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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1871-1903, June 15, 1876, Image 4

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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Mr- Waraar.Tries It^ f
,n. ? i-vrv. __il
rode kcmo In anvJprtM VKgttft'n*
other day haviu<.' a hand $ro oxtiu^uishor
and tho driver for company.,
incomom pt iiou b tones as utio oDoijyja
* What's tbftt* wyj2?S22?
oxtinguisber?fo$8t HfWRb j\
saw?meant & havo got ona a year
'Jooob.yon ure alwajo making a
<ool of yoursoif, alio continuod as sho
uaau get$^rf/uud you as a eat lays fur
DMlNtt a?9$c#^
- fltese, oil? If you know any at all
you'd know that evof'y "Btor'O'ftnd ttfflfco
in KNitroit has one o'tlicse. Thoy've I
saviid'lofG<-&* buildings, and may eavo
m i i m ?
'Yoti throw it at tho fire, do yon?'
the asked, iji sarcastic tones. y k
lie carried it up stairs into a closet
withontfrcplying, and She loHowcd'un
and asked: c ..... ??*.?
'Does it shoot a tire onlf
'If you don't know anything I'lf
learu yau nouioliiingL It is .full of
iM 6n -this knob on
top mRrfhVs lu! 10fray t$ open tliio
iaucetwu&vtaftoB' tho firo.' \
? .ateimim ?? "*
around, You eoe tbeBO BtrapBf;W^
I back u^ pjiiLxu^ aiuia . through
MMi'M1 \ r i
I BMnWie, sneored.
'And can't i gPt to park of tho
Uoubo wi& iW lie demanded. Seo mhpmap*
w*& i
And ho cantotfed along tho hall iir
-'t T. - --- rTK-^Mto
too bodroomfl and out, and waa
tnrning4B&liead of Iho stairs when
bis iWNNMP -\lJe I
throw ughja artns and oho grabbed
at him, an&botkrolloddowa; aiaifa
IIo yellod &nd alio yelled.,. Sower :
the load, a^d *dUl>$r pf i tlioni had
passed under tho 'string' when tho
oj^jgh^g^jnjJhlg nud"jamming? j
'YoiLtfld^-^jJ' tjliO Btflftfld to^y,
v/hca MjijPHi;tro?m $? hftoMVck
h%W ? lUo UJ?C8' u,uUi}P
.~!WSuiRl^ j il8M j
Mftfpor, 4ft Up got a wob<s in tbo.-oarThoy
brought up in ft heap at thu
bSttdift of thu BtiiirH. tho utroa'tYi nlav
nw mWMT ?{ I
iug ii:io tho parlor, agamafc tuo hall
dW!F}%nd up Btuirs hf :fhri? ft!>#4ho j
ga8pcdB><wftf?n 4$-' \
y????"'?" ^sairfsfc,!
mill! f*tm?M0*fMM ?M . } . tfj
AWott S&for#
around with hie oyea fun of clieini
it wiifl a BRd TroTfBO vnicn tnoso two
highly' respectable old pooplo got so
t^at they' con?#* <il& thtoir eyo^ and
illacnas matters calmly. And eho 1
doubly up httf und ijoafddiy 1
flftid: ** nm? 'Tnko
that investigator, or distin- '
Kiiiahor, or whatever you call it, back 1
down towri unu tell everybody that 1
you am a lunatic!'
And tio Htnitl: j(
'Dammit! I know injro itmu all j f
your family j>ut toucthorl' I J
? t
If You ri.iixverc.? When tho Dnko c
o? Wellington was eidlr tho last, thing |
hq toyk \tfas a Onj> of tea. On hi? , i
flOrVant handing it to him in a saucer, t
ah^'hrtking if llh wOnld havo it, tho ! j
Dnlrfc rrtrclftrrl "Ton" if vou fdoano."^ i
- - -I - > J I
Those wore hid liust valval: TTo*? j
inucli K'iivliioaa fi<id ooifrftest five dt- I
pressed l>y thoto! He who had cornman
(led greftt arirtioai^d watTfbng j
eccustorfiod to tho ton? of authority j
did not ovorlooU tho small conrtosicH j
of life] Ahttjo\r many boyf do?-*-* j
What rude tntirt of coininuud fchftv <
often ub to tbeir to other. Tliey order i
Bdi illhrod; showb, L%t way the ,
J#imrtp?want of thought. In f ii your |
homo l?M# remember "if you plonee." <
To all who wait upon or servo you |
ll .i. iLll - . 1 11 *11 1
uoiievo urns "ii yon piouHo will inane i
you better Mrvod than all tiio croim ,
or ordering wordn in tho whole die*
tiotiury. D.> not forgot thoyo tlirco
Jitilo words?"If you plouso."
