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VOL. V, PICKENS, S. C.t THURSDAY, JUNE I, 1876. ~ ? 'NO. 39,
+ ;? ?? ? : ' ^ 1ifiA
TC*Mn0* ClMkrf** I I J " '*
+ We published 10 onr last issno a
capital article from the Kingstreo
Btar on tho above subjoct, which we
hope oar roaders havo cnrofully
Weighed. Tho subject is ono of such
r paramount iuiportanco at tho present
timo that it deBorves to bo kept before
our people. Our County in I860
wa* thoroughly organized and tho
^ white poopio voted lor sevoral year3
almost as a unit in tlio election of
Stato and County officers. Frequent
dofoat in otlior parts of tho Stato has,
from a failuro to reap the oxpected
q fruits, produced dis6aiisfaction, then
despondency and finally diegust, resulting
in disorganization and an al.
most hopolcss prospect of reorganix
ration, This is to bo regretted, for
organization has at least given us
?ood County officers, and this is of
no Btnall coiiBoquonco. It is a fact
that evil county governments with
^ hoavy county taxes and county debts
have in uiany parts of the State
proved a moro intolerable evil than
? the State Government, and for this
_ J _ A '
roMon our county una received constant
accoBsione of good citizoua from
other, ooantiea in tho State. Apart
from monetary consideration it would
not be plesiaant for our citizcns to b0
tiecosaurily thrown into contact with
discourteous, incompoteut or corrupt
f ofticiala in the transaction of thoir
buainoas. Wo do not say a failure to
organize will ncceesarially result in
the election ot unenitablo persona t>
office, but 110 one should forget that
an ounce of prevention is worth a
jx>und ot cure, and organization is j
the only sure prevention in this mat
t?r: Tho history of tho two preceding
contests affords no proof oi the
absence of danger, fur in both those
the Republicans woro divided and
run two iiokt-it*. Aj'fut from il.i-j di>
vision tour yoarc ago certain uufutu
would have resulted in eovoral im^
portant county offices. This is a
matter for the pooplu to consider and
detcrmino for themselves, and wo
will acquiesce in their decision. Wo
v havo no personal interost in the mat
ter except as ft citizen Booking tho
. good of our county. Wo think we!
can therefore speak with a dieintor- '
oetod mind. Why do tbo pooplo tool
an 7 opposition to organization? Wlmt
can any good citizon desiro farther
than that trustworthy and competent
persons shall fill tho State and Ooun*
0 tj offices) This is of the highest itnu
t iiOrtance and should bo above every
consideration of private interest.-?
This thorough concort of aotion can
fiuroly bo attained, while without it,
it may be lost. Wo know thero are
many who consider tho giving tho
control Si their votes to tho wish ot a
maioiitv as vifil(lin/r 111) Umir onm-orl
a K J r> "" I* "" ??V. vw
liberties, and in one view this is true
but is it not bptter to (Jo this in our
4 present condition than to have foisted
ovor our liberties of person and 1 ights
of proporty incompetent or corrupt
oflifcors by an ignorant minority.?
-m Shall wo as an intelligent people, by
scattering our votes sutler defeat at
?l.a !!-? ?- * '
?uv mi i/iib duuu minority (i ino
Republican party of this county??
This would bo sacrificing tho sub
stance fo tho shadow of liberty; tho
palty pleasure of voting for a fi iond
dooinod to defoat to tho truo interest
ot thu county. Wo are living iu ox*?
traordinary times and in an abnormal
condition of tho political world of
South Carolina. We roquiro thorfore
+ extraordinary and abnormal action to
avert anticipated orila. Wo are not
situated as in ante-bellum days and
cannot saiely submit to the guidance
of ante-bellum experience. Even
??? t'-'
uvivic iu? wih umor niaiot) were arrayed
in oompact parties but lioro
there was no party but the people
and no rule of voting but individual
judgement. Is such tiio caeo now?
Thqro are two grout partioa in the
^ Stuto, ouo held together l>y the iron
uamis oi ignorance, ttio other ecatterod
by its very intelligence and love
of independent action. We admire
individuality of opinion, but is it
safe now? Would he not bo a fool,
wlio, in distress at sea and in danger
of shipwreck, should pair off each
with squads, instoad of uniting as
ono in an to save the ship? Lot our
people stand together and strive together
to win over to our party as
many as wo can of both races who
aro against ue. We havo about 2,000
votors in tho county and Ices than a
H. van nfflnAo ?-v fill ?^ ?
? ku uii, t)U limv ?uy OHO
can see how few can ho succossful.?
