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Terms or MubMerlptlon.
Ono Year $1 GO
Six Months 76
AdverliMiHg? RntcN. |
Advertisements inserted at the rate of $1 00
par square, of (V) nine lince, or lkbs, for the
first insertion, and GO cents for each subsequent
Contracts mado for tiirrk, six or t' ki.vr
months, on favorablo terms.
a nni n.? ?r
Insertions morkod on tlicm, will bo published 1
until forbid and charged accordingly.
Theso terms are so simple any child rmy
understand them. Nine lines is ft square?
one inch. In overy instance wc charge by
the apace occupied, as eight or ton lines can
be made to occupy four or five Dquares, as the
advertiser may wish, and is charged by the
Advortisers will please state tho number
of squares they wish their advertisements
to make.
tBSf Business men who advertise to bo
benefitted, will bear in mind that the
SENTINEL liss a largo and increasing circulation,
and is taken by the very class of
persons whoso trade they desire.
Thursday, July ?7, 1S7<*.
National Democratic Ticket.
The New State.
Tho people of Colorado having adopted ft
constitution. her forinnl adiniHxion us n Ktmn
of the Union now only needs the proclamation
of the President, Her population is lens
than 150,000, She makes the thirty eighth
The Indian WarGeneral
Crook lias had a skirmish with the
Sioux, in which ho came off best, Kitting Hull.
Chiof of (he Sioux, was killed in the fight with
Cuator. Crazy Horse and lUack Moon were
also killed in the same fight. The Indians
Acknowledge n loss of 86 killed in Ooneral
Crook's fight and of about 280 in General
Custer's fight. Cheycnncs have joined the
S OUX. and a lively lime wilh them may be cxpect?d.
The Judicial ConventionThe
K?oweo Courier suggests that iho Judicial
Convention to nominato ft caudidalc for
Solicitor of this Circuit, bo held at Seneca
City. The Abbeville Medium suggested Belton,
to which we said in our last issue we
had no objection, but upon reflection we agree
with the Courier, as Scnecu City is evidently
the most convenient for a majority of the
counties composing tho Circuit. If the delegates
to the State Convention do not nominate
ft candidate for Solicitor, wo trust the convontion
will be held at Seneca City.
The News and CourierWo
call nttontion to tho prospectus of the
\,nnriomon neva ana uourier, which appears
in this issue. The News and Courier is the
foremost paper in the State, aiul perhaps in
the South.
While we do not agree with it upon a State
policy, wc conccde to it honest and patriotic
motives, and believe it "will accept, in good
faith, the decinion of the State Convention,
upon the question whether a 'straight-out'
ticket shall be nominated," an ! if such should (
be the case, it will certainly bo found in Iho
front rank, striking right and left, for ihe
cause of Democracy and honest government. '
Those who desire the greatest amount, and
variety of news can not do better than sub[
ucribo for the News ami Courier. 1
Caught- (
McDevilt, the absconding Treasurer of
Jvlgcfiiild counlv. was arr?slAil itm .1....
in u (own in Alabama, and brought back and '
lodged in jnil to await trial.
(Jovornor Cbamboilain in hin harnnguo
to tlio ncgroon oflionufort made t
out tlio Hamburg affair a torriblo hor- i
ror, lia.i written a lottor to tlio Now
Yorlc Jlorakl, and U. S. Robertson to
tlia nninn ' "? ?11 1
~ Iinu nun untied on mo '
Government for troops. Wo nslc in
nil candor, why ho dooB not try tho
oivil law? Wo think it sufiiciont and i
holiovo thoro is nothing in his way of <
applying it, to tho contrary, wo boliet-o
nino tenths of tho whites would sus*
tain him in tho effort. But. Morton (
didn't havo quite filling enough for
tho bloody shirt, and somebody must
be induced to spin it. <
Tlio copurlnot'Hliip herotoforo oxisl- <
ing botwoon K. lOdmund Belcher and
K. Preston Karlo in tho publication of
tho Anderson Journal has boon disol- 1
vod by mutual consent. Tho Journal 1
will still continuo to ho published by 1
Mr, fiarlo, It i? a good papor and wo
wish it continuod prosperity. c
The Hamburg Affair.
