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D, F, BRADLEY, Editor and Frosriotor. r
Tamoiu nf KuliM^'riiilioii. 0
Ono Year $1 GO
Six Months 75
Advertising Rates.
Advertisements inserted at the rate of $1 00 (
pur square, of (9) nine linos, ou lksh, for tho .
Wat insertion, and 50 cents for cach subsequent
Contracts made for tiirbk, MX or tvtklvk 1
months, on favorablo terms. <
Advertisements not having tho number of
l-.?<.w>plrnd An n?nm wilt hn nnhli?hnd
runf I UUilO UlUIQVVt VM VHV.U, ..... wv !
rnitil forbid anil charged accordingly.
Those terms nr? so simple any child nmy
understand them. Nine lines is a square?
ono inch. In every instance wo charge by
iho spaco occupied, as eight or ten lines can
bo mado to occupy four or five squares, as tho
advortiscr may wish, and is charged by the
asr Advortisera will pleaso state the number
of squares they wish their advertisements
to make.
war Business men who advertise to he
benefitted, will bear in mind that the
SENTINEL. has a large and increasing circulation,
and is taken by the very class of
porsons whose trade they desire.
Thursday, June 8, 187<*.
.. !? - J
Democratic Club at this place, at a
meeting on last Saturday, unanimously adopted
tho plan of primary election for candidates,
as proposod by tho County Exccutivo
We lsarn that ft homicido wa? committed
at Pendleton last week. Two colored boys
got Into ft fight, ng?d respectively, about 14
?nd 18 yoars. The younger stnbbed the
older boy twice, with a knife, and killed him
almost instantly.
Delinquent Land SaleThe
County Treasurer, as previously ad*,
vortiscd, mado his delinquent land salo on
Monday last. There were only eight tracts
or lota of land advertised. This is an cv^enco
of the promptness with which the people of
Pickens meet all legal demands made upon
them, aud speaks volumes iu their favor. Can
any other county in the Slate show as small
a delinquent list as Pickens?
The Mass Meeting
The mass meeting which assembled at litis
plftoc on Saturday last, for tho purpose of
considering the Air Lino Railroad tax question,
was tho largest we have ever seen at
thin place. The largest and most inlluentinl
taxpayers from every section of tho County,
were present. Tho Court House was literally
jnmed, many not being ablo to get in. The
tone of the meeting was calm and dispassionato,
but determined and unmistakable. But
onosontimont seemed to pervade tho meeting,
and tlmt was to resist, until Lite ia?t, tnc paymont
of tho interest on I ho bonds by all tlic
legal means in our power. Col. Norton, the
attorney for the County, was heartily an?l enthusiastically
endorsed, and any aid or support
he may require in tho defense of tin
puit against the County by the bond holders
will bo prompljk given him by his client.
The speeches made on the occasion wer<
oloquent and earnest. We would like to give
a rfynopsis of them all, but can not for wan
of space. Sutfice it to say that they breathe'
forth the sentiments of tho taxpayers of thi
"Orttirit*. which arn set fnrtli in lh? resolution
unanimously adopted by the meoting, am
were highly appreciated by the largo audi
eno? of intelligent taxpayers atscinblod. W
publish the proceedings in this issue, to whicl
we call attention.
Blaiuo DefunctKcccnt
discloBiiroH in Washington, it
JJIaino'n Kailroad bond transactions tin
?nid to havo doetroyod all his chanco
for tho Itopublican nomination fo
Prosidont. All the chanoos for tlv
oloctior. of tho Radical nominoo, who
ni/nr ho mftv lin linn Innir sinnn hnoi
destroyed, and nono of thorn need t
givo thcmsolvos much troublo nbou
it. Biaino has pocketed his 11101103
got a fortune and can retiro to Lb
shades of privato life to enjo3' it, an
lmvo tho consolation of knowing tho
no further honors awuitod him, an hi
party rotirod with him, and for tli
name reasons.