Without organization and knowledge
that tho people intend to stand together
and roto together for candidates
selected iu somo way, wo may
reasonably count on torty candidates
and forty defeats. The Republicans
without a nomination or 'uriinarv
election, will vote tlie englo ticket
and ewoep the county. If such should
prove tho case, wo will utter as fow
lamentations as any man. We havo
stood upon the walls and proclaimed
"to your tents O Israel," aud as you
have not heeded, our skirts will be
clear. We do not ask any man to take
our opinion, but we aek overv man to
. ti
consider this matter carefully. Wo
will admit there are men in the Republican
party in the county compo^
tent to fill any of our offices, but can
they be elected? and if they could,
would you not prefer good men of
you own part)?
Let every man ask himself the
question, who are they who advoeato
opposition to our organizing? Are
thoy not men socking i-lliee aa a general
rule? Will you lot their private
interests in any way conflict with the
public good? We know there are
'many eood men. who oddoho or<mni
? w ? r i d
zation both on principlo and thoir
past experience, To all such, we
would say, consider tho times and cir
cumstancee, and auk yourselves if a
changed condition ol things in every
avocation in iifo does not generally
call lor a changed course of conduc'.?
Does not the present political condi
(ion can ror a cnango in tho politica1
wisdom of your past lives? If on
your oonsoicncoH you answer nay,
then wo are satisfied. Wo would not
have you adopt our viowa unless you
agree with thorn. Wo would not, it
wo could, in any way control tho ao^4
YkJ ^ i ?
nun ui iwiy inuii. ?? u wuiuu iiuw ji?Burao
such responsibility, but having
such fixed viows on the subject wo
aak all our readers to reflect well and
act not from prejudice or passion,
but from his best judgement.
At this particular juncturo there is
every reason that our people should
organize and prepare to stand by tho
action of the Democratic party.?
Those who have kept pace with the
ti(ii04 will see in the near political
futnro a Democratic President in tho
VVhito House, as wo now have a
Democratic Housoof Representatives
in Congress. Tho party has been
gaining ovorjrwnore, uniu south uar
olina stands almost alono in tlio South
unredeemed from tho thralldom of
Radicalism. Ilonco Colonel Oliotlr
rati said in tho State Convention, "la
there danger of Democrats joining
tue ivepublican partyf luu la an
inopportnno timo to join that party
whilo it is on tho run. The time'for
Democrats tobccomo Kopublican has
passed." * * * Ho concluded
by saying (<that with, the holp of God
the Democrats intondod to carry tho
State at the next election." The
Democratic star two years ago roso
A I l 2 i At ...4 i!
huuvu iue iiori/.uii lur iiiu mm mno in
mauy years, and wo havo every roas
eon to believe it will continno to riso
higher for many years to como.?
When our readors consider that tho
late cenvontion marshaled euch sterling
patriots as ex Governors Perry
Bonham, Manning, Qenerala Oonuor}
liarllee, Butler, Kennedy, (Jury ami
a host of other leading lights of the
State, representing every shade of
Conservative opinion, and that the
voice of tbat body was "organise and
proparo to work for success in tbe
State this fall," how can they disregard
it? When thftV oonuirlo?* lliof
thore was a very general opinion tliat
South Carolina should and could bo
redeemed this fall, will thoy not unite
for one great effort to that end in tho
Centennial Year? How many glorious
memories of tho past riao up to
animate and move evory man in tho
good workl Wo havo never bofore
annn r?m? nomOn ~ ? '
above the evils surrounding and oppressing
thorn. Loading tnon from
Abbovillo, Edgefield, Laurens, Marion,
Clarendon and other counties
speak ot success in their counties
with certainty. Shall tho mon of
Oconeo, living in one of tho gloriouB
thirteen (States in this natal Contonial
of their liberty, flag, when tho Stato
for tho first time since reconstruction
is terribly iu earnestl Wo bope not
and if they will "not organizo for
County ends, let tbein unito in a
common effort fur tli? RUf?
have never been behind, and our patriotism
haa only beon equaled by the
hospitality ot our people. With a re
doomed State, what a country haa our
pooplel What unbounded resources
in the mineral, agricultural and manufacturing
worldl Wo would not
bo pressing on this subject did we
not feol that there is hopo this year I
that tho matoriul and 6ulid tone o*
tlio lato convention did not clearly
indicato a bopo and dotormii.ation to
succeed Una fall. Wo hopo our road
era will carofully ro-peru6o tho fur
proceedings of tho lato Democratic
convention, anu i'uey must see in a!!
its acts and conduct tho words hope,
determination and success. We shall
not recur to this subjoct soon, as wo
do not wish to distract tho minds ot
our peopio in uii? busy season, but
wo have written these lines to bring
thofyoople to reflect during tho sum
I A. _ -J - 1 ? ?
saai- am to uo sucu servico as tnoy
can in tho good cau>e.