Tho Detroit Froo Press eaye: Fifty
years old if aday\ and her name was
Eliza Fox. febo jives on National
MM*,1 atihbPIM g m
oa6tcrn portion tofythp 0lty to got a
JU1 TlJMKing TJfVKO. OMO got
^ufcraoifo, fMii
(TtiMltimr, i.miwwsurt'
anxious abotii Uti BOIIIO of 4
thn niirliftiinn ? Ahin IfelAMrlr. 1
nv,ah out, mnBinE:- *
ft chunk of butter about as largo a?5*
walnut, and break In'?
'Now, thou,' interrupted his honor,
'this lo'ofta bitd' t6 boo a vfolXanof
your ngo hero.'
'Wor,I had Boino boor^ afro softly
rcpliod, 'and brSnlt^^fGn1?
in your loyio^ pool, stir well, and
bako in a libt ovcti.'
4 What have you to say about, tlrte
CU8C?' uoked tbo court.
'Nothing. Yon can do all tlio
i??n.:? ' -* "
4UU1-L01 uour?10ur eggs?
; 1 oTYioTi fiecl?nutmog?ftbt oVon^
'You wore novcr.I1010 before?'
lI don't l-omcrober that I was. Will
you lak0.11 ..i^cifco^dounjor 1110 boforo
I forget ii?'
'I've got a cecipe for ending drunk
jcunesB,' ioplibd his honor.'I
Q,wl rftffcir htomnatorr
hue* baked fofr itfJIf'HI&e rqmovo
from tho oven aud put on your
4Do you want to govto ihe house
ol couiutiUa^r4ueA:ioU-4tmaamt."\WitV
U?f y0*
t[libit J wfcn>t$?<* tramping tfay ,rip
there for?'
'But ymmmwt<mm& intoxicated
that-tha officer?had fpjyre
mi oipreSB w6gon to btlhg yoti dd\Vn
hero.' ?
tM jm%-, WmJ
'Yoii rnnet bx5 ^ty otfrtjfitl hi ffl-f
turo< JllMripM'MMMy1111"
to yet d runic/
WWrorte tUftn 1 a^'a^i'ftnd
bncK ill ilio ovon for tliroo, .pr four
miiiulWyjSi* "1 V
yVW you prmnia? u^j^aid ifce
4 1/ -*?1 -- " '
yon \*??H<lri'4
talk ho tnuch?you put mo nil oui!'
She stood oil ?ud glared ut his
Ihonor, and then tapping her finger
at tho ray^ig contumed:
)f butter about as big as a walnut,
mid yjyg " '
VMI muj uicu& uinj oam" nio
vfMttt to ggtfcomoirlioru
wlicro I can writo down the
forgot It.*
Bl^jpugLofl j\er. way through tho
cio^ci ui tho door ' ae Jib46top}>ciPbttt
>he , r >
' A '.'**" ' ! ~T A
Dh. Smith's Patibnt.?A papor on
"Uowdoih College" ill Soribncr for
May coii^in^ tho following anecdote
bt TV. IfSthtCrl Smith: Dr'. Stnith'fi
DMuo ia ospotfWilly cininont in tho
brofcssion, ami gave to tho school at
Iho on tent a | roaiinoncc which it has
;o\or lost. An incident bIiosvb of
,vhat Btuir Dr. Rmitli was made.?
When he bi'ijiin hit) career an a molie
il ))iofo98(^ (at JJ.ufmouth), coram
indiviinnla plarftiod a prftclicaI
oko which it waJ^csplscttyi V/oritfl
jntirely demoralizo tho yotwger infractor.
