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V',:? Vt V Sty5 j'\
r$r( .}* . ,,/; %' *' V. - ''i \ ' <
D. F- BRADLEY, Ijditor & Proprietor
Terms of Niitoicriptlon.
uno ionr 3>i ou
Months 75
Advertising Hate*.
Advertisements Inserted at the rAloof $1 00
per sqtinro, of (\)) nlno Hues, or tiris, for (ho
first Insertion, ft ml 50 cents for cuoh subsequent
' Contracts mado for thrrh, six or twhlvb
months, on favorablo tortus.
Advertisements not having tho number of
insertions niorkod on thorn, .will bo published
/ until forbid and charged ncoordlngly.
Those terms aro so simple nny child may
understand tliom. Nino lines Is a square?
oho Inoh, In ovory instance wo ohargo by
tho Bpaco ocoupiod, as olght or ton linos can
bo mado to oooupy four or five squares, nstlio
advertiser may wish, and ia oharged by tho
Advertisers will j.leaso stato tho nlimbor
of squaroB tlftjy wish tlicit* advertisements
to mako.
Business men who advertiso to bo
benefitted, will bear in mind tliat tlie
8HNTINRL has a largo and increasing circulation.
and is taken bv tho vorv class of
persons whoso Irmlo t hey dcBiro.
Tlau^day, All)*'. 31, 1S7A.
WUL-J " L i i i ij
National Democratic Tickct.
1IOW. T. A. Hi:]Kl?UI KS,
VO11 A TTO Itm Y CRN K It A I-:
kou .solicitor 8tm judicial circuit:
For Legislature?I). F. Bradley and E. II.
For Clerk of Court?John J. Lewis.
For Probate Judge?W. 0. Field.
For Sheriff?Joab Mauldin.
For SohoolCommissioner?M. 8. Hendricks
For Coroner?B. 1$. Earle.
For County Commissioners?John T. Lewis,
11. J. Johnson, T. P. Lioojier.
Wado Hampton Coming.
Wftdo Hampton and tho nominoos
on tho Stato oloctornl tickot will, by
nppointmont of tho Stato Exccutivo
Oommittoo, spook at thin plnco on tho
f?th of Soptombor. Lot ovory votor
in tho County, whito nnd colorcd, Domocrot,
Kopublioan nnd indopondont,
bo present. Wo would suggest
that onch Club in tho County nttond
llin mnnlin/# nu ?? ? *
...vwvmg <>r> tin ur^UIllXllllOI), HI HI
11 ho ovory possiblo effort to induco
every votor in thoir section to attond
with thorn.
"Wo oxpoct to havo ono of tho
grandost gathorings on next Tuesday
ovc^ known in Pickens County.
Gonorals Hampton, AloGowan and
Wagner, and Col's, Aiken and G'othran;
and probably Gonornl Gordon,
ol Goorgia, will bo bore. Kally, ovs
orvbodv?if. will i>? - ? *
^ j .. ..... mu unu \n tnu griwiuOHt
occasions Pickons over had.
? mm mam
Thcro aro many honest mon in
i'iokons County, horotoforo co-oporuling
with tho Republican party, who
will voto lor Hampton and reform in
tho approaching election.
>: x
to-* v- '
r < ' r ?
tmmmmmmmmmntmtummmmtmmmmmammmmmmmBmmmmm Amm
Another StvikoTh<\
nogroos on tho Combnhco in
ltoniiforb County, nnd somo in Collo- o
ton County, havo boon on finolhor (.
