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, VQL- V- PICKENS, S, C., THURSDAY, JUNE"8,'T8T6. ?? =_-==_=^
{ ^ "V WA WA 1 1 iA -t /-V 4- * /^v ?^v l tllO ItO mo Climnl flirwH nf fli? + 1 T .. . I ~~ " ' ?? . 1
-w Tho Southern Baptist Convention?
Twenty-first Annual Session.
Mb. Edituk: This body convened
with tho First Baptist Church, Richmond,
Va., May 11th, 187G, with J.
r P. Boyce, DD., of Kontnckey, in
tho Chair. After singing a hymn
and rfifidincr llm Rp.rintnroR. urnvor
0 -r , J
was offered by Hie ronorablo Thomas
^ Dawson, of S. C. who id now 87 years
of ago.
A list of dolegatc.s from each State
boing furnished, the convention entered
into tho election of officers. Dr
> J. William Jones, of Richmond, mndo
pleasant reference to tho faithful and
ablo services of Dr. P. II. Mell, of
Ga., ae president in punt yoars, and
^ .submitted his name, but Dr. Mell
thanked tlio convention for past
lionors and f >r words of kindnoes
<md sympathy during li is infirm
health, which first prevented his oo
- copying tho chair, and which still
Unfit him fur tho duties of tho oflice,
Utod withdrew his natno in favor of
? Dr. Boyco, who waa ro cloctod to
presido over tlio convention. In accepting
tlio position, tlio Prosiilont
made appropriate lemarkg, CQinplimentary
to his declining senior,
wfiAm It a ??*
T1UVUI 11VJ J'l UIU1 Hi MUIiUl liQ J>I Vi"
f eiaing officor.'
While tlio organization was per'
footing, D>. Fullor, ot Bithinii,ro,
stated tliat Deacon A. W. P011I9011, ot
that city, n nmn of i>iety and worth
in tlio convention, jubt at tlio time to
BtfU t to tlio l?ir><'tincv \vno
- - S>>
with appoplexy, and died in three
minutes, lie regarded it as a warn
ing to tho members of tlio c mention
to 1)0 ready fur sudden death,
for if wo be ready, sudden death is
* ?udden glory. Dr. Lawson, of New
York, prayed that this visitation
might bo sanctified to the good of tho
convention, and at tho request of tho
l'reeidout, addressed the body with
, reference to our limes of reformation
and revival. Dr. Loritner, ot Boston
was also culled out, and made a
stirring speech, urging the preaching
^ ot tho cross as tho groat need of our
J)r. II. A. Tuppor, of Virginia, Corresponding
Secretary ot tho Foreign
"llission Board, road his annual roport,
which was vory gratifying and oncouraging.
Tho introductory paras
graph is ono of thanksgiving to God,
ato follows:
"Closing a yoar of almost unprocos
dontcd monni.nry doprossion in our
* country, tho Hoard leol that in tho
good Providonco which h;is onablod
thorn by dint of sovcro toil and aid of
gonorous friends, to supply tho press
ing nocossitios of our work, thero is I
now occasion to thank God and tulco
oourago, and to roly in tlio latino
ntoro implicitely on llim who Ims said
to His pooplo ong:igod in gospoling
tho nations: "Lo, 1 am with you al*
4 ,vay, ovon unto tho ond of tho world."
A fow oxtracts from tho report may
bo of intorcat hero.
woman's work.
"Our christian Momon of Georgia
and Virgia have contributod $2,401.CO
for tho Moon-houso in Tung Chow)
and tho ladios ol South Carolina
843.41 for tho Missionary Housojat Can
ton. Our sistors of other Statos have
Itidttd tllOBO ohinnfn ?n-l .w-ki.. 1
. J . J ??! dt V?VIIU ll\J\J IJ
lor tho gonoral work. Lot tho cons
vcntion givoan omphatio "God spood"
to thoBo praiseworthy workers for
Jpsos, and bommond to their oonsiderotion
tho multiplication of mis-*
sionary societies, and thoir moro
thorough organization, with tho view
of proscouting tho grand work of woman's
salvation among tho hoathon."
Tho report* qnotos tho following itom
|UU -..-U!- .
vii fciJiB nuujuci: 1111 IB HtftLoi.lj that tlio I
Woman's Foreign Mission Sooiotios oi
this country contributod last yoar
$800,000 to Foreign Missions."
