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_ J I. r-* -i ? ? "> ? ' - -*'* ** ' > ... ... ... ^ . A. ? &***?*& ivJalL-"ZT,I,I*,B*"11
' 1 * -- -? manmsmt* uutappYr*vaM?B|
YPL Tju? m ?J * ---s-tiKJPSNS, S. C., TilURSDAY, JUNE 15, 187(1. """"Ml
.fry St..''.. . . v. . *11 ;. .? y?A _ ? : , . ii i ifiawniTMUML
* 11 ^ \ 4-i rvn o I Indian Iriboe." Dr. Montcomorv. of I OUR CENTRNWt at. trwoB I? - - -
Willi 11 Lllll^cXLlVJUCS
The Southern Baptist ConventionTho
Convontion, in sossion in Kiclimond,
Va., from May 11th to tho 15th,
ongagcd in dovotional oxorcisos ono
tolf hour of ouch dny; and, on tho
dhy sot apart for tho consideration of
tho claims of Foreign Missions, tho
prayor meeting was particularly in*,
terosting, having special rcforonco to
that work. Ponding tho adoption ol'
* a resolution o fie rod by T. T. Eaton at
tho cIobo of tho dovotional hour.?
fut tlio encouraging results -of tho
rs of tho Foroign Mission Board,
he past year, should Btiniulalo to
( jopowed efforts and enlarged opora
tfonsj" addresses wero mndo by J. C.
Ilidon, J. W. M. Williams, J. H. MCarry
and J. S. Burrows. i)r. lliden
\ prosontod a now phaso of Iho subject,
iiWsworing tbo supposed questions of
ftn^ut-sidcr os lo what Foreign Mis*
elpTis liavo dono for us, and showing
tnnt wo nro all cf heathenish ancofltry
fts tho vory namotj of tho days ana*
nonthg indicato. Ho referred lo tho
cannibalism on tho Sandwich
Itftnrids, whon tho hoalhon nto men
* tftt broakfaet, and pointed out tho
great chango wrought by miBsions.
Dr. J. W. M. Williams oaid our
f MAA/1 in ?? * ! n r. ! ? ? r. 1
givuu 11 uvvi 10 biiu inmoiuliui y npirit,
and ehowod tlmb this spirit of mis**
Bions runs all through tho, Scripturos.
: Dr. Curry said he trustod tho ooiivorition
was ontaring a now ora in tho
^mioaion work, and that during this
Centennial voar nil nm- fi>nnun?;.?o
be iillod, enabling us to do |
cater ifc''??gy i" the lytui'S;, He
p^okc particularly of Italian Mission*,
4yicnimo of liia lato visit to tlmt field,
giving him personal knowlod of tlio
labotf,}i.of George B. Taylor and his
companion, and tho other Miosiona*
rios whom he mot in Italy. l?e thought
ii\o difficulties of thoir fiold of labor ns
it gyyntoiLf.hnn tho.so mot
Mj^jMia?ioiuwioB in Africa. lie rufurred
?"iech of Dr. ]lidcn with
tliflBlbl, and said thoro was something
worf# than cannibalism; something in
t pub\io opinion, in statutes, in pnporn,
in tno obtruding life of acorn, such as
brothor Taylor has to moot, worno
than cannibalism. 'l'ho views of this
mission wcro at first loo sanguino, bo
x oauso of misundorstanding Iho pulitical
chan^) in tho Popo's loss of temporal
powor. This was far less favortiblo
to tho triumph of ovangelical
roligion than was first supposed. Koityanism
has infected tho very air in
Italy?* Ono thousand yoarBof tyranny!
Ono thousand years ol despotism!
Ono thousand years ol religious bondage,
worso than tvrannv and dttinoL.
w ' */ V I' " '
x ism Jina oaten out tho publio mind
and conecionco, and wrought each
ruin ns tho roign of sin ulono could
do! This is simply tho lino oi tho
Hpoaker's thought, and no living man
can rcproduco tho cloquonco of his
uttoranco. Tho one thought that guvo
him consolation wns, that this was nil
tho result oi sin, and that Christ had
died to put away sin, as nuro as God
raigne, and Christ was mado sin for
4 us, this donso darkness shall ho chased
aw a}* by tho light of tho gospel, and
ovon tho Salmrnh dosort shall bo made
J to blossom as tho rose. European
1 nations theoretically roeognijeo tho
JViblo, but tho conviction of tho abfOs
Into authority of Iho Now Tostamont,
is not "ingrained" into tho public mind
and consienco, as it i? in Atnoirica.
