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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1871-1903, July 27, 1876, Image 4

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Platform of the National Democratic
,flOWfiJtf# IlcjihMritt10
uortv of tbo United 8UUor. in mi
tiomnl convontibn^nHHcNrtbfe^,1 dd lt?ro
daftlaro tljo ndiQin^lmlton ot Llio Federal
govottiroeift to b'o'w urgont noqd
of i1n.1novl.inL9 rp/oimj do hereby onjohi
upoij tfw tionilnopa of this convention
'ftnif Of'Vh'o Domo'cratio party in oacn
State, a zealojjs oflfqt't ftnd co-oporn1
ifqn to thiA ond, and do horoby appofil
' 'ib' oiir follow citlaons ot ovor'y formor
political connoctibn to un^ortalto ,wi^h
tis this first and most prosstng patriot*
1c duty for tho .Democracy of tho
iDttaoAo country/ \Vb do lloi'o reaffirm
our.inith in tho pcrmnnoncy of tljo
TfrtiKn '??! rfntfnilhh fn I lin
constitution ot tho united States, with
J* lis pmondmonts universally accqptod,
na ft final soUlomcntof tho controversies
that ongondorod civil war, and do
' froro rocord out standfast confidonco in
: tho porpotuity of Republican self gov*,
ornmont; in absoluto acquiosconco in
tljo will of tho mnjority, tho vita} prinoiplo
of tho ropublicj in tho suproinacy
ot tho civil ovor tho military authori.
ty; in tho total sopcralion of church
find Stato, for tho Balco aliUo of civil
nHfj-VoliirionR frnnrlnm: in t.hn onnnlilv
0 "/ "ll
of nil citizens boforo just laws of their
own onaotrnont, in the liberty of indis
Vidua! conduct, unvoxed by.sumptuary
laws; in tlio faithful education of the
! rising gonoration, that thoy may proX
aorvo, onjoy and transmit thoso bost
conditions of human happiness and
liopo. Wo bohold tho noblest pro
ducts of a hundred years of changeful
history, but, whilo upholding tho bond
of .our Union and groat charlor of
thoso our rights, it bohooves a froo
peoplo to practico also that ctornal
vicrilnnrtft whir-li ia l.lm ni-ino r>f
- -o ~ " " l",vv VJ
Iioforrn is ncccsbary to rebuild and
establish in tlio honrtn of tho whole
. pooplo tho Union eleven yours ngo
happily roscuod from tho clangor of a
corruptcentralism, whioh, after inflicting
upon ton States tho rapacity of
calpet bag tyrannies, has* hen oy com lied
tho oflicoe of tho Fodorftl governnnf
???<!* ! n/?n n! 1 ?. " " ' '
in vii u ivnuu nr l vil I I HJ*iJ ll\\j i LJy \YUniU illlU
8 fraud; infected States and municipal**
itics with tho contagion of misrnlo,
and looked fast tho prosperity of an
industrious people in the paralysis of
JiArd times, lie for in is nceessary to
'Idtelablish a sound curronoy, rostoro tho
public crodit and maintain tho na>
itional honor. Wodenouoco tho failure
of all theso eleven years to mako
good tho promiso of tho logal tender
notes which aro a changing standard
of valuo in tho hands of tho pcoplo,
fend tho non paymont of which is a
'.tiXZllA .1 -t .L- - J r n . .
uiwr?gj?ru?n iiiu piigniou iuill) 01 11)0
nation, Wo donounco tho improvi"donoo
wl)icl) in olovon years of poaco
has taken from tho pooplo in Federal
taxes -thirtouii times tho wholo
amount of tho legal tendor notes, and
squandered four tirnos this sum in
WnoloBS oxponeo, without tho aecumu.itttion
of any rcsorvo (or thoir redumption.