Williamston Femalo College -Snmmc
Wednesday, Juiic 14th, 8 1'. M., Kcrmo
before the Christian AfBOcinlion, by Uev. A
U. Wood fin, Columbia, ?!. C.
Thursday, Juno 15tli, 11, A. Addree
before tlie Erosophio Kocicty, by lion. Jamc
F?rrow, President of Laurensvillo Fenial
Oollcge, S. C.
Thiirmlny, Juno 15th, 8, I'. M., I'ublio E*
liibition of tlie kindergarten System.
Thurbclny, June l.r)Ui, 8, 1'. M,, Clouin
Concert nnil Griuluaiing Kxercinds.
For ndmiuBion to I lie concerl, n 11 entrnnc
foe of fifty cents will lie clinrge<l:?-tho pro
ceeda to l>o applied to tho purchase of a fin
bell for the use of lite college.
fW -Seven prisoners recently ma<U- tliei
cBcupefiom the Orangeburg j til. Tliey wei
nil desperatloeH, convicled ul the recent ter
ot'onnl for that county.
Public Mooting. \
Pickkn8 C. II., Juno 187C. \
Tl?o citizens of Pickons County
not in tho Court IIouso this day, puruant
to a cull, nnd on motion, Hon.
3. F. Brndloy was called to tho ohair, J
md John J. Lowis was roquostod to
lot as Socrolary.
Tho Chairman thon, in a short adIross,
oxplainod tho objcct of tho mootng,
which was to tost tho fooling of
,he peoplo in rogard to paying tho
axos on tho bonds hold against tho
bounty, by tho Air Lino Railroad.
W. G. Fiold thon ofTorod tho followng
resolutions, which was unanimously
Resolved, That, in tho sonso ot this
mooting, tho Air-Lino .Railroad tax is
iininat. nnd nnntTarv t.O t.hft undor?
""Juu; " ? ? ?
standing of tho terms of subscription
submitted to llio peoplo.
Resolved, That tho Railroad Com?>
pany lias not actod in good faith to
the (axpayoi'8 of Pickons County, in
refusing to pay tho taxos on tho Road.
Resolved, That wo Bhall rofiMO to
pay and protest against tho payment
of said taxes, of our own will, until
tho bonds aro declared valid by tho
Supremo Court of tho United States.
llcsolvcd, That wo hnvo confidonoo
in tho intogrity and legal ability of
our attorney, Col. J. J. iNorton, and
will bo governed by his advioo in tho
promisor. ?
Jicsolvcd, That it is tho daty of tho
County Commissioners to dofond tho
various suits now boing brought
against tlio County and tlio individual
sureties on the suporcodeas bond, and
hold tho said surctios harmless.
llcsolvcd, That wo advocato no hostilo
or illogal romodios against tho
"Rr?nfl tinMnrn nc ofRnorS of tllO
Tho mooting was tlion addressed by
Messrs. R. A'. Clnld, C. Ij. Hollingeworth
and W. G. Fiold, of riokonsi
and Whitnor Symmos, P,nq., of Groon*
viilo, in addreseoa sotting forth the
mannorin which tho bonds wero obtained;
tho conduct of tho parties holding
thorn, and tho consoquoncss to the
County if tlio collection of thorn was
pushed forward at this timo, and advising
tho pooplo not to pay thom
until tlio suit, now pending in llic U
S. Courts was closed, and expressing
confidence in tlio ability, intogiityand
final success of Col. J. J. Norton, the
attornoy for tlio County.
On motion, tho Socretary was in*
structod to request tho Pickbns Skn
TiNEr. nnu uruonvniu jjihui jinnv?
Mountaineer to publibh tho proeoodings
r>l tho mooting, and that a copy
of the b.uno ho aont to lion. W. W,
Boyoo, Washington, 1). C., to the
President of tho Hank of Coinmorco
Richmond, Va., and to tho Prosidont
of tho llichmcnd & Danville Railroad
'lbo mooting then adjournod.
JOHN J. LEWIS, 8ocrotary.
