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D. F BRADLEY. Editor ft Proprietor
Term* ?r fetnbMerlptfon.
Ouo Year 91 60
Bix Months 76
Advertising Rate*).
Advertisements inserted at the rata of $1 00 i
per square, of (9) Bine lines, o* lbm, for the
first Insertion, and 60 cents for eaoh subsequent
Contracts mado for tiirki, si* or twslvi
months, on favorable terms.
Advertisements not having tho number of
insertions marked on Ihnm. will V>? tmWtoin.ii
until forbid and charged occordingly.
Those terms arc so simple any child may
understand them. Nine lines is a square?
one inch, In ovory instance wo charge by
the space occupied, as eight or ten lines can
bo made to occupy four or five squares, as the
advertiser may wish, and is charged by the
R?T Advertisers will i-lcaso state the number
of squares they wish their advertisements
to make.
Bsay* Business men who advertise to -be
benefitted, will bear in mind that the
UfM'lUMD! 1 1 >
uuniiiiou una u uirgu mm increasing circulation,
nnd ia taken by the very claBs of
persona whose (railo they desire.
Thursday, Aug. 31, 187<?.
National Democratic Ticket.
HON. T. A.
% 1
>on OOXOIIB88 8d OONOaHflBIOKAI. niflTHrCt : I
For Lcgisla.ure?D. F. Bradley ami E. II.
For Clerk of Courl?John J. Lewis.
For l'robato Judge?W. 0. Field.
For Sheriff?Jonb Mauldin.
For School Commissioner?M. S. Hendricks
For Coroner.?]$. B. Rnrlo.
For County CointniHsionerri?Tolin T. Lcwin,
1$. J. Johnson, T. I\ Loopor.
General Wade Hampton
Tho Slate Convention di<l a noblo
work in nrnsnnlin<e ihfinnmn r?f \Vo<i,>
... x ft w* " U,4U
Hampton to ilio pooplo of South Carolina
lor tlioir sufFcragca lor Governor
of tho Stato. There is no name in
tho wholo calaloguo of distinguished
South Cnroliniuns that stands abovo
hi?. Moblo, pure and patriotic, ho will
draw to his .support ovory truo son of
tho soil. Thero is no man in whom
all tho qualities for a suwcusful leader
nro moro nobly blondod. When ho is put
in tho Kxocmivo ciiair at Columbia,
thoro will bo a stop pnt to thievery,
population and bribery, and a now
and bright. ora will dawn upon tho
Stato. Let us thank Uod for fjiich a
leader and do our wholo duty on tho
*7*1. ^4 "XT I mi - V .
i vii ui iiuvumuer. 1 no jJomoorntM) (
rank'*, ho long acaitorod find demoralized,
will now oloso up at bis command,
(ifi did tho ranks of hie noblo
JiCgion in the lulo wur, and as nohly
]?ro8rt on to victory. Thoro will ho no
Jnggardft now. Every mnn'u shouldor
will bo put to tho wheel, and our no*
bio old Stato will bo pushed out of tho
mire in which ?ho lin? been plunged
by Kudical rascality.
Primary Election.
Thoro was more interoftt takon in
tbo primary ?lection on the 18th inst.^
than wo have ovor soon in a gonora
olootion in this County. Tho candidates
for tho various offices wore
quito numorous and generally ruado a
thorough canvass of tho County boforo
I the elootion, as candidates wero wont
| to do in days o! yore, when party
lines were not known in this Stato. A
kindly and genorous feeling genorally
oxistod botwoen them, and tho people
calmly considered tho claims of
each aspirant, and, as a wholo, votod
na t K AIH ? *wl
tu vnuii juu^viiiuiiu (UJU |MVIV;IUII?;UO
load them. Of courso, each of tho
catididateu and their friends worked
like boavcrs lor succoss, but, when
faduro succeeded thoiv offer*?, the}'
gracefully acquiosccd and will heartily
support tho nominoos of iho party, if
anything should havo occurrod during
tho canvass to creato an ill feeling between
individuals, it in thoir duty
now to place it bohind thorn, and look
forward only to victory in Novombor.
