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A Singular Separation and iteetoratio-.
A Life of DIheipatlon.--Bovuaoe i l:eal
IENDiESON, Kr Oct., 21.-The
death of Gaho Tate last week brings
to mind the romantic career of his
life. Tate was born and raised in
this county. ills father was one of
the prosperous planters of ante-belluni
days. I'ho large tract of land he
owned was in Walnut bottom, in the
most prodUctive part of this section.
lie had a large number of slaves, and
better still a large bank account. Gabe
had grown in an atmosphere of luxury
until luxuries were common. lie had
been accustoted to having his own
way and to have CCry want supplied.
When his father died the estate was
divided between ltim and his sister,
Mrs. 1)r. J. A. I larding, who had gone
to the home of her husband in Jefelir
son county, now a part of Louisville,
Ky. There he met Miss Shotwell, the
daughter of Col. A. L. Shotwell, a
man who was rich in a dozen (lifl'crent
ways. his steam interest was only
second to his landed estate, and his
commission merchant's business but
barely outstripping his mining rights.
The vast coal ficlds of U' niou county,
now owned by Biown & Jones, the
Pittsburg coal kings, were his individ
ually. At that time, in 18(2, there
were only two coal mines operated on
the Ohio river below Pittsburg, Pa.,
the one at Cunnellton, md., and the
Shotwell Mines, in Union county. So
exhaustless is the supply of coal, and
so superior the quality, that a railroad
has just been completed to the mines
from this city. Fabulous fortunes
have been made from the fleets of coal
sent South from these mines, it is
seen by this what oriental grandeur
was in the reach of Gabo Tate and Miss
Shotwell, with their fortunes when
united by marriage at the residence of
Col. Shotwell in Louisville. After
marriage Mr. and Mrs. Tate Went to
the Shotwell Mines, where tlhe pro
ducts of a thousand miners supplied
their wants. For soic years they
lived at the mines and all went well.
Two or more chihlren blessed their
Union. MI'. Tate left his home and(l
to this day the. public do not know
the cause. Suriuises were plentiful,
but no knowledge of the cause was
ever had. It was known that his
estate was gone, but ihat was of small
impiortance, for his wife was rich.
Some time after Mr. Tate left home
Mrs. Tate sceured a (livoree, and
shortly after iiarried Saimi ChurelhilI,
at prosperoUs planter who had lived
ncar ihe iniiies, and with whoni she
was aci(luaini eI dnriug her married
lifei at the nines. In the meantine
And ow Tate, an old bachelor uncle
had( died, and 1311 his vast estate to
(ahe and his sister. Iingh Tate, an
other )achelo' uncie, 8001 diedi, and
ahde(i his firine to that of his brother
Andrew, for the 1 bei c l of his nephew
anid IlieCC. Not long atter that, Miss
\ancy 'I'ate died, a 11(1 lt her increased
fortune troni her own richt and un
divided Jut erests in the e.st aes of her
two brotheis, Andrewy and IlInh, to
Gabe 'Itate aid his sister. 'These
changes covered a period of nearly
te east . Not witlstanding the fact
that consideralle advertisieg had lben
(toe, not lung could he heard of (abe
Tate, and he was su1 pposed to be dead.
At last he was heard I'rot at ('airo,
Ill., an(d thund. Arrivi ng home, he
found liiusell' a 1ich ma again. lie
wrote to his wife~ o (senld thle chiIdren
to him al is Cvnsi lie, indi., a. lie wantI
ed to see them. She inet hinm thiere
with the childIrent. Shiortly atfter wards
a thv ~or'e was pr'ocured frcom o Samunel
Chmurchuill, thle secondt ihsband, and(
speedti ly following t hatI di voice, was
the inarriage of G abe Tlate to the same
wolinani who had priocured a dliv orce
fromi him yearst beftore.
Si nc t hien they have hi vedl herte miost
ot the 1 time, a hiiIsoine suburban
home lbe Iing lhirs . .\tr. TateiI haus led
atdissi patted li be sinice I tirst kne1w him t
butt was ani enonmy on ly to himlself.