The Northern newspapers are full of edlorials
on tho Hamburg affair, denouncing
I in the eeverest terms, and many of them
ire manufacturing material out of it for the
snlorgement of tho bloody shirt. Governor
zhamberlain has been to Washington to get
luujis, uih iiiu niiuriiey uenerai ana r*eoreary
of War informed liim that nil the civil i
cmcdicB must flint be exhausted. Tho Rad- I
cals in Congress are on tho rampago about i
t, and the Republican party evidently intend ?
o make all the campaign capital they po6-? <
tibly can out of it. It is an unfortunate af- 1
air, and puts the Democrats to disavantage 1
in the North, notwithstanding, nearly evory I
lecont white man in the State denounces it
is an outrage, and dosirca the perpotrators
brought to a speedy trial and punishment.?
rue civil authority is ample, if properly oxs
couted, to protect ovory citizen in his rights,
and punish crime wherever found, but the
Republicans mistrusting their own machinery,
post off to Washington and call for bay.
oiuts. If Governor Chamberlain will only
put llto civil authorities to work in the Hamburg
oase, he will have tho moral support of
nearly every white man in tho State, and no
ono knows it better than himself; but then it
might, by fair investigation, bo developed
uini ccriaui itautoai Jeauers fomented the
difficulty for political effect, and they would
loose a good oportunity for flying tho bloody
shirt. The effort being niadoj by (lie Republican
party to make political capitnl out of
the affair would be unworthy any other party,
especially when (lie law is ample for its punishment,
and the execution of it is entirely in
their own hands. Nothing but a political
change in the State will ever bring about
peaoo and security.
Edgefield Democracy.
Tho Drmocrncy of Edgefield mot
in Convention nt tho Court IIouso on
19th instant, and put forward tho lollowing
"straighout" ticket:
For Senator: Gon. M. W. Gary; lor
1 louho ol Representatives, W. S. Allen,
J. C. Shoppard, Jus. Callieon, Dr.
T. K. Jennings, and Dr. II. A. Shaw;
for Sheriff, J. 11. Gaston; for Probato
Judge, L. Charlton; for Clork of Court
u, i1. Cneutnuui; iur v^ourily Com mis j
sioncrs, Preston Blackwell,
-; for Coroner, A. Broad wator;
for Scliool Commissioner, Thomas
For ieicgatos to Stato Domoorulio
Convention: M. C. Butlor, G. D. Tills
man, M. \V. Gary, J. It. Abnoy, O.
Sheppurd, P. Black well.
Tlio Convention udoptod a rosolus
tion, recommonding G. D. Tillman for
Congross, from that Congrossicnul
District, and J. It. Abney for Solicitor
ol tho Circuit.
Tho Democrats of Union County
lmvo nominated tho following ticket:
For Representatives, Gon. W. 11.
Wallaco, G. I). Peako, William Jeffries;
Sheriff, Co!. It. Macbeth; ClorU,
Charles Bolt; Probato Judgo, Josoph
F. Gist; School Commissioner, Hev.
A. A. James; County Commissioners,
J. F. IJailoy, W. Ij. Goudeloclc, I). P.
Duncan; doloijatos to tho Stuto Convention,
\V. II. Wallaco, J. C. Jtichards,
T. B. Jotcr and Dr. J. P. Thomas.
Tho greatest harmony prevailed
in tho convontion, and Union will Cer
tainly elect tho ticket.
Jlohort Lincoln, tho only surviving
son of tho lato President Lincoln, and
VV. A. Horndon, for 25 yoorij tho law
nartnni' nnd Imnnm frinn/l r\f \f.. t
I ? " "*? J-""coln,
liavo dccidod to labor in Illinois
on tbo stump for Tildon and Hendricks
and reform. Tbo political out-*
look in Illinois is vory favorablo. Tbo
fjormans bold tbo balanco ol poworin
Lbat Stato, and tboy aro manifesting
unmistakable proclivitios.
