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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1871-1903, August 24, 1876, Image 4

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Platform of tho National Democratic
Wo, llio dolcgatos of tho Democratic
party of tho United States, in nn- | <
tion.il convention assembled, do lioro '
declare the administration of tho Fed- ,
cral government to bo in urgent need j
ofiminodiato reform; do hereby enjoin i
upon tho nominoea of this convention '
nnd of tho Democratic party in oach
Stato, a zealous offort and co-oporation
to thisond, and do horeby appoal
to our fellow citizons of ovcry f'ormor
political conncction to undertake with
us this first and most pressing patriot
ic duty for ilio Democracy of the
wholo country. Wo do hero reaffirm
our faith in tho pormanoncy of the
Federal Union, our devotion to the
constitution of tho united Slates, with
its amendments universally accepted,
as a final settlement of the controversies
that engendered civil war, and do
ncro rccora oui stoauiast commence in j
tho perpotuity of Kepublican self government;
in absolute aequie.-conco in
the will of tho majority, the vital prin
ciplo of the republic; in the supremacy
of tho civil over the military authority;
in tho total ^operation ot church
and Slate, lor tho sake aliUo of civil
and religion? freedom; in the equality
r _ 11 i- - f ' * ' -
oi mi uuizcna oeiorejusi laws ui mcir
own onaetmcnl, in tho liberty ofindivicinal
conduct, unvexed by sumptuary
laws; in tlio faithful education ol' the
rising generation, that they may preserve,
enjoy and transmit, these best
conditions ot human happiness and
hope. Wo behold the noblest products
of a hundre i years of changeful
history, Imt, while upholding the bond
..t T ' ~ . .1 \ !. -- l
\ji uic L iiitMi it 11 < i i ^luiriur ui
these our rights, il behooves n free
people to practice also that eternal
vigilance which is the price of liberty.
.!iel<>rm is necessary lo rebuild and
establish in the hearts o( the whole
people llic Union eleven years ago
happily rescued from the danger ol :i
corrupt centralism, which, alter inflicting
upon ten States the rapacity ol
carpet bag tyrannic, has hcneycombcd
the ofliccs ot the Federal government
itself with incapacity, waste and
Iraudj infected Stales Mid municipal^
iLios with the contagion of misrule,
and locUou fast the prosperity of an
industrious people in the paralysis of
hard times, iteform is necessary to
establish a sound currency, restore the
public credit and maintain the n:i>
lional honor. We denounce the fail,
uro of all these eleven years to make
goou uio promise 01 me icgai lender
iioto.s which aro a changing standard
of valuo in the hands of Liic people,
and tlic non payment of which is a
disregard of llio plighlcd faith of the
nation, Wo denounce the improvidence
which in eleven years of peace
has taken from the people in Federal
tiixes thirteen times the whole
amount of llio legal tender notes, and
squandered four times this sum in
uuvivnij J IK/ ? I OVyj H IVIIl/IIU IIIU 11 V. L . I I I I I I lation
of :ii?3' reserve lor their redemption.
We denounce the financial im-? '
becility and immorality ol that parly
which during the eleven yours of peace
lias made no advance towards resumption;
that, instead, has obstructed reHumption
by wasting our resources
and exhausting all our surplus income
and, whilo annually professing to intend
a speedy icturn to specio payments,
has annually onacted fresh
li i tirl I'si nr?nv: thnrnf n nn cnmlt o n
draneo wo denounco thu luniimption
cl.Tti.so of tlio Act of J87T?, and wo
hero demand its repeal. We domand
n judicious system 01 preparation by
]>ublic cconimies, by ofliciul retrenchments,
and by wiso finance, which
Hliall enable tbo nation to assure tho
whole world of its perfect ability and
its period readiness lo meet ai.v of its j
promises at tne can 01 1110 creditor on- i
titled to payment. We believe such
a system well devised; and, above a'l en >
trusted to competent bands for cxecu^
tion, creating at no time an artilieial
Kccurity ol currency, and at no time !