big Btriko. This timo thoy dohmndod i
lujn rl a! In i?a n /In it f/\?? I !? ? ??- 1
tfisitod plantations in great mob.-*, r
whipping and driving off ovorp nogro c
disposed to work and not join tho . t
strike. Thej have been inflioting the t
most omcl punishment on orory negro r
not disposed to join thorn, and resisted *
tho civil authorities whon an attsmnt c
was mado to arrest tho ringlcadors, [
boating tho posao and rescuing snoh of c
thoir numbor as had boon arrested. I( t
this hud boon whito mon, tho bloody \
shirt would havo boon Happing from- i
ono .end of tho Continent to tho othor, I
and tho outrago mill would havo had c
griiiumg 10 uo vuo imianco 01 inc cnm- j
puign. But it was only tho "loil" f
brothron, and it is all right. What r
difforonco won Id it malco anyhow, il i
theso blood-thirsty negroes woro to 1
kill a fow of tho rico plan tors occn- I
sionally and burn up their plantations? (
Would troops bo oallcd for, and any t
of them punished ? Wo think tho \
proeodings at Boaufort, tho othor day> t
is a euffieiont answoj. Aftor tho burly r
Congressman. Smnlla, who, as Judgo 3
Mackoy says, looks lileo a bloated bull i
frog, liad, by bis rico fiold oloquonce, t
pursimdod somo of tho ring loaders to I
surrondor and tho mob to partially (
disporso, ho, as promptly, had thorn t
all iSuleasod as soOn as thoy arrived at J
tho town and sent back to thoir homos.
no doubt, as fully dotorminod as thoy C
ovor woro to ropoat tbcir violonoo I
wbcnovor it suitod tboir purposos, or C
was demanded by somo ignorant po- r
liticul demagougo of tho Uudieal party* C
Tho wholo niovo, wo think, has a po I
litical anpcct, and tho plantation la- fc
bnrnr wnnld nn\?nt? d r\f l
demanding two ilo!larn a day it it had C
not been put in his bond by eomo Had- !*
icnl politician, for tho purposo in Home J
way or other ot advancing hi? own ins j
tcrcetn. Tho lalost account represent ?.
thostriko virtually ondod; but it in ;
likely to break out again at any time <
tho bloody fihirt managers demand it- 1
An Enthusiastic Democracy.From
every soclion of tho Htato tho ,
most oncouraging accoanln corncH to i
us of tho cnthuHiaHin of tho DomocraLic j
party. A thorough organization in <
being rapidly porfcetcd in every Conn- t
ty in tho .State. In many Boctionw the
colored pooplo aro rapidly enrolling ,
Ihomselvc.s in tho clubs. In Sampler
Township, Sampler County, tho other |
day, there '.van a largo clab organized
wilh ono hundred and Hixtocn colored
members. A colored clab of 34 mom* (
her# was organised fit Aiken tho other
day, and similar ovidonoies of tho nos |
groc's dotormination to chango his j
poliLioH, coinos to us from ovory floc~ j
tion of tho State. Upon tho wholoi
tho Dcmoeratio outlook in tho Stalo j
is as bright as tho most sanguino could
dofiiro. With oncrgy, dotormination '
and a thorough canvass of tho Stato, j
wo bolicvo a Democratic viotory can j
bo achiovod in November.
Demonstration in Anderson- '
* On Tuosday night tho 22d instant,
tho Anderson Democracy had tho
.. .1 ^ *
gruiiuuHb uoinonsirauon cvor known L
in that plaoo. 'J ho .procoasion was a
half milo long, and the mooting was
addrosBod, in Btiring spccchos, by J.
Ji. Mooro, It. W. Simpson, W. C.
JJrown, J. L. Orr, E. M. Jiuckor, and
JO. B. Murray. Cannons wcro fired at
regular intorvals, and pcrfoct order,
amidst Iho grcatost onthusiasm provailod.
Sovoral colored mon woro in
tho procession, ono of whom was
knocked from his horso by a rock
thrown at him by another colored
man. This was an outrago that tho
I>omocrats of Andorson should not
permit to ito unnunishod.
