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D. V BRADLEY, Editor & Prop^^w 1
Term* ofMnlHcfrlBo^V I <
OM Yjir i, . S . k . . W . Bo ' i
Six Monthr". . . *"! *?. W76 H
lAvcrthin^ Rates. 1
Advertisements inserted fit the vale of $1 00 1
per square, of (9) nine lines, or less, for the I
first insertion, and CO cents for cacli subse- r
quent insertion- ,
Contracts made for tiiukk, six or txvklvk ^
months, on-favorablc terms. ....
Advertisements not having tho number of
Misorlions marked on them, will be published '
until forbid and charged accordingly. I
Theso terms arc so simple any child may I
understand them, Nine lines is a square? f
one inch. In every instance we charge by ,
the space Occupied, as eight or ton lines can
bo made to ocoupy four or fivo squares, as the
Advertiser may wish, auu ih cmuguu uy iuu
Advortisers will please state the numbor
of squares they wish their advertisements
to mako.
war Business men who advertise to be I
bonofittcd, will bear in mind that tho
HKNTltflL has a largo and increasing circulation,
and is taken by tho very class of
porsons whose trade tiiey desire.
Thursday, July III, 1S7G.
National Democratic Ticket.
l|o\. T. A. HENDRICKS,
For SolicitorTii*
nam55 cf Cols. W 0. Keith, of Wr?l
iiHlln, and W. II. l'erry, of Greenville, liftvo
bocn announced l>y tlicir friends, in our
columns (his week, for tho office of Solicitor
of this Circuit. Both are gentlemen of spotless
diameter, high, legal attainments, and
cither would fill the office acceptably.
? 4^#
Gen Butler DeclinesIt..I
1 .... ( . > IVn ..on ,.f
bis namo in Ihe approaching Slate Democratic
Convention, for Governor, and suggests the
name of Gen. Wade Hampton. If any man
in tliv State can command (ho full white vote,
it is Hampton.
Chamberlain Endorsed.
If wo had ever doubted the nomination of
Governor Chamberlain for re-election, Iho
rocent Republican meetings throughout the
Slate, at which ho has been unanimously endorsed.
would disnoll Ibn doubt. Hp in n. no
ocssily l? theui. Without luoi they know (hey
can not succeed, anil with him their chances
arc slim.
Tho Eastorn TroublesTlio
war between Turkey, on the one side
and Hervin and Montenegro on the other, is
agitating tho whole European jiowers, and is
likely to involve them in tho greatest war of
tho age. Sorvia and Montenegro, subjects
of Turkey, rebelled on account of improper
Uxation and religious persecution. They
declared war against Turkey, and novcrsl
important battles have been fought.
Primary ElectionFriday,
the 18th day of August noxt, is tho
time fixed by the County Executivo Commit
oo, for holding tho primary oloction. Every
member of tho Clubs should attend these
meetings and cast his vote for the mnn of his
choice for each and every office in the County.
Those Democrats who havo not yet joined
any Club, should do so; in order to bo able to
take part in tho election. This plan is cer?
tainly the fairest and most unobjectionable
one that could possibly bo devised for bringing
out. candidates, and every man, who is
not a chronic fault finder, will certainly yield
to the will of tho majority, and zealously
support tho candidates put forward by his
j'nriy. vre KI1DW HUM It 13 impossible to
j>leaso every body, and Homo will find fault
with the present plan, but four^fifths of the
Democrats of the County are in favor of it,
ami it is bound to be a success.
UThe defeat and mafisacreo of
tho gallant Cantor and his men, by the
ftionx Indians, is a teriihlo calamity,
and arouses tbo sympathy of tho
Avholo hnman nntnro. War, almoBt to
oxtormination against tho red slims.
is likoly to follow.
Hkif' Col. Jiurnwoll Rhott, Jr., asnu.
mod tho editorial managomont of tho
Charleston Journal of Commorco, on
tho llh inst. Mr. lihott is on oblo
writer and a truo and solid man. His
connection with tlio Journal will
(louhtlcHB add much to itfl popularity
and future hucccsh.
mm - tHaiT
Col. Jamos JI. llion, of Winnahoro,
wan olocted at tlio St. Louis
(Jonvontion, a member of the National
Hxecutivo Coinmitteo, from .South
8'Jf" The quoHtion of primary olocs
tion in boinjr n^il.'itcd in (irconvillo.
