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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1871-1903, July 20, 1876, Image 4

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Platform of the National Democratio !
Party. !
Wo, tho dologntcs of tho Democrat- i
ic party of tho United Stilton. in na- I
tioiiul con volition nsaomblod, do lioro i
dcclnro tho administration of tbo Fed- i
oral government 10 oo in urgent neeu .
of iinmodiato reform; <Io hereby onjoin
upon tho nominees of this convention .
and of the Democratic party in oacb '
Stalo, a zealous effort and co-opora- j
tion to this ond, and do heroby appoal j
to our fellow citizons of oveiy formor (
political conneotion to undortalco with
us this first and most pressing patriotic
duty for tho Democracy of tho
whole country. Wo do horo reaffirm
our faith in tho pornianonoy of tho
Federal Union, our devotion to tho j
constitution ot tho united States, with i
i . II i _ .1
ilo iinioiKiuivmuj uni vcramy ncccpoeu, i 1
as h final seUlcmontol l.lio eontrovor- i
nios that ongondered civil war, and do
hero rccord oui steadfast eonfidonco in
tho perpotuity of Republican self gov-* i
eminent; in absolute acquiescence in
Lhe will of tho majority, tlio vital principle
ol the republic; in tho supremacy
ot tho civil over tho military authority;
in lhe total soperation ol church
and State, for tho sako alike of civil
and religious freedom; in tho equality
of all citizens before iimt laws of their
own onuctmont, in iho liberty of indis
vidual conduct, unvoxed by sumptuary
lawsj in the faithful education of tho
rising gcnoralion, that tlioy may proservo,
enjoy and transmit theso best
conditions of human happiness and
hopo. Wo behold the noblest products
of a hundred years of changeful
history, but, whilo upholding tho bond
of our Union and groat chartor of
thcBO our rights, it bohoovos a froe
pooplo to practico also that otornal
vigilance which is tho prico of lihortj'.
lloiorni is necessary to robuild and
csiaonsn in in o noariN 01 mo w 11010
peoplo tho Union clovcn years ago
happily rerseucd from tho dangor of a
corrupt centralism, which, aitor inflicting
upon ton States tho rapacity of
carpet bag tyrannies, has bc-ncycombcd
tho efllces of tho federal government
ii~'Jt'with incapacity, wasto and
fraud; injected States and municipalities
with tho contusion of misrulo,
and locked lar.i tho prosperity of an
pe.c.ple is tho paralysis of
hard 1 unos. jl.-form i.-j necessary to
establish a .'omul currency, restore tho
public credit and maintain tho national
honor. Wo denounco tho failure
of all those eleven years to mako
good 1 lie promise of tho logal tender
notes which are a changing standard
of value in tho hands of t ho people,
and tho non payment of which is a
disregard oi tho plighted faith of tho
nation, Wo donounco the improvidence
which in cloven years of peace
lins taken Iron: tlie people in Federal
? taxes thirteen times the whole
amount of iho legal tender notes, and
squandered four times this sum in
useless expense, without tho accumulation
of any refcovvolor their redemption.
Wo donounco tho financial im*
beeility and immorality of that party
which during thv eleven yoars of peace
has made no advanco towards resumption;
that, instead, has obstructed i*o~
Bumption by wasting our resources
and exhausting all our mii | >1 in come
and, whilo annually professing to intern!
u speedy ?eturn to spocio piy^
m An f l; 11 o k* n n 11 Mn Hi* ntninl Afl l->
in i ir j auvtj i*iii:iu?jij vuitviv\4 i i '"nil
hindrances thcrolo, as such a ;i hindrunco
wo donounco tbo rcaumption
oIhubo of tho Act of 187o, and wo
hero dotnand its repeal. Wo domand
u judicious system or preparation by
public cconimios, by olTiciu! retrenchments.
and by wis<v finance, which
,.U~ll 1 - I ? il - - '
aiuwi cuuuio liio iiuwun uu assure ine
whole world of its porfoct ability nnd
its porfoct roadiness to moot any of its
promises at tho call of tlio creditor entitled
to payment. Wo believo such
asy.stcm well devised; nnd, above all en
Irnulcd to corn potent bands for oxocu-'
lion, creating; al no timo an artificial
fc.ccurity of car.?vvv, and at no Lime
alarming the public mind into a
uiifhilrpu'f.l At (luif irnulrti.