[ ?> >
?^?5^ Gov. Chamberlain has iftwuoi
* a proclamation, inviting all tho poopl
of this State to oonbidor the 28th o
Juno (tho one hundrodth annivorbar;
of Fort Moultrie) r. public holiday, oi
j which ordinary bueinoBB nhall \>a nua
' 1
l ?65* The Centennial Colobration c
0 tho battlo of Fort Monlirio takofl plac
H on tho 28th inHtant. Groat propara
tioDB havo boon niado in Charlosto
c to mako tho ovont a buooohs.
1 ????.
1%?" AlcDivitt, County Troafluror c
Edgcfiold County hat* abaoondod wit
hniwlrnil thmiHflllll ilolhlTH o{ Btal
1 and County funds. JI o i? ono of th
3 sweet Radical Hatellitos of Huh Stnt<
rt and an nppointoo of Govornor Chart
r borluin's. Reform.
u ? ?
- Br?/" Governor Chamberlain positively tl
n nies the assertions of the l'liillips' letter
0 Ciovcrnor Perry, which we published Invt wee
^ Governor l'erry says he; knows no man l>y tl
natno of I'hillij>* in Washington, an I believ
the letter a fabrication.
There arc mad dogs in Union count
t in this ytnto. .Several have been killed L
h people watch their dogs closcly in this Count
c and kill every one that exhibits any nyrn
toniB of the disease. Union county is not f
from us, and it may spread to this Coun
r rapidly.
tsr* Tl o Schells, charged with the lnurd
11 ,.f T r, Pmih in T.finvcii.q count v. have be
* - - r
t. tried and acquitted. It is now said that e<
oral prominent Radicals about Laurons w
is bo indicted for the murder and that tho cm
s dunce agaiust thorn id conclusive.
tSfrjJ" T)io colored strikers on the rico pis
- tutioiis of tlio low country have succuinbcd ft
resumed work.
g -
" ? ... Iiitiiin * Tli a fnllnnr'i
U.NIIKH OlAir.n .. i. o, ?- . ..? ........
0 gentlemen of this County have been dnr
v lo servo on tho United Hliitea Juries for (
e Angus!, Ih7'i, term of tho Dintriot Court,
(Jreeuuille, S. Snii.ucl A. Gary, th-n
Juror; Thoinns l'arkina and Joseph A. Hut
* l'etit Jurors.
hi Mr. Wliii Ilmnilloii informs us tlial
had coltou alnjicH la^t week
May 31,187G.
A good deal of interest is felt hero in the
Democratic convention of Virginia which com
rncuccs in Richmond to.-day. Virginia, styled
tlio Mother of Presidents, usod in the past, to
oxort n mighty iulhtonco in the solcction of
candidates, as well as in their election. Tho
leading Democrats of tiie State are under*
stood now to favor a negativo polioy, as regards
tlioir expression of ohoico, in roforenoo
to tho St. Louis nomination. Thoy ask of
the North that it shall give thorn its bost and
its strongest man; and thoy promise that ho
shall have thoir earnest support, whoever he
may bo. This is, as a rule, the attitude of
tho wholo South. Tho very general expresoi^n
in dm Hnuiliom nrnss. and bv Southern
men, in i'r.vor of Governor Tildcu, is based
upon tlic knowledge of liis strength with the
pooploin New York and elsewhere, as a practical
Reformer. Senator Bayard is the favorite
with tho mass of Southern men, and if a
Southern man were to bo selected, he would
bo nearly their unanimous choice. Thurman
aud Hendricks also have warm earnest friends
in the Southern States. It is very evident,
however, that the desire for success in the
election will overbear all personal and sectional
preferences. Whoever shall appear to
tho convention to bo certain to carry the most
Statos, on the great issuo of Administrative
Reform, upon which the people nrc fully
aroused, will undoubtedly receive the nomination.