Tito -Ntvvh is in luvol* u( it.
Tho PlatformTho
platform of tho National Donw
ocratio Party, which will bo found on
Lh? flM| pngo of our pnpor, is tho fin?
orft Stop papovmro hnvo over road. It
foholBBnd olo?i*'on nil no vital quoslSr?8''ort
tio day, whilo it layB baro all
,ho rottonnoss nod vonnlity of tho Kcmhlican
party at>d tho Nntional ndniniBtration.
Tho roBults of tho war
md all tho reconstruction measures
wo nccoptod ns finnlitios which loavoB
,ho bloodv shirt out oi tho oucstion.?
ftoform is luauo tho groat issuo, nod
,lio charaotor and gront abilitios of
Lho mon put forward as standard
Doavors, givos ovory assuranco that, it
juccossful, ovory plodgo and domand
will bo faithfully carried out. Tbo
unancial plunk, upon wlnou tho liopublicans
bad confidently hopod to soo
tho Doinooraoy split and go to piooosj
gives universal satisfaction. Unliko
tho Republican platform, thoro is not
an ovasivo eentonoo in it. Wo trust
cvory reader of tho Sentinel will peruso
it carefully and analyzo ever sontonco
in it.
Tlio following cxtfact from a private
lottcr Irom ono of tho largest
wholesalo housos it) Baltimore, lo a
gentleman at Easloy Station, indicaton
tlio favor with which tho St. Louis nomination
is roccivod by tho businoss
portion of tho United Stalos. As a
ironcral rulo, tho commercial portion
of tho world viow a political party, or
its standard boarorn from a business
Rtand?point, and will cast thoir votos
and influonco for tho party or mon>
who promise tho greatest prospority
to their business. For this roa~
son tho oxtract is valuablo, and strongthous
tho hope of victory in Novotvw
bor. Tho lottor says: "I considor both
uuiii iiiiitiuiin i\ i;i>?Hjudoivii tv/ c??v? uv>mantis
ol tho bettor class ot tho pooplo.
Wo hnd the advantngo of Booing tlio
hand of our adversaries, and mndo an
equally popular but positivo nomination
against a ncgativo tickot.
Tilden is positive -able to command,
and carried Now York against
Tammany?ho can carry it certainly
Tiimmnnv llnnrli'icli'n in nnail.ii'A
" J w I"? 1
and can lend whero wo want him in
Indiana. 1 liavo soon two dispatchos
to day from responsible parties, that
Hay ho oan carry Indiana. With Indiana
and Now York, thcro is no doubt
of tho result. Tho betting mon hero
aro activo to tako bots on T. and II.,
but havo to givo odds?75 to 100 boing
frooly offered. I am so confidont
of tho result, that I to day, omployod
41 a p.? irs :~ #*
iWiuuiur agout iur > h^iiiui.
War of RacesTho
Augusta Clironiclo and tfcntinol of the
9th inst, gives a full account of a fight which
occurred ftt Hamburg, on the 8th init., bolyrcen
(lie whites and negroes. It seems tlint
tho difficulty originated ou the 4th. As
two young men were riding through the
street on their way home, they were de tained
by tho negro company who threatened to keep
them all night. Tho young men complained
to Prlnco RiVcrs, who is a Major General in
tho South Carolina Militift and a Trial Justice.
Hivers undertook to invostigato tho matter,
when Doc. Adams, tho Captain, became so
insolent as to oompel the trial justice to arrest
him for contempt of court, The investigation
was continued to Ihe 8th, and Gen.
Hutler was employed by the father of ono of
the young men, to prosecute tho caso. Tho
Captain detied the law, and refused to submit
to civil process.
Gen, Butler proposed a compromiso, by the
nogrocs giving up their arms and turniag
them over to Gov, Chamberlain. This thev
refused to do, find at once repaired to a largo
brick building and commenced firing on the
whiles from the windows. The whites collected
from the country and Augusta, Ua.,
armed with pistols, shot guns, &c., and returned
the fire. A piece of artillery was
brought over from Augusta, and three rounds
of grnpc and canister fired into tho building,
which silenced the negroes. One white man
by the name of Mcrriaweather had been previously
killed by tho negroes. After the
firing had ceased, a scrch was made for the
nncrrrir?u wit ft wnr/t fr?iiml o/?n??nl/wl ??? H.a
laroftho house and under floors. Une or two
negroes were killed whilo endeavoring to
make (heir escape. Twenty-nino ncgroos in
all were arrested.
