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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1871-1903, July 12, 1883, Image 3

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t A 0 A.L ITElMk
1r ani MI. W.14 McCallsill and
11c. h r ' .1tor, Hiss Mario, are visi
t'. i n M a os in G3ooigia.
iIJ.B Gordon has resigned
kb,nn ony of tho Georgia Pu
M" 1,13I1ollingsworth of this
; i.'unted at the Weslvan Fe
- ''i. uto, Staunton Va, fast
" t' I 14.,l has3 returned to her
(\o applionnts for certifi
C " I .fliioations to teach in the
* ols of this County appt"-ear.
-4 tho County board of ox
tc Iaot Friday and Satur
Bonnie lagood, son of
t' Ila.oo1, Y'oOo,tly ra
the Chateston liigh
:(td is 'now amongst his
Pickons for the summer.
rry, alias Perry Celey,
a is convicte(I of the nur
r -y A ndersoun, also colored,
le last weoot, nhd sen
be h.ung on Friday, the
f August next.
sly moro effoctually de.
explts worms from the
hatn Shriner'$ Indiants Vor
' t is, without doubt,, the
. in the market.
. Greenville dont forgot to
,o I riend Howenl, at Braf
timoro Clothoint Hlouse,
it sty.ish goods at buttom
n I. IIolbngsworth, who
medical couoo i at Lotuis
4Inow at hcome, but he will
is stuties as 001 as his
rown, colored, Was con
ho0 recent term of' court
ila, and sentetoned to be
Ithe 10th day of next
owntt hurott the gin house
. Mc eJunkil hst year.
ith Martin died last Satt
to upper portion of An
unty, near t,ho P'ickenr
1 93 years. 11cr 1emuiur
% -"ed in the Mullinix bury
', I iln this County. 1lLe
+ne was Mulli.x, and she
1 'relatives in this County.
>n the All- Line I t ilroad
the engiic,.r, .\1r.
r th'at. h i rI rai was
ti.) ne and was no.
(il 45 mil,$Iles .r hour
i he ruio tE
Com ~. n(rt ail 1r001, w herel
tin l 0(:10 lulte Ilt h i Ph.k
ot tnd uiitemupinth
tz:'r Mer sylY ui, bi\ bare
ro0 (iPat 1,hnt Othe. aos the
w ill' Ilol nl ' le (b-igam
n*h e 1)1al ) o f ii id t.
and~ Mothildfler tilsh et
brilshe aitIe' bodyle-t
hinglofnte omreSyianV4
- )t comoC anrid injoy1 the
- of Clybe veing.oU lOlco
t-ot, t lear tha Mr0s.3 W.i
- as0(i seriouslyii hr yhe
eek~ rShoe tonde wnh
o drheising wllo thi
* hors ltdycamo fr8ihtoned
4 itil f. Mr. Field fhad ove thel
* ebuggy,11 titler b1ody bei
whools, inv hiche postrion
S d r ovr hsevarent, yars
doe on b,ilely)ongg,.Shwa
* rob> amth carri-e itIntote
and)0( ton,li'i xait ion it
t,at t he3 ' kne ap ehadg
* ated,I an ,bat her iea
boed comoved toz ther own
o031 he5 is d in we4C3ll with.1'
ho lady 0. * wh wa rin thoi
-.it p, lit,,eeoin t'emai88n
,ti bugy,n the hs11 V~orse af
Nd, either311 Mrs.11y Farmer Anti.
- -oit'~ wo' hurt ( nlAIor ymoto
W rylac olle Fabild o.
The Saluda Musioal Absooiation.
DA R SKNTilNW.: The Saluda*blusioal As
sociatiou,this with the Baptil Church at
Griffin, on Saturday before the 6th Sunday
in July. at 9.8Q A. M. The following pro.
gramme has been adopted by the E. ectt.
tive Committee:
9 80 A. M., opening exercises by the
Welcome adjlress by Ii. .. Ahthony.
Ilesponse by members of thu Associa
11 o'clock A. M.. Address on education,
moral and inteltecturalf at 12 o'vclock one
hour for 'dinner,
2 V. M., address on the duty of parents
to ed'icate 'their children, morally and in
tellectually, by J. T. Anthony.
