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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1871-1903, August 17, 1876, Image 4

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Platform of tho National Domocratio
Wo, tlio dologntoa of tho Domocratio
party of tho United .States, in national
convention assembled. do hern
doolaro tho administration of tho Fod.
eral govornmont to bo in nrgont nood
of irninodinto roform; do horoby onjoin
upon tho nominooH of this convontion
and of th? Domooratio party in oach
Stato, a zealous effort and corporation
tothisond, and do horoby npponl
to our follow citizons of ovory formor
political conncction to undorcako with
us this first and most pressing patriot1~
4I.a ~ ~ _ C i I. ?
iu uutjr iui tnu juuiuuuniu^ ui uiu
wholo country. Wo do lioro roafTirm
our faith in tho pormanonoy of tho
Federal Union, our dovotion to the
constitution ot tho united States, with
its amendments universally acccpted,
as a final settlement ol tho controvornies
that ongondorod civil war, and do
lioro rocord out steadfast confidonco in
tho pcrpotuity of Republican self gov^
ornrnont; in absoluto acquiescence in
tho will of tho majority, tho vital pvinciplo
of tho ropublic; in tho supremacy
of tho civil over the military authority;
in tho total separation of church
and State, for tho salco aliko of civil
and religious frocdom; in tho equality
of all citizens beforo just laws of their
own onaotmont, in tho liberty ofindis
vidual oonduct, unvoxod by sumptuary
laws; in tho faithful education of the
rising gonoration, that thoy may pronervo,
enjoy and transmit thoso best
conditions of human happinosa and
hope. Wo bohold tho noblest pro
uueis oi 21 nuuureu yours 01 cnangouu
history, but, wliilo upholding tho bond
of our Union and groat obarler ol
thoso our rights, it behooves a froo
pcoplo to practico also that otcrnal
vigilanco which is tho prico of liberty,
ltoform is noeessary to rebuild and
establish in the hearts of tho whole
pooplo tho Union eleven years ago
happily roscuod from tho danger of a
corrupt centralism, which, af ter inflicting
upon ton States tho rapacity of
carpet bag tyrannies, has hcnej'coinbod
the offices of the Federal government
itsolf with incapacity, waste and
fraud; infected States and municipalities
with tho contagion of misrule,
and locked fast tho prosperity of an
industrious pcoplo in the paralysis of
hard timos. .Reform is nocossary to
establish a sound currency, restore tho
public credit and maintain tho national
honor. We denounce the foil
uro of all thepo eleven years to make
good tho promise of tho legal tender
notos which aro a changing standard
of valuo in tho hands of tho pooplo,
and tho non payment of which is a
disregard of tho plightod faith ot tho
nation, Wo donounco tho improvidence
which in olovon years of poaco
has taken from tho pooplo in Fodoral
taxos thirteon times tho wholo
amount of Lho legal tender notes, and
squandered four timos this sum in
useless oxponso, without tho accumu
muon 01 any rcservo ior meir reueinpliou.
Wo denounco the financial imbecility
and immorality ol that party
which during tho eleven years of poaco
has raado no advanco towards resumption;
that, instead, has obstructed rosumption
by wasting our resources
nr.d oxhausting all our surplus income
and, while annually profoesing to intond
a speedy roturn to spocio pnymonts,
haa annually enacted fresh
hindrances thoroto, as such a a hindrance
wo denounco tho resumption
clnuso of tho Act of 187o, and wo j
hero dotnand iIh repeal. Wo demand
ii judicious system of preparation by
public cconimios, by oflieial retrenchments,
nnd by wiso finance, which
shall onablo tbo nation to assuro tbo
whole world of its porfect ability and
its porfect readiness lo meet any of its
promises at tbo call of tbo creditor entitled
to payment. Wo believe such
a system well devised; and, above a'l on
trustod to competent hands forexocu*.
