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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1871-1903, July 13, 1876, Image 4

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Platform of tho National Democratio
Tfr-tt %L 1* , 1 v' a A A
Wo. t.l in finlr?f*nfou nf tlin n nmAnvnf I
.. fc ? ^v,...Vw..Vlo
party of tho United States, in 'imtionnl
convonlf&n OBSoJnbldti, do horo
doclnro tho administration of tho Fedoral
governracut to bo in urgent need
of immcdinto reform; do heroby enjoin
upon tho uominoea of tins convention
and of tho Domoeratio i^p^rty in oach
Stato, a Hcalolis effort nnd co-oporation
to this end, nnd do hereby appcnl
to our fellow citizons of eyory formor
political connection' t&! linWrttflcb with
us this first and rtiOBtlfiVflbein^iiutriot.
ic duty, for tho Democracy of the|
wholo country. Wo do lioro roafllrm
our faith in tho permanency of tho
Fodoral Union, ourcdovotion to tho
eonotitution oi tho united States, with
it? amondmonta univoreally accepted,
as a final sottlomont of tho controversies
that engendered civil war; atubdo
horo record out stoadfasVcofifidcnc'o in
tho perpetuity of RopubHcan self ?ovorntnont;
in aloolutV acquiescenco in]
tho wifPof tho majority, tho vital prin- ]
ciplo of tho republic; in tho supremacy
oi mo civil over tue military authority;
in tho total Boperatian of vhurch'
and State, for tho Balco aliko of civil
and religious freedom; in the equality
of all citizens before just laws of their
owu onactmont, in tho liberty ofindi*vidual
conduct, unvoxed by sumptuary \
laws; in tlio faithful education of the
rising generation, that they may pre*
Bcrvo, enjoy and transmit thoso host
conditions of human happiness and
hopo. AVo behold tho noblest products
of a hundred years of changeful
liibtory, but, whilo (lphdlding tho bond
of X)ur Union 'and groat Chart or of
theso our rights, .it bohoovos a free
. 1 * * I
peoplo to practico also that eternal
vigilanfco which is the pricC'M liberty. 1
Koform is nocessary; to vobuild and
establish in the hearts ol tlio whole
pooplo the Union eleven years ago
happily rescued'from tlio danger of a
corrupt centralism, which, af ter inllicting
upon ten States the rapacity of
carpet bag tyrannies, has honeycombed
tho oIHcch of tho Federal government
itself with incapacity, wasto and
inlocted States and munidiHKlitios
with tho contagion ; of misrule,
ahd locUod fast tho prosperity' of an
industrious pcoplo in tho paralysis of
hfird times. Reform is necessary to
establish a sound currency, restore the
public qi*cdit and maintain tho national
honor. Wo ?c&oWc? tno fail,
uro of all tlicso eleven years to make
trnnrl 1 t\t> lirnmico rkfl lirv Ir>?n1 I
r> 1 "* ",-v ' ~fj"' vv"utl
notos which aro ft changing standard
of value in tho hands of tho peoplo,
nnd tho non paj'irient of which in a
di.srogftrd of tho pjighted faith oJL tho
nation, Wo dcnounco thfc uhpflovidonco
which in olcvon years cf peace
lias talcon from tho .pooplo in Federal
tnxos thirtocn * times tho whole
amount of tho logal tondor notes, and j
yquandored four tinvps this pm, in
usoloas oxponso, without tho nccumu- J
lation ol anyii'oservo for thoir rodomp- j
tion. * Wo dcnounco tho financial imb6ei!it3'
and immorality of that party
which during tho elovon yoars ofppa'co
iias made no udvaneo towards rcsumption;al|yit,
instead, has obstructed rc~
hiimption by wanting our resources
hr.d exhausting all our surplus income
finu, while annually professing to intond.a
speody icturn to spccio pny^
inonts, has annually cnaclou fresh
bindrany?$ ijioro.tQ, as such n a hindrance
wo dcnounco tlio Vosumption
W?us3 of tlio Act of J$7<~>, and wo
hero domand its repeal. Wo demand
u-judigjoiiB syatom oi*p: apa!'atiqu , by
public cconimies, by oHIcial retrenchments,
and by wiso finanoo, which
phall enablo the nation to assurp the
"wbolo world of its perfect ability and
its period readiness to moot any of its
{H'omiaos at tho cull of tlio creditor enitlod
to payment. Wo beliovo such
a system well devised; and, above a'l on
trusted to comnol.enl. h:irwli Pni?
