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1. f, ttUlft, Sditsf ui rrouiitn, ]
TeriuN of Nilbscrlptioiu ] *
One fear 51 CO
Six Months 75
Advertising ItntoN. I
Advertlsemenlsinsertcd attho rale of $1 0() ^
por square, of (0) nine lines, on lksb, for (he
flret insertion, and 60 cents for each nubsc}
"jquent ipB(Jrtion. 1
Contracts m?do for tiiukk, bix or twklvr '
- months, on favorable torms. t
? Advertisements not having the number of j
insertions marked on them, will bo published (
until forbid and charged accordingly.
*? ? ? ? ?i?1? 8
A HUOQ Wi mo Ol \J OU OIUI|/I? %?%mj VII I lv? >u IP j
understand them. Nine lines is a square? '
one Inch, In orery instance wo charge by f
the space oooupied, as eight or ten lines can '
bo mado to oooupy four or fivo squares, as tho |
Advertiser may wish, and is charged by tho (
epuco. _
88r Advortisers will please statotho num- |
ber of squares they wish their advertisements
to make.
Busiuess men who adverliso to bo I
benefitted, will bear in mind that the i
ttENTINEL has a largo and increasing circulation,
and is taken by tho very cluss of
persons whose trade they deeiro.
? o
Thursday, June 29, 187?.
t&- Tho Cincinnati nomination has
no olomonta of strongth, and will
awaken no enthusiasm. Its defeat
Will bo ottny.
|y Woprodiottho nomination of
Tilden and Hendricks at St. Louis.
With them, a Democratic triumph is
asanrod, though thoro are othor mon
who would accomplish tho aamo result.
tar Tho throo milia tax loviod and
eollocted oaoh yoar to dofray tho ordi?
' ??rjr exponses of tho County, would
not replace tho bridgos washod away
Dy tuo rocont irosliot. Uno nail the
bridgos in tho County oun bo dispone*
ou with and good fords, whioh cost
nothing, oan bo mado to tako thoir
plncos. Ovor tho Saluda rivor, wo bo?
liove thoro has boon no Icbs than six
bridgoH kopt up, at a honvy oxponso,
by this and Groonvillo Countios. Two
will anawcro ovory purpuBO, of tho ,
biz, and as thoy Imvo all, with tho ox j
coplion of 0110, perhaps, boon wnshotl
Away?wo, on account of tho finan* i
cial ombarrasumont of tho County, j
And straitonod circumstanced ol j
our cit.ir.miH. appeal to tho County i
vomrniKsioucrH, anu asK inern not to
consont to tho rebuilding and contin- i
uation of but two of tho number.? i
Those will answer ovory purposo of i
our pooplo at this timo, and until wo <
*re in bottor circumstances wo bhall i
oppose tho rebuilding of any more |
than halt tho bridges now washod j
ft way.
Rev- A- W- Lamar
as tno auovo goniioman is Boon 10
Hit ull tho Baptist ohurchoa in this 1
County, in tho intorostof tlio missionary
oaupo, wo publish forltho information
of our readers, tho following short pon
fokotoh of his lifo nad churaotor, from
the Kiohmond Enquirer:
"Rev, A. \V. Lamar, Corresponding '
SeoreUry and General Agont of tho J
Mouth Carolina Baptist 8tato Convon^ 1
tion, was horn at Loavonworth, South \
Carolina, in 1874. JIo is a son of Col>
onol T. G. Lamar, who distinguished
bimsolf in tho lato war. Tlio subject
of this fikotch was oducatod by tbo
Stato in honor of tho momory of bin
lamontod fatbor. Procuring moans
from bis futher'a ostato to continuo his
education bo ontorod Furman University
and afterwards Groonvillo Seminal
y whoro ho romainod sovcral yoars,
and then acoo]>tod the call of church
in Nowborrv ennnt.v wlinrn lm wnn '
ordainod in 1871, at tho ugo ol twonty '
tour. Tho Stato Convention of South
Carolina in 1878, appointod him Corresponding
Socrotary and Oonoraj
Agent, in chargo of ail the work during
its rocoBH.
xio waa converted wnuo at tno rail?
itary soiiool, and began ovangelistic
labors amongst tho cadets, reading to
thorn tho Spurgoon Bormons, &e. At
*lrti he met opposition and indignity.
