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D- F- BRADLEY, Editor & Proprietor :
Terms of Subscription. I'
Ono Year S?1 60 |
Bix Months 75 i
Advertising Rates. 1
Advertisements insortod at Ihc rate of $1 00 '
por square, of (9) nino lines, on lkss, for (ho 8
first insertion, nud 60 ccuts for oaoh subsc- *
quont insortion. 0
Contracts made for TiniBK, six or twelve *
months, on favorablo terms.
Advertisements not having tho number of v
insertions marked on them, will bo published c
until forbid and charged accordingly. ''
Thoso terms arc bo simple any child may c
understand them. Nino lines is a square? 1
one inch. In evory instance wo charge by 1
the space occupied, as eight or ton lines can *
oc mauo 10 occupy tour or live squares, as tho *
advertiser may wish, and is ohargod by the
StsHf Advertisers will please stalo tho numbor
of squares they wish their advertisements '
to make. 1
usincss men who advertise to be 1
benefitted, will bear in mind that tho 1
JSENTINEL has a large and increasing oir- 1
culalion, and is taken by tho very class of
persons whose trade they desire.
Tliuisday, Aug. 10, 187?,
national Democratic Tickct.
\V/% 11.?? n.~ -?-?..i
..v iiiu iiiiimiiivu unit 11IU grunnimjijiui'"
have made llicir appearanco in small numbers
on several farmed around town. We trust
tliey may not appear in sutlieiont numbers to
do much damage to the crops.
m -*
Coalition and Compromise
Means tho perpetuation j>f Radical misrule
in South Carolina, and tho State Convention
which meets on the 15th, will doubtless put
an end to the follies of the past, by putting a
straight'ticket in the field. This is what they
uhould do if they desire tho rcspect of even
their enemies.
Governor Chamberlain
la speaking sonic where in (ho State newly
every day for !lftys, Wheeler, Chamberlain,
anil (ho Republican party. lie swears etorn*
nl allegiance lo (ho Republican party every
where he goes, and is invariably, according
(n his own organ, unanimoutly endorsed for
re-election- His groat ambition is to make
South Caroiitia as reliably Republican as
Maine has been for a long number of years,
and it is extremely humiliating to ncknowl*
edge tlint ccrlain so-culled Democrats in the
State would gladly assist liim to do 80 for the
promise of the crumbs that fall from his official
Belknap Dischargedlielknap
has beon disoharged by tho United <
States Senate- Thirty fivo Senators voted 1
guilty nnd twenty five not guilty, for tho
want of iiirinrliftl inn Tlt?
? )iiin
was overwhelming, and lio may thank*
hiB friend, the President, for promptly accepting
his resignation, which alone saved him
l'rom being forever disqualified to hold otFicc.
For his escape the country can blnmo Grant
liut Jielknnp is a self confessed criminal and
lias already been condemned by tho Amorienn
people. Tho criminal proceedings which
had been begun against him in tho courts wil'
probably be quashed, wearied out or worn
out on technicalities, and lie will probably yet
go scot free.
? <B>
The appropriation for the Bupport of tlio
insano in tho Asylum lias bcon exhausted, and
Dr. Ensor, tho Superintendent says, that if
ni.l f ?
...? ...? IVUV..U-1 irum mi uuihiuo source.
he inmates must starve. This is a sad commentary
on our Radical Government. i
We will state for the information of those
Democrats who have not yet joinod any club
that they can do bo on the day of tho primary
election and vote for candidates if they wish 1
to, l
By the proceedings of the mnss mooting on j
Monday last, it. will be seen that l'ickens is
square for ft straight-out ticket. The tohoIutjons
were unanimously adopted. 1
Business called us away from (lie Court I
House during Col. Perry's speech, and wc did <
not hear it nil, but, we arc informed that ho <
inado n capital speech, and the audience was i
very much pleased witli it.
