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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1871-1903, July 06, 1876, Image 2

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D- F BRADLEY^ Editqr ^ropfiotorJ
Term* of Nnjtaterlpiion.
Ono Year, V. $1'" r,0
Six Months . , . . . . . ... t, 76
AdTortisomonts inserted at (ho rate of $1 00
per square, of (0) nine linos, or lbss, for the
Aral insertion, and 60 ocnta for oaoli subso<
qaent insert ion.
? tioatraois nSsdo for thkib, six or twelve
months, on favorable terms.
Advertisements net having the number of .
leeertieei ?oi%?d on thete, will bo publishod
until forbid wed charged eooordingly. 1
a ncttu lorcub uro bo mmpie any oniia may
understand them. Nine lines Is a square?
0110 inch, In every instance wo charge by
the spaoo occupied, as eight or ton lines can
bo made io ocoupy four or fivo squares, as the
advertiser may wish, and is charged by the
Advorlisera will ptease state the number
of squaros they wish their advertisements
to mako.
mar Business men who advertise to bo |
boncfUlod, will bear in mind that the
SENTINEL baa a largo and increasing circulation,
and is taken by tho very class of
porsons whoso trade thoy deeiro.
PIOliKNS O. II., S. V.:
ThnrNduy, July ?, 187?.
National Democratic Tickct.
for president:
of nvw voiik.
eag ai-.i i 1 J?
83?"* Wo nlaoo at tho hoad of our
column, the namoa of tho next Presidont
and Vico-Prosidont of tho Unitod
Tho St Louis ConventionTho
nominatiou,of Tildon and IIen-?
dricka for President and Vice Prosis
dont of Uio United Slates, i?, >n our
opinion, the Btrongoat that could huvo
boon inauo by iuo St. LouiB Convention.
Govornor Tildon is a real bonu
fldo Hefornier, and an uncompromising
enemy of public thioveB arid plunderers.
Ilia official rocord as Govornor
of Now York, baa given him anas
tional reputation, and his natco has
almost beoomo a household word. Tho
Twood Iting of Now York City, and
tho Caual King of tho Stato wore
burstod ossuuder by him, and tho
most prominent political loaders as
.ir.ongst them, a majority of whom
beltjngod to his own political party,
wore prosecuted and aont to tho ponos
tontiary. Besides rodueingtlio public
dobt of New York, -lio reduced the
fckuto taxes In ouo voar oiL'lit millions
dollarH. Thobo und many othor of his
olliciul fieta in the intercut of oconomy
and good govornmont has givon him
ouch utrongth Unit his dofout in tho
tSlttlo id un uttor impossibility. Hendricks
is n statesman of tho first wntor
...i .. . -
uiiu mio nioBt, popular mun in tlio
Groat West. With Tildon and Honchickf)
ub standard boarora, defeat is
Moultrie Colebratlon
fiio Centonuiu! colobration of ibe
of Fort Monltrio, on tho 28th
ult., waa a grand buooobs. Tho old
guard of Now York, Boston Light In^
i A 1 *?
imivry anu uosion l igcrH, DosiUos 0th
or military organizations from Georgia
and tbis .State, woro present and
participated in (lio culobration. (Jon
Wado Hampton wan commander in
cliiof, and Gon. J. li. Korahaw wan
orator of tho d*y. Thu Northern visitors
received a warm and cordial roeoption
l>y tho citizotm of OliaiioHton
whilo that oxtondcd to tlio visitors
iryin our BiHior oiuio oi lioorgin was
equally us onthuaiaelio. Many oloquont
flpooohoH, burning with palriolio
fioritiirionUi was dolivorodon tho ocea^
oion, anil tho "Yankeo" nnd "llobol''
mot In cordial friendship to do honor
to tho evoot and tlio memory of tho
horoca of Fort Mounltrio which addod
lllHt.ro 10 ino 80118 oi ooulli Carolina,
and contributed much to tho indopou->
dvnco ol tho coloniob. Tho memory
ol Moultrie and hia email bund of pair
iota who ho gallantly and Huccoesfully
dofondod tho pal motto fort, on th
28th dftv of Juno 177P> will lien fr I
J - - * - ? ~
agoH to bo honored by eaoh ftuccooriing
generation. Nothing could havo boon
moro appropriate than tho Centennial
colobrntion of tho battlo by Sotlth |
Carolina, which calls back tho rnomory |
of hor n >blo nonn and hor bottor days. I
Wo are glad to know that tho colobra- '
tion, in evory particular, was ubuccohr
and tiunt it may not bo barren of good ,
Iruits. 4
- - I - - I--- T- y f|-ua*- ? ' ??- 'T-fSt
Loui? Convention
k. Sound ^wwobm and Sound candid
atbhf?Til.dbn and uendttloku?