Hat soon those who ofTorod camo and
pkaked his prayets. Having zeal, por evernnce
and earnestness, bo lias had
mnoh success in his work. J3osides)
he poMessos much tact, judgomont and
_ W 15
Mil imimico,
MP* J. P. Cnmp,ox?Troft8urcr of
tipartanburg County, has boon found
gnilty of malfoAtmnco in oflftco. Scandixlous
methods of assenting and collecting
tuxos nvoro exposed.
The Freohgt.
Tho Koowoo Courior says: During
Lho pnBt wooJc our eootion wns visitod
t?y tlio most destructive rain storm
3vcr witnessed by our oldost citizonsNo
onosooms ablo to recall a rnin of
uch sevority and duration, or ono tlio
ifFocta of which wore bo disastorous to
nnd and growing orops. On Tliurslay
morning about 8 o'clock a heavy,
toady rain sot in, which increased
it)til 10 o'olock, whon tho windows of
loavon scomod to bo oponod and th6
ain oamo down for ovor throe hours
n unbroken stronmB. Our oldoBt
litiions enid at onoo they nover saw
10 hard a rnin for Buch a length of
,imo, and tho accounts of disasters
rom its ofTocts show thoir opinions,?
Wo Imvo hoard individuals ostimato
Jioir damago at from fivo hundred to
Iwo thousand dollars, including land
and crops, and in many eases wo do
not rogard tho figuros.as extravagant.
Whon wo say that whoat crops standing
in tho field uncut, sprouted and
sont out green shoots, ono enn iin?
agino tho condition of tho weather
and atmosphoro and tho injury to tho
crops. Tho general damago to land
and crops is variously ostiinatod at
from ono to fivo hundrod thousand
dollars. It cannot fall undor tho former
flguro, lor wo boliovo tho injury
to Bmall grain of all kinds will cxcced
that amount. Late and lullor accounts
ol tho groat IrcBhot havo boon
roccived too lato for thin isBuo, which
show that tho oxtcnt and damago dono
by it, ospocially in tho mountains, is
far greater than at first aupposod. In
our next iBSiio wo will givo homo ac^
count of tho effects of several water
spouts on tho head wators of Chauga
and Clmtugn, as well as epocial instan
cob of comploto destruction of crops.
The Anderson Intelligence? Bays:?
Tho hoavy And almost inoossunt rains
of last week rcaultod in iinmonso damago
to tho growing orops,and changod
tho fair prospect lor an abundant har>
vest into desolation and wido spread
ruin. From all soctions of the county
w(i rcceivo accounts of tho great doBtruotion
to tho grain crops ospccially.
Whoat, o*ts and olhor small grains
werojuat harvested, and tho damage
is quite oxtonsivo from tho fact that
miinlt if l>ua QnVAlWnil in llm
and 18 considered almost worthless.?
Such portions as woro not harvested
were blown lo tlio ground, and only
fi email quantity will bo saved therefrom.
The l>ottom lands woro over,
flowed to Huch an oxtent that in many
instances their eulturo for this season
will ho entiroly abandoned, whilo the
uplands uro washed to a torriblo ox*
tent, and great gullios wcro nmdo by
tho floods of water bursting through
Lho hillside ditches. Hundreds ol
bushels of grain has bccomc a total
loss in boing carriod away by the surging
wators which overflowed the
fields. In evory imaginable way the
freshet has inflicted damatro and loss
upon tho farmers, wliioli will aggrogato
thousands of cloIIarB and impovorinh
our cilizons to a fearful extent.
A Bpecinl dispatch to tho JNaws and
Courier, datod Columbia, S. C., Juno
10, says:
A considerable portion of tho tract
of tho Croenvillo and Colombia Raik
read, between Columbia and Alston,
is oovcrod with wator, and in oonsidarod
unsafe. Travel is suspondod.?
rho lino of the road in tho Saluda
calloy is also submerged, Thoro will
do no trains between Columbia and
Glroonvillo beforo noxt Thursday.
All tlio bridges ovor t.ho Saluda are
lown, tbis rivor boing highor llian in
.wont}' yoars, Tlio rook dam of tlio
Saluda faotory noar Columbia, and tlio
owor dam of the Campordown mills
it Qreenvillo, are both destroyed.
The Bluo llidgo lload is imjmssa*blo
at sovoral points by reason of
broken culverts and washouts.