A meaaen^or summoned
dm to fiot ft broken limb, but oti
cacnhu^li^o U0118C tho doctor fjSTTnd
tLofl pMtioufc wub a goo&e, whuao
had been brokou by some 6har]>
Ihoiftltfg gamin.: Tlid rtfriond#,wdf
tlio "patient" lookod to boo tho doctor \
heat a Imaty retreat} nut ho gravoly
banned tbe .trpoJurQ, opened l|??
purio, bot find bound tho limb, prom*,
wed to call Any, and bade
?I ../s... VU*??kv..?i. ??4- ui ' -
mom owning* j u0 uooio/ amy
pouncod tail* way
L>f recovery. At Jiis last vieit- Jj?,
Bin it h produeod u bill of conaitjofftble
dimensions, and the "family" found
thai their little joke had coat them
dearly. The levol-hoad#d profoeeor
bncaped further intrnflionft.
fJUl ? ^
If men would set good examples,
ihcy might hatch bettor habit#. i
Grouge's Station, May 27.
JSditor N^wa and CJouijie*: A? I
have baou 6o iuog laboring under a
mi&tako tbat it has come equare heforo
my face, it has brought me to
tako a consideration that I must pronounco
tbat I am compelled to tako
sidos with tho DtfftEi&cratic part}', by
which l navo boon ft loading wornbor
in tho Ropublican ranks, and now i
I ftm to romain tho same in tho De-1
n.ocratic ranks as far aa honesty and
juatico will oxtond. I know I will
be ecotffcotil by thoeo who take justtPn
fni' iniiiotinn K..* ?~ -
??vv *V? hijuovivuj UUl UO HULlllUI Ug
Noali was in building tiio ark of
t safoty, ju6t bo am I by rofonn in tbo
^ovoi-nmtt^.tti tUo State oigfiouth
| Carolina, Hy^nluii^ Iti goTO and
1 honest men, nativo boru to tbo Boil
of tbo State. 15y bo doing wo will
bavo an Uonoft government. I would
i to God 111V Voinn wna ?u
- ? / ? Dvu,,u,,,ii
brass and a tinkling cymbal to expound
and diivotho boliof into every
; individual that ia ignorant of tlio
ifiuauciul affaire of Miio State. I have
1 more to write, but for. foar you may
doit bit hid T will fet you juago the
troo by the fruit it boaia.
Z. 1>. CjKIOH.
To be better Iffrow lioroafter as
"Democratic Grice."
KN^ji^y^^'^xiii.Tq^Tncro are most
ttlwayaTonio ncopio in ovcry community
; tor1iM?magino themselves to
U80 a common phrase, very smart,
and tlioy aro generally of tho buay
badr kiud; tfQno: laf thoao Hn
moro barm in a town or a neighborhood
thtftf^fi dojfciv 'pec^TO can
Rot at ;i;.igjjte* No minister^ .^ovor
eomos into a place but what those
smart ones c?T?"*piok any amount of
lUw* in Im ovorj,Juy wjillc, or bU
fcermons aro always too long or too
short, %oq soft or too hard or taottan't
proocn, anu ft Hundred other imaginary
imporledtTbiTB 'which the leaa pre.
tcntiuna never think ot mentioning.
But tli080 knowing onoa do not stoj>
her#; * for lib"MfKntyffta* ' >Hi
?U?tca but wl.i,l i. .nurdy contrary
to their views. Otlior Folks never
Ixiil.l a pig pen, a *ipf>kuliou8Q, a
corn cril), a burn, dwelling, ft schoolhouse,
or a r*.linrr?.li- t<> l?oK.
, J ? ?""~v w?w
Sbkr*; and no nowspaper over was
Inin according to their ideaa of tho
Ibiminofta. ' and I won't have anything
(to do ^ftii rt, ana'I'll keep ovcryibodJjRclrto
iVoin it. I 'can."
I | fptyjiiailt?. 81W6T8RT, }
1 Senator?It K Dowon.
| Representative?1> F Hrmllcy.
