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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1871-1903, July 06, 1876, Image 4

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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nil ?????IH'HMIIM
A, Modotn Job
BY mZAKItli.
Hogg*' faco looked as mournful as
ft gravoyard by moonlight as ho descended
tho stairs of his boarding
honso, one morning last woolc, wliilo
tho mincing mannor in which ho
stepped and tho wido detour ho mado
to avoid anything touching him was
calculated to givo ouo tho impression
that ovorythlng was not'sereno.
Oh, old sport, how's things? shouted
young Trippor, overtaking him in
tho hall and rushing past him.
Durnatiou! I wish you'd look where
vnii'i'n rnniiiiurl nvnlnimnd H lwthiw
ing ou to tho bannisters, and wriths
ing around ub if in agon)'.
Why, I scarcely touched you at
all, said tho young man, stopping and
looking tit him in amazement.
Touched tho d?1. You hit one
of my biles hard enough to knock a
horse down, screamed I3oggs, wiping
tho te^rs out of his eyes.
Thou why don't you keep your
boils out of tho way if you don't want
to got them busted? replied Tripper,
gotting tuad and sassy.
I'll bust the man that busts ono of
them, if I goto prison lor nineteen
thousand yoar6 for doing it, said
Hoggs, hoarsely, treading as soltiy
down tho stairs as it ho was walking
on tackb with hit* baro foot.
Good morning Mr. 13oggu, said his
landlady, coining suddenly upon and
brushing against him as ho paesod
tho parlor door.
Ouch, Oh, Lordy. llang tlio
thing, ho oxclaimed, loaning up a?
gainst tlio wall and holding his pants
off tho tender spot.
Why, what's tho matter! she asked
with ularin.
Oh, lom'mo Mono, can't you? he
Are you sick? she inquired, solicituoualy,
coining over to his side.
iveop away ana uou't Jay your lmger'on
ino, or I'll brako everything
in *;iin bouse, lie cried, desporatolyj
modioli*ng her ofl'-with liie disengaged
Well, you might be a little more
civil, I think, aho replied, flouncing
away to the dining room, where,
mooting Jonos, her first floor boarder,
~ _ _ ;/i is .1 ? * _%!
uue bum, oonuuenuaiiy?
I juBt had nil awful fright from Mr.
lioggts. Ho acta like a man with tho
hydrophobia. I wieh yuu'd find out
what ails him.
Wbon Bogga limped in, opening
tlio door very wido, and looking ulound
for tho sofeet chair, thoro was
a paiuful bilonco for a moment, and
thou Joiion ask ml?
Sprain your ankle, Boggb?
No; sprain nothing, suitl Mr. B.,
tartly, Bitting down as gontly aa if he
wiits going to hatch egga.
liheuinatisn), eh? inquired Jones,
attor receiving a sinilu ol approval
lrom his hostess.
No, ejaculated Bngga, tersely.
iioota iiurt you, neyf questioned
None of your darned business, txs
claimed Uoggd, jotting angry at boit>g
Wull, thuru'a no reason fur you got
ting your back uj> about it. I wan
only inquiring what was tho matter
Willi yuu, ?aid Jones, hotly.
Well, if you must know, I've f^ot
a howling old bile horo on this U-g,
And a couple of doublo headed old
'nuortuiV hereabout, explained I><'gg8
making a motion to lift his noiit tail
:i!l(l liliint mit tln> rnvwiao
The lundlad.y turned (juickly ft way
ami commenced talking to tho canary;
Mis.s Uccvllole, tho young lady hoard
or, who had Ivmn lintoning attentively,
bluehod scarlot, young Tripper
l'oarod with laughter, and Jones, lifter
wishing tlio floor would open tlie
house fall down, or sumo ono Hliout
tiro in tho fltroet, stammered?
Y08?yes. Novcr mind sh-showing
us, wo'll tftko your word for it.