4 P. M., closing exercises.
StiNUk .
9 o'clock A. M , opening exercises.
9 -15, address. 11ow to MAke Mir Snnday
Schools "Evergreen," by Rev. 1. Holder.
(Limited to 30 rninutes.)
11 30, address on "advantages of char
acter notes over rotilld notes," by
lecess one hour for dinner.
A fternoon to be spent. entirely In music.
'rof. A. J. Showalter, of Dayton, Va., is
expected to be 1resent.. If rpesent he will
deliver the address on the Advantages of
Character Notes, if not present his abern.
ate will fill the place.
All Sunday Schools and singing classes
are retlnest.(d to sen(l delegates, and evety
holy is reqluested to hring their imutisin
hiooks. Temple Star, Shining Light and
Sweet Field's of 1-.denl.
J. T. Loorpvn,
J. T. Ciiii,ntat.ss.
1trUibute of Rcpect..
Whereas, it has pleased an Allwise and
beneficent God to rem.ove from this church
by death, one of our most faithful ineahers,
a brother who has been a leader in our
chitrOi for many yearr: ant whercas, in the
dentI of 1)eacon J.\COB Ll'.WSl, this church
and community feels nnd realizes a sad
bereavement, the church has lost one of
her brightest lights. the community one of
her he':t eiizents, his coinpalnion a trIte an.
loving hisbanil. amd !'is clhilren an fflic
Iionnte anl dutiful father 'therefcre he it
Resoved. That in this sad heroavement,
we how humble submission to the will of
Him who doeth all things well, and while
we f.'t said at the loss of our lovely brotI
er, we rejicec also, helieving that his spirit
has gone home Io realize It t eiernal W'rlt
of happiness and hliss, to behold forever
the smiling face of our ltlessed Lord wh ot
lie si lvotilti ser\edt hilc here.
'ht i page in our recerd hook
di to his memtory, a'nd a lhai a
se resolntiotns he sent to the
e de(ceasel. anti a copy he fnr.
: (t -. i r i a l Picken
........d ih reilest to publish tile saine
in their ctluim.s
JotNx T. Ltwis l
- 1.t.II:.\''tkW s : ta, t'om'tcee
loa' and adiptel by .AntiochI ,aptist
Cl r an:l (croh.ry ('"mpany.
(Yuwap ft r ('a sh or On Time.
emabetr itexI, orit withoutl thle e:tshl
i.tyiiet by giinii i a toeul it good
not1 Ci' ,:tLitet.ion. Yoit will :alway~'
Stove :til Croel<ery ('omP:lty,
huiuii li'lock, olpposit e the latik nut
te Mantsion llonso. 41 --4
blow shall shte preserve her hteath and
beaiuty? One who has lonig in vest igit edi
his sub~ject gives the result, andl is haip py
I.o say thait it is found aidn "Womian's RiestI
Frientd-"' It is ndapte eui(special ly to t hat
great centrcal. all contiroll ing organ-I lie
wombh: correct intg its disorders, andI cutring
any irregutlaritiy of' the "menses''" or' "outr
ses.'" Da. .J. linaorit-t ier.ti's FsatAJ.s i:at!
l,Aton acts like a chiarni in whiles, and ini
su4len or gradual chieckigg. or in en tire
stotp page ofC thle "mlioiimblly coutrses'" Ironm
cotld, imentIal t rouible. or like causes, by re,
s1toring thle natuiral dlischiarge in every in
stanice. In cliroitic citses, sit ofiten resuilt
ing in ulceramion, fallhng of the Wottb, its
act ioni is promipt an itdiecisive, savinig Ithe
conisit tion fi romt numbi eiless evilIs anid pr*es
nialtre dlecay. Prtepar'eil by3 D)a. J. II A It_
Pi sa.i, Altlinta (Ga' Price, trial size, '75ct.s.
large size, $1.50. For sale by all druggists.
Advice to Motheirs.
