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Governor Chamberlain issues OommisN
sions for Four Years to Judges Reed
and Shaw'
' " L
1 ! "
Columbia, May 20.
Tlio following lettor was yesterday
addressed by Governor Chamberlain
to Ibo Secretary ot State:
Statk of South Carolina.
t^vrfntrrpttro i
Columbia, May 25, 1870.
The lion. II. E. Ilayue, Secretary
of State:
DeAf Sir?On the 11th day of Do.
comber, 1874, tho lion. J. P. ltood
was elected judge of tho Circuit
Court of this Siato for tho First Judicial
Circuit, and on tho 12th *day
of February, 1875, tho Hon. A. J.
Shaw was elected judge of the samo
court for tho Third Judicial Circuit
and commissions wore duly issued to
tho said persons, in accordanco with
the certificates of the clorka ot tho
two houses of the General assembly,
for tho unexpired torms of their pro
dcoessors in oflico.
On tho 21st day of December, 1875>
I filed a statement ol my reasons for
refusing to issue commissions to W.
J. Whippet- and F. J. Moses, Jr., who
claimed to havo been electod, on tho
16th dav of Dfifinmlifti'. 1K7H ti? tin*
office, now held by Messrs. lleed and
Shaw. I thon announcod 1113* judgment
that Messrs. Whippet*and Mosob
were not duly olcc-ted to said officosand
that the present iucninbantB)
Messrs'. Reed and Shaw, were entitled
to Bora lor the lull term of four yoara
from the dato of their election.
' la accordance with that judgment
I now 4eem it my duty to issue
commissions covering tlio lull period
of four years from the date of thoir
?taction, respectively, to the Hon. J,
P. Reed and tho Hon. A. J. Shaw,
Judges of tho Circuit Court for tho
First and Third Circuits, and I respectfully
request you to prepare such
commissions for my signature. Very
Respectfully, your obedient servantD.
II Chamberlain.
! <
_ ? ... >
The Sleep of Death.
Wilminoton, May 21.?Two Strang*
era, man and wife, arrived at tlio
Black llorao Ilotel in tlna city, live
week" ago, giving no names. Tliey
appeared to liavo no busineBa, and
occupied themselves walking about,
gavo no information of where they
camo from and wore extremely ro\
ticent in their manner. Saturday
eight tliey appeared to bo in unusu
Ally good spirits and retired to l>ed
-rather early. This morning a servant
called thorn at 1) o'clock lor
brealdast* but received no answer
wont away and concluded not to dis?
turb thorn. In tho aftornoou a policeman
was callcd in, who, upon
looking through tho latlco-work of
the window, discovered tho woman
lying upon hor back with her hands
across her breast, apparently dead.
Tho door was then broken open by
tho oilicor, who found tho man and
woman BiOo by side. dead, and u but
tlo of laudanum upon the stand by
.tho bedside, and a razor on a chair
that was drawn noar the lied. It is
tho genet al supposition that hail the
laudanum failed to do ita deadly
work the j >b would have boon iiniahed
with tlio razor. They were
both Germans, and came to Wilmington
from '.he Kant, but what
portion ol the Ea.it no one knows ?
The woman is appeurantly about 25
yoars oi ago and the man 5if>. (Join
tfiier Groves held an inquest this
ovouiii#, and rendered a vordict that
they came to their doatli by their
own hands from adoaoof huidannm.
? o ?
Jlon. Thomas L. Jonos, of'Kontucky
has introduced a bill in tho IIouso to
charter a railroad from Charleston, S.
C., to Chicago. Tho proposed road
passes tlirotigh tho. middlo of Kentucky.
.THof hill prividoB that tho Ciov rnmont
to guarantoo tho bonds of
tb? company, pnyablo in fiftr vonrw !
* V J %J ) 1
to tho amount of ?80,000 per milo, tho
principal and inloi'eot (at 5 per cont.)
jtfiyftblo in gold. Tho bill will not
jpomo up lor panwngo until tho next bos~
8ion of CongrcHS.
Tho nogro womon of Abbovillo |
liftvo stopped work and gone ji tinli- 1
Jng. Forty wcro soon engaged in
this sport iit. ono timo on (MinoU cules' '
mill pond last week. I
An Exciting Race.