mjeans Victory and, Hryo&m.
Platform. i
We, tho dologates of tho Domoci'atr
c party of tho Unilod Statos, in national
oonvontion assomblod, do bore
loolaro tho administration of tho Fod>
nal govornmontto bo in urgont nood
)f immddiato rofortn; do horoby enjoin
upon tho nominooa of this oonvontion
&nd of tho Democratic party ia each
State, a woaleet oflfort and co-opecation
to thie end, and do hereby appeal
to our follow eitiaoM ol every formor
political oonnootion to undertake with
us this first and most nramincr natrint
io duty for the Domocraoy of tho
wholo oountry. Wo do horo reaffirm
our faith in tho pormanenoy of tho
Fodoral Union, our devotion to tho
constitution o 1 tho unitod Statos, with
its amondmonta universally uocoptod,
as a final sottlemout of tho eontrovorHios
that ongondorcd civil war, and do
ncro rccoru out BLoauiaBi connaonco in
tho perpetuity of Kopublican self government;
in absoluto acquiobconco in
tho will of tho majority, tho vital prinoiplo
of tho ropublio; in tho Biiproinaoy
of tho civil ovor tho military authority;
in tho total aoporation ot church
and Slate, for tho sako aliko of civil
mid roliirioiiR frnfidom? in on 1 ml it. v
of all citizens boforo just lows of their
own on(lotinont, in tho liberty of indiv
vidual conduct, unvoxod by sumptuary
IftWK; in tlio faithful education of tho
rising gonoration, that thoy muy pre*
servo, onjoy and transmit theso best
conditions of human happiness and
hopo. We bohold tho noblost prorl
nAtn A f n 1\ n i\ s\ viaawa aU?? *
uuui/o \JA t? iiuiiui vu jf uui n ui vjimu^uiui j
history, but, whilo upholding tho bond
of our Union and great charter of
thoso our rights, it bohoovos a froo
pooplo to praotico also that etornul
vigilnnco -whioh is tho price of liberty.
Koform is nocossary to robuild and
osuioiisn iu ino nouriR 01 ino vrcioie
nooplo tbo Union clovon years ago
happily rosouod from tho duuger of a
corrupt centralism, which, after inflicting
upon ton Suites tho rapacity of
earpot hag tyrannios, ban honeyoombod
tbo oflloes of tbo Fodoral govonimont
itsolf with iucapaoity, wasto and
fraud; infected States and municipalities
with tbo contagion of inisrulo,
and looked fast tho prospority of an
industrious pooplo in tho paralysis of
hard timoB. Reform is noooosary to
-..i . 1.11. .1. - ? A * i
UBI/UUUHU uuuuim curronoy, roaioro mo
public crodit and maintain tho national
honor. Wodououoco tho fail,
uro of ull thoHO olovon yoaru to tnakc
good tho proraiuo of tho logtil tender
notes which tiro a changing standard
i?.~ 1 i- -.x 4i.~ s~
and tlio not) paymont of which in n
diarogard of tho pllghtod faith of tho
nation, Wo dononnco tho improvidence
which in olovon yearn of poaco
Iuih taken horn tho pooplo in Federal
luxes thirteen timon the whole
amount of tho legal tender notes, and
Rnnandflrftfl four liinna f.liiu anm in
iiHolosf* oxpenso, without tho oooutuu- '
lation of any rosorvo for tholr rodotnption.
