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' it.1 '-Vi 1 r. - V t .
- fr.. ' . ?
?. F- BRADLKY. Editor & Proprietor
Terms of Nul?scri|?t ion.
_ A \
Ono Y?av% . . $1 GO
8ix Mohths ?' : . 75
Advertising Itafc.s.
Advertisements inserted at the rato of $1 00
por square, of (9) nine lines, on i.kss, for tho
first insertion, anil 50 cents for ouch subsequent
Contrnc'.s mado for tiirke, six or twki,v?
months, on favorable terms.
Advertisements not having the number of
insertions marked on them, will bo published
until forbid and charged accordingly.
Those terms are so simple any child may
1I,?... v:.... i: -
uimuiow.iu on vin iimu unco 13 11 a^UlHU?
one inch, In ovcry instance wo charge by
tho spaco occupicd, as eight or ton lines can
be made to occupy four or fivo squares, as tho
advertiser may wish, and is charged by tluo
Advortiscrs will please stale the number
of squares they wish their advertisements
to make.
Retf" Business men who advertise lo be
benefitted, will bear in mind that tho
8HNTINEL. has a largo and increasing circulation,
and is taken by the very class of
pcraona wlioso (railo (hey dcsiro.
Thursday* Aug. 3, 187?.
National Democratic Ticket,
IIOX. T. A. llF^DltlCKS,
We Agaiu
. Ask the Democrats of this County to remember
that, tho primary clcciion for candidates
takes place oh Friday, tho 18th instant,
and urge them to attend promptly and make
tlio primary ft success, and not let it prove ft
failure as some of its opponents predict. It
iB the fair and popular way of making nominations,
ftnd leaves no room for manipulations
in a convention. Kvery man, so to speak, is
his own delegate. The sturdy, hardworking
farmer has an equal chance with the buck-,
skin gentry who loaf around!and coneoct their
plans for "managing the "convention." Let
every Democrat turn out on the 18th.
We were glad to meet our old friend Major
T. II. Russell on last Monday. He is one of
(he party who leU hero for tho mountains on
that day.
The Anderson Sun
lias been revived under tho editorial management
of It. Kdinond Belcher. Tho Sun is
a capital paper, and wish it success.
We Trust
Our Democratic friends wiii generaiiy turn
out on next Monday, and take part in solcot"
ing delegates to the State Convention. We
think they should give an expression to their
views as to a Slate policy, so that their delegates
may kinw how to act in the convention.
We are suro that a "straight out" ticket, from
Governor down, is earnestly desired by the
Democrats of this County, and think it proper
that they shotld so express t.homsolvos in order
that the Stato Convention may distinctly
understand their position.
Tlio State Convention.
The State Convention, of Die Democratic
party which is to assemble in Columbia on
the 15th instant, will have more responsible
lity resting upon it than any body which has
assembled in the State since tho war. Upon
their action depends tho weal or woo of tho
State. If we are again to enter inta the
follies of 1X70?712?71, it. would bo better for
tlie whites of the Stl^c that it should not
meet. Rut if a manly and honorable course is
adopted, witli a sound platform and a sound
Democratic standard bearer for Governor,
it will be well for us that it shall
have met. Wo want no more humiliating
compromises. Let Reform and honesty be
our bf.ttlc cry, and with the honest Republicans
who will join us in the up country,
victory will be suro.
Tho grasshoppers are making their appearnncc
in alarming numbers in various sections
of the county.
Tho Greenville News says they lmvc appoared
in considerable number near Greenville,
and fears much damage from them.?
They have appeared in great numbers about
Cartersvillo, Ga., and are sweeping everything
boforo them. If they should appear in suf- |
ucient nuniuera 10 ao mucii damage, we do
not see what is (o become of tlie country, for
it will be hard to rocover from tho damages
of the June freshet, sufficiently to live through
another year and make n crop.
? ??
