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1. I.I , -rrr-;?t?tfc=rt I ii i ' in I !> . . |t t. I ,, |,n I ,? J.'... . n MH,M t =='
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VOL. Y. PICKENS, S. C., THURSDAY, JULY 6, 1876. , NO, 44.
I.I ??. * k m ?? I I ? ? ' 1 1 * ** * ' *' " \,m ,, mmt -%?. " ' ' " * - - ? - - ? ... .... . ? ? ? . mm k , , I *' I in I '.A 1 ..i W j 11 ,k ,ii I it till*. ? m
ATT*D nfttTPWUTiT. T.WPTtl ll 4?-- ^
Philadelphia, July 1, 1870. ..
? . ) i
agricultural hall.
w i
Mw, Doqlwtlk on Agricultural Ma
cmi'rtBftir?Oraoker Mosaics-Dmplays
of Canned Goods?The
Gentleman from Maine?Singer
r Sewing Machines?Visit of the
T i r
wrrmiatives? jlmmknsk jaion of
Vrarroiw?Dom Pedho, Lotta, and
Henry Wakd Beechek, eto.
^ "My grandfather would never ride
on that ar' machine with a silk umborroler
ovor his head, of hoknowed
me, and turning around, 1 behold
Mr. Doolittle contemplating a Uuck%
eye Mower, Them nuw fanglod
machines, sir, is destroying the race
of farmors, sir. Thoro ain't noon on
'om left to speak on now, he said,
looking disdainfully on tho fl}ing
rakes, as they weut around like tho
arms of a windmill. "This, I 'spose,
they call tho Agricultooral Department?pooty
Agricultooral DepartniAnt*
n n f n ah r? r,i nnnl> )>
? uiv;ui| uiii v u ui ? di|u{idii,
Anger was on his brow, heavy ami
dark, na ho moved away. I looked
around, and it was, indood, a sight.
"Can it bo possible," I said to myself,
"that those ologant machines before
me were over intended for the field,
or are dostiued, in tho futuro, to lay
under tho ehed in tho barn yard."? j
^ Here they aro, reapers and mowers,
rakers and 6owers, all gilded and
f nicklod like something intended tor
ci -1<1<<1..? nninmnnt T t Sr.
w |M?tiv/r. VI uuiuwii'i J.V lO 1UUIIJ "Wll*
dci (til to 6oc tlie perfection lo which
they Imvo brought farming machinery.
Of cout'BO, nioBt of my readera
have soon these things for years at
country fairs and Stute exhibitions,
but, nowhere since the world began,
have such a multitude ot ologant machines
been covered by a singlo roof.
? It is not simply utility that lifts boon
consulted in the drills, and n owors,
and reapers, and rakes, hay forks, or
ploughs. Everything is constructed
with a tasto and beauty that eeuim
^ tobeabsoluto perfection. And this
tasto and beauty is not confined to
any particular thing; it is every whore
throughout the Agricultural Ilall.
v Passing up the uiain aisle, you
oomo to au exquisite exhibition oi |
Mosaic work, in colors so rich and
beantiful, that your attontion is im- j
mediately arrostod. Your first iu- |
quiry is what is it for, and you finally
conclude that it is a unique spocimon j
of Mosaic tiling. You draw nearer.
Can it bo possible! Why, it's crak
0 era; nothing but crackers and bisx
cuitB iti such hues und shapes ns you
novor gnzod upon boforo. This is
tbo oxhibit of F. J. Lurrnbo & Co.,
of Albany, Now York, and is ono of
tho most attractivo points in tho Hull.
Tbroo hundrod difforont kinds of
crackers and biscuits aro cmployod
iu uocurunug wicBo wouueriui mosaic
walls. And not, I am informed,
Bpccially gotten up for tlio occasion,
t but ovory kind duplicated in thoir
stock and subjcct to thoir rogular
business order. Just think of ii;
threo hundred different kinds of
crackers and biscuits. Ah 1 how
lovoly they look. As I stood there
onjoying them, my month watering
on both sidc6, I was in hopes some
miechiovoua little scoundrel would
fling a doornick and smash ono of
' tlio pan08 of glass by accidont, but
nary doornick and nary boy, so I
passed sadly on, to find myself still
surrounded by good tilings. Near
mo was a gigantic temple of candy,
representing tho signing of tho Der
xjlarfttion of Indopendooco, and a
number of tabloaux in American
* History. Washington crossing tho
Defnware, Tho rescue of Oapt. John
Hirtith by Pocohontas, Tho surrondor
/if Kork Tiortndnrrifra Wtlmn A 11
- - .v Mvunii iii'Oi!)