. VIIM1M ' W* VIIIIU lllikehincvy
of crcdil by which ninety five
] or c.ct.l. of ill I buMnoKs transactions
tw o performed; ft syatoin opon, public
and inspiring general confulonco,
would, from ibo day of its adoption,
bring healing nri ils wings to all our
ImrraK.'.ed industry, and set in motion
tbo wheels of eotiimerco, manufactum
cs p.nd tho mechanical arts; restore
omployivent to labor, find renew, in
all it^ national frouroo, tbo prosperity
of tbo poople. lioform is necessary
in mo sum ana moao 01 i^orfcr:il taxation,
U> the end that capital may bo
not froo from distrust and labor lightly
burcloned. Wo donounco tlio present
tariir imposed upon nearly -1,000
articles as a master piece of injustice,
inequality and false pretonco. It
yields a dwindling not a hoariy rising
revonue; it has impoverished many induairie.j
to subsidiso a few; it prohibits
imports that might purchase the
products of American labor; it has degraded
American commerce from the
ti: i to an inforior rank upon tho high
soan; it has cut dowr. tlio salos of
Amoiican manufacturer:! at homo and
ahvoad, and doplotod tho returns of
American agriculturo or industry, followed
hy ha.lt our people; it cost.j the
peoplo fn'o times moro than it produ
t\ 10 mo 11 <:;i ury, oIj.,lnu;Ut L!iO ]>ro-<
cesses of pro*!notion and wastes tho
fruits oI labor; it. promotes fraud mid
fo inuj-/,!?i.:j,tthi,iclnn dinhonost
ofu-i.-.h un-; bankrupts bonc;(t morch*
an is. Wo demand that all custom liouso
taxation sliul! bo only for i vouue. Iloform
irf i:<;cc wry in tlio scaloof pnblio
oxponsc?Fod(:ift), Plato and inunit
O .v " ;<loi-r\l taxation a I- ,
Ion lien. 5*00,000 oQO jt, '.<??!?| in l x??u to
\ w
\ '*> .
B450,000,000 in curronoy in 1870. Our
iggrognto taxation from $184,000,000
n gold in 1800 to 8780,000,000 in ourtn
1 87H Ot* in Ann rlnnnHn
IV" vjr ,111 v. w * vuu MWIIV4V j
from loss tlmn $5 per hoad, to moro
than #18 por hoad. Sinco tho poaco
ho pooplo havo paid to thoir tax gath?
srors moro than thrico tho sum ot tho
lational dol)t, and moro than twico
,hat sum lor tho Federal govornmcnt
Wo demand a vigorous frugality in
jvory department and from cvory oN
Icor of tho government, ltoform is
iccossary to put a stop to tho profli;ato
wasto of publio lands, and thoir
livnrninn from not mil Rnt.t.hivn tlin
party in power, which has squandered
?200,000,000 of acres upon railroads
[done, and, out of raoro than thrice
that aggrogato, has disposed of less
than a sixth dircctly to tillers of the
soil, Reform is necessary to corroct
the omissions ol the Republican Congress
and tho errors ot our troatios and
our diplomacy which havo stripped
mil' follow P.it.iv.ons nl' fnrmorn nivl li niwl
kindred raco rcnroBsing tTio Atlantic
of tho shiold of American citizonship,
and havo exposed our brethren of tho
Pacific coast to tlie incursion of a raco
not sprung from tho satno groat paront
stock, and, in fact, now by law
denied citizonship through natural^
zation, as being neither accustomed to
tho traditions ot a progressive civilization
nor exorcised in liborty undor
equal laws. We donounco tho policy
which thus discards tho liborty loving
German and tolcratos tho revival
of tho coolio trado in Mongolian women,
importod for immoral purposos,
and Mongolian men hired to perform
servilo labor contracts, and demand
such a modification of tho treaty with
the Chinoso Empire, or Btich legislation
by Congress within n constitutional
liiiirtalion as shall provent Iho
further importation of immigration of
tho Mongolian nice. Reform is necessary
and can never bo etiectod but
by making it tho controlling issuo ol
tho elections, lifting it nbovo the two
f:\lso issues with which tho oflico holds
ing class and the party in power seek
to smother it. Tho f.ilso issuo with
which they would cnkindlo scctarmn
strife !n respect lo Iho public schools,
of which tho establishment to support
belonging exclusively to the several
Statos, xin(I which tho Democratic
party haschorishod from their foundation
and resolved to maintain without
partiality or preference for any
class, soctor crccd, ami without contributing
from the trcasiny to any?