The damago inflictod upon tlio railroadn.
liriHtrfiR nml oi'nrm iu Imt
, D V" "
oannot bo uccuratoly dotorininod for
Bovoral days: All tho plantations iin>
modiatoly upon tho rivor aro floodod,
but tho damago will bo comparatively
slight, if tho waters subsido now.
A dispatch from tho Suporintondont
of tho Groonvillo and Columbia Road
says that ono milo of tho tract, botwoon
six and sovon miles abovo Columbia,
has boon washod away. Tho
wholo of tho Hoction is onvnrAfl
wntor, and tho full oztentoftho datn
ngo cannot bo ostimatcd until tho
wator falls.
ThkDblugk?Tho Columbia Union
Herald says: Reports continuo to arrivo
of tho destruction to railroad
? _ 1 -I i - . ? i
propony ana piunuouH in mo jow
lands or l>ollomH Our enterprising
oiti/on, Mr. John Soegcrs, who plant
*'f ^ ? - i Mir!?an?|II| | in |
cl this year most oxtonsivoly at tho
old "Groon Hill" plantation, Congas
rco rivor, has lost hoavlly by tho
overflow. Mr. Soogors works u large
nnmhor of ponitontiary hands on his
I plantation, and it was calculatod that
| ho would produoo 1,000 bales of oot!
ton, and a still greator proportion of
| corn. Tho oxtorit of tho actual damj
ago cannot bo asoorlainod until tho
flood subBidos. Mr. W. G. Childs is
rcportod to havo lost 300 stacks df
-hay, Wlwclv \^ns floritod doVh thti fivoiby
tho curront. Other planters havo
mot with similar lossos which will
amount, in this locality, to thousands
of dollars.
Tho Union Timos says: Tho destruction
of grain is truly lamontablo.
Tho whoat in tho shock has sproutod
in ovory inslanco, and not loss than
ono half tho crop is oithor totally destroj'od
or so aoriously injured that it
will hardly mako flour fit for uso. The
oat crop also has boon so seriously j
damaged that not moro than ono
. 1
quarter of tho fine crop it promisod
fwr? wnn.lfH n itrt will lir? rvin.ln
- "fc>~ " ""
Tho corn on tho bottom lands will,
in almost ovcry caso, liavo to ho replanted;
but it will bo throo or four
days from ovon now boloro much of
tho land will bo in condition for ro?
Tho Augusta Chroniclo and Sentinel
nays: Tho rocont freshet in the Savannah
river totally destroyed a largo
portion of tho corn and cotton crop in
luo uonoin lanus below iho city. In
many places tho fields were ton and
twelvo foot undor water. Tho tola'
datnago done is ostimatod variously
horn ono hundrod thousand to two
hundrod thousand dollars. Onofarmor
had two hundrod acros in corn and
Hungarian grasB, which cost him fifteen
dollars per aoro. A" t his is
lost. A numbor of colored draymon
who woro planting on a farm nonr tho
city, lost ovorything. Many planters
aro so disheartened that they will not
mako an attompt to replant. Even
whero Holds arc roplantod not more
than half a crop will ho made.
At Tumbling Shoals, in Laurens
county, a uogro man was drowned
while endeavoring to save his wheat
crop, which was cut and stacked in
tho liohl. Seeing tho water rising, ho
on<l(?nvAvn/l In on/?iii?n < l> a %. I
v?iv<vt? ? VV. 1/vy UUVUI w mv; n jiwat UUiUl U
tho water bccamo high enough to wash
it awiiy. Before ho could get any of
it on high ground, tho rapid current
carried him and tho wheat beyond assistance,
and ho found a watory grave.
In .. lottor to tho Groonvillo News.