n- - , i ; ?
lion, creating :vL no time an artificial
Bceurity ol currency, and at. no time
alarming (lie public mind into a
avithdrawal -ol - tluit vaster funchinory
o( credit by which ninety live
por ccnt. ol all businosH transactions
aro' performed; a system* open, public
ntld i ll HI i l'i > i < r ironoi'nl r.. I.
- I r> to' VW...IUUMUO,
would, from tho day of its adoption,
Uj'ing healing on its wings to all our
Imrrassed industry, and act in motion
iho whocls of eommorcc. manufacture
6h and tho mechanical arts; restoro
employment to labor, :.ijd renew, in
nil its national source, tho prosperity
of tho people. Jicform is necessary
in tho sum and mode of Federal taxation,
to the end that capital may ho
sot free from distrust and labor lightly
buivlonod. Wo denounco (lie present
tarifV imposed upon nearly 4,000
at tides as a master piece oi injustice,
inequality and (also pretence. It
yields a dwindling not a hearty rising
rovonuc; it ha.* impoverished many industries
to subsidise a lew; it prolrib*
llh imports t lat might purchase the
products ut A nuiricim labor; it has do
graded Amor.can commorco from tho
nr.st to an'interior rank upon the high
nous; it lias cut down tlio k ! I I < u ?'\ ( I
Amoican manufacturers at homo and
abroad, and dej>U ted tlio returns of
Amoricai) agriculUiro or industry, followed
l>y lisilf our j>t!op1c; it. costs tlio
people livo timos mol'O than ii produ*
com to (lio treasury, obstructs ilu> pioccbuoh
of production and wublvu tlio
r....WA ?d i..i t, ... i * ? i
iiiutn ui Kiuui; it juuinuiuH irnuu nnu |
f'ostor? smuggling, cnrichcs diuhonoat
oficiais and bankrupts honeat moroh- |
anlM. Wo ddMand (hatful ctuBtom bouso
taxation shall bo only for rovonuo. JRoft/rrh-Witecbssary
in tlio scale of pnblic
Wo'lou-l O ? _ i - 1 L?
VAJ/vmov i' viuvi il I j | OjLUlU 11IICl 111uni ?
cipul. Our Kodirai taxation has swollen
from ?GO/)0(r,000 in gold in 18G0 to
$460,000,000 in curroncy in 1870. Oirr
aggrdgato taxation- from 8184,000,000
in gold in 1800 to $730,000,000 in currency
in 1870. /Or in ono docado,
from loss than $5 pel* Ifcad, to moro
than -618 por hoad. .{Sinco ,tbo ,i>oano
tho peoplo lmvo paid to their tnx gath?
eror.<\ moro-than *thvio? tho sum of t-ho
nationnl debt, and moro than t\v56o
that sum for tluo Fddoral govprninont
WrO dc.matrd a vigorous frugality in
over)' department and from every of*
ficor of tho government. Reform is
nccossary to put a stop t6 tho profli
Ki!_ i-.. 1- - -?