? . + I
Tho Great Meeting in Abbevillo- J
From ft privftto loiter uddroBBod to ^
tho editor of thifl papor, hy n prominent
gonlloman of Abhovillo, wo mulco
the following extract in rcferonco to n
tho great polilical mooting recently I
hold ftt that place: 1
"Wo had ft inagnifieont domonBtrftlion
hero on Tuosdfty lant, accounts
of which you will soo in tho nowwpa- (
pern. No account, however, enn givo .
an adequato idea to ono who did not
lako part in it. Wo simply and moBt j
effectually captured tho vn holo con
corn. Jt wan splendid, and 1 think (
gavo Clmmborlain a juhL and propor
idoa of Lho mountain Domooraoy. llo .
at all cvonts Boomed indisposed to .
push his political explorations furthor
in this direction at this timo."
i | i
Tho Domoeracy of Oconco County '
has adopted tho primary election plan |
of nominating candidates. Tho clro.s
tion comes off tho 5th of Octobcr. <
The Greenville District Conference,
Tho past woclc has boon an iutoiv
sting ono to tho citiaons of Piclcons
Jourt IIouso and vicinity. Tho moot
ng of tlio Grocnvillo Dinti'ict Ccnfcrmco
io tlio Mothodiat Clinrbn on Wedlesday
cvoning, tho 23d inst., brought
imongatnn many of tlio roproHontaivo
mon of the Mothodiat Churoh, in
hi? nection, and their ehrintain donoanor
and accomplished mannern
von for them tho roepect and ontoom
fonrentiro community. Tho good
>ooplo of our town and vicinity, threw
innn 111 r> i r> Hnnra f/\ Hmm ? rwl r*r.
I? ?" ?? '? fS??TV
hem ft hearty and cordial weloomo,
vhich was highly apprcoiatod, and
to doubt will long bo kindly romom>erod
by tho mom bore of the Confermcc.
Tho mooting, both spiritual
tnd in number wan a good one?in
act wo hoard many who havo always
iltcndod such meetings, Pay, it was
ho host they had ovor soon, and wo
I'UBt its good influences may bo felt
>y tho wholo community for many
lays 10 como. From Iho roportfi ot
lie pronchoi'M in chargo of tho circuits,
vo lonrnod thnt tho Rpiritual condiion
of tho .District had boon consulo ftbly
improved during tho presont
roar, and that thoSundy Schools woro
n a prosperous and flourishing oons
lition. Tho District in composed of
ho Counties of Ooonco, Pickons^Anloreon,
Groonvillo, and a part of >Sparanburg.
Tho following is a li.it of
delegates in attondanco, viz :
Rev. O. A. .Darby, Presiding Kldor.
iroonvillo Station, Rev. W. I). Kirkand,
]>. c., Delegates?A. II. Cureton,
i. T. Willis; Greenville City and Maiotta
Mission, Uov J. 10. Penny p. o.j
Jrconvillo ct., Rev It HDngnall, p c?
)ologalet*, J J1 Payne, W W Tarrant,
> L ltobinson, J J JJurdilt, JJ A
barker; Reidvillo e(., Rev J K McJnin,
p c?Dologates, W J Kcndrick,
5alatliiel Martin, T J (Joodlett?Rev
I C Davis and W Bowman, local
)roaohoif?; Fork Slioal ct, Rev J Fin*
jcr, ]i c; Williamson station, liev W
\ Weber, p c?Dolcgatos, Thos Cox,
} W Anderson, and Uov 8 Jjandor,
'resident of Williamston Female Col
ego; Brushy Crock ct, Rev ,) J Worknan,
p c?Delegates, Lv T Rllrod, I
kV Si.ngloton; Andorson station, Jtov
\Y W Mood, ]) o ?Delegates, J C C
loatherslon; Anderson cl, Jiov J J
S'ovillo, p e?Dologntos, J 10 Spearnan,
Ii G Martin; Control et, Itov A \Y
fackson, p o?Delegates, Ii M Martin,
W J Martin, I<arkin Newton; Sandy
Springs ct, Ilev Jolin Attaway, p c?
Dolcgates, W T iVIo(fill, R M Mor is;
Walhalla and Pendloton ct, Kov
V W. Walkor, p o? Delegates, Ji A
"W.li ? ?*?. 1.' TV T l 1
ircachcr; I'icUcns ct, Itov W II Ari??
til, p c?Delegates, VY A Lesley, .1
j Ellis, L T Addington, U B Hunt,
tov C) Ij Durant, local pronclior; I'iclc>ns
MiHsion, licv T 1' IMiillipfl, p c?