Tho Iturnl Carolinian for A ugust
rqplotc, ns usual, with valuaMo informnlion
to :ho farmer, has boon rcooiv*
& od. No farinor who dosiros to farm
% j^itclligontly and proanor bv hi? hn?i_
Achs should bo without it. AddrosH |
T>.' Wyfttt Aiken, Cokosbury, S. C., ]
onclosing ?2.oO for ft yearn subscript i
(ion, i
The Policy of South Carolina.
The Deniooryoy of South Carolina will hold
a Stnto Convention in Columbia, on tliu 15th i
of next month, to nominato candidal^? for I
Governor and other State officers. This 19
(lie one Ejtalo in tho South the Pemooracy
give up as lost. Tho whito people are to be
pitied, for they Imvo been robbed, insulted
and slandered, and made, in ono sense, the
slaves of their former slaves. jBpcu scoundrels
as Moses, Y/hippor, AVhittetnoro and olhorst
who have curscd the down trodden 5tato by
their presence sinoo tho war, nro still the
leaders of tho Radical hosts, and, as the ne.
groos arc largely in tho majority, nro sanguine
of success. Chamberlain, by his recent par.
tisan action in viniting Washington and asking
Federal intcvfcrcu.ce in State afl'airs, has los1
' i
the confulcncc of tliat portion of the Libera
Democracy who thought kindly of him and hi3
administration, and if lie is nominated by any
party it will be by (he Radical convention.?
The Democracy, despairing almost of success'
will try to select a ticket that will bo acceptable
to all citizens in favor of Reform. N0 1
State is in more urgent need of reform thau '
poor, atlliclcd South Carol'na. Rut a Demo
crfUic victory }u llio State this year would i
be a little less than a miracle.?Cincinnati '
The Enquirer is mistaken. This State is
not given np as lost, and if the Enquirer and
all true friends of constitutional liberty nt tho
North will only demand and see that the
"robbed, insulted and slandered" white people
of this State have a fair fight and free ballot
we will show them the miracle of a Democratic
victory in Novcmbor.
Such men as Whittemoro and Whipper wil'
(hen be the leaders ?f the pointed and filthy
carpet-bag crew who will pack up their ill- ,
gotten gaincs and flee to a more congenial
clime, or take up their abode on the banks of
(lie Congaree, where they can be made to render
service 'to the Slate in another role.?
Hands off is all wo ftsk.
i > i
Oen. M. W. Gary, of Edgefield, in a note
dated the 2oth ult, requests Captain F. W.
Dawson, of the News and Courier, to name,
at an early day, some place outsido the limits
of the State of South Carolina, where he may
address a further communication to him
(Dawson) touching Hie affair between them.
To which Captain Dawson replies:
It is a well known fact in South Carolina
that the principles by which I am governed
do not allow me to engage in a duel. None
ineiOSS cto i hold myself personally rcsponBible
for every word 1 have written, and especially
for my opinions and Ian guage regarding
yon. I shall not, now or hereafter, go
out of may way to meet you; but I can always
be found by those who seek me. You have
intimated thai (hero is a likelihood that I
shall, at your coming, raise the "white Hag."
I lmvo, in the plainest words I could command,
bidden you put this to the test.
Genera! Korshaw, tho Bavard of
South Carolina, has dccidod to lako
his straight in tho coming oloction.?
No better standard boaror than ho for
Govornor could bo soloctcd, and wo
hope ho will bo nominated by tho
eonvontion on the 15th.
Tho jury of inquest over tho bodies |
of thoao killed in tho Hamburg difficulty,
hasrendored a vordict at last.?
Sever, parties?Messrs. John Butler
1 ?
R. J. Butlor, Harrison Butlor, Thos.
Butler, Henry Golaon, John Lamar
John Swoaringin?aro charged with
murdor in tho verdict, whilo about
ninety othors, including sixty from
Georgia, aro charged with being accessories
before tho fact.
Tho would bo Judgo YVhippor says
omphatically that ho intonds to tako
bis soat as Judgo on tho 27th instant.
W.wlnn'1 l,nnt?? ll.n ?Ml
? F w v?vi. W in.wu >* ikiw I/IIU iirniui Will
bo, hitL shouldn't bo surprised if tliorc
is u coronor's inquest soon after.