Wo donounco tho financial itn-i
booility and immorality of that party
whj$ during tlio elovon yoarg ofpoaco
linn rrmcio no advanco towards resumption;
that, instead, has obstructed re'sumption
by wasting our rcsourcos
nnd exhausting all our surplus incomo
^ind. while annually pro/basing to inTond
aspoody loturn to spocio payments,
has annually cnactcd frosh
hindrances thereto, as such a a hin'dranco
we denounce the resumption
clnuso of the Act of 1875, and wo
'hero demand its repeal. Wo demand
a judicious system of preparation by
pubfio oconirnios, by oflicial retrench'monts,
and by wiso finance, which
'shall enable the nation to assuro t'.*'
whole world of its porfoct ability ai 1
its porfoct readiness to moot any of its
promises at tho cal,l of the creditor entitled
to payment. Wo boliovo such
(n systom well devised; and, above aU on
trustod to compotent hands for exocu^
.lion, croating at no time an artificial i
Boourity of currency, and at no timo
alarming llio public mind Into a :
withdrawal of that vaster ina'chinory
of credit by which ninety five
per cent, of all business transactions
aro peiTunnod; a system opon, public
i?nd inspiring general confidence,
would, from the day of its adoption,
bring healing on its wings to all our !
harrassod industry, and set in motion
tho wIicoIh of commorco, manufactures
and tho mechanical art?; restore
.employment, to labor, and renew, in
nil its national sourco, tho prosperity
of tho p6oplo. lioform is nocossaiy
in tho sum and mode of Federal taxation,
to the end that capital may ho
sot f'reo from distrust and labor lightly
burdened. Wo dcnounco tho prosout
tariff imposod upon noarly 4,000
nitlcles as a master pioco of injustice, <
Stinnnnlif.v nnH fnlun m-nt i?
... -w-j v, |/? VI/VIICU. i I
yiolda u dwindling not iv hearty rising
yoyonuo; it has impoverished many industries
to subsidise a f'ow; it prohibitw
imports that might purchuso tho
products of Amorican labor; it has do?radod
Amorican commorco from Iho
phi to an inferior rank upon tho bigli
Hoas; it lias cut dowr. tho salos of
Atnoiionn manufacturers at homo and
abroad, and doplctcd tho rcturns of
Amorican agriculture or industry, fol- !
lowed by halt our pooplo; it costs the
pooplo live tnnos moro than it produces
lo tlio treasury, obstructs the pro**'
<:esscs of production and wastes tho
fruits of labor; it promotes fraud and
'fosters simitfulinir. onriehns rlixhnnnai
olieiaU and bankrupts honest morcb.aula.
Wodutuand Hint nil cu?toin bouso
taxation shall bo only for rovonuo. Itcform
is necessary in tho Bcnloof pnblic
cKjponflo?Kedoral, Stato and muni-j
cipnl. Our Federal taxation has swol- I
Jen lrom $00,000,000 in gold in li<00 to
niMttii, jy mm i rn 1,0 j i uti?f
1450,000,000 in curronoy in 1870. Our
n^gregiitd trtxutibn from $181,000,000
in gold fn 1800 to 8730,000,000 in oul.
ronoy. in 1870< Or in ono docutlO,
from JoBsf'tlmqf $5 "jjor bojfd, to moio
than ?18 nor head. Sinco tlio nonoo
tlio pcbplo Imvo paid to tlioir la* gathvl
orora morolhan thijico tho sum 01 tho
national dopt,i apd ro than twiqo
that sum for tho Fodoral govornmertt
alorto. .. u
Wo demand ft vigoroud'frngality in
ovory dopnrtmont and from evory oh
ncor 01 tho govprnrt\ont. Kelorm is
nocosHftry t<J put a 'stop to tho profligato
wfteto of public lands, ftnd thojr
divorsion from notunl sottlors by tho
party irt powor, whletohas squandered
$200,000,000 of* acres upon railroads
ftlono, and, owb oi moro thnn thrioo
that nggrognto, line disposod of less
thnn ft sixth diroctly to tillors of tho
soil. ( Koform is nocoaatjryjLa corroqt
tho omissions ot tho Uopublrcnn Congross
ftnd tho crVors ot our trontios and
our diplomacy which lmvo stripped
our lollow citizonsof foreign birth and
kindred racq rcnro?sing tho Atlantic
of tho shiold of American citizonship,
.and have ox posed our brolhron of tho
Pacific coast lo tlio incursion of a raqo
not sprung ftonwtho samo groat parcut
stock, nnd, in fact, now by law
dcnic<j citizonsliip through ni?turali>
nation, a?,being noithor uccustoined to
tho traditions of a progressive civilization
nor oxoreiflcd in liberty under
equal laws. Wo dpnouneo tho policy
which thus discards the liberty loving
Gorman and toloraton the revival
of tho coolio trade in Mongolian women,
imported for immoral purposes,
and Mongolian mon hired to perform
servilo labor contracts, and demand
such ft modification of tho treaty with
tho Chinoso Empiro, or such logislation
by Congress within a constitutional
limitation as shall prevent tho
further importation of immigration of
tho Mongolian raco. Reform is nc|ccssary
and can novor ho olFoctod hut
by making it tho controlling issuo of
tho elections, lifting it ahovo tho two
falso issues wfth which thooflico hold*.