A detail of twenty-flve men was made to
carry the prisoners to Aiken, to jail. On the
way it was determined to kill tho ring leaders,
and seven or them were shot, and the
rest turned looso. Ten negroes in all were
killed. There are, probably othor facts con- I
necied with this affair, which wo will ho able
to give our rentiers next week. Want of
space precludes our giving fuller details (his
ttaif Grant baa nominatod Abbot
M. Wymnn to bo Troasurer of ibo
United States, vieo, Now rosigncd.
\f ?t Rlnin f\l \fni r?A
HW i . 4'ihiii, vt OI-IIIMU, "in "
hahly iftko a trip to Europo lor his
? m t m ?
tW Tho Gorman editors of ?>l.
Louis have resolved to support Tildon.
Custer's Disaster.
a terriblk battle with indians.
Salt X/akk. Julv 6.?A Ruooint oor
r ? KKZ?'~~
respondent of ilio Holona (Montnnn)
Horn Id writcsftom Siillwator, Montana,
July 2d, na follows: Muggins
Tnj'lor, n Hcout for Gon. Gibbon got
horo Inst night diroct from littlo Horn
I'lTTAt) rlntl Pllnf A>< frtH M I Ka T /) ! n *1 I
camp of twonty tivo lodgos on tho
Littlo llorn, and immodiatoly attaclcod
tho camp. Custor took fivo companios
and chargod tho thickest portion
of tho camp. Nothing ta known
of tho oporations of tho dotachmont
only as thoy traco it by the doad.?
Maj. lie no commanded tho othor rov?
on companies and attnekod tho lowor
portion of tho camp.
Tho Indians pourod in a murdorous
firo from all direotions, boBides tho
groator portion fought on horsoback.
Custer, his two brothors, nophow and
brother in law woro all killed, and
not ono of liiB dotochmont oscapod.?
Thoro woro 207 men buried at ono
plaeo; and tho killod aro estimated at
300, with only 31 woundod. Tho
Indians surrounded Iiono'a command
and hold tliom ono day in tho hilln,
cut off from water, until Gibbon's
command cmno in sitrht whon tliov
broko camp in tbo night and loft. TI?o
7tb oavalry fought liko tigors, and
woro ovorcomo by mcro bruto forco.
Tbo Indian loss cannot boostimatod
as tboy boro off and cachcd most o(
tboir killod. Tbo ronmnant oi tbo
7tb cavalry and Gibbon's command
aro returning to tbo moutb of tbo Littlo
Horn, rvlioro a uioarnboat lies. Tbo
Indians got all tbo arms of tbo killod
soldiers. Thoro woro sovontoon coinmissionod
oflicors killod. Tbo wholo
(Ju8tor family diod at tho hoad of thoir
column. Tho oxact Iobb 'ib not known
as botli adjutants and tho sargoant ma
jor woro killed.
Tho abovo is confirmod by othnr
lottcrs, which Bay CuHtor mot a fearful
another account.
Salt Lakk, Utah, July 6.?Tho
Times dispatch from Bosom nr., Mon.,
July 3d, 7 p. m. says: Mr. Taylor,
bcaror of dispatches from Litllo Horn
to Fort Ellin, arrived this ovoningand
reports tho following:
Tho battlo was fought on tho 25th^
thirty or forty railos below Littlo
Horn. Custor attacked tho Indian
villngo ol from 2,500 to 4,000 on ono
Hide, and Colonel liono was to attack
it on tho otl.or. Throo companios
woro placod on ft hill na ft roservo.?
General Custer and fifioon cHicors,
and overy man belonging to llio five
companies, woro lulled.
Reno rotroated under tho protection
of tho rosorvo. Tho wholo number
killed was 315. Gon. Gibbons joined
Rono. Tho Indians loft tho battlo
) 1.!^!. I I 1 !? - - - ?I 1 a
jjruunu, wiiiuii iuuiiuu iiku u biuugniur
pon, as it really was boiiig in a narrow
ravino. Tho dead woro uch
mutilatod. Tho situation now 'joks
soriotis. Gon. Torry arrivod at Gibbon's
Camp on a steamboat and
croHsod tho command over and ao-?
oompnniod it to join Custer, who
know it who coming boforo tho fight
occurrod. Lioutonnnt Crittondon,son
of Gonornl Crittondon, was among tho
Buiuixoton, Iowa, July 0.?A tornado pas
sed over hero to d?y. Three persons wero
killed and several hurt. Twenty buildings
were demolished. It lasted but an instant.