Wo donounco tho financial im*
bocility and immorality of that party
which during tho olovon yoara ofpoaoo I
hae inado no udvanco towards roaunop ]
tion; that, inntoud, Iiuh obstructed resumption
by wasting our resources
and exhausting all our surplus income
and, whilo annually profoBoing to in*
tond a spoody rotum to epooio naymonU,
lias Annually en no tod frosb
hindranooH thoroto. us Btioh a a bindranoe
wo donoutioo iho roaumption
oIaiibo of the Aot of 1876, ana we
hero domand its ropoal. Wo domand
a judicious system of preparation by
publio oconimioa, by omoial retrenchments,
and wiao finanoo, which
hIiuII onftblo the nation to oasuro the
wliolo world of its porfoct ftbility and
iLh norf'oot roudinoHH to moot anv of it.n
I / promises
at tho call ol tlio eroditor ontitled
to puyinont. Wo believe such
a systom woll devised; and, above all en
trusted to competent hands for oxocu*<
tion, creating at no tiino an artificial
security of ourroncy, and at no time
alarming tlio public mind into n
withdrawal of that vaster rnftchinory
of credit by which ninoty five
per ocnt. of nil businoss transactions
aro porformod; a system opon, public
and Insoirinfif irenoral confidonen.
would, from tho dsy of its adoption,
bring healing on its wings to all our
harrassod industry, and set in motion
tho wheels <A coinmoioo, munutaeturs
os and tho mechanical arts; rostoro
omuloyinonb to labor, und renew, in
all its national souroo, tho prosperity
of tho pooplo. lioform is nooossary
in tho sum and modo of Fodoral taxation,
to tho end that capital may bo
OAf frnn fvr\rn fliuf I?-?Kan
....... w..,v. ?.r,? L..V. ...(/?(
ly burdened. Wo donounco tho proscut
tariff imposed upon noarly 4,000
articles as a rnastor pioco of injustioo,
inequality and lulno protonco. It
yields a dwindling not a hearty rising
revonuo; it has imnovorlflhcd many in*
ilustrios to subtfidiso a tow; it prohibits
imports that might purchase tho
jjroduois of American labor; it has degraded
Ainorican commorco from tho
Iirst to on inforior rank upon tho high
wan; it lino out down tho ernlofl of
Arnoiic ... mannfuctni'ors at homo and
ihrojvl, and doplotcd tho roturns of
American agri' ''.ure or industry, fol
- ... * . ? ? .....
lowod by hull our pooploj it cotts tho
peoplo iivo tiroes moro than it produces
to tho treasury. obfltruois tho pro*,
ocsses of production and wastes tho
fruits ot labor, it promotes fraud and
I foster*! smuggling, on riches dishonest
ofloials and bankrupts honest morohants.
Wo demand that all custom boose
taxation shall be only for revonuo. Hoform
is necossary in tho soale of pnblio
oxponso?Federal, 8tato and municipal.
Our Fedora! taxation has swollen
fVom $60,000,000 in gold in i860 to
$460,0001000 in ourronoy in 1870. Our
aggregate taxation from $lfe4t000,000
in gold in 1860 to $780,000,000 in ourranov
in 1870. Op In nnn dAnarfn
from loss than |5 per ho ad, to more
than 918 per head. Sinoe the peaoe
tho people have paid to their tax gath?
erora more than thrioe the sum of the
national debt, and moro than twice
that sum for tho Fedoral government
Wo demand a vigorous frugality in
ovorv doDai'tmont nnil frnin rkf*
floor of tho govornmont. lloform is
nooossary to put u atop to tho profligate
waato of publio lands, and thoir
diversion from aoiual settlors by tho
party in powor, which has equandorcd
8200,000,000 of acres upon railroads
alono, and, out of tuoro than thrioo
that aggregate, has disposed of less
than a sixth directly to tillers of tlio
soil. Ileforin is necessary to correot
tho omissions of tho liopublican ConI
gross and tho errors of our troatios and
our diplomacy which have strippod
our follow citizens of foreign birth and
kind rod raco roorowsing tho Atlantic
of tho shield of American citizonship,
and have oxposed our brcthron of the
Pacific coast to the incursion of a race
not sprung from tho same groat par-*
out stock, and, in lUct, now by lav*
denied (ilizonsiti]?* through nsturalU
zation, as boii. *, :;oithor accustomed to
tho traditions ol v pro^rocuivo civilisation
tior oxortMud in liberty under
oqual laws. We denounce tho policy
which thus discards tho lihnrtxr lnv
ing German and tolerates the revival
of tho ooolio trado in Mongolian worn
on, importod for immoral purposes,
and Mongolian men hired to perform
eervilo la I) or contracts, and domand
such a modification of tho troaty with
tho Chineso Empiro, or such legislation
by (Jongross within a oonstitu?