ing class and tho party in powor seek
to smottior.it. Tho falso issuo with
which they would cnkindlo sectarian
strifo in respect to tho public schools,
of which tho establishment to support
bolonciurr oxclusivolv to tho unvm-nl l
Statos, and which iho Domooralic
party lias cherished from their loundatioti
and rosolvod to maintain without
partiality or preference for any
class, bcclor creed, and without contributing
from tho trcasuiy to any?
tho false isBiio by which they seek to
light anew tho dying embers of sectional
hato botweon kindred peoples,
onco unaturally estranged, but now
reunitod in cno indivisiblo republic
and a common destiny. .Reform is
noccssary in the oivll sorvice. Exporienco
proves that cfticient. oconomi
cat conduct of tlio governmental busN
no^B is not possiblo if its civil sorvico
bo Hubjcct to chango at every election,
bo a prizo fought for at tho ballot box,
boa half/owjird of party zeal instoad
of post# of bQnol-, atjsignod lor proved
coinpetoncy and hold for fidelity in
tho public employ. That tho dispensing
of patronago should neither bo a
tax upon tho timo of all our public
men, nor the instrument of their ambition.
-Jlcro again professions falsified
in tho porformanco, attest that
tho party in power fun work out no
practical or salutory reform, Kcform
is necessary oven moro in tho higher
grades of public servico. The i'rcsU
dont, Vico President, Judges, Senas
tors, Rcprosontativos and Cabinet of
ficers. Those, and aU others in nilthority,
aro tho pooplos' servants;
thoir officers nro not privato porqnisitoo;
they aro public trusts. NVhon
tlio annuls of thin republic show tho
uingvncy unci consuro ol a V ico I'roaidont,
a Into Speaker of tho Ilouso of
Roprosontativos marketing his ruling
uh a prowiding offlcor; thrco Sonators
profiting secrotly by thoir votes an law
makors; livo ohairmon ol loading com
miiiecH of tho lulo Ilouso of liopreHonialivos
exposed in jobbing; a late
Secretary ol tho Treasury forcing bal
a.nccs in tho public accounts; a laio
Attorney (Jonoral misappropiiating
public lunds; a Secretary of tho Navy
enriched or enriching frionds by porcentals
levied oil' tho profits of contractors
with hi.q ilnnnrl iiinni* ? >
bassador to Kngland censured in a
dishonorable speculation; tlio I'rosident's
Private Socrotary baroly es?
eaped conviction upon trial for guilty
complicity in frauds upon tbo Kevens
no; ii Secretary of War impeached for
high crimes and confessed misdemeanors.
The demonstration is complete
I lm ( ( ItA til ??\ ?? ? " ?- ? - - 1 1
v?<?v v1 v> Iiiav otuil ill rviurlll III USl OO
Llic pooplo's clioico of honost mon from
another party, lest tlio disuse of <>11 o
political organization infoct tho body
politic and thoroby making no change
of men or party. Wo can got no
chaniro of rncanuroand no reform. All
tl>ono abiiHCfi, wrongs and crimow, tho
produot of ftixtoon yearn' ascondancv
of tho Kopubliean party, create a no"oossity
for rolorm, confessed by Republicans
thomsolvosj but I heir reforms
aro voted down in convention
and displaced from tho Cahinot. Tho
party's mass of honest votes is powerless
to resist tho HO,000 oMico holders,
its loadors and euidos. Jtoform
can only be had l>y a poacoful civic
revolution. Wo doinand n change of
RyHtoin, ii cbango ol administration,a
cliango parties, lliat wo may liavo
cliango ofmombors and of men.
