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Ml .1 I ?
11 ' 1 { r*i).
7/. BRADLEY, Editor & Proprietor
TeritaN of Subscription.
Ono Year $1 CO
Six Mouths 70 i
Advertising llatcs.
Advertisements inserted at the rate of $1 00
por square, of (9) nine linos, oh less, for tho
nrst insertion, aau ou coins iur uuun uuiiaequent
Contracts mado for three, bix or twelve
months, on favorablo terms.
Advertisements not having the number of
insertions marked on them, will bo published
until forbid and chargcd accordingly.
Thcso terms aro bo simple any child may
understand thorn. Nino lines is a oquarc?
one inohj In every instance wo oharge by
tho space occupied, as eight or ton lines can
bo made to occupy four or fivo squares, as tho
advertiser may wish, anu ia oliargcu by the
S6T Advortisors will please stato tlio number
of squares tliey wish their advertisements
to mako.
JOGST Business mon who advertise to bo
benefitted, will bear in mind that the
HENTINEL lias a largo and increasing circulation,
and is taken by the very class of
persons whoso trade they desire.
PICKENS 0. II., S. 0.:
Thursday, July SO, 1870.
National Democratic Tickct.
UVJ1. fSiKiTlHJ IVI/ ?B . -JL'jB.JUJL?J!jJ? ,
MOW. W. A. 3*NKB>5iICKS,
Stato Convention.
Wo publish olBOwhoro tho call of
tho Stato Exocutivo Committoo for
tho mooting of tlio Stato Democratic
Convontioii, to nominato candidates
for Governor, Lieut Governor and
othor Stato olllccrs, and Presidential
Eloctors. Piokens County is entitled
to threo dclogatcs, and as tho Stato
Convontion moots prior to tlio moct
ing of our County Convention, wo
would suggest that they bo chosen
either by tho County Executive Committoo,
or by mass mooting of tlio
Democracy in tho Court Houso, on
fialoday next. This courso will avoid
tho necessity of calling a Convontion
for that specific purposo, and if solccU
cd by mass meeting, will a (lord our
pooplo an opportunity of expressing
thoir opinion on a fcjtato policy, as
thcro will ovidontly bo two policies
presented to the Convention. Uno is
that of tlio News nnd Courier, which
is to refrain from making a nomination
for Governor, and permit Mr.
Chamberlain to bo ro-elcctod without
opposition, providod ho is nominated
by tho liopubliean party, but nominato
and run a straight tickct for all
nmor >:>taio ouicers, or tno moat important
of llicin, and endeavor to soouro
tho Logislaturo. Tho other
policy will bo a Btraight ticket from
Govornor down. But in as much as
tho Democratic Convention is to moot
beforo tliat of tho Republican, it is diflicult
to flco how tho policy of tho News
and Courior could bo carried out if
adonted. as thoro will ho nn mnona no
oertaining wliothcr or not Cbainberluin
will botboir oboico, \v 11 i 1 o it is possible
that thoy will put oil" tho mooting of
thoir Convention to llio last possiblo
moment, and tlion bring forward onool'
tbo Paitorson crow and leave tho Democrats
witlioat any eandidato at all.
It may bo replied that in caso of such
1111 fiVPlil. thr* lldrnAfvila 1/1
another Convention and nominato a
candidate. JJut tlio time intervening
between tlio mooting of tho Jlopublican
Convention and day of olection
may bo po short as to rondor it impos^
eiblo to convono anothor Convention
in timo to got the candidato proporly
I 1 *
ocioro ino pcopio. it scorns to ua that
tho mooting of tho (Jonvontion proTioas
to that of tho JLtopublican party
will ofFcctually kill tho Nows and
Courier's policy, and tho utraight-outs
liavo gained a substantial victory.?
Let tho most discroot and prudent men
in thoCoiinl.V ho ROint. In ?lm fVinunn?