The flght between tl?o Koreago and
Alabama, and crowning all, tlio aigning
of tlio Emancipation Proclamation.
It is a wonderful pieco of work,
ami is but only ono of the many
uunuues 01 agricultural nail.
One thingthat appoalsto tho boart
of overy, housekeeper is the manner
in which fruits and regetablos can
bo properly proaorvod through tho
year, and this is certainly 0110 of tho
strongest points in tho agricultural
department. I do not believe that
finor specimens than thoso exhibited
in thiB hall can bo found in tho
world. Tboy come from many States,
and are contributed by a multitude
1_ O - .1 >
ui jjuujhu. oumo aro iuo coninuutions
of privato individuals, and others
by established manufacturers.?
Foremost among tho manufacturers,
the excellence of whoso goods have
givon thom a commanding position
in trado, is tho great lirin of Githcne
& Kexatnor, whoso oxhibit hero is
of ospecial morit?poaches, pears,
aniilee. and vegetables of varinnn
A > ~C1
kinds aro turned out cf their cans
tasting as fresh as if they were just
plucked from tho orchard or culled
from tho vegotablo garden.
Tho aquariums form one of tho
most interesting features of this remarkable
exhibition, anil on my way
down to see them I stumbled ovor
two sucking piga, owe woighed about
thirteen and the otlior fourteen hundred;
nice littlo piga for roaating, I
said to myself, aa I got up rubbing
my ahina and walked on to nee tho
fishes; and there they were, in groat
glusn boxea, swimming about just as
natural aa lito. I have not been ualw
ing for some years, and I lolt an uncontrollable
dosire to go fishing. One
tank was full of turtles.-?fine, fat*
looking follows that would have niado
mi alderman's mouth water; and
here, too, were salmon?little hits of
fellows who survived the perils of a
voya^o from Columbia Kiver, nearly
four thousand miles, wore swimming
about just us lively as il tlioy were
in their rmtivo 6troam3. I lovo to
contemplato tlio briny monsters of
tho doep, I said, half aloud, to myself,
as I etood looking at thom.?
Monsters of tho briny deep, remark
ed Mr. Doolittle, who had just come
lit)* tlin monatai'i nf flm 1
? J ) w ..4WMW?V?I W Vi HIVJ ISklllV UUVWj
air; not tho briny inonBtors of ,tho
deep. What do you admire thorn
for, eir? ho neked. "Because they
mako brains, sir," I ropliod, oxultiriffltf
"All tlm flali Jo flia o?o
Q*j - ?MW?? 1? kuw DV?
wouldn't bo sufficont to furnish eomo
folks brains," said Mr. Doolittlo, look
ing down on me; and with a wink of
his oyo, ho said, "Look hero, joat a
few stops this way; look into that
modest case, sir. Ef you noospapor
mon want brains, as most on you do,
this is tho stuff tha'll givo'em to you.
Thoro wua a doctor. I foreret hia nRm?.
, D? '? J
but ho was a big gnn, ho wag, an' ho
said thero was moro brains, clear
grit, in one pint of whoat than there
was in four bushols of onions. 1
montion this," he 0aid, sovorely, 4<becauso
you want brains, and this is tho
stud tu mako 'cm." Hero was anew
article of manufacture, ut loaet new
to mo. I had heard of crackcd wheat,
and crushed barley, and wheaten
ijritB, and oatmeal; I had eaten them
all; but hero was something now.
And then I reflected that into wheat
ontored tho largest proportion of
brain and mubdo food of any other
ihinir. I tried it! it wn? milufnMn
o - ?9 J
and sweet, nutricious and, to my
mind, supplying a great want in our
domestic economy; u healthy food
that cun bo proparod in a few mini
ut09, and of which, in tho most sim*
pic mannor, a multitudo of toothsome
nan lu? inuilu 'I'l./v
va >W>? W VI* * imtu v? Alio WIIU1 llk*
sions Arrived at in tlio manufacture
At*o tho result of scientific analysis,
and tho articles furnished by the Cc<%
rohl Manufacturing Company of
Brooklyn are steam couked white
wheat, crushed maize, oatou grits,
barley and a compound called Gems
of Harvest. It it has really within
t ?li/i Krii'ui aln.niin* r* '
iv %? ? vt !% ? vivmuuv) ici/ uv?ry euiior i
and Contenr.ini concnpon<lcnt cnny
a dinttU bag in liiopocWet, and by llioj
eliect of their, ppw?rlnl .oxninpl? it
may ono day bacomoft nftt toil n! food
ftnd'.bt) l!o YonngJ ArfiotMba u'firit t>olu/jhiim!