Tbo ronding was frequently in tornip
ted by applauso. Tbo donunciation
of tbo resumption act and demand
for ils repeal was received with
cspccial fuvor.
At tbo conclusion, Dorelioimoinai I'
the comjnijltQo liucl udoptod pnd on
uorsuu,- uiougii not as a part ot platform,
tlio resolution which ho read
ondorsing action of tlio IIouso of Ilopresoiuativcs
in cutting down appro
.pviationB. T JIo ?x^yi'iod Uifc firtmicss,
altfa risohrtionrfB to thc jutft claims of
soldiors, sailors and widows and ois
phans. Gonoral JSwing presented, at
the requoet of several gentlemon, a
substitute for tho financial plank.?
ino iiinjuribjr report was auopioa ny
051 to 8.
TI?o convontion tlion proccodod to
nominnto and ballot.
Coi. Williams nominatod llondrioka;
Wliitely, ol'Dolowaro, nominatod J3ay
nrd; Loon Abbott, of Now Jorscy,
nAmttyaMkl fPar^tor; Francis Kornnn,
orNp\v Stork, nominated Tilden.
iFiWtbhllM?lAllon 50; Tilden 403};
Parker 18; Hancock 75; Bayard 27;
llondricks 1.33}.
_ Socond ballot ?Alien 54; Tildon 407;
i'arkor 18; Hancock 71; Ilondrioks
108; Tlmrman 2. Iowa clmngod 20
for Tildcn'; Illinois clmngod 24 for
Tildcn and 18 for Ilondrioks; Missouri
changcd 20 for Tildon and 10 for Ilondrioks.
Whole volo on second ballot
738; nocossary to a cboico 492. Aftor
tho chflnjjo by Iowa, Illinois and Missouri
Tildcn bad 535; Ilondrioks 00;
Allen 54; Hancock 59; Bayard II;
Thurman 22; Parker 18.
Thomas A.. Hondricks, of Indiana,
wah unanimously nominated (or Vico
JL'rcsiilont on tho first ballot.
Tlio Now York sun, having rocoivcd
b n o: al lcttors asking what is Governor
Tildon's religion, informs its correspondents
and tho rest of mankind
tlint it is the .Christian religion, that
ho is of tho Pro.whylorian denomination
and that ho has given proof of tho
sincority of his faith by onforcing in
the performance of his official dulios
that d-ivino commandmont, 'I'hou shalt
not steal.
(h 1 Q a day at homo. Agents wanted. Outtpl/W
fit-and terms free. True & Co., Aiu
guuta, Maine.
ABnk'liK, \YKFK. guaranteed to Agents,
\ I /Malo and Female, in their locality.?
Ui j I Terms and OUTFIT FllKH. Address
t l'.o. ViOKKRY & CO., Augusta, Me
$,r> lo $20 por day at homo. Samples worth
SI free. Stinson & Co., Portland, Maine.
How either sex may fascinate and gain
the love and affections of any person they
(illAOMO. iimhilillv 'IMiia nv# till /*n??
, J- - v.... J'VOOVOO,
free, l?y innil, for 25 cents ; together willi a
Marringo Guide, Egyptian Oracle, Dreams,
Hints to Ladies, etc. 1,000,000 sold. A queer
Addrtim TVWILLIAM,& CO., Tub' IMiiln.
1'ricc, ^Twenty- five Cent a.