? U91U U1 jlllUlIU 1UUUS, Jinu IU0I1'
diversion from actual sottlcrs by tho
party in pjowcr, \vhich has Squandered
?200,o00;U00 of acres, upon railroads
alone, and, out $>f nioro than thrico
that* aggregate, has disposed of less
than a sixth directly to tillers of tho
soil. ]{cform-?is neccasAry to correct
tho omissions ot tho ltopublican Congross
and tho orrors ot our troatios and
our diplomacy which havo stripped
our lollow. cit,izojis gf foreign birth and
If 1 nil rod Vllf'O vr>f'l>r?ouin <v 4l>f? Atlnntin
of tlio shiold of Amorican citizonship,
nn'd have exposed our brolhron of the
Pacific coast to the incursion of a raco
not sprung from the samo groat parent
stock, and, in fact, now by law
denied citizonship through naturalization,
as being noithor accustomed to
tho traditions of a progressive civilization
nor exercised in liberty undor
cqiyxl laws* Wo donounco tho polic}'
which thus disoards tho liborty loving
Gorman and tolerates the revival
of tho coolio trado in Mongolian women,
imported for immoral purposes,
and Mongolian men hirod to perform
servile labor contracts, and demand
such a modification of tho treaty with
the Chin?80 Btnpiro, or 6uch legislation
by (Congress within a constitutional
limitation as shall proyent the
fui Lhct importation cf immigration of
tho Mongolian race, llefonn is no
cessary una can never Uo ctlcpted but
by making it ilio controlling issito of
tho elections, lifting it ubovo the two
false issues witli which the office hold*
ing class and the party in powor sock
to smoother it. The f.il.so issue with
which they would enkindle sectarian
strife in respect to the public schools,
of which tho establishment to support
belonging exclusively to tho scvoral
States, and .which tho Democratic
party nan cnorislicU from their loundation
and rosolvod to maintain without
pai'tialky or prefbrenco for any
class, sect or creed, and without contributing
from tho troasuiy to any?
the falso issuo by which the}* sock to
light anew tho dying embers of sec*
tio;ial hato bctA\veo;i^kindro'.l peoples,
onbg 'vunaturally^ estraugudj but now
reiTTfitecf in cno indivisible republic
!inrl a common dostiny. Ilcform is
neocssary in mo civil scrvicc. J'ixpo
ricnco proves that officiont, economical
conduct of tho govern mental bnsi-j
nesB in not possiblo if its civil servico
he subject to change at evory clcction,
bo a prizo fought for at tho ballot box,
ho a'half reward of party zoal instead
of posts of honor, assigned for proved
competency and hold for fidelity in
tho public employ. That tho dispensing
of palronago should neither bo a
tux tipon tlio Limo ol all our public
men, nor tho instrument of their ambition.
Here again professions falsified
in tho porformunoo, attest that
the party in pewor can work out no
practical or fl;i|utory reform. Kofor'm
ii nfcccssaryK>Von nnore^in tho higher
grftdos of public sowico. Tho PresU
dent,,Vigo IVeaiifpjjtj Judges, Sentx^
tors, Jicpi'ewBrnatK'Os and Cabinot Of
ficers. These, and all others in authority,
are tho peoplon' servants;
meir imiucrs aro riot pnvaio perquisites;
they aro public trusts. When
the annals of this republic show the
disgroco ami eensuro of a Vice I'yesi(lcnt,a
late Speaker of the Mouse of
llopreseutatjves marketing his ruling
as a presiding ofIicor; t!ii*co Senators
profiting secretly by their votes as law
makors; five chairnicn of loading coin
luitfcos of tho lato llouso of Jicprescniativcs
exposed in jobbing; a late
Sln/.rnfn imf r\l I ? ? I?1
? v mijr wi uivj j i uunui jr lulling Uill
anccn in tho public accounts; a lato
Attorney General misappropriating
public hinds; a Secretary oi the Navy
enriched or enriching lrionds by per*
centals levied oft' tho profits of contractors
with his department; an ambassador
to England consurod in a
dishonorable peculation; tho President's
Privato Sccrotary barely escaped
conviction upon trial lor guilty
( fullnlieil.v in (r.-Liidx nnnn llirv linuon^
no; ;i Sccrotaiyol VVur impeached (or
high crimes and confessed misdemeanors.
