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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1871-1903, June 29, 1876, Image 4

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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' X)eau Sentinel: \Ve 6oe in youf
tanno of tlio Btii instant. an article
from the Inspired pqu of "Tom Bell,V
in which bo makes a fling at Revenue
Now, "Tom," ought not to bo so
* nnklnd as to wish us "between th$
plough handles" again. We ecrvod
our time tlioro and at tho old Hold
sohooi p.lao, and learned to spell ("oorj
j?en") s or one. Have itMg such irtli&r
advancements since, that Uncle Sam
bae favored us with an appointment
ns q Ilevonue Officer'. As this on-J
ables us to pay fur what wo buy and
sustain our credit?"Tom" ought not
to make such ugly wishes. Wo like
to got what wo ask for, have bced
accustomed to gotting it, whether wo
have the stamps or not, but if wo
wero (Jeprivod ot our sourco of Ke*
venue, we might got out ot rations
and credit too.
Now, "Tom," wo want to ask you
a question. "Tom," did you write
tho article or did 13klle write it? Wo
think 13bi,lk (ono of those eolf constituted
Belles) did it, and wo aro writing
a benolit for her.
A Kkvknue Offichu.
Humors of the Convention?Morton's
Men On the Lookout?They Capiuro
a PrizeThe
Cincinnati Enquirer has the
A well drecsed colored individual.
tvUh mutton chop whiskers, eyeglasses,
gold headed cano and a
marked dietinguo air, was soen walk
iug down1 the street yesterday altoruoon
tollowod at a rospectablo distance
by an admirUg crowd of boot
blaoka, who seem to have caught the
all pervading political fever and with
others came to tho point of dropping
on evory stranger as a delegate. As
tho individual- in question parsed
along every head, woe turned and the
fractional reiharks, "Delogato," Morton
man," Louisiana delegation
wore ncaru trora every knuy o)t_ jy&y,
along tho lino of march. As tin;
stranger neared tho corner of Fourth
and Vine a pair of Morton men, who
had evidently 6centod him from afar,
ehot round tho corner and with hnrrid
ejaculations of ,tL6niftiana"'and
4iCol<?red Delegate," iollowed and
soon overtook tho iutended victim.
"Aha! got in, have you?" wan tho
. f lf-J? - "XT- f ? ?
luiiiiw u ui murioii jumi xxo. a, as no
swung along aide tho storo cluthos
and took the right ai m of tho cjforcd
individual. "Alia!got in?* remarked
M. M. No. 2, as ho IV. zo to tho loft
arm and glnnccd tondorly at tho
mutton chop whiskers. "Glad to see
that you are on hand early," was tho
remark of M. M. No. 1, whioh was
promptly re-echoed by M. M. No. 2.
Tho subject of the attack seemed
somewhat surprised, and tho mutton
chop whiskers switched wildly
through tho air as ho looked in amaze
mont from one to tho other.
"Taking a stroll through tho city, I
suppose," said M. M. No. 1, without
noticing tho amazomontof tho victim
"Taking u stroll through the city,"
was promptly ro?oclioed by M. M. No.
2. "Delighted to aco you looking bo
well," voluntcerod No. 1. "Dolightod,
I'm fluro," ftuid No. 2. "Lots of us in
town, I toll you." by No. 1. "Lota of
us," by No. 2. "Us?" was the ejaculutod
inquiry of tho astonished pcrnm
bulator, us ho glarod wildly irom behind
tho oyo glasses. "Yos, us?Mor*
ton nion, of couso; don't j'ou understand,
old follow?" said No. 1, as lio
playfully mid with child like simplicity
pokod tho porambulator undor
tho fifth rib. "Of'oonreo us?Morton
moo/' ohimod in No. 2, uh ho roachod
for tho fourth rib. "Morton II?,
what of him?" shot from tho olliptical
opening botwoon tho mutton chops.