Tlio San FranqUco Ohrouiclo tolls |
tho following atoYy of an onginoor: |
It wau four yodia ago last winterj
I was coming down with a train
loaded with cattlo. Tho woathor had 1
been bad for weeks, and tho - snow i
jay deep, but was molting off fast in
tho warm woather that bad lasted
nearly a wefck. XBq ground was
saturatod, and I noticed that things
looked shaky on the mountain* t
was fooling my way along carefully^
thinking tho track might spring, as
tho bed was wet and sloppy, when
just as as I got around tho point of
this lidgo, I lookod up, and it sceinod'
to mo tlmt tho whole mountain above
mo had brolcou laoao. For hundreds
of feet wide tho lulleido was in motion
and charging down on nio. Tho
slido stiirtod a hundred yards abovo
(ho track and was cominsr rifht down
r-? O " "?
on tno like lightning. Rucks, troes
and snow drifts plungod down tlio
face of the mountain with ft thunder*
ing roar, and seemed bent on overwhelming
U8 and burying us in tho
canyon thousands of feet below. 1
was never so close to death boforo,
all hough I have had my share of pen
ila on the road. -For a moment I wad
stupolled, tlio clanger was so gioat
and escape so hopeless, but only for>
a moment. 1 dotermincd not to die
without an effort, but clapped on all
steam, while tlio brakes were thrown,
oil at the sumo time. You can seo
lor yourself that tlio grado ie heavy
htjre, and can believe that wo made
fast time. Tlio engine Boemod to
1 l -1 J A
kiiuw r.cr uaugor, aim CO gamer Iiorself
for an effort. Sho leaped, quivering
and snorting, (Jown the gradoj
in the maddest race I over saw.?j
Down came tho avalanche liko light-'
ning directly upon ne, throwing up
clouds of flying enow and splinters
and rocks, and awny flew tho old on
gino-liko a thing ol lifo and lyeauty,
as sho was, dragein** tho cars liko tho
wind down tho grado aft or hor,
breast of tho slido. But it eeeinod
doomed to bo all in vain. Tho evalan
cho catno faster overy moinont. i;j
was almost upon ns. Tho rocks be1gun
to bound against tho cars and
over thorn, anil tho train was hiddon
in a cloud of snow. But wo were lly
[ ing in,tho air now; tho wheels seemed
novel' to touch tlio rail, and just aa i!
was giving up hope tho engine ruehJ
ud past thai |<oint of land just back
tlioro where tho little ravine comes
down. This tiimod tho current of tho'
ulnto, bo to 6|>oak, a httlo, and was
our salvation. Tho engine rnehodj
j>nst the puintjust asthcelido reaoh-.
ud tho track, and n big pino, unrooted
in 'the ed?jo ol tho evalanchc, fcl1
I 'U?rnae tlir* ?invfr noi* ! *&?
and crushed it. Tho track was swept
away like a cobweb in a galo, and tho
| couplings of tLio cars brok# and tho
cars'fell into tho chasm left in' tho
wako of tho slide, and wero curried
down to the liver, a tliouftrtnd yards
bolow. Wliiit tlioro is left of theni
litis tlmvo yet. Tho jerk mado tho
engine and train jump tho track, but
sho kept c'i hor feet, and wo got oil'
w ith a few bruises. That I account
one of the greatest dangers I evor had
in my twenty years of railroading.
A JIcnouv Juky.? While Judge
Mahor was holding I ho Court of Com
inoii IMoas in lJarnwoll last wook ho
was informed by thocolorcd jury that
they had boon without lood all day;
that there was no monoy to pay their
tickets, anT t hai thoy could not got
crodit; whoroupon tho Judge dismissed
thorn with Iho remark that ho hopod
nicy wouiu oo tvbio to oloct a county
government it> iho fall that would bo
able to avoid ho disgraceful a stnto of
affairs. Tiio Judgo furthor said:
"Under tbo circumstances, I will
bo compelled to disclmrgo you, for J
cannot ko<i|j yoa hero in h wtarving
Qondition. lint you ?oo lo wlmt*n
condition you hitvo brought thecounty.