tion, creating at no time an artificial
socurity of curroncv. and at no tune
alarming tlio public mind into a
withdrawal of lhat vaster machinery
of credit by which ninety livo
per ccnt. ol all business transactions
aro performed; a system open, public
and inspiring general conlidenco,
would, irom tho day ol its adoption,
bring healing on its wings to all our
harrasscd industry, and set in motion
the wheels of commerce, manufactures
and tho mcchanical arts; restore
employment to labor, and renew, in
all its national source, tlio prosperity
of tho people. Ueform is nncessaiy I
?i,A ,.?.i i.. i t.' i i
111 liiu mini iiiiu iiii'uu ui r unci al taxation,
to ti)o end that capilat may bo
pel froo from distrust and labor lightly
burdoncd. Wo dononnco (ho present
tariff imposed upon noiirly 4,'JOO
articles as a master piece of injustice,
inequality ami falno preteneo. it
yields a dwindling not a hearty 1 ising
rovonuc; it ha8 impoverished many industrios
to subsidise a f'tivv; it prohibit
imports that might purchase tbo
products of Ainoricaii labor; it ban de- I
graded American commerce from the
first to an inferior rank upon tlio. high
seas; it has cut dowr. tho Bales of
Amoiicnn manufacturers at homo and
abroad, and depleted tho roturns of
Amorican agriculture or industry, foh I
lowed by bait Our poople; it costs the
j)CO))le live times more than it produces
to tho treasury, obstructs the processes
of production and wastes tho
fruits of labor; it promotes fraud and
fosters smu^lin^, enriches dishonest
oticials and bankrupts honest mereh*
L > \
uiils. Wo demand that nil custom house
taxation shall bo only for rovonuo. lloform
is nceoasary in tbo scalo of pnblio
oxponec?Fcdorpl, Stato and municipal.
Our Fodoral taxation has swollen
from 800,00Q,o00 in gold in 18G0 to
#150,000,000 in curronoy in 1870. Our
n tr irt*n in\ t f\ fn vol imt Q1 o I HHrt
"6b* vfe**vv vuauvivii uviii 9iot,wVjUUV
in gold in I860 to 8780,000,000 in currency
in 1870. Or in ono docado,
from Iobb than $5 por hond, to more
than $18 por hond. Sinco tho poaco
tho pooplo Imvo paid to thoir tax gath*
orors moro than thrico tho Bum of tho
national dobt, and moro than twico
that sum for tho fodoral government
Wo demand a vigorous frugality in
every dopnrtmont and from evory of*
ficer of tho government. Roform ia
necessary to put a stop to tho profli
gate wasto of public lands, and thoir
diversion from actual sottlors by tho '
party in powor, which has squandered
$'200,000,000 of acres upon railroads
alono, and, out of moro than thrico
that nggregato, has disposed of less
than a sixth directly to tillors of tho
soil. Reform is necessary to correct
tho omissions of the Republican Congress
and the errors ot our troatios and
our diplomacy which havo stripped
our lollow citi/.onsof foreign birth and
kindred raco reeroesing tho Atlantic
of tho shield of American citizonship,
and have exposed our brethren of tho
Pacific coast to the incursion of a raco
not sprung lioin Iho samo groat paront
stock, and, in fact, now by law
denied citizonship through iihturalU
zation, an being neither accustomed to
tlio traditions of a progressive civilization
nor exorcised in liberty undor
equal laws. Wo donounce tho policy
which thus discards tho liborty loving
Gorman and tolerates tho revival
of tho coolio trade in Mongolian women,
imported for immoral purposes,
and Mongolian men hired to porfonn
servile labor contracts, and demand
such a modification of tho treaty with
the Chineso Empiro, or such legislation
liv flnntfrnna within n nnnolilii.
tional limitation as shall prevent the
further importation of immigration of
the Mongolian raco. .Reform is noccssary
and can ncvor bo effected but
by making it tho controlling issuo of
tho elections, lifting it above tho two
falso issues with which IhoolVicc hoUU
ing class and tho party in power seok
to smother it. Tho falso issno with
which the}' would enkindle sectarian
strife in respect to tho public schools,
of which the establishment to support
belonging exclusively to tho sevoral
Statos, and which tho Democratic
tliirj.v liAQftllM-islioil f'l'nm I Imii'
ution and resolvod to maintain without.
nmiifility or prcforonco for any
class, soct or crood, and without contributing
from tho troasuiy to any?
tho falso issuo by which they sock to
light anew tho dying embers of sectional
hato botweon kindrod peoples,
onco unaturally estranged, but now
reunitod in one indivisible ropnblic
and a common dostiny. iteform is
necessary in tho civil service. Expo*
rionco proves that cfficiont, economical
CO'uitlCt Of the ??OVA,"n monf nl IiiimioI
b *
ne.ss is not possiblo if its civil sorvico
bo Hubject to change at eveiy election,
be a prizo fought fur at the ballot box,
boa halfroward of party zeal instead
of posts of honor, assigned lor proved
compctoney and held for fidelity in
the public employ. That tho dispensing
of patronage should noither bo a
tax upon tho timo of all our public
men, nor tho instrument of their ambition.