Tho Washington .Light infantry of
Charleston an<l tho Clinch Riles of
Aiigunta, Cja., aftor visiting i'hiladols
]>hia, where they formed a part of tho
Contonniul Legion from tho original
Lhirtoon Colonies. visiLcd MasH/usIm
BctlH, wlioro thoy Rponi ft wcok, tho
rooipiontH of Yankoo hospitality.
Tho town of Manning, in tliis Stato,
hu(Toi'0<1 lrom a diBaotoroufl firo on tho
I at innt. Only throo fitoroe oacapcU.
For Boticitor
Tho Democratic Convention for tho nomlnntien
of Solicitor for tho 8tli Circuit should
njcct tit Helton, st^ys the Ahbcvillo Imodium,
ri.19 wRl bo tho most oontrnl placoancftbc
most acoesuiblo. It is undorstood that the
uumbcr of delegates shall bo the samo ns
oacb county has in tho House of Representatives
in tin Stato Legislature.
As to tho place of mooting, wo agree with
the Medium, but would like to bo informed
its to who has tho authority for calling such
[V convention? W? woultl al?o liko In V?? in
formed by whom "it is understood that the
uumbor of delegates-shall bo the samo as caoli
couuty has in tlio Ftato Legislature." Have
we in the Judicial Cirouit an Exccutivo Comniitteo
or any othor body properly authorized
to call such a convention and fix tlio representation
of each county! The abovo questions
arc asked for information. Since writ*
ing tlio above, we see that the Stato Exocu-.
tivc Commilteo has settled the question, as it
recommends that the delegates to the State
Convention from caoh Congressional and
Judical District, nominate candidates for
Congross and Solicitor, when tho Stato Convention
meets in Columbia.
Tlio Hamburg AffairSince
our Inst issue, wc h wo read the particulars
of the Hamburg affair, as given by
our Charleston, Columbia and Augusta exchanges,
with a great deal of interest. We
had hoped to find some excuse or palliation
for the killing of the negroes after they had
surrcuderctl, but there is absolutely none.
Wc are glad that General Butler has completely
exonerated himself from any responsibility
of tlio affair. Wo will publish his
statement next woek.
We Can Not
Impress too strongly upon the minds of the
Democrats of this County, tlio importance o^
turning out to a man on tlio 18tli of August,
and voting for candidates for the various offices.
It is the method by which candidates
are to bo placed in tlio field, and let ove?*y
Democrat sec that tlio vary best ncn ur?
bi >oghl forward, regardless ol personal ieelitig3
or prefcroucos.
Fur SaleThe
Daily and Weekly Greenville News aro
offered for sale by Mr. Speights, the propiic?
ior. 111101 hoiu ni private safe hy the Jst
Monday iu Auguet next, they will bo noici r.i
public putcry lo llio highest bidder. AVc nrc
sorry that tho Nowa 1ms not reccivnd lite
patronage ncceficary to continue itb publication.
It lma dono much for tho town of
Greenville, and wo think our Greenvil!o
friends should havo done better for tho Ncwb.
Tho Coming; MftnIf
the Charleston policy is not adopted by
tho approaching ?tftto convention, it is our
opinion that Gen. McGowan 13 tho coming
man for the Democratic nomination for Gov*
and Moaos have qualified an Circuit
Judges and will cudcavov, it is tliouglil>
lo tako f.hc'r seals, If ruth nhou'.d i>3 ?1 a
c;; :o, a Fvoly time i.i nlicad cf us.
? o<S5> ?
Democratic State Exc. Com., )
rvl.nv^ tx.'n T .. I .. 1 o -1 c%t*n r
vuiuniMia. / ill V 1^. I O / I). \
A convention of tho Democratic
party of tho Stato of South Carolina
will ho held at Columbia on Tuesday,
tho 15th dny of August, next, at. b
o'cloelc P. M, to announeo a plalfoim
of principles, nominato State oHicora
and eloctors for President and Vice
Provident, and to consider such buainoss
as may bo brought beforo it.
In with i l?r?