? +
Augusta, July 27.?On Thursday,
tho 20th, a negro, at lied 11 ill, Minefield
County, South Carolina, committod
a rapo on a little whito girl five
years of age, tho daugotor of Louis
I'rescott, inflicting fearful injuries.?
Last Tuesday evening a party of men
took tho negro into tho woods and
hung Inm. "
Tho following notico was found pos.
tod in Groonwood, ?S. C., a fow days
ago?having boon put up during tho
"Notico. Addrossod to tlio whito
HodizoriB of (iruoii wood. V?rO do not
purpose to fi^lit lor tho wickodnoBS did
us hy you, and for what you aro yet
doing to us. IJut, sirs, wo will turn
into ashes tho polish buildings of your
town. What wo Bay to ono wo say to
all, with tho oxclusion of ono, Mr.
rUlfiai IVnlln,. IX.. t.? I.A. --
v/.? . ..)U ?? iiiivi , M\/A IIU nan UUIIU UN IIU
harm. IJiiIchb you ceaso to harm us
wo will do it uitIohs the living God for
bid U8."
It is a significant fact, that tho four 1
companios in the Uuitod States, which '
volunteered to servo tho Government |
against tho Indians, wore Southern ,
companies, commanded bv Southoin
men and ex-Con federates.
? mm ?
Tlio I)ornoorat8 of Groonvillo county
had a grand rally at JJniton'n old Hold 1
lant weelc. <lov. J'orry and otliora j
spoke, p.nd Iho campaign in Groonvillo
Uounly fairly opened.
The Power of tho Military.
Secretary Robeson and General T. Morris
Chester, the colored Assistant Stnto Superin
lenueni 01 Jbuucation ot l,ouisiana, hau nu
interview with tho President to day, the cons
vorsation being about Southern political affairs.
Tho President told him ho had given
up all liopo of Carrying nny of the Southern
States except the Carolinas and Louisiana,
but that, as to. Louisiana, troops would bo
furnishod and measures would bo adopted to
bring out tho colored voto, aud money would
be supplied for campaign purposes and to executo
the plans niado for oArrying (ho Stale.
Chester returns to New Orleans with a letter
from tho President to Marshal Packard tcllincr
him not In ho ill a hurrv to ropi<rn the
marahalship, as ho wishes hiin to put in operation
tho plans ho has formoil for carrying'
tlio State. ,
The above is a spccial telegram from Washington
to tho New York Herald. Tho Carolinns
and Louisiana arc to be carried for the
Radical party by tho use of money and Fedcral
bayonets. Already tho Hamburg difficulty
has afforded an cxcuso for using the
troops in this State, and if any more excuses
arc needed they can be manufactured to order
by tho Whittemore-Whippcr?clan.
Another Edgefield Horror.?On
Tuesday lrirtt, an "oppressed negro''
caught tho aovon year old daughtor of
Mr. Louis Prescott, a small farmer
nncr Rod Hill, in Edgefiold county*
on hor way from school, draggod her
off into tho woods, and there committed
a crimo upon hor, upon humanity
and civilization, at the recital
of which tho blood fairly curdlosin tho
human veins. Tho most remarkable
foaturo of this tcrriblo crimo is that
tho fa tho r, a law-abiding citizen(
mounted his horeo and rodo ten miles
to a Trial Justico for tho purposo of
obtaining a warrant for tho arrest of
this dovd in human shapo who had
committod tho outrago. His noigh->
bors, it seems, taking tho proper view
of tho affair, without legal warrant or
authority, but acting in tho spirit of
that higher law which was mado bos
foro tho StilLlltoS of Smith fbirnlitin
wore over dreamed of, arrested tho
scoundrel, and roport says "lost him''
in tho woods.?llogistor.
(}. W. Taylor informs tho public in
this issue, that ho has refitted tho
Wool Cards noar this place, and will
ho ploased to accommodato all who
calls on him. Satisfaction is guaranteed.
Mr. Joab Matildin's mill dam was
washod away by tho rain on Monday
n.imninrf l<iuf
~ ~ to ..."V.
? - - - ?