Containing n coinptcto list of nil the towns in
(ho United States, Iho Territories nnd tlio
Dominion of Cftimdn, Imving ft populntion
greater tlinn 5,000 according to tlio Inst consul,
together witli tlio names of tho ncwwpapers
liavilig !he largest local ciroAlati^n in
each of the places naincil. Also, ft cataloguo
of newspnpers which are recommended to
advertisers as giving greatest value in proportion
to prices charged. Also, ft!! news
papers in tho United States and Canada,
printing over 6,000 copies each issue. Also,
all the Religious, Agricultural, Scicntific and
Mechanical. Medical. Masonic .Tnvonilo
Educational, Commercial, Insurance, Koal
KhI.iIc, Law, Sporting, Musical, Fashion, and
other special olass journals; very comploto
lints. Together with a comploto list of over
300 German papers printed in tho United
Stntos. Also, nn essay upon advertising;
tunny tables of ratOB, showing tho cost of
advertising in various newspapers, and overy
thing which a beginner in advertising trould
like to know. Address
4.)ICO. P. ItOWEIJi A CO.,
41 Park llow, Now York.
Unit eel States.
A complelo list, of American Newspapers,
numbering more Minn eight thousand, with n
Gazc'tcor of all towns and cities in which they
are published; Historical and Statistical
sketches of tho Grant Newspapers Kstublisliments;
illustrated with numerous engrnvings
oi the principal newspaper buildings* l$ook
of UOO Pages, just issurd. .,1/ailcd, post paid,
lo nny address for 85c Apply (inclosing
price) to Superintendent of tho Newspaper
i'avillion, Centennial Grounds, Philadelphia,
or American News Company, N. V. Every
advertiser needs it.
How Lost, How "Rnatornfl f
Just published, ft new edition of I)r. CUIj*
VliUWKLIj'8 Colobrntcd Kssay on tlio radical
euro (williout medicine) of Spermatorrhea
or Seminal Weakness, Involuntary Soininnl
fiOHsen, impotency, Mental nnd Physical
Incapacity, InipodiuienM to Marriage, etc;
also, Consumption, Epilepsy nnd I its, inl
1? ~llr 2 ?l%
uiiuuii ily tviinuuuigviicu or BQxuni oxiravagftllOC,
BtOu. l'ricc, in ft sealed envelope, only six
Tlic ccleltrftlcil ftullior, in this admirable
Kssny, clcruly demonstrate*, from a tliirly
ycnrH* micccsHful practice, Dint Ihc filfirming
uuuou?|iit'iiuvs u? buii-iniu:ju niny uo rfiuicaiiy
cured willionl I lie dangerous u-c of internal
niodicitio or the application of tho knife; point
ing out a mode of euro at onco simple, certain,
and effectual, by means of which every
sufferer, no mattor what hib condition may
l>e, may euro himHclf clicapley, privately, and
Soot nnder seal, in a plain envclopo, to
any address, post-paid, on receipt of six conts
or two post stamps.
Address the Publishers,
.11 Ann Kl-. Ni?w Yin-lc: Par!Offino Ha* .1
July 20, 1870 40 ' ' I
mxm ;pt
Lis t II0 . 81
- <
, ?
?TO? ,
/1M;. .
>, V - ' . ; \ . ,
Only $1.50 a Year
,Y< > ,
E very man i 11 t h c County of
Every limn who has ever lived ,
hero mid hus moved i
away, j
. i
teib mmttr mw&
?AND? 1
i ui;roiMs ]
/ifSf> _ an ???
IT CI HC U L A T h S ;
Largely in tlio adjoining Counties,
and to some extent in Western
North Carolina!
nor me ricitcns sentinel !
In the IMoIu iih N?nUncl !
Wo are now propnre<l to furnish permanent situs- ]
tlona for a largo number of person*, malo and female
i A . JFfl^WWI " : I
who ?ro ^wvbijDjvvmn
Inrs sont frco on application. AddroM, with stump,
Boutiikrn Co-oi'bkativk Co., Naahvlllo, Tonn;
?r. It. J. 44111 ilniMl
HAVING returned find iicrmnnenlly located
nt l'iokcnsvillc, respectfully ofl'irs
>i!h l'rofeRHiounl services to I lie citizens of tlml
vicinity ?nd surrounding country. Charges
May 0 41
I lake this method of informing my friends
that I will ho found in my oflice on cach
SATURDAY, for tho purpose of transacting
any business that comes under my jurisdiction.
a o ?v? cj-i.?i n .
nn Ml J \i unco (?o UUIIUUI V/UIIIIIIIOBIUIIUr Will \
compel mc to be absent in different parts o(
tho county, I mnko this special appointment
for the bcncfil of all concerned, l
U. A. ROWKN, 1
no25-ly Bcool Commissioner (
' , ( J
FTIHE Scholastic year 5s dltideJ into two
I <.f Hl> ? "" ?
ui iv ituokb cncii. mo First Term I
lommonocs January 17tli, ntiii ends Juno 3d; .
he becotid Term commences July 4th, and
sftd? November 18th.