tional limitation as shall provont tho
furthor importation of immigration of
tho Mongolian raco. Koform is nooossary
and can never ho oflcctod but
by making it tho controlling issue of
tho elections, lilting it above tho two
falso issues with which tho office hold*,
ing class and tho party in powor Book
to smother it. Tho false ismm wi?.li
which thoy would onkiudlo nocturia!)
Birifo !u rcHpoct lo tho public schools,
of which tho of.tabiishraont to support
belonging oxclcbivoly to tho hovqra!
States, and which tho Democratic
party haflchorishod from their found*
alion and roBolvod to maintain without
partiality or preference for any
class, soct or croud, una without contributing
from tho troasuiy to any?
IIio ialse iosuo by which they seok to
light anew tho (lying cmbor? of seetional
hate botwoon kindred pooplea,
oneo unaturully ostrangod, but now
reuitilud in cno indivtsiblo republic
und a common dosliny, Koform in
Dcocasary in tho civil service, Exporionco
moves that offioient, oconoruieui
eonduot of tho governmental busi*
nous is not possihlo if its civil Bervico
be Buhjoct to change at every election,
bo a prixo fought for at the ballot box,
bo u half roward of party zoal instoad
of posts of honor, assigned for proved
competency and held for fidolity in
tho publio employ. That tho dispensing
of patronage should neither bo a
tax upon the time of all our public
moil, nor tho instrument of thoir ambition.
Hero again professions falsi
noa in iuo poriormftnco, attoBt that
Iho party in powor can work out no
praotioal or Balutory reform. Reform
is neoessarjr even more in the higher
vradoe of publio sorvioo, The Prosk
dont, Vico Proeidont, Judgos, Son as
orHj lloproBontativos and Cabinot of
ficora. ThoBb, and a\l othora in authority,
aro tho pooplcs* servants;
thoir olficoiB aro not privato porqui
hiioh; tney aro publio trustu. Whon
tho annals of this republics bIiow tho
disgraco and connuro of a Yico Proeidont,a
into Spcakor of tho ILouso of
Keprosentativus marketing liis ruling
lie a presiding olllcor; thrco Senators
profiting secretly by their votes as Inw
innkorn; (ivo oh airmen of leading com
mittocs of tho Into iloiiRO of Kopro-.
nonuuivos exposed in jobbing; a late
Socrotary of tho Treasury forcing balances
in tho public Accounts; a lalo
| Attorney Oonoral niisupproptiating
public funds; a Secrotary of tho Navy
enrichod or onriohing frionda by perContois
levied off tho profits of contractora
with his department; an ambansador
to England consurod in a
dishonorable speculation; tho Presidonl'H
Private Snfirotnrv no.
I - - J ?- ~'J
capcd conviction upon trial lor guilty
complicity in frauds upon tho liovcns
no; a Secretary of War impoachod for
high crimes arid confonscd riiisdomoanI
orn. Tho demonstration is completo
that tho first fitop in reform must bo
tho pooplo'a choice of honest mon from
anothor prvrt}', loHt tho disuso of one
political organisation infoot tho body
politic and thoroby making no change
r.T I A A tl /.? If \\I A /?rt ^ ** "
Vft I 11U 11 Ul |/CH \>J . II U VJilll I^Ul IIU
rhnnrfo of moasuro and no roform. All
tlioBo abuses, wrongs and erimofl, tho
product of sixteen yearn' ascendancy
of tho llopnhlioan party, oreato a nocofiflity
for rolorm, confosaod by Ilopuhliciwis
thomaolves; hut Ihoir roiortnn
aro voted down in convontion
anu displaced lioin the Cabinet. Tho
party's mnfiB of lionoat toIor is now-1
erloss to resist the 80,000 offico fiold*
ore, its loadovs and guidos. Kef or m
oan only bo bad by n peaceful oivio
rovolution. Wo demand a obungo of
system, a ohango oi administration, a
ohango ol parties, that wo may havo
obango of members and ol mon. V.