The demonstration in complete
that tho Hi*st step in reform must bo
llio pcoplo's choice of honout mon from
another party, lost tho disuse of one
. r.i 1 .i i i
iiuiuiciii ui^iiui/>i?i,iui? iiiiocl uiu uouy
politic and tlioreby making no change
of nron or party. Wo can get no
chun^o ol measure and no reform. All
these abuses, wrongs and crimes, tho
product of t ixteon years' ascendancy
of the Uepnltlicnn party, croato a no"
ces.-iiy lor reform, confossed by Uopublicans
tlicmaolvcsj out llieir ro(
...... .1 a. :? - ?
IWI IIM iwu > uivu mm ii ill UWII Y Ull UOII
find displaced i'rom the Cabinet. The
jmrty'H muss of liOiiOHt volos in po\v~
ci'Iohs t ro.sist the 80,000 oflioc holdoP8,
iln loadoin and guidcH. llciorm
can only ho hud hy a peaceful civic
revolution. Wo demand u change of
I system, a ohango ol ftdministrMlon. n I
change of pnrtios, that wo may have
chango of mombors and of men.
Thoroading was froquontly interrupted
by n|>plauso. Tlio denunciation
of (uq Uomnnption act |uul ja?s
raand for its ropoal was rccoivod with
ospocial favor.
At tho conclusion, Dorsheimor said
tho committco had adoptod and endorsed,
though not as u part of platform,
tho resolution which ho read
ondorsing action of tho JIouso of lioprosontativos
in cutting down appro
priations. IIo exhorted the firmnoss,
also resolution as to the just claims of
soldiers, sailors and widows and or*
phjyns. General JSwing pr?8onled,-at
the roquost of sevornl gentlomoi), a
substitute for jtho,, financial plank,??
Tho majority report was adoptod by
C51 to 8.
Tho convention then proccodod to
nominatoand ballot.
qpl. William8 nominated Hendricks;
Whitoly, ofDelawaro, nominated Bay
nni; jjoon yxouoii, ot INcw Jorsoy,
nominntcd I'arkor; Francis Kornan,
| of New York, nominntcd Tilden.
Viret ballot?Allen 56; Tilden 403 j;
I Park or ,18; Jtancock 7o; Bayard 27;
IT 11-1 -r* ?. -
Second ballot?Allen 54; Tildcn 407; |
Parker 18; Hancock 71; Hendricks
108; Tharman 2. Iowa changod 20
for.Tildon; Illinoia changod 24 for
Tildcn and 18 for llondricks; Missouri
chaugcd 20 for Tildcn and 10 for liendncka.
"Wholo voto on second ballot
738; noccssary to a choice 492. After
tho chango by Iowa, Illinois and Missouri,
Tildcn lmd 535; llondricks GO;
Allen 54; Hancock 50; Bayard II;
Thuruian 22; Parker 18.
Thomas A. llondricks, of Indiana,
was unanimously nominated for Yico
President on tho first ballot.
f'r,. rx W . 1) /I ' " ll
ysunv II Air.H JL UUfllJ \_/AlV K. ??llilll
cupful of butter, two cupfuls of sugar,
tbroo oggs, 0110 cupful of cold wator
thrco pounds of flour, 0110 teaspoonful
cream of tarter, ono half toagpoonful
Senator?11 Ii liowen.
lirjiresentalive'?D F Bradley.
(Jink of Courl-r-S 1) Keith.
Jutl/e. of /' ohulc?I II l'hilpot.
S/tcriJ)'-?.) Kiley Ferguson.
Coro/nr?Warren Uoyd.
School Commissioner?11 A Do won
< , r
Treasure/?11' A Lesley.
Auditor?Alorzo M Folger.
Countf/ Commissioners?John T Gossclt,
Chairman?Hohort Craig, (.? M Lynch, Clerk
County Commissioners, C L llollingsworth.