alarming tbo public mind into a
withdrawal ol tbat vaster ma- 1
chinery ol credit by which ninety live 1
per cent, ol all business transactions
are performed; a system open, public '
and inspiring general confidence,
would, Irom tbe day of its adoption, 1
i.i i;.w- .... i....ii
\ji mi ^ in .iini.; wii 11,n ?i ; | will
Jiurrasriod industry, an 1 ni, in i:iotion
llic wliouls oi' cuiiiiiM i co. iiKiiiula' t tires
and t ho iiicoliaiiic.nl ails; ivs'oie
employment, to labor, :.txi renew, in
all its national -source, the prosperity
ol tlio people. l.eloiin is nccc.'.-ai v
in tlio hiiin and mode ol Federal taxalion,
to ll;t ' lid [ l;:.t < : |<r :d may lie
, . , i' <v ,i -. . i . ,i
; " " "o"'
)y bur :i 11 I. * i o (K ii- an< ;!. |>iv - '
< . l In. imp i itj> <:\ nearly 1, "> .
ur lieU r > ii i* piece ol i> j11mti< ,
iiir(|tii\liiy in i 'l I;!! r pretence. It!
y. 1 !.i ;i dwindling nut a lieariy rinin/j ;
. ivi'iir.cj iI litis iiitpov? i' lied many in- j
duslrii-H lo sub.-'iili.-.ii a low; il j?r- 1:iI
its importi? llint i.ii^lit |?iirolinso llio :
1'ioihui- <>\ Amorican I a 1 ?or; it has do- 1
graded American coinnmrco iroin llio j
first, to an interior rank upon llm lii<^li J
noa?; it lias cut down the hmIo.s of
v\nioi icnu 111n1111(:ic-.titrcrs at homo and
abroad, and doplclod tlio returns of j
Amorican a;'riculluro or indiulry, (ol- |
lowed by halt our jx oploj ii costH tlio j
j co|)lo live linos nioro than it produ- 1
cos to llif Iroa.-ury, obstruct.- : 1?n pro- 1
riwscs ol production ami wastes llio j
j'ruils ol laln?rj it jhoiiioIoh fraud and
! >MltT' Mill It ;'glil'; ,, ('III'1 In di.ilionosl 1
"liciiil-" ai:d l?:tnl<i Ii<?11cL im i li-j
ants. Wo demand that, nil custom houso
taxation shall bo only for rovonuo. itoform
is necessary in tbo scalo ot public
oxponso?Federal, Slato and municipal.
Our Federal taxation has swol.'ii
from 8(50 (100 nOO i?r.n
M50,000,000 in curroncy in 1870. Our
*ggregnto taxation from 8184,000,000
n gold in 1800 to 8730,000,000 in. currency
in 1870. Or in ono decado,
from Icbb than ?5 per head, to moro
than ?18 per head. Sinco tlie pence
{ l\/\ rvn/\ i\l /? 1>? ? ? 1 *? * 1 '
erors raoro tluiri thrice tho Bum ot tho
national debt, and moro than twico
that Hum for tho foderal govornmont
Wo demand a vigorous frugality in
ever)' department and from every oh
fioer of tho govornmont. Reform is
necessary to put a stop to tho profligate
waste of public lands, and their
diversion from actual settlers by the
party in power, which has squandered
8200,000,000 of acrcs upon railroads
alono, and, out of moto than thrice
that oggrogato, has disposed of less
than a sixth diroctly to tillers of the
soil. Jlufonn is necessary to corrccl
111o omissions of the Uopubliean Congress
and the errors ot our treaties and
our diplomacy which have stripped
our follow citi/icnsof foreign birth and
kindred race w:ro6sing the Atlantic
of the shield of American citizenship,
and have exposed our brethren of the
Pacific coast to the incursion of a race
not sprung ftoin the same great par
on I stock, and, in fact, now by law
denied citizenship through nuturalistation,
as being neither accustomed to
tho traditions of a progressive civilization
nor cxercised in liberty under
equal laws. Wo donounco tho policy
which thus discards tho liberty loving
(icrinan and tolerates tho revival
of t!ie coolie trade in Mongolian w% - I
men, imported for immoral purposes,'
and Mongolian men hired to perlorm
.ervilo labor contracts, and demand
such a m< difU alion of llic treaty with
tiie Chinese Umpire, or such legislation
by Congress within a constitutional
limitation as shall pre\ent the
further importation of immigration o(
the ."Mongolian race, lleform is tie>
cossary and can never be effected but
by making it the controlling issuo ol
the elections, lilting it above the two
false issues wit h which the oflico holdv
iny class and the party in powor seek
to smother it. The f.il.so issue with
which they would enkindle sectarian
strife in respoct to the public schools,
of which the establishment to support
holonging exclusively to tho several
States, and which the Democratic
party has cherished from their inundation
and resolved to maintain without
partiality or preference for any
class, sect or creed, and without com
t ..... ii.?