Aftor hroakfast, Iioggs started oil
for btiBincan, walking aa slowly and
gingerly an a man docs on ico; turn*
ing tho corner of tho street, a hutchor
hoy with a basket on his arm, ran into
Ow, ow, Cremation. I'll kick tho
iiooii rifr UAH i.? - -?i
j"?t uv runrcu, oaicnmg
hold of a lwico and glaring at tho
(,Yick?y! What'a tli<? matter villi
.yon? Dot tho ?1 iin Jains? Vullod tin:
I hopo I'll live to boo you hung for I
that, oxolaimed I^ggo, mopping tho |
cjIiI perspjratioji from liia . forehead.
Don't your clothes fit yovi? Don't
you got enough to oat? asked the
boy, chuffingly;
Bogge' limped away, promising
himself a days vacation, uo maltor
how busy ho might bo, to witness
that boy'sexoeution, lmilod a passing!
car, uuu eoi uown soiuy, siowiy ana
painfnly on tho hard uncuehioned Boat
A mpniont later, a fashionablo miss
with pull back skirts, and hor hair ar
tistioally mu68od o'vor hot* forohoad,
cumo in and dropping into her ecut
diagonally, buinpod up against his
ChriB-tophor Co-lumbus! Why
cant you sit down liko a Oliriataiu?
bo cxclaimod, squirming and wiig?n
1>;U ti.x.t till II,? tinu.
I* 14 v.t v.1 i..o own., till WWW
BengeiB thought ho waa going to lmvo
a (it.
Mo, sir? enquired tho young lady
Yes, you, you. You ma'am. I've
got a bite on my log as big as a
bucket, and you lloppod yourself
down on it. lio ronlied. imesionatelv.
The passengers tittered, tho young!
lady frowned, grow rod as u boilod
lobster, and drew away irom liitri,
and Bogga was in liopos tliatliis trou
bios were at an ond, wlion a incok
vriinif/ ttiiin witli u tttriioi/lmrr wliirth-or
J ? " * fc> " j
lavondor eolorod nccktio, and bashful,
timid mannern, ou trying to leavo tlio
car, wiiB jirocipitatod into liia lap.
Wh ooj>. Dorm it. Dorm it. Dorm
overybody. I'll maaeaoro yon, ho
uhoutcu, grubbing tlio llounuering
young uiun by 1jis paper collar, jamming
hit* hoad over the scat, ami trying
to olioko him to death. The
meek youth kioked and gay pod, and
ilin c.nnrlnpf.nr himiiirulmi fiml Iirm rwfi\
?"?- ?J
thom both off the cur.
Wait till these biles got weH, and
I'll laui you for running against mo,
screamed Boggs, shaking his fist ut
tho mild young man.
The meok youth made no reply
but alter tr> iug to pin his buisted
paper collar, hurried away to consult
u \ii\yyssi auvih Ul n,b h muiivh
against ]>*'gg6 lor unjuovokod assault
witii intonL to kill.
1'oggs was undergoing such grinding
torment tliat lie conoludcd to reA
I \ 4 1 1 _ 1
111iii iiyiiic unu go iu ucu, anu was
limping buck when ho stepped on an
orange pool, and liia loft foot shot out
from under him with a Bwil'tneaa that
;uaJd Iiim sick, and ho could iuoi hia
very bcalj) lift witli horror of the inevitable
crush', then hia light foot
Bcootod away in tho opposite diroc
lion, ami ho caino Gown on tlio pave
inunt with an abruptness and force
that will niako bin) shiver to think oi
it to his dying day.
An old apple woman helped him
up, pickod up bis hat, wiped the
tours from his eyes with her apron,
and let him hang ?<n to an ash barrel
till ho could get his breath and
consciousness back, when ho crawlotl
homy, und mooting hia landlady on
tho stairs, said?
It you will mako mo Ihroe flaxuooil
poultices a foot thick, I'll buy you
?l ... 4. ? ! . L 1 1- ~ 4l
mu [liUlllUt) klillipUU up UJU38 111 11)0
city wlioil I gut well.