Tho verdict of (lie Hamburg jury ofinquest, j
implicates many honorable and respectable
citizens of (his .Slate and Georgia* All Ihc 1
parties in this State promptly met the flhoriff 1
of Aiken county and surrendered themselves i
to tho civil authorities. Judge Mahcr will
hear such motions aa aro nccesaary to obtain j
hail for the parties. Tho troops couhl now |
bo sent West to tight tho Hioux?but then the
election in coming off iooii and the lladicals 1
can not'spare thcyj.
A hoii of Joflorson Davis bolongs to \
tho Chicknsftw (Jnurtlft- nf Morn..i.;o
, ,
tho company which rccontly tendered
it? service* to tlio government to i
avenge the death of Custer.
Medical StudentsMcdicnl
studcnta nro, liko almost nil of tho
young men 01 our country at tilts tiruo, need- (
ng monoy and requiring aHsistance. Evory
lollar saved is to them a great advantage,
ind gives tliein tho opportunity of investing
hc80 eiinis in books and instruments. We
indorstand that tho Trustees and Fao^lty of
bo Louisville Mcdioal College (Kentucky) i
iavc created a number of Doneflolary 8cholarhlps
in behalf of thoso needing suoh aid; but <
11 of tho facts in regard to tho matter can be
btaincd by addressing a letter to tho Louis- 1
illo Medical Collogo. Louisville, Ky.
We will also stato for the benofit of any
rorthy young man in Pickens County, suffi- '
icntlv educated In Hturfv m(>ilinln? ?lm? wn
mvo tho privilego of granting them a letter
if recommendation, which will secure them a
lencfioinry Scholarship in tho college, which
s worth eighty dollars. If thoro nro any
vho desire to avail themsclvos of this opportunity,
they will please communion!o with us.
More Corruption ExposedOne
by one Grant's Cabinet falls, Belknap
tnd Babcock has boon sent to the shades of
[-rivnto lifo, covorcd with shame and infamy.
Sow, Robeson, the Secretary of the Navy is
licld up in his I rue colors to tho public gaze,
*nd will evidently be impeached. Tho following
is tho summing up of tho majority of
tlio oommitleo:
Upon a full rovicw of tho facts, your committee
present to tho consideration of the
Ilouse inni in inc nuininisirauon 01 inc navai
service <luring tho Inst seven years, the law
lias l?cen disregarded and violated ill tlio letting
of contracts, in tlio purchaso of supplies,
in the destruction and salo of property belonging
to the naval service, in the failuro t}
cover into the treasury the proceeds of sales
of property, in tlio expenditure and disbursement
of tlio appropriations mado for the support
of the navy, in the application of the
sums appropriated for that branch of the
public servico, in excce<Mrfg (ho appropria^
lions made by Congress for given fiscal years,
in involving the government for the future
payment ol money in excess of the appropriations
made to that department, in making contracts
and purchases, the mm not being aullw.1...
In m ,..,,1 ? ? ..niMtAnMinl
",ul"J .in.iupu.iiuu .mvqunto
to their fulfilment being made, in tho
cmployinenf of laborers and mechanics upon
other considerations than skill and a necessity
for such labor, in the assessment of employees
for sums of money to be used for political
and partisan purposes, in failing to exact
bonds front contractors and failure to enforce
the penalties of such bonds in cases of default,
in the employment of persons to receive
and pay money for the use of the naval service
on foreign stations, in the illegal dispose
lion of the public funds, in failing to make reports
lo Congress as directed by tho law, and
in fai!s;;g to cxact fidelity in the execution and
administration of tho law by subordinates.?
Through this mal-adminislrntion a system of
corruption has grown up in tho administration
of tho revenuos entrusted to tho control
and direction of tho Secretary of the Navy,
wl.i/tl, f .>, 11.n r.n/.nlim.it */ ,.f It a ?l, o w..*l
must hereafter bo known as "C'atteilisui."?
