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Philadelphia, Ang. 21, 1876. 1
T * T
Not tlio least wondorful pest in this
groat Exhibition is tho vast nutubor
of thinga it bus brought together, interesting
boyond nil power of description
and yet soeming to have no
rlir-Ap.t noniioction with tho ereat Ex?
liibition iteclt. In ft former lettor 11
romarkod that Ihoro woro buildings
*v on this ground the names ot which
afforded not Iho 6lighteot indication
of the uses to wliicii thoy woro applied;
conversant as I fttn with the
fact I novor roalizcd tho full extent
ot its truth till I entered this morning
tho building ot the Empire Transport
an Company. I bad passed it
by day tor nearly tluco months
f" without over suspecting that it contained
an exhibition as ruro and curious
as any on the grounds. The
building itself has nothing to distinguish
it from an ordinary freight
"V.^od, such as you might find beside |
miu rn i I mnd tvnok T h wfimdn nf tlm
ond of the Narrow Gauge Paosongor
*> Railway, and you might reasonably
suppose that it was part of tho company's
works; but oncc inside and tho
illusion is dispelled, you find yourself
at a single bound transported to
tlio millet ol tlio oil region, lit* inuun
^tnins tower above you i tu vnliies are
beneath j^ur feet and around you
^nro tlio* i^irapliornalia and g?-ar ol
boring, hoisting, carrying, storing.
delivering, and all (lie multifarious
operations that lxslong to tho hintorv
of Petroleum. AN'ells aro being bored,
engine aro pumping, trains ot
cue loaded with light freight (:hin is
*" intended fur a K,u I'uahing
along at lightning speed, hearing tho
oil 1'otn the mountains t<? the sea,
"+ ' there to l>e carried over mighty
oceans ami across the desert sands
till at hiet it may be found adding a
softer lustre to tho palace of Ilaroun
?.t Hui/dud' liorhtninir uii the dcon
* o n o ? - i
-?loom of tho pacrcd sopulchcr at Jus
rusftletn, or feeding ?!;0 eternal flinno
tiiHi burns on Vishnu's altar on the
Iencred plains of furtliur Ind. Tho
j r'\M and lull of oil cities and towuo
readnmoro liko romance thau reality.
In the spring of 18G5 Pithole wag a
iiftmo unknown in ninety days aftor
it was a city of 16,000 inhabitants*
with post -jflieo, water workp, gas
wovke, and all tho working parHpher
nalia of a first cIhsb mott'opolis, and
in ninety dayo moro Ibo bat and the
?} - owl wore fighting tor procodonco iu
v ohambors wlioro the kings of specula
tiou bad laid themeoivua to ropoec on
bod ot eider down, and indulged ir
fenata which would have shamed the
gluttonous banquits of Oaligulrt am
lleliogabulus. Jlore tho whole Byet
nm ft f rlnli voru in r1nvnl<mn/l I inn
j r?'
drctla of uiilce of pij'O are Ihiu frou
Itlio oil producing rcgioue totlio poin
of railroad delivery; at oach oil wel
\tho company ha* delivory tanka, they
check tlio amount received, un<t
these checks arc negotiable as banl
notes for tho amount natned on theiL
face. Tho Eastern table ot tho kin*
Bnd the cobbler was m re than rcali
kized in tho history of Coal Oil Cits
rr:Mi~ .1 u
J.UI10Vjut;, nnu x iuiuiu. x'oiumu v.
m her wildest froaks, novor indulged i<
B *v moro stmtling vagaries tl'an eho de
lamong tho oil wells, pu n
wiotclies whoso lives liad buc.i ci L
unremitting scono ot poverly and e v
foring, suddouly found themael' r
lnniAe4<M?i?in/l **\>*? %-v-* i 1 1 ? .t ?.?>*!_ 1.
ii niioiui uiuu 11111/ luiiiiuiJUlUD Will; n
world wido fatno and an unlimi ?
, bank account. Coal Oil Johnny I
Ie came a representative Atnori n
^I'rinco and two years after the < t
jig? covory tho daughters of parvoil I
m| and beggars loaded with costly | t
Puna covorou wiiii ainiuofias, mi t
bo eoen in Paris Vionna, London { f
St. Potor&bnru, hobnobbling with I t
Bona oi tho old npbleeao who trai| 1
tlioir lineago in an nnbrokon lino (
Pecpin tho Lit'.lo and thu Lord
L - Jrou Muco. JJut Jt* muttt atop bou j
where bo I eftlc off right hero with
9|)Oci?l inj'dion to tho Centennial
visitor to 1 auro mid aeo tho oiwclle.