! Clerk A f Court?-H 1) Knitl.
Jwlfftcf Vrobalt?-I H fltll| oU
1 Sherijf-?J llilcy Ferguson.
J Coroner?WnrrcuI
School Commissioner?11 A Bowen
rmwm K-mz*?w*
([J& t OUB TP (ioMMl,
U M Ljp'sh. Clerk
Coun^^onHntdWWwfirC Bn611!^4wbren. * ^
? -&L-ir
| Trial Justice*?Faslei/^UKFi. AnSfP-^S**
v?'w'?y^innraj, j^mes a
I/itMoll?I'viken* C II., CI L Itollingfevrorth
and 0 W T?ylor~DacutiHlle,'<J B Sutherland
* - ' * ' ' |L
i?r. H. J. Ollllland
"T rAVlUGVdturnod find permanently loea'JJ
led at I'ickcnsvillc, rcapcctfully ofl'ira
lii.'i ProfrtKBlontil twvloes to (he oltifennof lhAt
Vicinity and surrounding counlry. Cliargco
( Mny 9 41 .
t ~ ~~ ~ .
I Inkc this met bod of informing my friendtf
tlifil J will ).-o touhd jii ,jny ufUce qn each
ATfMU) AY fop iKa ?ii , ?
, - ' .v.- .riwinuoung
Buy bueinct a thftt o >moH' under my jurinilioti?n.
Ah as S61)f>ol C.mrriTf'frtoiipr -tvill
jtoin jx-l din to be nbsont In different parts ?f
tliu coiituy, I mulyu iltia puui.u upyointajent
for H16 ijcncltT of oil concorn* if.
It. A. U0WP,N,
nit(Hiool t'?HHniurtio|?or
Camai. tt?.f jriu?m tiiuu to mvmmb,
Portable and Stationary,
i\rU1*K Orfifcw. Olnul ThfM*iir#> MttMnen.
HoparmoM, Qritt Mill*, &?, jfartinM* of
necowMiiuul Engine^ Mid ilottjnrn o( vftitau*
pattern, iBtirnt rnUpomler, oh hau l
IU:yiftVr'work HolftilVrl ntH ptompfiy ilone.
WJi. E. TAN NEK A C'0.
<>ul H. 7 '( ly
f" <* wrv mil# rn~W~
IIIHnuHtoMMiA aatia
KM I MftwfcAwrt Mb to afcM**?i?'
mtoaaemrf* ?* c**t iuw
?4fA*Mftva? . lA^WlKlflr
** #W YWJ lit >C MM UUttB
?^ "- ?*- - ? ? imn?euiA
dpafcJfTfUI' *T28ffiS e^f yew
? litfVPB A?f?X
WJfl tMtWMfi 6?lfwmnf
rn MUM d?ilUU1?ik
s i *w#c W<| h*tSStn foxfqhil
tfyUf I ct?j J ft Vol .14*
' 4 flw t.ui Wstilv rfu 1 iU
4 U*? <. >m ?j &9 '- * ,<i<* CvJ>~ 00. |
I^Ha ; '?U*iitinl*
Oply$i.5o a Year
riMi viriii o< IM?UV. \ i
A JKSCjJl YlffftJO fca? w?7\ 1,
* .nfrjurf
E v ory man i n thc Cou h ty oi
4IMPTwh , x J. ?.;< j&omc* .*. r
w:?v ' yi
TIC tV % . TI
4 TT If A%tt? ?,??* ? - ? I - ? 1- ' * 11
i jjittii y man WUO HUB OVCV HVeO
* . .
,<39diteN?nd '"tjsrH a >
[# 409 Mtj9 flrtfeKJBBi 60?M|P**4
t vSflMjai^A dfcMff 4)1 &?<
I *?J **<#?* X ' i > J _.t ' '.fi _
hm ??8IHT? R&W8
c?ni?i!sse? uuroitm
iniiiiiilmiii i <!< ><>mi iimitti? mi
Largely in tho adjoining Counties
?n4 to bouio extent in western
rju|)t t'+ioii to &!sfl lAf&iit >4
Em imfln\bifram-l:~'1'
(m*m Mmi smm nm- -
I Ww J?r- *1 ?i< In
-t O-r- ?