"Yes," was tho understanding ros*
ponso from No. 1, "wo'roall horo; that
in, all now that you'vo got in. Wo'vo
boon looking anxiously for you, lor
wo know that you wero ono of us.?You
Louiaiann fellows aro fill in our
family, yeu know." "All in tho Morton
family," ofwno from Mo. '2. LoiiiBiftnft?oh!
nh! yos, I ooo, caino from
tho Uoro of tho oyo glayaoa, and a
gloam of intelligonco oropt ovor tho
la-oo, tthU tho motion chop whiskora
middenly shot backward toward tlio
earn, as tho intermediate row of ivory
Heemod to clongato rapidly. Yes, wo
look toyou oh our strongest assistants,
our ritfht hand men; in fact, tho dolo*
Ration which shall yivo slicngth and
-v.-T? T-r?*. H BB? - ' - - * " ,
color to qur? party, snid No. 1. YotiL
finid No. 2, mid wo'vo beon looking for |
you ?\Jl dn^ to tnko yoij around to
tho M6rto?i' Wndquartot-s.' Boautifujl
llinoh thoro. I toll vnn: nlmmiiAtfnn
? "J -*J / **" !?O"
bacon, sandwiches, bourbon, straws
borry Bhort.cakc* buy.ormilk 'ml lots
o' good things, Ah!' oamo from th0
hero ot tho hour, ns tho sido whiskers
again shot backward and tho lips
oamo togolhQjr and *pprtod with a significant
Bmaok. Ahl Morton head >
qiwrtojrs, ehl. Champagne, did-I.undor
stand you? Coureoj como on, tthd
throo pairs of cotft tails indioatod thro< >
parallol linos to^vafd tho ncarost do<
logation room, whilo tho nowsboyn
and streot loungers foliowod up again.
Como in: cojno ricrht in. Allow mo to
, i t? - ; " "1
assist ybu up tho stops. Ah! vory
hot; domnod hot, tirosomo walking)
lmvo a lan? horo'H ono of tho rogulav
Morton funs,ryou boo? ah! allow mq
to u8o it for you; ah! waiter, a bottlo
of champagno lor this gontloman, at!
onco. This way, sab, this way, piivato
room, sab, private room, and tho
mutton chop whiskors, oyo glassos and
goldod hoadod catio, disappeared up
tho stops and into a gorgooualy (urnishod
room, whilo tho waitors scurried
about for champagno and sandwiobos
and popper sauco and privato amolling
bottloa, and tho nowsboys and tho
j Afternoon Gazotto roportor and tho
stroot loafors loolcod wistfully up tho
steps and orowded around tho closod
window shuttors or appliod thoir oars
to tho ko^'holo in oi'dor to rofrosh
thomsolvoB with tbo sound of clinking
glasses, tho popping ot champagno
corks or tho gurglo of tho rosy olarot
as Jiif Jlowod doyn tho Ethiopian
throat. {! *i. c * . *
A.n hour later tho door opcno'3, and
tho sido iwhiBjsors swayed into the
doorway. Tho oyo glasaos swung
neglected'iroui the button holos, tho
gold hoadod cano flow wildly through
tho air, und tho oyclids showed a tendency
to jlroop. "Don't go yet, old
follow; don'^gp," said Al. M. No. 1
'Don't go yot,' pleaded M. M. No. 2;
'Oh p^?!?,'go\j|goutlomcn, mus' go, (hie)
Y' sou 1 got to go. B'ziiohs 'foro
pleasuro, you know (hie); bz'noss 'foro
plqasuro.' ,'Oh, yos, yes, businoss boforo
pleasuro of course. Of courso.?
You Louisiana follows nro so onorgot*
ic.. Working for Morton, of courso;
working up tho Southern delegations,
of oourso?' <Woq, no; y' zoo I nint
woikin' for Morton; I'm workin' for
Jouoh: so that's whazzor mazzor 'iih
mo. Got to git t'work.' 'Jones, get
ito work:' and tho lloosior laborors in
tho Morton vinoyard looked dubiously
at oach other un^l at tho biuo wliiskcro
nnu Biore oiotuos. 'jonoa, yea, only
fi/a' 'class barber shop in 'o zity. high
toned zbavin' palaeo, y* zoo, fira' eluas
place; you want to git zhavod come
round.*" 'Thon you aint a delegate at
all?' Bimultanoously camo from tho
irato JloOhieiB an thoy drow back in
chargin and ill concoaled disguat-?
