
anil greatly distinguished herself by the extraordinary
valor sho displayed. She also
distinguished hut ncif u5 H
and on numerous occasions ran through the
Federal lines and obtained information
oi vnai importance to tho Confederate coin mandors.
Obtaining admission boliiml (lie
sho established confidential relations with
prominent Federal officials; was concerncd i
the groat
by which tho United States Treasury suffered
to tho extent of millions of dollars; was actively
engaged in blockado-runing, and in
by which the work of recruiting the Federal
armies was so seriously impeded; and was
tho hcroino of a number of ex ploits even more
interesting than those of the battle field. It
also contains a history of her Mining on the
Pacific Slope, her Travels in Europe, South
America, ami among the Mormous, Love,
Courtship, Marriage, etc.
The above facta arc .substantiated >?y lend
iug meu both South and North who participated.
No book of such varied and intense
interest as the Woman in Hat tie has over been
issued in Amorica.
Agents wanted in every county in the
United Slates. Agents can make more money
by canvassing for this book than any others,
as it is the cheapest as well as the best selling
Agents'book ever published. The book
is a larcro octavo volume of imr r.nn
! profusely illustrated. Wc print, bind and
publish our own books; hence, can allow larg
er commissions than any other house. Bccurc
your choice of territory at once. Address
Soudici'ii I'ultliMliiiiK Co.
GoII. l'RYOR AN 1> Mitohkm, STRRRTB.
Jan 0, IS7fl 18 3
liiiw Notice.
Tlic undersigned, having resumed I lie prnc
lioc of law, will attend the. Uourta on tho 8th
Judicial Circuit. Business left with \Ym. E
Hngood, at l'ickens C. 11., will ho promptly
attended to. J. W. IMKllISON.
Nov. I I, 1871.
I'lui lc, IVclln ?V Tiiylor,
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law
Ifnving established an office at Pickens ('.
II., <S". (!., will attend promptly to all bimineHS
ton with U. W. Taylor wlio inay ho alvraya
fouml nl (heir office ut 1'ickcns 0. II., 8. C.
One of I,ho acnior partneri* will always l-c
pre. i nl ill llio Court:) lo nssi;;t with the luisirios.-s.
iv. i:. i;arm; \
i. <i. \vi:u.s, i a. w. taylor,
Greenville, S. C. 1'ickcnH, 8. C.
i. . ; ..
Koiith Carolina llailraari,
fit : ?.?o
t . Chaklkstqn, S. C., Deo. 18, 1875.
, On an^l aflor Sunday, Docouibcr 11), (lie
I'asschgcr Trains on the South Carolina
Hailroftd will, run ns follows:
v F9II Cp'LUMltlA.
(Suiulayq oxcopfcd.)
7/Cftvo Charleston 9 15 a in
Arrive at(Joinmbla . > 5 00pm
( (Sundays. ojccepled.)
Leave Charleatoij [ ,, 9 16am
AttiVe at Augusta '' !* ' 0 16 p m
)V; (Sundays ex^?pted.)
Ji.ca.vtt Columbia 0 00 a ni
ArrlVe at Charleston 4 45 p m
Leave Augusta 0 00 a m
l^riUyo at Charleston , . 4 46 p in
Leave Charleston 0 15 p ni
Arrive nt uoioflitrifk 7 20 ntn
LenvoColumbia ,'7 00 p m
Arrive nt Chnrleslon C 40 a m
Lcnvc Clinrlcslon 8 00 p m
Arrive nt AuguBtft 7 45 n in
Leave August* 8 30 p m
Arrive at Charleston 7 40 a m
(Sumlnys cxceptod.)
i.cftvo iSkiinincrville nt 7 30 ft m
<\j(i'ivc nt Cliarli'slon 8 45 n m
Lonvc Charleston 3 15 p ni
Arri've nt Sumnierville 4 30 p ni
Connects at Kingvillo daily [except Snn>days]
with Up nnd Down Day and Passenger
Day and Night Trnins conncct at Augusta
with Georgia ltailrond, iVacon and Augusln
Railroad and Ccnlrnl Railro.nl. Tliis route
via Atlanta is the ^nickest and most direct
route, nnd ns oomfortnblc nnd ohenp ns nny
other route, to Montgomery, Sclmn, Mobile,
New Orleans, and all oilier points Southwest,
and to Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago, St.
Louis, and all other points West and North
Day Train connccts at Columbia with the
Through Train 011 Charloitco Road (which
leaves at 9 p. m.) for all points A'orth.
Night Train connccts with Lo?al Train
[which leaves Columbia at 8 a. m.] for points
on Charlotte Road.
Laurens Railroad Train connccts at Newberry
on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Up Columbia Night Train connccts closely
vrith the Greenville and Columbia llailroad.