You must lmvo clean 1 ij?a. One of
the liighout clmractoriBtica ol' minisfr/.l
1 tl I I I I ? I l I I f if \t 1 13 ttltKlf <1 .11 . A/knl.
c v_ i i tk i niiviinvn/u j to I'tiiitjr OJfUDUll.
If all other men aro caroloaa of their
ivordu, lie must liavo u watch upon
liia lips and put a luidlo on hiu tongue.
Nothing will sond a ininister'a
influence and reputation bolow pnr
morn Riinmlil v llmii iinnmniu' nimvni'
j j !" "!" wvr .. . V.
nation. An unuhasto story, a lowd
entcndro, u iiltliy joko, a questionable
word or gubtu'-o, a aontonce that
...?i.~ ?
wwmvi liiuivu 1'iiiu wuuian uiuhii hi
public or iu private, in eolocf or in
mixed company, in a burning altanio
and scandal to any miniator of the
Ooopol. An impnro Btory is noxt to
an impure action', a filthy joke ia mor
nllv wroncr an n filHiv dr?rtd Tfn
J ... n J V a
who lias impuro lipa, arid who indulges
in impuro spccch, bo hu divinity
student, doctor of divinity,
or bishop, is a disgrace to tho church,
a griof to the Saviour, and a corrnp
(or of tlio mornlflof tho young. <Jleai?
lijiH aro cflpniitia! to tlio fuiefiofla of a
minister. Tlio people wntoli tlio
word (?!' ii young minister with tin:
olosoit and stoi ncht criticism.
He Didn't Want tho 'SoriptionHo
was an old man, and ho bad a
I\ t nf nnnilnntnv'u nniallmnrrl af.iinl/* in
his bat. IIo walkod into tho drug
atoro and inquired: 'ULavoyou got any
good whiaboy?'
'Yos, air,' roplicd tlio gontlomanly
'Ginimo half a pint?'
'Ilavo you got a doctor's proscription?'
'Can't soil it, tlion.sir. Jury in bobBion;
must bo strict.'
'Whoro oan I got a doctor?' Badly
in<?uirbd tho agod inobrinto.
'I'm a phyeoian, air,' winningly ro?
spondod tho druggist.
'Cun't you givo mo that?what you
call it, 'scription?'
'Woll, I might.' Aod tho Doctor
wroto out a proscription blank, call-,
ing for bo many ouncoa of spirits frumonti.
lie filled a Biuig looking boU
*\na4nil ?> InKnl
tiU >YHll tllU ?V1 llOIU, Cfc IWUWI VII
it, nuraborod to oorrospond with tho
paper, and presenting tho bottlo to
tho vonorablo roysteror, remarked, in
tho most buainoBS like way imagina*.
hie: 'A dollar and a half, air.'
'A dollar nud a half!' gaapod hie
astonishod cnstomcr.
Ain't that protty high, iniBtor?'
< n*
proscription and fifty ccnts for tho
'Yos, well,' slowly ropliod tho wick>
od old duller, as ho alowly buttonod
up tho half pint in hia ovorcoat pockot;
'I guosB, boas, that I don't want
tho 'scription. lloro'o your half a
dollar,' and ho utuck hia tonguo in
ono aido of his mouth, winkod ironically
at him of tho mortar and postlo,
atul wnllrn/l Aiif. _WnrnnofAt* IVnaa
Senator?11 E Bo won.
llrjircacntadvc?D F Bradley.
Clerk of Court?S I) Keith.
Judge of PtobVte?1 II Philpot.
Sheriff?J Ililcy ForguBon.
Coroner?Wnrrou liovd.
School Commissioner?R A liuweu
Trniisurer?TV A Losloj.
Auditor?Alorzo M Folgcr.
Count}/ Commi.i-ii merit?John T GoysoU,
Chairman?Hubort Cruic, (? M Lynch. Clerk
County Commissioners, C L Ilullingaworth.