You nro not without blamo, for
tlio mon in offioo, responsible for tho
Btoppagc of tho court, woro put there
by your votcH. floro wo arc in tho
month of May; thoro in no money to
pay your Judge, to pay jurorw, tOBup.
port the. piisonora in jail, or to pay
tho cxpeiiHOB of tho county. You
colored votei'H aro responsible for this
thing, for Ijy your votos tho bad men
wild liiivn lirfiiiclil. nlifinf. t.hiu lomon.
table siuto of nfl'uii'N wcro soloctod."
4 -rg>
S'lbncribc for Tiik Sbntinkl.
- ,
A vi M Hd'll I -ll;'!! ll oil ,.hl 1 K 1,,, \
. ...VQ?. ?w* wiu u??v:?wivi
lays lio always looked under tlio
!ioad of "marrittgos" for tho uowa of
tho week.
* ? "?1 pi ?~?
An Irishman onco ordered a pain
ter to draw his picture and to roproaont
him standing behind a tree.
Whon oan a lamp ho said to bo in a
bad tompor??Wh'dri it is put out.
v M
the m arm
jf - i r
On 1 \T *i ro n V/ckQr
Evory man i n t h o C o u n1 y of
, r?
Evory man who lias over lived
hero and lias moved
? o
M* 4%
11 GJlt C U LA TJbH
Largely in tho adjoining Counties,
and to boiuo extent in Western
; . , I. .-..i ' ^ i? (
North Carolina I
For tho Pickcns Sentinel !
fin <lie PlckoiiH Sentinel!
m - nrsu kbmuvw uimnumhm
W??ro now prepared to furnish permanent situations
lor ? largo nuinl>er of perilous, inr.lo mul fcmulo
who are Partlcu
lor# sent freo on application. Adtlrees, with Rtnmp,
BouTiiBitN Co-op Kit ati v if Co., Nashville, Tonn;
Senator?R E Bowen.
Ilepretentnlive^-b P Bradley.
' \ '' - ' *
HJUrk'of Cotir(~-B D Keith.
Judge of I'rolmte?I II 1'hilpot.
Sheriff? J Kiloy Ferguson,
Coroner?Wnrrou 13oyd.
School Commissioner?H A liowcu
Treasurer?W A Losley.
Aiuirior?Alot'7.0 M Folger.
County Commissioners?John T GosaeU,
Chairman?Hohort Craig, 0 M I.ynch. Clerk
County Commissioner*, C L Flollingsworth.
Trial Justices? Eusleu. LnUe T ao.
^ j - . - ? "O'l
lnhrilif, >T 15 riftylon?Ccnhral, JnniOH A
|,i(|<lcjll?-1'itk'n* (' H , (' L llollingMWorlli
in ! (1 W Taylor -JJururt H'r, J Jl Hiiilicrluu'l
NEW AD V .10 i IT1S10 MJ3JSITS. ,
rpilE Scholftstlo yoar 4a diVUlod into^two
Acriua yi l\j wbbkb oivcn. xne first Win J
commcuocs January 17tli, and cihIh Juno 3d;
tho second Tern Qoiniucnuea July 4th, and
ends November 18tli.
Students entering within two wcoks after
tho oomroenooinent of tho Torms, will bo
ohargod for (he whole Torm; thoso entering
after thto Ume, from tho tiftie i of entering.
| It is more satisfactory tlmt Students ontor
i>>. hi*j vvuiuivuukuicui> wuon 111q - BOTOrai
claaaou aro forming, x* ?u -> . Course
lstTcrm?Spoiling and Reading.
2d Term?/Spelling and Reading oontinuod;
Primary Geography; Mental Arithmetic,
Excroiscs in Writing.
1st Torm?Spelling and Reading continuod:
uvugrupiiy uuuiiiiucu; XllirOOUOlllg J'?llgll8ll
* Grammar; Elements of Writton Arithmetic;
Exercises in Writing.
2d Term?Spelling and Reading continued;
Elements of Written Arithmetic uompletod;
Intermediate Geography oompleted; Analytical
English Grammar; Primary U. S. History;
Exeroises in Writing.