Thore should bo no schisms or divisieiont?
in our ranks. Tho column must
cloao up and pioaont a solid fiont to
tho enemy in Novombor. Tho primary
election, though not Kccoptable
I n on m n I I. ! .> U 1 ?
vv ?v VI ut IIIIIV Iit%r> JMUVCU J% PUUcors,
for, out of ft voting population of
2,300, including Republicans, Ihor0
were 1,303 votes cast, 840 moro than
It has very clearly demonstrated,
wo think, what, with onergy and good
management tho Democracy of this
county may do in tho gonoral oloction
in Novembor noxt. Conceding all
who did not voto in the primary elco
tion to Iho Republicans, wo have 340
majority; but this wo do not by any
moans do, for thero woro to our per-,
sonal knowledge, many as good J)om.
ocrats as tho County affbrdd who did
not turn out and voto at all, some eetimnto
l.hn n 11 m o? Rnn n'Ktol. ?- -> -
.... *?u uvv, ? infii WU UU
not think will lull short of Lho ' mailtThis
would givo 1,8 over 800 majority
of bono fide Democrat1--, and, with the
accessions wo will cviden'lyget from
tho llopublican party, urdor llio leadership
of Hampton, wo do not think
it an exaggeration to say ihat ''icI:?
ens is good fjr 1,000 majority in Mo-^
vembor, and perhaps a good deal
^? ....
I Edgefield Eepublioan Meeting.
j On Saturday, tlio 12th inslnnt, the llepub
iiumia ana a granu rally at Edgefield Court
House, in favor of Hayes aud Wheeler and
Chamberlain. G ovcruor Cban.bcrlain, Judge
Mackcy, Smalla, Hayne and 1 urvia wore the
| oratora of the day. About the time the pro|
cmdiugB vrere to commcnco, Gcnorala iiuilcr
and Gary rode up at the head of about four
hundred mounted men and acvorol hundred
on fool, and demanded that t'io time of apeaking
be divided with them. This, ihe Governor
consented to. onH ?li? *
, ...? w>r -g kuuiiiii'iiaeu
I alternating botwoon Republicans and Democrats,
each confined to thirty minutes.?Chamberlain
spoke first, and was replied to
by Gon. Butler, who exposed the Republican
short-comings in l*'s uenal and courteous
stylo, and at the same time vindicated himnelf
from the charges, made against him by the
Governor und Smalls, that he was the leader
and fo.rn n.cr of the Hamburg troubles, calling
j on tlio Governor to rine i-i his placo and make j
K<?'ju /ms iMinrgc?, tailing lo do which, ho
branded liim us a liar. Judge Mackey folio
wed. defending; Cnamboilain in his usual
stylo, who was iepUod (o by General Gavy, in
his usual impulsive and clo'jiionl slyb". The
description ol' the meeting un furnished by
the Advertiser, is rich, we and spicy. We
have not rooin to produue it, hut u peruanl of
it would make n sick man laugh. Tho result
was, tlmf tlic Democrats non-pliifiscd ilio He
publicans ami captured the mooting. The
same programme was gono through at Newberry
(lie other day witli similar roeultH. This
is a course that should bo adopted Mt every
County in the State. Their loaders keep the
negroes from attending our meetings; and let
us go to I heir's and meet them faoe to face,
where we will have an opportunity of refilling
their blunders ou tho white ner.nl? of il>?
" Agricultural Implementa"
Adjntant General l'urvis (colored) recently
shipped a bo* of arms and ammunition to
Newberry, directed to a negro militia Captain
in Laurens county, marked "agricultural implements."
The trick wa.4 discovered at
N? wberry, and the arm? wore captured- Gov,
Chamberlain Bays the arms were shipped
without his knowledge, mid he hos ordered
the Sheriff of Newberry to take charge of and
return them to Columbia. They were eyid'-riily
intended to be used by tl> j negroes, in I
I.aurens county, in shooting "white I rash."
With God's help, wn'll redeem our old mother
Carolina this year ~-(J<nrral Kennedy at
St JjCuii.
Wo ni'o doliglitod to hear Mint ottv
friend Brndloy, of The PrrKr.ns Hkn- ,
tinkl, hna been renominated for llio i
Legislature). Tie h a straight Democrat,?(ircenvillo
Thank you, friond Speights. If
clccto ) wo will try to discharge our I
wholo duty to our County and Stale.