A dctachmont of United Stntcs soldiors,
undor command of Capt. Pnul
lms boon 8ont to Hamburg without
instruction. Tho soldiers express
thomsolvcs as being in favor of going
West to fight tho Sioux rathor than
perform tho dutios to which thoy havo
boon assigned.
We wolcomo tho Hlnckviilc News, ft atauneli
Democratic paper, to our sanctum.
G'rocnvillo is to havo stroct cars.?
Fivo thousand dollara of tho capiatl
stock lias boon subscribed.
It is thought that Congress will remain
in session until tho first oj Sop-*
Sonator Gordon lias introdticod a
k;ii .t-- -J
./ i invuxlllg IWI I VI Willi III LIIO l?U ?
ministration of tho llcvsnuo Depart*rnont.
?.? n +
Heavy rains in tho mountains of
Nevada Hoodod the town of Enroka
and did much damage to tho Central
Pacific liailroad.
William N. Alexander, a prominent
young morchant of Anderson, diod in
that placo on tho 28th ult.
Tho Democrats of Louisiana havo
nominated Gen. Francis II. Nichols
for Governor, and ilon. Lewis A.
YYiltz for Lieut. Govornor.
Tho State Democratic Convention
of Illinois, nominatod Lewis Stowart
for Govornor and A. A. Glenn for
Liout. Governor.
At a Meeting
Of Pickonsvillo Democratic Club
hold on Saturday 15th July, tho following
resolution was unanimously
Jicsolvcd, That tho candidates in
llio field lor tho various county oflicoH
iwo rcquirod to como forward, in portion
or by nolo, and pledge thomsolvos
Lo stand by tlio rosult of Primary KluoLion,
and support tho nomination
J. II. BOW UN, Vice Pros.
T. 11. McMAIIAN, See.
Mkkti.no.?There will bo a meeting of llic
''ickens Court IIousc Democratic Club on (lie
ir^t Saturday in AuimimI. at .'J o'nlnnw l? m
'very member i.s respectfully rcfjue.sleil lo
.llcinl. 1>. F. 1111 ADLi;V, President.
W. T McFali/, See.
t ***' - - -A.
-?? x y
To the Pcoplt of Picktns County:
Fkllow CrriznN8:~-Thi8 is to givo notice
(lint I have declined to bo candidate for
re election to the ofllce of C^erk of tho Court>
I at the ne*t lifovombcr election. Daae lien
have been circulated ncraLnat inn. Iit dtuiirnlnat
men, such as running off with the Court Koom
koy to koop tho Democratic Delegation from
uomirtatlag their candidates in tho OofiM
Hoom, two years since; and that I had cursed
the Democratic party and sworo that I would
iot bbfotig to rfuoh a pnrty. These aro false
slalcincutH, intended'to injrtro mo ill my election
should I again bocomo a oandidato. I
stand ready and willing for investigation.?
Iking your evidonoo and cotiviot mo on An/
\ public day, at tho Court House, if you con*
8idcr the reports true against mo, and I desire
that this investigation be made. I am a
Democrat, if 1 know my own principles.?
Fellow citizens, I expect to retire to private
life for a while. Thanking you for your genorous
support four years since, I remain
your humble servant,
8. D. KEITH.
mill? tirr\AT /ii?i\ci ? ??' ' ^ ?
r | mil it uwij on noon tjreeK, one
JL mile from Pickons C. II., havo been Reclothed
and thoroughly renovated, and are
now in complete order. In connection with the
cards, is an cxccllcnt COKN MILL, now in
operation. We liavo socurcd the Borvicos of
Mr. A. SIMMONS, a competent and reliable
man, who we guarautoo will givo satisfaction
to all customers.
Aug 3, 1S70 48 4
On ^nrl A ft^r thp*
W J. JL A JL VI JL J. A t A t JL1
15th Inst. MC Mill
ra on em m
sorvo our friends on Uiobo terms, but
can not sell on timo.
All porsonu INDEBTED nro ronnnwlofl
In Prill nm) rOnun oil A nnnu * &
by NOTE.