This system of corruption, likely to affect
tho entire revenues and credit of (ho government,
should bo checked, and in I he most
vigorous mannor rebuked. In vain else would
bo all our previous legislation. Your corninittce,
while (hey have well formed opinions
of (heir own on (hese questions, yet, in view
of (ho vast amount of proof token and the nu
merous legal questions involved, have no do*
sire (o preoipi(a(o the discussion and doternrnnlion
of so gravo a question as (he itnpcaehjnoni
of a high officer of (ho government upon
(ho consideration of (ho House without having
a full examination of tho law and faotH which
may be involved (herein. They, therefore,
submit (o the House tho following rcb ' itiou,
and recommend its adoption:
liesolvtd. That Ihcso local Questions. to
gethcr willi nil Iho proof taken by this comniilteo,
bo referred to Die committee on tho
judiciary with power to hoar additional testimony
and arguments, if they see fit, to exaiuiiio
and roport whether such violation!) of tho
law as aro referred to herein couatituo and
are impeachable offences under the con*
dilution, and if so tlioy shall report articles
sf !Lipeno'>m<?nt acainst George M. Hobeson.
Secretary of tho Navy; but if they sliall find
that under existing laws such acts and doings
of tho said Secretary aro not impeachable
or otherwise punishable, then they shall
report what additional legislation iu their
opinion is nccegs.iry to make said laws sullioiently
punitive to protoct the publso servico.
A great concourso of negroes assembled in
Abbeville to witness tho hanging of Jerry
Coleman, colored, but when they found oul
that ho had been respited by the Governor for
three weeks, they were so badly disappointed
in not getting to see tho show that they on.
dcarored to get up one of their own in tho
way of a riot. They were very boisterous
but no blood was shed.
Col. Keith, of tho Keowco Courior,
rccontly visited our town on professional
business, and on his return homo
writes as follows:
"Tho town of Pickens doos not scorn
to progress fast in tho way of buildrng
up. It has howovor, a number erf good
Horos and a highly moral and intollis
[jont citizonship. It is tho tcmporanco
town of uppor Carolina, having olocLcd
tho dry tiolcct for scvoral 3'oars in
lucccBeion. Tho political outlook in
Iho county is hopoful for tho Domos
3rat?, though thorc rooitir to bo littlo
jxcitoincnt. Tho primary clootion
will bo held on ,tho J8th of August.
Tho Domocrats of Lauronn county
!mvo nominatod Iho following straight
oat ticket, which wo think from tho
spirit manifested in tho good county
of LauronB, will bo eloctod:
Senator, It P. Todd; itcproBonta*
LiveH, J. Wash WattH, Cant. Joo Jlunibcrt,
D. "W. Anderson; County Commissioners,
Willis Jonos, ll. Leamon
' )
r. D. Sullivan; Judgo of Probato, Co]
A. W. Uurnsidou; Clork of Court, Mar-"
Lin Jinbb; Shoriff, C. L! FiUo; School
Commissioner, Jmi Dial; Coroner,
Mack Lnngflton; Delegates to Rtato
Honvonlion, Col. JJal!, Dr. Wm, Sltanri
Dr J ii. Smith, ii. iJJakoly.