??? . v?? viiv i voui u 1'iuiin
horotoforo adoptod, tho convontion
wiii bo composed of delogatos from
tho several counties in proportion to
tho number of members to which each
county is entitled to in both JLoiUiCs
of the General Asnombly under tho
new apportionment, viz. Abbovillo (>
delegates, Aiken 6, Andorson 5, Burnt
woll 6, Beaufort 7, Charleston 11),
Chester 4, Chestorfiold 3, Clarendon 8,
Colloton 0, Darlington f>, Edgefield 0,
Faiirfiold 4, Georgetown 3, Grconvillo
5, I lorry 3, Kershaw 4, Lancaster 3,
Laurons 4, Lexington 3, Marion 5,
Marlboro ii, jNowborry 4, Oeonoo 55(
Orangoburb 0, J'iokonB !5, KichlunU 0,
Spartanburg 5, Snmptor 5, Union 4,
Williamubnrg4, York 5.
Tlic dolugaton will bo required to
proaont credentials from tlio central
organization of tboir roHpcctivo countiofl.
Tt. is i'W!(>nmmnn/lnil 4tinf ll<?
conventions instruct i,hoir dologatcs
to tho Stuto Convontion to hold congressional
conventions at Columbia
at tho same timo for tho nomination
of congressional condidatos, and judicial
convcntiona for iho nomination
of solicitors for their re.iju-ctivo conn??/l
M..U juMiv-un uirM.nm.t),
J a ?.! ku (Jor:;ru,
Chairman Stato Kxoeutivo co:nm!Lo >.
Tlio following resolution, ndoptod by
tho enmmittoo, i? published lor Hio
information of tho county organizations*
Resolvedy That tho eommittoo roo?
commend to tho countios to mako no
nominations for county oflicofl or
mombors of tho Uonoral Assembly
until alter tho mooting of tlio Sta?<
J A M V)H CON NKit, Chairmnu.
J. V AH, fleonMiuff
C ommunications
Mr. Editor : I dosiro a email spaco
in your oolumna to call tlio attention of
our Commissioners to tho grc:ii need
of a bridgo, oitlior at lionl'a cr088ing}
or at tho old chartorod roulo ono milo
bolow. At a rcccnt meeting i'i Groonvillo,
a suggestion was mudo, that ono
bridgo from Cox's to Dunham's would
answer, and tl\ip \v04ld, sayo tho J?wo
eountioa tho additional oxponso of rebuilding
whoa Ihoro was no monoy,
.vnd whon tho pressure of tho timos
calls for tho oxorciso of tho groatost
oeonomy in ovorything pertaining to
taxation. This is but a pretext, (and
an oxiromoly sorry one) for shirking
a gravo public duty. Tho argumont
is not a now ono, and haa not boon
forced by tho disastors of tho froshot,
it haa boon advancod by mon influoncod
moi'o from aolfiah considerations
than from a dcsiro to promoto tho
common good. For what is a nomin->
al lax of a fow conta per hoad, coin-,
pared with tho manitold advantages to
lw> flnriunrl (vnm rmrul ?'An/lu fr\ mnnlr.
ct, and *nfo bridgos for tho convonj
ionco ot nil our cilizons? And who, I
would ask, contributos moro to tho
trado of Groonvillo, and fools moro
deeply intcrosLod in its continued
growth and prospol'ity than tho poo*
plo from that bolt of country now
about to bo blockadod by this arbitrary
and dictatorial assumption of pow
or. Wo havo a right guaranteed by
our charier for this road. It is amjlo
lor our protection, and wo will listen
to no proposition that has for its object
(ho abandonment of so clear and
; dtepn rvj'.o v. title. Hellish men havo
ion;/ Jo.'"rr.il thin road topped. Withs
out availing their motives, wo would
f,imply tay thrvl their viowo are too
narrow mid loo conimctod to have a
right ap-svceiaiion ot what is boncficiai
for tho public good.
Tia i.v.iO, wo arc poor, and, lamentably
t;*uo, t'.iat wo have had to fjubinit
<o taxes tho most opproHsivo and ou!>
ra?jcouH that hari over enrsod a free
cow u try, levied by tbo ignorant and
corrupt j;e?t who runs tiiis mockery
of a government io South Carolina.?