1st Term?English Grammar completed; Physical
Geography; Common School Arithmetic;
Towns Analysis of Words;
ivnn?vjpiuvjuv o; /maiysis 01 i!ingUSIl
Language; Arithmotio l continued; Smaller
Composition; Higher U. S. History.
1st Term Latin Grammar and Harknoss' Elrst
Latin Book; Latin Header; Davies' Algebra;
History of England.
2d Term?l'our Books of Ca>snr; Arnold's
sccend Latin Book on Analysis of the Latin
Sentence; Greek Ornminnr; Kcndriok's
Groek OllendorlT; Greek Header; Davios'
Algebra completed; Natural Philosophy.
iMTcniirnriTP r>r ? oa
1st Term?Six Books of Virgil; Greek
Header completed; l'lain G'oomctry; Higher
Composition and Rhetoric.
2d Term?8allust's Cat aline & Jugurlha;
Xcnophon'a Anabasis; Higher Algobra
commonood; Solid and Spherical Geometry
ootapl6tod; Chemistry.
1st Term?Cicero's Select Orations; Xenoplions
Memorabilia; Trigonometry and Surveying;
Roman History; Latin l'roso Composition.
.) I 11 . -
.villi nuiunj^uunjj^li JJUOIiH 01 W1C
lliuda; Gro'ok Troso Composition; Algobvu
completed; ABtiououiy.
The above coui'Bo will proparo can
didatos for admiswion into tho Soi'iiomouk
Clash of any ot our Southorn
CollegoB. Studontfl, who do not stand
a satisfactory examination upon tho
several studies ol oach class, will not
ho allowod tho privilege to advance to |
tho noxt inglicr, but bo retained in
Hueli class, till all tho studios of it bo
satisfactorily completed.
Tuition of Primary Department
pur term.
Junior Ciu*8, - - vlO.UU
Intormcdiato Class, . ? 12.50
Senior " * 13.00
Preparatory Department, iiU.OO
No deduction will bo made for lost
timooxoept from prolonged sickness.
Monthly reports of punctulity, doportment,
and rocitations in oaon study,
will bo furnishod paronts.
J. 11. CARLISLE, Principal.
Deo. 28, 1975 *17 tf
Agents Wanted Tor the
~Ti A narrative of tho uxploits, ail
yL ventures and travels of Mad_
. I" Uwo L. J. velasquez, othorBAllLLi|wjjC
known aa LT. HARRY T.
huefoRD, () s. A. A True Southern
Heroine. Edited by (\ J, WORTiiiNGTON,
laic u. H. Navy.
MADAME VELASQUEZ, di.*guisod as a
Confederate olliccr, participated in a number
of tho hardest fought battloB of tho late war,
and greatly distinguished horflclf by the extraordinary
valor she displayed. Sho alao
distinguished horself as a
and on numerous occasion# ran tlirough the
Federal linos and obtained information
of vital importance to tho Confederate commanders.
Obtaining admission behind tho
flho established confidential relations with 1
prominent Federal oflioials; was concerned i
the great
Roni> Swindle,
l>y which tlie United States Treasury anfl'cred
to the extent of millions of dollar#; was ae?
lively engaged in blockadc-runing, and in
hy which the work of recruiting the Federal
armies was ho seriously impeded; and wan
the heroine of a number of exploits even more
interesting tlinn those of the battle field. It
also contains a history of her Mining on the
Pacific Slope, her Travels in Europe, South
America, and among the Mormons, Love,
Courtship, Marriage, etc.
The above facts nvn ?>..
"j 'anting
mon botli South and North who participated,
No hook of such varied and intense
interest as tho Woman in Battle has over been
issued in America.
Agents wanted in every connty in the
United States. Agents can miiko more money
l>y canvassing for this book than any others,
as it is the cheapest as well as tho best Belling
Agents'book ever published. Tho book
is a largo octavo volume of over GOO pages,
profusely illustrated. Wo print, bind ami
publish our own books; hence, can allow larg
er commissions than any other house. Secure
your choice of territory at onco. Address
Noulh(;i'ii ?*ul>ltaliiiig <7o.