v i i i/u 111 14, it wail uiu iivamiij iu ?(I i j
lilts false issue by which they seek to
lighi anew tho dying embers of sec-j
tional hate botweon kindrc?I peoples,,
once uualurally estranged, but now,
reunited in cno indivisible rcpubliel
and a common destiny. Keform is
necessary in tho eivll servico. Experience
proves that eflicient, economical
conduct of tho governmental busi?
noss is not possible it its civil service
bo subject to chango at every election,
bo a prize fought for at the ballot box,
bti a half reward of party zeal instead
of posts of honor, assigned for proved
compoloncy a 11 c! hold fur fidelity in
tho public employ. 'J'hut 11?n dispensing
of patronage should neither bo a
tux upon tho tiino of nil our public
men, nor ihe instrument of their ambition.
Hero again professions falsi- j
Hod in tho nerlormfinf.n iiltnst. Mint
ilio party in power can work ont no
practical or snlutory reform. Reform
is necessary even moro in the higher
grades of public servico. The Presu
dent, Vico President, Judges, Senas
tors, Representatives and Cabinet of
fleers. These, and all others in uuthority,
are tho peoploft' servants;
their ollicers arc not privato pcrqui(
i. .. 1.11? ufi
rsiiufj uiyy juu jiuijiiu irusis. >1 lion
this annuls ol this republic show tlic
disgraco and censure of :i Vice President,a
I a to Speaker of 1110 House ol
Representatives marketing his ruling
us a presiding ollieerj three Senator*
profiting sccretly by their votes as law
mukc!v>; live: chairmen of leading com
inittces of the Into House ot .Representatives
exposed in jobbing; a late
oocreiary m mo i roasury iorcing bal
.".noes in lIk; )iiiI?Iic accounts; a laic
Attorney (leneral misappropi iating
|iiiUi(; Iiinils; a (Secretary oi tlio Navy
enriched or onriching Iriondi !?y pel'*
centals I< vit <I (ill* tlio profits of contractors
willi his department; an amhassador
to lln;jlaini consnrod in a
dishonorable speculation; tlio President's
Private Secretary harely esivii.cil
Miiu'lcl inn hi.on * i ;.. I 1........111 .
. .. j . , . . , .... \ I I 4 I I t\J I f ^ I ? I I I m>
complicity in frauds upon llio lievens
u>'; a Secndaiyol War impeached lor
!,: 'ii crime- and confessed misdemeanors.
t ii ' d nions!ration is complete
lli.'il the lirsi sU'ii in reform must ho
tli.1 j?>; plu s choice ol honest mon Iroin
another party, lest the disuse ol one
political organization inled llie hody
I . . i;; Jit 1 I llPI'otlV lufi If 1111/
I J "o VlHUIj^'
pi' men or paity. Wo can /;< { no
(liantjo ol measure nnd no reform, All
(bono abuse*, wron/js and orimcs, the
product ol Hixtcon years' aaoendaney
of the KVpuUican party,er ato a nooofisity
for reform. coniossod by Ho
publicans themselves; but llioir re*
forms arc voted down in convention
11, i! d'lMtihlfed from t.llO C l>i l?f*l 'IMir>
party's mass of honest voles is pow(.p|css
to resist tlio 80,000 ofliee holders,
its lenders and guides, Reform
can only Ijo had I>3' a peaceful civic
revolution. Wo demand a chanjjo ol
.-y tem,a chango ol administration, a
change < ( parlies, (hat we may have
change >1 members and of men.
ffcnnl'FK WF.F.K guaranteed to Agents,
V I I Male and Female, in their locality.?