Trial Justices?Kaslei/, Luke I. Arinil?S<??
luhrity, Central, James A
Liddcll?J'icktns C 11., C L HollingsworthJ
i and (J W Taylor?D-tcusville, J 15 Sutherland
I lake this method of informing my friends
that I will ho found in my oflice on each
SATIJKI)AV, for the purpose of transacting
any business that comes under my jurisdiction.
Ah my duties ffs School Commissioner will
compel nie to bo absent in difTeront parts of
the county, 1 make this special appointment
lor iiic ueneni or nil concerned.
It. A. HO WEN,
jio2i?*ly Scool Commissioner
ihiffilEJASa SaDSi&Str.
Just PubIi.'fr&l, ^in a ScjUd 'Knvclopc. I'rke
Six, CeAtt.
A T.ecturo on Hie Nature, Trcatinont, and
i Itaiiicfu curp uT Hciiuimi V.'caUsscss, or Sperni.atoi'iTiccft,
tfilluccd' by Self-Abuse, Involunlfti'jt.EmiB9i6j)H,
Jmpolency, Nervous l)os
bllily, and Impediments lo Murriftgo generally;
Consumption, Kpilopsy, and Fits;
Menial find ybysioal Incapacity, &c.?Ity
of the; "Ordcn l$ook,"&9.
. Tho worhl-l'fcnfvwned author, in tliin mlnit
'rnbio I.ecturo, clearly proves from liis* own
(experience Ujf?t the t\)v(ul consequences of
ttelf-Abirae may he effectually removed witlt'out
medicine, and without dangerous surgical
'operation?, hobgies, instruments, rings, or
cordials; pointing <mt a mode of cure at once
certain and effucUial, by which every siilTercr,
no matter what his condition may bo, may
cure himself chcaply; privately and radically.
^0^' This Lecture will provo a boon to
thousands and thousands. Bent, under seal, in
a plain envelope, to any address, on receipt
of six ccnta, or two postago stamps.
Address the.Publishers.
| 11 Ann St., Now York; I'ost Office Box, 4580.
up 0, 1870 31
out i mm , . _j. i jiMBaw
.St., from Sixth to Srvp.ntii,
111CJI MOM), : t VJlMilNlA.
Portable and Stationary,
Saw Mills. Grist Mills, lioilers, Castings of
n....un .ml fi />
| ...?u <i v?| v/. uv.
In all its branches, done by experienced hands
driving C'o'lon Gins, Threshing Machines,
Separators Ori.it Mills, &c. A number of
Hcvond hanJ Hngines and ISoilers of various
p.ittcrs, in first ratoordor, 011 hand.
Jlepair work solicited an 1 promptly done.
Oct 1J, 7 | J y
/< -
the mm mm.
? mm mm* m m w m mm m ww twwmmmm (
Only $1.50 a Year
Ii very in a 11 i n t li o Co u 111 y of
Every man who has over lived
hero and has moved
Largely in tlio adjoining Counties,
and to Bomo extent in Western
North Carolina!
For the Pickcns Sentinel !
In tho Nentincl !
Wo nro now prepared to furnish permanent situations
(or a lar^c number of |>er*bii*, malo nnd fcmalo
wlionro EE? of Worin\ I'd t lieu
lnr* pent freo on application. Addim with Mump,
Boutiikrm Co-opkiiativk Co., Nashville, Tenn/
Jtr. it. .0. tai11 i 1 aii<1
HAVING returned and permanently locaIcd
al Pickcnaville, respectfully oft;re
hi* Professional services to (lie citizcnuof tliut
vicinity and .u rounding country. Charges
May *11
^ i nuaiiMmir
<_ i . . ' !-. :.?> . i? *f
rtCftft>Jte HlOfI SCHOOL.
THE Scliolftstlo yenr id dlvlilod into two
Terms of'20 weckfl each. Tho Firat Term
aommencea January 17th, ami ends Juno 8d; |
the socond Verm commences July 4th, ami
ends November 18th. ,
Students ontorlng within two weeks after
tho commencement 'of tho T<rtns, will be
chnrgcd for the whole Terra ; those entering
lifter this timo, from tho time of ontoring.