, ? .1 , .
taboos aro to an li jahinan or | ico to a
Chinaman. ! >r h
' Another mngnffrcpnt display is
from the groat city of I'orkopolis,
otherwise known as Cincinnati.?Sovoral
woalthy firms have joinod in
this exhibition, and it certainly rc-,
flocts great credit on tho Stato which
it represents. Iioro aro casks with
glass heads, full of tho finest of salt
nork. ITn.mn rlnnn nn in i?nrl
I ? - ? "I' "?'W|
and blno satin, that look very much
liko splendid parlor ornamonts. A
ono hundred pound pig roasted
wholo, with a ring in ! is iioro, and
labollod "A Kink in Pork,"and Bides
of brenkfast bacon such as every
houeokeoper outsido of the Church of
Isruel would liko, to lmvn in hni?
This baa been a red letter week,
ovory day rosombling a grand holiday.
Dom Pedro and Mrs. Pedro havo boon
with us?nico people, those Podros?
I lilco'ora; vory nico poople. Then
Prince Oscar of Sweden is with us;
an oxcollont young man, and hoalthy;
no ia going to romnin BCYOriU Uiiys.
Lords, barons, nnd counts are plentiful,
but wo want n duko or two to
give tho thing n flavor; not that wo
objoot to carls?in fact, now that 1
think of it, let us have an carl. Tho
supply of foreign colobrilios proving
inadoquato to the demand, wo fall
back apon homo manufaeturo, and in
tins dilomtna a Congressman or a
Senator is not bad to tnko. Failing
in that, wo fall back upon supervisors
and aldermen, and when thoy give
out, wo have an army of gbnoraln, co|onols
aiul iniijors with which we must
contrivo to get along.
Henry Ward Bcochcr was hero this
week looking as ruggod and as happy
as if his peaeo had novor boon shakon.
Littlo Lotta, tho aetrom, was aluo
horo look'ng just liko tho littlo fairy
that pho is. FixsVico Prosidont Colfax
also droppod in to roe us. Hut tho
groat ovout of tho week has boon tho
visit of tho Singer Sewing Machino
ompioyoca. rouv tiiousand oi' thorn
camo on fivo big railroa t trains, coming
down on liko an army with
banners. Tlioy woro received by tho
President of tho Commission, Gonoral
Iiawloy, and otbor ofliccrs of tho
Commission, and woro proaontod with
a splondid flag by the Mayor of Klis
rsnuomport, jmow jorsoy. in tho ovoning
the wholo party rotarnod to thoir
homos aftor a day of unqualiflod ploas
uro, and tho cost of tho trip to tho
Singer Compnny was 825,000. On
Friday thoro woro noarly 50,000 pny-<
ing pooptd on tho ground, rtnd! the
L 1- 1*1
jriiisu ib mommy increasing..
The Condition.?In a vorv portinont
article on the flubjoot of tho Prco
School Fund, tho Charleston Journal
ol Coramorco has tho following in
liuir iho year is hardly gone; tho
public schools aro closod lor want of
funds; the convicts in tho Penitentiary
aro hirod out to keep thorn from starvation;
tho juries aro discharged bo>
eauso there is no inouoy to pay their
per diem; the Univotsity is closed for
want of funds; tho Suporintondont of
tho Asylum has gono North to borrow
monev to knmi l.hn hinut u-h f rom
Buffering; tho Governor and Lioutonunt
Governor lire in Ohio President
making. Are those the fruits of ('on
8orvati8m, Fu?ion, Hndiculisin, or
what? Aro thoso tho fruits of Gov.
Chamborluin's administration? Yet
i/ii!> itru wuriiuu truo
Doniocracy, ami entreated tOHtand by
(Jovornor Cbainborlain. It may boa
wiflo policy, but wo must bo pardoned
for not being able to hoc it.