Ilec has beeni thle ,,>)deil goose for 1110re
than 011ne slir). 10, his a iluen(Ice lie
Wats genecrotus to ext ravagancie, anmd
hunitdreds of poor' devils (owO a night
01 comf orit and at good ieal to the
plentiful purs'e of G ahe Tate. For
two oir 1nore years' lie has been bailing
raptidly, and hitst week lhe (ied at the
residencee of' his sister, Mitrs. 1). 1 lard
inig, who nlow lives ini l;ion 'outlty,
anl.t withlin five miles ot Shotwel l'
-minos, where his early mnarried lifte
was passed. Mr's. Tate anid her
clihik. are0 t lier'e. ( )ne, to see the
lady in her quiet demeanor, would
never suplpose that 1her life was so
cycnut ful. She does not appear to be
over 80 years of aige until you see her
grown dthiteir by lheur sidle. She is a
small w'oman of' thle Peat] style, being
neither blonde n or brunt mette.
Wile Thu ri l isAfe Thecre lai iEope,
Mlany of the diseases of this season
of thle yem;r can be avertfed by a small
amount of care and1( at little cost, by
the tiuely use of EwvnANu's TrA.z
CmrNCHoNA Cowit.
It curIes Diarrhwe~a, D1 ysenterv, CThol
era Morbus andti like complain is. .No
travel/er shoul1 d lbe witihout a bottle, as
it will prOeent ainy disease that would
110 dotubt a rise from the bngo or
water, fouod anid cliie, without its
use. The inost valuable mnedicinIe ill
he world, conttainus aillth le best and1(
most curtativye prop)ert ies of all ot her
Toncs, flit te' rS, e t c. , e tc., lbe ing t lie
gr'eatest Blood P'uritier, Liver Regulah
tor anid Life and I Iealthi-Restoring
.Agent in existence. For Malaria,
Fever and( Ague, Chills and( Fever,
D)yspepsim, Indigestioin, ~Sick Ilead
ache, Nervouts Ileadache, Chronic
Rhienmatism, etc., etc., it is truly a
Herculean Ion1e(dy- 10 gives new life
and vigor to the atged. For ladlies in
delicate health, weak andl sickly chil
dren, nursitlg mothiers. Sie circulars
wrappied with bottle.
CHAIILESToN, S. C,, Sept. 1, 1885.
11. .1. EwBANa, Es5Q-, Presldet'of
The Topaz Cinchoi. C.or'dial Co.
Spartanburg, 8. C.: D ear ' r-I have
tused a case of your Topaz Co.d:e ;
my family, anid as a Tontic and A ipe
tizer 1 canf cheerfully recommendl i~ to
all who are suffering f'romf D)ebility
and lack of' apeilte. My children
especially, have been much benefitted
by its use. Rtespectfu liy,
if UTSON Im .
Ask yotur drutggist for EwuiAK's
no other.
* Spart.anburg, 8. C., U. S. A.
A Cowb,oy Huns a Riae wnha a Tran..
OumeAno, ( ctobcr 28.-A Timo spiecial
from Fort Keogh, Montana, says: A cow
boy herdhing cattle near Bozemlaa, yester.
day, conceived the idea of rnnnin g a raee
wfth a freight train just passin'g. Po'tlting
apurs to his broncho he caught up with the
fyng cars and for a while the race was an
even ore. While galloping like mmtd along.
,gide tIle train, . a su(dden lurch the horse
and( rider were .tro~wn agietecr n
JbQth weoe kilio,l.Is tecr n
7N,000 Deaths In .% Pw Mouths-A Dreadrul
ToKto, Japan, October 23. -''he cholera
has been playing sad havoc in Japan.