But here within t,j^o limits of our
own County, wo can bco tlio importance
of an insignificant tax to keep
uj> and ro establish a road that is nbH'jlutely
ossontial to the interest and
aclvantago of a largo class of our citi?
/.ons. Wo call upon Iho Commiwaioncj
s to discharge their wholo duty,
foar'oasly niicJ^imand to bun.
iiiii IVom rniiuL the absurd uJoa
tiir.ti.lio County can't afl'ord bridgou
lor I,bo people to paao to market, and
to visit tho rising young city at tlie
loot, or our bouuliiut luOiiuuiinfi.
Thia is respectfully Rubnuttod, with
tho'hopo that aoiTio good may bo accomplished.
Diacuaaion is at all times
hftnc I'finl foi" if !?i in flilo ttm w .....
.w. mxj Ml U.?ll> TV??Jr CllikU ?U
ciii r.rrivo at a Iruo concoption of tho
wftnirt of our pooplo, and bring ponnas
11011 lly boforo our o'licials a viow of
ihcirduly and iCf.ponsibility.
uioonvillo has sustained tho loss,
ny uonm, roconny, oi two of her moHt
o;jtimal>lo citizona?Dr. J. XI. Doari
and W. H. Watson.
Fathor Ilandu, a .Roman Catholic
Priest, was marriod to Miss Cora
Bradahaw in Charlotto. N. (!.. on fim
Olh inat.
Tho forgor, who paiwo'l himself of!
in Churloston an Wm. Floining, roccntly,
obtaining largo num<i of money,
has boon arroslod in Ilondoraonvillo,
N. C.
Tho Cloburno llifloR, a military or?An!?Al!A?
Ai All 1-. < ? - ?
guiiittiiuwii ui ^vwiiuiTH, loiograpnou
to tlio Hocrotary of War n. tondov of
thoir Borvinoa to "avongo tho do.-ith of
Cuetor." Tho Nonrotary thanked
thorn, but ntatod that ho had no authority
to rcocivo volunteers.
T!'0 gubernatorial contort in (icorgia
waxoa warm. So far Colquitt in
ahead, and Johnaon nocond. Tlio dark
horao may eomo in on tho homo
Tito Columbia Phoonix noniinaton
Gon. Samuol McGowan for M ovnrnAi'
aubjoct to tbo approval of Iho Domooratio
Swopson, who killed a man by tho
namo of Mooro, in North Carolina,
somotimo ngo, ban been triod at Kaloigb
niul aequittod.
'I'ho :)omocraoyof Abbevilleeoun'.y
n:vi r>: jnou ii'c |?mn or ">! )innry cloc'<
t'or. lo iu'ing ouf. Candida to?.
M . fJoorgo Mo?ion, hrothor of Alfunoy
Gonoml H. \V. Molton, and a
prominent oilizon of Ci.ouloi', died i:i
Columbia on tho 7th inal.
rl }?A vrtrrirtf. Itnf VIAW I\4\a ?M?/?
_...vr * 'vii v nv/W ?? \/(?l/!IVl JI HO |M 'I ?
ducod many nun r:lrokos in tl>o North,
a fjood many of Llioni woro fatal.
Ono hunt I rod and flovcnty militia
PoldiorH woro prostrated by hoal .it
Ti onion, N. J., on Sunday week.