Lynchkd.?Tito Now Orleana l'icaI'll
ll<? llin 'Ml 1. ' u,.../...l~ ll -
j ...iv v/. VI$\J vsvii ni.Uiiiii', iu|iurir} tllU
hanging of livo ncgroos at Mount
Pleasant by wliilo regulators.
What place in so rugged and so
homely that thoi'o in no beauty if you
| only have a sensibility to beauty?
Hayes and Wheoior- '
j ' Li)r.-- TT .I i -.| ' ( ;?('. i
TbaSttri a'rtytf 6f' ^lio nominations:
Mr JIay<vi i'm a oam.lbbUo wbofm weakness
ami utiim|>;>i;Uiico nro bin principal
roccoinnicmlationa to tho Ito?
publicnn party. Ilia rcccord is brief
and aligbf. In Congress bo was ono
oi tno obscurest members. His
namo thero or elsewhere lias never
p been identified with any policy or
moft6ure or action of any kind. lie
is not the man to obliterate the aboin.
ination of Giantism.
The world pays that tlio nomination
of Ilnyes U a collapse, not a coinpro.....1
-l : i ;-- -- ?
niLDu} uiiu iivhci'iduh Him iih u colorless
candidate upon a platform ot
platitudes who shoulders all ot tho
administration Bins.
Tho Times compares Ilayes' nomis
nation with Lincoln's and declares:
History does repeat itself after all.
Tho strugglo has boon bitter and a
triumph been won, in spito of tho
clamor which a groat though
tarnished name had thrown ovor mon
of simple minds and honest impulses.
IIayes is a man of plain, unobtrusive
manners, nnimpeachablo honesty,
koon intelliggnco, robust common
sense, Whcolor is a man whoso clear
headed and lar seeing statesmanship
is worthy of tho noblest era of our
I....wl ?i.~ i.:_t?. 1 -- J- -r
uiaiui j mm nnj illglUItjl t*i tUHl IU~< 1H Ol
our public life. Tbeso two names ftre
amply sufliciout guarantees that tho
party ha* shaken oil the influences
which threatened to paralyze it, and
will command iiio approval of the
Independents and Liberals. With
two such nominees, tho Republican
nni'l t> /* tiii II. t,... .w. I ?
!'??* ij v???it ut-n.li nv puv.il wuiu Ub
Tho floralil pays: Tho ticket ie a
fair one. It means nothing but modiocrity.
Hayes is a good man with
a good record. There aro, wo doubt
not, 10,000 IlojiublicanR, and one of
whom would make us as comnotont
a President as Hayes. Ho lias no
such hold on hia country Blnino
or any <>1 hia opponents in the con*
vontion. Wheeler elands well, and
tho ticket will poll tiio party strength
It will represent the nvorago, com>?
mon eoneo, auber uiinded claesea.?
When St. Louie nominates we shall
HftO OiiK'.innfiti'? trim vnlno
Washed Awat.?Erwin's, Knights
and tbo froo bridgo on tbo Saluda
rivor and all tho bridgos on Reedy
rivor from Grconvillo to ita confluonco
with tho Baluda wero swopt a*
way by tho rain last wook. Along
tho river bottoms tho instruction to
tho crops was immense, tho wheat
ami oats wore washed away and at
ienst ono fourth of tho corn crop totally
destroyod. No just estimate
can bo made of tho loss sustained by
this grout calamity. It could not
have occurred at a moro inopportune
season and theio will very likely bo
wholo Bcction before tlio suiumor id
ended. It svill bo nocossary to levy
a special tax to rebuild tho bridges
and bow tho pooplo are to bo supplied
with broad is a dillieult problem.
Before this flood the pn spools
for another year was very oucourago.
iug and it w:is thought that w.? would
luivo broad enough and to sparo but
Uio oullook is juat Dow nut a litilo
A Dkspkuate Soldier.?Tho Spanish
troops rocontly killed a man iminod
Troilan Garcia, in Cuba, who wan formerly
a Spunibh Holdios, but having
had Homo puoishuicnt inflicted on him
by tho camniandor of bis dotachmont,
dottortod to llio robcla, and at the
bead of a lew chosen men had ovoi
Hinco dovotod himself lo tho work of
rovongo on tlio particular company to
which bo had bolongod. Ho bad con^
tinuully lurked in tlioir neighborhood,
picking oir 0110 Htrngglor after another
until ho hud killed thirty hovoii nvn
of tho company, honides tho particular
officer who had p^iiahtd him.