(juncral ICcrsbaw doclinos to allow
.is namo to bo used in connection
.villi tbo Domocratic nomination for
Jovornor. \
ivoDCHon, ocoretary ol Llto .Navy, in ^
indor firo. Tlio coinmitteo who in- ,
instigated him will rocommeiul his
Clinton McDougnl, of New York,
uiccocds IMatt an Commi?nionor of
Internal Rovcnuo.
Thoro are two largo and flourishing ,
jolorod Tildon and HondrickH clubs in
? 1 f
Hon. C. I'. Sullivan, an old and 11otijiablo
mo in bo r of'tbo Laurens bar, is
load. |
Tho removal, by tho Prcsidont, of ,
Poat-MastoiMicncral Jo well is a groat (
lurpriso in political circles.
All tho candidates for Stato ofTicoR 1
an tbo Republican tickot in North | '
Carolina nro whito men and natives
A tho State
'*> Col.
VV. 1). Wilkes, of Anderson, in
i privato loiter to tho Senior editor of ;
.lift Inlftllitfftnoni' /Innlnrna l.Io
...vv..,^w..Vwi , X?VVII?I wn ii in 1HHJ1I**
.ion lo support Tildon and Jlcndrioks.
^ ? mm - "Fighting
Joo" llookor has dcclars
:d for Tildon and llondricks.
(Pk? -Mr?J ' I
j.iid luocviug uu mummy AXgnv
Tho "indignation meeting," on Monday
night, says the News and Courier, was not an
ttuoooss ful as Daddy Cain, for personal rea-i
sons, hoped lo mako it. Whlpper and BI1U
?tt were not there, and Cain was the centra)
figure of tho show.
Tho speeches wero thoroughly mischievous
in (one. While patnding their desire that
;ho laws should be enforced, and proclaimng
their willingnoss to trust to legal processis
for redross, the speakers, with one or two
ixceptlona, left no word unsaid that waa
likely to incite their audience to violent ana
unlawful acts. Tho addrosses and the reso- !
lutions, as a whole, wore too monstrous for
publication. Never was a moro fiendish de
claration made than that "there are 80,000
black men in the State who can bear Winchester
rifles and know how to uso them, and
that thore are 200,000 women who can light
a torch and use the knife." Theso aro the
diabolical utterancos of colored men who
would be the first to flcolf there were oron a
hint of danger. Thoy are professional agitators,
who expect to find their profit in dissension
and turmoil. . When the "political
cauldron boils they hope, liko other scum* to
rise to the top. For the colorod peoplo who
hoar them and aro duped by them, they care
nothing. They are willing that these filial*
be slain, if they can save their own hides.?
But such rascals as those who hounded on
the colored peoplo on Monday night, and they
alone, aro responsible, and must be held res
ponsiblc, for any disturbance that may arise.
Make tlicm understand this, convince them
that they, and not ignorant negroos, will be
held accountable to tho last farthing, and
there will assuredly be no collision if they
can avert it.
The folly as well as tho criminality of such
demagogues as Cain ought to bo evident t*
even tin most thoughtless colored man. They
contented that tho laws do not punish white
men as black offenders aro punished. The
laws they deride were made or patched up by
lladical8; they aro expounded by lladieal
Judges; in two thirds of tho State criminals,
whoever they may be, are tried by negro
juries. Instead of there being any truth in
the assertion that the colored people arc
punished more sharply thnn the whites arc,
the fact is just Die reverse. Negroes and
other Radicals go unwhipt of justioo, while
the n kites arc punished r!'h ? >?? "tinost severity.
The records of Iho courts show (hie.
When I ho whites arc acquitted, in the colored
counties, it is only bocnuso (heir innocence is
so manifest that evpu a colored jury could
not be blind to it.
Wo say this without temper. Souih Carolina
is in the hands of the Radicals, and,
until there is a change in the rotation of parties,
we must cxpcct that the minions of the
law will favor those who elect or appoint
them to office, and will have vory little consideration
tor those who opposo and denounce
.i n..i :? _mi i- i!?
ii-m. Dili ii wiii uu units enougu lor tlic
colored people to cry out wlion thoy find that
lheir Judges and juries discriminate against
them. Until then, it is both wiser and sulci
to abstain from throat, and abuse.