S. S. SOLOMONS, Superintendent.
S. 1$. PtCKHNS, Oeneral Ticket Agent.
Greenville & Columbia R R.
Passenger trains run daily.Sundays excepted,
connecting with night trains on South
Carolina Railroad up and down. On and aft
or iVonday, December 18, the following will
be the Schedule:
I.cavc Columbia at 7.30 a ni
Leave Alston at 0.1ft a n?
Leave Newberry nt 10.36 a ni
Leave Cokesbury at 2.07 p in
Leave ltclton at 3.f>0 p in
Arrive nt Greenville at f>.25 p jn
Leave tircenville at 8.00 a rn
Leave Helton at 0.40 a ni
Leave Cokesbury 11.20 a nt
ueavo Newberry at 2.40 a in
Leave Al'ton at 4.20 p in
Arrive at Columbia at. 5.?"><"? p ni
lV>y t'oiuie.'t nt Alston with Trains on the
.Spartanburg and Union liailrond; connect r.t
Columbia with Night Trains on the South Car
olinu liailrond tip and down : also with Trniro
going North and South on the Charlotte, Columbia
and Augusta and tho Wilmington. Co>
Tram leave Abbeville at 11.15 n in., oonnoof
ing with 1)o\vn Train from (ireenville. Lca\<
Cokesbury at 2.16 p in., connecting v/itli Lj
Train from Columbia. Accommodation Trnir,
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Len^c
Cokesbury ft' 11.15 a 111., or on the arrival cJ
the Down Train from (irccnviUc. Leaves Ai1
beville ul 1 o'clock j>. in., connccting with ( j
Train from Columbia.
I.pave Wallmlla at G.00 n m
Leave Perry ville at 0.45 a m
L?it? Penitteton nt 7.85 A in
lleafe ^nderHon at 8.35 a in
AirlVoat Helton at 9.U0 in j
Leave Helton at 8.50 p m
Leave Anderson ?t 4.50 p m
Leave Pendleton at 5.50 p m
Leave Perryville 0.35 p ir
Arrive at Walhnlla 7.15 p m
, Accouiiuoil.it ion Trains between Helton anil
/IihIjV^oii" on Tuesdays, Thursdays find SalUrI
eave Helton rtt 0,60 a m.,-oM>n firrival
#f'i>own Train from Greenville. Lrtive
jiimcisuu ui, -.ui/ ]> in., connccnng witn Up
General Superintendent.
Jatikz Norton, Jr., (leneralTickot Agent
Atlanta & Riohmond Air Lino Railwaypa88bnoeu
thais ka8twar1)?daii.y.
Leave at Atlanta at 4 10 p m
Leave Toccoa City at 0 00 p ni
Leave Westminster at 0 54 p rt
Leave Scneca City at 10 21 p in
Leave Oentral at 10 57 p m
liCeve liasloy at 11 39 p m
Leave (Jrtenvillc an 12 12 a m
uuhvu npnri?nnnrg ni I II a nt
Arrive at Charlotte at 6 30am
Leave Charlollo at 8 00 p ni
,ieave Spartanburg at 11 51 p m
Leave Greenville fit 1 28 p m
Leave Hasloy at 161a m
Leavo f/enlral nt 2 28 a in
1-tft.vo ^eneca City at 8 O'J a m
Lrfnve Watminster at 8 31 a ni
Ldavo Taccoa Oily at 3 34 a m
Aftive at Atlanta at 0 80 a^tn
ColAiiists, liiulgantM ana
Traveler* Wcatwnril.
For map circulars, condensed ,lime tables
and general information in regard to Irnmi,
portation facilities to all pointB in Tcnr.csseo,
Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado,
Kansas, Texas, Iowa, New Moxioo, Utah and
California, apply to or address Ai.iikrt It.
Whknn, General Emigrant Agent, Oflico No.
2 II. I. Kimball House, Atlanta, Oa. ' \
No out should go West without first git-'
ling in communication with the Ocnoral
Emigrant Agent, and become informed as to
suporior advantages, cheap and quick trans.
r?.n;i:? i L.i I >
and firming implements generally.
All information cheerfully given.
no.T Oin 0. P. A T. A. i
N V W A J>v KItf I j*E)M Wrf
?&JS 1
Canai. St., mom Sixth to savr^vvt
HJ AtlfnltlA rt V* /I OfA^IAMAUMi
? vtiauic nuu ovaiiivunrjfi
Rnw Mills, Grist Mtlls, Boilers, Cnstingi of
Drass and Iron. Porginge, Ac. >> . '
In all its brnnchcs, done by cxporicncod hands
driving CoHon Gins, Threshing MnchinsH.