Whether Tilden will bo the man, 01
not, ia ft mat tor for conjectnro. It ia wortl
utnting, in this conncotion, liowevor, that th<
opposition to Tililon in New York has provct
an element of strength. The Charlestoi
News & Courier, and other papers which havi
opposed him, have recontly declared in hii
favor, for the very reason that the charactc
of hia enemies allow that lie ia not controllei
by the Ring men of New York. Governo
Tildon has reduced the taxoa,of New Yor]
State $8,000,000, or nearly oue half, in six
toon months. Going before (he peoplo wit
that record, It will bo impoasiblo to boat hiir
Gov Tilden'a friends assert that neither h
.t 1 ,l.: ?11 (l,n nil
nor mcy nucw niijuiiuu <>>>
cular recently sent to newspapers, askin
i thorn to print certain extracts from the pros
in various parts of the country favorable t
Tildcn, to bo charged for as advertisement;
The fact that the circular was sent to, anion
1 others, several papers widely and generall
known to be violently opposed to Gov. Tililei
and that it purported to conic from an advci
tising agency of which "Petroleum V. Nai
by," the most rampant of Radical Kepubl
cans, is tho principal, ought to have salisiic
everybody that it was a sort of political prat
ticaljoko, so to speak. JHit the cmphat
denial which now comos from Gov. Tiidun
friends, of any responsibility for or know!
edgo of it will satisfy any doubts that mn
; have existed.
tildkn'h i'f.hsowar. rorui.anitv in new Yoni
A Congressman calleU my attention, hi
morning, to iho fact (lint Gov. John A. I>i
the most popular H'-publican Governor No
' York over had, wai eleclcil l>y over 63,0C
, majority in'72. Governor Tildon run again
I Dix in '74, and defeated him by ovpr 50,01
majority; a change of over 100,000 votes
favor of Tildcn. And yot, in that election
ho was bitterly opposed by all tho co
riu>t men of tho Democratlo party, and the
"respootablo" friends who arc opposing hi
i now.
j Stewart L. Woodford, ex?Liouteimnt Go
ernor of Now York, and who would acce
^ oithor the Presidential or Vico-l'residont
" nomination at Cincinnatti, was the orator
* Arlington on Decoration Day, and improv
tho opportunity of making a Republican etui
speech, llo roforrcd to tho "practical int
if oranco o 1 tho South, tho practical denial
o pergonal liberty, tho practical denial of p<
_ ular education, and the prcsistont effort to
^ Tive old systeiiiB undor now forms." Throuj
out his discourse ho ondeavorod to irnpr
upon his hearers tho fitiperior virtues of
parly. Rut Col Moody, "the fighting parsoi
>f vrho made tho opening 'prayer, went fort
h than YFoodford, in his Hpocial plea iu bol
0 of tho Republican party; and in a prayei
o half an hour in length, lie enlighted (hi; I,
hb to the achievements of Radicalism, i
L' thanked lliin that "Ihos-j who inaugura
open, flagrant, deadly war to compel our p
eminent lo Hiibinit to its own disnolutiou It
been made to Hiihuiit." This i.s a fair sp
0. men of the usual performances at Arling
l0 on Decoration Day. The Kvening Star of I
k, city which may be ranked a;) an iudepciul
Iie Republican paper, in an editorial article j
(.3 tcrday on Decoration Day, urgos its ob;
vance l>y the Northern niul 'Southern |>c<
simultaneously and in common, an 1 n.yt
y "Since ihc union of our common country
hnrmony is conceded to be a consumma
y( devoutly to be whliod, why not nutkc tlte
one of honor to American valor without
lir fereuco to tlio sitlo on which the heroic (
(y fought in our Into unhappy civil strifo!" G
for the <S't(ir.
ler One of the foulest and most inexcus
cu wrongs perpetrated by Congress, under
.v- publican rnl , was the appropriation, I
ill the public treasury, of an enormous sun
ri_ money, which was placed in Che hands of
Prosidonl, to be erpcndod us lie desired, v/
out responsibility to any one, and dcnoin
in. ted tlie "Secret Service Fund." It has 1
?,j discovered by investigation committees ol
present House, whither largo portions of
Heerct Servioo Fund went, and for what
poses if was expended. When Williams
wn Attorney General, ho expended largo huii
)10 (lie employment of men who traveled thr<
the South, obtensitily on business, but n
|1(| to foment, si life between the two races.