DoPgato. What d'yo tr.ko mo for? I'm
a gon'lman, 1 (hie) want yor't un'or;stand
I aint uu politician norLuzoany
follor. I'm a gon'lman, I want you to
un'oratniKU?iaf>4 thd ir^to bju^iMnV
andorod down tho atroot, and in fivo
minutes was flourishing a razor ovor
a 'I)ol'gato3' latherod laco in tho 'first
ciiisa snaving saloon' ol tins city,
whilo M. M. Nob. 1 and 2 woro reflecting
ovor tlio unoortainty ol oartldy
affairs, espooialy in rogard to national
politics an conncctod with Southorn
Important Lawi'awhd
AT THE LAST 81c?sion of Til 14
An Act to provide an uniform Kogistry
Law for all dooda and other
instruments in writing, required to
bo recorded.
13o it enacted by Mho Benato and
IIouso of Representatives of the
Stato of South Carolina, now mot
and Bitting in Gonoral Assembly,
and by tho authority of tho same:
Section 1. That all doods of con
voyanco of lands, tonomonts or hereditaments,
either in feo simple or for
life; all deeds of trust or iustrumontB
in writing, convoying cither real or
personal estate,'and creating a trust
or trusts in regard to such proporty,
or incumboring tho same; all mortgages
or instriiihents in writing in
m ? h "
tlio natnro of a mortgngoof any prop
oity, real or peraona); all marriage
settlements or instruments in tho natnre
of the settlement of marriage; all
lead's or contractu in writing made
between landlord and tenant for a
longer poriod tlia.ii twelvo months;
all statutory lines or buildings and
lundj for labor furuiohed or perform
I ud, on tbomj till statutory liens or
lions on vessels; till certificates of re4*
nunciation of dower; and, gonorally,
| all instruments in writincr nnw r?
J quired by law to bo rccordod in tbo
oflico of rogietrar of menso conveyance,
or in tho oflico of Secrotary of
State, which shall bo delivorod or
executed on or after tho first day of
January, in tbo year of our Lord ono
thousand eight hundred and seventy
soven, shall be valied, so as to affect;
from tho timo of such delivery or
execution tbo rights of subsequent^
cr^difffra.Qr purchasers foV ffcludblo
codBi<jteriUioa. v^tboqt notice, oiily ,
whon recorded within forty days of
tbo time of such delivery or execution
in tho oflico of registrar of mcs
ne conveyances of tho county wboro
tho property affeotod thereby is situated,
in tho case of tho roal catato;
and tho caso of persoual property,
Ot tho COUntV wllfil'ft tlin nvvnni- r>f
said property residos, if ho resides
within the Stato. or it% ho resides
without tho Stato, of tho county
whoro such personal property is situated
at tho timo of the dolivery or
oxccution of said deeds or instruments;
Provided, nevertheless, That
tho above mentioned deeds or instruments
in writing, if recorded subset
..i ^1 il.. f r .
ui mo expiration or said po?
riod of forty days, shall bo valid to
affect tlio rights of subsequent crodi*
| toi s and purchasers tor valuable con*
federation without notice only from
I dttto of snch record.
Sec. 2. That all acts and parts ot
acts inconsistent with this act, bo,
and tho samoaro heroby repealed.
The lotiB you telrthe more you will
como to know. ' . .
QtRVVttfl rnnwfv nniKiuv
i tVUMHN WVVUM tfift&WIVftii
Senator?It E Bowen.
Representative?D F Bradley.
j Clerk of Court?S I) Keith.
Judye. of Probate?I II l'hilpot.
Sheriff'?J ltiloy Pcrgusou.
Coroner?Warren Boyd.
School Commissioner?It A Bowim
Treasurer?IK A Lcslej.