The reading was frequently inter
raptcd by appIauBO. Tho donunolfttion
of tho resumption audi de*
mnnd for its ropoal was rocoivod with
especial favor.
At tho copolosion, porsheimor said
tho committoo had adopted And Ondorsod,
though not as a part of platform,
tho resolution which ho road
oftdoraing action 6i tho Hons* of Be
jinxwiiwuTw in ouuing aown appro
priations. He exhorted the firmness,
also resolution as to the last claims of
soldiers, sailor* and widows and or?
pbans. Ooneral Ewing presented, at
tho requost of several gentlomen, a
substitute for tho flnanoial plank.?
Tho majority roport wa? adopted by
?51 to 8.
Tho convention tbon proccodod to
nominate and ballot.
Col. Williams nominatod Hendricks;
Whitoly, ofDolawaro, nominatod Buy
ard; Loon Abbott, of Now Joreoy,
nominated Parkor; Francis Koruan,
of Now York, nominated Tildon.
First ballot?Allon f?G; Tildon 4034;
Parker 18; Hancock 76; Bayard 27;
llondricks 133J.
Socond ballot?Allon 64; Tildon 467;
Parker 18; Hancock 71; llondricks
108; Thurman 2. Iowa changed 20
for Tildon; Illinois changed 24 foV
Tildon and 18 for llondrioks; Missouri
clmngod 20 for Tildon and 10 for Hendricks.
Wholo voto on second ballot
788; nocossary to a choico 492. Aftor
tho change by Iown, Illinois and Missouri,
Tildon hud 585; IIondrioltH GO;
Allen 51; llancoolc 50; Buyurd 11;
Thnramn 22; Parker 18.
Thomas A. llondricke, of Indiana,
waft unanimously nominated for Vico
i'rosidont on tho firBt ballot.
BdS^ Largo ratification raootings
liavo boon hold in all parts of the Union
sinco iuo nuuiiunvion of Tiidou. No
nomination was ovor rocoivod with
grontor ontbusiasro.
Tho FourthTuesday
lust wuu tbo glorious fourth.
Ono bundrod youraainco tbc adoption
of tbo Doolarution of Amorican Indi
pondunco, Thoro was no domouBtras
tion in this sootion.
- > ^
"Tho Fort Moultrie Centennial"
In tbe oxprcusivo tivo title of ? Brochnro,
hunduoincly illustrated and of
coDsidornblo litoray merit, which wo
huvo roooivod in uuvubco, from the
nntiliatinra M nuaffl W ITtrnnc
1'urt I., wfeich ia in hand, ia an account
of thu doinga at Fort Moullric,
June 28th, 1770. Many now and in^
tempting Joatures oi thib strugglo aro
brought out which glvou poculiar valuoto
tho publication. Tho engraving
of Jiwpor Iloatonng tho Flag ia a ro~
production of Loutzo'a fomouB painting
which wasdootroyod in 1861. Aekctch
was eavod by an amateur, from which
tho ongraving waa mndo. Thia, or
the aptondid ongraving of that olognnt
gentleman and gallant soldier, Gon't
Muultrio, is alouo worth the entire
prico of tho book. Thoro are a lurgo
numhor of other intoroating and new
engravings of quaint old things.
Part II, wo look forward to with
great intoroat, aa it will ho an il?
A -i* *? _ /i J ^ -
iuBbrni>uu ouvuudv ui vuo urniui uentonnial
Celebration. Each park sella
for 25 ooota per oopy. Fino odition,
85 contH per oopy, and will bo eont by
mail, postago propraid, on roooipt of
prico, by tbo publishers, Walker,
Kvanh & Cogswell, Charleston, & C
J|6>- A guard and two convicts wero
drowndod nt tbo Penitentiary last
fifgr Tildcn will carry New York
?.wl II 1 ..I-*- ?Ml f ?
uuu jLLunuriuKa win curry uiuiuiiH,?