Are yiii ilistturbed at nIght andl brok en
of your r'est. by a sick child sitfferinig aind
cryinig withi paii of ciitting teelha? If sit,
sendu at onlce andii gel. a bittlte of Mtrs. WVin
sloiw 's Soutinag Syrupl h for Clhireni Teeth,
ing. Ils valule is inicilciulabtle. It. will re
Ilie Ithe potor 1 Ie sutfeerri'i mmted iat ely.
D)ependl upi' it, mithers, Ithere is iio miis
take abiot it . It (~c's udyseiitIery atitn i
arrioe. reguilaties thle alonmiih aiid howels,
ciires w ind citlic, suIteus thle gitms, redul(ces
iitintamat ion, andI gives tonue andi eniergy to
I lie whIole systemii. M1 rs. W insloiw's Sitot hi ing
Syrunp f'or Childrenci 'leetihg is pleasanlt to
te t.ast e, andI is ile p.riescript itor of itne ii1
nurises in t hie UnitedlX dSt , iiiii is lior satle
biy all dlriugistsx thr ioiughiutihe woild.
Price 25 ceints a bot tle. leb 15, I y
On Thirty Days' Trial.
Tiu i Voi.T.uc Iti.Tm Co., Mlarshtall, NIieli.
will sendi Dr . l)ye's Celebruatedi li letroi
Voiltaic b-lix andt 1heiric Appllianmces on
tri atli' Io thirty days to men (younig or' otl)
who are ailhlcel wilI ''iitros dlehility, lost
v'italiity' and kinditred I roubiles, giiarat ci ii
spedy aii icompiihlete test oraltion of hteutih
andl nminly vigor. Addrless as aboive.--N.
It.-- Ni, risk is itcire, it tIhirly days'
triail is ailowed. liuM2-ly jan 1
I). Feirgisoni, ei al.
IURIISIANTl to ani order lit Coit, nule
in thle abtovje sttetld iai ott lhe tMihI
dlay of J lite 1 883, all per'sonts having tilahnms
or deumaiids augainmst jti PS E y11 j' i It
SON, lare hierebiy not ined andiii reqii-e mrit
prove t heIr cliiiims before me(, oni tir by I le
15rth Itdaiy of Au~gust 18H8, itt lhe foirever
barredt of tiny bienenit ot' adivanttage untder
any dcreec 4o bit t'endet'edl in the abo-,e
stated case.
J, J. l.FWis, C C p'
AT 'I'lI
New Store,
Shirtings, Drilling8 ( 11e6ks, Bacon, Flour,
Corn leal, Bran, Snlt, Molasses, Sugar,
Coffee, Rice, Grits, fIarming linplements,
and a General Stock of Merchandise that
will be sold at 'the lowest possible figure for
M. .T.S1II'I
Don't want you to forget that he manng's
the EASLKY IIOTEI,, a-'l will ho pleased
10 aervo you in first e,ass style. andi that
he also has charge of the LIVEltY, FEEl)
And is prepared to take good care of yonr
Horse or furnish yon A !'ist. Class Turnotl
at a reasonable pritO. Dont forget the
place Where your patronage will be appre
oiA'd, and there you will be sure to get
lie worth of your tnoney.
Or Liver and Kidney Cure,
it is the most elTectire intl vall;able Me -
dicine ever offered to the tt tericiln people.
As fast as its merits heceln," known it tse
Ibeoontis lniversal in every conintlnitly.
Ni f:nily will be withott it after having
once tested its great valle.
Thousands of Dollars.
are wasted on I'hysiciains' fees by the Ilys
peptic, the rheuntatic, t he hillious, and1 the
nervous. when a dIollar expelndled onl th:at
unapproachable vegetable Totnic and A t er
at ive,
Hepatic Compound,
or Liver andi Kidney cure wooId ink every
case elfect it cure
It you are hillions, longite ' e''el, he1a
hot, dult, or aching. had hrs':h, stomel
he-1vy on sormr. if bowels itnac' ie :atni pass
Igls hardl inul ocesii,1nl ~ooseness, if your
stloi"1 is I)r-,) ell (lossinlg abou111 ill bed"4) if .voll
ge I tip unnlretresne,l it ytir skin is saIw.
ryes yesl' v. if heatvy, dull p .ltr.M inl back
:n11,1 lstubs, if you are dr1ow.sy, in ip d
to 1:alk or1 act. 1 :nty ,O1e -~- m1or~ nf they
symlt~is like 11 dto-e o ' Si mn," iI 1:1' \'1'
It ''11.\I1' UNI) :,n l v,ou wVil get in,n.edliate
DOWIE & ,1OIE3?,
t'II.\N1f,l>''I'ON, - - Is Cl.