Davkspobt, Iowa, July 6.?A storm washed
out the village of ltockdale. Forty two
persons woro drowned. Bridges were swept
away. It will tako two weeks to repair the
Dt'nnvat'r, Iowa, July G.?A fearful storm
swept over this city last night- Tho rain
commenced falling about 10 o'clock, and con
tinned for thrco hours with a solid sheet o^.
water, accompanied by thunder and lightning
Death and destruction aro visible on every
side. All bridges on wagon roads and rail,
roads wore swept away, and no trains can ar*
rive or depart for soveral days. A house was
carried down tho stream by the current, and
uiu uwujmiatn nuiu uiunuuu. v>t;iiiira wore
filled with water, streets washed out and livo
slock drowned.
The villago of Hockdalo, twenty seven niHcfl
from the city, built in a ravino on a stream,
was inundated at the dead hour of nightt
while the storm was raging and tho lightning
(lushing, by the breaking of a milt dam some
distance up the stream. Kvery building in
tlic placc, eavo the mill, was curried down or
moved from its foundation. After tho storm
had abated forty two persons wore missing.?
Nineteen deitd bodies of men, women and
children were picked up along the stream.?
Starch is Icing mado for thoso still mijsing
'Die railroad bridgo at that place waH carried
away nnu me roau niauo imposHamo. All mo
railroads liavo suffered with washouts. Mo
trains arrived or departed to day.
Jh$r Tho Prohibitionists linvo nominated
Hon. John J. Baker Jot (iov.
of M((88aohutelt8.
To the Members and Friends of Fiokena
Circuit- j
Th AAnan/innnAA nt DStfrinf (Inn. <
forenco at Piokonn C. II., embracing <
tho 4th Sqnday in August, tho ttmo <
of our Camp Mooting at Easloy will .
havo to bo changed to orabraco tho 2d
Sunday in Soptombor. Wo can say :
on good authority that tho Minietora
aro roady, and await tho aotion of tho
ohuroh in tho mattor. Wo would ^
thoroforo urgo upon all who can, to (
build tonta at their convonionco, ao as <
to havo thorn roady by tho middlo of ]
tho woek, procooding tho 2d Sunday
in Soptonibor. Tho C. M. will bo bold
thon. Fratornully,
Many Mbmrkrb <
' - ?
A Doumle Murpkr.?A doublo mur'
dor ocourrod on the Weat aido of tho
Groat Poo Doo in thia Stato, on Satturday,
tho 24th ult. A whito man
by tho namo of Bolin, whilo intoxicate
od, ahot n nogro, who had boon atonic
\t\(t frnm him in f lin ni\/l
whon ho foil, ran up to him nnd ondoavorcd
to Btriko him with his gun,
but missod hits nim. llo thon drow
his knifo nnd nttomptcd to cut tlio
nogroo's throat, but inissod thnt and
cut him in tho fnco, nnd boing ho much
intoxieatod Icll, and whilo nttompting
to riso, tho nogro succoodcd in getting
tho gun, and by ono blow on the
hoad, suocooded in killing 13olin. Tho
nogro lingorcd until Sunday morning
whon lie died.
A Thurible Casualty.?Tho boilor
of a stonm throshor, bolonging to llolcombo
and Burns, oxplodod under a
prossuro of 200 pounds of stoam, on
Monday of last wcolc, at Townvillo,
in Andorson County, killing Tnt
YVolst, tho onginoor, nnd tho nogro
firomnn. Eight othor porsons wcro
raoro or loss hurt.
Morroll, of Mnino, hns boon nppointed
by tho Prosidont, nnd confirraod
by tho Sonato, ns Socrotnry of
tho Treasury, vico liristow resigned.
. 4? > [
Si3x? Go no nil Santa Anna diod on
tho 20tli of Juno, in tho City of Mox*
ico. His ago \^ns 84.