Gor. l'RYOn ani> Mitchkm, Strkbtb.
Jan 0,1570 18 3
The undersigned, having resumed the pruo
lice of law, will atteud the Courts on the 8th
Judioial Cirouif. BusinePB loft with Wm, K
IIngood, fit l'ickcne C. II., will l?o promptly
attended to. J. W. It^HllISON.
Nov. 11, 1871.
(nifty guaranteed using our WELL
AUOEK ft DRILLS. *100 a month
paid to good 'agents. Auger Rook free. JIlz
Auger Co., Si. Louis, Mo.
w w ?- mm A. JJ
Hills, Bonds nntl Postage Stamps Wanted.?
$1 for riiresl bills, $10 for rarest. stamps. It
will pay to send tlicm immediately. Also
lliere curiosities. American Stump Co., Box
1(145, New Vork.
I)oc 2 41 J
V IB -..V.
' ' '
South Carolina Hallroa<l,
CiiArkkhtom. 8. (J.i l)oo. 18. 1875.
On and after Sunday, Dooembor 1^, the
Passenger Trains on tho South Carolina
Railroad will run as follows:
(Sundays excepted.)
Zeavo Charleston 9 15am
Arrive at Columbia 5 00 p m
(Sundays excopted.)
Leavo' Charleston 9 15 a m
Arrive ?t Augusta 6 16 p ra
\ . ' (Sundays eXoepted.)
Loavo Columbia 0 00 ft m
Arrive at Charleston 4 45 p m
Leavo Augusta 8 00 a m
Arrive at Charleston 4 45 p m
Loavo Charleston 9 15 r? m
Arrive at Columbia 7 20 am 1
Leave Columbia * 7 00 p m
Arrive at Charleston G 40 a m
Leave Charleston 8 00 p m
Arrive at Augusta 7 -15 a m
Leavo Augusta 8 30 p m
Arrive at Charleston 7 40 a m
(Sundays excoptod.)
Leave Summerville at 7 30 a m
Arrive at Charleston 8 <15 a m
Leave Charleston 3 15 p m
Arrive at Summerville 4 30 p m
r A mt> 4 YVT
vnnu/ivn i uivill
Connects at Kingville daily [oxcept Sun*,
days] with Up nud Down Day and Passenger
Day and Night Trains conncct at Augusta
with Georgia Itnilroad, J/ncon and Augusta
Railroad and Central Railroad. This route
via Atlanta is the quickest and most directrouto,
and as . comfortable and choap a3 any
other route, to Monlgomory, Selma, Mobile,
New Orleans, and all other points Southwest,
and to XiOuisvillc, Cincinnati, Chicago, St.
Louis, and all other noluts West nml Nnrtli
Day Train connects at Columbia with the
Through Train on charlottco Road (which
leaves at 9 p. in.) for all points JVorth.
Night Train connects with Local Train
[which leaves Columbia at 8 a. m.] for points
onoharlotto ltond.
Laurens Railroad Train connects at Nowberry
on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Up Columbia Night Train conncots closely
with the Oroenvilloand Columbia Railroad.
S. S. SOLOMONS, Superintendent.
S. 11. ViiMCEWB, General Ticket Agent.
Greenville & Columbia R R.
change of snimniir.R.
^^lpscngcr trains run daily. Sundays oxccptiK^Conncciing
with night trains on South
Carolina llailrond up and down. On and aft
or jVonday, December 13, tho following will
bo (ho Suhedulo;
I Leave Columbia at ".45 a m
j Lcavo Alston at 9.15 a m
Loavo Nowborry at 10.85 a m
Leave Cokesbury at 2.07 p m
liOave Helton at 3.50 p m
Arrive at Greenville at 5.35 p m
Lcavo Oreonville at 8.05 a m
Leavo Helton at 0.40 a m t
Loave Cokcabury 11.20 a in
ucnvu Newberry at 2.10 a in
Leave Alston at 4.20 p ni
Arrive at- Columbia at 6.66 p in
| gfayConneot at Alston with Trains on the
Spartanburg and Union Railroad ; connect at
Columbia with NightTrainson the South Car
olina Railroad up and down ; also with Trainp
going North and South on the Charlotte, Co
lumbia and Augusta and the Wilmington Co?