Tho Chin0B0 plank in tho platform eoeuros
tho Pacific Statca and roudora
victory doubly euro.
? mm*
In Novomhor tlio Jiudioul pnrty
wiU bo Hazed. Tildcn Dortiocrntu
can rost BfttiBHo ).
. ?t)&f~
Tlio CliinoNO plunk in tho Do
moorutie nlatform acouroa tho l'uoillr!
jy* Tho Nntionul Dotnocraoy is
now united for tho first timo fiiuco
BfiX. With ii national viotory Uic
hopes of South Carolina will rovivo.
IW Corporation is tho now numo
for oonlition. iJah !
Bgju Senator W. A. Evans, of Chcstoriiold
County, and Mrs. W. S. Pool,
of Columbia, woro mairioil, nt tho
Contral Hotel, in (Colombia, on tho
14th iiiHt.
?liLlL.lll. " II ' IIMMIII ll?ll_ jjj.
? -?
For tho Legislature,
. .. r...
gJoy We aro authorised (o aunounoo Dr.
A. J. ANDERSON an candidate for thejLe-i
gtslaturfc from Piokeqp County, at the onsu>
Ing ?lection?subject, however to the Donio*
cratlo nomination.
fcfaiU We are authorised to announoe TllOB.
W ItUSSELL as a candidate for tho Legisla
luro irom i'lcKene County, at tho onsultig
olootion?subjeot, however to the Demooralio
I 1&. The friends of B. II. DATE8 respectfully
announoehlm a* a oandidato fojr tho
Legislature from Piokens poanty, at the enMing
election?autyeot, however to the Demooratlo
nomination. *
IQ. Tho many friends of J. D. 8UTH
ERLAN1) rospeot fully announce him as a
candidate for (he Logialaturo from Piokona
County, at tho onauing elootionjrsuhjoct,
however to tho Domoorntio nomination.
Stiff' Tho TOftny friends of D. F. lillADLEY,
Esq., respectfully announco; him as a
candidate for tho Logiuiaturc?euhjoct, however
to tlio Democratic Nominating Couvcn.
mi. ukauley Bcrveu us inuiiiuiiy 111 iho last
Loginiuture, and a more indofatignble worker,
or watchful ocrvaut of the intorest of Lis constituents
can not bo found in tho County,
For Clerk of Court
86>?Thc many friends of JOHN J. LEWIS
rospcctftilly announce him As a candidate for
Clerk of the Court of Pickens County at tho
ensuiug election, subject, however to tho
Domocratio nomination,
Mr T.tJwln io .. I ?i ?-<- ? ?? *
.o h m \tu uuu iiivu i/fiuuurui,
mid his fine buflinooH qualifications eminently
fit liim for the office. *
For Probate JudgeB?5u
Tho ninny trioudB of R. A. 01IILD,
respectfully announco him as a oandidato for
Judge or Probuto of riokoue C'ouuty, at tho
onnuing election?subject, however to the
Domocratic nomination.
ffgr Tho many friends of W. 0. FIELD,
ruB|io<j(iuuy announce film ns a candid&to for
Judge of Probate of Pickens County at (lie
ensuing election?subject however, to the
ictiou of the Couuty Democratic Nominating
Convention. *
For Sheriff.
Tlio frlende of G. W. BOWEN respectfully
announco lilm oa a candidate for
ttlioriflf of l'ickttna County at thocuaulng clcolinn
HiiWftnJ ImtBAwn- *l- - ,v
...? ...jwt, uuruin iu iuu i^euaocrauc
nomination. *
tidf Tho many friends of J. RILEY FERGUSON
reapectfully announce bira as a cantSiuHiv
iui > c-oiccwcu to thv swcv cf S!:ct:0"
of Pickens County ut the cusuiDg election?
subject, however, to the action of the County
Democratic nominating Convention. *
For School Commissioner.
ttSP" The many friends of I'rof. J. II. CAR
LlHLiiO rospcctfully auuounco him ne a can*
didato for ?ho oOioo of School Commissioner
of Tiokona County at tho ensuing oloction,
Buhjocl however, to the action of tho Demo"cratic
nomination. *
?*?/" Tho many friends of M. S. HENDRICKS,
rcnpeotfully announce him as a
candidal o for School Commissioner of l'ickons i
County, at the ensuing election?subject,
howover, to the aotiou of the County Domocratic
nominating Convention. * j
BY-LAWS 0.-7
Oolcnoy Bapllftt Church.
