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LKSWtfl* ?auor m rrowMtor.
Twain of NiibNfi'iption.
Oflfl Year fl !>0
<54* Months 71
Advertising Rales.
A.dverltMia?n(8 insertod at tho rate of $1 00
Jflfrtquare, of (ft) nine lines, on bias, for (he
pit Insertion, 60 eanls for caoh subecOutfraote
made for Timaa, six or twwt*
AVUVPVpMW nttTsog me uuuiuvr ui
Uia?Hlo&a marked on them, will be published
ttatfl forbid and charged accordingly
These terms are so simple any ohild may
ttaderetft&d them. Nine lines is a square?
ow inch. In over/ instance we oharge by
the space aooupied, as eight or ten lines can
b? made to oooupy four or five squares, as (he
advertiser may wish, and is oh&rgod by the
AdvortiBora will please atato tbo number
of squares they wish tholr ?rlvertiBcmeofn
lo make.
19* Business men who ndyortiso to ho
benefitted, will hear in mind that tho
flRRlTINBLhMi a largo and increasing olrottetion,
and is takon by the very class of
pititton* whose trade they desire.
W* '1 ' -7-: ---?PICKENS
O. II., 8. 0.:
o ?
TfeMMkftay, June 1?,1870.
<<fh- W? have made arrangemonie to have
a Washington latter, weekly, whioh will give
readers the workings of the national
<flj|p!|gt? We have also made arrangements
? ft weekly oontennlal letter, which will
a po#4*<J oo Ut? "big show" at Phila?
^ -
(&?, We ooaotade this week the interests
tatg tetters of Rev. J. C. llndnon, on tho late
tpmtfeern Baptist Convention, held In tbe oity
tffellltAunond, Va. The letters have doubt!a'?resting
and instructive to
flg?|p of oar readers, our Baptist frioude es
90m The 4Jreenville News pablwheB the
Jgjptfodingaeftke late mass-mooting at this
jjfljjjpk tp prepared by the Seoretary of tho
reo?tsDg, cud gives the Simtinbl credit, m
? * 0 ^ I
Candidates for Solioitor
Qab W. II. Parry, of Greenville, and James
L. Orr,of Andwon, hare been anneuuoed as
tfgfcttftifae for the DetnooraUo nomination for
8?**ior of this Circuit. We also hear the
MA* aTCaI W fi Roiiti of W*1K?1I. ?k?n.
' WL " ? ? ?-?.-i ?
rabljr mentioned by many in this section ?
Tho lK<MO<x?kcy ha*o plenty of good material
i ^ I
The Hegira
From the low country to tho mouuU0n?
will soon sot in. No ploannntor
place than Piokens Court Ilousnatid
toe mountains in the uounty, can bo
found, whoro hoard is cheap an J fiul atantiu),
water nn i uiiOu-.j ho.c pure
and tho soonory un.ua parsed i. ?ywLoic
to tho South. Will our Jo'v r.ov.n'ry
friend* make a note of '.'nit ?
Southern Plauter and Farmer
We hare roooivoU duvornl number* > : On
Woo thorn Planter and Parmer' published f-t
Richmond, Va., by L 11. Dickin^;:., i:tc:
Aod praprletor, at the low prioe of $2 per an
MMMif Ul 0VVIHIW< *w C ???? [^v* MCUU IVO UUU.
tenia with interest, and find it repieto with
valuable information to the agriouiturisi.?
Farmers should take some agricultural work
and we can reooomanend the Planter lo thorn
without hesitation.