tho lulso issue by which thoy seek lo
light anew tho dying ombcrs of sectional
hate botweon kindred peoples,
oneo nnaturally estranged, but now
reunuuu in one Uiuivioiblc republic
and a common destiny. Koform is
nocc8Bary in Iho civil servico. Kxpc~
rionco proves that efficient, economical
conduct of the governmental biisiw
nosH is not possible if ils civil service
be subject to change at every cloelion,
he a prizo fought lor at. the ballot box,
be j. half reward of party zeal insload
of posts of honor, assigned for proved
competency and held for fidelity in
the public employ. That the dispensing
of patronage should neither he a
tux upon the timo of all our public
liion, nor the instrument of their ambition.
Here again professions falsified
in the performance, attest that
tho nnvtA' in mowov rrn.11 \v<?rlr nnf. nn
practical or salutovy reform, .Reform
is neccssary ovon more in the liighor
grados of public sorvico. Tho ProsU
dent, Vice Prosidont, Judges, Senas
tors, .Representatives and Cabinet of
ficcr*. Those, and all others in authority,
nro tho peoples' servants;
their oflicora arc not privato perquisites;
thoy aro public trusts. VVlion
the annals of this republic show tho
discrraco and ccnsuro of a Vice Pro
8idcnt, ft lato Speaker of tho FIouso of
Representatives marketing hie ruling
as a presiding oflfieorj three Senators
profiting secretly by their votes aa law
makers; live chairmen ol leading com
mittoos of tho lato Houao ol Representatives
exposed in jobbing; a lato
Secretary of tho Treasury forcing bal
ances in tho public accounts; a late
Attorney General misappropriating
public iundo; a Secrotary ol'tho Navy
onrichod or onriching lrionds percertals
levied olT tho profits of contractors
with his department; an am
bas-mdor lo England ccnsured in a
dishonorable spooulation; the President's
Privato Secrotary barely escnpcd
conviction upon trial (or guilty
complicity in frauds upon tho J.lcvon*
uo; a Socrctaiyof War impeached for
high critnoaand confossed misdemeanors.
Tho demonstration is complete
that tho first step in reform must bo
tho poople's choice of honest men from
another party, lest tho disuso of ono
ponueiu organization inioct tne Dotly
politic and thoroby making nochango
of mon or party. Wo can got no
chan^o of measure and no reform. All
thoso abuses, wrongs and crimen, t.lio
product ol sixtoon years' a^condancy
of the Kepublican party, creato a nocessily
lor rolorm, confessed by liepublicans
thomsolves; but llieir rof'orins
aro voted down in convention
and displaced from tlio Cabinot. Tbo
party's mass of honest votes is powerless
to resist tbo 80,000 ortico holders,
i!.s Inadors and guides, Reform
can only be bad by a poncoful civic
re-volution. Wo demand a change of
liystem, a ehango of administration, a
i. f nnrl ii<4 llnif tun mnv !*<>? /*
i"" - ....v ....vw
cliungo of loomlxjrs and of men.