On ft few yards to tho north
ol the lUtrro transportation uom- j
pany'e br.ilng is anotlior Btructnro
which socnto havo escaped tho all
ftmtion of of tho Centennial visi?
tors. Thits tho exhibit of French
onrrmnnriitfuwl in known nn "Wn. 19.0
~ - ~?
Tliia develea tho whole system of
bridges, quel nets, water works,
viaducts, ?jht houses, dry docke,
and iu aocontratcd form gives yon
a better ia of tbo iniriclea of modern
engiiiring than can ho got l?y
years of idy from the books, while
it may nbo quito so attractive as
the bcavtil pieturea and statuary;
fur iho ^at purposes of lifo, for its
absolutcBce and rcalitios this exhibition
itcond to none iu tho Oonteuuial.ouude.
Tho Jgos have all .perforraod
their des and now tho contestants
are on & ragged odgo to find out
what 1 decisions are to bo. Tho
pphyneolf was not a more profound
mysteit seems to bo the policy of
tlio Cennial Commieaion to keop
the k vied go of tho awards back tu
tho 1st possible moment, and it
is hiii from very reliablo sources}
that are to bo kept in the dark til1
Nuvoer. Iiiumino the feelinera of
a firdasB int?. /lower wlio had the
hull J being kicked down stairs two
or tlJ times, and boon pitched at
leaatce <>ut of a third story window
In-iidtiiVi'.d in iiia legitimato official
exaiation by a beggarly Chinoao
OonP6ionor, and denied infurmalionhicli
to him would bo quail*
on M, by u aetnbeavngo native of
Juj But noiihODBo aaido tho mattorrotting
serioU6, Schomakor, tho
piamanufacturor, has opordy oxprid
Lis di^Batinlucii' !! at tho con
8tii>n of tho Piano (Jonimittee and
haithdrawn iiie iiietrutnonta from
cobliii<?n. Anothor j>rolilie source
of Hfiatibfaction in in tho departin
of wines. Tho greatest rivalry
oji between tho different States en
tlrticlo of champagno. Still wino6
8( to bo entirely lost sight of
jUO raoo ror supremacy it? ttiiB
k of winoe, Tlio Uiiilod Statea
I last your for Froaoli champagnes
i*ly throo millions of dollars and
i i Amoricane aro making an lions
efl'irt to keep that sum at home,
ifornia, Missouri, Ohio and New
.1- I 1- * 1
s rit hi o lurguiy rcpi csoniou lit
i nnpagrno; whothor it ia on account
llio extra offorts they have made
i o not know but eo iar the Now
t rkors eeotn to Iihvo tlio call.?
) icro ie a district up among tho lakee
I lio.h is known as tho Switzerland ol
-inoiica. Lako Kouka, which lice
itwoen thoconntioB of Steuben and
i'atoB, la ono vaet vitioyard from out
pd to tho other, and from this point
omoa ono of the moat dan go row
ompotitioiB that has yet beon eoor
ii Amoricu tor native and loreig?i
hauipagne. Tho Urbana Wine
Jompauy, of llammondfiport, havo f
plendid exhibit and tho champagne*
roii) their cellara is spoken of b)
ome of the moat experienced judge*
q being inUy equal to tho bout ol tlx
oreign brands. Otlior mannfuc'urrs
swear if Uibana people got i
uedul that they'll stimuli all thoii
lottlea and drink nothing hut watei
villi a stick in it for tno rist of thou
ifttural lives. Tho Urbaua folkt
;oep on tho ovon tenor oi their waj
irul eay if they don't get a meda
hoy ought to and llioy will ili ink ii|
ill their w inoa themselves. I hopi
hat among thorn they will be ahlo t?
;eep that threo millions at home, i
hey don't 1 shall havo a most thor
>u^li contempt for Yankee ^oniu
md Yankoo ingunlly. I'll disowi
uy nation, emigrate tothoFejeo IsandB,
put on n brooch clout and leu<
)n po.
1 havo lettors every day reqnoal
iii<5 mo to yivo iuformatiou uu to lb
necessary outfit for tho Contonnial.
I must divido my tourists into two
claascs. First class thoso who como
to soo tho Exhibition and enjoy it>
aocondly thoso who como to exhibit
thomselvos. Tho ludios of tho first
clti83 I would rospoctfully enggoat a
half dozon pockot handkorchiefs, no
bustlo, and tlio lateef edition of Moody
and Sankoy's hymna. This will fur.
nish tliom with amplo wardrobo for a
woek'a tour and delightful literature
for railroad occupation. To young
gentlomon I would say a box of paper
collars and tho last renort of tho
Young Mon's Ghristftin Association.