>clogatcH, A E Kolloy, J M Gillcs)ic;
Sonoca City ct, Jtov Ij C Loyal,
> o?Dologatoa, W T Janos, M C
dcDonald; Choohoo MiBsiop, Kov F
i llartin, p o?Dolognlos, L liogora,
V 1> Kolloy; Fork ct and Mission,
tov 0 1) Mann, p c?Delegates; J li
iandors. J A Ellrod.
The following aro tho Dologatos
ilcotod to tho annual Conforonco, viz:
V 1L Curoton, J C 0 roathorston, ,T
J Sandors, and W A Losley.
Tlio next District Conloronoo is to
>o hold at Williamston.
Tho following ministers occupicd
ho pulpit during tho session of tho
Jonforonoo, in tho ordor namod, to
vit: WoilnoHtlay, 8 o'efoek p. m., Itov.
<\ M. Morgan; Thursday, 11 a. m.,
tov. J. E. Ponnoy, 7:30 p. in,, ilov.
j. J). Manrtj Friday, ll a. m., Uov, II,
I. Dngnall, 7:30 p. m., Ilov Ij. C.
joyal; Saturday, 11 a. m., Ttov. W. J),
virkland, 7:?l0 p. in., Jtov. S. Landor;
Sunday, 11 a. m., ilov. O. A. Darby,
\ E., 7:30 p. m. liov. W. \V. Mood,
r. 31. Carlislo L.L.D., Prcaidont of
iVofford (Jollcgo was proHont during
ho mooting, and dclivorod cloquont
kddi'OHHOH on tho causo of education
md Sunday Schools?ho also gavo
iorno powerful and cfFoctivo exhortations.
Thoro woro (ivo nccosflioiifl to
,ho church during tho mooting.
Tho following resolutions woro tin
innnoufjly adoptod:
Resolved, That tho thanks of this
Conference ' nro duo nnd arc horoby
icnrtily tendorod to tho hospitablo
jooplo of Pickens Court House and
he 8Uwounding country, for our kind
intortninmont during tho session of
ho Conference,
Resolved, That tho thanks of this
lodv aro hereby tondnrcd tho Air Lino
iailroad Curnpany for tho rcjucod
atos at which thoy havo passed tho
nomborf of tho Conference over said
Resolved, That tho abovoresolutions
>o published in tho Pickknh Skntinei,.
Tho services of tho session clofiod on
Sunday evening.
i for tuk rldkENB sentinel.]
Ckntral, S. 0., Aug. 25, 1870.
Mr. Editor.?I hnvo waitod long to
boo if any ono would raiso his voico in
bohnlf of our little town and cornorof
tho County, but nn no ono olso boouih
inclined to bring our part of tho
County into Vnotico," I thought I
would eay a low words, oven it thoso
fow woro "thin." Tho spirit of improvomont
has boon lying dormant for
Homo time in our town; but it is
awaking, and tho stroots aro nndorgo
ing a thorough ronovation under tho
suporvision of our eflloiont Marshal,
Mr. Cr. It is hopod that tho spirit of
improvement will gather strongth uns
til it onablos our littlo town to proflont
a bottor appoaranco to tho world.?
Wo i,n ??...? ; * I
.? v iMt* v vnv i 11: j t1 ? / v *J I 11 \J 11 1/ 111 UIIL L V W II
which is ono of tho strongest olcmenU
of success in building up a town, that
is n good school* And wo not only
Imvo a good school, but wo havo what
is hotter and scarcor, tho host of
toaohors. Tho Principal, Rov. M. E.
Broadus, a graduato of Furman University,
is tho "right man in tho right
placo." IIo is a thorough, practical
and efficient toaohor, and if Ihoro is
anyono who wishos to bostow tho best
of gifts (which is a thorough O'.luealion)
upon Ids childron, hero is tho
placoto sond them. It is a good location
so far as hoalth is concornod?
tuition vory low?board can bo obtained
at low rates, in fact, tlioro is
ovCry inducement to send children |
Wo liftvo also, in connoolion with
tho school, tv flourishing debating aocioty,
which has u littlo thoatrical voin
running through itH body. Tho socioty
propoeop to ontorlain its friends
with a 111to performanoo of charades
&o.y on Thursday night, tho Slat o*
August. Wo oxtond a cordial invila"
tion to iho public gcnorally, and to
yoursolf especially.