The Immigration Society at thw place la
new thoroughly organiiod, and wouM bo
Pleased to receive information from unrtirn in
(be County, who have lands to sell or root; the
terras and prio* of land, or oondition on which
tlwy yropa? to rent or lease; the location and
capacity of water power, oto Also 'hv uuiii
ber and ulasH of laborers any rntiy <!v ?>f 1!y
>5ivin,; th" nhovo infornta'i i ' i ' / v.i!1
bo ublo to aesist flioso in t: : . v,
o soil or ienfle tlitir laud* .< r
aS well aa give tlioso who wish to puidLam, iu.J
?m- ?.... u.i.i. t..#? - .1
wauvugv* UC| OMVH UilUIIUUtlUIl Utf IIIU/
sn?y desireThe
Hiwaiiau Treaty
Tko HiWftilau Trouly, whioli piipuuod ti>
daiii rioo front dial Inland into (he jiorts of
the United Statufl duty freo, and wliioli has
pMBod tho lower ilouso of Congress. is likoly
to bo defeated iu the Huiiato The rioo in
t?f09tfl in this Htaio, Georgia uiul Louiaiuuu,
bivt sent ajoint delegation, witli a memorial
to the tteuuto, aakiug that the treaty, so fnr
M it relates to rice bo defeated- The committee
hw returned, and reports that its effurla
ere likoljr to prove Huoocssful. If ail
import* from foreign countries were admitted
free of duty, the Heuthern rice planters would
noloowphunoftho proposed Hiwaiian Troaty,
ft? (bit South 19 fatoraWe to ftec trade, but
When the Northorn manufacturer is proteotcJ
by heaty import duties, justioo demands that
Southern plasters havo a like protection. In
tMs, as in tho income duties 011 cotton anil
lobtvooo since the war, it has been tho in tonlion
of tho North to inuko tho Southern poopie
suffer by laws discriminating against
them, aud in favor of bloated Northern manufacturers.
Tho Columbia Kegiater ban been on
larged lo a tw^nly four column paper. Fi is
brim full of news and sound political w.adona
of iho Southern papore arc
stronuouely advocating the nomination
o/ ft favorite man at St. Louis as tho
jtandard boaror of tho Domooracy iiv
tho coming campaign, and dopreeatin^
the nomination of any othor man,
while, nt tho nnmo timo, thoy conccdo
that tho North mart mako the eeleotion
without regard to any preferences
of tho South, in order to carry enough
Northern States to insure hie eleotlon.
This is conoodod by all, and why any
Sou thorn paper should endeavor to
shape the action or the Convention,
wo tail to ondoretand. Tho Northorn
Domoeracy ie to raalco tho solec>
tion, and lot thorn do eo without, any
advioe from tho Southorn prose, os-j
peoially whilo oar delegates are gen-!
orally instructodto voto for tho most
available Norf-hern man. Wo aro
caving b.ii, ;iLLlo about, tho man or fi*
i n'incitti pluUoimsj what the Boutb
"lost ih-oiIh anil ikujirca id a Democratic
administration, without which sho
hftfl no hopos of a prosperous and
poacoablo future. If tho North will
ineuro us this, it is all we ask.
Democratic Organization.
Pursuant to n notice, the citiicns of
Pumpkintown Township mot at
Puropkintown, on Saturday 10th inst.,
for f.ho nnrnnftrt of or?rn.ni*ir?? n T)rtmr>*
i r? o D
cratio Club. Tho meeting proocoded
to organiso by oalling J. H. Carlisle
to tho Chair, who as briefly as possible
explained tho objoot and noecssity of
thorough organisation of tho Demoornoy;
that tho noces3ity of suoh an organization
grows oat of that of our
political onemioB; that witbont a Dom*
A ! _ f if ? ? fl _
ouruuu orgmimRuon, our iauuro in securing
a hotter Statu govornmont is
inovitablo; that our prosent political
and financial troubles havo rcaultod
from a want of organisation and oonoort
of action on the part of tbo
whitos of Sontb Carolina; that sinoo
roconBtruotion, because of a waut of
thorough and determined organisation
of Iho Dcniocruoy, tho full strength of
the Doinoorutio vote has boen fritted
away and expended to bo purpose;
luub ffun saca as organisation, mc
native whites, by a bold and ana werv~
ing offort, can oarry the State election i
in which wo are, at present, moat deop*
ly interested; that wo oannot do as we
did before the war, run men for offioo
on their own individual merit and
ability, irrespective of party affllia*
tions, for the roaaon that then there
war no distinction of party in South
Carolina, but that now there is two
grout parties in tho Stato, arrnyod
0?r.h other in deadly oonflict,
Um* conseouontlv ovoi v man in South
Cii"r,]\r.r, must cl.ooflo upon which aido
ho ?. i!! ntnnd i?t tho coming olcotion;
i".i.r/.w 'l r.o Li mo for independents']
or neutrals, ou* that 't i.i tho peculiar
pr.viicgo of ovcry man, boidly and?