cs to manufacture "Kn Klux outrages." '
liaH been sworn to by Whitley, ex-chie
detoctivcs of (lie United States, who lia<l ill
lie Williams, directed the management, of
whole infamous business The next jmii
which (ho committeo directed Us attention
was tho disposition made of n portion of this _
fund by ono Johnny Davonport, in tho discovovor
of olootion frauds in Now York City. As
an ovidonco that tho Secret Scrvioo Fund was
litprnllv stolen from the Treasury; contrary to ]
all lnw and prcoodent, and with the intention (
tlint it should be usod to kcop tho Ropublicnn (
party in power, it is a little remarkable that (
upon no occasion was a single dollar expomlcd
to detect and exposo Republican frauds iu
elections, though they wcro numorous and (
unblushing all over tho country; but always (|
for tho oxposuro of alleged frauds on tho pa*t
of tho opposition. It is to bo hoped that MrBam
Randall and his Appropriation Committoo
will soo to it that tho Presidont and Dopartrnont
and Bureau Officers shall not be provided
by this Oongross with public monoy to
bo expended as tlioy soo fit, andwitliout boing
obliged to account for every dollar of it, as it
i? expended, and not throo or four years afterwards,
beforo an investigating committee*
Immigration Meeting
Pursuant to adjournment, tho citizons
interested iti Lho cause of Immigration,
mot in tho Court JIouso on
Saturday, tho 27th May, lor tho purposo
of electing pormancnt oflieers,
adopting a Constitution, &c.
W. A. licslcy on taking tho chair,
gavo notico of tho Secretary being
, absont. On motion, \V. M. Hagood
. was eloctcd Socrotaiy pro torn.
Tho Cominittoo appointed to draft
1 a Constitution, submitted tho follow*
5 ing, which was adopted:
1 NVhoroas, our County is situated in
1 a region of country, possessed ol tho
a groat natural advantages of a healthy
a cliinatc, beautiful mountain sconery,
r fertile soil, intorsected with numerous
1 creeks and rivers, affording abundant
r water power for machinery of any
k description, with tho best of .Railroad
- facilities?tho great Piedmont Air
li Lino Railroad running through tho
i. outiro County; and, whereas, tho great
e nocd of our County is groatcr popu -
lation to occupy and cultivato the
g thousands of acres of valuable lands.
(!i now covcrou wiin nuuvy luivai ?uu
0 lying uncultivated and unimprovod,
s> bocauso ol want of people to cultivate
g tho same; and, whoreaa, wo oarnostly
y dosiro and cordially woloomo aiuongH
us all honest, industrious working
peoplo, whether farmers, meohanict
or artinanH. Thorcfbro, for tho pur?
poso of aiding and encouraging ihit
object, wo tho undor.signod, do hereby
organize ourseh os into an I inmigra
tion Sooioty, under tho following Con
10 stitution:
i i,
illt'J. lUIjfi X, A 1114 1 10 Dili* II IJ\J UUU M I
as Iho Pielcons Immigration Associa
y lion. It shall huvo ono President ant
ono viec-President from each Town1
v. whip in tl?o Count}', a Treasurer am
is an lixcoutivo Committoo ot livo mem
x. born.
w j\ kt, 2. Tluit ouch person pay ai
)0 initiation foo of ono dollar on bocominj
g( a inombor of tlio Society, and a month
)o ly duo of 25 cents. Tbo money thu
in rained, to const ill! to a fund to bo use<
ii in promoting immigration.
r.' Art. 3. That it bo requested tlia
)r tlio Vicc-Prosidont in each Vownshi]
in y01, "P ,l I'oport of all lands, watt?
powers, opportunities for bufdnos;
?<tc., to bo usod to draw immigrant!
? ? ? !.. i<'i
an 1 lOPUn IU tllU UACtuvn v wvuiinu
t too, wlio hIihII koop a record of th
,1' Bruno, nond brio fa of thorn to Agouti
1111 &c. Also, that each Vico-l'rosidon
,lt aulioit each person in his Township t
Cl1 bocoino a mombor of Lho Socioty, an
nP roport names and money to tho Ext
?' cutivo Committoo.