Col. P. llammottt, l'rosident of the
Piodmont Manufacturing (company,
speaking of Lho highth of tho water in
the Saluda rivor, caused by tho freshol
says: Tho freshet in tho rivor at this
plaoo reachod its height at 5 o'clock
on Saturday afternoon. It iH said by
imu uiu iiui&uiib nvinir in mis viciniiy,
to huvo boon about five foot highor
than tho frcshots of 18 0 2 and
1805, and justf about as high a.s tho
groat^froKliot of August 12th 1838, was
tho highest over soon or hoard oi by
any ono now living near horo. Tho
lattor statement is vcrifiod by high
water marks mado at tho timo. Tho
water roso at tho foot of tho fall hero
on Saturday 24 foot abovo low wator
Tiik Savannah Fj.oodb.?Tho rains
throughout Georgia have boon almost
unprooedonted. At Savannah tho fall
Wh8 fiftoon inclios, ono fourth tho
yoarly avoratjo. Tho Ogooohoo canal
has beon considerably injured and
worso damago is foarod. Tho farms
around Savannah, on tho Augusta
lload, have boon flooded, and in soino
eases tho crops wore destroyed. Tho
ric<5 plantations on the Carolina sido
of tho i iver aro nil overflowed,and somo
little damago is feared, though an intelligent
plantor informs the Savannah
News that tho crops aro in such
II condition that no hcriini lnna urftiilrl
bo sustained, providod thoro is a spoil
of clonr woathor.
Reports fronf Chestor county say
that tho rains woro hoavier in tlmt
county than at any tirno provious du*
ring twenty fivo yoars. Tho reuult
has boon very disastoroua, especially
to tho small grain crop. Much of this
had boon harvested and was standing
in tho fields whon tho rain bogan. Jn
many cason, probably in ovory cnao,
tbo grain bau uproutod and of couvho
inucb of it Iuih boon ror.dorod totally
unfit for malting bread. In somo instances
wheat ban sproutod fltandlng
I in tllO flfilll fiVOftl diimnifn lino linnn
? ~
dono to tho t>at crop. This in a calamity,
as the farmers had relied upon
tho plenteous crops to maintain them
| through tlio summer. Tho cotton
I and corn are also badly in the grass.
Tho Spartanburg Iloraid says: For
"LI 1!.1' 1_ ^ o. I
tho 11th, thoro tvoro hoavy rains ovory
day in Spartanburg, raising tho .
wator courses, flooding tho low lands, ,
washing tho uplands, damaging tho
crops, injuring tho railroads, and
swooping off mills, dams and br?dgos
by tho wolosalo. It is impossible to
estimato tho amount of damage dono
to th0B0 variod intorosts in that hcc.tion,
whicliv must ni$04nt to millions
of d'ollatfl in tho ag<?rogato.
ThflrdnHtmnl.lnn Of nrnna hn the hot
torn lands in Lexington is said to bo
vory great.
In Lanonsjlor, a sovoro storm visitod
tbo noighborliood of Fork Ilill, on
Saturday, tho 17tl>, scattering I'onccs
and blowing down troos in its courso.
Tho Catawba rivor was booming during
tho froshot. All tho adjacont bottom
lnnriR wnrftHncni'dl fnr>f nnilAr ivii.
tor. A mill house, intact, was soon
floating down tho stream onrly Monday
morning,. but was completely
wrcckod whon it struck tho shoal a^
Tho Watoroo rivor at Camden got
boyond its banks on Sunday, and con~
tinuod to riso until Tuesday, when tho
watora began to subside, leaving tho
crops on tho lowland completely destroyed.
Tho water is paid to liavo
attained a greator altitudo than
at any time sinco tho Ilocott freshet
in 1805, whilo tho damagos aro groator
than liavo rosultod f.om a high river
oven in a much longer poriod.
Knoxville, Tenn., Juno 19.?Almost
tho cntiro crop on tho French
liroad was destroyod by tho recent
froshot. Tho rivor roso twonty loot
up to midnight last night, but was
falling rapidly this morning. Kiolds
and islands aro ontiroly submorgod
from five to ton foot. Somo farmors
will roplant corn. Bolow Knoxvillo
farmers will louo about 0110 quarter
of tho crop. Thoro lias boon very
blight dam ago on llolaton rivor.
A Cyclone on the Pee 1)ee:?Last
Saturday a torrible cyclono originated
near I'oo Doo bridgo. and paused by
tho bridgo and on north of that plaeo
1. ? r, a 4 ?i... :i -n
wivit grvui; luruu. iiu tuu miiruuu
bridge it tore up tho platform planks,
which aro two inchedthiok and apiked
down, and atovo thoin through tho
training of tho bridgo. Tho aupporting
poala woro twiated ofT like pipo
stoma, and whirled through tho air.?