indued, openly 10 doclaro on which
<>i,lc bo w.btij liia lot'tiny, ard nut on?
deavor to occupy tlial undisputod torritoy
which iu inhabited by noitlior
"firth, flush nor fowl;" and lastly, that
i^utiiuuruu) uiuac imug lugutuur "Closer
than n brothor" If thoy earnestly doHiro,
and, indood, doRorvo suoeess, and
consequently a bettor government in
South Carolina.
Aftur registering their namo8,a constitution
wan tl.on presentod and
adoptod, which, boing similar to that
of tho other clubs, wo will horo omit.
The lollowing aro the offioora,
President, Van S. Jones; lat Vice
I vv u : . ' V "o
j r . - ;?yr; ''(icrrtary awtd
! . J ,> : j ! . JOUt.'Vf
i' ' nn'1. , > r M i'. i. Jon
1 O >
J. Moo !y, Absoium Tnl'vy arid John
Chastain. O.
Tho ;J late Domoorittio Executive Coins
mitteo of tho Htato of Georgia, has Axed the
2<l of August uh tho iiino and Atlanta as the
place for holding the Btate convention, to 110*
luinate a cmdiduto for Governor and l'reaidciitial
- I? - mm
The Republican Reform Club of Now
Y>*rk hua adopted an oddrosu to tho Cincinnati
convention, iaforuiing that body that they
muni havo lirintow for (ho Presidential oandldato,
or thoy will tako Democraoy,
u. John Carter, colored, and Lemuel
Jttonbfl, white, fought aduol,.without seoonda,
about four niileu from Qreonville, ou WcdneaHfiir
nt Innl wnoli TJiao ? ? ?- -in ?
j - ?- * wivu I IUCB,
Jacobs rillo was loaded with shot and pebbles,
whioh toro o(F half of Carter's face.
|0ay- Tho National Republican Convention
r,.ot at Cincinnati yesterJay Wo will know in
,i. tft.w Iny: who is to bo tho "bloody-shirf
oandiJato in tho present Presidential cam*
j.aign. Tho Mulligan guards may be on
nrVi~ vongrew nsa |riwscu a oiii aftoiislnng
noijro rcgiraenlfl.
Blaine umrclica (o Cltioinali to flic
tunc n? fhi M?llijf?Ti jrcanJe.
r_ rr *1?m m iti r~i ijOUR
Washington, Juno 6,
nrr f n* TBr*n
Every Douiociftt, who dosiren the BHroofts of
his party, wishes to sco tho heel and ntt ?ng
est possible tioket nominated fit Si Lpoiy,
iinH nlniulu roftilw ?/. o.??h
068 and Bootional quoations in coming to tho
support of that, liokct, whatever it may bo.
Thai the l>t,mooratio National Convention will
not nominato toon whom tho wholo party
oaonot support, may be assumed. But the
delegates havo ? duty boyond that. Thoy
| should oorrootly inform themBolves as to the
relative strength of the various candidates for
the nomination, and not permit thouiwlvee to
bo influenced by the statements of prejudiocd
partisans, who appear as the Mends or opponents,
of any particular candidate. Tho De~
moeratio party intends to oleot (he next President
of the Uuited Statos. I( intends to offer
for the suffrnpes cf tbo people ticket that
cauuot bo Thufco wcu wl.o, ivoi.i
purser a) icrwionp, <*H>nft : Misltnd juMio
uplon iu rcforono tw any ..'.it-..
nro enomies of ihr rM-.rty ru- 1 phonl-t ::>) trcul
ed na such. I om le:id to write Ifiie by setae
rooont Attempts mido hero, to ennvry th-> iiuprossion
that Oovomor Tilden is not slroug in
hls*own State- This is done by innuendo no 1
ueuoeraie iaiBcnooa. i uo not nay mat ino
St. Louis Convention ought to nominate Qov.