Proceedings of Mass Meeting,
Tho Democracy ot Pickons County
mot in muss mooting, in tho Court
IIouso on Monday, tho 7th inst. Tho
mooting called to ordor by Col*
II. E. Bowon, chairman of County
Excoutivo Committoo, who briefly
stated tho objoct of tho mooting, which
was tho solootion of dologatos to the
3tnto Domocratio Convention which
:\88omblo8 in Columbia on tho 15th
inst. On motion, Coi. 11. J. Bowon
was oloctod pormanont chairman, and
Thomas A. MoMalmn roquoatod to
not as socrotary. Tho chair announcod
that tho mooting was organized
and ready to procood to business,
I). F. liradloy, lOaq., offbrcd tho following
prcamblo and resolutions,
whioh woro unanimously addoptod:
Wiikrbas, tho Stale Democratio Executive
Gommittoe has deemed it wiso mul proper to
call a Stale Convention on llio 15th mutant,
for the purpose of nominating a oandidato for
Governor and other State ofllcers; nnd whereas,
efforts are being made in certnin portions
of tho Stato to induce the convention to adjourn
without making a nomination, until the
UoptiDllcan parly shall liavo met aiul made
its nomination; and whereas, believing such a
courso to bo unwise, unpatriotic and calculated
to produco disoensions and discord in our
ranks, and defeat at the polls in November
next. Therefore, be it
Resolved, That we, the Democracy of Pickens
County, in nuiss meeting assembled, do
approve of tho call of the Stale Executive
Committee for the Stale Convention on the
15th instant, and instruct our delegates to
oppose any adjournment until a nomination is
Resolved, 'i'lmt we favor a slraight-our nomination
for Governor and all other Slate
officers, and our delegates arc hereby instructed
to vote for tho samo.
Resolved, That wo rccomnicnd that the
Judicial convention to nominate a candidate
for solicitor ot flic 8th Circuit bo held at
Seneca rilty, in Oconee county, on a day sub*
Bequcnt to the meeting of the State Convention,
but should the delegates to the State
Convention from the counties composing this
circuit conclude io carry out the reoomtncn->
dations of tho State Executive Committee, in
reference to the nomination of a candidate for
Congress and Solicitor, then our delegates
are instructed to meet with them and assist in
such nominations.
Mi. F. V. Clayton nominated Col
1? ll1, Itnwnii 1? L'muuaII A
- ???# II VII J \J villi J%. V_* VOOU \t Vj U I I v I i*
15. Talley, as delegates to tho State
Convention, who were unanimously
elected. .Dr. W. T. Field and G. \V.
Taylor. Esq., were olected alternatCR.
On motion, Col. \V. iI. Perry, candidato
for Solicitor of the 8th Circuit,
addrossod tho meeting. On motion,
the meeting then adjourned.
11. E. llOWJSN, Chairman.
T. A. McMaiian, SooVy.
At a Meeting
Of tho County Democratic Kxocu
Livo Committeo, on Monday last, tlio
following rosolulion wnu ndoptod:
Resolved, Thftt caoh of tho clubs in
I ho County nro inHlriictcl to appoint
or olcct thrco managorH to conduct tho
primary clcction on tiio ioth
who will innnago tho clcction upon
tho nanio pi intipL-B of ?x gcnoral eke*,
At a Meeting I
Of Uontrul Doinoorntio Club, bold
on Saturday, 5tb Augunt, tbo follow- i
ing resolution wns unanimously adop- >
liesolved, Tbat tbo candidates in tbo !
Hold lor tbo various county ofliceB aro
rcquirod to como forward, in person
or by noto, and pledge thcinnolvos to
Htarid by tbo rosult ol Primary Eloction,
and* support tbe nomination
strictly. Ji. S GAIN ES, Pros.
Jobn J. Leavis, Soc.
Dkar Skntinki. : Wo have just closed a
meeting of eight days at Knon Baptist church,
which wo call a very good meeting, Our Pastor,
Jtev. Frank McClanahan wus nsKisted bv
Kcvb. 1). W. Iliolt, W. 1$. Singleton and J.
II. liorouglio. Wo feel Mint our churoli has
been greatly revived an<l built up iu the faith
and in grace, and that the Lord has abundantly
blessed us as a church. The preach*
ing was all very good; it was all about Christ
and Him crucified. The same old, old story,
but'tis new to us yet. All the sermons woro
full of Christ and His love; that good news
cheered the sinners' they yielded and came to
Christ. On the last day of the meeting, our
pastor buried in baptism nine happy con-,
verts, in tho presence of a large and orderlv I
congregation, nfler which ho |>i'cftchcd ua ftn
excellent sermon, anil this good meeting
cnnic to ft cIobo. A Mkmdkk.