Tho primary election passed off qui
otly at this place and tho pooplo Boom
very well tuilitifiod with tho tickot
svith ono or two oxcoptionH.
Our pooplo aro nwako at last in
regard to tho Slate election. Central
HComa determined to g'jt ''Iter name in
t!ic p<!por."," (luring tho coming campaign.
Wo intond having a hig barbbcuo
and as somo of our boat citi/.oiiB
aro "laying their liandn to ttio plow,'
wo may hope for succoss Somo of
tho speakers, who aro spoken of for
the occasion, aro C'Nrpiitt and John
B. Cordon, of CJoorg&i; Vance, ol
North Carolina; Hampton and others
of South Carolina. With such an array
of noted speakers, it will be ono
of tho grnndcHt things that over hap
pcnod in llio "dark cornor" of.South
Tho day has como nt last, whon wo
havotakon a firm, docidod and open
stand against that vilo horde that ha.s
boon crubhing us to tho oarth. 1'oor
old South Carolina, long has she sufforo'l
tho most bitter humiliation, but,
thanks bo to God, wo may hopo sho
will soon riso triumphant out of tho
a8hc.s of tho dead past. To accomplish
this blossod end, let us all riso up as
ono man, and work with might and
main, with hoart and soul, and soon
wo may hear the joyous shout ringing
from "mountain to soa-board," waiving,
with its thrilling echoes, evory
truo heart into maddening joy, that
our dear old South land [p onco moro'
froo. Hover.
n. .1 i-J.i aii 1
xjiisiuy -Diipusi umircaMu.
Eimtoh : This church in one of Die
first fruits of tlio Htato Mission Work on I he
Air Lino. Though the membership is small,
they have the essential parts of ft houso of
worship, and contribute something to Missions,
and to the pftrtiftl support of ft pastor.
Dr. J. C. 11ideii, of Grccnvillo, was invited
lo aid I lie Pastor in a scries of meetings, commencing
Agust 13th, and, not withstanding
his coining was delayed for a time, a groat
blessing was finally realized. Tho. church
and pastor were fed with food needful for
thoin, as brother Jlidcn opened to them the
Scriptures and prcnchad "(lie unsearchable
richos of Christ."
TJic meeting continued day find night from
the second Sunday morning until the third
SundaynigiH, (excoptthird Sunday morning)
with gr^at interest and convincing power.?
Sonic of tho most inlluential and successful
busiuass men of tho placo attended the services
day and night.
Ten persons have already united with tho
church,?rono wanderer restored?twojoinod
by letter, and seven wcro baptized last Sun*
day afternoon, while quite a number of others
arc seriously impressed with the convincing
power of the divine truth.
Brother Frank McClannahan and brother
0. W. Hingletou wcro ntthc meeting a part of
tho time, and brother Hiott, though sick, was
able to attend the baptism.
J. C. Huuson.
-- . Dr.
AuguHtiiH J), lloko, tho former
Cnptnin of tho Bailor Gufti'dfl and u
most highly ontoomed oitizon, d o] at
Groonvillo on tho 22d inat, I
The Democratic Florin of South
Tlio Doinocratie party otolith Carolina, in
Convention aasomblpd, ann<QC0 the following
?u ire ni..?<>?... -? ?i?
mo i?o i/iui'iv/iiu ui jniuuijJic
' \Yc dcclaro our accept a:^ in perfect good
faith o(tho Thirteenth, Fo\eenth ami Fiftconth
Amenilmonts to the idcral Constitution;
accepting and standinfupon tliein, vro
turn from tho settled nnd iil past to the
great tiring and momentous ues of the present
and tho future.