(Jastlo Garden, tho placo for koops
\n<f immigrant in Now York, hus
J boon unrncu,
rickoua County lias roconUy taken
the voto on tho aubjoot of primary -
olootions. Out of oight clubs dnly
ono, Liborty club, opposed it. Stfvon
to oho. Tho Convention ordorod pri- (
mftry oloction's to bo hold on tho 18th c
August noxt. Lot Groonvilio follow (
lior oxftinplo.?Groonvilio Nows. 1
Tho eilizonsof Columbia, sinco thoy
hoard that o^gs werojyorth onjy tp^ l
fcents a clozon at tliia plaCo, ale flgita* <
ting the qoBtion of building a Narrow (
Gaugo Railroad from Columbia to this
plaoo. If they undertake to build it
by county Bubscribtion, Pickens-is not
Tho word Sioux means 'cuUthroat.' ji
Meeting: of County Demoeratio Executive
to adjournmont, tho County Exooutivo
Committee met rvt tho Court House, on
Monday, tho 3d inst. Present, R. E, Eowon,
Chairman; D. F. Bradley, Secretary; J. R.
GoBsett, W. O. Field, D. J. Johnson, J. E*
Uorroughs. W. T. Field and John T. Lewis.
Hcv Q W Bingloton was Admitted as proxy
for V S Jones, motfiboc from Pumpkintown
club- Reports from ouch club aa to action on
primary plan of clcotion for candidates, was
received, as follows: Pickensvillo club,
adopted; Liberty club, rejected; Garvin club,
adopted; Easloy club, adopted; Pickens Court
IIouso club, adopted; Dacusviilo club, adopted'
Pumpkintown club, adopted; Eastatoo club'
adopted. A majority of the olubs having
adopted tho plan, tho following preamble and
resolutions were then presented and unanimously
Wiierkas, A majority of the Democratic
clubs in tbo county having adopted tho plan
of.prinrmry election for candidates, as proposed
fry the Executive Committee, and>
whereas, it. is mr.'lo fhc duty of snid comniittce
io docigv.r.to t'io time for holding said
elcctior., therefore, bo it
JtcK'lvcd, i;..: c:\ch olub roect on Friday,
tho 18tli day of August., 18/6, at 10 o'clock,
A. M., and proccod to rcceivo votes for candidates,
as proposed, until 1 o'clock, 1'. M. or
as much latin ar. may bo accessary, to afford
all members of tho club an opportunity of
Revolved, That each club bo entitled to five
delegates to the county convention, and that
said convention convene at iho Court House,
011 Satur.l.'.y following, t!ic I'Jih, for tho pur?
pose of carrying out the duties imposed by iho
fii I plan of primary election, and for the discharge
of such other duties as may properly
como before it.
Iiesolvd, 'ilia', it was iho iuiciiiion of the
Executive Committee lliat t!ie candidate receiving
a plurality, ar highest number of
votes, (but net a majority, as published in
the propsition) should bo the candidate of tho
lieaolocd, That each club, when it meets to
vote for candidates, be rcouostcd to ratifv the
above declaratory resolution, and voto for
candidates with that understanding,
Resolutions submitted from Pickensvillo
Garvin and Easlcy clubs, wero laid on the
tablo. Gommittc then adjourned to meet on
ualoday in August next,
K. 1.. BONYEN, Chairman,
B. F. B:iam,by, See.
"new" fpr
Oconee Tannery
mil7? nn?lorp?gncd have nnsociatcd with
JL thc.u in lliu conduct of their buninc.ss of
Tanning ?ud MKaiiufaciiiiiig
Bo<MH avid Shoes,
MR. CirARLES WEITNAUER, nn n partner
o<|Uiilly inlorcatcd with us therein. Tho
nanio of Hie firm will hereafter bo tho
"OCONEE TANNERY." Thankful for pnet
patronage, wo bespeak n coruinuancc of the
same. Our tienior, Mr. Filzingor, has ft fino
reputation as ft Tanner, and will bo able to
, Mipply cuHlovuors ir this lino with tho b#?t
at. so,
Wo will continue to manufacture our first
clans hand mado
bbsts mm 8EKDB8,
And >fFer them on the best terms.
OD;i HOOTS and SHOES are for salo by
W. T. McFALL, at Pickens Court House,
cheap for cn:>ii, or which will be oxchangod
for llides on reasonable terms.
G. W. Flf.'/ilNOER,
July 20, i?7fi 4(> tf
The Stato of South Carolina*
Pickkns County.
