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Platform of the National Democratic
Wo, tho dolc^atoB of tho Democratic
party of the United Statoe, in nu- ]
tionnl convention assotnblcd, do horo i
declare tho administration of tho Fed- i
oral governmontto bo in urgent neocl <
of immodiato roform; do horoby onjoin i
upon tho nominctaa of this convontion t
and of tho Domocratio party in oacb i
Stnto, a Boalous offort and co-operation
tothisoud, and do horoby appeal <
to our follow citizons of ovory formor i
political connection to undertake with i
us this first and most prossing patriot- j
}c duty for tho Democracy of the <
vrliolo country. We do horo roaffirm |
our faith in tho permanency of tho ;
Federal Union, our devotion to the i
constitution ol tho united Slates, with i
its amondmonts universally accepted, i
as a final settlement of tho controvcr- i
eies that ongondcrcd civil war, and do i
horo rocord out steadfast confidonco in
tho perpotuity of Republican self gov-* (
eminent; in absoluio acquiescence in i
the will of tho majority, tho vital principle
of tho republic; in tho supremacy ,
of tho civil over the military authori- ,
ty; in tho total Bopcration ot church \
unci State, for the salco aliko of civil
and religious freedom; in tho equality
of all citizens boforo just laws of thoir
own enactment, in tho liberty of indis
vidual conduct, unvoxod by sumptuary
lavvs; in tho faithful oduoation oi' the
rising gonoration, that they may pre*
norvo, enjoy and transmit these best
conditions of human happiness and
hopo. Wo bohold tho nohlost products
of a hundrod years of changeful
history, but, wbilo upholding tho bond
of our Union and great charier of
moso our rights, it behooves a froo
peoplo to practico also that otcrnal
vigilanco which is the price of liberty,
lloforrn is noeessary to rebuild and
establish in tho hearts of tho whole
pooplo tho Union eleven .years ago
happily rescued from tho danger of a
corrupt centralism, which, alter inflicting
upon ton States tho rapacity of
carpet bag tyrannies, has hcnej'eombed
tho otlices of tho Federal government
itself with incapacity, waste and
fraud; infected States and municipalities
with tho contagion of misrule,
and locked fast tho prosperity of an
industrious people in tho paralysis of
hard times. Reform is neeessmy to
establish a sound currency, restore tho
public credit and maintain tho national
honor. Wo denouueo tho fail,
liro of all tliPHfi olovnn vonw t rk mnl/n I
J ?
good tho proraiso of Lho legal tender
notes which uro n changing standard
of valuo in tho hands of the people,
and tho non paymont of which ia a
disregard of tho plighted faith of tho ,
nation, Wo dcnounco tho improvi
uonuu wnicn in oiovon years ot ponce
has taken from tho people in Federal
taxes thirteen limes the whole
amount of tho logal lotulor notes, and
squandered four times this sum in
useless oxponso, without tho accumulation
of mi}' reserve for their redumption.
Wo denounco the financial imbecility
and immorality of lh:it party
which during Iho elovon yours of'poaco
has mado no advanco towards resumption;
that, instead, has obstructed resumption
by wasting our resources
and exhausting all our surplus income
and, Wtiihf annually professing to intend
a spoody jetiji'ij to specie payinonts,
has annually cnactcd fresh
hindrances thereto, as such a a bindranco
wo denounco tho rosumption
clrtuso of tho Act of lS7.r?, and wo
horo demand its ropcal. We demand (.
a judicious system of preparation by
public oconimioB, by ollicial retrench
inonta, and by wiso linanco, which i
hliali enable the nation lo assure the t
whole world ci its period ability and s
it.s porfocl readiness lo meet any ot its t
promisoa at Lho cull ol tho ercdilur on- <1
titled to payment. We believe such ?