Auditor ?Aloi'zo M Kolger.
County Commistionert?John T Oopsett,
Chairman?llobort Crnig, 0 M Lynch. Clerk
County Commissioners, C L llollingsworth.
Trial Justices?f'at let/, Luke I. Ariivil?S<f
hibrit?/, J 1$ Clayton?Cenbral, Junius A
Liddell?l'ickens C II., C L llollingsworth
and Q W Taylor?JJacusville, J 11 Sutherland
I tllkn lliiti ninlhnil nf -
...... ...j in?u?t
thai I vrill bo found i" n>y nffiup on nnoli
SATURDAY, for the purpose of transacting
any business that comes under my jurisdiction.
Ah mv duties aa School "Commissioner will
j compel mo to ho absent "in different parts ol
(lie county, 1 make this special appointment
for the benefit of all concerned.
It. A. BOW EN,
no26-ly Scool Commissionoi
T1KIC C1HEAT ffiAimr.
'>74 >1
iligHi&Sa UEISS&Y,
i . '
\Just Published, in a Sealed Unyelope. Prici
Six Ceiils.
A Lecture on the Nature, Treatment, find
Uafiicul euro of Beniinal WcakM
ImatOvruMo, induced by SoIf?Ahu?fl, IpvoJujitftry
Emissions, Inipoloncy, Nervous po*
bility, and Impediments to Marriage genorally;
Consumption, Epilepsy, and Fits;
Mental and Physical Incapacity, &o.?Hy
of tho "Qroou book," &c.
The world-ionownod author, in this admirable
Lecture, clearly proves Irom his own
oxpcrience that tho awful conscquenccs oi
pen - A Diiso may be effectually removed without
mcdiciue, find without dangerous surgical
operations, bougies, instruments, rings, or
cordials; pointing out a mode of euro at onco
certain and effectual, by which every sufferer,
tio matter what hit) condition may he, may
cure himself cheaply; privately and radically.
This Lecturo will provo a boon to
thousands and thousands. Bent, under seal, in
a plain envelope, to any address, on recciyt
of six cents, or two postage stamps.
Address the Publishers.
41 Ann Ht., Now York; 1'oslOflico Box, 1580.
ap 0, 1870 31
Canal St., prom Sixth to Skvkntu,
XlICllMOm), : V1KGIN1A,
Portable and Stationary,
Saw Mills, Grist Mills, Boilers, Castings of
Brass nncl Iron, Forgings, Ao.
In nil itfl brnnohcs, done by oxporienoed hands
Hiving uoifon Uing, Threshing Machines,
Separators, Grist Mills, &o. A number of
scoond hand F.nginvs and Hollers of various
palters, in first rate order, on hand.
Repair work solicited fin 1 promptly done.
Oct 1 J, ^ , ly
? -JLiilgJ.. 1U..L...
J .
1 wjl IN I Ha ft if a J
. '' '
j \ i \
* ' *- ' *
Only $1.50 a Year
J -i 1 V'
E v o r y m n 11 in the C o u n t y of
Every man who has over lived
hero and hud moved
1 TBiB ??TOW B8BW8
0- ?OF-?
? *;
Largely in tlio adjoining Counties,
and to soiiio extent in Western
North Carolina!
For the Pickens Sentinel !
In Hie PickciiM Hent fuel !
Wo are now prepared to furnUh permanent altuaUona
(or a large number of persena, male and (einaJo
w bo a/o '[(hit, of WorTc , J| rariku
Ura aent free on application. Addreaa, with atamp,
bouthmbk Oo-or?batit? Co., Nathalie, Tenn:
Dr. R* J. OlIliluiKl
HAVING returned rind permanently located
ftt Piokcnsville, respectfully off;rs
hi* Professional services to the citizens of Ihat
vieinily and surrounding country. Chavgcit
May y 41
- ?NEW
THE Boliolastio year Is divided into two
Tonus of UO weeks each. The First Term
commences Jauunrv 17t.h nml omlu Inno a?l.
the second Term commences July 4th, ami
ends November 18th.