Not a Lawful Militia Company,
out a Ski,f>Ouoanizki) Mon.?Attornoy
Gonoral Stono says in his roport
that this Hamburg militia company
wan organizod in tbo timo of Scott,
and by his authority, and that it had
almost died out. Tho fact is this: It
had totally and onliroly diod out?and
long ago. Tho Doc. Adams mob was
got togothor in May last?by Rivers,
Schiller, Leo, Sparnick <fc (Jo.-?for tho
vory purposo it has bo latoly subBorvotl.
Thoy .stole tho nrms from
Koll, tho poBtmnntor, with whom thoy
had boon lodged whon tho company
ooasod to oxist; and Sch'ller got tho
ammunition from Columbia for them;
>.t tho CO"*- of tho Stato of courso. Tho
idea ot their having kept ammunition
from tho timo of Govornor Scott to
thin day, in supremely absurd.
Mr. Stono cortainly does not know
tho nogro. Why, thoy would havo
fired away tho am u nation at cat
hquirrolb and j'ollow hammors if nothing
better (whito men and womon for
instance) proHontod itBclf. No, tho
Doe. Adams company wuu an insolent
rind lawless mnh f??tnll\r Imut
? , J ?
mischief. And Schillor was tho icllow
who got tho ammunition. And tho
Elimination wan to shoot whilo mon
with?and whilo womon!?and whilo
oliildron! Whonovor lladicat authorities
or Radical individuals givo no*
[$rooa guns and ainmunation, white men
ire to be shot. And it is vory well that
woahould watch?and somotimos turn
tho tahlo. Lot us continue to watch.
Kdgofiold Advortisor.
A nogro hy tho namo of Curry wr.s
shot and killod in Orangeburg tho
jwieruay uy jur. i<. Woodward. Tho
shooting was in self dofenso.
, ?
A military coat mado by tho Into
President Johnson whilo ho was work
ing at his trado as a tailor, Jias boon
presented to tho Historical Socioty of
I'onncsHOo. It is in a good stato of
[U UBUTvHl/iUll, UllU It IB Saul to BhOW OXcollont
skill, tusto nucl workmanship.
After Mr. Johnson bccamo Govornor
r,f Tcnnossoo lie commissioned ns a
Circuit Judgo the customer for whom
Iho coat was mado.
Ma. Tii,urn's Fortune.?Somo of
Lho Republican journals havo hoard
that (jiov. Tildon ha* n fortnno of
85.000,000 and Bcom anxious to know
l)0\v ho got it. It is enough for thorn
to know, wc should think, that, unliko
many of tho leadors of thoir own
party who havo socurcd largo fortunos
ho did not steal it.
C ommunfcatiohs
i . i
Lidkbtt Statio*, 8. C., July 21st? 1870.
Editor suntiniit: I am ifcfirmill'thal yoa
arc a inefcibct- of the Cfjtotity Itainocratio
Kxcoutlvo Committed. I jjk*rofort, take the
liberty of asking your committee, through the
columns of your excellent paper, that nil your
renders may givo the mpt^er some thought,
whether our young men under twenty one
ye ore of ago wilt be allowed a to?? in the
tnary elootion, I am sure, some have, enroled
id our. olabsiirlbo ?ro dot twohly 0119,
And learu tlint they would like to vote in tbo
primary. I think all who are oighteen years
of age, if they enroll, should be allowed a
vole. Think it proper for your committee to
discuss this question?consult together and
determine at your next meeting whether or
not any who are nnder twenty ono years of
ago shall bo allowed a voto, aftd let the people
of the counrty hear from you, I am satisfied
that our pcoplo wilt cheerfully abide your
decision in tho mattei.
Wo liavo very many noble hearted worthy
young men between tlio ages of eighteen and
twenty ono years, who would be highlyploftsed
to enroll and vote with us in tho primary,
mm wouiu ciiceriuiiy nnu promply rally lo
their country's call; to any known duly devolving
upon them; would render nny services
In their power to our country, 8tnte or
nation. Ia it not meet and proper then, to
allow them a vote. They will not oxpcct to
voto in the general, lcgAl, election in the fall,
knowing as they do, that it is prohibited by
law. It would givo them groat encouragement
though to allow them a vote in the pri
uiary, which 1 think wo should lake tho
greatest pleasure in doing. Tho affairs ol
our nation will in a few years bo managed by
our young men who are to day under twenty
one years of ago. All tho important mattern
and all the high positions will soon be turned
over to tho worthy young men?the boys who
are to day in their teens.