Dr. Burrows niado some j>racticnl ro4
marks and auggoHtod a collection, I
which rOHIllfrwl ill n rtool. I
... Vlliill WIIVI lUlll/IUII
of ovor ono hundrod dollars, and
plodgos of Hoveral thousand for the
noxt year.
Tho two groat agoncios of tho con(vontion
aro its Hoards?tho Homo
Mission Hoard, and tho Foroign Mis
sion Board, and this brief account
consists simply of oxtraots from ropoi'ts
and f>poochoft. On Saturday,
tho work of tho Home Mission Board
was mado tho spooial order of tho day,
at an important hour, and ponding
tho resolution offered by l)r. Williams,
of Md,?"That tho agonoy of tho
Homo Mission Jloard is nn I
nocoeeity to moot thoprcsont incroas*
r i?fj >vai)tH of our pooplo and of tbo
?-? "?r
Vn., said: Tho lifo of tho Southorn
Baptist Convontion is wrapped up in
tho cxistonco of tho Homo Mission
Board, and pointod to tho oxamplo of
> Christ in beginning tho work of ovangclization
in iL'.s own country.
Dr. McDonald, of Ky., Bpoko of tho
uuo 01 neamomsii wickedness that is
washing our Western shores and
gradually moving toward tho interior,
and said that through tho instrumentality
of tho Homo Mission Board wo
must stay the progross of this tido of
oi for by tho gospel barrier.
Dr. Curry, ofVa., KpoUo of tho mission
field as boing tho world, and of
tho oneness of tho work of tho Home
anu roroign rsoarde; honco, ho, an
presidont of tho Foreign Hoard, could
spoak with propriety in behalf of tho
Homo Board, by request of tho Corresponding
Sooretary lio said, wo
liavo two Boards only for oonvenionco.
They aro alilco ?icceasary and actuated
by tho ono apirii^ of misuions. As
patriorts anil ohmtiaua wo must give
tho ovorluBting goapel to our borne
pcopio through this Hoard. A collection
of $102 wan takon,"
Tho convoution always gives tho
sobjoot of eduoation aprominont placo
in its mooting'', having tho interests
of tho Southern Baptist Theological
Soininary specially at* boart; and, ac->
cordinly, the Saturday night sossion
was cbiofly devoted to the ooneidoras
Lion of tho claims of higher education;
Dr. Boyco, of Ky., President of the
Covontion, and Chairman of tho Fa*
oulty of tho Seminary, gavo somo account
of tho prospects of securing the
pornKiticr.t cssdowmont of $500,000,
for which ho has been laboring for
seine time, lie said, tlmt Juiing the
next year the lion Lucky part of tho
endowment of tho Seminary (fcilOO,000)
will be completed. Tho 8200,000
to bo raised among tho other States,
must bo raised within two years.
Dr. Winkler, of Ala., followed with
a most earnest Content)iut speech;
rcmoviogfihe objection to tho educational
XjJontonnial movomont, by show
ji"tr thatJLhero is no political eloniont
I in 1L. Tins movomont is not tho glos
i rilleation of any political bannor, but,
rather, Llio bannor of tho crosa of religious
liberty won on our soil by the
trials and heroism of our fat hors.
Dr. Curry o flu red resolutions expressing
tho interest of tho Convention
in tho Sominary in tho past, and
roooinniendingour pooplo to complcto
tho ondowniont boforo tho end ofr^ tho
your 187G.
On Huuday, all tho pulpits (oxoopt
tho Episcopal) woro occupied by Baptist
ministers. Tho Baptist Sunday
ouuuui .iuafs*->meoiings m tiio utlornoon
woro of unusal interest and largoiy
Many vory interesting roportu and
spooches woro mado Monday and Mon
day night. Tho next session of tlio
Convention will Ijo with tho Coliseum
1'laoo Baptist Church, Now Orleans.