4iSy~ Mr. Bonjamin Crawford, of
Pondleton, killed a man last wcok who
slapped Mis. Crawford in hi? proeonco.
f?u The Bank ofUroonvillo line do
clared A dividond of 6 por cont.
Sevoral parties havo mado offers
to tho Socrotary of War to raise
ft rcgimont of volnntoorB in ton days,
for the Indian war.
B?9u Governor Chamberlain ppoke
ftt Goorgotown on tho 4tli. llo callcd
on tho oolorcd troops to voto for IIayn
and Wheolor.
bsu ureal. suuering is reporiod to
oxint in 13urko County, on tho Goorgin
fiido of tlio Savannah liivor.
Meeting of County Democratic Executive
(o adjournment, ttio County Executive
Committeo met at the Court House, on
Monday, tho 8d inst. Present, R. E, llowon,
Chairman; I). F. Bradley, Secretary; J. R.
Oossett, W. Q. Field, B. J. Johnson, J. KBorroughs.
W. T. Field and John T. Lewis,
ltov Q W Singleton was admitted as proxy
for V 8 Jones, niomber from Pumpkintown
club- Report* from each club as to action on
primary plan of cloction for candidates, was
received, as follows: Pickensville club,
adopted; Liberty club, rejected; Uarvin club,
adopted; Easley club, adopted; Pickens Court
House club, adopted; Dacunvillo olub, adopted.
Pumpkintown club, adopted; Eastatoe club,
adopted. A majority of the clubs having
adopted the plan, the following preamble and
resolutions were then presented and unanimously
Wiikheah, A majority of the Democratic
clubs in the county having Adopted the plan
of primary election for candidatc.4, as proposed
by the Kxecutive Committee, andi
whereat), it is mftdo tlic duty of said committee
to designate the timo for holding said
election, therefore, bo it
Jlesolved, That each club moot on Friday,
the 18th day of August, 1876, at 10 o'clock,
A. M., and prooeod to receive votes for candidates,
as proposed, until 4 o'clock, 1'. M. or
as much lator as may bo necessary, to afford
?1t ... ,.t lk? y?I..K ? . /
i? i i 111 wim/vi o VI mo VHIW (ill vj'j'unuilll^ UI
llttolvtd, That cach club be entitled to five
delegates to tlio county convention, and that
said convention convene at tho Court Jlouso,
on Saturday following, the 19th, for the purpone
of currying out tho duties imposed by the
said plan of primary election, and for ihedis
charge or much omor uuucs ns may properly
coino before it.
Rtiolval, Tliat it was the intention of the
Kxecutive Committee that the candidate receiving
a plurality, nr highest number ol
votes, (but nut u mnjority, ah published in
the propsitiou) should bo the candidate of the
llfnolvtd, That each club, when it meets to
vote for candidates, be requested to ratify the
abovo declaratory resolution, and vote for
candidates with that understanding.
Resolutions submitted from Pickensville,
uarvm ana niuticy ciuds, were mm on tlie
Inblo. Committc then adjourned to meet on
Bftlcdoy in August next,
IV. K. BOW UN, Chairman.
1). F. Dkaulkv, Sec.
Tho students of llio Virginia MiliLnrv
Institnto. mohhfirt onn of Uinir
number tho othor day, who was ftcjaeod
of crime. They etrippod him
>f his clothing nnd ehnvod hin hond.
T< B.li.li.
xur nuuuuur*
Mr. Eihtor: Please Announce the nAmo of
Colonel W. C. KEITH, of Walhall?, as a
sandidate for Solicitor of tho Eighth Judicial
Circuit?subject, however, to tho Democratic
BSu We horoby nominate Ool W. IT. PERRY
as a candidate for Solicitor of the Eighth
Circuit, subject to tho action of tho Dsrao
oratic Nominating Convention.
For the Legislature,
We are authoriied (o nnnounoe Dr.
A. J. ANDKKSON n? a candidate for the Lo- ]
gislnturc from Pickens County, at tlio cnauing
cioction?subject, howovor to the Democratic
aro authorized to announce TIIOS.
W IIUSSELL as ncandidate for tho Legislaturc
from Pickens County, at tho ensuing
clcction?subject, however to the Democratic
Tho friends of E. II. BATES rospectfully
announce liiin as a candidate for the
I Legislature from Pickens County, at tho enduing
election?subject, howover to tho De
I raocratic nomination. *
Bf?)u The many friends of J. B. SUTHERLAND
rcspeotfully nnnounco him as ft
nandidnto for (ho Legislature from Pickons
County, fit (he ensuing oleotion?subject,
however to tho Democratic nomination.