n system well devised; and, above aU en 1
trustod to competent hands for oxeon- a
tion, creating at no time an artificial n
- . j'ivuv, v/i 111j unnou, HI
inocjiinlity and lalso pretence. It p
yields u dwindling not u hearty rining pi
revenue; it has impoverished many in- ol
dusirios to subsidise a low; it prohib? cl
itH imports that might purchase tho t,|
products of Amorican labor; it has tie- p
graded American eommereo from the ul
liI'hI. t.r? mi i 11 mnl/ ii... u: -i
security of currency, and til no time u
alarming tho public mind into a n
withdrawal of that vaster ma- s
chincry of credit by which ninety five ^
]>cr cont, of all business transactions a
arc performed; a system open, public A
nnd inspiring general confidence, p
would, from tho day of its adoption, c
bring healing on its wings to ail our c
harrnsscd industry, and set in motion ti
tho wheels of' commcrcc, manufacture !>
cm and tho mechanical ails; restore d
employment to labor, and renew, in d
all its national source, the prosperity ci
of tho pooplc. Reform is necessary c<
in tho sum and mode of Federal taxa- u
lion, to the end that capital may be h
set free from distrust and labor light-- o
Jy btmionod. Wo denounce the pres- tl
cnt tariff imnosed uimn nnurlv .1 nriii .1
? . .r. ninit UIU | C(
seas; it has out dowi. tho Hales of j p
Ameiican manufacturers at homo and i'o
abroad, and deplotod tlio returns of ai
.American agriculture or industry, fol- p:
lowed l>y hall our people; it costs the ei
people live timos more than ii produ* ei
ees to tho treasury, obstructs the pro* c.'
cesses ol production and wastes the rt
fruits of labor; it promotes fraud and m
fosters smuggling, enriches dishonest ei
oHcials and bankrupts honest merch* cl
ants. Wo demand that all f.nai f\tl\ l? Alio/% I
- ?. -...(win uvMinu
taxation wliall bo only (or revenue. J Jo? n
form in necessary in tho Heaiool pnblic ti
oxpomao?Federal, Stale ami muni- n
cipal. Our Federal taxation lias h\voI? c:
Ini J'rom 800,000,000 in gold in l*<;i) k,
450,000,000 in currency in 1870. Our
(iggroguto taxation from 8184,000,000
in in 1 dfifi t rv 875(1 HAH HAM :
roncy in 1870. Or in ono dccado,
from loss than $5 por hoad, to moro
limn 818 por hoad. Sinco tho poaco
Llio pcoplo havo paid to thoir tax gathn
jrora moro than thrico tho Bum of tho
lationnl debt, and moro than twico
,hat sum for tho Jbodoral govornmont
Wo demand ft vigorous frugality in
jvory dopnrtmont nnd from ovory oK
!cor of tho govornmont. lioform is
locessary to put n stop to tho prolli^ato
waste of public lands, and thoir
livorsion from actual settlors by tho
party in power, which has squandered
$200,000,000 of acres upon railroads
ilono, and, out of more than thrice
that aggregate, has disposed of less j
oiiun h sixm airocuy to tillors ol' tho
soil. .Reform is nocos?ary to corrcct
Lho omissions of the Republican Congress
and tlio errors ot our trontios and
our diplomacy which have stripped
our fellow citizens of foreign birth and
kindred raco reoroesing lho Atlantic
of tho shield of Amorican citizenship,
and have exposed our brethren of tho
Pacific coast to the incursion of a raco
not sprung from tho satno great parent
stoclc, and, in fact, now by lavi
denied citizenship through naturalization,
as being noithor accuslomed to
tho traditions of il nrrvrrr>??ivo f>ivili_
-- r; ~t>- Y"" " V WB * " *
zation nor cxorciscd in liborty under
equal laws. Wo donounco tho policy
which thus discards tho liborty loving
CJormnn und tolerates the revival
of tho coolie trado in Mongolian women,
imported for immoral purposes,
and Mongolian men hired to norform
Horvilo labor contracts, and demand
such a modification of tbo treaty with
the Cbineso Empiro, or such legialalion
by Congress wit bin a constitutional
limitation aH shall prevent the
further importation of immigration of
the Mongolian race, lleform is noccssary
and can ncvor bo effected but
by making it tbo controlling issuo ol
the elections, lifting it above the two
falso issues with which the office hohU
ing class and the party in power seek
to smother it. Tbo falso issuo with
which tlie}'would enkindle sectarian
strife In respect to the public schools.