4,Tho Lroasuror roports tho rocoipt
of, say $45,000. This is $18,000 ubovo
tbo average collodions? (exclusive oi'
KV. .v?.?v?j ? \jx vuo uiauu
past yonrs; nn< somo 823,000, or ncars
ly 0110 hundred por cont nbovo tlio
avorago of tlio iix years provious. *
* * Tlio liboiality of tho churches
has niado tho vvu* just cloaod, upon
tho wliolo, tho mo:it suceossfnl in n
pocuniary point of vio'7, sinco tho
oloflo of tho war."
"Foroign Missions, 2j nalivo assistants,
8; baptized, 10; total mombcrBliip,
' Foreign Missiona-ios, 1 T>; ordained
nativo pastors, 2; nUivo assistants,
15; ouUblationSjG; olurches, 5; baptisms,
37; membership .150."
1ublk women tv china.
"A fair proportion o: the convorts,
during tlio year past, Mas of woir.cn.
With the conversion cf almost all of
them, our women havohad something
to do. Ono of tho Bibb women, tho
wifo of Dcacon Seen, is under tho
control of Miss Whildon, and is supported
by Ladies' Missionary Societies
in Mississippi. Wo haro ono Bible
woman located at Shiu lling, and four
at Canton. Mrs. Graves attends tho
wookly mooting of 13iblo women for
tho instruction of tho heathen. Sho
has n Bible reading for tho Bible women,
and othei' christnin women, at
our chapel boforo eervieo ovory Sabu
bath morning. Miss Whilden ban a
Biblowoman living at her houso, from
which point alio hns worked tho
neighborhood for a considerable distflnfo
Itnlion Missions?places and nreaoh
ors.j lloino?Cr. 15. Taylor and bignor
Cod)idn; La Tour, Signor Ferraris;
Miljin, Signor Pnscliolto; Mcdona,
Cau))i and San l'os.sidonin ?Signor
Mnrlinclli; Loili, Signor (Jardiol; Civiu
Voccliia, Signor Cassn; Uniij
Signor Ba^ilo.
. I>r. J L. Carry, of Virginia, president
of llio Foreign Mission Board,
Hpoulcing of lialion Missions says: "II
WO J\!tt in nniMinBl if i" i.wli.. l.l
. ..VW| .V ??J I iiuiQj;uuoiiUK;
that ivo uhow by convincing facta
Hint vo intend 'to livo nnd labor' in
Italy. TJicro must bo pormanoncy*
and tlio overt proof of pormnnoncy.
So loig as wo nro surpassed by othors
in the numborof missionaries, proaching
stations, and houfios of worship?
so long as wo are mcro tenants at
will of badly located and uncomfortable
houses of worship, liablo to bo
dispoasosed ovoiy yoar, and unablo to
malco chnngos adapted to church
noeds, wo must labor at dibudvnntugcs,
and sannot bono to imnros? fnvn
rably, or to tu!<o tho position that our
principles and profusions require.?
Wo aits under imperative obligation
to boar our full testimony to the truth
ns it, is in Jesus; but wo may as well
mako up our minds to do nu-ro in
Italy, or withdraw. I leol constrained
to mako a direct and earnest appeal
to Iho churchos to mako immodiato
and oflbotivo slops lui strengthening
and enlarging our work in Italy. Tlio |
uomuna ana the nocossity for enlarged
effort are very groat. AH tho (seasides
rations tliat induced tho establishment
of the Italian Mission still exists with
reduplicated force. Other ovangelical
denominations aro neither idlo nor
inactive. Thoso of thosamo namo, ol
different nationalities, aro uniting, no
as to accomplish more by joint wealth,
onorgy and influonco. Thoso denominations,
at much oxponso, havo
purchased eligible sites or houses in
Komo and oilier prominent cities in
Italy, Wo should rojoico at tlioir
labors of lovo, and bo provoked to
good works, to largor beneficence, by
what they aro doing beyond us."
Tho report ohows that among the
contributors of tho 815,000 alroady
nipntioncd, Virginia lod tho vnn, giving
over 80,000, and Georgia, next in
ordor, gavo ovor 87,000, and South
uaroun;., in nor poverty, contributed
ovoi; $(j,()00.
Tlio convention assembled at 8J
o'clockj to hoar tlio animal sermon.