Gen. A. II. Colquitt has boon unanimously
nominated for Govornor by the
DcmcrontsoC Goorgin. Colquitt in ono
?ril?n ??.l~ I ? II -I
w. vuu niuDu iiuiu uiui gUIIUJlt BOMB 01
Uoorgiaand will bo olcctod by nit
ovorwbolming mnjority.
During the HosBion ol tbo Louisiana
Democratic State Convention, at Baton
Uougo, tbo colored Conservative
club of that city, numbering over fivo
hundrod membora, paraded tbo Htreots
after which tbo club was addressed by
ni'oininont l)ftmrmi'?u.if
A ndrow Johnson, .1 r., Hon of tho lato
exsPrcHident Johnson, h :i Democrat*
ic can did r\ to for the Jiogishituro in
Green count)', Tonn.
- ?
Do all tho good you can in tho
world, and cnaUo as little noi.so abQiit
it as possible.
Thft RdaItava (4i*nn trn r\f P<M?ptrflw I
-r- - v ""? fi") "
burg, Ohio, supports tho St. Louis
ticket unci predicts that it Will bo
' +
The Northampton Mass. Journal,
horotoforo Ropuolican, onthusiastioallay
supports tho platform and nominees
of tho St. Louis Convention,
* ' > Notice.
Pickens 0. II.,S. C., Aug. 8,1870.
Tho Annual Meeting of tho Board of County
Commissioners for l'ioketis County will bo
hold at ihoir officoon TUESDAY, tho 5th day
of SKPTKMBKll next. All persons holding
bills, accounts or demands of any kind a
gainst thff County, which havo noMbeon beforo
presented to tho lloard of County Commissioneis
at a speoial mooting hold during
tho year, aro required to deposit tho earoo
with tho Clerk of tho Board on or before tho
first day of Soptember, so that they may bo
examined and ordorcd paid at the annual
C. L. IIOLLINGSWORTII, c.n.c.o.r.c.
Aug 10, 1875 40 4
On and After the
15th inNi, wc will
cm Oil MIES DM
sorvo our friends on tboso terms, but
can not soli on timo.
All persons INDEBTED nro requested
to call and clono all Accounts
by NOTE.
Easloy.S. 0., July 13, 1870 45
Jjiuuitx X ii'Ji ijjL
FIRST CLASS HOUSE at Liberty Station, S.
C., find is prepared to take permanent or
transient Boarders at reasonable rates.
ThuTable will be supplied with tlio best
the inarkot affords.
Ho also keeps a soleot STOCK OF MERCHANDISE
on band, which i:t offered to the
public cheap, for cash. Consult your own
interest and call on liini.
J. J. NIX.
Liberty, S. C., July 18, 1876 4(5 tf
AhciI'EK WEEK guaranteed io Agents,
H. I I Male and Female, in their locality.?
IJj I I Terms and OUTFIT FREE. Address
T1 P.O. VIUKERY &l CO., Augusta, Mo
$5 to ?20 per day at homo. Samples worth
$1 free. Stinson & Co., Portland, Maine.
MIND Reading, Psychomancy, Fnsoinni!a.
U l ni : * ? 1 1 I
O-V.flL. IIUII, uuul V7IIIW 111111^, mUHIUUriBlll, IIUU
Marriage Guide, showing how either box may
fascinate and gain tho lovo and affection of
any person they chooso iiiHlantiy. 400 pages.
Hy mail 60 cents, Hunt & Co., 130 S. 7lh St.,
rt> 1 Cy a day at homo. Agents wantod. OuttP
L /C fit and torins frco. True & Co., Au?
gusta, Maine.
Price, Twenty-l>\vt Cents.