To tlio ladies of clft68 No. 2 I would
rocconimond at least two Saratoga
trunks, a enrpot hag and a couplo of
valices, if you intend to stop two or
three clays. Yon cannot possibly get
along with less, bring at loast adozon
dresses, you will nood them all, and
of all things don't forgot to provide
yourself with a two story bustlo, got
a double broastcd one, if any lady in
your town lias a particularly largo
one, sec that you got ouo at least six
inches longer than here, you will find
them especially conveuiont in tho
cars when you tiro going homo of an
evening to your hotel, then bo sure
to have a trailing dress, you will dia
Cover its advantages in tho Art Gallery
and tho Main llall, don't think
of coming with less than threo hats,
tivo or bix pairs oi ganois ana shoes
may p<>3sibly answer. Ami lastly let
mo impress on you to l>o euro and
borrow all the jowolry you can and if
your friends bavo their jowolry in
t.so, a heavy chain from too nearest
ilolli?r ?Un*<? will command univcr&al
respuet. Tli ceo nro tlio principal
puinto tlio minor dotnils I must leave
to jour own judgement. And in
OuiK luoii-n lut me Juki, if your motlior
especially ruccomuiunds anything be
sure lo forget it?ibeso old fools never
did know what n young girl wants
at Hie Centennial. To the younggou
tliMiu'ii who accompany the ladies Iast
menioned I would say bo euro and
borrow at least a hundred dollars,
and immediately on your arrival in
i'll iiuueipn iu nunt up auino iriouua
who you can strike tor tw'onty more
it necessary, part your hair in the
middle, buy everything you seo, and
it \ou run short don't call on
Yours truly,
Tlio Press on Hampton.
Tho Philadelphia Timos saye:
Tho Pomocrats ol South Carolina
hnvo nccoptcd Gon. Wado JIampton'n
olTcr, and mndo him their candidate
for ( Jovornor. Tho nomination is ono
ominontly fit to bo mado. A South
(Jaroliman ol proud Kovolutionary
Block, Goo. Hampton fought bravoiy
and honorably for tho cauBO to which
his Stato was committed, and whon
1 doioatod acknowledged his defeat lilco
an houorablo man, and devoted himself
consistently to tho restoration of
k poaco and ordor. All his influonco has
boon exerted on tho side of harmony,
' not only botwoen North and South,
1.1 I ?1 ? l ^vl_ .1 1*1 .1
> uuo uuiwuun ukiuk. uiiu wiiiiu, una
I tboro in probably no 0110 in tbo Stato
wIioho election would do moro for iu
' political and matorial interests, or
moro bopoiully break in upon I,bat
j eni'ho oi Soutborn politics?tlio color
( lino.
Tbo Now York World says:
With singular unanimity, tbo con*.
vcntion united upon tho nomination
of (.ion. Wado Uapton. Cion. Hampton
is a man of pronouncod ability,nnd
rcprosontativo of tho class to Wuioh
South Carolina's dolivoranco from tho
bonds ol ignoranco and spoliation is
of most importance. His olcction will
be a guarantoo, not only to his own
pooplo, but to tho country, that tho
administration of public affairs in tho
ouitO VT 11 bo with a view to tli<> hap^
ninnuu nurl well hninrr nf nil f>lnaana
|,M.VUM ....... b
bccauso on this basis alono oan tho
prospority ol South Carolina, which
i inoludos that of ovory citizon thoroin,
t bo finally Becurod.
I Tho Macon Tolcgraph, Domocrat,
> ways:
fnr>l anrtmiinn (l?nf <lio Ssnnfli
J ,,V, V....V v..~
Carolinians can honostly win tho
light; but Now Africa on tho seaboard
' can hoihI any sort of roturns an emcr
gcncy may call lor. Jlowcvor, bo tins
3 a? it may, tho only way to deal with
tho rampant political barbarism and
1 villany which opproasos South Caro
Una is by squarly combatting it. Tho
* i ii A ! ?. . .1 ~
j nomination or wnuo jiuiupboii m giol
ions. .No puror or'moro accomplished
gontloman walks the groon earth. ILo
s is a man of lofLy mould; wiso, self con^
c lainod, full of tho most putriolio as-.
pirationa; and should tho Carolinians
succood in placing him at tlio hoad of
thoir Stato, tho day of its rodomption
would dawn at oticoand brightly.