In the absonce of both tho principal
and tho altornato, appointed at the
last mooting, tho committoo on re>ligious
icrvioos, with tho approval of
tho convention, appointed Dr. Goo. C.
jLiunmur, 01 jDOHton, Massachusetts, to
proaoli tho convention sormoji. Tho
President and others ongagod in tho
oponing oxercisos, uftor which tho
preaclior announced as his text, "Tho*
greatost of theso is charity," having
previously road tho 13th chapter ol
ist uorinttuans. Tho sermon was
oarnost nuil striking. After tho sermon,
which was heard with much ins j
terost by a very largo audienco, tho
Presidont called tho convontion to
order, and Dr. W. F. Mcintosh, Corresponding
Socrotary of tho Homo
Mission Board, road tho thirty first
annual report; giving the names of
twonty six Missionaries, who has boon
under appointment of tho Board during
tho past yoar.
Bcnodiction by the President.
[Continuod next woclc.]
J. (J. Hudson.
" Eaulcy, S. C.
Mr. Editok: A party very pleasn.n11
y took leave ot Pickensvillo on
tlio morning of tlio 13.li May, to attend
a picnic at or near Piorcotown,
Anderson couity, but thero being
another picuic at Slabtown, a few
miles distant, ti e citizens of Pierce*
town and vicinity, deemed it prndont
to postpone thoirs for a (uturo time.
Hut Mr. Editor, it was quite a treat
to the party, or at least a portion of
it, f r we never before had (lie pleasure
of passing through that country. |
Wo passed a great many boautiful 1
residences and delightful farms in n
liigh Qtato of cultivation. Cotton is
looking line, receiving it6 first plowing.
Corn crops promising?wheat
crop as line as we ever paw. Traveling
a beautiful road we passed
many beautiful flower gardens, which
sent lorlh their sweet perfume*,1
making everything lovely, and thore
being only one or two 6inall rivuleti
on tliu way, we \%eiu ki.'.dly rcires!)oJ
with cool water from tho wells ot
kind friends along tho route. The
nurtv c*iai? ? T\.. "vr?\
J -J vw.KMU vii \'k nil O. 1./I . JJIUiWj
Miss Lidio Clary, Mr. John Montgomery,
Gi<l. T. J. Clary, and Mr.
Abnor Mullinix. Aftor being dis~?
apjx inted in tho j?ic-.ic, v.\: proceeded
to the icsidenco of Mr. Alfred
Neal, where wo were received with
great hospitality and kind noes by
Mrs. Neal, Mr. Neal being absent
on our arrival, but retained boloro
wo took leave of his pleasant borne,
and we were made to feel pleasant
wimo enjoying ins company and
hospitality. To add interest and
plcaBuro to our party, wo had the
oxqnieit pleasure of meeting Mies
Salic Neul there, wh^jh added much
to the pkasurea ot our party. Soon
after our arrival at Mr. Noal'a, wo
hoard that there was to he a meeting
of Good Templars near there in the
alternoon, and wore strongly solicited
to spend i lie. evening, it wo were
n,u T..'' -
vu xv.ltlj/11110, IU J Mil III HIO HI11U80?
incuts that could bo jetton tip, but
our visit was a hurried one, and wo
reluctantly declined the kind invitatiiii.
Wo learned that the Lodge
had boon organized iccenlly, and that
it numbered about seventy live or
one hundred n.embers, and was in a
growing and prosperous condition.
Ono of our party, ho*vover, not bo~
ing obliged ti> return tc> l'ickftnavillo
remained, declaring himself a candidal
for the Legislature from L'ickeno,
and aIbo a catulidalo at largo tor
matrimony. 11o epenttho limo very
pleasantly wo loam, was very much
smitten with some of tho Anderson
fair eox, at least so much bo that they
being Good Templars, ho has since
joinod tho Older himself. He will
willingly content himself with one
vote at large, l>nt t >r the Legislature.
ho wants nil ol Pickona.
On taking our leave of Mr. Noal's,
wo soon found our solves at Piorcctown,
some five or six miles distant,
where wo found a Democratic Club
convenod, and being strong Democrats,
we wero constrained to stop
and give our feeble ell'ortH in pros
muting democracy. On taking oui
loavo of tho club meoliiig, our attention
was noxt drawn to' tlio fino
looking orchards uonr cach rcsidoncc
on the way, but noticed that there
waa but lit'lo fruit. No peachoa ot
any cor.6equonco. Tiio applo crop ia
pretty good in places. It is highly
probablo that wo cat) get a small
quantity of cherVy bounco, if the
jay-birds will not feast too heavily
lor me noxtmontli. Tlio blackberry
crop ia lino. 1 buppoec, if wo can
got up a low greenbacks to buy sugar,
wc c;vn have Gomo (ino winoB, jelliesi
&e., but toirperanco ia spreading its
wings in our County?the demand
for wines, liquors, &c., will not bo so
great aa it has been. We ako hopo,
that the Lievenuo Department will
not bo so heavily burdened this year,
or at least, that tho oxponscs may be
curtailed and the lievenuo officers
compelled to rot urn to their plow
handles to make a support for thorn- J
selves and families Wo rotnrnod to
I'ickonsvilk) about dusk?found
everything quiot and corccn, and
pleased with our hasty visit.