Tlic reading war frequently in tor-.
ru]?fe<J I>y ?j>])l<iuoo. T'!io donunciaLion
of the resumption not and <Joninrul
for Hh repeal wa-< rocoiveti '.vith
cHpc ial favor
A* i he conclusion, l)ur<<l)oimer ^anl!
tbo committoo bad adoptod and ondorsod,
though not as a part of platform,
the resolution which ho road
endorsing action of tho House of Ro~
prosontativoa in cutting down appro
priations. Ho oxhorted tho firmnoss,
also resolution us to tho just claims ol
soldiors, sailors and widows and or-,
phans. Gonoral Ewing prosentod, at
tho request* ol sovoral gontlemon, a
substituto for tho financial plank.?
f-Tho majority report was adoptod by
G51 to 8.
Tho convontion then prococdod to
nominato and ballot.
Col. Williams nominatod IlQ.ndrick8j
Whitoly, ofDelawaro, nominatod 13uy
ard; Loon Abbott, of Now Jorsoy,
nominatod Parkor; Franois Kornan,
of Now York, nominatod Tildcn.
First ballot?Allon 66; Tildon 403};
Parkor 18; Hancock 75; Bayard 27;
i r i ^ o i
Soconcl ballot?Allen 64;Tilden 467;
Parker 18; Hancock 71; Hendricks
108; Thnrman 2. Iowa changcd 20
for Tiltlon; Illinois changcd 21 for
Tildcn and 18 for llcndricks; Missouri
cliangcd 20 for Tildon and 10 for Jlon^
drtckd. Whole voto on second ballot
738; necessary to a choice -102. After
tho change Oy Iowa, Illinois and Missouri,
Tildcn bad 535; Ilondricks GO;
Allon 54; Hancock 50; Bayard 11;
Thurman 22; Parker 18.
Thomas A. llondricks, of Indiana,
was unanimously nominated lor Vice
President on tho first ballot.
A Toochache Story.
A man named Holland, living out
on tho Gobs farm, was attacked with
a sovero tootbacho tho other evening
and ho thought his head would split
open. He would sit down for a mo*,
mcnt, holding his face in ono of his
ImnHa nnrl ni'mm 'I'lmn
u.o.v.v^ I?t<u V??|', A.*?VI* 11KJ ? VHIVl
jump up and paco tho Hour, and kick
at something that happened to lie in
his course, and then sit down and
groan more. It was a bad caso.?
Everybody in flic houso was uiadc
miserable by tho man's suficrings
and lamentations, lie tried holding
tdnin and bait in his month, and bind
ing horse radish leaves on tho outfiiiio
of his jaw, but they did no good.
Finally somebody came across a
copy of Dr. Chase's ileceipt Book,
and therein was a balm h r every ill.
Jn two minutes a receipt was selected
and a courier dispatched with if
to a drugstore in tho city to have it
"put up." lie returned in duo time,
and a dose of the compound, which
contained unions other ingredients
lihnrul n nonlillru ?*!./?.% ??wl
IIVVI UI ?|?uiiiiiut3 ?'l ISlllUl' Mill! V/II1Urolorm,
was administered. Presently
?.lie toothache was relieved and the
patient lelt himself being gradually
overpowered by Bleep. Tho suspicion
a!! at once c; oesed iiis mind thai
lie had been poisoned. Ue became
greatly alarmed, and appealed to
tiioso present, in n fronzy of despera
ticn, to save him Irom his impending
laic- A doctor was immediately Bent
tor, a''d whilo tho irw>8sminft?r wns
gone the alarm was communicated to
the neighbors. One of the men seized
a pail and rushed out into the pasture
where lio woko up a cow, milked
about a quart and hurried back to
>he house. This tho dying man drank,
and had just liuislied when another
i.eighbor came in and said that thero
was nuUiing so 6tiro an antidote lor
11 1 i *
ail Kiinia ot poison as raw eggs.
Seven or eight raw eggs were given
tbo suffering man, anil bo bad ju6t
intimated tliat it wasn't possible for
him to swallow another, when two
more neighbors arrived simultaneously?one
bearing a can of lard and
the other a toa-eaucer full of coffee.