I), F. Brad 107.
15. U. Bntos.
For tho J T. W. Kussoll.
Legislature. * A. J. Anderson.
J.B Sutherland
A. Muliinix.
For ( J no. J. Low is.
Clerk of Court. A. 8. Briggs.
For | W. G. Field.
Probnlo Judge. { ft. A. Child.
* ( Joab Mauldin.
For Sheriff. -i G. W. Bowon.
I J. It. Ferguson.
f M. S Hendricks.
| J. E. Boroughs.
| ix. >v . omgioion.
School Commission'^ M. T. Smith.
| (J. W. Bok'OUgllS,
I J. II Carlisle.
( B. S. Gaines,
f J. T. Lewis.
I B. J. Johnson.
1 T. 1\ Loopor.
For County } J. S. Bavkor.
Commissioner. 1 N. T. Martin.
lloswoll Ilil'.
Ilardy Gil at rap.
v L. T. AddingLon.
For ( B. ]>. Earlo.
Coroner. 11*. A. I>ortor.
Totul Is'o. of votes polled at each boa
Proceedings of tho Democratic Coxiven-1
tion. 1
P) CK.KN8 C. !?., Aug. 10, 1876.
Tho doIogatuB from each of tho clubs
in Pickona County mot in convention,
in tho Couri Ilouao, this day, for Lho
prrposo of canvaBsing tho votos cast
for each candidate and declaring tho
Tho Convention was called to or*dor
hy Col. iv. JO. Ho won, CJha'rman of
tho Cotiii!3' Rxceutivo CommiUco
who in an earnest and patriotic address
gave a cheering account of tho pros
oecding of (.lie Slate Convention to;
which ho had been delegated from t.hisj
County, and in conclusion, rend the
platform of principles adopted l?y Hie
Convention and announced ilio names
of all tho candidates put forward by il,
which was enthusiastically endorsod
amid applause.
On motion, Col. 11. E, liowon was
elected permanent President, and S.
I). Kciili Secretary of tho Convention.
On motion, tho Chairman of each
delegation was requested to coino lor*,
ward to tho Secretaries desk, and announce
tho vole that oach candidate
had receivod in his club, and anbiHt in
canvassing nil iho votes. Tho result
of tho voto is an follows, viz: ?Soo
lahlo at houd oi column.]
Tho Chair thon announced that tho
following named gentlomen had rc->
coivod a majority of all iho votes cabt
and were tho nominoos of tho parly,
to wit:
For the Logislnluro?D F. .Bradley,
E. II. Katoa.
For Clerk of Court?John J. Lewis.
For Probato Judge?W. G. Field.
For Sheriff?Jonb Mnuldiu.
For Boliool Commissioner?M. S'
For Coroner?Iiorry I>. Earlo.
For County Commissioners?John
T. Lowis, Bonjamin J. JohnRon, Thoa,!
I*. Looper.
On motion, D. F. Bradloy aiid ]?
J I. Bates camo forward and in a fow
appropriate) remarks addroseed tho
On motion, tlto Chair rend tho nd-1
dress of Uonoral Hampton, sit lliej
conclusion of which, throo rousing!
cliecrfl wcro given for 1lio distinguish*
cd nominco of tho Democratic party |
for (Jovcrnor of South Carolina.
On motion, tho Convention then
R. K. IJOWKM, Pres.
S. ]). Keith, Rec.
The Nov State Excoutlva Committee
Coi.umuia, S. C., Auguat 17.?Tho
,State i'ixocutivo Cominittoc will consist
of tho following sovon gonllomon:
A. C. Mftfikell, J. II. Kvinn, J. D. Kennedy,
T. IJ. Fra/.or, J. A. II< yt, John
Hrutton, lv. O'nenl, Jr,
Mux or 1'icicnwft!?Many of youhfivo henrd
t'io clear and brnvc voicc of Wnde Hampton, ,
above llie diu of btiUb*, cuMing on you (o do |
you-limy, v! icli > >11 never filled fi (Jo.? j
Wc publish (lie Bound;; of t'mt saino v^ioo, in j
|1|!? Issue, nppo.iling to you agfii'i to rn'ly I
n- ound hi? smnd.ird n'id do your duty?not,1
uy men wig your uncmy ill niOO'lv CtHllllCt, l?Ut
peacefully nt ?lte ballot ho ;. Will you fail?