?f Art. 4. That tho Association snot
>P* on Saloday of oach month in tho (Join
jh- Akt. 5. That tho Exocutivo Con
nam mUtnn Ka AIY) HA WAVnrl t A I"* 11 f. \ 11 t.f* HYU
*? ? IJIltUVU l/u VI11J/V <1 VH v \J |/V(W vw VJ.
liis ration tho intention and objoots
11," this Society, as vigorously as possibl
It* I. II. Philpot, J. II. CarliMo, G. V
ialf Taylor, Alonzo M. Folgor, J. Frar
of Folgor, W. M. Ilagood, I). 1<\ JJnv
aid loy, VV. A. Losloy, J. lliloy Forguso
u?l J C. Griffin, ?S. 1). Koith, P. McJ
(ctl Alexander.
ov_ Tho association now boing tho
uvo ouglily organized, an election for o
fw.-irt wns hold. rcHiillinir as folloM
^ 1)7K. Bradley, President"T. W. liu
.' null. Vieo Prosident, PiekoiiHville Tov
(fillip; John it. liolcombo, Vieo Prei
_ sidont. Salubrity Township; John
' ' Lewis, Vieo Prosident Garvin Tow
sor" Blilp; li. JO. Sloclo, Vieo Preside
lOasloy Township; \V. A. Lesley, Vi
' '7* ProH'dont Pickens Township; B.
' Morgan, Vieo Presidont Daeusvi
ii?i Township; G. M. Lynch, Vieo Pro
(1,y dont Pnnipkintown Township; Jo
,c- T. Lewis, Vieo President bustat
lend Township; \V. M. JIagood, Soerota
ioo.l and Treasurer.
Tho President appointed G. 1
Taylor, J. 11. Uarlialo, I. 11. i'lnip
nblo J. Frank Folgor, and >S. ]). Koith,
He- Executive Committee.
rom W. A. Lesley, J. 11. ('arli?le, and
, of McD. Aloxandcr, was tlion appoint
tll0 I a Special Committoo to draft By La
ill,. | for governing tho Association, a
ina. i make any amendments thoy mi/a
1 donm tironer to tho Constitution. a
joon " i ?
. tlic> 1 roport nt tno next mooting.
S. I) Koiili moved that tlto Armo
1 " j ntiori meet at 10 o'clock on oacli 8a
imr- ,
W!.IS; On motion, tho procoodingH w<
IS 111 1 to lio published in llio I'ickkns Si'
,MKh i T1NJCJ/,
a,1>'j 1). I-\ UIIADLKY, President
niul i tir f ii t* ? t riv .
| \v . j\i. i lacjooi>, doc ry a, j reus.
f of I Sai.k Dav.?There wore but few in fitt
ii'lcr lance on s;ile <lay. There was no propc
the | ili*])CPei| of at Hheriff'fl pale. "Knock
it t? still" Ihilvd to put in on appearance.
' ' j I I IL I . !? ! ?> III .'" ' " i
For tho Legislature,
Tho many friends of D. F. BRAPt>EY,
Esq., rcspcotfully anuounoo him us a
jandklato for tho Logialaturo?subject, hoy;vcr
to the Democratic Nominating Convon
Li on.
Mr. Bradley served us faithfully in tho last
Legislature, nml n mor? iiulcfaUgablo worker,
Dr watchful servant of the int/rest of his conBtituonts
can not bo found inthe County,
For Clork of Court.
W50uTho many frionds of/l?HN J, LEWIS
respectfully announce him <s a candidate for
Clerk of the Court of Fickfoa County at tho
ensuing clcction, subject/ however to tlio
Democratic nomination. /
Mr. Lkwis ia a truo at/l tried Democrat,
ami his fine business quoJfications eminently
fit him for the office. j *
For Probajb Judge.