The JNcwm and Courier for
(he Campaign.
rilllK canvass now opening is tho most imJ_
portant iu which the poodIo of South
Cnroiina have beon cngnged since the momentous
election of 18t>0. Upon its result
depends the weal or woo of tho Stale and the
TIIK NEWS AND COURIER will, as ever,
bo in tho front of the fight, sustaining fearlessly
and faithfully the candidates of the
National Democratic party, and tho notion,
whatever It shall bo, of the State Dcmocratio
Convention. To this wo pledge the whole
power ami intluonce of u journal nli'iCii, in
the past, hnsdonc what it could toscrvothe
interests, and preserve the rights and liberties,
of the people cf South Carolina.
In order that it may bo within tho moans
of every Domoorat in tho State to read Tup.
Nkws andCoubiku during the canvass, we
. have established the following campaign
rates, free of postage and for country subscribers
only, beginning this day and running
to the 15th ol November, a period ol
four months:
1)axly k1j1tion.
1 Copy 8 2 50
5 Copies 10 00
10 Copies 17 00
1 Copy 81 25
5 Copies .' 6 00
10 Copies 8 75
1 Copy 50 coots
In cvory enwo tho monoy must nccompany
the ordor.
July 27, 1870 46
rv T"* _
wconee iannery
milK undersigned liavo associated with
X Ihem in tho conduct of (heir business oi
Tanning anil .flaniifnetiiiiiK
ItootM anil HIioeN,
equally interested with us therein. The
name of tho firm will hereafter be tho
"OCONEE TANNERY." Thankful for past
patronage, we bespeak a continuancc of the
Harne. Our ?enior, Mr. Fitxingor, has a fine
reputation as a Tanner, and will be ablo to
Htipply customers in this lino with the bast
Wo will continue to manufacture our first
class hand made
???TO M!1ED SH&i&S,
And oft'or thorn on#ho bent terms.
OUU BOOTS and 8I10E8 are for salo by
TV. T. McPALL, at Pickens Court House,
cheap for cash, or which will be exchanged
for on reasonable terms.
July 20, 1870 40 tf
FIIIST CLASS HOUSE at Liberty Station, S.
C., atiil is propared to tako pornianent or
transient Hoarders at, reasonablo rates.
Tho Table will be supplied with tho best
the market affords.
lie also keeps a select STOCK OF MERCHANDISE
on hand, which is offered to the
public cheap, for cash. Consult your own
interest and call on him.
J. J. NIX.
Liberty, S. C., July 18, 1870 40 if
si ^
QlU fyo herebygfromlnatc Oaptalit A.
fl&YTlHffor r?>ele<fl?n to (he offloo of Sonoitor..
"Jl? lifts diswilkrged the duties of the
offlco for the past four years with fairness
and ability, and will be supported for r?-oleotioi?
Mahy fbiknna.
_ Mr. KihTor : llense announce the name of
folonel W. C. KEITH, of Wnlhalla, as a
candidate for Solicitor of tho Eighth Judicial
Circuit?suTijcct, hrrwcvcf, to the Dcmccrntio
" 11 - l.
KQk- We horebjr npyiinatc Qol W. II. PKR>
KY no n candidate lor Solioitor of tho Eighth
Circuit, subject (o tho action of tho Dmo
cratic NornlnntTflg Convention.
For the Legislature,
The friends of A DM Ell MfTM.lNl*
roBpcctfully announce him as a candidal* for
(ho Legislature from Pickens County, at tho
ensuing election?subject, however, to the
Democratic Nomlrmttrtn.
ter We aro authorised to announoo Dr.
A. J. ANDERSON as a candidate for the Legislature
from Pickens County, at tho ensu*
ing election?subject, howevor to tho Democratic
Wo are authorized to annodnco TIIOS.