No. Vou have ncTor fa i In J to respond when
'!nty antf patriolidin cu'Ud yon, unu wo know |
that every one of yon v.ill I.? fouml hy him I
?loin^ your whole <luly on Iho 7(h of Novcnr 1
- ?4? *
J'iclcons county gunrnntooa si mnjor* i
ity of 1,200 for tho Domocrntic tickot! |
No "pickings" loft for ilio Uutlicnlfl in
Una co' niy. - (Jiocnvillo Mows.
: lisf Mmi\i \
* * I* Ifr f'! f II p
V. ? ? <* M ?
g go ^ p
" 274 110 190 56184 60 44 71 978
167 81 184 66 92 .62 26 47 664
262 82 68 Is 60 16 24 3 602
68 10 16 22 88 100 14 17 269
28 0 67 8 4 62 18 9 176
6 1 1 8
145140 225 56 160 3o 48 68 862
270 6 2 14 45 104 14 4 459
169 80 98 63 166 66 18 66 706
262 65 117 11 41 66 44 8 604
173 80 124 44120 53 22 42 607
138 81 70 20 54 57 18 10 407
110 87 28 7 14 2(5 88 12 276 !
832 58 18 7 08 58 52 87 600
1 1 45 4 51 I
49 12 10 11 40 05 0 18 241
22 66 89 2 22 201 1
4 14 2 11
1 2 5 22 1 4 0 44
6 9 78 1 12 10 5 116
ICS 116 198 65 170 92 62 78 984
231 118 216 60 122 56 54 20 872 '
227 til 88 81 109 127 59 85 787
11 1 21 2 2 37
65 36 83 8 16 4 1 42 240
226 82 57 87 60 76 1 88 580
246 31 11 14 69 14 1 5 391
7 28 1 36
?90 70 148 53 140 51 i 13 80 801
9G 72 48 18 53 711 49 33 440
i. 483 1401227 74 197 130P03~74'1353
Gen- Hampton Dolivers an Eloquent
General ITnmplon -was greeted with prolonged
chcere, and as Boon us they had aub*
sided spok? ns folbvrs :
Mr. Frcsidettt and Gentlemen of the Convention:
In accepting the lionorablo position to
wliich yon have called mc, that of your stan
dard bearer In llio great struggle for Reform,
which you hare begun, I do 80 with tho most
grateful appreciation of youv kindness, and
(ho most profound tonso of the high duties
and the grave responsibilities peiluining to
Ihe position.
In the hot tor days of our couu'ry, when the
surest prospects to official station we?o fouuu
in the ability, the honesty and the integrity
of her public servants, t ho most distinguished
sons of South Carolina looked upon tho Chief
Magistrate of the Blaie as tlio goal of their
highest auibitiou, and iho best reward of their
public scvviecs. If men of whom Carolina is
jufcily proud held in such deserved estimation
the distinction of being thought worthy by
their fellow-cilizena of the highest otlicc in
lliegift of the Siuio in the days of her prosperity
and pence, hotv much more highly
should 1 esteem the honor you have done me
by cnlling mo unanimously to lead you in
this hour of j,looin and of peril? You arc
struggling for the highcbt stake tor which a
people ever cvntcndeu, for you are striving
to brins back to vonr n ?irnin <i.a .<
93timublc blessings which can only follow
orderly and regulated liberty, under l'reo und
good govorittt ent.
We believe that these blessings oan ouly
be secured by a complete change in the administration
of our publio affairs, National
and Sta'.e; and believing that oar sympathies
and our interests load us naturally and inevitably
into alliauoo with that great parly,
-? ?:1 1 " ' 1
words of Democracy, Reform, yood government,
hard money and home itile, you Imve
indorsed aud ratified the platform of tho Democratic
party, adopted at St. Louis; and
plantlug yourselves firmly on that, you look
forward hopefully and confidently to victory,
in which yuu will not only share, but to which
JOl? * ill have contributed. Tho Dlatform
which you havo adopted hare in so oaiholic in
its epiiit, bo si/ong in its foundations, and
so broad iu ile construction, tliat every uian
in South Carolina who honestly desires iteform
oun find room to stand upon it.