Students entering within two stocks after
h* conimcncomcnt of the Terms, will be I
jlmrged for llie whole Term ; those entering 1
Uftpr this time, from tho time of entering, j
U is more satisfactory that Students enter
tt the Commencement, when tho several
yfasses are forming, .
Course of StudyPRIMARY
JUNlOlt 01.ASS. I i
1st TcfnV?.Spelling and Heading.
2d Term?/Spelling nnd Hcnding continued; ]
Trinmry Geography; Mentnl Arithmetic, (
Exercises in Writing. ]
1st Tcrtn?Spelling and Reading continued:
Geography continued; Introducing Knglish
Grammai*; Elements of Written Arithmetic;
Exercises in Writing.
2d Term?Spelling nnd Heading continued;
Elements of Written Arithmetic completed;
Intermediate Geography completed; Analytical
English Grammar; Primary U. S. Mis
lory; isxercises in Writing.
1st Term?English Grammar completed; Physical
Geography; Oommon School Aritluno
lie; Towns Analysis of Words;
2d Term?Greene's; Analysis of English
Language; Arithmetic continued; Smaller 1
Composition; Higher U. S. History.
1st. Term Latin Grammar and Ilarkncss' Hirst
Latin Rook; Latin Reader; Davies' Algebra;
History of England.
2d Term?Four Rooks of Cicsni; Arnold's !
seennd Latin Rook on Analysis of the Latin '
Sentence; Greek Grammar; Kondrick's
Greek Ollendorff; Greek Reader; Davies'
Alorebra eoninlotnd- \nlnrnl
? o-- i ....vo?|?njr.
iHt Term?Six Hooks of Virgil; Oreck ]
Ilca-ler completed; l'lnin Geometry; Higher
Composition and Hlietoric. i
2d Term?Sallust's Calalinc & Jugurtlm; ,
Xcnophon'a Anabasis; Higher Algebra
commenced; Solid and Spherical Geoine- |
try completed; Chemistry. (
1st Term?Cicero'sSclecl Orations; Xenophona 1
Memorabilia; Trigonometry and Surveying;
lloman History; Latin I'rose Composition.
2d Term?Horace ontirc;"Six Hooks of the
llinds; Greek I'rose Composition; Algebra I
completed; Astronomy.
rrii? nlmrn ?
? v VW..I.1U Will |M Upill C UUU
Jidatos for admission into Iho Hoimiomohe
Class of any of our Southorn (
Uollcgcy. Students, who do not stain! 1
!i satisfactory examination upon the j
sovoral studies ol each class, will not
bo allowed the privileyo to adv.uicc to
Lho next higher, lint bo rotainod in I
jueh class, till nil tlio studies of it be '
iatisfactorily completed.
Tuition ok Puimauy J)kpaiit??knt
vku tkum.
Junior Class, < - 810.00 I
I ntcrinediato Class, . - 12.50 1
Senior " . 15.00 '
Preparatory Department, 20.00 j
:il l - ?- ?
w . v>uivu</ii it 111 uu nimio mr losi ,
Lime except from prolonged sickness
Monthly roports of piinctulity, do- *
portmont, and recitations in oav,u otu (
Jy, will bo furnished parents.
J. II. CAIILLSLK, Principal. j
Deo. 23, 1875 17 If
Fits and Epilepsy <
The worst en?es of (lie longest slnmling, 1>y '
lining l>it. I'.i'isn.\iii>'K Cuvo.
It fins Cured Thousands. ;
i\n<l will give ?>1,000 for n case it will not. c
benefit. A bottle sont IVee to nil nilflrosnini;
J. Iv Clieiuiil, Ollicc: lttoo Hroiulwuy,
New Vork.