Tlio uinny friends of D. F. BRADLEY,
Esq., respectfully nnnounco him as ft
candidate for the Legislature?subject, however
to tho Democratic Nominating Convention.
Mr. BnAULRr served ub faithfully in the last
Legislature, and a innro indefatigable worker,
or watchful servant of the interest of his constituents
can uot be found in the County,
For Clerk of Court
K?*k?Thc many friends of JOHN J. LKWI8
respccifuily uiiuomic-g li'm ab n candidate for
Clerk of llio Court of I'ickeiift County nt the
ensuing election, niil>joct. however to the
Democratic nomination,
Mr. Lkwih is n Iiiib and tried Dcmocrnt,
nnd his fine business <|iinlificntionrt eminently
fit him for tho oflico. *
For Probate Judge.
B?*X_ Tho many friends of II. A. CHILD,
respectfully announco him as a candidate for
Judge of Probate of Pickens County. ?t the
ensuing election?subject, however (o tho
Democratic nomination.
t&- Tliomany friends of W. O. FIHI.D,
respectfully nnnonneo hint an a candidate fur
Judge ol' Probate of Pickens County at the
ensuing election?subject however, to ihe
action of the County Democratic Nominating
Convention. *
For Sheriff.
Tho friends of Q. W. IIOWKN re?
peel fully announce him as a candidate foi
Sheriff of Pickens County at (lie ensuing olco
tion?Kiihjcct, ho"woYcr to tho Deuooratii
nomination. #
t6jf Tho ir,ai?y friends of J. HI LEY FER'
(5USON rcspcct fully nnnounoe him as a can
didiifc for ro-olcction to tho office of Sherif
of Pickcns County at the ensuing election?
subject, however, to the action of the Couutj
L)euiGcr?i;c nominating Gon??n'ion. *
For School Commissioner.
jJSjy* The innny friends of Prof. J. II. CAR
respectfully announco him as a can
didate for the office of School Commissiono
of Pickens County At the ensuing election
suhjfcot however, to the action of the Demo
crAlio nomination. *
JfcSf Tho many friends of M. 8. HEN
DIUCKS, respectfully announce him as i
Candidate for School Commissioner of Piclcen
County, at tho ensuing election?subject
however, to the action of the County Demo
cratic nominating Convention. *
o ?
On and After the
15tli liiMt, we will
8 E1,Ti PTOOT)?
i sorvo our frionda on tho?o tonus, bu
I can not soli on Lime.
All persons INDEBTED nro ro
quontod to ctill nnd cloao nil Account
! by NOTE.
, Eohlcy,S. C,, Jnly 18, 1876 45
XT c* 11/ A iMMT'O'rTCJf ??t;?wiio
XI JEJ ff XXI.J T 10.
(U -| Q a day at home. Agents wanted. Outtj)
1,0 fit aud terms froe. True & Co., Aiu
gustn, Maine.
APVVfl'EK WKER guaranteed to Agents,'
XI I M?le ?nd Female, in their locality.?
Ljj / I Terms and OUTFIT FREE. Address
T ' ' P. 0. VIO,KERY & CO., Augusta, Me
$6 to $20 per day at home. Samples worth
$1 fro?. Stfnson & Co., Portland, Maine. *
either"fcex may fascinate and gain
tho Ioyo and affections of any poreon they
ohooBC, instantly. This ajt nil can possess,
free, by mail, for 26 cents ; togotlier with a
Marriage Guide, Egyptian Oraole, Droams. 'ym
Hints to Ladies, otc. 1,000,000 sold. A queor
Address T. WILLIAM & CO.. Tub' Thlla.
Price, Itoenty^Firt Ctn(t.