of which tlio establishment to support
bolonging oxclusivoly to tlio several
States, and which tho Democratic
party has cherished from their foundation
and rosolved to maintain without
partiality or preference for any
class, sect or creed, and without contributing
from tho trcasuiy to any?
the false issue by which they seek to
light anew tho dying embers of sectional
hate between kindred peoples.
diico unalurally estranged, but now
rounitod in one indivisible republic
iuid a common destiny, lieform is
tiecessarv in tho nivll snrvipn V.vn/w
rionco proves that efficient, economical
conduct of'tho governmental busi*
[joss is not possiblo if its civil servico
30 subject to chango at overy election,
jo a prizo fought for at tho ballot box,
jo a half roward of party zoal instead
jf posts of honor, assigned for proved
joinpotoncy and hold for fidelity in
,ho public employ. That tho dispensng
of patronage should neithor bo a
ax upon tho timo of nil our public
nen, nor tho instrument of their am- (
jilion. lloro again professions falsi- (
icd in tho perforinanco, attest thai
ho party in powor can work out no
wactical or salutory reform, lie form <
necessary ovon moro in the higher f
Tailes of public service. Tho Prouk [
out, Vico Prosidont, Judcres. Sonas ;
ors, Representatives and Cabinet of <
cere, Thoso, and aU others in auhority,
aro tho pooplos' servants; I
licir olliccrs arc not privato pcrqui- ''
ilos; tiioy aro public trusts. \Vlien
ho annals of this republic show tho
isgwco and ccnsuro of a Vice Preideal,
a late Speaker of the House ol r\
t J1 J iiw# 1.;.. .... I ! '
.v... r VI> Mini HID lining |
8 it presiding ollicor; throe SoiiaLors
roliting secretly by their votes an law
uil<crt?; live chairmen ot loading coin
l1 iLt oom of Lho lato Houso of Jlopro*
oiualivori exposed in jobbing; a ialc
ocrotary ol tho Treasury forcing bal (
iices in the public accounts; u lulu
k tloViu-y General misappropi iating i
ublie lands; a Secretary of tlm jN'avy
nriched or enriching friends by perertals
levied oil' Lho profits ol con-j.;
motors with his department; an am- n
assador to England censured in a f
I 11 ' ' " ' 1
i.iiiuiiumuiu .speculation; iho J'resionl'H
Private Secrotary barely ea- ''
nped eorivic'.ion upon tiial lor guilty
mnplicity in frauds upon llio Iiovons
ej a Wucretaiy ol War impeached for
i^h crimesand confessed misdemenn- .
rs. The demonstration is complete
mt the first step in reform must ho
10 people's choice ol' honest men Irom
noilior party, lest tho disuse ol one
imilioui ui i<6<i turn l ill OCI 111 o UOU V !
r>lr*ic and thereby making no cluing. [ ^
I' men or party. Wo can get noL
lange of meaauro and no rclbrm. j\lh i
u'ho abiiHC.s, wrongs and crimen, tlici11
roduct of pixtcon yonrn' ascendancy j c
I the I'opublican party, croato a no* i(i
jasity for reform, confessed by lio-l j
ublicans tbomdolves; but (licir ro* J
innH are voted down in convention c
nd displaced from llio Cabinet. The
irt \''k 111 !18H of llOIUVs! vnl.w in I
" ^ . , - * IM "" y
less to resist tho NO,<?(>() ollico hold- c
a, its loadora and guides, lloform <
in only bo bad by a ponceful civic !'