BhJT' Tho many frunila of W. (I. FIELD,
respectfully annouucimim as a candidate for
Judge of 1'robale of l'ickens County at the
ensuing election?sipject however, to the
action of tho County/Democratic Nominating
Convoiition. *
f/trlSliori fF
The many friends of J. UILEY FF, ll?
GUSON rcspcctfuiy nnnounco him as a candidato
for rc-cleaion to the office of Sheriff
of Pickens Countj at the ensuing elcclion?
subject, however, (o the action of tho County
Democratic nominating Convention. *
For School Commissioner,
fiiSy* Tho manf Mends of Prof. J. II. CAR?
LISLE respectfully announco him as ft candidate
for the cilice of School Commissioner
nf PlnliAiu fnnitv ni lh? enmiiticr election.
subject however, to tho action of the Domocrfttio
nomination. * *
fifelY" Tlio many friend9 of M. 8. IIENDIIICKS,
rcppcetfully announce him as n
candidate for Sciool Commissioner of Pickens
County, at the ensuing election?subject
however, to the action of the County Demo
erutic nominating Convention. *
lbc it oncc, ana you will us<
1 no other;
' DURYEas'
. Pronouncd by Jurors of Great Interim! ion:
8 exposition, l'arin, 1Hi17, to l>o llio
L A trial will inHtiro its p9pul?rity overj
r.lmre, Nono gunuinc without Dury?ns' c
I ovory pneka^o.
! For sale by (Jroccrs generally.
I, Juno 8, 187(5 40 ly
; Sheriff s Sales.
? Pickens County.
Jesse Crenshaw vs. Sarah Julian aril 0. 1
,, I>v virtuo of an exocution to mc dircolc
LJ I will Hell (o the highest bidder, .it I'ic
ens Court House on Saleday in July ne:
during the legal hours of sale,
1. One Tract of Land, containing Sixty Aci
0_ more or leas, bounded by lands of II. N. Lot
I* er, Solomon Looper, Lucrotia A. Dams a
others. Lev.cd on as the property cf Sar
TKit.MS (!ASH?Purchasers In mv ex
il< for titles.
,i J. Ill LEY FKRUUSON, s.r.o,
June 8,1870 -10 8
f- cf\\^R^L OKAHlN(JMA OK
v 11 jfafiSHiKl wil SHBI
J I Ar)r)itF-ss POOLE & HUNT.
?>- ?^^/.ryrrmfeY^rnijr7iT;T^r
ni ?
\<\ o
lie TTJAltTlES desiring information os lo I
ni- L routoslo 1 lie CENTENNIAL, jr to i
l)n of tho Summer Kesorfs or to auy o.hor pc
in tho country, should addrcsH
00 * 1?. W. WRENN,
vy Ocn'l l'ftsocnger Ag't Kcnnosnv lloul<
\y Juno 1, 187ft 30 I
; m E1IE m
,o<i o
nd Second Session of tho above nai
. . X Kchool will oncn Tuesday. June
i"* 187(5.
C'l For terms, Ac., Address (ho Principal.
cin May 25, 1870 88 ft
"VfOTJCE is hereby given that applica
' Xi will be mode to I. H. Pliilpol, Judg
l'robnlo, at iub oince in me uouri nous
Pickens, 8. C., on Saturday, (lie 2lili da
.Juno next, a( 11 o'clock, a. 111., for lea>
mnko n Final Settlement of the Eslnl
on- Mary McAdaniB, deceased, and to bo
cliargcd therefrom.
''"'J JAMES MoA DA MS, \
' May 25, 1 H7?J
HMOOH!!' " i '
mm *
Iy call tho attention of tlio public 1 P
to my won soieuiuu ?uu ?osortod
stock of
consisting of
Cents' Ming Main a Specialty.
| '
All oi which 1 will soil chonp for ensh.
# A.
I am Btill Agont for tho "BUHKs
I(A" FERTILIZER, ono of tho boat
in tho markot.
Prico payablo in cotton at 15o. lit **
Nov., $G0.00 por ton.
Prico payable iu curroncy Isl Nor.,
$55.00 por ton.