('ll. l l,1 i'() N .. ..)
Christma,s Goods.
--- i - -
)RINN.\N& lIlIt). ihe reulators ih
t;RO iu;E:llPl .A NI il ON F"I(' li N \ l i103
ilo give you in iiIlucettet s inever ottered hy
C.\Nl)Y of' every dlescription,. by the
lIIIx or l'l r'el.
OR.\ NO ES by the Ili rrel, and itn f'act,
everiyting in proportion itsually kepjt mt at
firist class Grt'cer'y and1 ('oniteeti-manry St ore.
We cantinot he undiiersuld . Give ius ia etip
andtu het cointitced thmt.
lEasley . S. C.. is t he phice to buyi~,
"An mI)on't You Iioget I t."
diec 21, 1882I4 t f
CA.9PIT'9'L, .. .. - $Uttt.tt00
31URPlLUJ, - .. - '21,(tIt
Th'Iis ahink wviilputrchase at pain irge'
or small amiountts, Checks ont New Nr'k,
Pidl phi a, lhih im ore am tos ion.t
Chiecks tot' sale on New York andl ('har
MIoney' O rder rat es, ava iIb le for r'emiit Itan
ces to all parts iof the Uited'l Sialtes
WnEtey to L)oant otn coillatteral anId per'ottal
L,ibetal aidvatics miadle oil cItio o IIr iloter
prut'Ice stotred ini anyi warlmeihouse itt thel
New Advertisements.
''intht linndl of the sky,"' Arbsevtie. N. (..
' ITroughi ins5trulcttin. IFirml li) h ltiphne.
MIlisic ai spCc.iathy. Suippilit of Ii tinent
A'ihitt$s IIF.V. .I.\t) Al TKIN, .in .Pres't.
i f L l Nev' gl- G, . P
'94l o 0 S r : S r l .V
. -- - ~ -E
GEARING, Steam and Hand ]
OILS, FILES, at\d General Mill
Lights and other puiposos re
.$ Automatic Engine in tho mai
Repairs by Competeint V
Write for Prices nndl inentiol thi i
Dar ains, arains,
'T'hut are Truuly W4on(lerfui
EAs 1EY, . S.C..
1WN'-:R ON TIl- :\, A1-IZ'T WI'I'I C\.tI
in h1an,1 to seecn-e tar-gains whet'never Ilt
opplorlunity" PreI TS(18 itself". Now look out
fo, ib:rg:tinv. 'Ile timle h1:tH coIIIe when
yolk acln e al you w-nto . e I lie follow
ing :n'I go to C. P. RUNION'S Etporiumu
an'1 net It rga!ins:
I1.(111 v:r'I, I l'' e Prinl +, 5 to I eeiils.
4 ,ullt ya,r-1 1is :lnatl tlourln Mi l and unr.
Iain 1'a:ie.-es
3,.0110 1:-d, 1 i t W m"o-sle, 1) to i enly.
:I.t011 1';rdl, I:111S (io,'ds, frIn- l 1~>e. to *1
1' r v:rt I.
>aht'lineres an'l ;\}lpare of all! gr:1le+.
Of :lll ot le s an gr:1 "I - I I 11roagin fmo
i, i p 'e . SI '. 4i 11.1 1t1 e of t'r'-k
1ry. g .Il l e o"f I rd1I re, \ \ i-l atl W l
low w 're.
, to 12 lbs. to 1i.e -"1; Coflee,
1, In 1h.. I. th - .i 0.
CA LL ('.N
Gr itsani
Y 1arns, t4
P o w d e r,hc r
13 hot,,
.C" ips,s
Registrati n N tic,
N 'l1(l ' lett, #iv4lIlows and L l~
all rat reasonnalu1 24 ics Ifdn
oct 2A. 188EY 0 0
are ow pnin - nyothe al . PCiIkCA li.