Tildon for President. l'horc iB a long list of
distinguished and abic men to choose froui,
any one of whom would confer huuor upon
the party. But an y falsehood which rfc tr*
any one of those purty leaUoru, affect? ?h
was oleoted Governor of Now York by a larg
er minority than any Doinoorat over hod in
that State. He was eleotod over the most
popular Republican Governor the 8tato ever
had, Governor Dlx, who was oleoted in 1872
by 63,461 majority, a ohango of nearly 104,
UUU in Tildon's faTorj an event unprecedonted
in (he political history of the State. There
is bitter opposition to Govornor Tilden In
New Tork, and there has been bitter opposition
to him for many years. Turned oppose*
him, with all his power, fr?n> 1807 t" !hc day
whon Tiideu drove him into tho Penitentiary
The C&nal Ring thieves have douc their wrst
to destroy him. But in no one instance has
he fallod to defoat these men. His groat |
strength with the people, Is based upon this
very opposition. It Is booauso tho thieves
are against him, that ho is tho most popular
man in Now York 8tate to day, and it ia a?.
honor to tho Domooratto party that he te so. |
As to tho fow respoctable men who are opposing
him, It Is sufficient to say tbat every
one of them ooiioaed him in '74. as violently I
as now; bat everj one of them votod for him
nevertheless. Since thoa ho h?a reduced the
taxes of the State ono half, saving the people
$8,000,000. It will not be wise for tho De?
mocratic party to underestimate his trougiu
with Che people of Mew York. New York
has gone Republican too often in tho pnat
sixteen years to make it udvlsablo for H2 to
throw away the certainty of carry it.
rp|... o...4a.. n ml . * 1 i .#
inu ouuuu) vjik*uiV| u uuniuoruuc jour/mi u?
this oily, ia an articlo yesterday, entitled
"Summing up Mr. Rlaino," put tbo cast vory
charitably and yet vory ntrongly, when it say."
that ko must boa bad man who would desire
Mr, blaiho to sutler uudot tho imputation of
an ofi'ousc of which iio is not guilty; and thn{
thero aro very mr.ry ?fho would .diy veil
1 -? luuocout, were (lie circumstances such as
to admit of the prcsumtiou Ii furthormorc
whose judgments uro Huspondct upon ihc
qucutiou of tho ftbaoluto correctness of tho
testimony that hu? boen presented against him,
but who finds his own carriago and doportn ent
sinoe the Investigations commeuood, that
whioh forbids thorn to release him trom the
suspiolon that there is something, wholly or
partially hidden, which he approhondH would
soriously impare his ropulation if it wore ro.
vculod. In ehort,' says the Qnzett, 'the con.
duot of Mr. Blaino hua been very unlike that
of a man who ia eousoijus of innooenoo; uu l
the foot is so pnlpuble that, in thou sonde <
stanccs, it is iuvoluntarily foil when not coil
sciously apprehended.
Among thu distinguished veuruns of tho
l're?H now in Wasliii1;.-' ^ ; Col Jol> i II
I' a, of Michlgi-f, one of tin oithmi m
. ' j ><.3orved jiurniiijta li thu No
j .? -i. b-jou "j .i- .' .' .ier
in ! i i'iLv. Vhfi f.V... i 1 ' i ' n
| wiili i!io DoUb.t ?vi> i'u'w! i.oai).. s y< :
ago, mi l fools us touch y. i in lho . vt
that ablo paper an lie ul<i .vhtu ct>?n*-j ? .1 ivith
it, Mr Harmon has been Jr. the habit of
visiting Washingtt n almost every session of
Congress for over thirty years Tho plitioai
history of the country, with all tho incidents
and anoedotcu of out oid statobinon ia perfectly
familiar to hi:n, Ho has attended every Na
Clonal Convention of tho DoUi.uratio pars-y
since 1&40, and looks to bo about forty ftvo
years of ago. llis l'?ug bluck hair chows no
thread of eilvor.
Di'.KJ. nVTl.KU's J.HTTRU.