evolution. Wo doniand a change of |1
/.stein, a cbango ol administration,a|
iango of parties, that wo may have j
jango of members and of men. r
Tbo rending was frequently interiptcd
by applauso. Tho denuncijv- !l
on of tho resumption act and do*
land for its repeal was received wiLb
ipccinl favor. ,
At the conclusion, iJoralicimcrsaiill
the commiitoo had utloptod and ondorscd,
though not as a part of platform,
tho resolution which ho read
endorsing action of tho Ifonsn nf T?n_ i
prosontativos in cutting down appro
priationfc. Ao exhorted tho firmnoss,
also resolution as to the just claims of
soldiers, sailors and widows and or-,
phans. Goncral Ewing prosonted, at
tho request of Bcveral gentlomon, a
substituto for tho financial plank.?
Tho majority roport was adopted by
051 to 8.
Tho convention then proocodod to
nominato and ballot.
Col. Williams nominated Hendricks;
vv nitciy, ol Ucluwaro, nominated Bay
ardj Leon Abbott, of New Jorsoy,
nominated Park or; Francis Kornan,
ot Kow York, nominated Tilden.
First ballot?Allen 50;Tildon 403J;
Parker IS; Hancock 75; Bayard 27;
Ilondricka 183J.
Socond ballot ?Allen 51; Tildon 4G7;
Parker 18; Ilnncock 71; Hendricks
108; Thurman 2. Iowa changed 20
for Tildon; Illinois cbangod 24 for
Tilden and 18 for Hendricks; Missouri
changcd 20 for Tildon and 10 for Hendricks.
WboJc vote on second ballot
73H; necessary to a choice 492. After
tho change by Iowa. Illinois and Mis
souri, Tildcn had 535; Ilotulreks 00;
Allen 54; Hancock 51); Bayard II;
Thurman 22; Parker 18.
Thomas A. Ilondrieks, of Indiana,
was unanimously nominated for Vico
President on the first ballot.
?ltc Nlatc of South Carolina
county of pickens.
IN tiie p110bate court.
\V Silas Kirkscy, Plaintiff against Joseph A
Bates, Mary llntes, Harvey E .Mull, Margaret
Mull, .lames K Ivirksey, Elizabeth
Clayton and Hubert (J Clayton, Dcfeudauts
petition and complaint foll partition of
To Joseph A Bates, .Vary Bates, Harvey E
Mull, Margaret Mull, James K Kirkacy,
Elizabeth Clayton and Robert C Clayton,
legal heirs anil representatives of James
Keith, Senior, deceased, who died intestate:
Greet ing.
YOU are hereby required to appear at the
Court of l'robate, to be holden at Pickens
Court House, for Pieuens County, on the
seventeeth day of ?Septembor, A. 1>. 1S7U, to
sliow eause, if any you can, why ilio real esl.itc
ol James Koith, Setiior, deceased, described
in the complaint of W. Silas Kirksey,
filed in my ofiioe, should not he divided or
sold, aliening to the said \V. Silas Kirksey,
One-sixth thereof, and the remainder to
whoever may lie entitled to receive the same.
(liven under my hand and seal, this tirst
day of J uly A. D. Ib7li.
Judge of Probate Pickens County.
To Harvey K Mull, Margaret Mull, Elizabeth
Clayton and ltobcrt 0 Clayton?Defendants.
Take notice t hat the complaint, in tl'.c above
stated action, was this day tiled in the Probate
Court for the County of l'ickens.
PlaintilPs Attorneys.
Jntv ft 1 R7P. I I
Peabocly House,
So ullplacosof nmusomcnl
' J ntul out* liiniis in lliocily. No cliungcs
o sin<l from the Centennial groumifi.