J. C. Hudson.
FxauniNd on tub October J5i.ectxonh.'?Tho
Now York World discusses
at length tho probabilities of
ino oieonons in tho October Statos. It
thinks tbttt Democracy ban only to
bold its own in tbotio oloctions in order
to inuuro tlio November viotory.
Tho World classos Now York, New
Jersey and Connecticut as "Metropolitan
States," and proceeds to stale
tho result of its study of tho political
probabilitioH um follows:
Whatovcr tbo ronult, thorcforo, mny
I bo of tbo olection in tbo October >
States, a wiio nomination and a bound
platform at St. Lom'ih will assuredly
give to tho Domooraoy, out ot iJGti
doctoral votos, of which 185 uro a
majority, this vfotory,
Tho metropolitan StutoB, now
JDomocratic 50
Tho Southorn States, (exoopt
South Carolina,) now Domo
I 1 y 1
! Tho I'acifio States, now Domocratio
12 (
i 193 1
And probably: i
Illinois .21
Wisconsin 10
Pennsylvania 29
? 60
: I ; f .'' t \
-: , - <
Total./ 2i>8
PniT.AnRLPniA, Juno 0, 1870
Doso nm rudder liboly times wo's a
habbon now!' romarkod tho sablo gcntlomati
who lmndod mo my bocl ntalco
and onions tho other morning at tho
Continental Hotel. Mo wedder atn fine
and dar'e a heap a pooplo in town'?
and ho was right, for wo havo just
passed through a week of delightful
weather, such as I havo seldom seon in
Juno. In general excitoniont it. hasl
oxeoedod tho* ononiner wook ?nii t l
A O "J *
tliiiik Iho nnmbov of visitors will almost
equal tlmt very interesting occa
sioti. Early in tho weolc tho Knights
Templar began to pour in from ovory
portion of tho country, and as they
came not alone, but in tho majority o'
instances, those who woro lucky
enough to havo wives, brought them
along, whilo tho fortunato poHSonuoi'S
of families ranging any wlicro from fivo
to elovon in number, woro not forgetful
of thoir marital obligations, and
hrOltfflll, t.hn rloar littlA (.lintuil.o
0? - .iwviv VUVI UUO UV DOU
the fun too, and aa a natural consequence,
this oxtra addition to our population,
as my colorod friend remarked,
'made tilings rudder liboly.' Tho
ovonts of tho past wcolc havo boon
numerous and important, principal a
mong which, wcro tho Dccoration dny
?tho convocation of Knights Tompjar
? iho mooting of tho Modical Soeioty
of Pcnnyslvanin ? and tho mooting of
Social Sctonco Association. In tho
closing portion of this lcttor I shall
briofly notice cach of thoso ovonte, but
I. trust 1 may bo pardoned )f I digross
nun mnmnnt In onu r.
tho Centennial Committee. Tho.ro
many excellent people in nnd out of
Philadelphia, just now speculating on
tho possibility of the financial ( " lure
of tho Centennial exhibition, und who
aro constantly into<-ming tho public of
this shortcoming, aii(J that lamontablo
~r < 1.
uh,ioij;iii> ui tuu v-unn'iiiiuu uommutoo
in not adopting their peculiar
views?nn<l aro frank enough to shy
what tlio)' would have dono if they
wove in the committee's place"; wrote lied
acribblois without brains onough to
drive a second clans fish wagon, aro
constantly calling in quostlon tho wisdom
:tnd policy of Mio trcntlomen hav
ing chargo of the most gigantic undertaking
of modern tiinos, and requiring
an amount of forecast and
judgement fully equal to tho govern^
mont of a nation.
It ia barely possiblo that if the Unr
tod States had boon ralcod with a tino
tooth oomb, a fow better men might
have boon found lor tho positions on
tho Centennial Committco than the
gontloroon who now oocupy thorn, but
ovon that is oxceodingly doubtful.?