There have been over 100,000 cases ahd
i0,000 deaths. The old theory that cholera
would not attack foreigners has proven a
false one. At first none of the foreign res'
lents were attacked, but within the last
nonth, just as the disens" is gradually
lying out among the natives, there has
>cen quite a number of cases right here in
'ruki ki, where the members of my family
ire staying. We have had the disease all
tround us. We are residing at No. 15, and
here have been several cases at Nos. 13
sad 14. ()ne child died in two hours after
being seized with the disease. The Japanese
ervants all over this concession have had
he disease, and a man could never tell
when lie woke up in the morning whether
>r not he Would find a policeman
CAItitYINo A W,.\) SER\.\NT
)ut to the waiting cart and disinfect ing t lie
premises. 1 had a barber who came every
>ther morning to shave me, for which '1
paid him one Mexican dollar a month. 1Ie
:loesu't, come any more. The cholera carriel
him off. Ills brother was second cook of the
American legation. After visiting his
brother one (lay he went into the , it'y and
never came back. lIe ha(d been seized with
cholera in the street and was carried to t lie
hosl)ital, where he died two hours after. A
servant dropped in at the house of one of
our neighbors, and (liel while talking with
other servants. 'Tlhe master of the house
never dreamed of the death antii he saw
the police carrying the body out of the
house. Outr lile here for two or three weeks
has been one of terror and anxiety, for we
never know wvhen we would fall victims to
the plague. At first it did not concern us
individually more than
itt 'ilt.\NINo ito. \l iitlrri,
ve ('tal Ies and fish. We drank only wautcr
which had been hoiled two hours. The
theory was that wit h pre'autions foreigners
We' It' exempt. \Ve Went out on the sttees
v ery( day, anid would see lun(lred'(1S of
patients being carried to th" hosiitals on
lit!ers, but. we felt no slt'ial l:u-m. We
would see patients carried by ouir gate
every day, too, andl even when ,Japanese
died iight next dor \\e never llinche(d.
But when one or two foreigners (ied with
the disease right ('lose to us, tiheu that be
caueit a different matter and we 1b gi to
be frightened. We thought of going into
the country, but about the titie we got
ready to go every foreign hlysician had
ret urned to Tokio, and there was not a
Iace in Japan lit that time where we co ui
have anty medical attention ottside oI
Tokio, except, of course, inative phyisicians,
whom We preferred not to risk.
wn .\nE sritI. .itcn.
Nailv all of those who went into the
contyiv for tlie stilluler retunrned on l\ t~
be seizcd with the dreadfuli dis as'. ( inly
abo ut 12 (ir 14 torteigners hien- and( in V14h1(
hta,am have (lied so tar, Iut -,ve:l tre now
vrt y sick. 1 Wais three tlimes thir 'ait n((d
vithli the dise:tse, but cvery tiime i -ot a
phlysieii in ten ii inutes and wa relieveI.
Srmi satisied lost ('as(es will icld wn
the phvsician rrives iii timn. t' The trex
111(n i s to put the patieit uis ler ito in
tltItncc ~f au o piate t (e1, andl this i
iu naliy donit b y hypodlermti( ini jI'tion1.
(l hi lst tialurtlay 1 wa.s lakin ti,wcr :aid
lt' he phsicimnr gave+me tih1re' byInl odrmnic in-'
.eielious durm.n: the dany. It is fear"ful to hu'
M, badttly frigihtencd as we haue beII'', Laut
wI hope Cor better things now that the
\\ athier is grow ing eooler. lI fact, we
forcignt'rs d2 not expect 1any furth(r langei
from tlie awful disease iihi has ("ausetl
tl' deatIi of maany thousands 'If nativ(s.
-'i(Ou . S. 31.a st it: t.).
r:-fl taolition Ii.f t gra es of ()1nfed.
'I iiuikts :mi appealI for then'i'r'resen'.
We appehendlCi t lini!11 nihin wu~ vill be done11
to beItter'i thle nmllttter. Tht ('/lronid re
miiinded the peopile. 1from perisona2l obsIerva
tionl, 1ha thei li wai;lls ofl thle (onifc(eerate
i'emeiteryf, at A,lana2iisa were' down x, in several
tilt' andtli irtainle neciess to thle encelo.sure.