< oionci alaon, proprietor of (lie Hknky
Horn:, Cincinnati for the past twenty years,
md present proprietor, has loaded the House
'or a term of years, and has newly furnished
tnd fitted it throughout. Ho will keep a
itrictly first class House, and has acoommolaliqn
for 8U0 guopts. Terms only $8 per
Col. W\THON is a native of Virginia, and
rohably (lie only Hotel Proprietor in I'hila*
lelphia from tho South.
.TAMES WATfinw. Pmnn?t?
Miiy U8 1 2ni
m] ari Sals Stalks.
Parties desiring to hire conveynnoc to
'iokeiis Court House, Table Kock and other
>oii?tn, can be accommodated at my Stul/.es,
.t nil hours of tho day and night. Purhast
i s can also he supplied with (jood Stock
.1 rcn?onabk'prioea.
\Ki?" llegnlar Mail l<inc (o Pickens Coisrtiousc
daily. (Sundays excepted.)
Kasley Station, S. 0., Aug. !!, 1875.
no 10-1 y
How Lost, How Restored!
.IiihI pul.li ;licil, u iic?v utlilioii of I)r. CUL'I.IIN
KLl/ri Celebrated lia-say on the nulinlnuro
(without m"tUcino) of Sjenn.itorli.c;v
or .Seminal WenknesH, Involuntary flelinnl
f.MhH.-s, Iiiij olunry, Moutul mid l'liysi
nl 1 m:nj>ne!iy, 1 in( ? ?)itnciilu to Marriage, etc;
i=n, t oti ^ ii in pi ion, f,|iiicj'sy nnil I its, in-.
ik c'I by sclf-indulgcncc or toxual extravaancc,
mn.. l* rice, in a sealed envelope, only six
Tli.- celchrntril author. in this admirable
clearly demons!rates, from ft thirty
ears' successful | . rnctice, that the alarming 1
onscijuenccs of self-abii<e limy l>e radically
ured without ilie dangerous use of internal
ledicine or Ihc application of (lie knife; point
ng out a mode of cure at oncc simple, cerain,
and effectual, l>y means of which every
milt i >i v in. M n: r Willi II IM <'011 < 111 loll 111 liy
(?>, nmy Cure liimselt clicaploy, privatcly, and
Sonl. mwlor ?pftl, in fi plain envelope. to
ny address", josl-pnid, on rccoipt of six oculs
? i wo poMt stamps.
Address (lie I'nhlixbors,
V. lilU'Cj.M AN & SON,
1 Ann fsi , Now Y ork; Poet Office I>ox, l.jBG. I
July 20, 1870 -JO }
II [DDI Mil.
Only $1.50 a Year
E very man i n t h c County of
Every man who has over lived
hero and has moved
TBS swiw mt>m
( o^UKi\Mi:n iti:i*ouT.s
Largely In tho Adjoining Counties,
and to aomo extent in Western
North Carolina I
o -
For tlio Pickeii3 Sentinel !
In (lie l'lckeiiN Nciiiinel I
Wo #ro now prepared to furnlMi permanent sltua- '
thins for a largo niunl?er of persons, male and fomalo
who arc I'ortlcu j i
Imw sent free on application. Address, with atatnp, ,
boUTHKKN CO-OI'KHATIVK Co., Nashville, Toihi. I '
Or. It. .V. liiillilaiMl
H AVING returned nnd permanently located
at Pickenaville, respectfully
ni.s I'rofeKsional services (o tho citizens of that
viciniiy and aurrounding oountry. Charges
May 9 41
I take this method of informing my friend."
I lint I will be found in my oflico nn cacti
SATURDAY, for the purpose of transacting
iiuy business that conics under my jurisdiution.
As my duties as Soliool Commissioner will (
compel me to be absent iu different, pnrls o(
the county, 1 make this special appointment
for the benefit of all conoerned. '
11. A. BO WEN, i
no'-5-ly 8000I Comnjiseioncr t
ATWUr ? im rn nm I ci tiinj it mn i
Aiw yt j:\yj v rjniioJC/Hifiii 10.