Yours with respect,
TOM Bkix.
Centennial better- 1
A week of glorious sunshino and
bracing air lias fairly turned tho tide
of Cinipr:lf ion Inwmvla (lw\ P,iniAr,i,:nl
0 .v ... kiiv VUIIIV/UIIW4I
ground, which would bo worth a journey
ol u thousand inilos to sco if ovory
building within tho onelosuro woro
raised from turret to foundation stono.
As you outer tho gato shako tho dust
from your shoes, and givo ^tho great
hull on the right the go by, don't look
at tho towering peaks of tho machinery
department, which stands upon
tho left, but givo mo your hand and
walk right straight ahead, over tho
railroad through tho department of
I l'ublio Comfort, down'uj L'nia beautiful
littlo Japanoso oottago on the left
and that unique littlo building on tho
right, and hero let us pause a momont
and tako a loolc. Seo thoao Japs how
thoy work, tino is of no conscqueueo
to thorn?slow niul sure is tho motto;
but you can hot. your bottom dollar
when tho job in done, it sticks, yes,
those titles so clumsy and so quaintly
plastered with white mortar, will last
fill tlin r'Vif'lr r?f rlnnm I.
, ...w v/? uvwiii. J. iiau ihhimu
will outwaroa dozon ofj-our gimcrack
Yatikco housos, that liko tho Yorkshironian's
razors aro only mado to
Boll. Stop over horo into tho Swodish
school houeo, what do you think of
that? You had an idoa that thoro
woro no Bohools worth montioning
outside of Boston or Chicago. I indK
vidualizo lliono two cities bcoauso f
always like to go from the bub to tho
poriphey, and wo all know thcro is
nothing beyond Chicago. 800 it and
dio, like the follow onoo said to Naples.
Hat if you'll lako my rdvico,
you'll die before you go to Chicago,
or they'll skin you alive when you get
ihoro. Jhit hore we arc in the Swedish
school houso what order, what
convonioiioo, what positivo beauty in
everything that surrounds you. That
dry old cliap you hoo over in the corner
was a schoolmaster in Sweden, he
looks a little dull and rusty now, but
ho is chuck full of knowledge from tho
crown of tho head to tho nolo of his
loot. J low ho used to tan tho leather
broochcaof tho amins of Stockholm,
and what substantial additions he has
made to thoir knowlodgo of the scion
cos niul aria by tho ajd of a woodon
shoo, or a oat and nino tails, implements
of husbandry happily not forgotton
in that woll ordored communis
ty whci'o tho fifth commandment is
still notan ontiroly obsololo documont,
maps, books, stuffod alligators, hottloH
with snakes prosorvod in whislcoy,
and monitor toads in tho samo delightful
fluid aro arrafigod upon tho
shelves. 1 havo scon tho tinio w!?nt
it would have boon mighty unsafe to
lcuvo those bottloa laying around looso
it' Lhoro wore a snalco in thorn; but all
nonsonso anido, it is a beautiful school
houao, whore ovory modorn applianco
is to l>o found that can conduco to tho
comfort and happiness of lliot-cholars.
His not largo, but so co/y thai I
found mysolf insonsibly humming,
"I would I woro a boy again," till I
caught sight of tho black strap in tho
corner, whon I suddonly iolt for tho
skirts of my coat, and rejoicing in my
'manhood, walked out to lake tho air j
anil givo tho subject further consideration.
IIci'O WO .irn on llio nnili
again; that bountiful little bailing right
in front of ub, across tho lake, is the
houso of the Brazilian commission.?