Containing a complete list of all tho towns in
1 the United States, tho Territories ami the
Dominion of Canada, having n population
greater than 5,000 according (o tlio Inst census,
together with tho nomoa of the new?>
papers having tho largest local circulation in
each of the places named. Also, a catalogue
of newspapers which are recommended to
advertisers r^s giving greatest value in pro-,
portion to prices charged. Also, all news|
papors in the United rttatcB and Canada,
printing over 5,000 copies ench issue. Also,
nil (lie Kaligious, Agricultural, Scientific nnd
Mechanical, Medical, Mnsonio, Juvenile,
IMucational, Commercial, Insurance, Heal
K.stato, Law, Sporting, Musical, Fashion, and
otlior special class journals; vory complete
lists. Together with a complete list of over
300 Clerman papers printed in the United
Slates. Also, an o!;say upon advertising;
many tabloa of rntcs, showing the cost of
advertising in various newspapers, and every
thing which a beginner in advertising would
like to know. Address
41. l'ark How, Now York.
T T 1 4- C. 4- ri 4- /-V /-<
VJ Jiucu oiciicb.
A complete Hat, of American Newspapers,
numbering moro than eight thousand, with a
Gaze leer of all towns and cities in which they
nro published; Historical and Statistical
Sketches of tlio Great Nowspapers Establishments;
illustrated with numerous engravings
of the principal newspapor buildings- Hook
of 800 l'ages, just issurd. J/aited, post paid,
to nny address for 85o- Apply (inclosing
price) to Superintendent of tlio Newspaper
l'avillion, Centennial Grounds, Philadelphia,
or American News Company, N. Y. Every
advertiser needs it. i
Tor Solicitor.
Wo hereby nouiinato Oaplain A.
BLYTHE for rc-eleolion to (ho oflico of So.
licitor. He lins discharged the duticts of the
offloo for tho past four years with Rumens
And ability, and will bo supported for ro-clectlon
Many Fbibnds.
Mb. Editob : Please announce tho name of
Colonfel W. C. KEITH, of Walhalla, as a
candidate for SyUcSt?'" of tho Eighth Judicial
Circuit?subject, howevor, to the Domooratio
Bf?X? Wo horoby nominnto Ool W, II. PERRY
ns a cnudidnto for Solicitor of tlio Eighth
Circuit, subject to tho notion of tho Demo,
emtio Nominating Convention.
*f *XT\T l\ntf * ??<
1UA11 X JL/?fiUUUlVA I r>.
For the Legislature,
Bgfc-The friends of ABNER MULLINIX
respectfully nnncunco him ns a onudidato for
tho Legislature from Pickens County, nt the
ensuing election?subject, however, to the
Dcmooratio Nomination.
var We are authorized lo announce Dr.
A. J. ANDERSON as a oandidnto for tho Legislature
from Pickcus County, at the chbiu
ing election?subject, howevor to the Democratic
Wo nro authorized to announce TIIOS.
W RUSSELL as aoandidato for tho Legislature
from Pickens County, at tho ensuing
election?subject, however to tho Democratic |
B?J)U Tho friends of E. II. LATINS respectfully
announce liini ns a candidate for (ho
Legislature from Pickens County, at the ensuing
election?subject, however to tho Democratic
nomination. *
Tho many friends of J. B. SUTHERLAND
rcspcctfully announce him as a
candidate for the Legislature from Pickens
County, nt tho ensuing election?subject,
however to tho Democratio nomination.
ty.ij" Tho many friends of D. F. III!ADLEY,
Esq., respectfully announce him ns a
candidate for the Legislature?subject, however
to tho Democratic Nominating Convcn
Mr. Brai>i.ky served us faillifully in the Inst
Legislature, and a more indefatigable worker,
or watchful servaut of I he interest of his constituents
can not be found in the County,
For Clerk of Court*
Wo are authorized to nitnnnnno tlm
nnnio of A. S. llRIQGS ns ti cnmlidnto for the
office of Clerk of Court of Pickens County nl
tho ensuing election?subjoct, however, to
the Democratic Nomination.