Tho immense product of silver from
our Pacific slopo mlnos and tho demonetization
of that .motal by Gormany?that
is, tho making of gold its
solo standard of valuo?has boon having
tho ofToct of lcs8oningtho valuo of
silver for somo time dabL But lust
? * ? ? a "
now two ovonts conapiro to ohook tho
deprooiation of silver, and tho prioo of
tho bullion is advanood. These ovonts
aro tho announcomont of a new Indian
govornmont loan of $20,000,000
to bo brought out in London, and tbo
passage by Congroasof our now silvor
ourroncy bill. This lattor of course
croatoa a market for tho silvor bullion
on this aide, and for thu Indian loan
it i? auticipatod remittances to India
will bo mado in silvor. JLLonco a cablo
telegram from London on last Wodnosday
stated that mlver thorO had
advancod to 53id., an advauce of
about Id. within a day or two. Whon
it gots abovo .r)Gd. thon its worth as a
commodity ondangors its circulation
as change. Were it thus to advanco
tho foar is oxprossod^ that tho oflfoct
would bo, undor tho oporation of our
now law in rcdooming tho factional
papor currency with it, to leavo us
without a small curroncy for tho parposo
of ohango. With tho groat
abundanoo and rapid production ot tho
motal in thin country, howovor, such
a rouuit hoottih nnraiy prooaoio. Tiio
ooin, wo tako it, whon onco out will
koop tho fiold, as thoro will bo abundance
of bullion for molting up bo*
Thoro is a burdon of oaro in gotting
riohos, foar in kooping thorn, tomptation
in using thorn, guilt in abusing
thorn, sorrow in losing them, and a
burden of account at last to bo givon
up concorning thorn. ? Matthow
/ "
The oat crop in Ed^oflold county is
unusually fino. OatH aro up to a
man'a shoulder*, and very thick and
from th* Philadelphia Timt*. {
Practical Hint* for Visitors to the j
Big 8hoW. ,
In making their tour of inspection, i
most began with the Main Building,
entering it with the plausible rosolve
not to roam aimlessly and abstract- j
edly among ite wonder and boautios. ,
but to bogin with tho moat promi- (
nent department, study it eystomati- ]
cally, and continuo in like maanor ,
! until n thorough notico of each of tho j
others should bo takon also. One (
party, wearing scientific looking |
spectacles, and having note booko '
and poncil in hand, was heard ?av. .
w J 1 *
at tlio western entrance, that ho was |
bent upon "doing" France. Ho had <
not, however, takou thirty paces np
the navo when ho halted and stood
as if magnetized before a wax group
in the Swedish section, on his loft.
The object which attracted him and
many others who had made roaolm
Hons equally good consisted of five
life-siKO standing figuiea in wax,
gazing upon the stuffed hide of a
moose representing the animal in a
helpless, prostrate condition, woond- ,
ed and dying. Two of tho party are |
hunters, two moro their wivee, and a ,
third the littlo girl of one of them. ,
All are appropriately oostumod and, (
their appearance, even to tho por- ,
traiture of thoir feelings in their ,
il. n 1 1 1 1 .1 A*
v>uuuiv;iit?ui;i:o uuu uiu nnru OIUOOIIUO ,
veins in their hands and faces, is ao
seemingly natural that the illusion is
with tho utmost difficulty removed, i
One hunter oyea with pity and ro ]
gret tho poor, meek creature which (
ho has just shot, tho ball having |
entered tho 6ido over tho heart and |
2ono out on tho richt. and tho Imir .