Tri-il Justice ??L'uslti/, Lnke I. Ariail?6'a?
lu'iritu, Central, Jivmes A
Li Idell?Picktns C II., C L IlollingswortliJ
and 0 W Taylor?JJucusville, J 15 Sutherland
1 take this method of informing my friends
that 1 will bo found in my oftico on cacli
SATURDAY, for tho purposo of transacting
any iniHiucBS mut cornea unilcr iny juriHUio(ion.
Ah my duties n? .School CommiBaioner will
(compel luo to bo ubseul in different pnrta ol
the county, I mako tliia Hjieeiid appointment
for tlio bi'nelit of ull concerned.
It. A. BO WEN,
no25-ly .Seoul Commissioner
Till] <;Ui:iT IIAIISE
| *or
a ? H & M itaas&i&Y.
I Just Published, in a Sealed Envelope. Price
(Six Centi.
A Ledum on tho Nature. Trnalmnnf nnrl
Radical euro of Bominal Weakness, or Sper?
jmatorfhooa, induced bjr Solf-Abuso, Involuntary
KuiiflrtiouH, impotcncy, Nervous iics
<bility, and Impedimenta to Marriage generally;
Consumption, Epilepsy, and Fits;
Mental and Physical Inoapacity, &o.?By
of tho "0men Rook," &o.
The world-renowned author, in this admi
Vable Lecture, clearly proves Irom his own
experience tliftt the awful consequences of
Holf-Abuso may be effectually removed without
medicine, and without dangerous surgical
operations, bougies, instruments, rings, or
cordials; pointing out n mode of euro at once
certain and effectual, by which every sufferer,
no matter what his condition may be, may
cure himself cheaply; privately and radically.
NT T 1 is Lecture will prove a boon to
thousands and thousands. Bont, under ncal, in
ii plain envelope, to any address, on receipt
of Mix renin, or two postage Hliitipa.
Address the 1'iihliphcrs.
11 Ann Si., Now York; l'ost Office I5ox, 4580.
ap ft, 1870 31
Canal St., phom Hixtu to Sbvrmtii,
Portable and Stationary,
Haw Mills, CrisL MlMi, Hoilorf, Cantinga of
Brans nnd Iron, Forcings, Ao.
yi/tc//// liK/iun J/lUM WOHK,
In nil itn brruicheH, ilono by cxpcricnccd liftmln
driving Ooifon dins, Tlireidiing MncbincB,
.SpfinrnlorH, Orint Mill*, ftc. A number of
iioconil liurii! Ilnginrn and Hoilcra of vnrioun
pattern. in fir."t rule order, on liund.
Iti piir wok solicited mi l promptly done.
W.M. i:. T ANN Kit fi CO
Oct II, 7 . ly
A iiBR m n
Only $1.50 a Year
, /
Every man i n t h e 0 o u n t y of
Every man vvlio has ever lived
horo and liab moved
C25 m*r\ faun foafll Hfijtti'jw- *??a
Largely in tho adjoining Counties,
and to boiuo extent in Western
North Carolina I
For tho Pickens Sontincl !
In the Pickens HewUwol 1
Wo ?re now prepared to fnrnlah permanent itlnftlions
for ft Urtfo number of pernona, niftle and foiuale
larn sent free on application. Addreea. with tamp,
BouTfiBHM Oo-oriKATiva Oo., NMhtllle, Tean:
Dr. R. J. C41 111 land
HAVING returned and permanently loc&
Idl at 1'ickenHville, respectfully off^ri
liia Professional services to lite citizens of ilia
vicinity and surrounding counlry. Charge
M ay U 41
- L t 1 ' J If "? " "
f inrj ouuuiutmu yuur 19 uiviucu 11110 two
1 Terms of 20 weoks cach. The First Term
commences Juuuury 17tli, and ends June 8d;
tho second Term comuiouoes July 4th, and
enda Novembor 18th.
Btudenta entering within two weeks aftor
tho ooHJiueneoment of tho Terms, will be
charged for tho whole Torm ; those entering
after this time, from tho time of entering.