lJ?*X?Tho ninny friends of JOHN J. LEWIH
respectfully nnnonnce him ns .1 cntnlidalo for
Clork of the Court of IMckena County at the
ensuing clcction, subject, however to tho
Dcniocrntic nominnlion,
Mr. Lkwis is n true nn<l tried Democrnt,
i iiiki ma iiuu uu?iiichs <iu:iiiiionuoiia eminently
f>l Iiim for the office. *
For Probato Judge.
Tlio many friends of H. A. OIIILl>,
respectfully announce him a candidate for
Judge of l'robato of l'ickons County, at llic
ennuing election?subject, howovcr to tlie
Democrntio nomination.
JJfS?" The many friends of W. fl. FII'LP,
respectfully announce him as a candidate for
Judgo 6f Probate of FickcnB County at tho
ensiling election?subject however, to the
action of tho County Democratic Nominating
Convention. *
For Sheriff.
The friends of .TO A It MAlTT nTM
pectfully announce him as a candidate for
Sheriff of Pickens County, at the ensuing
election?subject, howover, to the Democratic
1K9U Tho friends of 0. W. BOWF.N respectfully
nnnounco him as a candidate for
Sheriff of Pickens County at the ensuing election?Bubject,
however to tho Dcnocratic
nomination. *
fifty Tho many friends of J. RILEY FUR
GUSON respectfully announce liini as a candidate
for re-election to tho oflice of Sheriff
of Pickens County at the ensuing olcction?
subject, however, to tho action of tho County
Democratic nominating Convention,
For School Commissioner,
ZSaT- The frlonds of Rev. B. S. GAINES
respectfully announce him as a candidate for
School Commissioner of Piokcns County at
the ensuing election?subject, however, to
the Democratic Nomination.
The many friends of P. D. CURETON
respectfully annonnco him a candidate for
School Commissioner. Mr. Cuhkton is a man
well qualified for the position, and will ~o
Bujipuricu ujr
Many Democrats.
Itff} , Tho frionds of Ilov. G. W. SINOLETON
respectfully announce him as a candidal
o for Hohool Commiasionor of Piokens
County nt (lio ensuing election?sulyect,
liowevor, to tho DcmocriUio Nomination.
The many frienda of l'rof. J. II. OA It.
LISLE respectlully announce him na a candidate
for tho offioo of School Commissioner
of Pickons County at the ensuing election,
subjoct however, to the action of the Dumo
umh1u uviiiiuwuuii,
gtiy* Tlio many friends of M. 8. IIEN?
PlllCKS, respectfully announce him as a
candidate for Sohool Commissioner of l'ickens
County, at (lie ensuing election?subject,
however, to the action of the County Democratic
nominating Convention. *
For County Commissioner.
BOX,, Wo ixro nutliorizod toannounoo *"
l?r> nnmn nf T S 11A RTfV.R nannnn.
didato for County Commissioner of ['
Piobons County at tlio oneuing oloction?pubjoct,
howovor, to tbo Domo?
emtio Nomination.
B6X- Tho frionda of W. B. ALL* \
GOOD roBpoctfuliy announco him aaa
oandldato for County Commissionpr of
Piclcons, at tho onBuing oloction?
subjoct, howovor, to tho Domocratio
Tlin flinnrls nf TTTOMAS P
LOOPER, rospoctfully nnnounco him
as a suitablo oandidato lor County ^
Commissioner of l'ickons County, nt
tho onsuing clootion?subjoct, how*
ovor, to tlio Domooratio Nominationis?.
Tho frionds of BENJAMIN J.