Willi such a platform, where our citizens of
all >?avtieH and all races can stand, assured ot
equal rights and full protection, you can
8iir?-ly bring back .'o our distroctod Slate t'io
freai. blessings of good government. Ait for
tuyielf, should 1 be elevated to tho high poUtfiiin
f?\t* Wllinlt tlAII l.noa n<\nr?inn#?.l - ~
V,.-... w. .x,. no>vu nu Iiwiuuru^u IUU, IUJT
eolo eliort shall be to restore our .Suit*' government
to decency, to honesty, to economy,
and to integrity. I shall be the Governor of
the whole people, knowing no party, making
no vindictive discrimination, holding the
ucalcs of justice with firm and impartial hanu,
seeing t.f? far as in ine lies, that the laws are
enforced injustice, tempered by mercy, protecting
nil classes ulike, and devoting every
effort to the restoration of prosperity and the
ro establishment of honest government.?
Thanking you geutldmen, for the honor you
have conferred upon me, and invoking the
blessing of God on your praiseworthy effort
to redeem our Ktato, I Jiore pledge rnyHelf to
work with you in that saored entire, with all
the zeal, nil the energy, all the ability aud all
the consistency of which I am capable.
lie who interrupted with frequent burulH of
applause. At the conclusion of his speeeh,
he retired to a sofa on the right of Ike hall
where ho remained seated, till the Convention
Tho tttato ConventionIt
was a woll known fuel thai wiiou
tho S-nto Convention mot, Ilio i?buo
would bo t ho "Blruigbt out," ami
"watoh and wait" policy. Tho Convontion
worto imo sucrot ecaaion and
dift';UbHod ca.ntiy, but tarnomJy, buLh
poltcioH :i whole day, whon u volo wan
had and ilio.so who l.-ivorod Immodlato
action and u straight out policy woro
round lo he in tho majority?tho voto
Btood K2 to 04. Tho minority at onco
ucquioflucd And tho eonvonlion wont
into f\ nomination, with tho following
lCKiill. For (Jovornor, General VVudo
Hampton, of Kichlwnd; for Inoutonant
f Jfirni'nriP W in I) S>i(itnHnii nf T .on
ronn; Con. Johnson Ilngootl, of 13nrn~
well, for Comptroller General; Gon.
Jainen Connor, of Charleston, for Attorney
Gonornl; Col. ft. M. Sinims, of
York, for Secretary of Stuto; C'npt. 8.
j. Loapbai t, of Columbia, for State
treasurer) Capt. IXiigh S. Thompson,
>f Columbia, lor State Superintondortt
>f Bduoation; K. W. MoUe, of Sumpor,
for Adjutant and Inspootor Gcos
>rnl. ^
For Prosidontiftl oloctors: State at
arce, J. A. Waimor and S. McGowan: I
First Congroasional District, J. W.
Harrington; Socond Congressional
Distriot, J. A. Ingram; Third Congrosdonal
Distriot, William Wallace;
Fourth Congressional Distriot, J. B.
Lrwln; Fifth Congrossional District,
Robort Aldrloh,
For Congress: First District, J.
3. Richardson; Second Distriot, T. G.
Barker; Third DistrioJ,,. D. Wyalt
Aikon; Fourth District, J. II. Evins;
Fifth District, G. D. Tillman.
For Solicitors: First Circuit. W.
3t. Julien Jervey; Second Circuit, F.
II. Guntl; Third Circuit, .7. J. l)arpan;
Fourth Circuit, \V. W. Sellers;
Fifth Circuit. J. It. Abnoy; Sixth Circuit,
T. C. Canton; Seventh Circuit, 1$.
W. Ball; JSightb Circuit, J. S. Cothran.
Tho entire ticket io composed of tho
boat material South Carolina affords,
and is a tower of Btrongth within itsoil".
With onorgy and a well d<roctod
offort thero in no reaBOn why it
should not euccood.
Trip to the ^fountains.