VoKii'n lllecti'o licit* and '
i KuimIs I
\rc indorsed by (he moal eminent physician* I *
in the world for tho curc of rhounuttisin, '
neuralgia, liver complaint, dyspepsia, ki.lney '
iliaeane, aches, pains, nervous disorders, tils, ^
female complaints, nervous and general debility,
and oilier chronic disoasos of thoohest, {
head, livev, stomach, kidneys and blood.? 1
Hook wiili full part iculars lreo by Volt a Ilelt n
lie , Cincinnati, (). ^
Canai. St., fuo.m Sixth to Sk.vp.ntii, I
Portable and Stationary, i
Saw Mills, Grist Mills, Boilers, Castings of <
Brass and Iron, Forgings, Ac.
In all its branches done by experienced hands
driving Co'ton Gins, Threshing Machines,
Separators, Grist Mills, &c. A nmnher of
second-hand Engines and Boilers of various
patters, in first rate order, oit hand.
Ilcpftir work Holicited an I promptiy done, i
WM. K. TANNEll & CO.
Oct 14, 7 ly
Srnntor?R E Howen.
Jtcjiresentalive?L> F IJradloy.
Cltrk of Court?S I) Keith.
Judge of V oh alt?I II I'hilpot, (
Sheriff-?J Kiley Ferguson, )
Coroner?Warren lJoy<l. t
School Committioner?11 A Bowcn 1
Trcraurtr?11' A Lesley.
Auditor?Alorzo M Folger. 1
Countf/ Commu?ionert?John T Gossclt, 1
"hnirman?llobort Craig, G M Lynch. Clerk
[bounty Commissioners, C L Hollingsworth. i
jriai sutures?nutlet/, Mike I. Arinll?Sa< \ i
1airily, Central, James A |
LiiMell?Vitkem C //., C L IlollingMworlh' .
iml 0 W Tuylor?Dacttsvillc, J 11 SutJierluud I
South |C|i?i'oHiia. Itol|r?ftd, ^
fcllARLERTON, S. C./PcO. 18, 1876.
On and ftftor.,Sundfty, Pcpcraber 19, tho
Passenger Trairis on tho South Carolina
Railroad will run as follows: > .
(Sundays excepted.) ul P
^oavo Charleston 16 m
Vrrive at Columbia 6 00 p m
(Sundays excepted.) j > .
Leave Charleston ,! I) 15 ? m
Vrrive at Augusta 6 16 J> m
(Suudays eacepUd.) , (..fT
Leave Columbia . 0 00 am
Vrrive at Charleston 4 46 p ra
Leave Augusta l) 00 a m i'
Vrrive at Charleston 4 4R n m
Leave Charleston 0 15 p m
\rrirc at Columbia 7 20 n in
[-cave Columbia - 7 00 p m %
\rrivo nt Charleston r 6 40am
Leave Charleston 8 00 p m
/Vrrivo nt Augusta 7 45 a m
Leave Augusta 8 80pm
Arrive al Charleston 7 40aiu .
(Sundays cxcoptoil.)
Leave Suminervillc at 7 30 n m
Arrive al Charleston 8 46 a m
I f.r,l.n.l.u> air _ .
Arrive nt Suminorvillo 4 30 p m
Connects at Kingvillo daily [except Sun%
lays] with Up nnd Down Day and Passenger
f rains.
Day and Night Trains conncct at Angnstf*
ivitli Georgia Railroad, Mntwa nml Augusta
llailroad and Central 'Railroad. This routo
via Atlanta is Die quickest and most direct J}
route, and ns comfortable and cheap as any
uher route, to Montgomery, Selma, Mobile,
Mew Orleans, and r#)l other points Southwest,
uul to Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago, 8t.
I.ouis. and all other points We*t and Northwest.
Day Train connccts nt Colnmbia with tho
Dirough Train on chariot tee Road (which
leaves at \) p. m.) for all points ATorth.
Night Train connects with Locnl Train
[which leaves Columbia nt 8 ft. ?.) ferpoiutv
jn chariot to lioad.
I,aureus Railroad Train connect? nt Hewl>erry
on Tuesday*, Thursdays and Satui^*
Up Colombia Night Train oonneei* ?l???)y
with the Greenville and Columbia llsilroad.