New Why to Hike IfoWinationsThrtt-tilidfb
may btt ArttliSd Afttisfftotion
in tho CMrVty^JVohiNJfcMtfc rioinirmt
ions, Hid *riHe\tri'<Mihs of flomo Oflho
tipper counlios rxro rcquostod to mako
nominations for nil tho officca. ami tho
nmnos t'ocoiving tho highest numbor
ofvotos in till tho clubs will rcccivo tho
nomination from tho nominnling convention.
This is right find wo hopo to
soo tho plan ndoptod in Abbovillo.?
Wo dosiro to boo our pooplo BfttiBfiod
nnd thoroughly united in fooling and
Bcntimont, that wo may moro onsily
nchiovo the dosirod succcbs. By
adopting this rulo tho man who rocoivoH
tho nomination will recoivo tho
vote of n majority of tho voters thomsolvos,
which leaves no room for dm~
satisfaction with thofio dologatod to
mnko tho nominations.?Abbovillo
Pross and Banner.
Lanouaor of Finger Kings.?In
caso of ft gontleman wishing to marry
? litoral'y in tho market with his
hoart?ho wears a plain or chased
gold ring upon tho first finger ot tho
left (or hoart) hand.
When success attonds hissuit, and
ho ifl not llJlll V nnnrncrml t lir? t'inrf noaono
j ?fc>-e>?) 6
to tho second finger.
Aftor marriago it passes to tho third
If howovor, tho gont dosiros to toll
thnt ho not only is not 'in markot,'
buthodoos not dosign to marry at
all, ho woars tho Bignot upon his littlo
fingor, and ladiosmay undorstand that
ho is out of their roach.
With tho fair sox tho 'laws of tho
ring' arc:
A plain or chased gold ring on tho
littlo finger of tho right hand implios
'not engaged,' or in plainer words,
'ready for tho proposals, oealod or
other wise.'
When engaged, tho l ing passcB to
first fingorof'tho left hand.
When marriod tho third fingor re
coivcs it.
If tho fair ono proposes to defy all
soigo to hor hourt, sho pluoos tho
rings on hor first and fourth fingers?
ono on oaoh, iiko two charms to koep I
away tho tomptor. It is somowhat I
singular that this disposition of rings
i.- raro!
IIrunion.?Tho sixth annual rounion
of tho survivors of IIood'B Toxa?
Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia,
will bo dold at tho town of Bryan>
Texas, on Wodnosday, July 12tb 1876*
All railroads havo raado oxoureion
ratos, and tho hospitaljtios of tho town
will be tondorod visitors. ThoToxans
arc all anxious to moot Again the noblo
men of South Crrolina who stood by
thom so long.
After a Consultation.?A Troy
(>jf, Y.) man consultod a physician in
ithal oity rolativo to a cutanoous erup*
tion ot tho taco which groatly trouh!
r\ s\ 1 ?1 ti> i ffk n n/I haIIaI !r
impaired hor torn per, which was uau>
ally remarkably agrooablo. Anothor
physician was callod in by tho husband.
"Doctor," said tho husband,
"do you think it can bo anything bo?.
riouB?" "Not in tho loast," ropliod tho
doctor with professional gravity; "it
may be tho result of cold, or possibly
a little humor of tho blood." "It cannot
be the latter, doctor." roioinod tho
husband, "booauso my wife 1ms boon
out o, humor for a wock." Tho doctor
charged him a double fee.
Kkei'INO Accounts.?Women are
quiot iind nwoot tempo rod during tho
your, butthoy keep account of thoir
husbanda' wins and Hhortoomingn, nnd
have a grand noltloMont when house
cleaning tiino comoh. During tho few
days dovotod to w hi to wash and soap
anil water tuoy millet tho noeessary
amount of punislunont and so Htart
square again.
^ mm -
A Paris woman lias perfected a now
method ot picking pockota. Sho enters
an omnibus with a vory pretty
i and boautiful dressed buby, seats herself
close to the likeliest passongors
and works under covor of baby's am*
i>l? drnnorv. Alter suecoodini/ &ho
i? i y o
pinches tlio baby, ho that it cries fcar?
fully, nr.il she leaves tho omnibus snd
deniy to buy candy t'oi it.