Tbo lady with tbo lard said tbat they
iiai.. i.~~ ? 1 ' ?
him right away?there wasn't a minute
lo lose?ami the ono with the
eotl'ee 8ut about preparing a cup ot
that beverage for tho dying man,
which kIiu said must be strung enough
to bold up an iron wedge. The unfortumue
man had got down a tea
cup full ot tho lard when the cotl'co
was ready, and ho unbuttoned his
waistcoat and swallowed it. There
sQCinod to bo just room enough loft
for it. Another neighbor cumo in,
and insisted that what the patient
needed was an cniotic ro throw Mio
poison out ot tjo stomach. IIo said
thai tho quicker tlioy did something
of that kind tho hotter it would bo
tor him, aud that it was dangerous to
delay tho matter a moment longor.
They proparcd a quart bowl of strong
salt and water, and were urging Ilol
land to take some of it when tho
doctor arrived, ilo examined tho
contents of 'he bottle carefully, tatted
it and then said: 4,Thia is righl; a
vor)' good remedy for toothaeho and
neuralgia?gives tho paticat a rest
lor a time from his pain." "And
ain't it poison?" gurgled tho man,
who was a j lull oi' now milk, raw
egg3, lard, ouH'oo and salt water that
Iioeotikl scurccly articnlato, "ain't it
poison, doctoi?0 "Well, no; not ov
actl}; and >ot, a quart or two 01 i
might kill a man?or it iiot
? it would tlopond a good deal on
hi4 condition. A man ot your health
and constitution could oaaily get
uway wilh a churn lull ot it."
'iM? A K,\o I I* '> ** /v' ?
nu jn in'/u ?? Iiv ii ua tuu uiwrJb VJUII ?
fidoiuo in himself or horse!! linn tho
inoht in o there.
tie mm ml.
Only $1.50 a Year
Every man i n t h c County of
TtA'fli'v ninn virliii lino nvni' liirnrl
hero and has moved
ft way,
j *W*MT
Largely in tlic adjoining Counties,
and to somo extent in Western
North Carolina!
a minn mtowm m iiwmwmimi
ii MVVW mtitfivin tvu AUYUmilihlUi
For tho Pickens Sentinel !
Vn tho lMckriiN Kcniiticl !
r?unr? now preparoa 10 iiirnmn permanent Hituntlons
for n largo iiuml>er of persons, innlo aiul Kiualo
who are I'artlcu
lars sent free on application. Address, with stamp,
HoUTiisntf Co-opkkatiyk Co., Nashville, Term:
Or. K. J. C41IIllan?l
HAVING returned and permanently located
fit Pickensvillc, respectfully o(T;r8
l is 1'rofcBsionnl services to tho citizena of that
vicinity and surrounding country. Charges
\f..- r? ' ?
ill (IT U 'J 1
I Inko thi? method of informing my friends
iliat I will bo foimd in my office on each
SATURDAY, for Mio purposo of transacting
any business that comes under my jitrisdio*
Ah my duties as School Commissioner will
compel me to be absent iu dill'erent txipIh of
the county, T nmkf* thin special appointment
for i ho >>oiiofil of all couceriu-<l.
no2&?iy fc'oool OoiflmlBsiouot
m n ! mmmMmmmtcmmmmmrnmo
HIUU ?viioojl.
1876. ]
rpHE Scholastic year is divided into two
JL Tortus of 20 weeks cach. Tlio First Term
commences January 17th, and ends Juno 3d;
tho second Term commences July 4th, and J
ends November 18th.
. Students entering within (wo weeks after
the commencement of tlio Terms, will be
cnargeu ior me wnoie xerm ; uioho entering ]
after this time, from tho timo of entering. ,
It is more satisfactory that Students enter
at the commencement, when the Bcvcral
classes are forming, .
Course of Study.
ju&iofi r.LArtfl.
1st Term?/Spoiling and Reading.
2d Term?.Spelling and Itending continued;
Primary Geography; Mental Arithmetic,
Exercises in Writing.
1st Term?Spelling ami Heading continued;
Geography continued; Introducing English
Grammar; Elements of Written Arithmetic;
Exorcises in Writing.