Jloro again professions falsified
in tho porformanoo, attost that
tho party in pewor can work out no
praotieal or salutory reform, ltoform
is necessary ovon moro in tho higher
grades of public servieo. Tho 1'rosU
dont, Vice Prcsidont, Judges, Senas
tors, Representatives and Cabinet of
fleers. Those, and all others in nu- 1
thority, aro tho peoples' servants;
uiuw uuiuuiH aro not privaio perqui- '
silos; thoy aro public trusts. When
tl?o annuls of this republic show tho
disgrace and censuro of a Vico President,
a lato Speaker of tbo ILouso of
Representatives marketing his ruling ]
aa a presiding ofTlcor; threo Senators
profiting socretly by their votes as law ]
makers; five chairmen of loading com
mitloos of tho late llonso of itopro- !
seniatives exnOBiul in inhhirw: n. In?n ,
Secretary of iho Treasury forcing bal i
uncos in tlio public accounts; a lalo
Attorney Gonoral misappropiiating
public funds; a Secretary of tlio Navy 1
enriched or enriching frionds by per*
centals lovied o(T the profits of contractors
with his department; an ambassador
to England eonsurod in a
dishonorablo speculation; tlio .President's
I'rivato Secretary barely escaped
conviction upon trial for guilty
complicit}' in frauds upon the Kovens
tie; a Secretary of War impenchod for
11i<41? crimes and confessed misdemeanors.
The demonstration is complete <
ui.iu vtixj 111 .->v r uv 11 III IV1UI III IIIIIMl UU '
tlic peoplo'a clioico of bonost mon from 1
tmoilior party, lent tho diHu.su of ono J
political organization infoct tlio body ,
politic and llioroby making no eliango |
I of men or party. Wo can ^ot no
ebaniro ol measure and no reform. All|'
tlieno aluiHOrt, wrongs and crimen, tliol
product ol sixteen yonrs' ascendancy i
ol tho Itepublican party, civato a no- i
ccsnily for reloim, confessed by ilo- 1
publicans tlionidcivcHj but Iboir ro~
forma arc voted down in convention
land (Usplacod from tho (Jnbinot. The
party's mass of honest votes is po\v~ j
orless l<> resist tho 80,000 ollice holders,
its lenders and guides, Iteform
can only ho had by a peaceful civic
revolulioti. Wo demand a change ol
system, a cliango ol administration,a
change <d parlies, that wo may Imvo
ehan-'o ol member,-} and of men,
? H
Aa>|BPKK WEEK guaranteed to Agents,
\ I I Male and Female, in their locality.?
U1/ I Tor ins and OUTFIT FREE. Addroas
r. O. VIUKERY & CO., Augusta, Mo
$5 to $20 per day at homo. Samples worth
$1 free. Stinson & Co., Portland, Maino.
MIND Reading, Psychomancy, Fascination,
Soul Charming, Mesmorism, add
Marriage Ouido, showing how either sex may
fascinate and gain tho love and affcotion of
any person they choose inatantly. 400 pnges.
By mail 60 cents, Hunt & Co., 139 S. 7th St.,
(f> 1 fi a day at homo. Agonts wantod. Outfit
and terms free. Truo & Co., Au~
guatu, Maino.
Price, Txomty^Five Cents.
Conlaininga complete list of till the towns in
tho United States, tho Territories and the
Dominion of Canada, having a population
greater than 5,000 according to tho last consua,
together with tho names of tho newspapers
having tho largest local circulation in
caoh of (he places named. Alao, a catalogue
of newspapers which arc recommended to
advertisers as giving greatest value in proportion
to prices charged. Also, all newspapers
in the United States and Canada,
printing over 5,000 copies ench issue. Also,
all the Religious, Agricultural, Scientific aud
Mechanical, Medical, Masonic, Juvenile,
Educational, Commercial, Insurance, Iteal
Estate, Law, Sporting, Musical, Fashion, and
other special class journals; very complete
lists. Together with a complete list of over
300 German papers printed in tho United
States. Also, an essay upon advertising;
many tables of rates, showing the "cost of
advertising in various newspapers, and every
thing which u beginner in advertising would
like to know. Address
P. llOWKlTX ?& CO.,
41 Park ltow, Now York.
7vrrr\/\7cT)ci D^D C
VV vJl Ot/A V- i\vJ
Unit eel States.