Mr. Soaaume and two ncgrooa grabbod
tho railroad iron, but woro about to
bo blown away, and rolled down the
embankment and aoizod tho body of a
troo for a mainstav. Sovcral houaea
V ~
woro blown down in iho vicinity ol
ttio bridgo, and two or three negroos
cripple*', and ono killed. Wo have
not yot learnod the full extent ol damage
done.-?Marion Star.
Mil. Editor?Engagement before
Judge Coolie, at Cliumbera, provontod
my profionco at tbo meeting of tbe
tax-wavers of I'ickenn Countv. nt l.bn
a %r ?/7
Court Jlouuo, on tlio 3d inst. Evory
tax-payor should immodiatoly givo
notico to tlio Treasuror of tlio reasons
why tlio tax should bo ahatod. Blanks
will ho furnished at tho offico of Norton,
Koitli & liollingsworth.
J. J. Norton.
Tho Ahbovillo Proso and Bannor
presents tho namo of Col. Cothran,
for tho nomination as solicitor of this
Ciicuit, boforo tho Nominating Convention
whon it mcotH.
jfltoy Tho prioo of upland cotton in
Now York in 1857, was 1.3J contu, tbo
highest prieo roachod botstcon 1840
unci 1801.
Tbo Augusta Cbroniolo and
CI _ - I P 1 . " ' *
ouiitiiici nivorH uio nomination 01 u.
V. Johnson, lor Governor of Georgia.
2r??7" Dr. J). 0. Tompkins has dcfN
olinod tho appointmont of Troasuror
of Kdgofiold County, vico McDovitt.
MARRIED, on tho 8th instant, at Crosn
Roads Church, by Rev. W* 1$. Singleton, Mr.
W- If. McJUNKIN and Miss SU8AN M.
MA8TKUS?all of PIcUodb.
Tribute of
In memory of our highly esteemed and
dearly beloved brother THOMAS R. OAKY,
who was born the 10th day of September,
1818, in Laurona County, 8. C., and departed
this life in Fickons County on tho morning ol
tho 1st day of May, at f? o'clock, 1876. Out
dear friend and brother in Christ, wah n nlrinly
moral young man in bin mining ami training.
His father gave him whal wah termed n
libera! education, and after lie became a man,
be took up the occnpAtion of leaching bcIioo'
for a livelihood. He was highly esteemed b>
his employers ah a teacher and ? moral young
man in his principles,
A Tiax l.? .??? i~.1 1 . _ 1 r fi- .*
ikiivi no nao MlltlllUU ttUU J1SIU U IIlTlKiy 01
Belvoral^bhildrcn, ho hurt the misfortnno to
loeo one of his doar littlo ones, which sealed
oonviotion upon his heart, and caused him to
seo and feel himself to bo a lost and ruined
sinnor in tho sight of our blessed Jesus, and
If he lived and died ill that ho must bo inevitably
lost and wndono forover. So ho nt
onco eommcnood to seek Jesus in tho pardon
of his sins, and found Him in tho conversion
of his soul to b) altogether lovely, and the
chicfcst among ten thousand.
Brother Oaky joinod the Baptist Church at
Enon-in I'ickcns Conntv. 8. C.. on tho 28th
faay of July, 1858. Ho was nn ornament to
his church from the day he joinod it, np to
the August terra of his churoh, when ho was
licensed to exercisc Lin gift in public by prayer,
exortation or othorwise, as he might
chooHo. Tho ohurch bcoamo satisfied ho was
a man of more thnn ordinary talent, and concluded
to call a presbytery preparatory to his
ordination. The presbytery consistod of
Brethren Jnmcs Wilson, of Anderson County
and \V. B. Singleton, and John Ariail, of
Pickens. They met at Enon churoh, August
torin of 1802, and ordained him to tho minis
try, to preach the Everlasting Gospel to a
sinful find dying world. After his ordination
lie commenced the work with nil his soul,
mind nnd strength, from that very day with
more than ordinary success, nnd we have no
hositency in saying tlmt we helievo that lie
was tho moans in the hands of his Heavenly
Master of bringing many souls into tho church
militant here on earth,?both in the Army o!
Virginia and in the churches ho had the
honor to supply, up to I ho day that ho wiie
attacked with the fatal disoaso which termin*
atcd his exielenoo here on earth.
At the regular cotifcrenco mooting day al
Enon, where the membership of our doarlj
beloved and much esteemed brohcr Thomas
11. Oaky, was hold?Juno term.
Whereas, we the church at Enon, feels it tc
bo our indispensable duty to give a public
expression of our grief at the death of oui
highly ostceuied and dearly beloved l'astor ol
our church at Eaon. Do it thoreforo rosolved.