2d Term?Spelling and Heading continued;
Element.' of Written Arithmetic completed;
i lMiri>onl.u l,.i ?.l. \ I
icul Knglis') (Irnuunur; i. tiinrtry U. 13. History;
t'xcrcisoa in Vrhing.
1st Term?Knglieh Grarr'uav corupletod; Phy?
sioaI Geography; Cowmen School Arilhmetic:
To'.vns AnalvBis of Vforils;
'2(1 Term?Orcon :'h; Analysis of English
Language; Arithmefi*.'- continued; Smaller
Composition; Higher U. fi. History,
r 11E I'A11A TO U V I) H1?A) M ii EN T.
1 sl Term Latin Grammar am! Hnrkneus' Eirat
Latin Book; La'in Header; Davios' Algebra;
History of England.
2d Term?Four Hooks of Crrmr; Arnold's
second Latin Hook on Analysis of Ibe Latin
Sentence; Greek Oram mar; Kendriek's
Greek Ollendorff; Groek Header; Daviea'
Algebra completed; Natural Philosophy.
J .? . INTKftMKniATK I'f.ASS.
1st Tc'fm?Six Hooks of Virfril; Greek
Reader completed; Plain Geometry; Higher
Composition and ltlieloric.
2d Term?f-'illiiyt's Cntalfcj & Jugurtha;
Xenophon's Anabasis; Higher Algebra
commenced; Solid and Spherical Gcomc
try completed; Chemistry.
1st Term?CieeroN.Select Oration?; Xenoplsons
Mentor ibiliiv; Trigonomoiry and Hurveying;
llcmcn History, i- lialVisc Composition,
lid Turni? Horace 'v;iiro,*3ix Hooks of the
llinds; Creel-' I'm;-. '.! . .Itiou; Algebra
comp' ted; A:;tr v.-uuv.
The nbovo cour.-< \vill proparo eau
il itlli * OS for fl 1 tl; i . ! It il'iitlf* Sl/rmin
| mork f!r.\ss ?>{' . ol otji' Southern
Colloi'cf . SlM'l " ?S, wlltvii <iO(, HtfVlui
.1 MJitisfnetory .ruination upon tho
.several Hi< 1 io. * - >. :h ehu.-i, will not
bo tiilowvil t!< - privilogo to nTv.ineo to
! tho next higher, hut bo rotninoil in
such <:la.\'.s, ti'.', 11 (he sluJk.: ol it ho
Kiitisfufl orily I'omj>!?te?l.
Tuition or I'himarv Dkiautmknt
I'i :: rsi'.M.
Junior ('Ian?;, - . J? 10.00
InlennediaU. Clnss, - 1*2.r>0
Sonior ' ^ . 1;").00
i'l'opsil'rttory rf men! , 15*'.<0
No doil icnon i!' ' n n;v!o for lost
lime oxccpl I iVjoi | i\>if>t..; ! .! ir.ra.Monthly
veneris of punululity, doportnvnl.
Mini rci-iuitions in ouv,n <5tu
riv. will Iio fiiviiwIimiI it
J. II. CAULLsIjR. Principal.
Poo. lSV.) 17 il
Fits and Epilepsy
The worst cfifcM of lor.pi -i stunning, by
usinj; !'.i : " m i.-'s tVro.
21 Ia?H < sarvt!
ill nil \v 111 i;i vt; i , ' " iy t ill' II \V I! I It, I
benefit. A trttili- t-ii* ;Vi'C to nil n Mre.ssinc;
J. Iv ]>lJ5t!I<l. ' ii*i ii i, Ollicc: 1~>j Jtroail:
wny, New Ycrk.
.Mn M'f.N'K 1'S hl.RJW.
VoKa's F.I?(h'o fiieils ami
I liiuuls
are indorsed l?y I lie most eminent physicians
in tho world for the cure of rheumatism,
nouralgia, liver eomplaint, dyspepsia, kidnoy
disease, achcs, pains, nervous disorders, fits,
feimle complaints, nervoua and general debility,
'ind other chr'ni ic disonsefl of (ho cbcRt,
head, liver, stomach, kidneys and blood.?