Tho Charlotto, (N. C.) Obsorver,
Domocrat, says:
Tho bravo old Domocracy of South
Carolina havo put forth a straightnut.
\u 11 K tlmf Mt it??> t ?*!/> /mnf In.
~..v .v.. v..w w..V, {JVl.WV,-.
man and noblo Uoimin, Cion. Wado
Hampton, to load tliom. In ho doing
%vo think thoy havo actod wiaoly, and
if they go down bofore tlic darkened
cohorts of lladicaliam, thoy will dio
in a rightoous caurfo, and liko -Loondas
of old, fall rotaining tho admiration
and rospoct ot thoir countrymon, without
a stain, or blot upon thoir names.
Tho Atlanta Constitution, Democrat,
Prudonco as well as onorgy is nood-?
cd. Tho rccont or dor of Sccrotary
Cnmoron indicates that tho adminis>
tration would bo glad to find a protoxt
for military intorforonco. Tho
people of South Carolina should, in
this canvass, bo as wiso as serpents
and as industrious as bees. They have
much to contend with, but thoj^ have
a boautifu) and noblo State to contend
for Slin nvnof>t<i mnn tr? <Jn liiu
. VW * 4 J
wholo duty in this criaia?to work
first and voto afterwards. Tho political
hivo should not contain a singlo
drono this year, and tho wholo should
cordially and heartily iinito in an aggrossivo
canvass that will rosult in a
Waterloo to liadicnlistn in tho "Proptrato
The Army and the South'
Tho solvation ol the hour at the
IN*orth is tho doclnrod purpoao of tho
Grant Administration, by tho nso ol
tho army, to prevent the States in the
South which, in the past, have given
largo Republican majorities, from
being carried thin fall by the Demo
ciacy. The Washington correspondent
of the Jiulliiuoro Sun, speaking
of Camoron'a letter to Sherman,
I oftye:
It is understood that fho lotter,
1 which, as ata'od by the Secretary of
War, is written by direction of the
President, v>as matured in cabinet
deliberation. Before finally complete
iiit tlio Secretary of War had an
interview with tlio President this afternoon.
It will bo seen that it is
now proposed to go further than over
before in tlic inattor of using the
troops tor political purposes, lhore
are but four Soutliorn States in which
there aro now Republican Executives,
North Carolina, South Carolina,
Louisiana and Florida. It is not
hv l\n niM^fnliniwlnd tliof nntr r\i
vu I/O ? j;|M uuvuvtvvt V?J tvv II V'lll (II1J Ul
tlio other Stutos tlioro will ho n call
on tlio constituted anthortios for Foclo
ra! intorforanco. J5iil tho language
ot Secrotftry Cameron to Gen. Shoruiau
that tho troops are to bo used
to "assist" in preserving order indicates
that tho contingency is con
templated ot lntcrioring in tho in orn
al concorns ot thcStatos, irrespective
ot their own authorities. Tho Pre
sidont 6taiod to day that there was,
in liis opinion, and that was bnsod
upon ovitionco laid boforo him, a
great neccesity for concentrating all
tho available force of the army in
tho Southern Stales. There was an
armed conspiracy to defeat a fair
election in several of the States, and
?.* I'nnu.innf KAli/tl) mtl U 11 f\ 11 1 11 f 1 / 111 rl Q 11
IIV llivi|nuuv iViWii'VM uuvutM uvui lyn
while ho \6 President.
Tho Bttino correspondent adds: To
day a Northern Democratic membor
of Congress called at army headquar
tors and denounced the lottor ol (Secretary
Cameron to (ion. Sherman as
an outrage ami a usurimikn. J.io
said to Gun. Shorman that ho hoped
that ho would pay no attention to
tho lotter. Gen. Sherman ;op!iod
that it was liia duty to oboy all orders
and 8nggc8tioiib emanating tVom his
euporiora. Several Southern Republican
inetubera of Ci ngreas were also
at army uoauijpiartora to (lay, uiacuaaing
tho nioaaurob to bo taken under
thoordoi of Secrotary Cainoron. In
youthern Status whoiu there aro Do?
niocratic Executives, it is understood
that tho plan will bo to place tho
troops at tho disposal of tho United
States marshals and the intornal re?
vonuc oIlicerB. Tlicso olliecrs are to
bo well drilled in their parts, and
aro expoetcd to call for tho troops
whenever political objocta are to bo
Tlio Columbia Union-llirald of
Saturday editorially doacribou tbo
joint mooting hold at Nowborry on
Friday, which it compares to tho
Eilgofiold mooting of tho prococding
wcok, and concludes as follows:
It ia plain thnt tho Domocratio
lnftflnrn nrn f/-w ?! /? v
.v,v.v,w. w ? ? UIIUUV* VV IVI VU H1U
Republicans bojond ondurance. Tbo
limit lias, we think, been roachod.?