OttDiNAKOB 1. The ohureh shall elect on
Iho first regular mooting In each /ear, a
Counollof at least Are men, whoso duty It
J sba!! bo to oontro! a!! sailors corning under
their juritidiolion?ono of whom shall act an
lohairman. and thov nhnH nil no ..
try all cased that my bo brought before thorn
for any trespass or misdcmoanor that may be
committed within tho oorporate limits of tlio
II. If nny cuc being (riorl by tho said council
shall fail to oornply with tho decision of
the same, they shall bo brought by tho chairman
bofore a higher court for trial.
III. Tho counoil shall appoint two marshals
who shall have power to appoint oa many assistants
as they may doom noccssary. It shall
be the duty of the marshal to bring before the
council uny person or persons thatsliall violate
nny ot the laws <jf tho incorporation.
IV. Any ono who shall buy, sell, drink or
give to nny ono intoxicating drinks wilhin
tho corporato limits of the church, shall bo
subject to a fmc not oxcooding $26, nor loss
than $f> and all cost.
V. Any one using profane language, loud
talking, or in any way disturbing tho congregation
or any part thoroof in litno of Diylno
Hervico, Sabbath Hohool, or any Religious
Kxerciso, shall be subject to a ono not exoccding
$50, and not less than $6, and all
in * *
? i. miy pernou irO?p(l83ing UpOD HlO corporate
liinitu of (ho ohuroh, no as to injnro or
dofaoo tho houso, oither outside or inside,
or scats, or upon tho land or timber, or any
tiling that is in the corporate limits, belonging
to tho chnroh, shall be oonsiderod guilty
of a treapasp and subject to a fine not exceeding
$50, nor l?ss than $6 and nil cost.
VII. Any p?rson or jporsons burying in ?
space of ground laid off in front and around
tho ohuroh house for yard purposes, shall bo
guilty of trespassing, and shall bo eubjoot to
a fino not exceeding $500, ar less than $100,
and alt cost. _
VIII' All moneys collected by fino or othor
"wise, by tho council, shall bo placed In the
hands of the Treasurer of tho ohuroh, and
made use of according to the decision of the
July ft, lb7?? M 1
. j
t'1 " " n i 'i mi ?
nkw advejltiskm?$'i'?}.
i'j j i - vf-'-- ^ ^ ^
the wtntc o^buth carolina ^
county or pidltisnfii.
?A\ t
W 8ilaa Kirksoy, Plaintiff against Joseph A
Bates, Mary Batos, Harvoy K Mull, Margaret
Mull, Jamos K Kirk soy, JBliiafieth
Clayton and Bobort C Clayton, Dofendanta *
Pbtitiok ani> ConMaint tfon PaAti*i6? 0*
hkal estatb, &0. v'.
To Joseph A Batos, i/ary Batos, Ilarvey B
Mull, Margaret Mull, JatncB K Kirksoy,
Kliiabeth Clayton and BobcrtC Clay toll,
legal heirs and representatives of James
Keith, Senior, deceased, who died intestate:
Greeting. , . ,
()U arn bornhv roriuirad to anrtoar felthn
X Court of Prolate, to be hoi (Ton at Pickens
Court House, for Plokena County, otf tho
seventeeth day of ?eptember, A. D. 1876, te >
abow eauae, if any you oan, why the real ? ?
tate of Jaraoa Keith, Booior, doceased,
oribed in tho oomplamt of W. Silas Kirksey,
filed in toy offico, should not bo divided or j
sold, alloting to Ifib said W. Silas Kirkfeey,
One-sixth thereof,' and tho remainder to
whoover mav be entitled to reoeive the 9*mo.