I. 1--. I !,or : -he R1b.Ti, 2r: i of ahl ' e
- ltIIIi I O~ -_ - .fy1
Supplies. HUGHES' AUTOMATIC CU'-OFF ENGINES. for Electric 1
quiring steady, rtliablo and economisal power. This is the simplest c -a
Jorkinn. Charges moderate.
a-o. W.. WIJL Amvt ES 25 So r,
'ate r- Charleston, $t C. is
Aji for Dnli1 F t I ovn! Hii Gi
NO Wtill ; ( IN M A1) E II.8 Ti'll lI l'.VO Y IN( III:..1)-\ B tl<
(1l thlt!; s ld inl l'Ivke Ns, :A1 11er"1ont a111( ..\ bevillt+, 0 ti1 1ll o11her1S ,,
Iin(e< in Ia.L tivo y'e:lr . Coi ple 1t aid lull N:ti,laetion giIra ti( in en
a" r D-o> >a EtI'clES .1 lIE ITSII\((~ TiU E.I:
Job1 F . inlithl, I;li:14 Day, 1)r. S. W . ( lavtion, Th' ntas Vl>;-kill-. J1:In
I'. ilir1iuks, 111.o 1lua y othe1r p)rOmin(' Lnt ,.n. (;:n ul.u lu"'s1h t
tII I en wanlteu PreM-(sse's of diffiret, ii1,i.
V 'ICT'1Ol ANI \ ) G ll \ \\ 'I W STI' t.N (ANE IC . lLs)C' 0 1 'V.\ 1'
li.\ 'TI n <e tt u11 I yie rn Chare :ot1 rchool Lt l 1 IilII-.
b'e terl. \\"Irue t(, 1ne lor pIca, 1en ,ke,e will call oin yo.01
E. R. HORTON, Libertv.
Jtite 28. 1.--S3 .II
Prnfnsain rn 1iT%+; n-. I NF!AAVY nAM I Ni IAA1 I vuan
I'l( lI l'NS U. 11., 8. c. Bokai tinc y
jlne i II, 18834 - - faina ak
.1. T'. Nix. AIA ..u 'i. W it.N.N V IL - S
Wal&l-Ll'apor~ i nniWisowieshs i
Cific in M nsionobus'l'ensvilanSc l'eue,is. o e U';
grtIs 'iip hange .iofr.h Schcdh-e.i
CIII1J) BOGUS. c:telbaneou Books, litor I al lh il
tutucit29 ~8 'eliion, at
TAYOR& WELBRY, feb1,t: 1I3 1.
fl'ii Mans(i Hous,Grenile C E ihnalja di & an il I
Will pactilainireiSlatiand niteH
SaTeCOrt. IVIE. .tiV Changi Of Chdil
I. A i'l iIl I.. . :708
.\T Jit) N il F . 01 tk ('() t ittit . Tr L A W,
PICEN t( . Ie(ilPIS4.i tO
AWwlltprIooIico iin:alll the StatoItiand
ti e I i K9 IN 8 IIINIIItS it uti, y litiii otlliu
TAY 2LOR< & CARY,; l~~t IIi
*.;ttuiabia & rcenville It. R. Co
C0o.JI1A, Juno Ztht 1883.
fa tto Information of the Public
Le:t vl ,oitlbia [Al 11 47 n m
Alston 12 i' p In
Ne# belry 2 410 p r:
Ninety dft 3 2;it p
iiodgts at 4 3u t
lieton ' . 15 , r:
\rrive,at (t'O\ev;iIeat 7 15 p .
No. 56. Io'N raSC'COn
Leave Greenvilii, 10 t>0 a :
Belton at.12 1p p
odges it 1 33 I'
'n-ty Si* 228
Neivherry ut 4 1. n
Aletlon it. 6 2.p
Arrive at Uoltmbin [i U :0 p
No. 41 UV 1'A1SEX p.