Mr. Editor:?In company with eovoral
gontlomcn from Tickcns, I sot out at an early
hour on Monday, tho 31st inst., for a deer
hunt on Eaataloc. Tho weatlior was everything
thru could bo desired, cool and pleasant
with acoasional showers. The ride to Mr
Jatnos Lewis' was made by 1 or 2 o'cloek>
where wc halted for lntioli. Tho crops along
tho road could not he said to bo hardly on
average one, though the upland corn where
it had boon well worked and did not stand
too thick on tho ground, wns vory good. Tho
cotion crop docs not bid fair to be and averago
one in Pickcns.
After diuner we again set out for our
camping ground on Little Eusialoc, at flilslrap's
mill. The roau down ihe Nine Times
was in ft very bad coucfition, atid in attempting
to atradle au ugly luol.iug hole of water
in tho road one of Dr. R's mules slippped
nnd foil on his s:Ue and buck in (lie holo and
was almost completely submerged in the water
Tho entire crowu rushed to his relief, and
V07 soon the mule was dragged from Ins bed
of mil-land water to fnm ground wlnro he
soon recovered his l'oothold.
Tilri DKKlt 1)1.1 Vf'/
The boys fi:.c l up ihcivguns for a dinner
on (heir wuv to camp. Andy Miles was on
hand with his well tra'nad dogs, and alter
reaching the neighborhood of l.ittlo Eastatoe
ho put in (lie drive, while others of ihc party
wore each stationed at stands where the doer
would be sure to pastf. All were oagor for the
fray ; and very soon after commencing the
drive, tho dogs oponed on the track of a young
doe, and after trailing ami running the fright.
.... v ? .1-- -i ?
attempted to pass liie stand wii^re our friend
R. A. B. was standing, nnd waa shot and
killed in the attempt. The door was running
at full speod, head and tail lip, hut as soon
as tho gun fired tho tail dropped and very
soon tho door fell. Our friend Koberi shouted
and run for joy, and was soon surrounded
by his comrades who were congratulating him
on his (rood hick. Dr. E. and Mai. I!.. in the
menu time, had driven to the camp, over a
rough mountain ro id, find hud established a
general campT11E
Mr. Gilstrap had kindly oousoiiicd for 113 to
ocoupy a cabin nenr the mill as a shelter during
our etay; but we wero informed that the
place was infestod with innumerable multitudes
of fleas; of course this information rather
damped our ardor and fond anticipation of
a good nights rest, but, Yankee-liko, we concluded
to put tho ''colored troops" in tho front
rank of the attnek upon the (leas, accordingly
I.CO Itngf'lale was scut in the house to mnkc
on :i firo anil tent the truth of (lie information
about iho ftc.is Lee heritated, but finally
rushc 1, pell mell, info (ho house, unJ, with
uajoinm on (lexterrity, got i:p ft five, with r.n
nu occasional yell of <listres.s, until ul last
iie ruahcit from the houao, tearing open hid
clotlicB ami declaring thai ho hr>>i 500 ileal? on
him. Mvst of the party Hlept in the wagon
that night; but some or liie iioys were u'uiigcu
to t:?ke a bonh in tho cabin with the llcfld.?
Scratching was Ihe order of lite night; one ot
the party go< up ntid tried to while aivay ;ho
weary hours l>y playing 011 the fiudlc, but it
was no go,
tub nmvt: wr.xr day.
Early the next morning everything was in
readiness for another drive?siunda were arranged,
and the drivers entered (ho drivo
wnii uogtj iiii*i uorns, uiMi imcr u oonHKierahie
length of timo struck a (rail and jam pod
a doer but it passed out below all (he Htnnds,
thus disappointing the fond oxpcctftvioos of
the hunters. No hotter luck in the evening,
and the next day was uponlin fruitless search
for deer. It was then determined to leave on
Thursday morning for Big Eastatoe, and
chungo our base of operations
Wo pitched our camp ihis limo in front of
Mrs. Alexander h hoii^o, and wiw kindly as
aisled by her Hon and yonng Nimrnonsin driving
unci hunting, Ifcro wo wore moro hiicC?Si.r.il.
jumping home J or -1 deer, killing one
aud crippling another, winch we did not get.
Mr. 1$. 1$. Kailo was the fortunate man in both
thoso cnp.ta, wluao skill na n inarkuinan is
hard to boat.