IJaylis W Manscll, Fletcher //ansoll, Camilla
Hendricks and husbruid James IS IIondriokn
and others?l'lainlilFa.
James Raswell, Robert E Rowcn, Wrn A
Clyde, Henry (J Rriggs, Thomas W RiishoII,
Orlando C Folgor and others?Defendants.
Complaint poa Rrlikf, &o.
i~>Y virtue of a dccrtotnl order, made by tho 1
y Hon. T. II. (' /ol c, Ja lgaof the Eighth
Judicial Circi.it, c; the I St' day of J.t'y, .
A. 1) I' it>, citch ami every of the heirs at
law of'l'i is* Minnift JJmson, formerly Tori.*.
!n ma . , if ft.?y (hero ho olltor
Ihiin ih< l'l:i:<.iifTi nijovo naiucd in thin action,
aro h cby Hi. . .1 oned and required to
njipo. v before tiio <kik of litis Court, identify)!
.tf.clvc ai d c'abKih their claims to
tho ft !c be distribute?, iovoin on or bofoin
t! : 121 I day of July A. 1), 1877, or
fot'cvti be debarred of all benefit undor tho
dccree for distribution lo be rendered in this
fit? a under my hand nnd office seal at
Plekona, litis tho lGth day of July A. D.
8. D- KEITH,
Plcrk of Court of Common Plena for
Pick ens County, C.
i July 20. 1870 -PJ ly
srmmmmwttbtat&mt. wiaii o in^J* Wj ww? m
For Solicitor.
m V.i >
Mb. Editor: Please announco tho nnmo of
Jolonol W. C. KEITH, of Walhalla, as a
undid at? for Solloitor of tho Eighth Judicial
Circuit?subjool, howovor, to the Dcmoeratio
8?^ Vfo hereby nominate Qol W, II. PER1Y
as a candidate for Solicitor of tho Eighth
Jircuit, Bubjcct to tho ao'.ion oftho Djmosratio
Nominating Convention.
?i . . . i ? U?4?L?_
For the Legislature,
? . j ?? ..
jWo nro nuthorisod to announco Dr.
\. J. ANDERSON ae a candidate for tho Legislature
from Pickens County, at tho enous
ing election?subject, however to the Democratic
B?u> Wc Arc authorised to announco TIIOS.
W RUSSELL as acandidato for tho Legislature
from Pickens County, at the ensuing,
election?subject, however to the Democratic
'Hio fricnils of H. II. BATES rcspcol
fully announce him ns a candidate for I ho
Legislature from Vickens County, at the ensuing
flection-? subject, however to the Democratic
nomination. *
Tho many* friends of J. B. SUTIIEllLAND
respectfully annouueo him as a
candidato for the Legislature from Fickens
County, at the ensuing election?subject,
uuwcvur 10 mu uemoci^jllic nomination.
JSP* Tho ninny friends of D. F. BKADLEY,
Esq., respectfully announoo him as a
candidate for tho Legislature?subject, howover
to tho Democratic Nominating Convention.
Mr. Rradlky served us faithfully in the last
Legislature, andatnoro iudofatiprablo worker,
or watchfnl GOrvanl of tlic interest of his constituents
can not he found in tho County,
For Clerk of Court'
! Bfi)u.Thc many lYi. tuIn of JOHN LEWTS
| respectfully announce liim as a candidate for
Ulork of the (Jour! of Pickcas County i\t llio
ensuing election, nil.jccl, however to the
Democratic notninnliun,
Mr. Lkwis is :i true find tried Democrat,
and liis lino, business qualifications eminently
tit liim for the otlicc. *
For Probate Judce.