[enve Newber'ry ~ 48 p - 1
Arrive Ilclen l [ U "0 p r
No. DOWN P.A8 sFN(W R.
Ihnve li'lenl+ 1 :3"5 p m
Atrive Newherry 12 11) l t
-411trt>anui.r~;, U'11ion and Colutt,
bia Rtailrot ,,.
No. 5: Ur I'As,t:Nul:1.
LInve Alstoi 1:
St rol1her 1 ;1
Sheltt\l 2 lo
Sanlnc * :h ; yi,
Utii I)t 3 1)2 p is
i:trtian'g, S, U & C tlIpot (Ii) 1i l) 1 to
It:'t n'g I t I) liiepot ( t:) i0 p w
No. 52 'uowN 14.t sr sut.:tit
Leave S., 1. l' I) IiL' t (It) I (U p
., & .. Depot (1:) I 17 p
Ilin i~n 2 18 pi
Arr-ve .\ISI")11 5 211 I i
'.to t1:i 'n t to.t --No. 1.
I.t:i\v Iil'- tla 1 "7 p 1
l'rivr e t I.:llr'cn:t (,' I 7 it)
Nou. '3.
Lwlv,' 1.ttiu w et-l y ]!1 .) a
_ N o. 3.
Lo :tc II11("1111 51) p 1.
l11ve 1. 'go " Il : ; At
No- I
'S i\c .rle jt . 4 :t
I I \it Itca"'t .;2:1 ,18 '
I .\* 'i i a) v l u t. '.t.\ a'li.
I .tt:tIc l :i i 1, 1. Itt.'. u
Lt:ive 11 udge: :I s1 I.itI p'
\1-rive ni A.\bbeville : ': ) I
enJ Ivr .1\bbe il e 12 I t1 1I"
\Ir n l . I ienl t' . t .o I '
Blue idge It & A anch
P I 1 I . :I
lII I ui 1 ;11* 1 i tp i
*, '~L i MI*'iI*'iii. ~J*I2t.ii. ii. p i.
1" utr 11 n1 1" ht it . ". [ n Il
111 I t,I1~ !1f'' 1T ,1t2 il '~ I '
\n* I."rti " :1II I I 0 p iIn
A.li e \ at haell,utI n101 n 12
-. '1 br"u}h l ' :1lh o r llender onville will I.
h!i l , I' 11:1i11ro1d f' t bI l u '134-lest --
'I 1. 'I. Iiii:1 2.t o I,II. 'l 1 Il'12 :411."If I, g 22t.
lTio 11 ln iltnington nti 1111 poin 1
bvI II i ht I l it %v 1 It ,+ .t ih i-u d f 1
A 'Il:a i , *lI%:0 1 ,,i i.s N oi It h I % i .'
I li' .b: bevilL ' tl ri t-Ian*h rL llit il"
1 " I . . ! I i Ii i .? I 1' - I 'h, !
ulIhI 'I n ng o . 1ou ii I d .i n
I 1 al i.,l tJ,J.o 21 :l 1ng o ai' el I he' N ,r1
1. ith u la ia: I, i -b II. 121 11j o il.j
tii:ltt'i'1,tI SS3 lent
i . AssIii't ini ' n
F1 uniet la '*Iflidli ah< r e le rlo, bhc Ili
ii I'ier i c. I.e plncch l'l bit will \rnIt 1
.\li :i nt.'i.iato g ofal aori Suc Is'IU .'c
l uia el:l r an n :
t:i:'* ti f I'i0 r y 'I: $.- . *0 wra'
* iiege ' '.' 'us>''in * l In;ves la I t* o
2iie. s .pie eLI vIri0211 ,*a!i \\r~,he.t n
* '* lui .1 IT Iny er I ther twerts o .
I il hot' I 'e i t h.i- s'yd expr,.mliii
nichti , . '11.11f Ivlli th.l ely .n.. pitoinr
Ilfin 'i nt* L, 'i ioirt'r o Wli2Vinpoen.
at11' Oh,.I*. 1211 .'I'u( r t
112 A in fro 21 o f gethe omfots of ~tho (ee
"into be lnii ned' i ayrernedy upon when.ch ipic 1:'
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