We do not inoan to Bnbmit further,
and wo predict that boforo the campaign
is over tho boot will be on the
other leg. Wo expect, before tho
day of election, to report Republican
meetings in Edgefield and Now berry
i\ U...> :it ? --
ill, ? men IIIUOU UlUttlUIUltt Will yuu illi
mildly up sucking doves.
Tho Washington correspondent of
iho Now York Tribuno says:
Tho Attorney General's ofllco is
adopting special measures to o:iforco
strictly all provisions of tho National
election laws, not only in tl.o South,
but elsewhere. Great caro i3 to l>o
exorcised, it is Raid, in the selection
ot supervisors of elections, and specific
instructions will bo iesuod for
tlio guidance f>t all United States oflicora
in a tew days. Prosecutions
are alsso contemplated against porsous
in Alaboma who are accused of having
perpetrated frauds in the late
State election, though it is d fficult
to see how the United States has jurisdiction
in the casos, and also agninst
any who wore cniltv of inti
initiation of voters. Special counsel
has already been appointed to assist
in (he work, and an oats are expected
to bo mado in a few days. Tno United
States marshals' oflicoa in tho South
1 <l;o to bo made more cllicient. Some
changes of principals and a number
of deputies have been made, Tho
military order ol tho President pub
lirihed this morning has furnishod tho
chief topic of conversation to day
among tho few politicians who still
tnrrv in Washington. It has inspired i
Republicans who trust in the Admin
istration "machine" with a confidence
and hope which they havu not felt
binco tho pasa^go on civil eorvico re-?
form in Governor Hayes's letter of
acceptance dampened their ardor,
I a:id they now look lor tho return ol
ihe days when the Southern question
overshadowed all others in national
politics, and loyal men of the North
voted the Union ticket, asking
questions for contcicnce sako. Thpse
were tho days when carpet bagism
llourished in the South and loyalty
1 <u>vni'(sd ii iniiltitndn of ditthoni ?L
Tlio \Vashin^toii corro6j)ondoat of
the Baltimore Qazotto says:
Senator Gordon, o{ Georgia, who
left lor homo to night, whon askod
I 4. I- ? 1 I ? 1 ? ?
wiiui no uiougni wouiu L>o tlio elU-ct
of tho President's order, said: I four
it will be tho menus of wresting two
States Irom us, Such orders woro*
never issued Irani philanthropic or
disinlorestod motives. It certainly
was not intended to Btrongtlion the
Democratic party, and, thoroloro, we
mu3l reason that its object was do
signed to etl'ect a contrary result.?
thai tiioro was any fear of violence
during tlio campaign, but tho
slightest pretext would bo niado an
oxouco lor calling upon troops, and
alter thai, tales ol intimidation and
terrorism could bo repeated without
limit. Air. Lamar declined to ox?
prees any oj. inion, but by his looks
and actions it was evident ho was
exceedingly annoyed at tho attitude
ot tlio administration towards Iiic
South. Congressman Saylcr laugh*
ingly 6aid it would do tho Democrats
(juilo as much good as it would the
itopunlicauB. Thoughtful people
would understand that ono portiou of
the country cannot ho picketed and
gjimeoutKl hy U'odoral trooj>8 upon
tho order of tlio President without
giving tho right to eoattor tho army
all over tho count!y.
Tho Republican papers have very
littlo to say in regard to the letter ol
Secretary of War Cameron to Gon.
Sherman, directing him to hold all
hih available troops for n?e in the
South. Kvon tho New York Times
has not a word of commendation or
censure for tho letter. Democratic
and independent papers, howevor,
in /?Anrlnni nnt Inn nf
ffrl KJ V/IIVO j'vnvn iii v*
tho order. Tho Now York Ilornld,
Independent, says:
It is oxpcctcd that t'.ie five rogimentfl
to bo used in the South will
curry four of tho Honthorn States by
w hipping tlie negroes into lino who
havo oithor become liatlcs3 in politioa
or wnndored oft" to tho Doinocraoy,
and by terrifying tho ''fiondish" whito
linora into eubjoction. By keeping
tho outrage mill slowly grinding, ana
sending platoons of cavalry hithor
anil thither, it is ovidontly hopod to
revive tho bitterness whieh bus boon
rapidly disappearing botsvoon tho
races iu most parts of the South. Wo
wish to 8co nil citizens protectod in
choir rights, hut this turning of tho
army of tho United States into bands
of drummers for the negro vote is
MIIUI.J.!..- A...
pnu?v4oin|j oy mr tuuv iw
would ho ^rotosquoif it woro not intainuuo.