Train loave Abbeville at 9.16 a m., oonnool
ing with Down Train from Greenvillo. Lcaxi
Cokcbbury at 2.16 p in., connecting wit!? L'f
Train from Columbia. Accommodation Trail',
Mondays, Wednesdays nnd Fridays. Lenjt
Cokcsbury at 11.16 a m., or on tho arrival oI
the l>own Train from Greenville. Leaven Abbeville
at 1 o'clock p. m., connecting with, t'jf
Train from Columbia.
Leave Walhalla at 6.00 a m
Leave Perry villo at 0.46 a rn
Leavo Pendleton at 7.85 a m
Leave Anderson at 8.86 a m
Atrlvo at Dclton at 0.20 a m
Loavo Belt on at 8.60 p m
Leavo Anderson at 4.60 p m
i.AAVt) ?*f r* rri ? ?
- ? V..v..vvv.. ?w U.IA7 Jl III
Leave l'orryvillo 0.35 p 11;
Arrive nt Wal Italia 7.15 p id
Accommodation Train's lictwecn Bollon mid
Andoraon 011 Tuesday*, Thursdays and Saturday
h , Leave Helton at '.(.50 a in., or on arriv
j ul of Down Train from Greenville. Leave
Anderson at '2J)0 p in., connecting with Uji
General Superintendent.
I Jatjkz Norton, Jr., Oeneral Ticket Agent
Atlanta & Richmond Air Lino Railway.
Loavo at Atlanta at 4 10 p m
Leave Toccoa Gitv at nn ...
Leave WcHtniinstcr at 0 64 j> tn
Leave Seneca city at> 10 21 p ni
Leave oontrul at 10 67 p in
Leove Kasloy at 11 80 pm
Leave Grcenvillo na 12 12 a m
Leave Spartanburg at 1 44 a in
Arrive at charlotto at 6 80 a m
Leave Chariot to at 8 00 p in
ucavc Spartanburg at 11 64 p in
Leave Oroenvillo at 1 28 p m
Leave Kasley at 1 f>l a in
Lenvo Central at 2 28 a m
Lcavo geneca City at 8 00 a m
Lenvo Watminalcr at 8 84 a in
Lenvo '1'uccoa City at 8 81 a in
Arrive at Atlanta at 0 80 attn
x/vuvHimri) WUUf <111(1
Travelers Westward.
For map circulars, condensed timo tables
and general information in regard to transportution
faoilitios to all points in Tennessee,
Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado,
Kansas, Texas, Iowa, New Mexico, Utah and
waniornm, app^y 10 or aaaress Amikut U.
WnRNN, General Emigrant Agent, Office No.
2 II. I. Kimball Ilonsei, Atlanta, Ga.
No ono sliou'd go West without first gotting
In communication with the General
Emigrant Agent, and become informed ns to
superior advantages, cheap and ijuiek (Transportation
of families, household goods, stock,
and farming implements generally.
Allinformntlon cheerfully given.
! j?o3 f>m a i? ? ''' '
? .
Ganai. St., from Sixth to Skvbnth,
Portable and Stationary^,,
c<n?, m:ii,. xcit,, i)a:uvh ~a
kiim x?x 11iO| unat mma, JHMIVI?, vusiuuga VI
Brass and Iron, Forgiugs, &c.
In nil its branches, douc by experienced hands
driving Cotton Uins, Threshing Machines,
Separators, Grist Mills, &c. A number of
second-hand Engines and Boilers of variotta
patters, in first rate order, on hand.
Repair work solicited an t promptly done. <?
WM, 13. TANNElt & CO. ^
" Oct 14, 7 1 y
ov *
Just Published, in a Sealed/, Envelope. JTri^t
Six Cents. \ ?
A Lecture on tho Nnturo, Treatment, and
Radical curc of Seminal Weakness, or Spot;.
mat or ih wa, induced by Self-Abuse, Involuntary
Emissions, Impotcncy, Nervous Dos
bility, and Impediments to Mnrringo'federally;
Consumption, Epilepsy, and Fits; Jt
Montal and Physical Inonpacity, &o.?By
ot the 'Green Book," &o.