Human wisdom has never been doomod
infalliblo, and in all probability
novor will ho. Kvon tho Almighty,
wnosojuugmonu 18 unornng, having
inado his last and most porfcct work,
man, in his own imago ami likeness, in
a litllo whilo roponted that ho had
mado him. Is it to ho wondered at
thon, that there have been pome mistakes,
some errors of judgment, some
shortcomings of performance? Don't
look !lt, these on llin mm- .?i
Jio sun itself. bon't p(!olc for wluit
ilioy havo not done; look at whntthoy
havo dono, and if a man's judgmont is
not warped as crookcd as a rani's horn
ho must confess, without any disparagement
to tho exhibitions of othor
lanus, mai no grainier exhibition than
this at Philadelphia has over boon giv*
on on the faco ot the gloho.
Having relieved my mind I will,
now turn to Brazil. On entoring the
pavilion oreetod by tlio Brazilian government.
nothing imnrnftsnH vnn
I o r J M,w,v
Utrongty tlirtn tho lfghtnoss and ologanco
of ovorything sho exhibits.?
Bpain looks gloomy atid forbidding.?
Brazil is light, airy, bonutiful. Near
tho door aro casos of costly books, adrnirablo
in workmanship and rich in
Bplondid binding, raro contributions to
Bcionoo ana art, and worthy of tho
groat nation thoy ropro<jont. Tho
Bhow of cotton goods and and olothn is
not up to tho Htandard of Knglitdi man
ufnoturors, or of tho pr duets of tho
loom in tho Unitod Statoa; still thoy
nlinnilnnAn r\f I l\n imiui mnt..I
w ..v., ..v..... vv wnv ft ? TT in.iu-l Kll
and undor tlioir prosont wiso and en^ J
orgono ruler, will no doubt avail thornftolvos
of tho brninn nnd mosoto of 6th-',
or lands. Tho countrioS south of Brazil
havo long boon famous for hidps, horo
wo havo tho manuiacturod loatUor, and
it seonis to mo I havo novor soon it
suporior. ,fJho oxhibition of manufft0'?
( II ltn/1 i : ?
VI..UU 111 utira Ul VIinUUB KIIHIB 18 aiBO
oxccedingly creditable, and also aro
hor numorous agricuUur.il products ol
cotToc, sugar and grain, and givo hor
a statue among tho nations of llio
earth for which northern pooplo wore
scarcoly prepared Hut if Brazil wore
twice as big and as rich as sho is, "wo
could only afford to givo her a passing
glance, for a greater than Brazil moots
you at every turn, a potontato by divine
right in the arena of science and
iii t, an autocrat in philosophy, a foarloss
apostle in roligion, a darling domigod
in war. 1 rotor to thoso daut
losb 'inlanders upon whoso blood rod
Aug tlio sun novor sots, and whoso rovoillo
bvnt is heard around tho world.'
I confostf it fills mo With admiration
whicli I find it difficult to oxprcss
whon I see grouped in this oomprohonsivo
manner the grand pvoduotion
of England and her Colonies. Whon
1 look at the map of this, our mother
fand, and sco that you might drop that
seagirt isle within tho limits of tho
Stato ol Now York, and thou havo
room to uparo. I Bay it fills mo with
admiration unspeakable, whon 1 hoo
the wondora sho has aohievod in every
deiiarlrfifcufc of hnrtfen U mow I ?h~
4 ' - 0~*
moots ovorywhoro?go iuto tho mnchinory
department and hor engines
uro among tho finost and most substantial
over roado by human hands?
in cotton aim luift no sunorior in
rv - I
the world, and it is usioomod no small
tornplimont to Btond her eqffltt on any
Ca\ . _/ ? *
oi ino aria 01 commerce; in silKs she
rivals Llio looms o? Lyons; in ourpcU
alio in ulmost without a poer; in cfltlory
sho is master oi the situation; in silver
waro flho need not lear to ontcr into
competition with tho artisans of anj'
land, and in tho million and ono kinds
of small 'I ins that go to make up tho
Dusincst 01 UiO world. fc>Iio displays
nn activity, and grasp that is marvolloas
to bohold. Go whoro you will
in nny r>f tho dopartmoDts and thoro
you soo on great flags, Great Britain
and Ireland, Colonics or Colonial do
pendencies, and wheu taken together
there is nothing that man producos
or secures hy his labor or his genius;
his courage or his pordovorcnee, but
what who fiooms to havo a part in it.?