W llUSSELJU ns acandidato for the Legislature
from Pickens County, at the ensuing
election?subject, howorcr to tho Democratic
BgjU'Tho friends of E. H. BATES respectfully
announce him ns n candidate for tho
Legislature from Pickens County, tit (lie ensuing
election?subject, however to the Democratic
nomination. *
Tho many friends of J. 1). SUT1I!
EKLAND respectfully announce him as a
> candidate for |he Legislature from Pickens
County, at thq ensuing election?subject,
however to the Democratic nomination.
Tho many friends of D. F. BRADLEY,
Esq., respectfully announce him as a
candidate for the Legislature?subject, however
to the Democratic Nominating Convention.
Mr. Bbaui.ky served us faithfully in thelast
Legislature, and a moro indefatigable worker,
or watchful servant of the intnr??i <^r i.iu
stituentscnn not be found in the County.
For Clerk of CourtTlic
nmny friends of JOHN J. LEWIS
respectfully announce Mm as a candidalo for
Clerk of (he Court of Pickcns County at the
ensuing election, subject, however to (lie
Democratic nomination,
Mr. Lkwis is a true and tried Democrat,
and Ins fine business qualifications eminently
fit him for the office. *
For Probate Judge.
The many friends of R. A. CHILD,
respectfully announce him as a candidate for
Judge of Probate of Pickens County, at the
ensuing election?subject, however to the
Democratic nomination.
Tlic many friends of W. O. FIKLD,
respectfully announce liim oh a candidate for
Judge of Prohate of Pickens County at (lie
ensuing clecfion?subject. however, to the
notion of the County Democratic Nominating
Convention. *
For Sheriff.
BtiQu The friends of JOAB MAULDIN re?pectfully
nnnounco him as a candidate for
Sheriff of Pickens County, ot the ensuing
election?subjec(, hovtevor, to the Democratic
fcr*X.. The friends of 0. W. BOWEN respectfully
announce him as a candidate for
Sheriff of I'iokcDs County at the ensuing elecHax
? ? . ..
uuu?oiiojiui, iiowover 10 me Donocrntic
nomination. *
The many friends of J. HI LEY FERGUSON
respectfully nnnounoe him an a candidate
for re-election to the office of Sheriff
, of Pickens County at (he ensuing election?
subject, however, (o (ho nclion of (ho County
Democratic nominating Convention. *
For County Commissioner*
The friends of HOSWELL HILL respectfully
announce him as a candidate for
County Commissioner of Pickena County, at
the ensuing election?subjeot, howeror, to
the Democratic Nomination. *
For School Commissioner.
Tho many friendi of P. D. CUIIETON
respectfully announce him a candidate for
School Commissioner. Mr. 21 eton is a man
well qualified for the position, and will be
supported by
Wtgu Tlio frionds of II?t. 0. W. 8IN0LETON
respectfully announce him as a candidal
o for School Commissioner of Pickens
County at the ensuing election?subject,
however, to the Dcmocratio Nomination.
Bfcijr The many frionds of Trof. J. If. CARLISLE
respectfully announce him as a candidate
for the office of Sohool Commissioner
of Pi* ken* County at the ensuing ejection,
nmj'jci nuwmur, 10 mo action 01 IllO Donioorntio
nomination. *
Jfejr Tho many friends of M. 8. IIEN*
DKICK8, respectfully announce him a
cuiididnto for School Commissioner of Pickens
County, at the ensuing election?subject,
howovcr, to the action of tho County Demo'
cratiu nominating Convention. *
For Coroner,
Bgft. The many friends of ?. A. PORTER ^
respectfully announce him juri* candidate for
<jo*oner of Piok^BB County,, JU the ensuing
e^ection-rsnbjectj Jiowever, tdjhe Democratic
On and Aftej^We
* - %v , . , >,v
,A 15tl? IiiNt, we will 0
FOR ! :) *?*? x
J < i in/?/,. I
CO OS urn DM i
sorvo our friends on thoso tormfc, bOt
' cnn not sell on timo.
All persons INDEBTED nro r0?
quoetod to call and closo all Accounts
by NOTE.