1. That wo endeavor to submit to tho will
of our Heavenly Father in removing from oui
midst, one that wc know to L? one of tho most
faithful Ministers of Jesus, from the day o!
his ordination to tho tinio of his death.
l. mat wo ao most earnestly sympathise
with his befca\o<] wifo and his dear children
and his only brother and sisters?wo the
church at Enon desire (o pray to Almighty
God to support his bereaved family, in this
their hour of great trial.
3. That a blank page of our church book
be dedicated to his memory.
4. That the Church Clerk bo requested t<
send a copy of these proceedings to tho family
of tlio deceased.
[>. That the church and congregation bt
requested to wear the usual badgo of mourn
ing on their left arin for thirty days.
6. That this church erect a Marble Monu
mout over tlie remains of our much bulovei
and highly esteemed brother Thomas U. Gary
and the oilier churches he had the honor t<
supply, is hereby requested to co-operatt
wiili us These donations Kill be thankfullj
7. That tho Pickknb Skntixki., krone
Courier, Anderson Intrlligenctr, Greenvill
New* and Working Christian, bo requested t<
publish these resolutions.
E.nom Churcii.
For the Legislature,
Tho many friends of J. B. 8UTII
ERLAND respectfully nnnounco him as
candidate fur the Legislature from I'iolion
County, n( tho ensuing elcotiou?subject
however to tho Demooratio nomination.
The many friends of L). F. DUAL
LKY, Esq., respectfully announco him as
candidate for the Legislature?subject, how
ever to (ho Democratic Nominating Conven
Mr. Bhai>i.ky served us faithfully in tho las
Legislature, amfamoro indefatigable workei
or watchful servant of the interest of his cor
stituents can not bo found in tho County.
For Clerk of CourtBSIX,.
The many friends of JOHN J. LEWI
respectfully announce him as a candidate fc
Clerk of iho Court of l'ickens County at th
ensuing election, subject, however to tb
Democratic nomination,
Mr. Lkwis is a truo and tried Dcmocra
and his fine business qualifications eininentl
fit him for ihe ollicc. "
For Probate Judge.
lie rnanv frlondn of It A OIIII.I
rospectfully announco liiin as a candidate To
Judge of Probate of Pickens County, at tli
ensuing election?subject, howevor to tli
Democratic nomination.
ISf&i" Tho many friends of W. 0. PIELI
respectfully announce him as a candidate fo
Judge of Probate of Pickcns County at tli
ensuing election?subject however, to tli
action of tho County Democratic Nominatin
Convention. *
For Sheriff.
Staff* The many friends of J. RILEY FEE
QUS0N respectfully announce him as a can
didalo for re-olcotion to the offico of Shcri
of I'ickens County at the ensuing electionsubject,
howover, to the action of the Count
Democratic nominating Convention, *
For School Commissioner.
Dtjg* The many frionds of Prof. J. II. CAI
LISLE respectfully announce him as a car
didate for tho offico of School CommisaJnnt
of Pickens County at Die ensuing eleotioi
subject however, to the notion of the Denu
craiic nomination. *
t fc?r The many frienda of M. 8. HEN
, DKIOK8, respectfully announce him *?
I candidate for School Commissioner of Picker
r County, at the ensuing elect ion?subjec
; however, to the action of the County Dtnn
crallo nominating Convention *
! i ' n fTiV^jgi J
Ai + * I ? AS T O-ilV A JL KJ
tfliii Wtlltkt
$000,000 IN GIFTS!
A Fortune Tor Only #12.