Tho sea, tho earth, tho air, in ovorv
land and ovory climo, arc all comjiofIod
to pay hor tribute. Tho contributions
of a flinglo colony are suporior to
that of many nations; and here
hor childron aro gronpod around her
so closoly that she rosomblos some lit
no womun i imve soon wnn oxcooaingly
largo familios; and not by any
moans tho smalloat of hor blood isolations,
is tho young gontloman, Brothor
Jonathan, who is ontoring hor so
royally to day, and of whom no doubt
sho lools as proud as sho duos oi tho
most favorod ot hor childron. 1 havo
apokon of tho magnitude and variety
of hor contributions. In hor African
department you havo as tho spoils of
Imp hnnfftp t.l?o fnnl/u of flirt nl/nJwi.vi
? """ V.?V,,?I ?IH ,
tho skin of tho springbok, tho hide ol
hyppotamus, tho feathers of tlio ostrich,
no longer, however, a wild denizen
of tho plains, but a useful domestic
bird, raised in flocks liko geoso or
sheep, but yielding a richer tributo.?
Tho agricultural contributions are
simply splendid, whoat, wino, wool,
silk and a multitude of things too nui?
n 1 * - -
iiiutMiio iu iiivii iiiuii. vumuui, luo,
looms up grandly, a mighty child of a
mighty airoj with Huch e'<imonts of
ol'greatness ub sho displays, uno wonders
that they have not know more ol
it boforu. In Agricultural muohiuory
in particular aho has mado a magnifi.
cont display, and I should not ho at All
astonianou to hour that bUo had borno
off u groat numbor of tho priaos. Tho
Wost India Islands Bond rich contributions
of sugar, oofTco, dyo \voodn,
and othor sourcos of tropical woulth.
And right noro ia whero you oslimalo
tho powor of England. Evory product
from tho equator to tho polo 1m
oxhibitod in somo of hor departments.
No mattor what other nations pms on
oxhibition, sho ts thoro to rival thom
roam nmortg tho uplondora of tho art
gallory, And amid tho congrogutcd
gom?Of goniuH from tho world, aro tho
Htatuon of Chantry and tho pointings
of T^andnoor, and tho work* of tho
multitude of grand apoatloBof'art, who
liavo inado hor namo immortal, lint
I fool that iny npnco is running out,
and must dovoto what romatna to tho
events ot Uio woqIc. On Pocoratidn
Day wo hhd a fitio'parado of tho Posts
of tho Grand Army of tho Jlopublio,
who in porforraanco of a saored and
holy trust wont out to dooorato tho
gravos of their doad comrado? who
(lied in defense of the Union. Ono of
tho trratifvin" font m-pfl nf tlin 'rwnnna^
, ?-> ^ O ?"v
sion was tho tributo that wtlS paid to
tho Confederate dca<l. Lot tho wooping
mothers and sistors, and widows
who wait in vain for tho coming of
thoso who long yours ago wont out
to do hnttlo for tho stars and bars.?
Lot thoir griof bo softened; and their
hoarts ohoercd to know that tho
graves of their iovetl ones aro not forpotion,
but that kindly and loving
hands with each returning year scatirt..
..I n " "
i.vi uu.iuuiui iiuwwrs uvur mem, oven
lis theytlo over tlio i*ravcs of their own
hovoio doad. 'L'lio procossion was very
imposing. In Iho reunion upeochos no
allusion was mado that could hurt the
most patriotic Poolings ofthose solaloly
opposed to thorn; and scoing the
grnooful trlbutos paid by bravo mon
to those who wcro onco tlioir food, I
could not holp behoving that tlii? was
indcod a yoar of jubilee ana poaco.