It is more satisfuotory that Students enter,
at the commencement, when tho Bovoral
claspeo are forming,
Course of StudyItnilf
A If YT HL'T) A l>TIf I-'Kin
I IVIPJUIIW U MUM, i\ l\ L i*l JLJ11 1
1st Term?Spoiling and Reading.
2d Term?Spoiling aud Eoading continued;
Primary Geography; ^lentul Arithmetic,
Exoroiscs in Writing.
1st Term?Spelling and Reading continued;
Geography continued; Introducing English
Grammar; Elements of Written Arithmetic;
Exorcises in Writing.
'2d Term?Spelling and Rending continued;
Eloments of Writteu Arithmetic completed;
Iutcrmediate Geography completed; Analytical
English Grammar; Primary U. 8. History;
Exercises in Writing.
IstTorm?English Grammar completed; Physical
Goography; Oommon School Arithmetic:
Towns Analysis of Words:
2(1 Turin?Grconc's; Analysis of English
Language; Arithmetic I continued; Smaller
1 Composition; Higher U. S. History.
1st Term Latin Grammar and Harkness' Eirst
Latin Hook; Latin lloader; Davies' Algebra;
History of England.
2d Term ? Four Hooks of Cccsat; Arnold's
second Latin Book on Analysis of the Latin
Sentence; Greek Grammar; Kendriok's
Grook Ollendorff; Greek Header; lMviea'
Algebra complotcd; Natural Philosophy.
1st Torm?Six Hooks of Virgil; Greek
lloader completed; l'laiu Geometry; Higher
Composition and Rhetoric.
2d Term?Salluet'e Cat aline & Jugurtho;
Xenophon'8 Anabasis; Higher Algebra
commenoed; Solid aud Spherical Goomo*
try completed; Chemistry
lal Term?Cicero'aSolect Orations; Xenophons
Memorabilia; Trigonometry and Surveying;
Iloman History; Latin Proso Composition.
2d Torm?Horacotontiro;"Six Hooks of the
Iliads; Grook Proso Composition; Algebra
complotcd; ABtrouomy.
Tlio abovocouiso will propfcro can
uidatos tor admission into tho Homomore
Cii.\8h of any of our Southern
Collogofl. Studonts, who do not stand
' a satisfactory examination upon the
sovcral studies oi each elasH, will not
ho allowod tho privilogo to advance to
tho next higher, but ho retained in
such class, till nil the studies of it bo
satisfactorily completed.
Tuition of Primary Department
I unlni' rMf.cu fl"
J nil ?W? v/iuoo, - - Vll'.VU
Intormediato Clans, ? 12.50
Sonior " ? . 15.00
Preparatory Department, 20.00
No doduction will bo mado for lost
timooxeopt from prolongod sick n 088.
Rlonthiy roportH of punctulity, deportment,
and rocitntions in oaon (study,
will bo furniHhed parents.
J. II. CARLISLE, Principal.
Due. 251 1 R7fi 17 .f
Fits and Epilepsy
Tho wornt onacs of the longest standing, 1>y
i using Lin. Huudaui>'h Cure.
It Iiii-S C/iircMl Tliousiiiids,
Ami will give ?1,000 for a cuso it will not
benefit. A hotde Hunt free to nil nililrn?Hiii?
J. K? PIUULE, Chemist, OtScc: 1855 Broadway,
New York.
VoKu'n Elcctro licit* uud
i (ItandN
| fire iudornod by tlio mo&t eminent physicians
in tbo world for the euro of rheumatism.
neuralgia, liver complaint, dyspepsia, kidney
disease, aches, pains, nervous disorders, fits,
fonmln nomplnints, nervouH and general debility,
and oilier ohron ic diBonsos of Uio chest,
head, liver, Hiouutcli, kidneys and blood.?
Cook with full particulars freo by Voltn Bolt
lie., Cincinnati, (>.
1- ree Homesteads
?and t1ik?