Prico payablo in cash on dolirorjr, '
$17.50 por ton.
Freight $0.00 por ton, to bo addod
to this point, ftnd must bo paid in
Last but not least, lot rao impr?M
it upon thoso who avo duo mo on ac*
count for 1875, that I ncod tho money ^
' Pay up at onco and favor mo as I
' favored you.
17, 1870 24 tf
. ^
. FOR_ SALE. ,
''! '? 1 ~.ii 0..11 ot i>.;??(? e.i?
f I 1IM-J UIIUUIOI^IIVHI mil .-VJ.1 ... .
.Jl his valuable PLANTATION, known ns
a the Lftrkin Iicndricks place, containing 112
acres, on which there are about 40 acres of
first class bottom. There is also a good new
Cotton Qiu and Press on tho place, good
Dwelling and all necessary Outbuildings.
Another Tract, oontainiiicr 16.1} acres, on r
which tlioro are fino Up Lands, Well timbarad
and first class bottom: and a fine Orchard.
All my Interest in Larkin llondriok'a
[ estate. ^
If not sold at Private Rale before the 20th
of next September, all the above property
will be disposed of at Publio Halo.
P. O. address, Dacnsvillc, Pickens County,
May 11. 1870 .'10 Cd
Tlio Stato of South Carolina*
S. D. Keith, Nftthfttriol Lynch, and Matthow ?
Hendricks, Kxecutors of the last Will and
\> Testament of Tyre'Roper, deceased, l'laintiflfB,
Darcus Roper, Samuel Roper, Amos Roptr,
Mary (). .Sutherland cl al. Defendants.
Summons for Relief?complaint not aerv?d<
To the Defendants, Samuel Roper, Amos
{* Roper, Mary 0. Sutherland, Rebecca C.
Lewis and Elijah Roper.
res V0U areheroby summoned and required
JL to answer the petition in this action, of
,*,1 which a copy is filed in tho office of the Pro- ^
i...i~ r.,_ c. .n,i
.ftll nJ ...... ......V,
to servo a copy of ycur answer lo tho said I
Lrft petition on the subscribers at their ofiico, at
l'ickons Court House, within twenty dnyB
nftor tho service hereof, exclusive of the day
of such service; and if you fail to answer tho
_ petition wil)iiit the time aforesaid, tho Plaintill'
in this action will apply to tho Court for
i the relief demanded in tlie petition,
m Dated May 20, A. D. 187(5.
tf ilUl.COMUK k CHILD,
! Plaintiff's Attorney,
9 ?
RS To Samuol Koper, Amos Roper, Mary
|H (). Sutherland, Rebecca C. Lew*, and Elijali
E| llopor, Defendants: Tako notice that the poTO
tit ion in this case was this day filed in the %
oll'ico of tho Judgo of l'robato for l'ickcna
ym County.
>7/> Plaintiff's Attorney.
Juno 1, 1870 80 0
z Peabody House,
/^ONVENIKNT to all places of nmusoment + ,
Ivy and cnr limits in ilic oily. No changes
to and from tho Centennial grounds.
Colonol Watson, proprietor of tho Hkmry
i ifovhh, Cincinnati for the past twonty years,
and present proprietor, has loarod the House
for a term of years, and has newly furnished
and fitted it throughout. Ho will keep m
strictly first class House, nnd has accommo*
dation for 300 guests. Terms only $8 per
day. *
Col. WVTSON is a native of Virginia, and
^ probably tho only Hotel Proprietor in Phila*
___ dolphin from tho South. *
, JAMES WATSON. Proprietor.
# May 26, 38 2m
roTf Notlec to UrAiid Juror*.
0 fit 0
y of "PURSUANT to instructions from his Hon,
re to .1. Judgo T. 11. Cooko, the Grand Jurors of
e of this County, aro hereby notified that their
(Ha- attondanco at the Court will not be required
until the November Term, 1876.
S. 1). KKIT1I,
mrs. (j|Pik Court Common 1'lean St Oep'l Sissiouu.
j ,1/ay 'io, J 87t> 38 3 **

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