A complete list, of American Newspapers,
numbering more than eight thousand, with a
Gaze teerofall towns and cities in which I Hey
arc published; Historical and Statistical
Sketches of the Great Newspapers Establishments;
illustrated with numerous engravings
of the principal newspaper buildings* iJook
of 300 l'ages. just issurd. J/ailcd, post paid,
to any address for Hoc- Apply (inclosing
price) to Superintendent of (lie Newspaper
I'llvilliim. f'.Mitnmiinl (Irnnnils l'liilndntnliin
or American News Company, N. Y. Every
advertiser needs it.
The State of South Carolina.
Baylis W Mansell, Fletchcr /Vansoll, Camilla
Hendricks and husband James B Hendricks
und others?Plaintiffs.
James BasweH, liobort E Bowcn, Wm A
Clyde, Henry C Briggs, Thomas W Russell,
Orlando C Folger and others?Defendants.
Complaint fou Rkmep, Sic.
r>Y virtue of a decreetal order, made by tho
_ > ll?n T. If. Cooke, Judgoof the Eighth
Judicial Circuit, on the 13th day of July,
A. D. 1870, each ami every of tho heirs at
law of Tiusa Emma Johnson, formerly Tinsa
Kivma Mansell, if any there bo other
than the Plaintiffs above named in this action,
arc hereby summoned and required to
appear boforo tho Clcik of this Court, idontify
themselves and establish their claims to
the funds to bo distributed, herein on or bo
foro the 21st day of July A. D. 1877, or
forever ho debarred of all benefit under tho
dccrco for distribution to bo rendorod in this
Oiven under my hnnd and oflice seal at
Pickens, this tho 16th day of July A. D.
8. I)- KEITH,
Clerk of Court of Common Picas for
Pickcns County, S. C.
July 20. 1870 -10 ly
Livery and Sals Stalks.
________ i
Parties desiring to hire conveyance to
I'ickens Court House, Tnblo Hock and oilier
points, can be accommodated at my Stables,
\t all hours of the day and night. Purchasers
can also be supplied with Good Stock
it rcasonablepriccs.
fte#" Kcgular Mail Line to Pickcii3 C'ourtliouse
daily. (Sundays excejrtcd.)
J'asley Station, S. 0., Aug, !1, 1875.
no 10 J y
How Lost, How Restored!
Just published, a nrw edition of Dr. ClJfiVMtWKLI/S
Celebrated Jissay on tho radl;vileuro
(witbout medicine) of Spcrmator*
rlioott or oemiiml Weakness, Involuntary Seminal
Losses, Impotency, Menial ami Physical
Incapacity, Impediments to Marriage, etc;
ilso, Consumption, Kpilepsy and I its, in-.
Incod l?y self-indulgence or sexual cxtrava*
gnr.ee, &c.
l'rico, in a scaled envelope, only six
Tho celebrated author, in tliis admirable
lissny, clearly demonstrates, from a thirty
years successful j.raciire, mat mo alarming
consequences of self-abuse may t>o radically
cured with on t (ho dangerous use of intornnl
medicine or llio application of tlie l<nife; point
ing out a mode of euro at onco sirnplo, oerlain,
and effectual, hy moans of which every
sufferer, no matter what his condition may
bo, mny cure himself eheapley, privately, and
Sent under seal, in a plain envclopo, lo
any address, post-paid, on receipt of six cents
or t wo post stamps.
i in* i hiiiimpith,
11 Ann St., Now York; l'osl Ollico Uox, 1^80.
July -0, IH7'i 4'i t
sow is tee time'
mm mnmiiM ?M!ffl!M!i!
m rim mum.
Onlv$i.^o a Year
/ I
Evory man i n t U c C o u n t y of
Every raau who has ever lived
hero and has moved
TfflR MilW B3BW6
Largo]/ In the adjoining Counties,
and to Bomo extent in Wcfltorn
North Carolina I
a n.nrm uriwm mb ihotbwhmii
It UVVtf 4 UN AUYfcftliMHUi
For tlio Fickens Sentinel !