Uj I I Terms and OUTFIT FUEH. Address
T ' ' l'. O. V.10KH11Y & CO., Augusta, Me
$i> to ?20 per day at liouie. Samples worth
3>1 tree. Stinson & Co., Portland, Maine.
j\ yf INI) Heading, l'.sychomancy, FnseinaXl
L tion, Soul CImrniing, Mesmerism, nnd
Marriage Guide, showing how either sex may
fascinate nnd gain the love nnd affection of
nny person they choose instantly. 400 pages.
Hy mail f>0 cents, Hunt & Co., 1U9 S. 7th St.,
l 11 n (my ftt homo. Agents wnnteu. tnutpL/Ci
fit nud terms frco. Truo & Co., Augusta,
J'rice, Twenty - Five Cent*.
Containing a complete list of all the towns in
the United States, the Territories ami the
Dominion of Canada, having a population
greater than 6,000 according to the last census,
together with the names of the newspapers
having the largest local circulation in
each of the places named. Also, a catalogue
of newspapers which arc recommended to
advertisers as giving greatest value in proportion
to prices charged. Also, all newspapers
in the United States and Canada,
printing over 5,0(10 copies each issue. Also,
nil ihe Religious, Agricultural, Soicntifio and
Mechanical, Medical, Masonic, Juvenile,
lvlucat ional, Commercial, Insurance, Real
I0st.ite, I.aw, Sporting, .Musical, Fashion, ami
other special class journals; very complete
lists. Together with a complete list of ovci
5100 German papers printed in the United
States. Also, an essay upon advertising;
many tables of rates, showing the cost ol
advertising in various newspapers, and ever}
thing which a beginner in advertising would
liko to know. Address
(UKW. p. ?& CO..
11 I'urlt llo\v, Now York.
or TUB
United States.
A complete list, of American Newspapers
numbering more than eijjhl thousand, with i
tia/.e teerofall towns ami cities in which the}
are published: Historical ami Slasislica
Sketches of the Clival Newspapers Kslaldisli
menl?>; illustrated with nuiucrotis ctigriving.'
of the principal newspaper buildings* I tool
of !!0(? Pages. just is-url. .'/ailed, post paid
10 any address for :J~>c* Apply (inclosinj
prie > lo Superintendent of the Newspapei
I'avulion, Onter.nial rounds, Philadelphia
ui aiiK i lunii vuiiijwiuj' , . 1.
advertiser needs it.
The Staio of South Carolina.
i'lckkns County.
Raylis W ManscM, Flclclier .l/auseII, C'amillf
Hendricks ami husband James IS Hendricks
ami others-- lM-iintiflTs.
Jauios Raswell, Robert F. liowen, Wm /
Civile. Ilrlirv (! Hrtffcrs. 'I'linninsi IV Unroll
Orlando C Folgcr and others?Dcfundiiuir
Complaint roit Hki.ikk, &c.
1>V virtue of n decreetal order, made by tin
) Hon. T. U. Cooke, Judge of the Kightli
Judicial Circuit, on llie lMth dny of .Inly
A. I) IHTii, each and every of the heirs at
law of Tiusa Kinma Johnson, formerly Tin
sa Kir ma Mansell, if any there he olhci
than I he Plaintiffs above named in this notion,
are hereby summoned ami required t(
appear before the Cleik of thijj Court, iden
til'y t heinselvcs and establish their claims t(
the funds to be distributed, herein on or be
fore llic iilst ilny of July A. 1). 1877, 01
forever be debarred of nil benefit under (Ik
decree fur distribution to bo rendered in tliii
net ion.
(liven under my hand nnd office nenl ?i
Pickens, tliis tho loth day of July A. D
Clerk of Court of Common Plens for
Pickens County, S. 0.