I Now atul thou tho inspiration to perform a
generous act seems to bo aroused in tho bosom
of tho most hardened oriminal and the most
unscrupulous partisan. Somo such sudden in
apiration seems to u?ve wo lea upon (Joncral
lionjarnin Dullor, urging him to write a loiter
to Speakor Kerr, saying that no deoenl man,
woman or ohilil in the Unileil States could believe
for a moment the charges of the witness
Harney, and begging (hat he will not allow tho
matter to worry him What a sympathetic
kind hoarted follow lion is, to ho sure! Wo
Know not .wiiQiiiur nm addooialious in the
past will Uistify hia opoaklng with authority
for "every deoent man, &o " In faot we
rather think otherwiso; hut for once In a way j
we agree with hitn. Korr in not "worrying.'
At least, lie cli-1 not go to tho depot to meet
Harney, nor invite him to hi* hnu?<*, ah
I lilaioe'did Mulligan Mr Kerr Jeiuaod.i and
" 1 _ rfi~'?Mf*
oTcry true Democrat demands for hiut, the ful'rst
investigation of the ohargo agniuBt him.
i iiiiitt vilinrt AitmtilitlA uitwliAafinn wilt miL
isfy him or (he party to which he belonga.?
Mr. K?rr'e own st?tr>mont is cnnci?o ftnd
straightforward. There must i.ot Lc left any
;c:?f. -p- k wliioh hio worai imcrcy oen rest
& , t
:ins ccappu to no interesting. ine question
of jurisiUiotion having been detorminod in tho
affirmative, it is beginning to bo realised that
aflor a iong trial, evsn if oonviotion and sentence
should follow, the el Secretary would
hardly be worse off than ho Is at present, and
tho Government no bolter off. Ho is out of office,
and ean do no further harm, bnt he 1*
under Indictment, and biu criminal prosocutlon
is awaiting the movements of ibe Grand Court
of impeachment. Should be ultimately be ao*
quitted, as is possible, even on th?> ground o^
jMrlP'Ucticn, f?r v/wtt -f r. tve thir.lo v<no by
the^Senuto. it will be difficult to convict him
theroaftor in court. All intercut in bin onso
would censo with the trial boforo tho 8enato.
- lii:. lii.a (.1)0 it.cl (nr.! tiictrif, it oo?n"
w, 1-J.w novt-ral ir.o:?iiid uf suinnu i
woiwlier, ino'.inoe wauy Senators to postpone
Itin'i) r.ftor tho Presidential cleotion.
- " ?J 9
r*S}JVr> H. 0. Tompkins, ft Conservative* of
J Ed^fielil, hue been nppointod Treasurer, vioo
I MoDevitt, fled.
A rtpocial train for tho oooasion, recently
made the trip from Now York to riaufronciaoo
in eighty-four hour:). This is the
quickest time ou reoord.
JW?r- Tho Nows nnd Courior '*ory
imvtfnor.My says: "Wo oanoot. behove
tbur tho Qteoovillo Domocat? will allow
U>o Euvlo libol onso to ao divide
thom that tho llopublieana shall have
any oartbly ohanoo of carrying tho
county. To Ioobo tho mountain strong
holds 10 to broak tho baokbono of the
Democrnoj'. Our friends will not, wo
are confident, allow personal differ*
onoon to koop thorn apart on olootion
I *
Tho population of Greenville
ir?. While tnaloB, 1,601; whito fomalos,
1,627; number of whites, 8,288; colored
mulcB, 1,288; colored females
1,197; nurabor of colored, 2,470; total
laiinn fx*7
Tho warfare over the estate of
Iho sowing msebirio Singer ip utill
carried on between his two Kurviviug
Orogou hue gone Democratic
in tho State eloetion.
The Wheat crop ot Karma is reported
to bo large. In the Southern j
part of tho State the harvest was <
Cotnmenood tho third week in Mny.
The wheat harvest in Texas ! in
progress, snd tho crop ia said to ho a
largo one New wheat and new
wheat flour from Texas have boon
received at St. Louis this week, and
new flour at Chicago from the same
??? ?