And surely nothing more delightful
can bo imagined than this swoet little
cottage surrounded with shubbery
omborworod in trees. That's the place
where l)oin Podro sometimes discusses
cotfeo and muffins. Cast your oyo
to tho right as wo cross tho dell; tako
u iuuiv ax, mai/ gypsy campttro in
the distanco, ana toll mo ii' yon ovor
8/1 w anything inoro romantic or beautiful
than that. What's that place
up thero that lookslilcoa Utah boarding
house on stilts? Well, that's tho
lagor boor saloon,?lagor fivo cents a
glass?no, L thank you, I novor drinlc,
oxcuso ino, I'll rath or not, como right
along, I want to show "you this one
view hero, and then we'll talcc a stroll
in tho Main llall. Thovo, this i3 tho
spot; statu! hofo; tulle of your pictures
and scenery, look at that, hill, dale,
valley, lako, fountain, flower.->, everything
that can glorify landscape is
hore, tho magnificent foliago of tho
troos, tho raro bonuty of tho flowers,
the rich fragranco loads tho air with
delicious porfumo;and strotching far
away on evory sido is a landscape of
lovolincsB unequalled. That boautiful
building in front of us is Horticultural
Half, and one of tho handsomest cdi->
fices on tho ground. Tho largo building
on tho luft with tho green roofj
that looks lileo an anciont abby, U
Agricultural llall, and to mv thinlc^
ing, olio ot tho most intorosting pors
tions of tlio Exhibition. Shall wo
walk buck to the Main Ilall? Oh, you
want to look in horo. Very well,
walk right in; una, iny dear is
tho colcbraicd Log Cabin, which, it
you had gona away without scoing,
you would have missed ono of tho
groatCHt flights of tho Kxhib'.on. Slop
in and look around; no ohargo.?
It is not tho log cabin of to day, but
the log fahiii of a hundred j'ears ago
?and how snug and comt'ortablo it
Invito?tlnit. oln/it !
Viuuu >11 wiu UU1 uvr 13 il
hundred and fifty yours old, and has
scon the day it was just as good as it
over was. And that spinning whoo
by tho firoplaco has spun yarn for
stockings for old gontlomon and ladiou
who crossod tho fltyx whilo our groat
great grandfathers and groat-groat
grand mothors wore still loyal subjects
of good King Goorgo. Yes, ma'am,
no humbug about that, bring me an
almanac, and I'll swear it. How do 1
unow; \v ei!, I'll ion you how I know,
[ was tohi it by Mrs. Southwick.?
Who is ahc? That's her, over there;
in iho high cap and singlo broasted,
dross. Look at her as she stands
there, ain't sho a picture? Six yards
and a qualer in that dross, and then
.sho had a pieco loft (o make now
sleeves with. No ma'am, sho does
not wear a bustle, and you couldn't
get a hoop under that dross hi.; enough
for a nail keg. Sho ain't old, tako a
good look al her sweet and kindly
face, her back looks !iko a hundred
but her faco would lot bar off at thirty.
This is Jorusha Penrose, and Abigail
short, and I'alionoo Doolitilo, and
Comfort ILolbrook, drossod in thostylo
of a hundred yonrs ago. Tho ohairs,
tho tables, tho dclf that sou upon tho
worm oiiton dressers, all arc old and
worn, buLstill mighty pleasant to look
at. Mow for a short s^'oll through
tho Main Hull. Uoaching tho contro
of tho building by tho shortest, out, wc
find onrsclvos near tho mimic stand
deserted for tho timo by (iilnjpcroV
Hand, and tho rival potentates of that
king of instruments, tho piano faV'C
~?l HI- - i ?*
um.ii wiiiui- nup giauuors in I ho grand
arena of music. It is a sight to watch
thy faeos ot tho crowd a.s this player
or that gains soino momentary triumph.
Tho player, however, in lost
sight ol in tho piano. It is not ft
([uofltion of musical skill, but ol tho
musical oxccllonco of tho instrument,
and tho players themselves socm completely
oblivious to the mighty con.
course thatsurromls them. Now you
catch the grand tonus ut a chickcrmg:
next tho Bwcct melody of ft Webor;
Dockcr and Stook and Stoinway, all
claim your attontion and admiration,and
in tho multitude of cquisito 11nf
j mony, your judgment is iost, and you
I hardly know in whoso favor to doeido.
i Watch tho fingers of tho playors, how
they fly; that ripplo of mclodj' comob
like tho .soil boating of a Hummer wavo
upon tho sandy shoio, and now it rises
and swells, and broaks liko tlio rolling
thunder in a storm, till. you almost
doubt if tho effect is tho work of hu~
man hands. But let us walk on. This
j is tho exhibit of Starr & Marcus, tho'
celebrated jowelers of Now York. Wo
won't stop long, but I want to show
you a diamond necklace that might bo
tho ransom for a King. How lovoly,
how boautilul, how magnificent, how
superb bursts from the crowd on cvory
side. How much is it worth! Oh, a
moro bag o( nails, probably not ovor
ono thousand dollars. (ioodno?a onu
cioup; lot us get on, Surah, I thought
it wn.s worth about two dollars and n
half. Cornolius& Son, of Philadelphia
have a Bplondid display of gas fixtures,
rivalled only by that of Archor .