July 20. 1870 10 ly
f.' ILL ?1AL_
uvcry m mug mm,
Parties desiring to hire convcyance tc
I'ickcus Court House, Table Hock and othei
l>oii?Im, can be accouiinodatccl at my Stables,
at all hours of the day and night. Purchasers
can also be supplied with Good StocV
at rcasonablcpriccs.
Regular Mail Line to I'ickcns Courthouse
daily. (Sundays excepted.)
P.lClll'.V & WVATT.
Kasley Station, S. 0., Aug. 15, 1N75.
no Kl-ly
How Lost, How Restored!
.lust published, a new edition of Dr. CUL
\- I.' W I.' I I ' I...I I.- -1!
> 1(11 ?? i.I'M ? * I'irwi III CM i?.-wijr nil I 111! IJICII
c:.lcnre (without. medicine) of Spermator
rlin'n or Sciriiii il Weakness, Involuntary Ho
11i11:11 l.o >?'> , I mpoteiicy, Mental an<l I'hysi
cat 1 ncapa'-iiy, ImpcliuieiitH to Marri igo, etc
al;- . ('onsuint)llon, Epilepsy mxl I its, in
*1 n?:ctl liy Hclf-indulgenco or .sexual cxtrava
gancc, &c.
Bf 'A? I'i'icc, in a sealed envelope, only .sij
The celebrated nutlior, in Mils ndmirahli
Essay, clearly demonstrates, from a thirty
years'fcucccKsful J ractiee, lliat I lie alarm in)
consequences of Kelf-ftbnso lie i?a<IioalIj
cured without I lie dangerous use of iiilbrna
nicdii:inc or tlic Application of the knife; poin
in ' i,n! a mode or cure at once simple, ccr
Kirn, and HVeclual, by means of wliicli everj
eull'erer, no mailer what liis condition inaj
ho, iimy cure liim.sell clujapley, privately, am
Sent under seal, in a plain envelope, ti
11 !?y addict, po^i paid, on receipt of six eenl
or I wo post stamp*.
Add re** the l'nhlisl'ers,
l<\ HI!(J(i.MAN & SON",
j 11 \nil SI., Now York; Post Ollicc lio.\, 1j8C
| July -0, IH7?> l'i
!! <
!' V
j \.
the mm mm.
I I wIlHll IV u IIIKU1
Only $1.5021 Year
E v o r y in an i ti tit c: C o u n t v of
i n ______
Every man who lias ever lived
liero and lias moved
_ rt
' ??Bsaw mmm
{ ?AND?
ioxi)i;xsi:i) kepokts
; fiiiiiii Sf^i
j I T C1 II (J U Jj A T h 8
t Largel/ in tlio adjoining Counties,
nnd to flonie extent in Wcstorn
North Carolina 1
For tho Pickens Sentinel !
Iii Uio Plclcena Sentinel!
Wo are now j>rcpnre<1 to furnish pfrimuicnt rMiihtlons
to* n lurun number of ikthodh, initio mul fuinulo
wlio arc lOit?o?JVoiJt!\ l'ortlcu
lAM Mnt fMO An application. Add ran, with MflOip,
Hoiitiikhn Go-OPKrativb Co., Nashville, Tonn.
> m ?m
5>r. fifi. .3. ^ilSaiaiMl
( I I AVI NO returned and jicrmancnfly locriI
1 led at l'ickcnsville, respectfully oilTs
L, lii.s 1'rofe ional mm vic'f'H to the citizetiH of that
f vicinity and surrounding country. Charge*
, reasonable.
* May t? <11
T t ii Is a lliia mnllmtl <tf Sr. fArin iiw/ mi#
J "V . ...? ft '"J
l iliul I will l?e fonn< 1 in my office on each
SATURDAY, for llio purpose of transacting
nny business (lint comes under my jiirisdic
' lion.
3 Ah my duties as School Commissioner will
compel mo lo be absent in different parts ol
the county, I make lliis special appointment
for i lie benefit, of nil concerned.
It. A. HOW UN,
no'-5- ly Soool Commissioner
i_l . . _ i A > '
mil 15 Scholastic year is divided into two
JL Terms of 20 weeks each. The First Term
commcnccs January Vfth, and ends Juno 8d;
the second Terffl commences July 4th, ami
ends November 18tli.