V 4MWHI>'! tj ?ttt
f i'-jl t ' 4?4>!
.Tar the jpick?n? SfiRMurt
?l 0f&'?2k
I . >?** .m <4 -ft
111 the Plekeuf) Mcntliiel !
! if* *<?** wrr'
Wooro now prepared to furnish permanent nitun.
tiona for a lar^e number of |>or?onfl, innlo and feiuulo
wuu fire i P?rtlcu
IrtTfl Hontfroo on application. AJilrcas, with utamp,
SoUTiiKR.v Co-oi'i-.HATivi: Co., Miuhvillo, Tonn;
Sib-SASS li'iSSEit?.
{|//W^ I'lil'lfs/icd, in a ^M^nvelopc. ISin
Bin Cent*.
A Leoturo on the Nutnre, Treatment, itnd
inal WwiknftM, or Hper.
nmtonrtin-ft, indued l>y Hclf-Abuf*, In to
luntft'fjr Emissions,. ImpoUnoy, Ncrvofrt IV
blUn ftu<l ii'i 'iinonlH lu Mi'iiiauu iron
'of tho "Green Hook," &o.
The world-renowned author, In (hie admi
j?!0. 9L'*p ?wf
?ipvTfwiw tDnt tn0 ftWiui flottoWjitvitcw ?
rflolf-AbuBo ra?y be offqotually removed wUIt
ont UndMntl, and "Without dnngwone
bpecfVtiope. hougicH, instruments, ringH, o?
odMM#r pftMtWg ?W?t n m?<1? of <m*? ht ortci
pertain and effectual, by which every fluffprcr
MWtuWhMI UflRillMon may he, mit]
qjtfflA'WftftU 0^?#p4j? priTAlely and radioallr
will pfdteb?on t<
thousands and thousands. 8?nt, un4?f frttal.li
rjlMg 'lll^l] ^ aujr ?ddr?p, on
Influx oentH, or two postage stamps.
#ku<n vwn waw * wiioiidiih " f " *"5'*
f IflV. fcRURMAN & SON,
41 Ann HI., New York; Post Office Hot, 45tfe
np 0, 1876 31
r1' 1L.)
NU&:ABkVW'??W*EXrlS. {| *
** is*mm*'* c * !
rpIIE Scholastic year is dividod into two
JL Toms .pf 20 wooka oaqh. The first TormV ,
commences January 17th, and ends Juno 3d; i
the aocond Term commences July 4th, and ,
ends November ABtb. . r*.'
| Students entering Within two weeks after
tho commencement of t'ub Terms, will be 1
clMvrgt^1 t?f the tfhotaflfcrip; thoso entering I
JldaiAm^JjroniJth# time o^iUuring. J
lf^H^jfeore^affimrotOTy that T?f\idcrft<5 cntcv ?
)<wp> m in naiwtiiii 7
r^r i
ii rRIMArfP?teWM{T*lfe)!?T:,,*<nn^ 1
i 1st Term?^oHlng-hnd Reading.
2d Te*m??/Spelling and Reading continued; j
Primatfy Geography; Mental Arithmetic, j
Exercises in Writing. j
1/jt Term?Fuelling and Reading continued:
Geography continued; Introducing English
I v/rnmmur; Elements of Written Arithmetic; 1
Exercises in Writing. 1
2d Term?Spoiling and Reading continued; '
Elomonts ot Written Aritlnnotic completed; 1
I ititoriuodialc geography completed; Analytical
English Grammar; I'rinmry U. fcS. IlistoVy;A
Exercises In Writing. J
riirttioYt OLAHP. '
1st Term?English Grammar completed: Phy- '
Bio?l Cjiofgiophy; (somnjop Sohool Arithmo- i
.Jig; Towu3 Analysis of Words;
2u x6rm?Ur'cefie'a: Ailalyqiu of English
L'rtmrftniro Arithmetic i **?...^
'?onipOHliSbtfvfllfthor U. S. IHetory* I
lnl Torni Latin Gruifimikr and riurknoss' Eirflt
Latiuligok; l/.Uiu Render; lMvica' Algebra;
History of lSngfjmu.