Separators, Grist Mills, &c. A number of
Bcoond-Iinnd Engines and Boilers or various
patters, in first rate order, on luuld.
Jlepair work solicited ani promptly done.
Oct 14, 7 ly ^
* * * r i ~
Jnxt Published, in a Scilcd Envelope, l'rii*
Six Cents.
A Lecture on the Nnfnro, Treatment, and f
Radical euro of Seminal Weakness, or Sper?
matorihcea, induced by Solf-Abusc, Involuntary
Emissions, impotency, Nervous !) ??
hility, ami 1 rr pediments to Marrlago generally;
Consumption, Epilepsy, and Fits;
Mental and Physical Incapacity, &c.?By *
ot the "Ureen Book," Ac.
The world-renowned author, in this admirable
Lecture, clearly proves lrom his own
experience that the awful consequences of
Snlf.Ahiiun ? fr-~L~-11 J ??'?
^ ihuj tjv viiuutiliiiljr rcillDTCU Willi"
out medicine, and without dangerous surgical
operations, bougies, instruments, rings, or ^
cordials; pointing out a mode of cure nt one#
certain nnd effectual, by which every suffisrer,
no matter what his condition, may be, majf
cure himself cheaply; privately and radically.
This Leoture will prove a boon to "*
thousands nnd thousands* Sent, under seal, in
a plain envelope, to nny address, on reocif?t
of six cents, or mo postage stamps.
Address the Publishers.
11 Ann St., Now York; Post Office Box, 468G.
up 6, 187(3 <n_ ^
1 lake tliis nicthotl of informing my friend* ^
l It at I will lie fou ml in my office on each
SATURDAY, for the purpose of transacting
juiy business that comes under my jurisdit*
I ion.
As my duties ns School Commissioner will
compel me to he absent in different pnTts ?f
the county, 1 make this special appoinlrotat
for the benefit of all concerned.
11. A. 110WEN,'
no'25-l V Snnol "?
^ N.WVI wUlllllllOOIVUfr m
WKVant some one m every count/ t?
lake orders nnd deliver goods for lk?
old nnd original C. O. T). House. Large ???W
wnges. Splendid chance in every neighborhood
for the right person of cither sex, young
or old. Samples, free nnd post paid. Send
for ii nt onoo nnd make money a I your hotn?o.
Address, II. J. 1IAI.L & CO. (i N. Howard
Street. itnlKimwo l/.i
Oct 21, 1H7& 8 3in
j Fits and Epilepsy
The worst cukc8 of (he longest standing, by
using Dh. Hiitn.um's Cure.
It has Cured Thousand)?*
nml will give $1,000 for ft case it will'not
benefit. A bottle nont free to all nildregsiog
J. E. UIBISLG, Chemist. OflinA- IRAK
. , ?vww *?* VHM ?
way, New York.
Yolia'* Klcctro Holts and *
rirc indorsed bj tlie most eminent physicians '
in' tlic world for tho cure of rheumatism,
neuralgia, liver complaint, dyspepsia, kidney
disease, aches, pains, nervous disorders, fits,
vi.imv wv??i|?ii?iwwi nervous and genornl (!
bilHy, anil oihe* chron ic diseases of the chest,
Head, liver, stomach, kidneys and blood.?
lieok with foil particulars froo by Volta Belt
Co , (Jincinnati, U. %
Bree Homesteads
Bent and Cheapest Kailroad Land
Union Pacific 5J
I ftecuro a Homo n^w. Full information sent
I free lo rill parts of llio world. /tddrofiB 0. P.
DAVIS, Land Commissioner U. P. H. H.j
Omaha, Neb.
' *
d}" to (tOA Pcr (,ny ! Agcn,H wanted,
tj)?.) t])/yU All classes of working peo?
pie, of either box, young or old, mako mor?
money ai work for ub in thoir uparo mo*
mcntu, or all tho time, than at anything ela#
Particulars* free. Address 0. STi nkun a f
^ .V* W vv/.
I'orllMiU, Maine.
Absolute divorces obtained
from Court8 of difforonl StatcB for da
scrtion, &o. So publicity required. N*
cl/Ar^e until rtlvorco grnnted, Addreni),
M. HOUSE, Attorney,
40 Grn 10-4 Broadway, N. Y.
nr. It. J. UlllilMMl
Tf AVTKfi Ml,.???.! 1
_ .V...I..OU niiu poTmnnonny locft.JLX
lc(l nl I'iokcnsvillc, respectfully offer*
his "ProfcHMionni services to the citizens of that
vicinity ami surrounding country. Charges
May 9 41
TBWfiMW SUM 8 p^K08' 50 broftd'
iM?yy .??i ?yi1i columns, from now
to Nw Years, fost .pi?i<l, 00 cts. Address ?
"The Bun," NY. ^

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