8tudent? entering within two weoks after
the commencement of the Terms, will be
charged for the whole Term ; those entering
After this time, from the time of entering.
It its more satisfactory that Students entor
&t the commencement, when the several
classes are forming,
fl/vnraA Af fifti/lw
1st Torm?Spelling and Rending.
2d Term?Spelling and Reading continued;
Primary Geography; Moulal Arithmetic,
Exercises iu Writing.
lint Torm o.?.l 1: 1
-w- .w?u uuiii IIIUUU;
Geography continued; Introducing English
Grammar; Eloments of Written Arithmetic;
Exorcises in Writing.
2d Term?Spelling find Reading continued;
Elements of Written Arithmetic completed;
Intermediate Geography completed; Analytical
English Grammar; Primary U. S. History;
Exercises in Writing.
1st Term?English Grammar completed; PhyQIAfll
flortlTI'nnll V* rininmAn QaI>a?1 1 -!l1
tic; Towns Analysis of Words;
2d Term?Greone's; Analysis of English
Language; Arithniolic ' continued; Smaller
Composition; Higher U. S. History.
1st Term Latin Grammar nud irarkness' Eirst
Latin Hook; Lalin Koader; Davics' Algebra;
History of England.
2d Term?Four Hooks of Cresar; Arnold's
secend Latin Hook on Analysis of the Latin
Sentence; (5 reek Grammar; Kendriek's
Greek Ollendorff; Greek Reader; l)avies'
Algebra completed; Natural Philosophy.
1st Torm?Six Hooks of Virgil; Greek
Header comploted; 1'luin Geometry; Iliglicr
Composition and Rhetoric.
2d Term?Sallust's Calalino & Jugurthu;
Xenophon's Anabasis; Higher Algebra
coumienccd; Solid aud Spherical Geometry
completed; Chemistry.
1st Term?Ciooro'a Sclect Orations; Xenophona
Memorabilia; Trigonometry and Surveying;
Roman llietory; Latin Prose Composition.
2d Term?Horace .entirej^Six Books of the
Iliads; Gro?k Proso Composition; Algebra
completed; Astronomy.
Tho nbovocourao will propnro can
diclfttosior admission into Lho Sophomouk
Class of uny of our Southern
O-ll O... I-- .
vywiiu^ur'. obiiiiums, who <io not .stand
a satisfactory examination upon the
several studies o( each class, will not
bo allowed tlio privilege to advance to
the next higher, hut ho retained in
such class, till all tho studios ol' it bo
satisfactorily completed.
Tuition of Primary Department
l'en term.
Junior Class, - - 810.00
Intermediate Class, - 12.50
c1 "
outmu* " ? . 15.01)
Preparatory DopnVlmont. 120.00
No deduction will bo made for lost
ttmo oxccpt from prolonged aieltncss
Monthly roporta of punctulity, deportment,
and rocitations in omjii stu
dy, will bo furnished paronts.
J. II. CARLISLE, Principal.
Doc. 23, 1875 17 tf
Fits and Epilepsy
The worst cnaca of tho longest atanding,
using Dh. Huiibard'h Cuvc.
14 linu TPIiA?.iio.. Jt.
.w v<> a
and will Rive $1,000 for. <i ease it. will nol
benefit. A bottle sent free to all addrcssint
J. K* PI1MLK, Chemist, Officc: 1865 Hroadway,
New York.
delta's Electro unci
i are indorsed by the inogt eminent physicians
in the world l'or tho euro of rheumatism,
neuralgia, liver complaint, dyspepsia, kiJney
disease, aches, pains, nervous disorders, lits,
female complaints, nervous and goneral debility,
and other ohron ic diseases of the chest,
head, liver, stomach, kidneys and blood
Cook with full particulars free by Volta Uelt
Bo , Cincinnati, O.
Free Homesteads
Bent anil Clicnpaat Railroad Lnnd
l*iiciiic Kailroad,
Secure a Home now. Pull information sent
free to nil parts of the world. /lddrcHS O. P.