Oivon under my hand ai*d soal, this first
day of July A. 1>. 187C.
Judge of Probato Pickons Couuty.
To llarvoy E Mull, Margaro^Mull, Elisabeth ^
vuiyion unti iioDert U Uluyton?UoronclanW.
Tako nolico that the Oomptnint in the abovo
stated action, wao this day fdod in tho Pro*
bato Court for tho County of Pickens.
Plaintiffs Attomoye.
July G, 187G 4 t 0
$000,000 I? OIFT&!
A TV _ _ f. ? *? d%-mn. '
jti !* vnuuv **?ir ?irH*y
KlpIlE Kontuoky Cnsh Distribution Company,
.5.. authorized by n special net of the Kentucky
Legislature, for llio benefit ?f Hie PUB
tho first of their series of Grand Drawings at
Majcu Hall, in iho Oily of Frankfort, Ky.f
on THURSDAY, AUGURT, 81, 1876, on
which oooaaion they will distribute to the
ticket-holders (ho itumonse eun of- I
Thomas IV Pobthr, Ki-Gov. Ky., OcDotftl
Mnuagor. ?
Pooitively no Postponement ^
Ono grand cash gift, ' $100;UOO
Ono grand cash gifl, 60,000 \
Ono grand cash gift, 26,000
Ono grand oash gifl, -.,20,000,
Ono grand cash gift, ' . 10,000
Ono grand cash gift, 6,000 ,
60 cash gift# of ? 1,000 pach 60,000
100 cash gifts of 600 cach ' 60.000
100 cash gifts of 400 oach 40,0()0
100 cash gifts of 800 ouch v .80,000
! 200 cash gifta of 200 each 40,000'
| ftOO cash gifts of 100 caoh ' 00,000 ^
10,000 onsh gifts of 12 cach H0,000
I Total. 11,160 clttfl. all otvsh 000 tw?
|? miCfe OF TICKET8: .
Whole tickotu, $12; Halves, 9M>; Quarters, $H;
0 Tiokcte, $100; 27* Tickctn, $?<>0; 4d| Tick-' ^
ctB, $600; Or,J Tickets, $1,000. iOO.OOO
Ticketa at $12 cach.
Hcmittaiiocn oau bctuudoby Express, Draft,
l'ostoftiec Money order llegiutcrod Letter,'
mado payable lo Kentucky (Jaah Distribution
All communications connected with the
distribution, and orders for Tiokote, $ind ap?
t)lication? of Acnnt* (< ??il .>.??? *?
M - 1 ?w WV.. Diivaiu l/w
udUriiHbcd to
Qonorul Muangcr, Frankfort, Ky.
June 29. 1876 48 4 '
Lbo it onoo, and you will use
no other/
Prououncd by Jurorb of Great International
'Exposition, Paris, 1867, (o be tho
A trial will insuro its popularity every-*
whore. None genuine without Duryoas' on
ovory package.
Por eale by Groccra generally. *
June 8, 1870 40 ly
T7OTx> C A T r?
i w xv U 1\ 1~J LI/,
o ~
rnii ?, undersigned will f.oll at Private 8a\o,
x ilia valuablo PLANTATION, known as
tho Larkin Hon in * . > place, containing 112
acres, on whioh ilio.' 'iru .'x/nt 1U aoros of
first olnr.i bottom There ii also a good now
Cotton Gin and rrusi) ou (ho plaoo; good
Dwelling and ull uocei'sary Outbuildings. .
Auothor Tract, containing 163* aoros, on
wliloh thoro aro fino Up Lauds, well timbered
and first class bottom: and a fino Orohard.
All my Interest in Larkin IIondrlok'0
If not nobl nl Privalo Btvlo boforo (he 20th
of next September, all the nbovo property
will bo disposed of lit Publio 8nlo.
P. O. address, DocusvUlo, PinkenH County, 1
May U.1870 M Id
TIIK Second Session of tho nbovo uatnfd
School will open Tuesday, June <Ub,
Forlertns, kcnddre?? the Principal.
May 25, levr w If

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