It moro satisfactory that Stud?ntf elisor
at the commencement. wheu tho soveval
classes arc forming, ' * 01 ' '
Course of StudyPRIMARY
1st Term?Spelling and Reading.
2d Term?Spelling aud Heading continued;
Primary Geography; Mental Arithmetic,
Excrciscs iu Writing.
1st Term?Spelling and Reading continued:
Geography continued; Introducing English
urammar; moments ol Written Arithmetic;
Exeroisos in Writing. .
2d Term?Spelling and Rending continued;
Elements of Written Arithmetic completed;
Intermediate Geography completed; Analytical
Englifih Grammar; Primary U. S. History;
Exercises in Writing.
1st Term?English Grammar completed; Physical
Geography; Common School Arithmetic;
Towns Analysis of Words;
2d Term?Greene's; Analysis of English
Language; Arithmetic < continued; Smaller
Composition; Higher U. S. History.
mi. icrm iiiuin urammar anu Darkness' Eirst
Latin Book; Latin Render; Dtivica' Algebra;
History of England.
2d Terra?Four Books of Cresar; Arnold's
secern! Latin Book on Analysis of the Latin
Sentence; Greek Oraiumnr; Koudrick's
Greek Ollendorff; Greek Header; Davies'
Algebra completed; Natural Philosophy.
1ntkhmkhiatk ci.ass.
I at Term?Six Books of Virgil; Greek
Header completed; Plain Geometry; Higher
Cotnposilion and Hhetorio.
2d Term?Sallust's Cat aline & Jugurtlui;
Xenophon's Anabasis; Higher Algobra
commenced; Solid and Spherical Geome*
try completed; Chemistry.
senioii ci.ass.
lai Term?v icero sselect Orations; Xenopltons
Memorabilia; Trigonometry and Surveying;
Roman History; Latin Prose Composition.
2d Term?Horace cnliro;"Six 15ooks of ilic
Iliads; Greek Prose Composition; Algebra
completed; Astronomy.
The nbovocotir.se will proparo can
didatos for admission into lho Soimiomoiik
Class of any ol our Southern
Colleges. Students, who do not stand
a satisfactory examination upon the
several studies ol each class, will not
bo allowod the privilege to advance to
the next higher, but bo retained in
such class, till all liio studies ol' it be
satisfactorily completed.
Tuition of Tiiimahy J)ki?autmknt
rr.n tkkm.
Junior Class, - 810.00
f nf ovr^n/liol n ^'i""'' 1
Senior ' - . 1"?.0U
Preparatory Department, 20.00
No deduction will ho tnado for lost
time except from prolonged sickness
Monthly roporls of punel.tiliiy, deportment,
and rccitatioiiH in oa^u .vtn
dy, will bo furnished parents.
J. II. (JA K LISLK. Principal.
Dec. 23, 187 "> 17 U
Fits and Epilepsy
positi\ri:ly cukkd.
Tho WOi'St cases of ?lio longonl H(nn ling. by
using I'll I' i i!ii.\ni>'s Cure.
It lias ( isi-cd Thousands*
ikiki win Rive c> i ,"<>u 1'ir A case i( will not
benefit. A bottlr seiii IVeo to all addrci.-inn
J. K- (.'licmui, Oflico: l->5.? lSfoudway,
New York.
Vollu's lOleclro Kelts and
( IIhimIs
nrc indorsed by tlio most eminent physicians
in the world lor (ho euro of rheumatism,
neuralgia, liver complaint, dyspepsia, kidney
disease, aches, pains, nervous disorders, fits,
female complaints, nervous and goncral debility,
and other-chronic disease*) of the chept,
head, liver, stomach, kidneys and blood.?
Cook with full particulars free by Volta Belt
Ho , Cincinnati, 0.
Free Homesteads
?ANI> TilK?
Bout and Cheapest Kail road Land
Union l*u<?ilic ICailroad,
Securc a Homo n??w. Full information soul
free to all parts of tlio world, /Iddrees O. F.