jl'uo proccssion <5f Knights Templar,
on Juno tho first, was simply
grancj. Thoy began to invade the
oity oarly in the woob, thoy came
from ovory tilalo in the Union, and
suoh a woloomo as thoy rccoivcd lms
hardly boon soon in tho present genoration,
novor boforo at tho rocoption
of any organization have I witnossod
such enthusiasm. Such cordial and
hearty greoting; not only hotols and
public halls wero placed at tho dispose
al of tho Sir Knights, but privato
hooscsflung thoir portals wide, and
tho wholo oity scotuod overflowing
with iho most lavish and generous
Jloro was no North or South, East
or West, no divisional linos, no ortho
Idox distinctions; but one homogeneous
family; bound togothor by tho sa*
crod tif-s of charily, aekno^leding tho
universal brolhorhood of man, tho
11 n;vorsal fatherhood of God. The
procession formed on Broad streot,
and was at onee grand n.nd imposing.
Embracing many thousands of tho
myotic brothorhood. In tho afternoon
f.lutir oflicors were installed, and in
tho ovoning thero was an i ram on so
reception at the Acadomy of Musio,
nt. wku.l. il.->
... ?, ...V... I.1IU niunv liintlll^llinuua people
in tho Staio wcro prosont. Tho
Socioty for tho advancement of Social
Scionco has had a most interesting
sorios of* mootings, at which woro
prosont distinguished savans from all
portions of tho country. Tho Modicnl
Society of Pennsylvania has also had
an interesting session, at which considerable
fooling was manifested at tho
admission of Bomo Homeopathic practitioners
into ono of our public institutions.
Resolutions woio passod cons
domning tho disciples of llabnomau,
undcoimnonding tho action ofa couplo
of young sawbones who resigned thoir
official positions rather than ioceivo
tho littlo pill dootors to respectable
standing among the modioal brother*,
hood. There has boen no oarthquako
in connoquonco thoroof, and tho world
stii"! rolls on.
Tho attondancc is increasing every
rln.r ri-? 1 1
vaoj , UII x llUHUiiy IHHl? It 1'OaCUOU
44,000. An inoll'onaivo gontloman was
almost clubbod to dcatb by a policoman.
Tho big Krupp gun is nearly
in position, and a Chestnut street
heiress in reported to havo run away
with a rolling chair man. Country
cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmothers
and mothors-in-law aro pouring in
upon n8 by tho million. Wo aro dolightod
to S00 V'OU all: but whon vnn
oomo briny your lunch niul money
enough to pay your oxponsos back
homo, for our money is all borrowed,
umj our nparo rooms let out to permanent
boarders. Hkoadhuim.
Some Fun In CongressDuring
tlio dobnto on tho naval
appropriation bill, in tlio House of
nfIif/>o 'I'lliii-oil.?.?
, . J iimiauujr mot, XVI1"
Lewis, Democrat, of Alabama, tittered
an nmendniont to rcdnco the
strength of the.Marino Corps and abolish
the Marino Band; the latter
point of tho proposition afforded Mr.
Harrison, Democrat, of Illinois, the
opportunity fur delivering a most
musing speech, and ono that wne
much enjoyed and applauded by both
aides of the Ilonso.
llo drow a picturo of President
Grrmt onioyincr t-lio of fh? Vfn
line Bund in tho grounds oi tho
VVhito Ilouao, while hid fiiondu nut
around with their toot on tho balustrade
smoking his l'tti tftgne; mid liC
spoke of himself (Mr. Harrison) mov
ing through u crowd of Ilopnhlicans
in tho grounds, with one hund on i is
puree and (lie other on his vratcli toi>.
paut'of the White
would be different. rtfefliSp
A Republican member. Theit^vo
will havo our hands on our fm/iS#
and vyatpb fob*. y^tf/Uqr,] m
Mr. Harrison. . Very good/ but we
I sii i i- - - > T -
win uu Hivjoying mo innsic. 1' wanl
to SCO a Democratic President ther'o
listening to tho music, aiid I hope to
1)?. one of 11is friends, with my foot (i\
ihe bulmtrado and ono ot Ins PasJa^
gna between my lips. I am oppoiWU'
to the'lib jlitiou of tf;c ftiVlJ^^
1'liinU oftlio Democrats wI;o \yunt
^ot. mtu tho Whito Iloiidc. Tnero*^
a sun < f tho great Km pi re State,
(Tiklvjn,) greater than Alexander.?