S. S. SOLOMONS, Superintendent. ^
S. 15. 1'icKK.iS, Cienoral TioUet Agent.
Greenville & Columbia R R.
Passenger trains run daily.Sundays excepted,
connccting with night trains 011 South
Carolina Itailroad up anil down. On and aft- ^
jr .t/ondny, December 13, tho following will
L)e the Schedule:
Vr - *
Leave Columbia at 7.4!> a m
I.C.IVU AIM Oil lit 51. lf> A m
Leave Newberry at 10.85 a m
[.cave Cnkcabury nt 2.07 p m
Leave Helton at <{.f>0 p m
\rrive at Greenville at 6.36 j> in
1)0 W M,
Leave Greenville at 8.06 a m
Leave Helton at 0.40 a m
Leave Cokesbury 11.20 a an
uco.ve Newberry at 2.40 ?m
Leave Alston at 4.20 p *>
Vrrive at Columbia at 6.66 p m
fifayConnect at Alston with Trains on tke
Spartanburg and Union Railroad ; connect At ^
jnlinnbiu with Night Trains on the South C<tr
)lina Kail road tip and down ; also with Tr*ir?
roinir North ami South on tlm f!linrl??i? # ? _
umhia iiml Augusta and the Wilmington Co*
Train leave Abbeville at 'J.l&n in., connoo#ng
with Down Train front Greenville. Leave
,'nkesbtiry at '2.16 p in., connecting with Cp
Prnin front Columbia. Accotmnodntion TriUi,
domlays, Wednesdays find Friday#. Leajo
Jokeabury at 11.1 T? a in., or on the annul et.
lie Down Train front Greenville. Leaver
tcville at 1 o'clock p. tit.. connecting with Cy
Train front Columbia.
'.eave Walhalla at 6.00 a nx
,4eave I'etryville at tt.46 ? u?
<cavc Pendleton at 7.85 % na
icavc Anderson at 8.35 ? a*
brim nl ltnt?r>nn?
?> >,4V MS
jCftvo IJclI on at 8.50 p m
jonvc Anderson nt 4.50 p m
oiive l'endlctou at 5.60 p m
,enve l'erryville 8.85 p m
Vrrive fit Wftlhftllft 7.16 pn ^
Aceommodnlion Train* between Delton *mI
lndcr?on on Tuesdays, Tiuimunyn and Hatur*
lays, Leave Helton at 9.50 a m., or on orriYil
of Down Train from Greenville, Leave
luderson nt 2.00 p m., connecting with Uj
General Superintendent.
Jadkz Norton, Jr., (ioneral Ticket Agent
\tlanta & Richmond Air Lino Railway*
Leave al Atlanta at 3pm
Leave Tocooa City at 0 46 p n?
Leave Westminster at p ra
Leave Seneca city at p m
Leave central at 8 26 p m
Lccve Kasley at 9 12pm
I >?..? <1 a ? * '
? II p m
Leave Spartanburg at am
\rrivo at charlotte at 2 03sm 9
Leave Charlotlc at 2 10 am
ucave Spartanhnrg at a m
Leave Qroenvillo at 6 40 ? m
Leavo KaHley at 7 OH a m
Loavo Central at 7 40 a m
Lcavo Scncca City at at*
Lcavo W?tminslcr at a ra .
Leave Tuoooa City at 9 4i a m
\rrivc at Atlanta at 1 80 p I)
Colonists, liiiilgaiitM audi
Travelers Went ward.
For nmp circulars, condensed limo table* ^
md general information in regard to trans*
[donation facilities to all points in Tennessee,
Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado, A
Kansas, Texas, Iowa, New Mexico. Utah and
California, apply to or address Albbrt b.
iVnKNN, General Emigrant Agent, Oflico No.
i II. I. Kimball House, Atlanta, Ga.
iso 0110 snou:u go Wost without first getLing
in coinmiuiicalion with (lie General
Immigrant Agent, mid become informed as to
superior advantages, cheap and quick transport
at ion of families, household goods, stock,
nnd farming implements generally.
All information cheerfully given.
n03Gm fl. P. & T, A.

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