EohIoj-, 8. C., July 13, 1876 45
Oconee Tannery
THE undersigned have associated with
tItem in tho conduct of tlioir business of
?t!??I ItHtillllfncillillg
ISootN and SIiocm,
MR. CHARLR8 WEITNAUER, as ? partner
equally interested with tib therein. The
name of the firm will hereafter bo the
"OCONEE TANNERY." Thankful for past
patronage, wo hospenk a continuance of the
same. Our senior, Mr. Filxinger, has a fine
reputation as a Tanner, and will be able to
supply customers in this lino with tlio b#st
Wc will continue to manufacture our first
class hand made
??? ?? saa?ss,
And offer them 011 the bed terms,
OUR D00T5 and SHOES are for Balo by
\V. T. McFALL, at Pickens Court House,
cheap for cash, or which will be exchanged
for llidcs on reasonable terms.
July '20, 1870 46 If
FIRST CLASS HOUSE at Liberty Station, 8.
C., and is prepared (o take permanent or
transient Boarders at reasonable rates.
The Table will be supplied with the best
(lie market affords.
lie also kecp-l a selccl STOCK OF MERCHANDISE
on IhumL whicb is offered to the
public cheap, for cash. Consult your own
interest and call on him.
1 T M?V
j. J. niA.
Liberty, S. C., July 1#, 1870 46 it
for_ sale."
rnifE undersigned will sell at Private Sale,
1. his valuable PLANTATION, known as
the Larkin Hendricks place, containing 112
acrcs, on wliicli there are about 40 acres of
first class bottom. There is also a good now
Cotton Gin and Tress on the plnoe, good
Dwelling find all necessary Outbuildings,
A not Iter Tract, containing 163} acres, on
which llierc lire fine Up Lanus, well timbered
and first clans bottom: and a fino Orchard.
All my Interest iu Larkin llendrick'n
if not, sold at Private Sale before tlio 20th
of next September, all the above property
will bo disposed of at Public Sale.
1'. O. address, l>acusvillc, Pickens County,
M:?y 11. 1^70 30 td
I. &.? -t )=r
For Solicitor.
B$9kfc tYo horoby. nominnto Onplnin A.
BLYTHB for ro-olcction to tlio ollico of SdUoitor.
He 1ms discharged (he clutiou of tho
offioe Tot the past rout years with fairness
and ability, and trill bo supported for ro-eleottyn
by .... ,{i
Many Fbibmds.
Ma. Editor ; Ploaso announce (lie namo of
Colonel W. C. KEITH, of Walhalla, as a
candidate for Solicitor of tho Eighth Judicial
Circuit?subjeot, htwetof, to (lie Democratic
Wo hereby nominato Ool W, II. PERRY
ns a candidate tor Solicitor of tho Eighth
Circuit, subject to the ac'.ion of tho Daroo.
cratic Nominating Convention.
For tlio Legislature,
HgX?The frionds of ABNER MULLlNlX
rospeotfully announce him ns a candidate for
the Legislature from Pickens County, at tho
ensuing election?subjcct, however, to tho
Democratic Nomination.
We are authorized to announce Dr.
A. .1. ANDERSON as a candidate for tho Legislature
from Fickons County, at the eneiu
iug election?subject, however to the Demo
cratio nomination.
Wo aro authorized to announce TIIOS.
W 11US8ELL as acandidate for tho Legislature
from Pickcns County, at tho ensuing
election?subject, howover to tho Democratic
Tho friends of E. II. HATES respectfully
announce him as a candidate for the
Legislature from Pickens County, nt the ensuing
eleotion?subject, however to tho Democratic
nomination. *
Tho many frionds of J. B. SUTHERLAND
respectfully announce him as a
candidate for (lie Legislature from Pickens
County, at the ensuing election?subject,
however to tlic Domocralio nomination.
Tlic many friends of D. F. BRADLEY,
Esq., respectfully annouuee liim ns a
candidate for I lie Legislature?subject, however
to the Democratic Nominating ConvenHon.