Students entering within l1fro weeks rtfler
the commenccniotit of tlio Terms, will be
charged for tho whole Term ; those entering
after this time^ from the titno of cfiterittg.
It is moro satisfactory that Studonts entor
fU the commencement, ttheft tha several
rtlnHnou nro fnrmiiicr
Course of SttldyttUMAKt
1st Term?.(Spelling nnd Rending.
2d Term?Spelling nnd Rending continued;
Primnry (feffgrtfpliyj MCnfrtl Arithmetic,
Exercises in Writing.
1st Term?Spelling nnd Rending corrlifrfted:
Ocogrnphy continued; introducing English
Ornniniiir; Elements of Written Arithmetic;
Exercises in Writiup.
2d Term?Spelling find Rending Confirmed;
Elements of Written Arithmetic completed;
Intermediate Geography completed; Analytical
English Grammar; Primary U: S. History;
Exercises in Writing.
1st Term?English Grammar completed; Physical
Geography; Ooiumon School Arithmetic;
Towns Analysis of Words;
2d Term?Greene's; Analysis of English
Language; Arithmetic continued; Smaller
Composition; Higher U. S. History.
P\t >: PA 11A TOR V D E P \ RT M EN T.
1st Term Lnlin Grammar and Harkness' Eirst
Latin Book; Latin Reader; Davics' Algebra;
History of England.
'2d Term?Four Rooks of Cswsar; Arnold's
second Latin Hook 011 Analysis of the Latin
Sentence; Greek Oram mar; lvendrick's
Greek Ollendorff; Greek Reader; Davies'
Algebra completed; Natural l'liilosopliy.
1st Term?Six Hooks of Virgil; Orerk
Header completed; l'lain Geometry; Higher
Composition and Rhetoric.
2d Term?Sallust's ('atalino & Jugurllia:
Xenoplion's Anabasis; Higher Algebra
commenced: Solid :tud Rnlmrinnl
try completed; Chemistry.
1 Term?Cicero's Select Orations; Xenophons
Memorabilia; Trigonometry ami Surveying;
Roman History; J.atin Prose Composition.
2il Term?Horace entire;"Six Hooks of the
Iliads; Greek Prose Composition; Algebra
completed; Astronomy.
Tlic nbovo course will prepare can
didalcs lor Admission into the Soi'iiomouk
Class of any ol our southern
Colleges. Students, who do not stand
a satisfactory examination upon the
ao v urn I studios ol enoh class, will not
bo allowed the privilego to advance to
the next higher, 1> 111 ho retained in
such class, till all the studies ol' it, be
satisfactorily completed.
Tuition of I'uimauy J)ki'Aktsiknt
i'kk tkil.m.
Junior Class, - - 810.0(1
Intcrmodiate Class, - 12.50
Senior " - 1
- A*J.\J\J
Preparatory Dcpnrtmoiit, 20.00
No deduction will l>o made for losi
timo except, from prolonged niokness
.Monthly reports of punclulity, de?
port men i, and S'ocitic?u? in tim>n ntu
dy, will bo furnished parents.
J. 11. CAULISLK, Principal.
Dec. 23, 1875 17 tf
Fits and Epilepsy
The worst cases of the longest standing, l>y
using Dn. IIimidaiid'h Cure.
II lias CiummI Thousands,
un<l will give ?1,000 for a case it will not
benefit. A hottle sent free to all nililrcasiiig
J. li* UIIlllLK, Chemist, UlDco; 1 Jir??* Broadway,
New York.
>1 K I) ICIN K ItKMI>KRBI> llflKLKSfl.
Voltn'H Electro lleltn mi?l
| HuimIM
are indorsed by tlie most eminent physicians
in tlic world for tho curc of rhuumalism,
neuralgia, liver eoniplnint, dyspepsia, ki.lney
disease, aches, pains, nervous disorders, fils,
1 I
"vmvii.1 UIIU Jiciiunu uubility,
nnd oilier chron ic diseases of the chest,
head, liver, stomach, kidneys nnd blood.?