\Yc adopt tho platform oprinoiplcs announced
by tho National lAocratio party
recently assembled at yt- Lie, and pledge
ourBolvoa to a full and hearty >-operation in
securing the election of its diftguished nominees,
Samuel J. Tilden, of IV York, and
Thomas A. Hondriok, of Indiui and believe '
.hat under tho wise and juft^ininistration
of its distinguished reform lorn, assisted by
tho eminently patriotic and a* counsellors
by whom ho will bo surroundl peace and
prosperity will again bless ouvnuntry, and
tho dissensions, confusion and .ladininistralion
of tho past eight years wiltve place to
concord, good government, lOu thorough
restoration of tho Union. In t^rdanec with
the declaration of that platfurrand tho lit
icrances ami acts 01 our Uistmghed leadtT,
wo demand a genuine and thor<h reform in
the State of South Carolina, u call npon
all of ith citizens, irrespective nice' color or
provious condition, to rally wiim to its redemption,
for it is evident tls substantial
and lasting reform is inipossibwithin the
ranks of tho Republican party o?j3 State.
Wo charge that party with (Vying race
against race, creating disturban, ,Uid fomenting
difficulties; with proHtiing the election
franchise, tampering wit.ho ballot
box, and holding nnfai-^and fra?i'Cnt flections,
with having acfcft.nulatcd Ortoiis debt
mismanaged the linanccs, and urod the
credit of the State; with levyinjxorbitant
taxes and squandering thom whc^ollocted,
thus winning from the toil and lihood of
the honest poor man of the State, irgC j,or.
centum of his hard earnings, will; giving
in return any compensation thorofjuicl has
hopeless!v involved in debt a tnai?, n...
counties of t>io State. Its manager*, 0f our
penal an<l charitable institutions i shame
and a disgrace, Wo charge ilh Hgtion us
demoralizing, partisan, and disgrrj^ an(j
liio venality uud corruption which h characterized
every branch of tho goimenl,
executive, legislative and judicial. vo no
parallel in the history of nations. 1\3 created
a multiplicity of unnecessary mtHcless
otliocs, complicated in their system, l Unneoessa-ily
expensive. It has attend i,,
elevate to the bench two most corrupt (je.
graded men. It can nover purify itAgivc
good and im]>nrtial government, oi- it-.normal
force and character, oxercisn its
full sovereignty tlielaw of die land. 3 ,i,,
not charge this condition of tilings, W( every
patriot most deeply deplore, Up the
masses of the party, but upon their crs,
who have made such fatal use of thciinft..
uonco nnu trusts; tor it is our linn oonion
thai nil the good people ofllic iitfitu, oth
races, desire pence and prosperity.
W e, therefore, eall upon all of our0\v
chi/ens, irrespective of race or panlny
alliliation, to .join with us in re? tori; ho
good name of their l>tate, and to ngalevate
it to ft place of dignity and e!i%-r
among the commonwealths of tlth* great ntry.
We discountenance all iVifcturbni)of
the peace of the Stati, and denounce ti.
stigators and promoters thereof, and ea tly
call upon all of our fellow-citizens,
pectiveof party lines to cxeicise forbeaio
and cultivate good will; and it the govcrnt
of the .State is committed to our toutrov
pledge ourselves to protect the persons, r^
and property of all it < poojilo, and to .si.
ily bring to summary justice, any ono>
We desire si fair, peaceable, election,. ,
pealing to I lie rpusou and not (he passiotf
the people, anil demand of tho lienubl
party a fair growing in (lie nppointmct
cotnn issionom of clootian. Wo demand n t 1
election and a fair count. Wo call upon
of tlie patriotic son i of Carolina (o join ut
We nsk l>ut n trial'o!' committing the Ktat'
our keeping, and if good government, se '
rity, protection and prosperity do not da :
in our over taxed, despoiled, and dishc.v
oned people, tlien drive us from jmwer, w.
scorn and indignation Our object is rcfor
retrenchment, and relief, Ihaf by hone!
and economy we may roduco the taxes, a1
lighten tho burthens of the people; giving |
the same time absoluto uecurity and prole
tion to tho rights nnd property of all. Upo
tliia paramount issue we cordially invite tl
oo-opcriUlon of every Democrat ami ltejml
liuan wlio is earnest ami willing in this ci is
of our State, lo uuito with us in this grci
? t **- ??
of Executive Committkk,
Democratic Party ol South Carol in
Columbia, August 23d, 1870.