THE Soholastic yoar is divided into two
Terms of 20 weokscach. Tlie First Term ,
commonce8 January 17th, and ends Juno 3d;
tho second Term commcnoes July 4th, and
ends November 18th.
Studonts entering within two weoks after
tho commonoement of the Torms, will be
charged for the whole Term ; those entering
aftor this time, from tho timo of ontoring.
It ia more satisfactory that Students entor
at tho commencement, when the Bovorul
classes arc forming,
Courso of Study.
1st Term?(Spelling and Reading.
'2d Term?.Spelling nnd Reacting continued;
Primary Geography; Mental Arithmetic,
Exercises in Writing.
1st Term?Spelling and Heading continued:
Geography continued; Introducing English
Grammar; Elements of Written Arithmetic;
Exercisos in Writing.
2d Term?Spelling and Reading continued;
Elements of Written Arithmetic completed;
Intermediate Geography completed; Analytical
English Grammar; Primary U. S. History;
Exercises in Writing.
1st Term?English Grammar completed; Physical
Geography; Common School Arithmetic;
Towns Analysis of Words;
2d Term?Greene's; Analysis of EnirlUh
Language; Arithmetic continued; Smaller
Composition; Higher U. S. History.
1st Term Latin Grammar and Harkness' Eirst
Latin Book; Latin Reader; Davies' Algebra;
History of England.
2d Term?Pour Books of Crosar; Arnold's
secend Latin Book on Analysis of tho Latin
Sentence; Greek Grammar; Kentlrick's
Greek Ollendorff; Greek Reader; Davies'
Algebra completed; Natural Philosophy.
1st Term?Six Books of Virgil; Grcrk
Reader completed; Plain Geometry; Higher
v/uiupuoibiuu iiuu mieiorio.
2d Term?Sallusl's Catnlino & Jugurtlin;
Xenoplion'a Anabasis; Higher Algebra
commenced; Soliil and Spherical Geometry
completed; Chemistry.
1st Term?Cicero's Sclcct Orations; Xenophons
Memorabilia; Trigonometry and Surveying;
Roman History; Latin l'rose Composition.
'2d Term?Horace cniirc;"Six Hooks of the
Hinds; Greek l'rose Composition; Algebra
completed; Astronomy.
The nbovocoui'rto will prepare enn
didatoa for admission into tl.o Sornomoiie
Cr,.\?s of any ot our Soulliorn
Collogee. Studonts, who do not stand
a (satisfactory examination upon tlie
SOVnrJll ntllHina n( nnAl. ?
- vy. v uv.ii *v 111 ilot
bo allowed tho privilego to advance to
tho next higher, but bo retained in
such class, till all tho studies oi' it be
satisfactorily completed.
Tuition of I'ui.maky Department
l'ku term.
Junior Clftss, - - 810.00
Intermediate Clans, - ? 12.50
Senior " ? . 15.00
Preparatory Department, 20.00
No deduction will bo made for lost
timo except from prolonged sickness.
Monthly reports of punctulity, de
porlment, and rccilations i.'i cnuii r>tudy,
will be furnished parents.
J. II. CAUIjLSLK, Principal.
Dec. 28, 1875 17 tf
Fits and Epilepsy
The worat easoa i)f (lie longest standing, l>y
using Dn. Huuuaud'm Cure.
It has Cured Thousand"*
mid will give $1,000 for ft cuse it will not
benefit. A bottlo sent free to nil addressing
J. K* 1>IBHI,K, Choinist, Ollico: 1U-35 Iirondway,
New York.