, ? .?
WOMAN,?PljMip:Iior nmpng flowora,
foBtor hor ns a tender plnut, ?nd eho ih
a thing of fancy, Waywardnoss ond folly?annoyed
by a dow drop, frottod
by tho ^tonch of a buttoifly'a Wing,
roady to faint at tho sound of a boctlo,
or tho rattling of a window pano at
night, and Bho ib ovorpoworod by tho
porfnmo ol tho i-obo bud. But wbon
tho ronl calamity como, rouso hor nffoctions
onkindlo the fires of her hoart
and mark hor thou! Plnco hor in tho
heart ot tho battle, givo hor a child
a bird or anything to protect?and
boo her in a relative instanco, lifting
hor whilo arms an a shield, as hor own
blood crimsons hor upturned forehead,
praying for hor, life to protect tho
holplosfl. Transplant hor in tho dark
places of tho earth, call forth hor
onortrios to action: and hor hrnnlh
comos ji healing, hor prosenco ft blosBing.
Sho disputos inch by inch tho
strides of ft ntftlking postilonce, when
man, tho strong'nnd brftvc, pnlo nnd
niTi'ightoned, sinks away. Misfortune
dnunts hor not, sho wears a life ot
ftilont ondarnnco, nnd goes forward
with less timidity than to lior bridal.
In prosperity sho is a bud full of odors
t 11 nil in liM* ** in/lii nf ^ ,1 ?.... t 1 .. 1
I ....Living ?v/t M IIIUO U| MllVUIDllJ IW
scatter thorn abroad?gold, valuo but
untried in tho furnnco. In short, wo?
man#iRa miraelo, a mystery, tho ooutor
of form whioh radiates the charm of
Another Civil Riqiitb Cask Decision.?Judgo
Sftwyor, of tho Unitod
Statos Circuit Court' at San Franeinco
California, has decided llint portion
of the aot of Congross providing tlmt
any manager of a theatre or similar
institution is guilty ot a misclomoanor
who should refuse fttlmission to ftny
colorcd person, unconstitutional and
Miss Joiik, ot Now York, recently
oloped with ft j'Oiing man. J lor enragod
ffttlior says if ho Cftn lay his
hands on that young man, he will
toaoh him how to tako a JoaU.?
If hor parental paront foilowod tho
profession of a nowspnpor paragraph
I. * ? I I 1 ? *
int no wuiiiu huuii uuuomo aecuBiomcu
to havo hia howt Joaku Htolon.
To Keki? Flibs fom IIoksiw.? As
our farmers complain greatly of flios
upon tlioir horses, wo give tho following
rccoipo takon from tho North
Carolina Farmer:
To prevont horses from hoing teas*
ed by flies boil throo handfuts of black ,
walnut leavoe in throo quarts of was
A At 1 ^ ?l 1
*er; apongo me norcoe wuu una ao?utiou
before taking them out of tlx*
stable in the morning, wetting ttie
oars, neck and flunk. This has long
been done by Now Jereoy farmers
as a preventive against llios upon
A grumbling oar drivor ?aicl to a
pnfl8ongi?r: 'You always want mo to
stop wnon you get on.' -jno, sir, siua
tho passongor, who had no jnmping
notions, I don't euro what you do. I
only want tho our to stop. You can
go on.'
Ono of tho attractions of tho Paris
oxhibition of 1878 is to bo tho lnrgosi
balloon ovor limdo. It will contain
13,000 cubic motrou of gas, and is to
bo 32 to 34 motrcs in diumotcr. Tho
cur will bold fifty poisons.
*'Wbon women lrwiko bread," said
V^uiz, moralizing over mi ihiuoiiu
biscuit at tlio breakfast tabic?"When
women make broad, a curious phono*
motion often results; you find a little
dear bringing forth a little dough.'
An employco who doosn't havo his
hand* washed nnd his coat on ready
to strike lor homo as noon a* tho clock
begins to strike twelve or six, in not
ontorpritting enough to work by tho
? ? i
iuchunnn'M Pino Htrcot modicii!
col logo in Philadelphia was raidod on
tlio '20th inst. Tho romnins of four
infants woro found on tho promises.
This is tho institution which issued
bogus diplomas. Dr. liuchunun is a

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