This is doubtless the work
to which Gen. Shorman roforrod
when ho said tho'Miighost authority"
must answer why tho troops could
not bo spared to fight tho Sioux. Tho
desperation of a move which dares
to saddle tho country with tho ox*?
ponso ot extra soldiers while koeping
nearly four thousand idlo for political
purposes ia aparont, and adds an- ^
other stigma to ttio rnlo of tho party
in whoso nnmo and for whoso aid
;? it>>i.I ??!.: 1.. a
IV to L4II Ui UOI i 111 I y WUI1U.
Tho Now York World, Dem., eajaJ
Tho order of Socretary Catuorou
to God. Sherman ia worth tho careful
at tout ion of ovory American citizen.
It is an order to hold all tho
troops not absolutely required for
Indian aervico, in roadinoss to movo.
As everybody knows, there is no war
nor rumor ot war, foreign or domes**
tic, in tho country, there is no legitimate
nso for troops any whore in tho
country. What this oulor mouna,
and all it can moan, is that tho ad
ministration moans to uso troops to
prevent froo elections in tho youthen)
States. It was a cowardly trick
to hold back Hiich an order until tho
adjournment ot (Jongross, and thou
issue it. It will do the administration
no good and tho Kepublioau
party no ^uod. Tho oxocutiou of it
would do both great mischief. Tho
mere throat ouirht to arouse tho in
dignation ot all decont citizona, whaU
cvur their politics.
ri lio Now York San, Ind., saya:
Grant lias noizod tho firat momont
after tho adjournment of Oongroaa l'?
dhow hid hand and tho people of tho
country can soo tha^it grasps a bayonet,
tho point ot which i* turned to*
ward tho Southern Statoa. It is a
tooling, not oi' alarm, but of indignation
that will bo raised throughout
tho land by tho military ordor thai
\\r i i - ? i *
wtw uu ?v euuusuuy l^auou irona IIiq
war department to Gou. JShorman.?
The onlur moana that ton to twolro
thousand troops of tho regular arm/
aro to bo concentrated ia tho South?
orn States?in those ot thoin whicU
havo boon, or without thid order
would surely bo wroatod from Grantiam
iu November next. There is bat
I>1W. fl.iiur niiu/ tn liA riaairrxJ u (I.nt
is, tins military intorforcnco of Grant
"Miy recoil upon tho party for whoao
advantage it iti intended.
Tho Now York Tribuno, llopubli-'
can, says:
Socrctrtry Cameron's letter to Gon.
Sherman id undoubtedly smart, and
tho country will chuckle ovor tho
neat way in which tho resolutions of
tlio Democratic House about tho
right of freo suffrage at tho South uro
turned into a boomorang. And yot
Mr. Secretary, tho judicious will
grieve. The etl'eet of tho letter will
bo to revive at tho South tho dread
of Federal interference with their
elections, to cnconrago among tho
nogrooa tho hope of having tho troops
iillifinncltf m\ Hioir $lti (I - in nrn.nv.
oral, to foment mischief rather than
to avert it. It is a clover picco of
work?too clevor by half.
Tho Philadelphia Times, Indepond
out, eay?:
It lakes Don Camoron to do it.?
The sublime ueeuranceof his ordor to
lion. Sherman iB juett'jo lineHt thing
wo havo had this year. A more
brilliant piece of strategy wo do not
often sue; its cool hnpudonco is simply
stunning. It will bo vain lor
Air. Lord to sny that tho Bocrotary'a
order is not at all "in aocordatfSo
with tho spirit" of his resolution, or
for tho Democratic Congressmen who
voted for it to nrgo that what thoj
intended was a condemnation of law*
le.ssneea and a domand for tho enforcement
of tho civil authority ill
tlic Southern States, and not for a
lawless military usurpation. The
Secrotary understands all that as well
us they, but, if tho House can oxnrosa
its opinion, so can ho, and tho Ilouso
bein? out of the way, tho Socrotary
has tho lust word. Start up tho outi
ago mill.

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