.TOTINSnW rnannntfnllv nnnnnnr>A hi
1 t J
as a candidate for County Commie*
sionor ot PickenB Connty, at tho onsuing
oloction?subjoct, howovor, to
Iho Democratic Nomination. ^
BsaJ" Tho friends of JOHN T. LEW- (
IS rcspoctfully annonnco him as n
cnndidato for Connty Commissioner of
Pickons Connty, at tho onsuing oloo- ?
tion?subject, howover, to tho Domo
emtio Nomination.
jOS?- Tho friends of N. T. MARTIN
rcRpoctfully nnnounco him as ft cftndi-?
dato for County Commissioner of '
Pickons County, nt tho oneuing election?nubjoct,
howovor, to tho Democratic
Nomination. i
??>,? Tho frionds of IIARDY GILSTliAP
respectfully nnnounco him
a candidate for Countv Commissioner
ot Pickons Connty, nt tho ensuing
olocoion?subject, however, to tho^.
Democratic Nomination.
Thcfricn.ls of UOSWELL IIILL resjipclfully
announce him nn ft candidate for
County Commissioner of l'icltens County, nt
the ensuing election?sulijcct, however, to
the Democratic Nomination. *
For Coroner,
ttPt) .. Tho friends of HURRY H. EARLE^
respectfully announce him (is a candidate for
Coroner of l'ickcns County, at the ensuing
election?subject, however, to tho Democratic
The many friends of P. A. PORTER
respect fully announco him as a candidate for
Coroner of Pickens County, at tho ensuing
election?suhjcct, however, to tho Doinocratio ^
v t r\ t- r i i i t *t am
rnHE WOOL CARDS on Woolf Crock, ono
1. mile from Pickens C. II.. linvo been IlenloiliRil
ami thoroughly renovated, and aro
now in complete order. In connection wii.ii iliu
curds, is mi excellent OOKN MILL, now in
operation. We have secured the services
Mr. A. i:. SIMMONS, a competent nmlrolinblo
i^jin, who we guarantee will feive eitisfaction
to all customers.
Aug 3, 1870 48 4
$600,000 IN GIFTS!
A Foriimc lor Only # 12.
authorized hy a special net of tho Kentucky
Legislature, for the benefit of tho PUBLIC
First of their series of Grand Drawings at
MAJOR IiALL, in tho City of Frankfort,
Thursday, August 31,1876,
on which occasion llu?v will In liin
ticket holder* llio immciiac eum of
Thomas 1'. Pobtk?, Kx-Qot. Ky., General '
Potitivoly no PostponementLIST
Ono grand cash gift, $100,000^
Ono grand cnsli gift, 60,000
Ono grand cash gift, 25,000
Ono grand cash gift, 20,000
One grand cash gift, 10,000
One grand cash gin, 6,000
60 cash gifts of SI,000 each 60,000
100 cash gifts of 600 each 60.000
100 cash gifts of 400 each 40,00#
100 cash gifts of 800 ench 80,000 ^
200 cash gifts of 200 each 40,000
000 cash gifts of 100 each 60,000
10,000 cajli gilts of 12 each 120,000
Total, 11,150 gifts, all caslw 000,000
Whole tickets, $12; Halves, !p(i; Quarters, $8;
'.t Tickets, $100; 27^ Tickets, ?300; 40} Tickets,
$600; 0:>i{ Tickets, $1,000. 100,000
Tickets at $12 each. T
lion. K. II. Taylor, Mayor of Frankfort, th?
entire hqprd of City Counciltnen, Hon. Alvln
Duvnll, lato Chief Jucstioo of KenCucky, and + $
other distinguished citizens, together with
such disinterested persons as the ticket holders
present may designate will superintend
the drawing.
UcmittnncOB can bemadeby F.xpross, i>raft?
Poslolliee Money order or Registered Letter,
made payable to Kentucky Cash J)istribution
All communications, orders for Tickets, and
applications of Agencies should bo addressed
to JL
General Manager, Frankfort, Ky.^^
July *27, 1870 17 d
?? 1

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