BCOu The mauy friouda of 11. A. GUILD,
respectfully announce him as n candidnle for
Judge of Probate of l'ickcus County, at the
onsn'mtr oloclion?fuKioct. liowcver to the
Democratic nomination.
tfeif" The many friends of W. 0. FlliLD,
respectfully nnnounce him as a candidalo for
Judge of Probate of l'ickcus County ttt the
ensuing election?subject however, to the
flrttlAH /,f ( l.n /' ? ? * **
ui "iiv v-t>mny wcmoci'iitic nominating
Convention. *
For Shnriff,
c^.? Till! fricii'i.< ot'JOAU MAULI)IN res
Ipucuuiiy announce liun as a candidate for
Sheriff of IMckoos C.mnty, fit Iho ensuing
cloction?subject, however, to llic Democratic
B?Oi> Tho friend* of 0. W. I50WKN rc.^pccifully
announce bim as a enndidnto for
Sheriff of Pickens County at t he ensuing elec?
tion?subject, however to the Douocratic
nomination. *
Hay* Tho many friends of J. 1ULBV FEH*
QUSON vcspcc! fully announoe h':p sa a candidate
for reveled ion to Iho ofticu of Shcrill
of Pickens County at tho ensuing election?
subject, however, to tho action of tho County
Democratic nominating Convention. *
For County Commissioner
J35T" Tlic friends of R03WELL HILL rcopectfully
unnounco hini ns a candidate for
County Commissioner of l'ickens County, at
tlio ensuing election?suhjcct, however, to
tho Democratic Nomination. *
For School Commissioner,
rTho friends of Hoy. G. W. SINGLfiTON
respectfully announco him as ft oiui.lidftlo
fur School Commissioner of Pickoiis
County at Ihe cnsu'nf; election?subject,
however, to the Democratic Nomination.
Tho many frionds of Prof. J. II. CARLISLE
respectfully announce him as a cnr?
uiuHio ior mc cinco oi Ncliool C'oinmlBSiouc r
of I'ickcns County at the ensuing clccliou,
subject however, to tho action of tho Democratic
nomination. *
t/Sf" Tho many friends of M. 8. HENDRICKS,
respectfully announce hiin as a
tfandidato for Sohool Commissioner of Pickem
County, at tho ensuing election?subject,
however, to tho action of tho County Democratic
nominating Convention. *
FIRST CLASS 1I0U8E at Liberty Station, fJ.
0.. fiii ! in prepared to tako pcriiW-nont or
transient IJoardore r.t rca*o>ablo rates.
TJie Table w!U bo Bup|>licil with tho best
(ho market affords.
Ho aloo kc?ps a Boloot BTOl.K OP MERCHANDISE
on lmnd, which is offoml to tlio
public choap, for ca?h. CoriBult your own
inlrrost. ml nn him
Lilcr'y, ?V f\, July if*, H?7<J 40 t(
: NOTICE! ~ _
Fii - ?* H* ' v t
- 0
On and After the
!5tli Just, wo will
nA r>
r \jx\
miEiMEera WI3
servo our friends on thoso terms, bat *
can not soli on timo.
All r\Ai?oAMc% TKTnTp*Rrrrr.Ti m?A VA.
??. % jyAUJUfXJJX/ ? ?? # V
quQstod to call and closo all Accounts
by NOTE. ' ' T
| Ensloy^S. 0., July 18, 18.76 45
(h j Q fiilay at homo. Agents wanted. OutO
L/v fit ami tonna frco. True & Co., Au-.
A1~t. .
Kiniii, luuiiit'.
AWBfl'ER WEEK. guaranteed to Agents,
\l / Malo and Fotualo, in their locality.?
111 I Terras nml OUTFIT FREE. Addross
T r.O. V1UKEHY & CO., Anguata> Mo
$6 to $20 per day at homo. Samples worth
Sfrfrec. Stiuson & Co., 1'ortland, Mnino.
How either sox may fascinate and gain r
tho love and affections of any person they
choose, instantly. This art oil can possess,
free, by mail, for 25 cents ; togother wUh a
Marriage Quido, Egyptian Oraclo, Dreams,
Hints to Ladies, oto. 1,000,000 sola. A queer
Address T. WILLIAM & CO., Tub' lMiila.