The ICxeculivo Committee, in vio1
of the ronuosts mado ol tlio llepubl
can party, at recent mootings, lor
division's of timo in discussing tli
questions at issuo boon the partio
imiHMinuu unit wo uocm it (iuo 10 n
votors to havo ft lull, fair and froo dii
cussion on nil such occasions, and 03
proas out* willingness and readiness t
oxtend tho Hiimo right to Ropublica
speakers whonovor tliey desiro a ref
poctful hearing at our mootings; am
to this ond, wo urge tho Democrat
party to obsorvo every decorum an
propriety in attending tho mootings <
tho opposite party.
mi. ~ ~ i.: ? i .fn- i* i
xiiu uujuui; ui mo x/omourauo pun
is poacoful and untrummelod dinou:
sion, that tho pooplo'may bocomc 01
lighicnodon tho isnuos of tho day.
A. C. Haskell, Chairman.
of Exkoutivk Committer,
Democratic Party ol South Carolim
Columbia, August 23,1876.
Tho following list of appoinmonl
nro made lor (Jon. Wado Hampton an
tho nomincos on tho Stuto oloctori
(i r; 1c r? 1.!
Andorson, Sontorabor, 2.
Wnlhnlla, " 4.
J'ickons, " fi.
(tropnviilo, '' 7.
Spartanburg, " (J.
Union, " 11.
Laurens, " 13.
Nowborry, " 14.
Abbovi lo, " 10.
Tho county chajrman, rcspcolivolj
aro rcquoflto<J to mako tho nocoftSar
arrangomonts in ncoordanco with th
abovo prograramo.
Tho appointments for tho romainin
countioB will bo mndo in fhio time.
;\. (J. Haskell,.Chairman.
Trip to the Mountains.
Tho Doctor aiul tho Major spent a very
plonsant night also, with tho family of Mr.
tiphrnm Oilstrap on Liltlo Eastntoc. Every. I
thing was (lono that could bo to make our
stay nloftHfint and ncrri>?nl>l<? i?- *?
, -D- luy nw
found several grown young ladies, sun||^unU.?
ing their venerablo mother, whoso ?r
would mako tlicm valuablo help-mo
soino of tho Lords of creation. In th
wliero wo slept, wo cpunted 21 coverlet
counterpanes in one staok, woto iu tho u.
approved stylo, and, nil no doubt, tho hondlwork
of those indusirious girls. After sup* \
per, the three girls with their older brothor,,^ \ Jfl
treated us to somo of tho best vooal saerod V
music, to which wo havo listened to for many
a day. From long practice, tho fominiuo
Voioes of the irirlH- oxfinllw
D , J ffUII
thai of tho brother, they making the sweetest \ "jj
harmoney in singing, *
To our Mtri riijo, we heard of a gtoddoal of (<
Kickuess in this mountain region. Tho death
of n young lady look placo in tho neighborhood
the day after our arrival on the Littfc9
tiastatoc, (.Miss Alexander) nnd overy member
of the family was prostrated except tho /~,.j
father. It was a low type of typhoid fever ' ' >
and lias prevailed in that region all the wintcr
and spring, aud lingers in the Hiimmn* *?
facts about; the up.eb. %
It is a well known fact that in the ohaae,
door, invariably pass out of a drive in oortaiu
localities, or nt certain points, and no whera
else. Long oxporionco and observation lias ?
taught the citizens of the mountain region
with unvarying certainty, those points ol tlio / . 1
compass. And besides, the defer when J
pursued, always make for tho water. If nMre
were not well established facts, the killing of
deer in tho chase would bo an exceedingly jjB
uncertain business. Tho dcor shed off ovcry N J
spring en veil to their horns, and Change their
color from red to blue in tlio fall. Tho nc\t ^
iiviiu mm pin out arc sott mut ilabby, anil
have a covering like volvet. Ilenco, this J
called the velvet season. When hotly pur- /J
sucil in the chase tlicy throw their heads on sJB
their witheis, and run with greater speed per- /
Imps, than any other auitnal except the horao. ** x /I
The fawn or young; deer aro a beautiful BpoU
ic*?l aniinal, and can be easily and quickly \JB
turned. In two days time lliey will beconio *J
gentle niul attached to the 0110 that feeds
litem. The deer, is rapidly giving back from
the haunts of civilized man, and soon, aye,
loo soon, scarcely a deer will bo found on ^
this aide of the l'due Ridge. \
jokks nv Tin: way.