A War Cloud.?Special despatchob
lrom L ndon indicate that Groat
Uritaiu in going lo take isbuo with
Russia, Uermany and Austria on tiio
Eastern qncetion. The strengthen*
ing of tho English fleet in the Mediterranean
is also a fact which looks
like serious business ahead.
J eft'. Davi?, with his wife and
daughter, sailed from New Orleans
recently for Liverpool* This is tho
!ate?t Southern 'outrage* upon the
llyera of tho bloody shirt.
D : u a ? ? r> _ ? ri ? _ l
m. i u a u a d & i i uou v> u i" i' i) i: [
"?iUd!i per pound, ilA(<otl )
" lion p*:r poun I, souJ, 4o
' r ) . i IVill'l'l, 1 (?.j
ij > j i_>H II*.*,
. . i ? j | ..J'l I, It'O
fJCfli p I> . .1. 7oc
W : oft' p.'V IjiihIh.'), I. V)
L'l</iu jM-.r Imrifl, $ >'. '*$10
Apples, Dried, j>or liushol. #1.00
Apples, (Jroen, per husliol, *>1.00
Pvtt!? per Luslici I'Oo
HmIUt per p:?und, 16(ot20c
Beef per pound, t>(n 0c
I'f" .1 !.( | gr j.diuui, ~zoo
Tallow, p?T pound, G|o
(Miiokonn, per Imad, loo
Union, l>riod j-uv pound. ll'jo
Hides, Green, per poiiud, (ic
Eggs, por Dozen, lOo
1'iudcra, par >;u?hcl, 51.00
Fca'lierfi, por pouud, f>0
Wool, per pourd, 40
Assessment Miss!
Piokbnb C. II., 8. 0., Juno I ft, 1870.
TWILL a(ton<l tho following places on the
days designated, for the purpose of receiving
tho Relume of Taxable l'roporty for
tlio year 1S70. to \ri(:
i. .1 oi.c? i n. l nr??i ? i
r. tmvjr oniuuu, iixn, liUIII UI1U41BI, Jlinc
Liberty Station, 22d and 231 Juno.
Central Station, 27th ami 2Kth June.
J J. llord'a, 29th ami 80th June.
DuuusvMIo, 4th and ?th Jul>'
l'um|iklntown, 7th and 8th July.
KaKlntoo, lltli and 12th July.
Taxpayer? will plcnno remember thai niy
Hooka clufle on the 20th July, 1870; aftor
which I Mil,' t lie liPli.lll V will iitltudi.
Auditor I'ickt'iii Oouuty.
< June J^) 1H7C 41 2
For the Legislature,
10?r The many Mends of I) P MUDLEY,
rospcolfully announco hiui an n
candidate for tbo Lcgifllafuro?subject, however
lo the Democratic Nominating Convention.
Mr. B*ai>i.iit served up faithfully In the last
Legislature, and b mors Indofatigable workor,
or watohful servant of tbo Interest of his constituents
oan net be found in the Codnty.
For Clerk of Court*
B6fc?Tlic many friends of JOHN J. LEWIS
reflpeolftilly announce hlrn as a oandidate for
Clerk of the Oourl of Piokens County at tho
ensuing cloction, subject, however to the
Domooratic nomination,
Mr. v.is i.j i? truo niul trici Demi 'rut,
ftct lii{? lir.i hu.siuoo : jUt.liftoMluiid ominently
fit him for t!i" oflico. *
For Prcb&to Judge.
Si$& 'J'io iiK.iij' fiici i'h V.'. fl?.t?I#. '
r< sj.t oll'i'ly ,i?.. .'111: ; s a ortii'lidolc f?r
Judgo ot l'rnhato o' I'ickons County .t tho
ctipuing election--''nhjcot however, lo the
action of Hie Co'mty Democratic Nominating
For Sheriff.