2d Term?Fo'W Cook's of Cresnt: Arnold's
- ? - p
I Auftttn<l-T<ulin Ho<dc on Analysis of Hie Latin ^
Bouujnce; Greet Oram mar; Kendriuk's
tircck Ollcndorti; Gre-ik Header; Pavies'
Algebra completed} Natural Philosophy.
iNylaMBDIAtE CI.A83. A
I let. Term?Six Hooks of Virgil; Groek l
Reader completed; IMuin Geometry; Higher
Composition and Wiotorio. r
2d Term-^allost's Cntaline & Jugurtlin; 0
Xenoplion's Anabasis; Higher Algebra
oummouced; /SolwJ and Spherical Geomo- Ti
try opiuplotea; "Chcuvit^ry. d
t t -r HBJIIOU CI.A8S.
I 1st Tefm?ClCcro'sHelcct Orations; Xonophons v
' Memorabilja; Trigonometry and Surveying;
Roman History; Latin Prose Composition.
'2d Tenn-*Horaco,eatire;"Six Books of the ;
T IS ? -1 ? ^ 1- n ^
muua; urouK t roBO composition; Algebra I
cojnpiotcd; Astrouomy.
The above course wH! proparo can
didatos for admission into tho Bopno!
more Cl.vhs of any of our Sonttiorn c
'Collagen. StudentB, who do not stand C
^satisfactory examination ' npon tho ?
Bovoral BtlidlWof each class, will not
!bo ak' wod :tho pritfltago to hdvAnco to t
tho noxt htffhoT, brtt bo rotainod in f
Huch clans, till nil tho uiuuiuu of il bo !
satisfactorily comply tod.
JTuition OF PijnyyrY DKPAKXMKNT {
I iiuuiui v/nvWj *-"r' ' - ftU.OO Ii
1 Intermedin to Glass, - 12.6? L
SpUior " - . lfi.OO ''
IPioparntory Department, 20.00 ?
N<? deduction will be mado for lost
tiir.G oxcopl /roui piolongod eicknoss.
JMos)tfliiy reports of punotulity, do- s
poi Loioiil, und recitations in oaon otu- ^
dy, will bo fnrniKbod paronts.
J. II. GAltLlSJJ':, Principal, f
Doc. 23, lS7f> .17 tf '
Fits and Epilepsy <i
Tho worst eases of tlio longest standing, by
using Du. Huiiuakd's Cure.
It li:i? < ni'(>(l Tliou.^audh, t
, ami will ^ive ?1,000 fur ft case it will not A
boucht. A bottle sent free lo ftll ivlilrossini;
r 1.' "V\i#rr?i i.? ?">i? ?
1-. i^u.n/iv. uiiuuii&i, omco: 180<'? 15road~ j
;way, Ifow York.
Mr.OlCINB nr.NU^UKI) vhiii.ksh. a
' , Tmtfaf ?* y& ? * v.r ['
! nr? iudor.AC'1 t>> the most euiiuont pliygieimin j'
in the world(,l\>r the euro of rhcuuifttiaui, j
ncurfttcrjh, liter coiujilaiiit, dynpopsia, kidney ^
HuejiHP,' nch'frfc, pfttns, nervous disorders, ftfb, 1
I female oomplalnts, nervous uiul genoral de- ^
| bilily, and other chronic discuses of tho chnst.
[ Imutl, liver, Htonmcli, kiilncyn ami blood.?
I?edk Willi full particulars free by Voltn l'cll IV.
I ?IH?
21BSST m m HARD w\ t
Free Homesteads
r-AND TUK? !'
J3o?t and Cheapest Railroad Laud ,
,im*' vr* itr< i.iltr, OK TIIK j
Union J'ncHic Rnllroad, i.
Boouroa Homo now. Fall information sont j,
free to all purls of tho world, /Iddrep# O. P. y\
]>AV1S, Lnml CommiHsionor U. P. R. H.,
Otualiiv, Nob. ^
TO (fcQft I'*r (1a>'? Agonlfl wanted. !'