Mr. Bradley served us faithfully in the last
Legislature, and a more indefatigable worker,
or watchful servant of the interest of his constituents
can not he found in the County,
For Clerk of CourtThe
many friends of JOHN J. LEWIS
respectfully announce him ns n. onndirinln f-n
Clerk of ilie Court of Pickens County at (lie
ensuing election, subject, however to the
Democratic nominal ion,
Mr. Lkwis is a true and trie<l Democrat,
mul his tine business qualifications eminently
fit him for the oflicc. *
For Probate Judge.
The many friends of R. A. CHILD,
respectfully announce him as a candidate for
Judge of Probate of Pickcns County, at the
ensuing election?subject, however to the
Democratic nomination.
"ho many friends of W. CI. FIKT.D,
respectfully announce him ns a candidate for
Judge of Probate of Pickens County at the
ensuing election?subject, however, to the
notion of the County Democratic Nominating
Convention. v *
For Sheriff.
BF/jU ino irienas or JUAIJ AIAI7LDIX respectfully
nnnounco Iiirn as a candidate for
Sheriff of Pickons County, nt the ensuing
election?subjcct, however, to (he Democratic
The friends of O. W. BOWEN respectfully
announce hlra ns a candidate for
8horiff of Pickens County at the ensuing election?subject,
however to the Democratic
nomination. *
AGOr" Tho rrnny friends 6f J. RTJ.EY FERGUSON
respect fully announce him ns a candidate
for rc-olcction to the office of SliorifF
ofPickons County nt tho ensuing election?
subject, however, to tho notion of tho County
ucmocralio nominating Convention. *
For School Commissioner.
Hfl)U Tho runny friends of P. P. CURETON
respectfully announce Inm a candidwfc for
School Commissioner. Mr. Cuukton is a man
well qualified for tho position, and will bo
supported by
Many Dkmooiiats.
Tho friends of Rev. G. W. SINGLETON
respectfully announco him as a candidate
for School Commissioner of Pickens
vyounry fti ino ensuing election?subjeot,
however, to tho Democratic Nomination.
tfilT Tho many friends of l'rof. J. H. CARLISLE
respectfully announce him as a candidate
for the office of School Commissioner
of Pickens County at the ensuing election,
subject however, to the action of the Democratic
nomination. *
Tho many friends ot M. 8. HEN*
DHICKS, respectfully annoynco him as a
candidate for School Commissioner of Piokons
Cnnnlv ill tlin
- P> ?.ww?.u.? OMUJCUl,
howcvor, to the action of tho County Dcmocrfttio
nominating Convontion. *
For Co*oner,
B?l>? Tho friends of RERRY B. EARLE
respectfully nnnounco him ns a candidate for
Coronor of PiokcnB^County, at <lie ensuing
cicclion?subject, howovcr, to tho Democratic
The many friends of P. A. PORTER
respectfully announce him as a candidate for
Ooroner of IMckcns County, at tho ensuing
election ? subject, however, to the Democratic
r^Aiinf ir f^AiYi tnioc^i An av it
ttsu Tho frionds ot W. 13. ALLGOOD
rospcotltilly nnnounco him as a
candidate for County Commissioner of
j^bkons, nt tho onsutpg olootion?
subject, howovar, to the Domocratio
- mi.. 11 ! mTTAU A a T?
xno ii'ionuD ui jl xiv/Au./\.p jr. y
LOOPER rospeotfully nnnounoo him
as a suitable oandidato for* County
Commissioner of Pickons County, nt
tho onsuing olcction?eubjoct, how
ovori to tho Democratic Nomination- "*
Tho frionds of BENJAMIN J.
JOHNSON respectfully announce hiiu
aa ft oandidato for County Commfii*
sioner of Pickons County, at the on?
suing olcction?subject, howovor, to
tho Domocratio JNomination.
t(3?n Tlio friends of JOHN T. LEW"
IS respectfully announco him as
candidate for County Commissioner of
Pickons County, nt tho onsuing eloc*
tron?snbjoct, howovor, to tho Dormer
cratic Nomination.