Cook with full particulars (rec by Volta Hell
Ho , Cincinnati, O.
Canai. Sr., from .Sixth to Skvkntii,
Portable and Stationary,
Saw Mills, Grist Mills, Hoilcm, Castings of
liriintt niiil lrnn. I*1r?vf#inera &t\
arviiiti:ctui:*\u: i 'lton work,
In nil its branches. done hy experienced hands
imi'ko v r.d i'out a hi, uno inks for
driving Co!ton Gins, Threshing Machines,
.Separators, Qrist Mills, &c. A number of
second-hand Kngines nnd Boilers of various
patters, iit first rnieordcr, 011 hand.
lle'pair work solicited an I promptiy done.
WM. H. TANKKll & CO.
Oct 14, 7 1 v
" rims cwhit DiREcioay.
Senator?R E I5ower>.
/li'prem utalive?1) F llra'llcy.
Chrk of Court?H I) Keith.
Juilye of /' filiate?I II I'lii 1 pot.
Sheriff-?J Uilcy FcrgUHon.
Coroner?Warren Hoyil.
School Commissioner?II A Bowcn
Treasurer?W A Lesley.
Auditor?Alorzo M Folgcr.
Count}/ Commiattiontrt?.Toll ri T OohroII,
Chairman ? llohuri i.'niijr, (J M I.ynoli. Clerk
Comity Coinmiuaioiici-H, 0 L UollingHWorth.
Trial Justice*?h'aslti/, I.like I. A nail?Sti*
luhrili/t ? Central, James'A
IiiiMeil? 1'icktni (' II., C L llollinpt.sworlli
uu'l 0 W 'lay lgv?Ifacutvillt, J D tfulhorlaud
< (
South Carolina Kailroad, ^
Charleston, 8. C., Deo. 18, 1876.
On attd nftet- Sunday, December 19, the
Passenger Trains on the South Caroliaa
llnllruad Will run as follows:
(Sundays excepted.)
7/envo Charleston 0 16 ft M
Arrivo nt Columbia 6 00 p n
(Sundays excepted.)
I.caVo ChaHcstoa 0 16 ft m
Arrive at Augusta 6 16 p at
(Sundays eic?i?t?d.)
taato Cotflttibia 0 00 * m
Arriio at Chnrlcnltrfi 4 46 p a
Leave Augusta 6 00 a m
Arrite nt Chnrlestorft 4 46 p in
Leave Charleston 9 16 p ra
Arrive nt Coluftitrift 7 20 am
Leave Columbia 7 00 p m
Arrive nt Charleston 0 40 a m
Leave Chnrleslort 8 00 p m
Arrive at. Augusta 7 46am
r.m.vo Aiini.xin ? nn n m
V ?? V w
Arrive at Chafltrsfott 7 40 a M ~
(Sundays excepted.)
Leave Summerville at 7 30 a m
Arrive at Oiarlcstoa 8 45 am
Leave Charleston 3 16 p m
Arrive at Sunimcrvillo 4 80 p in J*
Connects at Kingvillc ilnily [except Sun?
itnysj with Up and Down Day ami Passenger
Day and Night Trains connect nl Augttsfrt
with Georgia Railroad, Mncoh and Augusta
ltailroad and Central Railroad. 7'his route M
via Atlanta is the quickest and most direct ,
route, and as comfortable and cheap ns any <?
other route, to Montgomery, 8elma, Mobile,
New Orleans, and all other points Southwest!
and to Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago, SIP
Louis, and all other points West and North" * j&A
11;1V Train MIlXMlo nl ? ilk l\.~
Through Train on charlottce Road (which
leaves at !) p. m.) for nil points Aorlh.
Night Tin in connects with Locnl Train
[which leaves Columbia at 8 a. m.] for points
on chariot to Uoad. '$
Laurens Railroad Train connect* at N?w-/^
berry on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Up Columbia Night Train connects closely
with the Grccnvilleand Columbia Kailroad.
S. S. SOLOMONS, Superintendent.
S. 1$. l'icKK.ss, General Tieket Agent.
Greenville & Columbia R R.