On every hand wo Wove met -with tho kinds
oal greeting.*) by tho people of Pickens, but the
uuexpocted kindness of Mrs. Alexander and
Col. Nimraoi'8 overwhelmed tho parly with
foclinga of gralituJo. They fed tho party
and furnished us comfortable beds without
any chargo whatever. This unselfish <ijvo?
lion to our comfort could not but oxcito tho
livelk gridilude Miy poaw auJ pro;j.
perity over bo their lot.
The young lacHoa on jn% Eaatato'e, with ^
wnem no osonme agquiuiiitu, ictugDiors 01
Mrs. Aloxando'r1 and Col.Nimutotls, would bo
prised for any of tho boys In Pickens or olsowhere.
They aro trained from Ihe cradle to
depend on themselves* Mrs. Alexander's
eldest single daughter is now teaching school
at Nino Times Acadcmy, with some 26 or 80
scholars. Mrs. Aloxander herself is a worthy 4$.
example of what may be accomplished by a
woman by energy and perseverance. Her
-1 4 k. ?. 1AA.tn?l,rw. A <_t,1svW
UUDUailU UICU 1U 141U W?Af IVttfAU^UVI n vriuvn
with four little children to raise, nnd alio
wont to work, hero like, nnd took immediate ^
control of a large forcing interest, and has
so fnr managed to support her family Iu comfort
and independence. Her homestead on
the EaHtatoo is a valuable plantation, having
some 60 or more ncrcs of excallent bottom, *,
with several hundred norcs of upland. The
boftom lands aro in full view of the house,
and ordinarily yield prolific crops of corn,
rye, and wheat. This year, owing to tlio severity
of tho Juno freshet, those fertile landa
will scarcely yichl a full half crop.
Col. N minion'a place lies adjoining Mrs.
Alexander, ami immediately above. Nearly,
ov quite, all the lands on llig Eaatfttoc, wcro
once owned by Mr. Isaac Anderson, the fAth-*
cr of Mrs. Nimmons and Mrs. Alexandor.?Mr.
Anderson thus sdiowod considerable sagacity
in purchasing theso valnablo lands
wiien Uicy were comparatively cheap, as a
heritage for Ms children. These bottom
Hncia will yield ordinarily from 30 to GO bushcla
corn per acre. Tho farmers altornat? ^
every oilier year with small grain, wheat,
rye, or oats. The wheat crop for the last
lew years, however, has become vory uncertain
in this latitude, on bottom lands, but o ft j
upland properly manured and prepared will
bring leinuneratMig crops. The farmers can
also lVli.Ml* nn Hi nit* nr?lnn/lo i t\r% aw
potatoes, melons, and all kinds of garden
vegetables, especially cabbage. Wo would
certainly recommcnd the farmers In that sec*
tion to try the olovcr, as we feel natisfied
would thrive thcro. Apples grow finoly in
thin locality, and wo notice that tho trees are
usually planted 111 the edgo of tho bottom
lands. We wcro informed that they bear "**
much more bountifully on bottom lands than
conoi.v'ued next wr.ni:.
Fr.i.i.ow C'tizknh : 1 thank you for a libor- ^
al vole. A.; you hove sai I b} t'ie ballot, you ,
prefer oilier n.ou than myself to represent ^
you in our IiCgiflalure, 1 cheerfully withdraw
from the liell. anil pledge my innucnoc
for ti?e nominees?with Hampton al our mask
head, victory is onru. Ilespoclfully,
t "a 1 * "
round at l^ast!
Tiu Ghsapcst-Goods
UK .raas S1ARKBT*
bsdwi i ran
Aug 24, 1876 51 tf
WOOL ROI.LH nl wayh on hnn<l. 4
A ('ply io Mr. A. U. SIMMONS, fit th<*
Wolf ( rook Factory, ouo milo from 1'ickcns
C- J1' . 0. W. TAYLOR.
Aupr - i. if7U fil 2
On and After the
I5ih in.sl, we will
cm meter our
fiovvo our frionda on lliono tonus, but
can not soli on timo.
All persona INDEBTED aro re*
'juostcil to call and cIoho all Accounts
by NOTE.
JSusluy,S. 0., July 13, 1870 45

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