In tlie IMckeiiM Ncntinel !
Wo ?ro now proparc?l to furnish ]>nriiinnent nitun- |
tiuiiv tur n uirgu uumwr ui jhtsoiis, iiiuiu mid iemmo
Iftjrs iwint froe on ni>|>licntion. Addrrsj, with ntnmp,
Koutiikhn Co-opkrativk Co., NiuiIivIIIc, Twin.ZYKALZ
w. ' wmmmmmmmmmmm?mmmmm?mvnmmmmmmmmmmk
Dr. K. J. CJillilatMl
HAVING relumed and permanently located
at l'ifikonsvillc, respeotfully oft'jr.M j
his Professional services to llio citizens of ilint
vicinity and surrounding country. Charges
May 9 41
I lake litis method of informing my frien<ls
that I will lie found in my ollice on each
SATURDAY, for the purpose of transacting
any businoss that comcs under my jurisdio*
As my duties as School Commissioner will
ooinpcl inc to ho nbsonl in <li(Tcront purls ol
(lie county, I make tliis special appointment
for I lie benefit of all concerned.
uo25-Jy fccool Commissioner
THE Boholastio year Is divided into twe
Terms of 20 weeks each. Tho First Term ,,
comttifcnocs January 17th, and ends Juno 8d;
the scCoftd Term commences July 4th, and
fids Novembor 18th.
Studonta entering within two weoks after
the commencomont of tho Terms, will be
charged for the whole Torm ; those entering
after this time, from tho time of entering.
It is moro satisfactory thnt Studonts enter
i eit the commencement, when the eovoral
afamjes aro forming,
Course of Study.
1st Term?tfpollfrtg riWd Reading.
2d Terra?(Spelling and Reading continued;
Primary Geography; Mental Arithtnetio,
Exercises in Writing.
1st Term?Spelling and Reading continued:
Geography continued; Introducing English
Grammar; Elements of Written Arithmetic;
Exercisos in Writing.
2d Term?Spoiling and Reading continued;
Elements of Written Arithmetic completed;
Intermediate Geography completed; Analytical
English Grammar; Primary U. S. History;
Exercises in Writiug.
1st Term?English Grammar completed; Physical
Geography; Common School Arithmetic;
Towns Analysis of Words;
2d Term?Greene's; Analysis of English
Language; Arithmetic continued; Smaller
Composition; Higher U. S. History.
jLHt icrin ijaiiu urummnrnna narknoss' Kirst
Latin Hook; Latin Reader; Davioa' Algebra;
Iljstory of England.
2d Term?Four Books of Crosar; Arnold's
Bocend Latin Hook on Analysis of the Latin
Sentence; Greek Grammar; Kendrick's
Greek Ollendorff; Greek Header; Davioa'
Algebra completed; Natural Philosophy.
1st Term?Six llooks *of Virgil; Greek
Header completed; l'lain Geometry; Higher
Composition and Rhetoric.
2d Term?Sallust's Catalino & Jugurtha;
Xenophon's Anabasis; Higher Algebra
commenced; Solid and Spherical Geometry
completed; Chemistry.
1st Term?Cicero'sSelcct Orations; Xenoplions
Memorabilia; Trigonometry nml Surveying;
lloinan 11 ihtory; Latin l'roso Composition.
2il Term?Horace enlire;"Six Books of the
Ilintls; Greek l'roso Composition; Algebra
completed; Astronomy.
Tho nbovo courso will prcpnro can
didfttes for admission into tho Sopiiomouk
Class of any of our Southern
Collogos. Students, who do not stand
a satisfactory examination upon tho"
Hovornl studies ol each class, will not
bo allowed the privilogo to advance to
tho next highor, but bo reified in
such class, till all tho studios or it be
satisfiietoril v nnm nlot nrl
.v -
Tuition of Puimauy Dkpautmknt
vett teiim.
Junior Clans, - - 810.00
Intormcdiato Class, - - 12.50
Senior " - . 15.00
Preparatory Department, 20.00
No deduction will bo mado for lost
timo oxcopt from prolongod sickness.
Monthly roports of punetulity, donArf
mnnf cn/J n Jamo * ? "* ?
v?*?v.ii/, UIIV4 I v.vimiK/uo III UUUI1 HVUdy,
will bo furnished pnronta.