Host and Cheapest Railroad Land
aui: on tin; link op tin;
, Union Pitoifi? ACallroad,
Securc ft Homo n?\v. Full information sont
free to nil parts of the world. /Iddreaa 0. F.
DAVIS, Land Coininiusioiier U. P. K. U.,
Omaha. Neb.
ft*ff (f?OA nor (lav ! Ai?entH wnntod
, ,i>u All Glasses of working peo?
1 pie, of cither sex, young or old, make more
money at work for lis in tlioir spare ino?
ments, or all I lie time, limn at anything else
Particular*free. Address G. HTIN80N AGO:
Portland, Maine.
Inw Notice.
The undersigned, having resumed the prac
tlcc of law, will attend the Courts on tho 8th
Judicial Circuit. llusinosH left with Wm. K
Hngood, ftt Pickcns C. If., will be promptly
; Attended to. J. W. IMRRI30N.
No?. 14, 1874.
i ~
<hf)raday guaranteed using our WELL
: AUGER A DRILLS. $100 ft month
| paid to good Agents. Auger Book free. Jilz
Auger Co., 8t. Louis, Mo.
? Billa, Bon?lH nnd T'nstngc Htnmps Wanted
* $1 for riircn( bill;', $10 for raroHt stamps. It
t will pay to 8on<l tlicm immediately. Al*o
m iherc curlofliiifis, American Stamp Co , ^ox
pf)46, Now York.
l'ou 'I i t J
_-SSS=B-=S-^S^-i '
Noiitil Curolim* llalt*pj[Ml, '
CUABLBHTON, 8. C., 1)00. 18, * "
On and nftor Sunday, Dooembor TO, ?? *
Passenger Trains on tlio South Carolina
Railroad will run as followte "I
(Buudays excepted.) ,u>n
/jcavo Charleston 0 16 ft n?
Arrivo at Columbia 6 00 p uj
(Sundays excoptcd.) %
Louvo Charleston 0 16 V ttk
Arrive at Augusta 6 1(/
(Sundays ?xoeptod.) . <! ?{
Leave Columbia % 9 00 a ai
Arrivo at Charleston * 4 46 p i? ^
Leave Augusta 9 00 a m
Arrive at Charleston 4 46 p m
Leave Charleston 9 18 p ni
Arrive at Columbia T $0?a ill
T T'AA %
JjUUVU V/UlUUlUKk # w p m
Arrive at Charleston G 40 a (a
Leave Charleston 8 00 p m
Arrivo at Augusta 7 46 a ta
Leavo Augusta 8 80 p m
Arrive at Charleston 7 AO t
(Sunday8 excepted.)
Leave tfummcrville at 7 80 a m
Arrive at Charleston 8 46 a m
Leave Charleston 8 16 p m
Arrive at Summorvillo 4 80 p to
Connects at Kingvillo daily [except' Suno
days] with Up and Down Day and Passenger
Day and Night Trains connect at AugUsin
with Georgia Railroad, Jt/ncon and Augfisth (
Railroad aud Central Railroad. This route
via Atlanta is tho qnickcst and most direct 9
route, and as coinfortablo and cheap as any t
olhor route, to Montgomery, Solma, Mobile,
New Orleans, and all other points Southwest*
and to Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago, 8*.
Louis, and all other points West aud Northwest.
' '
Day Train connects at Columbia With tha
| Through Train on c.harlottoo Iload (Whiok
loaves at It p. m.) for all points Aforth.
Night. Train conncols with Looal Traft*
[which leaves Columbia at 8 a. m.} for pointd
on olmrlolto ltoad.
Laurens ltnilroad Train connects atflniwberry
on Tuesdays, Thursdays and 0attttft
Up Columbia Night Train connects closely
with tho Oroonvilloand Columbia Railroad.
S. B. SOLOMONS, Superintends**. _
S. H. Pickens, Oonoral Ticket Agent.
Groonville & Columbia R R< <.