Cook with fnl! particulars free by Volta Hell
bo , Cincinnati, <).
MtiWPnnnr rn< a t.t n ? vr a
JLMM.M JL. J VV X. V.'Jl V W A Jt 09
/tjc/imojs (\ : : vukjinm.
Portable aml uu,! jiuuy,
Saw Mill*, Orii;i. Mills', Uoilus, Cf"'!:igs of
Brass and Iron, Fcv,. i;i?K, &o
a rvuitkotuu. 1 /,/-; //eow work,
I In all its branches done l>y experienced hands
driving Co'lon <lin?, Thresbinif Machines. I
Kcpar^'oi-.s, Grist Mills, teo. A number of
second-hand Entires l,,d of various
pattern, in first rate order, 011 hand.
Repair work solicited anl promptly done.
AVM. 13. TANNER, k CO.
Ocl 14, 7 ly
ui wsmlimm'
Senator?R Ii JJowen.
llc}>rtsent ilioe?J) F Bradley.
CI- r/c of Court- H 1) Kcilh.
-.f r-i biil' -T f? l'hiljiot.
kSheriJT?J It'.'.rj* F^rgnson.
Co- ner?Wnrren Iioytl.
JSr/iool Cu,iu,ii.H 'n r?R A Dowcu
jYeewrrr? W A J,c?ie>.
Auditor?Alorzo M t'olgcr.
County Calx xittion s?.Joint T Qosaelt,
Chairman?-Kobofl Cm. , O M Lynch. Clork
County Commissioncru, Ii Ilollingnvorth.
Trial ,fustier* /'??/??/. Lnlio I A
lubrUy, - Central, Jauim A
LI?Mo)l?J'icf 'in (' tt , 0 (. !lo)HuK!iwr<h1
faixl < V T-i> I'f ,) It Puthci )ao*i
South Carolina Railroad,
Charleston, 8. C., Deo. 18, 1876. ?
On and after Sunday, December 19, th?
L'asscnger Trains on the South Caroline*
Itnilroud will run aa follows:
(Sundays exoopted.)
r/cavo Charleston 9 16 a rti
\rrive nt Columbia 6 00 p m
(Sundays excepted.) *
Leave Charleston 9 16 a m
\rrivo at Augusta 5 16 p ni
(Sundays excepted.)
Leave Columbia 9 00 ft m
Arrive at Charleston 4 46 p tn
Leave Augusta 9 00 a m
Arrive at Charleston 4 46 p m
Leave Charleston 9 16pm
Arrive at Columbia 7 JO am n
Leave Columbia 7 00 p m
Arrive at Charleston * 6 40 am
Leave Charleston 8 00 p m
Arrivo at Augusta 7 46 a m
Lcavo Augusta 8 80 p m _
Arrive at Charleston 7 40 ft m ^
(Sundays cxceptod.)
Leave 5ummervillo at 7 80 a m
Arrive at Charleston 8 46am
Leave Charleston 3 16 p m
Arrive at SummcrvHlo 4 30 p m **
/tA\I rpT> A TXT
va mi/un xiv/im
Connecle at Kingvillo daily [except Suno
days] with Up and Down Day aud rasscnger
Diy and Nipht Trains conncct at Augusta
with Georgia Railroad, yVacon and Augusta
Railroad and Central Railroad. 3Phis routo p
via Atlanta is Iho qniokest aud most dircct
routo, and uh comforfablo and chcap as any
other routo. to Montgomery, Solum, Mobile,
New Orleans, and all other points Southwest,
aiul to Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago, St.
Louis, and ull other poiula West and North- *
Day Train connccts at Columbia with tho
Through Train on charlotteo Road (whiob
leaves at 9 p. m.) for all points JVorth.
Night Train connects with Local Train
[which leaves Columbia at 8 a.m.] for points
on charlotte Road.
Laureua Railroad Train connccts at New- ?
berry on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur
- V "
Up Columbia Night Train connects closoly
with the Greenville and Columbia Railroad.
S. S. SOLOMONS, Superintendent. ?
S. B. Pickkns, General Tiokot Agent.
Greenvilio & Columbia R R.