DAVIS, Land Commissioner U. 1'. K. 11.,
Omaha, Neh.
(hp' to (tQA Pcr <lny ' Agents wanted,
tpfj tPeJw All classes of working people,
of either hcx, young or old, make more
money at work for lis in their spare inos
ments, or all tho time, than nt anything else
Particulars free. Add; ess 0. ST1NS0N &C0;
Portland, Maine.
Ii?w Notice.
The undersigned, having resumed the prac
tiecof law, will Attend the Courts on the 8th
Judicial Circuit. Ilusiness left with \Ym. V.
Hagood, at Pickens C. II., will ho promptly
attended to. J. W. HARRISON.
No<r. I I, 1871.
(K)r *''*y guaranteed using our WELL
tP/OO AlJGKIl & DIULLH. $100 a month
paid to good agents. Auger Hook free. Jilz
An got Co., Rt. Louis, Mo.
Hills, Bonds nn<l Poslngo Stamps Wanted.?
$1 for rarest hill", $lo lor rarost stamps. It
will pay to scud them ai?a
I here ouruMiiieH. Auiorionn Siiuuj. Co., Uox
Now York.
l>ou 'Z J1 y
111 inm?????- K
CftAMBSTON, 8. C., Dcc. 18, 18Y5. " 9
On and after Sunday,. Decembor 19, Ute
Passenger Trains oo (Uq South Caroliftft
F^rui^.wallows;, ...
(8unday8 JXOOpted.J
Lpavo Charleston 0 15am
Arrive al Columbia ft 00 n m
FOR AUG fat A. * \
(Sundays excepted.)
Leave Chnrlealon ' "fl r; '' l> 1C i m
I Arrive at Augusta -fc . 6 16 p ra
(.Sundays oxooptod.) T I
Leavo Columbia 0 00 ft in
Arrive at Charleston 4 45 p m
1 Leave Augusta 9 00am
Arrivo at Charleston 4 45 p m
Loavo Charleston 0 16 p m
Arrivd at Columbia 7 20 ?tm *
i Lcavo Columbia 7 00 p n
| Arrivo at Charleston 0 40 a in
t.cavc Charleston 8 00 p m
Arrive at Augusta 7 46 am
Leavo Augusta * >* 8 30 p m ^
Arrive at Charleston 7 40 anu
(Sundays excepted.)
Leave Suinmervillc at 7 80 ?.m
Arrive at Charleston 8 46 a m
Leave Charleston 8 16pm
Arrive at Summervillo 4 80 p m ^
Connects at Kingvillo daily [excopt Son*
days] with Up and Down Day and Passenger
Day and Night Trnins connect at Augusta
nilk (1aaMMU l>?:i J W *
...... uiuigin itmuviiu, JWIICOH nnU AUgUStA
Railroad and Contral Railroad. This routo P
via Atlanta is tho qnickest and most direct
routo, and as comfortablo and cheap as any
other route, to Montgomery, Solma, Mobile,
Ntfw Orleans, and all other points Southwest,
and to Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago, SI.
Louis, and all other points West and North* r
west. gp
Day Train connects at Columbia with tho
Through Train on charlottco Road (which
leaves at 0 p. m.) for all points iVorth.
Night Train connects with J.ocnl Train
[which leaves Columbia nt 8 a. m.] for points
on charlotto lload.
Laurons llailroad Train connects at New-*"
berry on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Up Columbia Night Train counects cloaoljr
with the Greenville and Columbia llailroad.
u a rj/\r A\n?vn ^ ?
t>. o. ouiiw.nu^n, superintendent.
S. B. Pickens, General Tiokct Agont.
Greenville & Columbia R R.