AST Tho frionds of N. T. MARTIN
respectfully announco him as a cnndi>
dato for County Commissioner of
n:^i n ? *. * 1. ~ :
JL lUKU.lb VyUUIIty, lib tliu UIII3UI ll?? Ulvv*
tion?subject, howovor, to tho Dorao- ^
crntic Nomination.
Hgju Tho friends of IIAItDY GII>STRAP
respoctfully announco biro M
a candidato for County Commissioner r
of Pickens County, ftt tho ensuing
olocoion?subject, howovor, to tho
Democratic Nomination.
|^- The friends of IIOSWELL HILL r?pectfully
announce him as a candidate fOT^
County Commissioner of Pickens Couuty, at
(ho ensuing election?subject, however, to
the Democratic Nomination.
$000,000 ix uiftsi .1
l'UIH.IC !
A Foi'iuiic for Only $12.
El 10 itl'.\Tll<'IiY
authorized by a special net of I ho Kentucky
Legislature, for I ho benefit of tho 1'UULIO
SCHOOLS OF FRANKFORT, will l.nTc th* ^
First of their series of Grand Drnwingi lit
MAJOR HALL, in iho City of Frankfort,
Thursday, August 31,1876.
on which occasion tliey will distributo to the
ticket holders the immense cum of
Thomas P. Poutkr, Ex Gov. Ky., Otntr*)
6V" >
Positively no PostponementLIST
One grand cash gift, $100,000
One grand cash gift, 60,000
One grand cash gift, 26,000 r
One grand cash gilt, 20,000
One grand ensh gift, 10,000
One grand cash gift, 6,000
60 cash gifts of ?1,000 each 60,000
100 cash gifts of 600 each 60,000
HIO cash gifts of 400 each 40,00#
100 cash gifts of COO each 80,000
200 cash gifts of JM*0 cr.ch 40,000
<>00 cash gifts of 100 each GO,000
10,000 cash gifts of 12 oath 120,000
Total, 11,160 gifts, nil cash 600,000
Whole tickets, $12; Halves, $6; Quarter*, $#; f
0 Tickets, 27A Tickets, $800; 46J Tl?k*
els, $500; Or.j Tickcts, $1,000. 100,000 ,
TicketH fit $112 ench.
Hon. E. II. Taylor, Mayer of Frankfort, tba
entire board of City Councilmen, lion. AWin
Duvnll, late Chief Juostico of Kentucky, And
other distinguished citizens, together with
such disinterested persons nsthe ticket hold*
crs present may designate will superintend
the drawing.
Remittances can be made by Express, Draft,
Postoffico Money order or Registered Lector,
made payable to Kentucky Cash Distr&utiaa
All communications, orders for Tickcts, and
applications of Agencies should be nddreBitd
t? 4
General Manager, Frankfort, Ky.
July 27, 187*1 47 4
The Stato of South Carolina*
ricKENS County.
Ilaylis W Manscll, Fletcher jfanse 11, Camilla
Hendricks in id husband James 15 Hcudriek#
and others?Plaintiffs.
against ^
James Tlaswell, Robert E Ilowen, Wm A i
Clyde, Henry 0 llriggs, Thomas W Russell,
Orlando C Folgcr and others?Defendant*,
Complaint fok Rki.ikt, &o.
BY virtue of a decreetal order, made hy th?
Hon. T. H. Cooke, Judge of the Eighth
Judicial Circuit, on the 13th day of July,
A.I) 1870, each and every of the htira fti
law of Terisa F.mma Johnson, formerly Te?
risaEirmn Manscll, if any there he other
than the l'laintiffs above named in this ? ?
udii, nru iiercny Miiiinuuicu nnn required i? A
appear before tlie (Jleik of this Court, Identify
themselves and establish (heir claims
(he funds to be distributed, herein on or b??
fore the'21st day of .Inly A. L>. 1877, or
forever be debarred of all benefit tinder the
ieurce for distribution to be rendered in this
Given under my hand and oflice seal ?t
Pickens, this tho lf>lh day of July A. D.
A. 1) KKITH,
fllorif of Cmivi of Cumiiini) Pinna fni"
I'ickcns County, 8. C.
J July 20, lb7C> 10 1y ^

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