Ensley t S. C., July 13, 1876 45
MIWftMl * |
$00<?,000 IN GIFTS I ^
A Fort Tine for Only $1?.
aut'..,ri*ed by n. special aot of the Kentnctay ?
Legislature, for the benefit of the PUBLIC
SCHOOLS OF FRANKFORT, will hate tho ^
First of their series of Qrnnd Drawings *t
MAJOR IIALL, in the City of Frankfort,
Thursday, August 31, 1876,
on which, occnsion thoy will distribute to th?
ticket holders the immerse sum of
-vj. -><r v v %" v?r ^
Thomas 1'. Portkr, JBx-Oov. Ky., General <t
Positively no Postponement.
One grand cash gifl, $100,000
One grand cubIi gill, ?>n,uuo
One grand cash gift, 2f>,0OO
One grand cash gift, 5i0,()00
Otic grand cash gift, 10,000
Ono grand cash gift, f?,000
f?0 cash gifts of Sl.ftOO each 50,000
100 cash gifts of 600 ouch f>0.000
100 cash gifts of 400 each 40,000
KM) oftuli gifts of 800 cach 80,000
2'l0 cash gifts of 200 encli 40,000 ^
(500 ensh gilts of 100 each 00,00?
10,000 cnsli gifts of 12 cach 120,000 *
Total, 11,1 fit) gills, all cash 000,009
Whole tickets. $12; Halve*, $<?: Quartern,
;> iickois, Tickets, 4t?| Tickets.
0f?J Tickets, ?1,000. 100,000
Tickets nt $12 each.
Hon. E. II. Taylor, Mayor of Frankfort. lb*
entire board of City Connclltnen, Hon. Alvin
Duvall, lute Chief Jucstice of Kontuckyj and
other distinguished citizens, together with
such disinterested persons nsthe ticket hold*
era present tuny designate will superintend
tlu? rirnwlug.
Remittances can be made by Express, Draft,
Postoflico Money order or Hegislored Loiter,
made payable to Kentucky Cnsli Distribution
All communications, orders for Tickets, and
applications of Agencies should bo addressed
General Manager, Frankfort, Ky. ,
July 27. 1870 47_ 4
The State of South Carolina*
Pjckknb County. ^
llnylis W Mansell, Flefchor Jfunsoll, Camilla
Hendricks and husband James 15 Hcndriokl
and otheru?lM-iintilTs.
James IJaswell, Robert K Rowen, Win A
Clyde, Henry C Rriggs, Thomas W Russell,
Orlando C Folger and othors?Defendants,
Complaint ron Rrlikf, Ac.
BY virtue of a decrcetal order, made by tha
Hon. T. II. Cooke, Judge of the Eighth
Judicial Circuit, on the 13th day of Jul/,
A. 1) 1870, each and every of the heirs at
law oi leriHA r;nima Jolinson, formerly T?risaKirma
Mansell, if any there be other t
than tlie Plaintiffs above named in this actio*,
are hereby summoned and required to
appear before tho L'leik of thin Court, ideatify
themselves and establish their claims to
tho funds to he distributed, herein on or before
the 21st 'lay of July A. 1). 1877, or mr
forever lie debarred of all benefit tinder the
decrce for distribution to be rendered in this
Given under my hand and office seal at
Pickens, this tho 16th day of July A. D.
8. D- KEITH,
Clerk of Court of Common i?1ao? t
Pickens County, 8. C. * *
July 20. 1876 40 If
mUE undersigned will sell at Privato (Sale,
.1. hid valuable PLANTATION, known as
(he Lnrkin Hendricks place, containing 112
nores, on whioh tlicro arc about 10 acres of *
first class bottom. There is also ft good new
Cotton Oin and Press on tho placo, good
Dwelling and all necessary Outbuildincrs. '
Another Tract, containing 103) Acres, on
which there arc fine Up Lnndti, well timbered
and first cln?s bottom: and a lino Orchard.
All my Interest in I.arkin IIcndrick'B
If not. sold at Private Rale before the 20th
of next, Bcpter&ber, all the above property
will bo disposed of at Public Halo.
P. O. address, Dacusvillo, 1'iokcnH County,
May 11, 1870 30 td

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