Paw.sengor trains run dnily. Sunilajru except- ^
ctl, connecting with niglit trains on Houth ^
Carolina Railroad up and down. On and aft*1
?r J/oniUy, December 1 It, tho following will
be (lie Schedule: \
Leave Columbia at 7.4.0 & m
I.onve Alston nt '.1.16 a m
Leave Newberry aL 11 in
f)<vive Cokeabury nt 2.(17 p m
l.eave Helton til i$.f>0 p m
Arrive nt Greenville nt 6.8f? j> in
i>ow.N. I
Leave Oreenvillo at 8.ftf> n m B
l.t nvc Helton nt Jt.iO a m. ^ fl
l.eave Coke.ibnry 11.20 a nt
ucavo Newberry at 2.40 a in
l.eave A talon nt 4.20 p m
Arrive at Columbia nt 'fi.55 p in
J86T<' onnect nt Alston wrilli Trains on the ^
Spartanburg nnd Union Itailroiul ; connect at
Columbia with Night Trains on tlie South Car
olina Knilroad tip and downj also with Trail 8
going North ntnl Mouth on the Cliarioltc, C(- fiS
luinbia and Augusta and tho Wilmington, Co
1 itltl'.VU.I ? ' till iv/wi
Train leave Abbeville at U.15a ni., ccnnoof I
in# wilh Hown Train from Greenville. Lo*?e ^
Ooke^bnry at 2.10 p in., connccling with C^Train
fioin Cv'itimbtit. AeeoBimsdftHon Xr?lr9
Mondays, Wednesdays anil Kriday?. Lmjg (
Coke&buvy at I l.lii a ni., or on Ihe krrivil (4
111c down Train from Greenville. Li&tw AN
heville at 1 o'clock p. in., connecting with I'f
Train from Columbia. *
I.cave Wolhnlhv at 6.00 a m
?.ca*o rcrryrilio fit 6.46 a m
Iicnvo l'cndleton at 7.36? a E
Leave Anderson at 8.35 a m
A> rive at Helton at 9.20 a m
Leave Helton nt 8.ROpm
Leave Anderson at 4.60 p m
Leave t'endletou at 6.60 p ni
Loavo Porryvillo C.86 p m ^
Arrive at Walballft 7.16 p nv
Accommodation Trains between Helton and /
Andorson on Tuesdays Thursdays and Satur*
days, Leave Helton at 0.60 a m., or on arrival
of Down Train from Greenville. Leava
Audersou at 2.00 p m., connecting with Up
General Superintendent.
vi.| vivuviftl A lURt'l ngeni
Schedule. ? 1
Atlanta Sc Richmond Air Lino Railway*
Leave at Atlanta at 3pm
I.cavc Toceoa City at 0 45 p m ^
Leave Westminster at p m
Leave Seneca city at p m
Leave central at 8 25 p ra
Leevc Easlcy at 9 12 pm
Leave Greenville as 9 41 p m
Leave Spartanburg at a ra ^
Arrive at charlotte at 2 03 a m
Leave Charjotte ?t 2 10 ? ra
**cavc Spartanburg at a ra
Leave Greenville at 0 40 a ra
Leave Kasley at 7 08 a ra
Leavo C/entral at 7 40 & ra !
I.tavo Seneca Citv at ? ?
?* ^
Leave Wstniinster at a tu
Leave Tucooa City nt 0 44am
Arrive nt Atlanta at 1 30 p m
?? i i 11 . www?
OlouiNlN, KuilgantM and
Traveler* Westward. ^
For map circulars, condensed time f*bl<>
and general information in regard to trans*
portntion facilities to all points in Tennessee. M
Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado,
Kansas, Texas, Iowa, New Moxico, Utah and
California, apply to or address Aliirrt B.
Wuksn, General Emigrant Agent, Oflioc No.
2 II. I. Kimball House, Atlanta, Oa.
No one Should go West without flrat getting
in communication with the Oeneral
Emigrant Agent, anil become informed as to .1
superior advantages, cheap and quick tranB? ;s
p.ii t at inn of families, household goods, stock, j|
and farming implements generally.
All information chccrfnlly given.
j aq3 Ow 0. 1'. & X, A. ** 1

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