DAVIS, Land Commissioner U. P. It. It.,
Omtihn, Nob.
TO *>cr l,ft^ ! Agents wanted.
t|ul/ All claeaea of working people,
of either sox, young or old, make more
monoy at work for us in their sparo mo?
raents, or nil the timo, than at anything olso
Particular* fro?. Address G. STINSON & CO:
Portland, Maine.
Law Notice.
The undersigned, having resumed Iho prao
tlce of law, will altend (he Courts on tho 8th
Judioial Circuit. llusiness left with Wm. K
I(agood, at Pickens C. II., will ho promptly
attended to. J. W. IL4RIUSON.
No*. 14, 1871.
d?f)K?day guaranto#d using our WELL
tJ>/00 AUOEU& DRILLS. $100 a month
paid to good agents. Auger Book freo. J Us
Auger Co., St. Louis, Mo.
nnwvmrp A nnn
V V4? 4k M. XA
HHIh, Honda and Postugo Htampf Vanlcd.?
$4 for rarest billf, $10 for rarest stamp*. If
will pay to send theni immediately. Also
there curioBilioa, American 8lamp(!o., IJox
K,46, New Vork
Doo '2 11 J
- "W
1 Noutli Carolina Rnilroa<l,
Ciiaumsston, 8. C., Doo. 18, 1976. ^
On ami nflcr Sunday, Doc'pmbo^ 10, tho
Pussengoi- Trains on I 1?<j South Carolina,
Knilroud will ruu as follows;
(Sundays oxcopted.)
Leave Charleston 9 16 am
a .i ? r. nn - ?
/Ill ITU UV VVIUUiUlU V vv \t m
(8undays excepted.) f t
Leave Charleston 9 16 am
Arrive tit Augusta 6 16 piu
(Sundays excepted.)
Loavo Columbia 9 00 ? ra
Avrivo at Charleston 4j46 p m
Leave Augusta 9 00 ft m
Arrive at Charleston 4 46 p m
Leave Charleston 9"16pm
Arrive at Columbia 1: 7'20?ta ^
Leave Columbia 7t00pm
Arrive at Charleston 6 40 ft in
;v?jvjuoi;v rtiunx je.anvi>op?
Leave Charleston , 8 00 p ia
Arrive at Augusta 7 40 a m
Leave Augusta 8 80 p m
Arrive at Charleston 7 40 ft m ^
(Sundays excoptod.)
Leave/Summerville at 7 30,tnn
Arrive at Charleston 8 46am
Leave Charleston 8 15 p m
Arrive at Summorvillo 4 80 p m
Connects at Kingville daily [oxcept Sonc
days] with Up and Down Day and Passenger
Day and Night Trains connect at Augusta
with Georgia Railroad, J/acon and August*
Railroad and Central Railroad. This route ?
via Atlanta lH t.hn nniolrnof nnil T?r*c?f
route, nn<l as comfortable nnd cheap f\9 any
other route, to Montgomery, Selma, Mobile,
New Orleans, and all other points Sontliwcnt,
ami to Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago, St.
Louis, ami all other points West and North- m
Day Train couneoLs at Columbia with the
Through Train on charlottco Road (which
leaves at 9 p. m.) for all point# Arorth,
Night Train connects with Local Train
[which leaves Columbia at 8 a. m.} for points
on charlotte ltocd.
imurcns Knili jad Train connects at New-^.
berry on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sakir-'
days. ,
Up Columbia Nigbt Train connects closely
with llie Grecnvilloand Columbia llailroad.
S. S. fJOLOMONS, Superintendent,
8. IS. Pickens, Geuoral Ticket Agent.
Greenville & - Columbia R RCIIANGE
Passenger (rains run daily. Sundays cxceptcd,
connecting with night trains on South 44
Carolina Railroad up and clown. On and aft?
or iJ/on<iny, uccemoer i;J, the following will
bo the Sohedule: lip
Leave Columbia at 7.46 a n>
Leavo Alston at 0.If) a m
, Leave Nowborry at 10.86 a m
Leavo CokoBbnry nt 2.07 p m
Leave lielton at S.60 p n>
Arrive at Greenville at 6.85 p uv
1>0 WM.
i Leave Greenville nt fl.05 a m
I Leave Helton at 9.40 a m
I Leave Cokosbwy 11.20 a n?