Vollu\ Elcctro HlcllM an;t
arc indorse*! I>y the most eminent physicians
in tiiu win Id iui the- cure of rheumatism,
neuralgia, liver eoniplaint, dyspepsia, kidney
disease,'inches, pains, nervous disorders, fits;
rcinatc complaints, nervous and general debility,
and other chronic diseases of the chest,
head, liver, stomach, kidneys and blood.?
!!ook with full particulars lreo hy Voltiv 15cll
Bo , Cincinnati, <).
Canai. St., vbom Sixth to Skvkntii,
Portable and Stationary,
Saw Mills, Grist Mills, Boilers, Custintts of
urass nml Iron, Forgings, Ac.
(it nil its branches, done by experienced hands
1 riving Co* ton Gins, Threshing Machines,
Separators, Grist Mills, &c. A number of
second hand Engines and Roilcrs of various
palters, in first vale order, 011 liand.
Repair work solicited an I proinptiy done.
r\~i 1 A "
v/v<i ? ?, i ly
"Item COOHI7 dmcM
Senator?R K Howen.
Jltjfresentulive?1) ! ' Hraclloy.
Clerk of Court?S 1) Keith.
Judge of P'obate?1 II l'hilpot.
Sheriff-?J Kilcy Ferguson.
v,.,.w,.w ..wjr...
School Commtitioner?!t A Howcn
Tttnmm?IK A Lcslejr.
Auditor?Alorzo M Folgcr.
County Committionrr*? John T Oogscll,
Uinirniim?ltnhorl Craig, Q M l.yncli. Clerk
bounty Commissioner*, C I, l[olling?wurth.
Trial Jutlicet?fomlnj, Luke I. Ariftil?Sn%
K.I .11.. >
l-< uirui, .fumcH A
Liildcll - I'icktn.i ('//., C I, IIollingswoiMi
iu<l 0 W Taylor?JJ-icutvillc, J 13 HulherluuU '
/ )
M???????? ^
South Carolina ltafllroad.
CnAHi.F.8T0N, S. C.f Doo. 18, 1875."
On and after Sunday, Deoember 19, tho
Passenger Trains on (he South Carolina
Ilailroud -will run as follows:
i (Sundays excepted.)
Zeavo Charleston 0 16 an
Arrive at Columbia 6 00 p m
(Sundays exoeptod.)
Leave Charleston 0 16am
Arrive at Augusta 6 16 p m
(ounuays exoeptou.)
Lcavo Columbia 9 00 a m ^
Ai-rivo at Charleston 4 46 p m
Loavo Augusta 9 00 a m
Arrive at Charleston 4 46 p m
Leave Charleston 9 16 p m
Arrive at Columbia 7 20 a m
Leave Columbia 7 00 pm
Arrive at Charleston 6 40 am
Leave Charleston 8 00 p ra
Arrive at Augusta 7 45 a m
Leavo Augusta 8 80pm
Arrive at Charleston 7 40 ft ft*
(Sundays excepted.)
Leave S'umniervillc at 7 SO ft fn
Arrive at Charleston 8 45 a in
Leave Charleston 8 15 p ra ^
Arrive at Summervillo 4 30 p m
Connects at Kingvillo daily [except Suns
days] with Up and Down Day and I'assengor
Day and Night Train3 connect at Augusta
with Georgia Railroad, jl/acon and Augusta
Hnilrnml n...l n-il > ?
... wvmuih ?uiiiuau> iuio rouio ^
via Atlanta is tlio quickest and most (lircct
route, an<t as comfortablo anil cheap as any
other route, to Montgomery, Selmn, Mobile,
New Orleans, and all other points Southwest,
and to Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago, St. ^
Louis, and all other points West and Northwest.
Day Train connects at Columbia with tho
Through Train on chariot too Road (which
leaves at 0 p. m.) for all points Arorth.
Night Train connects with Local Train
[which leaves Columbia at 8 a. m.J for points
on charlotte Road.
Laurens Railroad Train connccts at Now- m
berry on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Up Columbia Night Train connects closely
with the Greenville and Columbia Railroad.