1'iiHseiiRor (rains run daily. Sundays excepted,
connecting with night trains on South H
Carolina Itailroad up and down. On and aft* ,
er .1/onday, December 13, the following will
be the Schedule' ^
Leave Columbia at 7.4.r> % m
Leave Alston at 1C a m
Leave Newberry at 10.86 a in
Leave Cokesbnry at 2.07 p it
Leave Helton at 15.f>0 p ill
Arrive at Greenville at 6.35 p ra
now k.
Leave Greenville at 8.06 n m
Leave llellon nt 11.40 n m
LeaveOokesbury 11.20 a in **
liCave Newberry nt 2.40 a m
Leave Alston nt 4.20 p tn
Arrive at Culiunbin nt 5.65 p art
84?T>-' onnect nt Alston with Train* on the $
Spartanburg and Union Itailrond ; connect at
Columbia with Night Trains on the South Car
olinn Hniironu up and down ; also with Trai?s
going North and South on the Charlotte, C#?
I.ltnHia am! Allnouln ~~.l *! ': I : " -
~ ...c ? llliuuglOB,
Trnin leave Abbeville nt '.>.16 a m., connoting
with Down Train froin Greenvilla. Leav*
Cokesbury at 2.15 p in., connecting with I'p
Train from Columbia. Accommodation Triit,
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Lrnje
Cokcsbury at 11.1A n m., or on the arrival ct
tlie Down Train from Greenville. Leav?p At*
beville at 1 o'clock p. in., conneotlng with If
.nil i rum i oi ii ill hi (i, t
r.envo WaIIihIIa ?l 0.00 a m
Loayo 1'erryTille At 0.46 a n
Lenvo 1'emllolou at t.86 a n
Leave Anderson it 8.35 * m
Airlre at Bolton at b.UO a m
Lenvo IJelton At 8.60 p a
Leave Anderson At 4.60 p m
I,care Pendleton At 6.60 o m
Lenve l'erryville 6.8ft p m -m
Arrive at WnlhAllft 7.16 p *
Accommodation Train* between Helton An*
Anderson on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Hutur
days, Leave Helton at 9.50 a in., or on arrlv?
il of Down Trftin from Areenvillb. Le?v?
Anderson ut '2.00 p m., oonncoting with Uf
Oenernl Superintendent.
Jarkz Xor.ton, Jr. General Ticket Agent
Atlanta & Richmond Air Line Railway*
fa88knokii train ea8twaiu>?paii.t.
T.cavc at Atlanta at 3pm
Leave Toccoa (Jity at G 45 p a
Jjcavc WoHtminsler at p ta J?
Leave Seneca eily at p ia
I.crtvc central ftt 8 26 p m
I,cove Kn?lcy nt 0 12pm
l.onvo Greenville ftH HI p m
Lcftvc Spartanburg At a a
Arrive nt charlotte at 2 03 ? m ^
Lenvc Charlotte at 2 lf> * m
.it'ftve Hpftrlftnhnrg ftt * m
Leave (Irocnville nt 0 40 a m
WU...V I A m
Leave f/cntral at 7 40 ft rm
Lcavo Scnccn City at ft m
Lcnvo WHtminslcr ftt am ^
Leave Tttccoii City nt 0 44 ft m
Arrive ut Atlanta nt 1 30 p A
ColoiihtN, liiiki^ unto mid
Traveler* Westward.
For map circulars, condensed time tabWii
and general information in regard to tranB*
portiition facilities to nil points in Tennessee, ?
Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado,
Kansas, Texas, Iowa, New Mexico, Utoh and
California, apply to or address Albkrt B.
Wiiknn, General K mi grant Agent, Office No.
'1 II. I. Kimball House, Atlanta, (la.
No one should go West without. first getting
in communication with tho General
Immigrant Agent, and become informed as to
superior advantages, cheap and quick trApnportalion
of families, household goods, stooki
and (arming implements generally.
All IiifntMiiiiltAti nhftrti-Tnllv ?ivAn
w. L. DAN LEY,
I noJ Cm 0. i\ & T, A.

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