Tho vrorld-ronowned author, in this admlrablo
Lecturo,, clearly proves from his own
experience that the awful couso<iuoncea of
A K..?? .v..
uB.i auimi umy no cueciuauy removed WJIHout
medicine, nnd without dangerous uurglMl
operations, bougies, instruments, rings, 4*
cordials; pointing out a modo of euro nt one?
cortain and effectual, by which every suffer**,
no mat lor wliat his condition may be, may
euro himself chcaply; privately and radically. m
This Lecture will proven boon t<)
thousands and thousands. Sont, undor seal, In
a plain envelope, to any address, on recoipt
of six ccnts, or two podt'ago stamps.
Address the Publlshorfi.
<J1 Ann St., New York; Tost OHioo Bos, -iuvS.
ap G, 1870 81 > '<*
I take this method of informing iny frieau#
dint I will bo found in my oflico on enc^
SATURDAY, for 1?o pnrpoHo of transacting
nny business that comes under my jurisdiotion.
As my dutios as School Commissioner wift
compel mo to bo absent in different parts of
tho county, I m.iko this special appointment
for the benefit of all concerned.
11. A. BO WEN, M
no25-ly Fcool Commissioner
WE want somo one in ovory eonuty tp
tako orders and deliver goods for (h*
old and original (). I). IIohbo. Large casta
wages. Splendid oliaiicc in every nelghfcer*
liood for llie right person of either selc, yoMBg
or oUl. Samples, free and jiost paid. Sana
for it at otico and make money at. your homes.
Address, 11. J. HALL & CO. #0 N. llowwJ
Street, Hal si mure, Md
Oot 21, 1876 0 8m
Fits and Epilepsy ,
T!ic wovat cases of the longest standing, by
vising I)n. ltvnuAiin'H Cure.
St Haas i'lired Tlkousniidi,
and will givo $1,000 for a ease it will not
benefit. A bottle sent free to all addressing
J. K. DIBBLE, Chemist, Oflico: 1306 Broadway,
Now York. '
VoKft's Klcclro Iklh and ^
lituuls t
arc indorsed by i ho most eminent physicians
in die world for the cure of ibc!iiMnM?m
neuralniu. liver compliant, dyspopsin, kidney
diseftny, tichcs, pains nervous disordora, fttB,
female complaint*, nervous and general debility,
and oilier clironic <1'ihciihc8 of the chest,
liund, liver, Btomnch, kidneys nml blood.?
llook with full particulars Ircc by Volta Belt
(;0 . Cincinnati, 0.
the mi mrnm \m times! .
Free Homesteads
?AH I) Til K?
| Best nnd Chenpeat Railroad Land
AUK on lilt: link ok tiik m
lliBion raciHc Htuili'oad,
tv m i.' i> l> < cj"*' ?
XI lajimoivrt,
Secure ft Homo now. Full iuformntion sent
tree to ftll purls of ihe world. /lddrosB O. F.
DAVIS, I<nnd Commis?ioner U. P. It. II.,
Oinalift, Nob.
~ %
$r TO por tiny ! Agenta wanted,
f) tp/vv All clnaaefl ".'working people,
of either bcx, young or old, umko mora
money nt work for us in tliolr Bpnro mo*
inontu, or all the tinio, than fit. nnything oIm ,
1'urliciilnrv frco. AddrcuaU. ST1NSON &CO;
Portland, Maine.
Absolute divorces obtained
. from Courts of different SIjUcb for de--%
ffertion, Si o. No publicity rc(|uirod. No
VU?.B, uu?ii uiiumu grinned, Address,
jM. HOUSE, Attorney, ^
10 Cm 1(J4 liroadwny, N. Y.
Dr. 11. J. <jlllSlun<l |
HAVINO returned nnd permanently lotated
at rickensvillo, respectfully offtra
lils Professional services to the citizens of that
vicinity aud surrounding country. Charge*
May 9 41
to New Years post paid, <>U cts. Addrcu#*.
The Sun," N Y

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