Price, Twmlt/^Hve Ctntt.
iMM - '
iiiif mmm
Containing a complete list of all the towns in
tho United Slates, tho Territories and tho
Dominion of Canada, having a population
greater than 5,000 according to the last consuif,
together with tho names of tho now?n:innrn
I.,??!..? il.n I.,,.,, ! I? -- ?
I -j ? b w.iwuinwvM ill ?
each if lii" places named. Also, ft catalogue
of newspapers which nro recommended to
advcrtiscis as giving greatest value in pro-.
portion to prices charged. Also, all nows|ni>ir:iin
the United States and Canada,
printing over 5,000 copies each issue. Also,
ail tin? Ucligious, Agricultural, Scientific and
Mechanical, Medical. Masonic, Juveuile,
IMucai ionn!, Commercial, Insurance, Ileal
Estate, Law, St orling, Musical, Fashion, and ^
other special class journals; vory complete
lifts. Together with a complete list of ovor
ilOO Herman papers printed in the United
States. i\lso, an essay upon advertising; _
many tallies of rates, showing tho cost of +
advertising in various newspapers, and every
thing which a beginner in advertising would %
like to know. Address
?FiO. p. ItOOTHLIj & CO.,
U Park How, Now York.
* "? * V -V ? ^ ?
rMi^wbijaiJCKb >
United. States.
A com Me to list, of American Newspapern,
numbering moro than eight thousand, with ? f
Gaze leer of all (owiik and cities in which they
arc publhhed; Historical and Statistical
Sketches of the Great Newspapers Establishnicnts;
illustrated with numerous engraviugs
of Mio principal newspaper buildings' l?ook
of 800 Pages, just issurd. J/ailed, post paid,
to any address for 35o* Apply (inclosing
price) to Superintendent of the Newspaper
' l'avillion, Centennial Grounds, Philadelphia,
or American Neva Company, N. Y. Every
advertiser needs it. '
How X.OBt, How Rostored!
Just published, a new edition of Dr. CULs
VKllWKLIi'S Celebrated Essay on tho radical
euro (without medicine) "of 8pormator?
rliooa or rfcminal Weakness, Involuntary beminal
Losses, Impotency, Montal and Physical
Incapacity, Impediments toMarriugo, el?;
nlso, Consumption, Epilepsy and lite, in*
duccd by self-indulgcnco or sexual extravar
ganco, S3.
9^^. I'rice, in a soalod cnvolopo, only six
I The celebrated authr.r. in (Ma
Ks.iay, olenrly demonstrates, from a thirty *
yc ira' euooc-ssful practice, I lint (ho alarming
oonoequcucc.i of aeif-abuHO may .bo radically
cured without the dangerous uso of iutcrn&l
medicine or thcvpplMation of tho knife; point
inr> out a mode of euro at ouco simple, certain,
and effectual, by means of which evory *
HUtler^r, uo matter what hin condition may
be, may euro himscli oheapley, privately, and
Sent under seal, in a plain cnvolopo, to
uiiy n.narcH*; post-paid, on reoeipt of six cents
or two post stamps.
Address tho Publishers,
41 Ann Kt., Nevr York; Post Offioo Bos, 4680.
July 20, 1870 -10
"for sale.
rnilFi unJorslfncd will sell at Private Sale,
JL IiIh valimblo PLANTATION, known an
ih. Lark in H jndric!< place, containing 111 ^
AJt , OC 'I i I VjOUt 40 RCl-08 of
tirHtoWs bottom. There is also ft good now
Cotton (Jin and Press on tho plnoe, good ^
snd neoossiu" Outbuildings. , ??
Another 'J'rr.ot, containing 103J worea, on
which there arc lino up I.imds, well timbered
and first class bottom: and a tine Orchard.
All lny Interest in Larkin Ilcndriok'a
If not sold nt I'rlvato Balo hoforo the 20th
of next Bopteinbcr, nil tho abovo properly
will l>c di?[iOBcd of at Publio Balo.
i\ <). addrca-s, Daousvlllo, Plckcna Connly,
e-y- . .JKH8B 0REN8JIAW.
J M'?y J 1,1870 iJC t<J >m

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