The many friends of J. 1ULEY FKllGUSON
respectfully announce him a? a candidftlo
for re-oleotion to the offioo of Shoritl"
ori'iocvnd vounty at tiio cnsuiug olcotion?
subject, however, to tho notion of the County
Democratic nominating (Convention. *
For School Commissioner.
gf?T The many friends of Prof. J. II. CARLISLE
respectfully announce him as a candidate
for tho offloo of 8ohooI Commissioner
of Pickens County at (ho ensuing election,
subjeot however, to tho notion of tho Demo
cratio nomination. *
| The nany friends of M. 8 HENDRICKS.
respectfully announoe him aa a
oasdidate for Solioot Commissioner of Piokona
County, at tho ensuing election?subjoot,
however, to the aotion of tho County Democratic
nominating Convention. *
t,se it once, and you will use
no other
Pronounol by Juroru of Groat Intcruatioiuil
'KxDosition. I'arU. 1HH7 in Ka
A trial will iuBiiro its popularity overywhero.
None genuine without Duryous' on
every package.
For sale by Grocers generally.
Juuo 8, 1870 40 ly
QKorift'o C n 1 /-vn
I vvuv^i 11 J
PicKKNft County.
JcBho Crennlinw vs. Sarah Julian and O. W.
BY virtue of an exocution to me direotcd,
I will soli to Llio hi^ s , bidder, at Piokens
Court Hoimn on 1" ?i.lo ?n?i
- ?-- "WAVj
during the legal hours of sale,
Ono Tract of Land, containing 8izly Acref
more or less, bounded by lands of H. N. Loop
or, Solomon Looper, Luorotia A. Dacus and
others. Lavicd on as the property of Sural
T Mil MS CASH ? Purchaser." to pay oxirn
for liilcs.
i . ....
it; i. r.} it, uu UtfiJ.N ? r r.
June 8, 1M7?? 40 8
tr^V f t iijf^/. MILL aiarinc*MADE
I fe^?tf)^E2^?BESCT$5affla
r~Aui>aES9, POOLE & HUNY/1
FfRTIF.fl ilofliring information as to l?csl
routcH to the CENTENNIAL, or to any
of tlio Hummer Resorts or to ,any other point
in tho country, should addrosa
II. W. WllBNN,
(Joii'l Passenger Ag't Kennesaw ltouto,
Juno 1. 1876 89 If
Era HIQI bol
milK Mcound Secsion of the above named
J. Holiool will opou Tuesday, June Cth,
For terms, &o., address the Prinotpal.
May25,lH7fl 88_ _ tf
NOTICE is lieroby gWon thai application
wilt be m?do to I. II. Philpot, Judge of
Probate, at liis office in the Court IIouso at
Pickens, 8. C., on Saturday, tho 2-Jtli day of
June noxt, at 11 o'clock, a. in., for luavn to
innko u Final Settlement of tho Kutate of
Miry MoAtlanu, tlecenscd, and to bo disehurged
'^7fl 3* 1
n^i2Z!IZrSZZlT7'.T*".. i i ?T""r~rVn-i nVrBMialMM
ly call tho nttontiou of tho publio *
to my well eolocted and meortod
stock of
smib m ronm dst-mom,
consisting of
l)li Y & FAjNOY GOODS,
llATS A is J) CAPS,
ta' CJotbmg Mads a Specialty*
< 111\ It,Is H' si ti 7v, <X .
All ol which I will Poll choap for cftob.
I am Btill Agent lor tho "EURBs
KA" FERTILIZER, ono of tbo best
in tho market.
Prico payable in cotton at 15c. l?t
Nov., $00.00 per ton.
Pr.ce payable iu currency 1st Not.,
*55.00 per ton.
nct'f.lila i't\ /?iiol\ rvi\ /InlSvAMT
817.50 per ton.
Freight $0.00 per ton, to bo added
to this point, and must bo paid in
Last but not loast, lot mo imprMft
it upon thoso who aro duo mo on *0*
count for 1875, that I nood tho monoy ?
Pay up ivt onco and favor me as I
favored you.
Feb 17, 187<J 24 if ^
milE undorsignwl will Hell at Private &?)0y
JL bin vtvluftblo PLANTATION, know* an
tbo Larkin Hendricks pluoo, containing 1)3
aoreu, on which there aro n'?ont 40 acrea of
firm china bottom There i? uIbo ft good new
Cotton Gin niul I'rens ou the plaoe, go*i
Dwelling nil necessary OutbuildingH.