about b >th wounds, especially the i
latter, being clotted with blood. Tbe
other huntor views tho scone itli <
the oyo of a hardened old anatomist, ]
but the womon appear filled with ]
compassion, and one of them me* i
chanically points to tho gun,as though
showing her little girl what gave tbe mortal
wound. Tho child clasps her <
arms round her mothor'a kno?n ?nH
?, ] I
in pity, half in affright, partly turns
her faco and looks askance towards i
tho agouizod moose. Tho figures i
are fixed upon a platform covorod ,
with artificial turf and rooks. The
sections of both Sweden and Norway <
are remarkable for groups in wax, i
representing scenes characteristic of i
(nose romantic countries. i
This was but ouo of tbe hnndreds
of interesting things met by him of
the scientific spectacloB on his way to <
"do" Franco, and at every ouo of tho
same hundrods would that irresolute
individual havo stopped had not his i
prefacing studies beon interrupted
by tho belle, which began to ring, |
\/.\ug ni'j nour lor excluding
I visitors and closing tho gatos for tho
night. Although five hours in tho
| building he didn't notice tho flight of
time, and, before tho bells culled him
to his senses, ho felt satisfied that
after " doing" Franco ho would
ho a bio to mako extonsivo notes of
things of Machinery, Memorial, Agricultural
and Horticultural Ilalls,
tho Government Building, half a
uuiiuii VI on in IL1U Uiniu HVI llCVIIIUB,
and souio five scoro of tho miscellaneous
ones, making specialties of the
Japanese dwelling and tbo Turkish
coffeo house. Tliero may bo moral
attached to this incidont, bat tho re??
membrance of it will harm no one
who proposoa to mako more than a
superficial study ot the Exhibition
within tho compass of a couplo of
days. It does uot, after all, detract
from the interest of tho display in
tho Muin Building that arrangements
in some of tho sections are incomplete.
Visitors find It highly ontortaining
to witness, for instance, the
Japanese giving the finishing touches
to a pyiamid ot lacquered ware, or
the Egyptians assorting and arrangn
tng on shelree yataghans, heinlets
and articles of costly plate which,
according to tradition, did service
before the name of Ctraar was known
to the world.
The rolling chair brigado has bo**
?tin a propitious oampaign. Up and
Jown the nave and acroHa th? trnn.l
?epta of both tho Main Building and
Machinery Hull moro BcoreB of theeo
nongrol vehiclos, ladon with fat
people, thin peoplo, long pooplo and
)hort people, and 'puflhod by decidly
ight built pooplo in flashy uniforms,
riio cost of riding in ono of those
3onlrivancos is twenty five cents per
liour. Tho latter aro presnmod to bo
walking encyclopedias of tho oxhibi*
tion?at least hv nondornna nlrl Inrlinn
-- j rv ?
from the rural district, whoso modus
3porandi, in riding around, is to
thrust a huge sun umbrella over their
shoulders, prodding the pusher in the
neck, and thereby calling hie attention
to a stuffed llama, and asking
bow it is that elophanta are not the
Mme in reality as tboy are in piohi
1*A KaaIt* Tl?A * ~
>ui v wvao? jluv pwpiu wuj^i u^ihu
about every attraotive objoct, and, if
they don't know the name of it, and
all about it, sorely tax the patience of
Bxhibitore, who are, howover, gon*.
orally willing to invest any amount
of chat, knowing that there are more
modes of advertising than by print3rs'
The place which, but two weeks
_ e * ?
tgu, gnvo promise 01 Doing lor at
least a month after the oponing the
J nllost part of the Exhibition, contains
now, next to the Main Building,
the most improesivo display. The
number of visitors here yesterday
ivas at all times larger than in tho
Main Building, and their attention
was wrapt in the gigantic engine and
its eight miles of shafting running at
[ull steam, in the eninnimr of cotton
? i a - Mid
wool, the wouving ot olotb, the
printiug proBBoa turning off per minute
from 300 to 400 complete copies
of newspapers containing full parti
cnlars of the preceding gala day and
i fa cnlomnlKna fl?n nor***** -
4?w uv<v*uiMvivD| tuv ^/R^yio ugiug UUJ"
tributed gratia among the spectators;
the blowing of gloss, and hundreds
of other prooesses representing all
industries that call in the aid of machinery.
Meanwhile their ears were
treated to the olattering of spiudles,
the humming of sewing machines
and the almost deafening din of the
more ponderous machinery.
Aftor tho opening exercises were
over, and tho crowd had dispersed
through the Immense buildings, leaving
the grounds comparatifoly open
and cloar, ono of tho Turkish oxhi*
bitora clad in the flowing silk gown
peculiar to hia country, and aceom
paniod by a beautiful young woman,
who 6oemod to bo hia wife, and who
was magnificently attired in the national
costumo and brilliant with
many goma, passed through tho a von
uo loading from Machinery Ilall to
tho Main Building. Tho couple attracted
a groat deal of attention and
mtifih innonnnt mmnmut WIi.mi
they had just rotiched tho doors of
tlio grand gallory tlioy wero met by
a certain woll known negro mouiber
of Congress from South Carolina,
who was accompanied by two of those
peculiarly beautiful colorod women
who are bo often met with iu tho Pal
motto state. As the parties ap^
proach oach other the Congressman,
who was swollod out in all tho dignity
of a dross coat and white kid
glows, exclaimed, looking fixodlj at
tho Turkish lady, tlI 'claros to man,
dat am a gtummin' looking woman."