( ucave Newberry at 2.40 a iu
Leave Alston at 4.20-p ii>
- Arrive nt Columbia nt 0.06 p n>
jJ^y-Conncct at Alston with TrainB on Uio ^
Spartanburg nn<l Union Knljvoad ; conncct at
C jluiubia with NiflrhtTrahi.q on tl?<> Sn?nK i'.?
oliiiu Railroad up and down ; also with Trail a
going North and South on the Charlotte, Columbia
and Augusta and tho Wilmington, Cc>
Train leave Abbeville nt 0.15 a m., connoct *
ing v.'ith Down Train from Greenville. Leatc
Ookesbury at 2.16 p ni., connecting with Up ^
Train from Columbia. Accommodation Trnir?
Monday*, Wednosdaye a??l Fridays. Loaje
, Cokesbury at 11.10 ?\ m., or on tho arrival c I
tho Down Train from Greenville. Loaves Al-?
beville at 1 o'clock p. i?., competing with I f
> Train from Columbia. ' /
Leave Walhalla at 0.00 a m
I.oavc l'erryville at fi.46 a m
Leavo Pendleton nt 7.35 a iu
Leave Anderson at 8.56- a m
jurivu ui uenou ni V.2U a TO
t IV.
Lonvo IJelton ftt JT.50 p bo
Leave Anderson i>t 4.60 p ra
' Leave I'ondlcton at 5.60 p m
Leave l'erryvillc 6.36 p vet* %
Arrive ftt Wftlhftllft 7.15 p n>
Accommodation Trains between Helton ami
Anderson <>n Tuesday*, I'fcwrsdnys and 8atur?
days, Leave Helton at 9.GO- a b?., or on arrival
of Down Train from Greenville, Leaw*
Anderson at 2.00 p m., connecting with v*
Genoral Superintendent.
Jakk.z Norton, Jr., Uoncral Ticket Agent
Atlanta & Richmond Air Lino Railway.
Louve at Atlanta at 4 10pm
Leave Toccoa City ut y 00 p m ^
f.onvo AVfst niiiiMl cr nt. O r.A ~ ?
? I' ?/ J J? lit
Leave Seneca oil y at 10 21 p m
i Leave central at 10 57 p m
Lcovo Easley at 11 80 p m
Leave Greenville as 12 12 a m
' Leave Spartanburg at 141a in. ^
Arrive at charlotte at 6 80 a in
Leave Chariot Jo at 8 00 p nj
?,eav6 Spartanburg at 11 64 p m
Leave Greenville at 1 28 p m
Leave Easley at 1 51 a m
' Leave Central at 2 28 a in
' Leave yoncca City at 8 00 a m
Leave "NVptminHtcr nt 8 84 a m
Leave Tucooa City at 8 84 a m
Arvivo at Atlanta at 9 80 a^nj
C'cloiiiutN, lliiilgnnta and
Traveler WextwAird.
For map circulars), condensed time table*
and goneral information in regard to trans*
portntion faoiliticH to all points ib Tennessee, A
Arkausas, Missouri, Minnobota, Celorado,
Kansas, Texas, Iowa, New Moxic#, Utah and
California, apply to or address Ahjbrt U.
Wuknn, General Kmlgrant Agent, Office No.
I <> II. ( Kimhflll Tfntian Allonu
"?v, v4ct?
N*) one should go Went without flrHl getling
in communication with tho General
Kmijfiaut Agent, ami liccomo informed ns to
ior advantages, cheap and quiok trans*
I orti 'ion of families household goods, stock,
> | u'iu f?rming in.plonients generally.
I All information cheerfully given.
! nod Cm Q V &T,A. M

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