S. S. SOLOMONS, Superintendent.
8. 15. Picktns, General Ticket Agent.
Greenville & Columbia R R.
Passenger trains run daily, Sundays cxcepled,
connecting with niglit trains on South '
Carolina Kaihond np and down. On and after
J/bnday, December 13, tlie following will
lie tlie Schedule: V
Leave Columbia nt 7.45 a m
Leave Alston at (1.16 n m
[-cave Newberry nt 10.85 a ra
Leave Cokesbury at '2.07 p bi
Leave Helton at 3.f>0 n n?
Arrive at Greenville at 6.36 p hi
Leave Greenville at 8.05 a ??
Leave ISclton at 9.'10 am
LeaveCokcsbury 11.20 a m
ucave Newberry at 2.40 a m
Leave Alston at 4.20 p xm
Arrive at Columbia at 6.66 p m
80T Connect at Alston with Trains on th?
Spartanburg and Union Railroad ; conntct at
Columbia with Night Trains on the South Car
olina Railroad up and down ; also with Trai?o
going North and South on the Chat-lotto, Columbia
and Augusta and the Wilmington, Ccr%
Train leave Abbeville at *.<.15 a m., connect
ing with Down Train from Greenville. Lcate "5^.
("olceibury at 2.16 p m., connecting with lp .
Train from Columbia. Accommodation Trntrp
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Lonje
Cokcsbnry at 11.16 a in., or on the arrival of
the Down Train from Greonville. Loaves Ak?*
bcvillc at 1 o'clock p. m., conncoting with L*j;
Train from Columbia.
Leavo Wallialla at 6.00 a M
Loave Perryville at 6.46 a u
Leavo I'ondloton at 7.86 a m
Leave Anderson at ? 8.86 a ta
Ai rive ut Helton at 8,'iO a m
Leavo Dull on at 8.60 p jo
Leave Anderson at 4.60 p in
Leave rendition at 6.60 p m
Leave Pcrryvillo 6.86 p m . ^
Arrivo at Wallialla 7.16 p la
Accommodation Trains between Delton and t
Anderson on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays,
Leave Helton at 0.60 a m., or on arrival
of Down* Train from Grcenvillo. Leave
Anderson at 2.00 p ni., connecting with Up
General* Superintendent.
Jaiitz Noaton, Jr., GeneralTicket Agent
Atlanta & Richmond Air Lino Railway.
Leave at Atlanta at 3pm
Leave Toccoa Oily at G 45 p m ^
Leave Westminster at p m
T.eavo Seneca cily at p m
Leave ccntral at 8 25 p m
Loevc Kasley at 9 12 pm
Leave Greenville as 9 41 p m
Leavo Spartanburg at a m ^
Arrive atoharlott# at 2 03 a m
Leave Charlottoat 2 16 am
^cavo Spartanburg at am
Leavo (iroonvillc at a ah ~ ?
.. -1" u la #
Leave Kaslcy at 7 08 a tt?
Leavo f.enlral at 7 *10 a m
lifavo Seneca Oily at a n? ^
Leavo Wnlniinsler at a i?
f.eavo 'l'uocoa City at ft 41 a m
Arrive at Atlanta at 1 30 p ly
OloiiiMlN, fin 1m ana
Traveler* Westward.
T >
For map circulars, condensed lime lahUs
and general information in regard In trans*
porialion facilities to all points in Tennessee, -%
Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado,
Kansas, Texas, Iowa, New Mexioo, Utah and
California, apply to or address Alukbt D.
Wkknn, General Emigrant Agent, Oflice No.
2 II. I- Kimball House, Atlanta, Qa.
No one should go West without first getling
in communication with the Ooneral
Emigrant Agent, and become informed as to
nupcrior advantages, cheap and quick trans
untl farming implements generally.
All informatiou cheerfully given.
no3 0m a. r. &T,A. <*+

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