A shado of jealous annoyanoc passed
ovor tho taco of 0110 of his companions
at) ho said this, and running
closo up to tho Turkish party sho inspcctod
tho faco of tho littlo lady from
tho Knot with her gold mounted eye
glasses. 'Then alio returned to her
escort and axolalmed, "Well, Mr
8 1'ce eore I can't say I admires
yonr taste. Date poor Tark gal a*int
neither nigger nor white?just a poof
yaller half-way thing?uothin' more*
nothio1 less."
Terrible Distress in Colleton?An Appeal
for HelpWAi-fKufiouo,
May 21.?A drought;
vory injurious to tho growing crops of
rico and cotton, which has boon rotardod
by tho cold spring, was pleasingly
cndod this afternoon by a do*
lightful rain. It was accompanied by
heavy thundor, lightning and hall.-^*
Tho crops aro oxccptionnlly cloan and
thoroughly worked and blessed With
rain. If tho farmors could got sup^
plios of tho most ordinary kind to
1 * - - .... ..
uuujr nuu Bom togoincr till tho
let of August, Colleton will bo again
on its feot. But wo Bay to your papor,
tho champion of our pooplo, that tho
wolf is at tho door. This is no fated
alarm, thcro arc pooplo, and a largo
number of them, horetoforo making
their own provisions and indepondoOt
of faotor and merchant, who will loso
their orops again, and, iailing to got
day labor, will absolutely etarro if
help canuot bo obtainod.
When tho Grange some weeks ago
took tho initiative in tho mutter *nil
your columns were opened lor their
bonofit, it was beliovod that the dentin
tution was exaggerated. But ono
tonth was not known. Stops hare
boon taken to ascertain the number
of sufForors who neither have, nor
oan obtain provisions." A partial re*
turn has boon rocoivod. Three townships
have roturnod ono hundred and
twenty five familios, averaging six In
family, all without broad; some of
them havo boon living a "from hand
j to mouth" oxistonoo for wcoks; others
I havo had corn till now.
I mi ' -
jl uo most, 01 tuoflo pooplo haro a
horso and a cow or two, which thoy
say thoy will gladly soil, but cttnnot
got an offor for thorn. lt.
Tho merchants in 4ho villagw of
Waitorboro say thoy u?vo advanced
all thoy can, and those pooplo, as I
have said, havo novor doalt with fao*
tor. Somo lew havo sold their last
oow and hog tor a moro pittanoo to
somo romorsoloss speculator, to obtain
a brief rospito from tho starvation
whioh thoy beliove inovitablo.
A mooting will bo hold at tho Court
Houeo on saloday, Juno 5tb, whon returns
from ovory township will como
in and tho aotual oxtont of tho dostitution
will be known and verified, and
efforts uiado to obtain relief. Wo
havo tho grateful assuranoo that Chafieston,
ovor liboral and largo hoartod;
will givo at loast hor oontribution to
provont actual starvation and doath
in a sistor county.
A county oonvontion of tho Domo
uruuu party win uo noia ai waiior?
boro, Juno 5th, to elect an oxooutivft
coramittoo, who will bo cbargod with
tho more complo organization of tho
party. Sovontoon ot tho twenty ono
precinct clubs luivo boon organigod,
and tho other four will bo boforo tho
5th Juno.
A 1)kal> Lettku.?Tho Now York
cIohob a long and wcathing articlo on
Iho corrupt practices of tho Republican
party in thoso words:
"Yot with all thoso dovolopmonts
and othors which aro suro to comc,
tho surfaco has barely boon HCrntohod.
Tho bottom facts cannot possibly bo
roachod and tlio whole truth known
until this administration is driven root
and branch out of powor and tho Ro<*
nnlilinun nurl v in nrimltnil nnurilnr
i j ? rw " ?
Tho two aro insoporatcly oonnoctod to
gothoj-, iir spito of And por?onal antft~
goniema which my oxiat, or tho indi~
vidual purity of somo loadort and
many follow? . Corruption has ]bo
sprond through tho wholo machinery
of govornmont that roform is imprao**
ticnhlo without now hoads and n*w
hands. Tho Kopublican party moat
ho annihilated. Thoro is no other
? -
To bo patient and thorough in all
that ono doos is to compell success in
i any calling.

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