Fassongor trains run daily,Sundays eicepted,
connecting with night trains on South
Carolina Uuilrond up ami down. On aadift-^
or .Monday, December 13, tho following wil^
be the Sclicdule:
hOf -
VI" *
Luavo Columbia at 7.45 * m
Leave Alston at 0.15 ?
Leave Newberry at 10.86 a n\
Leave Cokesbury at 2.07 p m
Leave Helton at 8.60 p ui
Arrive at Oroenvlllo at 6.86 p in
Leave Greenville at 8.06 * w
Leave Helton at 9.40 a iu
Leave Cokcfibury 11.20 a m
uoave Newberry ut 2.40 ft m
Leave Alston at 4.20 p in
Arrive at Columbia at 6.56 p n?
jjejyConnect at Alston with Trains on tho
Spartanburg and Union Railroad ; conncct at "
Columbia with Night Traino on tho South Car
olinu Railroad up and down ; also with Trait A
going North and South on tho Charlotto, Cc-?
lurnhia and Augusta and (he. Wilmington, Co>
Train loavo Abbeville at 0.16 am., connect*
ing with Down Train Irom Greenville. Leavo
Cokesbury at 2.16 p m., connecting with Dp>
Train from Columbia. Accommodation Train.
MonilftVH. Wo?1i\oci\nua nn/1 P?t/1*vu T
J.. ....V. . o. wnjv
Cokcsbury at 11.15 ft m., or on tho arrival' c4
I ho Down Train from Greenville. Leave# Ab#
bevilie ut 1 o'clook p. in., oonncoting with Of
Train from Columbia. 'I .
Leave Wallialia ut 0.00 a m
Leave l'erryvillo at 0,46 a tu
Loavo Pendleton at 7.86 a in
Leave Audoruou at 8.85 m
Ai rive at licltou at y.20an?
Leave Delton at 8.50 p. m
Leave Andorson at 4.60 p m
Leave Pondleton at 6.50 p m
Leave Porryvillo 6.85 p m
Arrivo at Wallialla 7.16 p m *
Accommodation Trains between Delton and
Amlornon un Tuosd.iyH, Thursdays and flatur* /
days, Leave Helton at 0.60 a in., or on arrival
"of Down Train from Orconvillo. Leavo
Anderson at 2.00 p in., connecting witlr l/p
Oonoral Superintendent*
Jahkz Norton, Jr., OonoralTickot Ageni /]
Atlanta & Richmond Air Line Railway.
Loavo at Atlanta at 8pm
Loavo Toccoa City at 6 46 p m
Loavo WoHtininHtcr at p in %
Loavo Heneca city at p rn
Loavo central at R2upni
Leevo Eoslcy at 0 12pm
Leavo Orconvillo as 0 41 p m
Leavo Spartanburg at n m
Arrive at charlotte at 2 03 a m *
Leave Charlotte at 2 16 a El
?,eavo Spartanburg at a. m
Leave Greenville ut 0 40 a in
Leave Kft?ley at 7 08 ft in
Leavo 6'ontral at 7 40 ft m
Ltavo Heneca City nt am
Leave Wntminstor nt ft m *
Leavo Tuoooft City nt 9 41 ft m
Arrivo at Atlanta at 1 30 p m
CoIouInIn, Kmignn(?t nnd
Travelers WchIumiJ
For mnp circulars, condensed lime tablff
and general information in regard to trans*
portation facilities to all pointH in Tennessee, m
Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado,
Kansas, Texas, Iowa, New Mexico, Utah and
California, apply to or address Alukrt b.
Whknn, General Emigrant Agent, Office No.
2 II. I. Kimball House, Atlanta, On.
No one shouM go West without Brat gaU
ting in communication with the General
Emigrant Agent, nnd become informed at to
. n?.|'v*f ? -?? at VHVlip HUM (| II11' K irftll??
1 port at ion of families, household goods, stock,
I and firming implements generally.
J All inforinution cheerfully given.
J W. Ji. I)AN LEY,
1 Oiu 0 f. A Tj 4 ^
' I

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