Alexander cut the. Gordian knot with
lire sword?but tlio knof T>$y }i
ling o( hcni^i but Uib man liau"c3l* a
ring of bteei?tt Cunul Kir,#~and lie
may be in llio White iiooee. i want
tho Marine Brt'tvd fbero- to tfivtt
music; and if bo should load a b. ido
to tho White Iloireo wo uTfr piay.jiie,
Wedding March, and furnmh B\voet
music hcnoath her chaiufjicr windyjk[Laughter.]
Wo have other mcm,iM*
that position, any one of whoimfrtMSy
grace tho Presidential chair, ftsfit hS&
not been graced for long yoarS.' ^^Hp
wo to dony him tho music ot tIio3ra<
rino Band? Never! novcrl uoverf
[Laughter.] We mny hftVe One from
Ohio (Mr. Kelly?Cill jjB
never speaks in the
uttering words of wisdom, (meaning
'IM.~ \ A i
uu>'itiui iun7iiihii.i nro wo 10 1111VQ
no music for him? No^ ,sirr tij^iferj
never! novui! (Loifd laughter
much at the style and manner gf'-gpi
sponger as at the evident blunder of
his last remark ) Wo have a little
^ORt nf tho Tloosior Sta't'd,' a great
[Democratic war horse, (alluding to
Mr. II ondricks, of Indiana,) a man
who, they say, is a little of atrifnitier.
Ho Is a trimmer, because hid miiiwit
so round that ho see* both Bides of ai
question, and <1-?c9 not grow wild on
any such, lie may toe in that
tion, and I may be liis 1? iond in that
Whito House, and shall we have $a
music from the Mailuo Rind? Never
. . '?*
o:r, toy my vote?never! never! ncveff
^Groat laughter.) We may huve in
that scat, Mr. Chairman, a man who
will till the chair as it was never filled.
before, (ailading to Judge Davis of
ii. . -? -
ujo onpreune uouit)?not ft single*
inch of it that will not btf filled/
(laughter)? a man great in law as In
politics, one uguinat whom uot u word.
can he said. Am I to eoiue here?
from Illinois to attend his inangurati<
n, and am I to go with him to the
Nvnitc House, and havo no music U
aid liitn in tripping the lighl fatUas-jic
toe? Nevor, sir?never with toy
consent?nover. (Oontinned laughtor.)
There is still another d'n^'fr'o'ih
your own State, Mr. Chairman; great
lit arms, groat as a civilian (alluding
to (ton. Hancock of Pctiuyslvania)?a
man who, if he had not l>eeii gro.it as
a General, would have l?eey great ii^
civil lite, lie may bo there. iJo
will wish to liiwo eonio merUyriob ol
tlio past brought lul.ib mind by marlinl
uiii^iu. in it to bo dctiiod him??
Shall u Marino 1>iuU be rolAit>Cil hjmi?
liy in) vote, eir, novoi 1 unveil nuveil
(Laughter,) Then, sir, there in still
another, "the Groat Unknown." ilo
ia coming ton thousand strong froiu
every part ol tho Union.
Mr. ilurdonbnrgh (bom., jN. Y.)
Mr. Llurrison. i will cull no names,
lie ia All around. Die Deinoor&tio
party ie full of 'the Great Unknown,?
(Koara of laughter.) When that
'Hioaf Unknown' cotnos there IM?
i lio have no mnaic? Hhnll no tones
<v>mn out from those silver^ '
mentfl, blown by those f^cntlcrrtS'#
ec irlot e mtn, fo welootno am! introi#
dace that '010at IJtiknowii* t<i hi#
follow citizunt? N.>t by my VOt'o, eft,
never! never! novei!
As Mr. Ilarriton sat down, he tflfe
greeted with roars of laughter utfdf
i onimIb of applauHO from bo'h bideti dr"
the lloiitto. l'he speech ami the nui'
eule proved too much tor *iueml *
mont olTered l>y Mr. Lewi*, wliicU
wan voted down l?v a vyry largp* majority.

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