' Jpt) u)/vv All olasacH of working poo?
fcdo, of olthQv box, young or old, make moro j'
ttMupy at work for us in their snare n>o? j]
tcrxt?, of all llio tfnic, thin at anything cIho /
t i JJ rt "
orawmiiuiwi nuuromiu. orinBUH SDU; T
Portland, Maine. ^
Ltiw N^iice. ? "
Th# nmlefsicned, having resumed tbeprn? 4
Uo? of law, wilt attend th'<; Ootirts on tho Rth
JndioUl Clrcnlt. Ilnnlnfua left with Win. R
, ir?*Ood, At PioVer>0 0. ff;, -will be promptly
r attended to. J. W. H^RUISON.
Ho?. 14, 1874. ?;
f ' .m*,< in" " P
rt?0 f n "foy ftuarftnfeed usln^ onr WF.LI K
1 AUUBH & PRILLS. $100 a month o
nu?, ^Aagcr Book free. J1U \s
U?U?, Uonds and Postaao Stamps Wanted.'? *i
$4 for riircHl. hillf, $10 for rarest Btftmpg. It p
will pay to send thorn immediately. Also a
there curioaitioH. American StnmpC'o , Kox 1
, in4f># New York.
l? rt
I'"l ~ I I I
TMT'. r
i'aMnliiin l( niln<in/1
. 'iWC- i 1 -4?O'e-l?
Cuaui.bhton, 8, C., Deo. 18, 1876. ?
On and after December 19, the
'ftBsenger Trains oft Tno SoiHn Carolina
lailroad wiir run as fallows:
(?uudaya oxcoptcd.)
/M*<! (JhAflGStou 9 15am
Arrive at Columbia 5 OOp n
. -4$m (ButKl?y? excepted.)
jeavc ClmrtcJIon , ' 9 1(3 a m
Vrrivo nt Auguala 6 16 p ra
Virivo at Charleston 4 45 p ra
joavo Augusta 9 00 a in
Irrivo at ChUlHeaton ' 4 46 p m
jcavo Charleston 9 15 p m
Vrrivo at Columbia 7 20 a m *
jcave Columbia 7 00 p m
Arrive at Charleston 0 40 a m
iiCftvo Charleston 8 00 p m
\rrivo at Augusta 7 46 a ra
.icavc Augusta 8 80 p m
\rrivo at Charleston 7 40 a m
(Sundays cxeopt'jJ.)
jcnvc Summcrvillo at 7 80 a m
Vrrivc ut Charleston 8 46 a ra
.oave Oliarifiafon ' mSn m
VrHvc nt fiHiWrtlWtvIHo ^ 4 80pm
Connects nt Kinj?Tille dnily [except Suno
ltiy?] willi Up ami Down Day aud Passenger
Hay and Niyhl Trains connect, at Augusta
vitb (Georgia Railroad, Macon and Augusta
lailroad and Central Kailro<td. Tliis routo p
ria AtMjitJi is the quickest and most direct
onto, and a? oomfortnblo and choap ns any
ithqr jyaute, to Montgomery, Solum, Mobile,
tew ornmnB. and all oilier points Southwest,
nd to BKblsttlle, Cincinnati. Chicnoro. fit.
iouis, and rill other points Wc3t and North- *
Day Train oonnoota at Columbia frith the
"JirvugU Train on chariot tco Ilpad (which
favefc at 9 rn.) for all pdftnfi JVoVth.
Night Train connoots with Local Train
which lotxTcs Columbia at 8 n. *?.] for point?
n charlotte Koad.
Lajiroua milrojul Train oonttcols at Now- e
ifcrry on Tuesdayo, Thursday* aud
Up Columbia Night Train oonneota cloaely
rjth tho Greemrilloand Columbia Railroad. _
8. 8. BOLOMONS, Superintendent.
8. U. riCKE.ss, General Tiokot Agetit.
Greenville & Columbia B R.