MVfgttlM ONE
Containing a comploto list of all the towns In
||,A TTr.it...I Oi.i.. .I-- m 11 ? 1 II?
u?? vimvu uiaivof mu lcrmunvo nuu vuw
Dominion of Canada, having a population
greater than 5,000 according to the laat con- *"
bub, together with tho names of tho now*-.
papers having tho largest local circulation in
each of tho places named. Also, a catalogue
of newspapers which are recommended to
advertisers as giving greatest value in pro*
portion to prices charged. Also, all newspapers
in the United States and Chnada, f
printing over 6,000 copies cach issuo. Also,
all the Religious, Agricultural, .Scientific and
Mechanical, Medical. Masonic, Juvenile,
Educational, Commercial, Insurance, Real
Estate, Law, Sporting. Musical, Fashion, and
ouier opecitti class journals; very complete "
llntii. Togcthor with n oompieto list of over
300 German papers printed in (he United
Stales. Also, an cBsay upon advertising;
ninny tables of rates, showing tho cost of
advertising in various newspapers, ?nd every
thing which a boginncr in advertising would
liko to know. Address
GEO. P. ?OW?IX A CO., *"
41 1'nrk Itow, Now York.
United States.
A completo list, of American Newspaper*,
numbering more than eight tliouaaud, with a
Gaie teer of all towns and cities in which they
?... ....kli.l.n.l. .nJ Ul.ll.ll 1
SkotclioH of (lie Great Newspapers Establish*
mcnlft; illustrated with numerous engraving*
of tho principal newspaper building!* Hook '
of 800 1'ages. just isaurd. .Veiled, post paid,
to any address for 8f>o* Apply (inclosing
price) to Superintendent of the Newspaper
l'avillion, Centennial (5rounds, Philadelphia,
or American News Company, N. V. Every
advertiser needH it.
FACTORY have been ra clothed, and 4r#
now doing the best of WORK.
July 6, 187G 44 8
Kolioe Tonchern,
rplIK County Board of KT.min.ri will hold ^
' X h meeting nl my olfiee on Monday* ih?
ITih iu.mnt, for the purpose of Kxntnining
nnd iMuing Orlifienlra of Qualification to
Tom-ltpra l'nltlln Mrlmnlu (n P5#W??%?
County. Thoso di-jdHng lo be examined will
picaso coiuc forward promptly. /
f School Commissioner.
July C, 1870 41 2
TflK undersigned wiii hwU At Private tfalo,
hit) \alunblo PLANTATION, known a?
- the Larkin Hendricks place, containing 112
f aercs, on which there aro about 40 acre* of
firnt clasH bottom. There is also a good new
. | Coiion Qin and Trent* on the place, good
I Dwelling and all necessary Outbuildings. /
A T on
Another Tracl, containing 1R3J urn, M
* which (hero arc fino Up Lnnds, wall timbered
? anil first class bottom: anil a fino Orchard.
r A 1.80,
All my Intorent in Larkin Ilendriek'fl
' estate.
If not sold at Private. Sale before the 20tli
of next September, all the above property
- will be disposed of at Public Sale.
P. O. address, Dacusville, Pickens County,
a May 11. 1870 .30 Id
? *
The State of South Carolina*
S. I). Keith, Nathaniel Lynch, and MAlthew
Hendricks, Executors of tho last Will and
TnaUmAnt T..-A !), ??? -1 -? **?-*
ivmnuiiiui VI *W|>*jr, UCyUUHSU, i'laintiffs,
Darcus Roper, Saniuol Roper, Amos Roper,
Mary O. Sutherland ct al. Defendants.
\ Summons for Relief?complaint not served.*
* To tho Defendants, Kamuel Roper, Amoo 4
Roper, Mary O. Sutherland, ltobecoo C. *
Lewis and Elijah Roper.
YOU are hereby summoned and required
to answer the petition in this oetion, off
I whioh a copy is filed in the office of the P/fr?
bato Judge, for Hnid County and State, and
(o servo a copy of your answer fo the said
petition on the subscribers at their office, ?
Pickens Court House, within twenty day*
I aftor tho service hereof, exclusive of thodaj
' of such service; and if you fail to answer tho
I petition within tho time aforesaid, the Plain*
tiffin this action will apply to the Court fot
the relief demanded in tho petition,
) Doted May 26, A. I). 187B.
t Pi?ir.imr. in.....
* i ii u vi i? o nuvin^t
To .Samuel Itopor, Amos Rop?r, Mir*
- 0. Sutherland, Rebecca C. Lews, nnd Elijah
Hopor, Defendants: Take notice (hat the pt9
tilion in this case was this day filed in thft
office of iho Judgo of I'robato for Piokaai
Plaintiff's Attorney.
,, June 1, 1870 ;$0 6

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