J. II. CARLISLE, Principal.
Don 2.% lftTfi 17 tf
Fits and Epilepsy <
The worst ensos of tlio longest standing, by
using Dn. Hiiiidard'h Curo. \
It liu* Cured TlioiiNund^,
and Trill give $1,000 for n oasc it will not
benefit. A bottle sont freo to nil addressing
J. K- DII5BLE, Chemist, Offioo: 1356 Broadway,
New York.
Volia'N KIcctro ItellN and
| Itniidm
are indorsod by the moat eminent physicians
it tho world for the euro cf rheumatism,
neuralgia, liver eomplaint, dyspepsia, kidney
disease, aches, pains, nervous disorders, fits,
femalo complaints, nervous and general debility,
nnd other chronic diseases of the chost,
ncaa, nvor, etoninol), kidneys anil blood.? '
Cook willi full particulars free by Vol'.a licit 1
Do , Cincinnati, O.
Canai. .St., fuom Sixth to Skvkntu,
~t 1 ikt /~^i ? -%."r ~r :i r-4
?<J1N IjliN US.
Portablo and Stationary,
Saw Mills, Crist. Mills, Boilers, Castings of
Brass nlid Iron, Forgings, Ac.
In all its brandies, done by experienced bands
driving Cotton dins, Threshing Maohines,
MonouniA.n n..!oi *? :i i ~ e. - t - -?
I UV)MM uiuid, Uiini- milln, an, /I IHIIUIHT OI
Hccond IiuihI Engines nnd Boilers of variotin
patters, in first rate order, on hand.
Repair work Holicited mi l promptly dono.
Oct 14, 7 ly
Senator?R E liowcn,
Representative?D P Bradley.
CI 'tie of Court?8 I) Kcilli.
,Iu<hje Of /' ohale?I II l'lnlpot.
Sheriff?-3 Kilcy Ferguson.
Coroner?Warren Uoyd.
School Commissioner?R A IJowcn
Treasurer?W A Losley.
Auditor?Alorzo M Folgcr.
County Committioncrt?John T GoproM,
Chairman?Robert Craig, (1 M Lynch. Clerk
County (JoniinisHioncrH. C L llollingHwortli.
Trial Juttiees?Kustcp, Luke I. Arinil?Sit*
luhrity, Vtntral, Jiwuoh A
(jidiloll?I'ikcns (' //., C L llollingswortli
and U W Ttiylor?Uacutvillc, J U Sutherland
V- '"|M
Sottth Caroliua Hailroad,
CnABLKBTOM. 8. C.. Doo. 18. 187/1. .? *?
On and after Sunday, Uccembor 10, the
Passenger Trains ou tho South Carolina
Railroad will run as follows:
(Sundays excepted.)
/yeavo Charleston 9 16am
Arrive at Columbia 6 00 p m
(Sundays exooptod.) ** a
Leave Charleston 9 16am |E|
Arrive at Augusta 6 16 pm J,
(/Sundays excepted.)
Leave Columbia OOOim 1
Arrive at Charleston 4 46 p m *
Leave Augusta 9 00 m
Arrive at Charleston 4 45pm
Leave Charleston 0 15 p m
Arrive at Columbia 7 20 a m %
Leave Columbia 7 00 p m i
Arrive at Charleston 6 40 a m
Lottvc Charleston 8 00 p in
Arflvo at Augusta 7 45 am
Lcavo Augusta 8 80 p m ^
Arrive at Charlostoh 7 40am ^
(Sundays oxoeptcd.)
Loavo (Sfummorvillo at 7 80 a m
Arrive at Charleston 8 46 a m
Leave Charleston 8 16 p m
Arrive at Suminervillo 4 80 p m
Camden train
Connects at Kingvillo daily foxoept Sun*
days] with Up and Down Day and Passengor
Frains. I
t>?? ??,i T -? 1 -1 * 1_
Iiuu iii^uv iittiuo UUUUt'Ul Ulf AUgUBin
with Georgia Railroad, Maeon and Augusta
Uniirond and Central Railroad. This route ? flj
via Atlanta is tho quickest and roost direct
route, and ns conifortablo and cheap as any Brother
route, to Montgomery, Soima, Mobile,
Now Orleans, and all other points Southwest,
and to Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago, St.