<fc Panoost, of Now Voile. Here wo
come to a beautiful display of glues by
the Smith Brothers, of Now j5odfurd,
Massachusetts. You hud an idou that
thoy had nothing bat blubbor in Now
Bedford* It was niixod up in your
mind with oil casks and fin backs, tarpaulins
and try works, whale boats
and mouldy biscuits, and "there sho
blows." No such thing, sir; timos
niiri now us they used to was. Tho
glory of Israel has dopartod from hor
blubber bun torn, and now sho wrestloh
in tho arena of aosthutics with London,
Vienna and Paris, and alter a short
nip and luck, occasionally gets thorn
on tho hip.
IIo is a caso heforo us worthy of ad*
iniration lor it appoals to all tho finur
feelings of your nature, it ia dontal in*
Kt.riiniont.n !??><! linlmnfQ a
v- ...? w. IIWj v? wv.uii^o wv *j (%111vr) Ut
While, of Philadelphia. My gontlo
friend have you cvor had tho toothache?
I think 1 hoar you montally
exclaim?no, I wish I had. Well if
you should cvor get it that caso was
invented for just such a? you. Dhf
what lovoly forccpa to pull out tho
shattered bono from your jaws, and
what an admirable tavnquoil to dislodge
from its abiding pluco nome
growling and refractory molar. Do
you hco miudo dolicate !' '<> tint pickers
ovoi there, they are for digging out
loota, I think I should like to go fish*
iw? 111 nuiuiiuuu^a Jliw WIIU OHO OI
thoso thingbjust to sco liow it fools*?
Oh! don't 1 wish I had tho toothaohe.
Ah! hero'wo have a ca?o that calln for
speoial notico, onterod by tho Surgical
Iinstitute, all sorts of trussos and
instrument* for tho assistance of nfflicled
humanity, it, looks as though it,
would bo almost a ploasuro to havo a
crookcd leg just for the r.ako of having
it straightened by ono ci thoso admire
able instruments.
I \ V f \|l n /i/HM A 4 r\ 1 1 V A /I ! n?-> 1 a 1*
v a u u V/ v>vuiu tlivj 1.11 O J JIUi
Brazil, Binning in while und crimson
and gold, and looking like the halls of
Lho Alahatnbru. What a mngnificont
display of flowors, goorgoous in color
and ex(juisito in bounty, how fresh
and bow lovely thoy look, just as if
they bad boon gathorod from som?
oriontnl garden only an' hour bofore,
you can almost catch their porf'uino
through tlioir prison house of glass,
those nro not llowcra my friends but
leathers plucked from the birds ot tho
air who wore robbed of their rainbow
robes lo furnish iIioko beautiful How*
errt, no description can convoy a por(cot
idea of Ibo indescribable boauty
ot tbeso gossamer and ioalbory bouquels.
Hut i.ot on L i in ho does ilrnzi I
depond for Iter fame, *bo has witbin
borsolf all tl.o elements ol' a mighty
ompire. Diamonds and gold, silver,
wboat, wine, wool, dyo woods, bides
I unci coifcoatul sugar, and ovory mutorial
product that can add to tho
richofi of ft nation, and sho has a rulor
wiso and good, a man who linn mado
tho natno of lOmpcror respectable, but
I am near tho end of my cablo and
L will finish l?razil noxt wcclc.
Tho attendance has boon good and
is constantly increasing, tho ground*
aro improving every day, and in a
wock most of thooxhibits will l?o finished.
Some pooplohavoan idea that
?v in ii\; uoi? iw w/niv? w11 n/t c% vmj . j.
say il you only Imve one day to sparo
come on, you can seo enough in that
day to keep you actively thinking just
* about sixteen yoara, you booh begin
, to lvalizo what a heap of kivowlodgo
i there iff on the outside of your bond,
and I'll guarantee t'oftt no matter
i what tho cost or how brief tho time
you will find that you have got your
money's worth. Among tho commit*
tons which lmvo boon selected daring
(lie last week is 1 ho committco in tha
'ircat depart ment of Agriculture,
which has selected John J. Coleman,
foi inerly prolcssor o( tho lioyal Agricultural
College of Kngland, as chair-*
man, and .James tt. Grin noil, tho form"
or popular head clerk of tho Patent
Ulhco in Washington as ttocrolftry.

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