11IIE Kontucky Coal) Distribution Company,
. authorized by a Bpooial net of tho Kon
iuu&y jiOgi?ini.uro, ior me oononi 01 wio ruil
tho first of (heir sorien of Grand Drawings at
Major Hall, in iho City of Frankfort, Ky.,
on T11UR8DAY, AUGUST, 81, 1870, on
whioh occasion thoy will diatrlbuto to tfio
tlckot-hoUlofa the immense sum of
Thomas P. Fortbr, Ex-Got. Ky., Getferal %
Positively no PostponementLIST
Ono grand cash gift, $100,000
One grand cash gift, 60,000
Ono grand cash gift, 21V,?00 ^
Ono grand cash gift, 20,000
Ono grand cash gift, 10,000
Ono grand cash gift, 5,000
60 cash gifts of 51,000 each 60,000
100 cash gifts of 600 oaoh 60,000
100 cash gifts of 400 eoch 40,000
I 100 cash gifts of 300 each 80,000 "
i I 200 cash gifts of 200 enoh 40,000
I nr\f\ i- -!/i- ?/ */% ? aa
uuu uttmi n,,lM ul luu vuon ou,uvfu
10,000 cash gifts of 12 each 120,000
Total, 11,15C gifts, all cash 000,000
Whole tickots, $12; Halves, 55G; Quarters, $8;
I 0 Tickets, $100; 27* Tickets, $800; 40J Tiok- P
cts, $500; 05} Tickets, $1,000. 100,000
Tickots at $12 each.
UemittanocB o?n be made by Express, Draft,
t Postoffico Monay order Registered Letter,
r mado payable to Kentucky Cash Distribution
! Company. r
All communications connocted with tho
distribution, and orders for Tickets, aud ap)
plications of Agents to sell Tickots, should bo
. addressed to 1
General Manager, Frankfort, Ky.
' June 29. 1870 48 4
a a m I XT n T a n o o m i n nrr ?
C Dfl JUJll U JU UOU O 1 A 11 Ull.
! tee it onco, and you will use
no other
' i'ronotmcd by JurorH of Orcnt International
i Exposition, Paris, 1807, (o bo tlio
A trial will insure its popularity ereryc
wlioro. Noue geuuino without Duryeaa' o?
u every package.
i For sale by Grocers generally.
Juno H, 187K 40 ly A
Sheriff's Sales.
Picic kn8 County.
' Jesse Crenshaw v?. Sarah Julian and Q. W. *
a Julian.
b | >V vit luo of an execution to uic directodr
IJ I will noil to the higliCHt bidder, at Pickens
Court House 011 Balcday iu July next,
during the legal hours of sale,
One Tract of Land, containing Hixty Acres
more or less, bounded by lands of 11. N. Looper,
Solomon Loopcr, LncrcHr. A. Dacus and
. others. Levied on as tho j>roj.crt,y of Sarah
, Julian.
TERMS CASH?Purchasers to pay extra
for titles.
p, June ft, 1870 40 u
?? 0 ^
THE undersigned will sell at Pmnto <S*?Ie,
Mm valuable PLANTATION, known as
S tho Larkin Hendricks place, containing 112 '
ir acres, on which there are about 40 aoros of
first class bottom. There is also ft good now
0 Cotton Gin and Tress on tho pUoe, good
10 Dwelling and all ncccssarj Outbuildings.
t Another Tract, containing 1031 acres, on
' which there arc fine Up Lands, well timbered
y nn.l lir?I /.Inu. twxti*.... ?? -- ?
, uu.iui... mm i* iiuu urcanra.
- All my Interest in Larkia Ilendrick's
If not sold at 1'rivato Snlo beforo tho 20th
), of next September, nil the abovo property
r will be disposed of at 1'utdic Sale.
I'. O. address, bacusvillo, Pickens County,
o May 11. 1W70 3t> td
; Assessment Notice! c
ofkicjk <>k rmimtv a iimtab
8 Pickens C.' 11 1 Juno"IM876.
I WILL attend the following place* on the
. days designated, for tho purpose of receiving
tho Returns of Taxable Property for
tho year 1S76, to wit: 4
. Kaaley .Station, 10th, 20th and21st June.
I.iberty Station, 22(1 anil 23*1 June.
Central .Station, 27th and 28th June.
tT J, J. Herd's, 2l>th and 8()(h June.
_ Dacnsville, 4th and 5th July
Pumpkintown, 7th and Hih July.
* Kastatoe, 11 ill and 12th July. ,
f ... ?HI
...Ajmjvi? wm pionso roinomncr thai my
Ilookn oloso on tlie 20th July, 1876; after
which tiuic the penalty will attach.
^ Auditor Pickens County. ./
\* June 16, 187<i 41 2 *
\ m HIGH Iffi
a rilUK Hccond Session of the above named
1B X School will open Tuesday, June Cth,
> For terms, &c., nddresH (bo Principal.
May 26, 1870 M tf ^

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