Louis, and all other points West and North- t ftp'
Day Train connccts at Columbia with ffiu 1
Through Train on charlottes Road (Which
leaves at 9 p. m.) for all points iVorth.
Night Train cjnnccts with Local Train
[which leaves Columbia at 8 a. m.] for points
on chariot to Road.
Lnurcus Railroad Train connecla at New- ^
berry on Tuesdays, Thursdays and BaturUp
Columbia Night Train conncots closely
with the Greenvilloand Columbia Railroad.
S. B. Pickens, General Ticket Agent.
Greenville & Columbia R R.
Passenger trains run daily, Sundays excepted,
connecting willi night trains on South tf
Carolina Railroad up and down. On and after
jl/onday, December 1!}, tho following will
be tlie Schedule: ^
Leave Columbia at 7.45 a m
Leave Alston at 0.16 am nu
Leave Newberry at 10.85 a m
Leave ('okesbury at 2.07 p m
Leave Helton at 2.60 p m
Arrive at Orconvillo at 6.36 p m
Leave Orconvillo nt 8.06 am
Leavo Helton at 0.40 m m
Leave Cokesbury 11.20 a aa ^ fcff
ucave Newberry at 2.40 a m
Leave Alston at 4.20 p m
Arrive at Columbia nt 6.66 p m
Connect at Alston with Train* Ik* ^
Spartanburg and Union Railroad ; connect at
Columbia with Niglit Trains on the South Car
olina Railroad up nnd down ; also with Trai?a
going North and South on tho Charlotte, Ce?
lumbia and Augusta and the Wilmington. C9%
Train leave Abbeville at 9.16 a m., connoting
with Down Train from Greenville. Leave
l!oke?bury at 2.15 p m., connecting with l?p - *
Train from Columbia. Accommodation Trait,
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Leaj#
Cokesbury at 11.16 a m., or on the arrival ef
the Down Train from Oreonville. Leaves Ab*
beville at 1 o'clock p. in., connecting with tf
Train from Columbia. /
Loavo WalhalU at 6.00 ft
Loave Perryville at 0.46 a m Jfe,'
L>es?o l'oncuoton nt T.86 * m
Loavo Anderson at 8.85 a m
At rive at Helton at 9.20 ft m
Loavo Bolton ?l 8.60 p m
Leave Anderson at 4.60 p a
Leave I'ondleton at 6.60 p m
Loave Perryvillc 6.86 p m ^
Arrive at Walhalla 7.16 p a
Accommodation Train* between Belton &o4
Anderson on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur* f
[lays, Leave Belton nt 9.50 a m., or on arrival
of Down Train from Greenville. Leavft
Anderson at 2.00 p rn., eonneoting with Up
General Su^lrintendont.
janrz Norton, Jr., General Ticket Agent
Atlanta & Richmond Air Line Railway*
Leave fit Atlanta at 3pm
Leave Toccoa City at 0 46 p m
Leave Westminster at p to 4
Leave Seneca city at p m
Leavo central at ft 25 p m
Leove Kasley at 9 12 p in
Leavo (Irccnvillo ns 0 41 p in
Leavo Spartanburg at am
Arrive at charlotte at 2 03 ft iu
Leave Cliarlotte at 2 10 m
ucavo Spartanburg at am
Lcavo Orocnville nt 6 40 a n
Lcavo Kasloy at 7 08 a m
Lcavo f;ontral at 7 40 a m \
litavo Sencca City at am
Lcavo Wslminstcr at a m ^
Lcavo Tucoott City at 0 44 a m
Arrive at Atlanta nt 1 80 p
(oIoiiMn, ICmignuts nudL
Traveler* Westward
For map circulars, condensed time tables
and general information in regard to tran??
portal ion facilities to all points in Tennessee, ^
Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado,
Kansas, Texr.s, Iowa, New Mexico, Utah nnd
California, apply lo or address Aliikrt B.
Wuknn, General Emigrant Agent, UfTice No,
2 II. I. Kimball House, Atlanta, Ga,
No one should go Wost without first getting
in communication with (ho Qcnorn) A
Kinigrant Agent, and become informed as to .fjft
superior advantages, cheap and quick trans,
port at ion of families, household goods, stoo)(,
and farming implements generally.
All information chccrfully given.
U0u '*** Q* I*' A T, J\,

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