P?Bseug?r tvains rue daily. 8und&yfj ?aoeptd,
ooiinoctlng "with night trains on South,
tofollim Railroad up nnd down. On and,*fi?
r Morii*?, P~r*'??vjr 18, tlio following- ?*lli
e tho ttohedalo; i;f1 %
.enve Columbia at
ittxxo Alston tit 0.16 a m
,<>nvn Nowborry at 10.85 <#.
ic.hvo Cokoabury at 2.07 p tn
.cave Hultou at <*37gO p m
.rrive ui Orcquville at 6.85 p m
nowl*. ' <$*!*.
eaTo GreonvtUo at 8.06 * m
cavo Holton at 0.40 * st>
nil??. -- ZHBMI
,save Newberry at 2.40ft m
iBftvo Al?(on at 4.20 ptu
rrive at Columbia at 6.65 pm
asr-c onnect at Alston with Trains on tho ^
parianburg and Union Railroad ; connect at,
'oluntbia with Night Trains on the South Car
lina Railroad up and down ; aluo with Trail s
oing Nortii and Houth on the Charlotte, Co
iwbia and Augusta and the Wilmington, Co
Train leave Abbeville at 0.16 a m., connooflg
with Down Train from Greenville. Letto ^
okoabury at 2.16 p in., connecting with Un
rain from Columbia. Accommodation Triir,
londays, Wednesdaya and Fridays. Leaje
okesbury at 11.16 a m., or on tho arrival of
!ic L)own Train from Grconvillo. Loaves Ab*
oviilc at 1 o'clock p. m.t conucoting with C|
'rain from Columbia. '
leave Walliiklla nt 0.00 a m
cavo l'erryvillo at 6.46 a in
cavc Pendleton at 7.86 a m
icavo Anderson at 8.36 a m
.irlvo at Delton at 9.20 a m
iCiivo licit on at 3.60 p m
eftve Aitddirdon at 4,60 p m
.cave Pendleton at
1' ?
eavc l'orryville G.86 p ra ^
.rrive at Walhalla 7.16 p in
Accommodation Trains between Bclton and j
ndoraon on Tuesdays, Thuradaya and Saturn
nys, Leave Helton at 9.50 \ m., or on arriv*
I of Down Train from Greenville. Loav*
nderson at 2.On p in., connecting with Up
General Superintendent*.
.T a..i /. Norton, Jr., General Ticket Agent
itlanta & Riokmoud Air Lino Railway.
cavo lit. Atluntu ftt 4 10pm
eavo Totcoa Ciiy >^t 9 00 p n> 4
ciive Westminster n( ? nA
./ ??** l> III
eavo Scnccaf Hty at 10 21 p m
nave central tit 1(1 f>7 p m
oevo Kaqfay at 11 85) p m
cavc Greta vi1lu aa 1 ? 12 a m
cave SpArlanburg at 1 44 a m ^
i rWc at oliarfotta at 6 i?0 a m
eavo (Miarlolto at 8 00 p m
cavoHpartfinbnrir at n w
e?vo (Iro.M.v.Ho at 1 28 p m
cavo Lfcsloyai 161am
cava c/cntrul at 2 28 a m
cavo RBTinca Oily at a 09 ft
oavo Wntmlnster at 8 84 a m
oave Tuoooa City ut 8 31am
rrivo ftt Atlanta a( 9 8Q a,m
tfk ?l Ikl 11 Vi1aki 1.^ J
lillll^ UHIN IlltU
trawlow WMtirard.
?' *? %
For rnip circulars, condensed timo tablei
ad general information in regard to trans*
ortatioh faoilitTon to all points in Tennessee, **
rkansas, M'pso"rl? Minnesota, Colorado,
ansas, Tar*fl, Iov?n, New Mexico, Utah and
alifornift. at>nlv ?ft -? "
_ , , , ..U...UIO llbllHKI 1>.
(hshm, General Emigrant Agent, UfBoo No.
U. I. Kimball House, Atlanta, Ga.
No ojie should go West without first gating
lu communication with tho General
migrant Agent, and beoome informed as to
nperior advantages, chcap and quick trans*,
ortation of families, household goods, stook,
hd farming implements generally.
All iuforwfttlon chcerfully given.
nv?6ii| 0 I'JT.A,

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