Another Tract, oontainiug i08j nor??, ?n *
?K<nh (l?<rn (ivc tine lit) Lands. wbII timbered
and firm cities buitom; find a flue Orchard.
A 1.80. I
All my Interest in I<irkin Iloudrlok'a
or! Me. ?
If not Hold at PH??te Hale before list) JKMl
of 11c*: 8i.-pieu.ocr. all tba abcra property
will bo ilisposod of at I'ublio Sale.
P. O. luldroes, Duuuaville, PioUaa
A. 0. J KridK CKBNBliAW.
May II. 1876 36 t*
The State of South Carolina- *
Piokbnb County.
8 D. Koitb Vn'b.v.t'&l and Matthew
i no.. ;. , ! ol ihv iatit Will and r
J T?. .( i Icufased, I'lttiatiffn,.
UurcuH Uoper, Samuel Roper, Arnoa Roper,
Mary O Sutherland ct ul. Pufcndanto.
Summons for Relief?ooniplaint not Hor*o<l#
To tho Defendants, Samuel Uoper, Anon
Roper, Mary (). Sutherland, Rebeooo C.
Lewis and Klijr.h Roper.
YOU arc hereby summoned and roquired
lu diiHwor the petition in this action, of
which a copy is tilc<l in tho offico of tho Pto- ^
I L>ato Judge, for s ii.l I'ouuty and Stuto, and
to serve i. erpy J' your answer to tho said
petition on the .uhjuriboi's at thcii ofttfce, ftt
; I'iukviiH (,'ijurt H .u'c. within twenty days
alt??r lie sorv{? ?. : i.iaivc of tho day
< 1 hji !. t.crv!"fc i ! , ' fail t<- unuwer tho
petition within tho f;int aforesaid, tho l'lalnl.ll
in .1. . ..li . .1 - / *
. .. i ; iw iiiv vunrv iut
'he rc.liff iIfi' nn<l<? 1 :r. tho petition,
Dmci! May A l>
1;05.0?.MIU: & CHILD,
rhiutilPg Attorney.
To A'ari.tu-l Krtjv.r, Amoa Roper, Mary
(). :'u in rlan l. -bocon C. Lows, and Klijah
!>ofondn :?t9: -lotice that the position
!'i tliiH ci'ic n is tlii'i day filed in tho
olfico of tho Jud^u of l'robate for I'ickena *
IMaintiffb .\ttornoy.
, Junp 1, 1870 80 6
Money and Life Sard by its Use. j*
Imvoutamt IMboonkjiy,?tiuliloo invented
the tolescypo; Columbus discovered ft new
world; Harvey tlio clrcn'.ation of the Mood,
and to I'r'jUi' * ).' Morsu is duo tho credit of
tcnching t h > lightning how to talk, but it was
roBervoH to I>r. J. Jlrftdflold to ponctrnto tho
niyntio depth of science, nud drug (herefrom ^ i
tho wonder of our oontury. Tho viotory has
hnnn wad find wnmati i *
The ualo of Dr. J, Bradfltld's Fonmlo Regulator
ia unprooedeutod iu tho history of popular
remedies, and thousands of certificates are
coming in from grateful women, throughout
the Union attesting its powors and and applauding
its untold bonutits to thoir box.
A Beautiful Woman. *
In a neighboring village there lives a yonng
lady who, two yoare ago, was an object of pity j
lr> all wlin know linr Pi1""" " 1 -*
? - ...... I. ..n.? Iiujiru- ?
denoe ?t an improper time she beonino irreg:
ular, and was a victim of suppression in all ita
horrors. 8uoh wero tho ravages of tlio di?:
oaao, sho was miserable ami unfit for social
enjoyment. After trying many remedies, *?nd
paying tnuoh money to physicians, a frl-jnd
sent her a couple of bottles of Regulator. <5fho
improved after taking tho first and before tho
seooud sho been me ?ouml itml well. Now
two yoarn ftfltf tnkii.^ tl'.> first Hhe il
fully restored to her former Limlth, and in n
most boautifvil woman. Proper reaped for tho
family j>revont:. u.ir giving tl,t uaun;.
M.?y*. 1??70 ? 4t " *

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