Fuf-pcnger trains run daily. Sundays excepted,
connecting with night trains on Souiii ^
<'Arolinn K.iilroad up and down. On and after
J/oiiduy, December lo, the following will
bo i ho Schedule: ^
Leave Columbia at 7.45 a m
Leave Alston nt 9. 16 a m
Leave Newbovry nt ii>.8o n m
Leave Cokesbuvy at 2.07 p in
Leave Holt<>n nt 3.50 p m
Arrive at (Irceuville nt 6.35 p iu
Lonve flrecnville at 8.05 n m
Leave iiellon at it.40 a in
Lonve CuUcsbury 11.20 am *"
u"itvc Newhevr^ at 2.40 a m
Li-avc Albion nt 4.20 p m
An ive r.t CoIumI 'x at u.C?"> p to
) yCoiitioc' i Alston with Trains on tlio
Spariunbuk'g ami L'niim Railroad; count ct at
Columbia with Night Trains on the South Car
inu Railroad up ami ilown%, also with Trait o
v-.-ii. .>...1 ii... /-?i i-ii- <-?
filing 11VMIII ?um uuum Ull IJ1C V/lilinUikU,
lttm'da nnd Anjrustn and the Wilmington, Co*
Train leave Abbeville at 9.15 a in., cor.nooliug
with Down Train from Greenville. Lcais
Cokesbuvy at 2.15 p m., connecting vith Up *
Train from Columbia. Accommodation Trnlr^
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Lopjo
(Jokeslmvy at 11.15 a m., or on tho arrival cf
tin* Down Train from Greenville. Leaves A**
iicville ui 1 o'clock p. m.. conncoting with (if
Train from (Vl'i - , ! /
I.dive Walhalla nt 6.00 a m
Leave l'crry villc at 6.45 a m
Leave Pendleton at 7.86 a m
Leave Anderson at 8.35 a m
Ai rlvo at lielton at 11.20 a m
Leave Helton at 8.60 p m
Leave Anderson at 4.60 p m
Leave I'oudleton at 6.50 pm
Leave Perryvillo 0.86 p m ?
Arrive at Walhalla 7.16 p m
Accommodation Trains between Helton anil
Anderson on Tuesdays, Thursdays aud 8atur? t
dayfi, Leave Helton at9.60 Am., or on arriv*
al of Down Train from Greenville. Leave
Anderson at 'J.00 ji m., connooting with Up
Qcnoral Superintendent.
Jaiikz Norton, Jr., General Ticket Agont
Atlanta & Richmond Air Line Railway*
Leave at Atlanta at 3pm
Leave Toccoa City at 0 ib p iq
Leave Westminster at p m *
Leave Seneca oily at p in
Leave oontral at 8 25 p m
i,oove L-aaicy at H 12 p m
Leave Greenville f.f 9 41pm
Leave Spartanburg at ft m ^
Arrive at charlotte fit 2 03 a iu
Leave Charlotte at 2 1G a m
ueave Spartanburg at am
Leave Grocnvillo at G 40 a m
Leave liasloy at 7 08 am
L?avo f/enira) at 7 40 a m
Leave Seneca City at a m ^
Leave Wstminster at a m
Leave Tuoooa City at 0 41am
Airivo at Atlanta at 1 30 p u
'colonists, JHmig nut* and
Travelers Westward.
For mr\p circulars, condensed time tables
rnd general information in regard to trans*
portntion facilities to all points in Tennessee, *
Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado.
Kansao, Tuxas, loxva, New Mexico, Utah and
California, apply to or address Alukbt B.
Wrknn, General Emigrant Agent, OfAco No.
'A II. I. Kimball House, Atlanta, Oa.
No one should go Woat without first get
ung iu uommunicauon with tlio Ueneral
Hmigiftnt Agent, and bccomo informed an to
superior advautagos, cheap and quick trans.
Xiortalion of families, household goods, stook,
ivnd farming implements generally.
I All information cliccrftuly given.
; W. I,. DANLBY,
eg* OH 0. T, (( X, A: **

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