On one occh ion l)r. J. W.' i* /nnu Major
It. were placed near each other at good s(andt)
on the public ro id. After waiting till our.
patienco was exhausted for t'ne chase to open, ^
and 110 sound of horn, dogs, or men, I)r. K.
laid his gun on tho ground and stretching
himself il.it ot his back, was soon wrapped in
i lie mini ot Morpheus. Major 11, sitting r
near l>y, un<icrtool< to walch both stands, but ^
having no one to talk to, and no excitement
from the chn.sc, ho, too commenced nodding
lirst to one Hide and then the other. Just at ,'
this time. Dr. K. aroused from his slumber, * '
and broke out in a loud laugh, remarking,
' that was a pretty way to watch at a stnnd
for deer, all asleep." Again, on nnothor occasion,
when long hours of fruitless waiting
brought weariness of mind and body, Dr. E. I
stepped oft' down the road a short distouoc ^
tuid commenced, unobserved, to mnkoexain. 3
inalions, of frosli deer trucks crossing tho
road. Appearing after diligent search to /
Ii:\yc just discovered tho tracks, ho called to
[ho Major, who repaired to tho .spot, and dia?? }
covered I he track of a large deer, right froah.
Ko certain was the Major, of tho track being
tnado hy the roaming doer, that ho immcdi*
vtely proposed a pursuit on the still hunt orller.
At thin, the Doctor divulged the bccret, ^
>y laughing moat heartily. Again, on another
oc<j?ifcion, when one of tho party l|?d (
lot nml woumlcd ft largo buck at ono of tlio
finds, a hot pursuit of I ho strickcn doer was
ado by ""vovftl persons, ljollcring at every
mp. 11 i.< ho oxoitod the Major, though at
^considerable distance, ho commenced trying ^
holler, but tho Doctor said tho sound re- V
w nbled inoro tho crowing of shanghai than (
' ything 6lsc.
^ [C0NC'H'?Kn NEXT WKF.K.] f
9> I'ho following tiro tho nominoos of
10 Ciroonvillo Domooratio (Jonvon- ^
Cs >*
,0 ennto, S. S. Critlondon; Ilonao, J.
n Gray, l)r. J. F. Donald, J. T. Aua*
I J. S. Wosf.moroland; Judgo of
bftto, S. J. Douthit; Clorlc, W. A. % ^
(l ftuniol; ShorifT, 1*. D. Gilroath. Wo
\{ li nnt. vi<t, Infirnnr! tho nnrnwi of f.hn
n'noo.s for tho othor county oftlcos.
y Sr it is a good tickot. ^ /
' y
o following nro tho Domooratio
notations in Ncwborry county: ?
: Scnftto, Jamos .N. Lipsoombo; l\
foowor House, Y. J. Popo, 13. 8. Si
,x K<j\nd Dr. William I)oproh; for |l
' (Joy Commissioners, W. Tjostor,
,H Kb Wood and J v. P. W. llisor; for
L j Prio Judgo, Sampson Popo; for
, .Ulwf Court, 10. P. Cbalmors; for
/ Sl>(, I). I). Whoolor; for School Com
init-ior, llonry S. Boozorj for Cor??
l > W?...o *1
f l
T DomocnUic clubs in Oconoo
Con now nnmborovor 1,200, with
u da incrcnso. "
A Jo club has beon organized in
PoniPn wKb 08 mcmbors.
y li* spoocb in Congroos, r?contly,
0 Mr, ndall sbowod tbat tho Domo
oi?i|ou8G bad savcc. to tbo country f
^ in tbo gvoat\ appropriation
bir?ai'l/ thirty milieus of dollars* 1
{ ..

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