We dar ie say the scamdl still exists, andi
nmust lIe wvitssed daily by travelers. tto
tie hayi) at Po'inlt booilkoult hiad waIshedt (lut
hundred il s (if Iht remaiins oft dead C'onifetder
at es, atuil thait h ogs were rioting upon)1 thiesl'
refhis lthat trewed I le heachi. It' anythIing
renceIt we niever lieard (of it. It is Sid t hat
t' hones( of the dead soldiers of both
aries, ill V irgiiia, Inlve, at timhes, beaen
galtlherevd upl and1( sent North to be ground21
for1 fertiliziing l)prpoes.
sold ieris at the South for interment in ele
gilalt ('temieteries, we wer'e i nforimed, at the
tiuai. t hat numnertus Confetderate (death
coasit , niegro grxiveyarids were rifled for
bonlles to maiike' te coin!ract price greater.
Theitse xire some11 (If the resiults (if wvar,
which is ahvuiays horrible. Th'le South hatd
a plea of povlerty just af tter the coti xest, and(
11ow a glenerat ion is (ctinig onl toi whtm
thie ldoody tdrann is more or less tof a myth.
Ilr an1 xid ther'ie t Coiifederat' e l have
are raieIt. (Ouir petiple sienti men! tally honior'
tlwmii by~ mionumenttxus in the (itie's iand. by
ximuit :iddresses and1 poemis. it is prohna
bi,-lyt' fati- tf t' vanultjihedt toli betiim
cele tt o Itneglet the bones of men whoit
(ries'.; 'n ThgEgyptianis wuere liim on1l eo
OnJly thei otther tday the muintiilv I f' thie
liin.g who reignxed at thle timii t thet ix
pl sion oif the ehildrenc~ of I.srael wa'Is
bro ii ut to light andit no(w repotse' in te
of the mignhty? W'~~here dloes Alexanith-'r the
(rea i hlto.!5 111 iie'x ist , ~andwh iV ' s t'
dust (of many11 k ings andii emperoritis statteretd
thii c:irth swvallows' thlnm upl antd thly) It'.
t ui to thlt elemexnts fioni which t hey were't
t'retatt d. So, wuhil e thereshioul heI defence
aginlst dtilemen('rt, there can tie nlonet
algainst filiai extinlgiishiment- .;tygi1gly
4.me4rinhii hildtre'i.
r(n. tiut 1whiexi madet( keep t hema.
I1 noxtt not ice ever' httlle hiit Itand xe
'iv,atte i'ourage' aind self' ricei( in
t'hilren, so t hat whien oht'r they wnIl not
dIreatd responsib ilitiles.
Abitinti a hiarmoniy of dee)lopent be
tv'ern2 thle bodly andt brain, so that niut'thor
sha,ll outgrowv thle oIlier.
.li0 firm, yet gentlt', wh'Ien nce:ssairv1, and21
imsist, on otit'enceit to iill command'ihics; butl
neve'r ask whait is uniiriasoniabl or 'j jiOmos
I i )! tex pet pierf'ctiin, A ihih is a n 21
l evelopedi creature,~ biauti ful as a budi
1103 imorie thani its parenits enni'
Chlildren should lnot too) frequen'xtly he
ordered1 toi do thust andt so,.~ Whn nleessa
ry) thley mayii, hotwe've'r, lie 'olimandetl (Or
dering ('hihlren about hutts thleir self
resp1c't. 'ommnandling them, as xa digiiitled
Pis0o maity and2( ought to 1be tused (on all
is well done,'' is a tonic to the mind of thue
child as well as the adult. Chiildrcn often
starve for hIonest, tdeserved praise. N'ever
fall to bestow it, It is onie (If natture's
aids. he parent, who never pr'aises a child
(toes wrong.
A good digestion is more to be desired
than great richna.
Fact. of Intercat Gathered rrom Vartouf
Auother Itussian war ship is going to
3trs. Ste\wart's estate is p resnimed to be
At Paris the Senate has passcd the bill
providing for the sale of the crown jewels.
The report that the Queen would visit
Ireland is ollicially denied.
Tte opening of the Intiernati1l1 Stni
tary Congress at Vienna has beten lixed fo
September, 1687.
A New York syndliente proposes to huy
0,000,000 acres of land from the ('herokee
T,ndiains at $4 per acre.
'Tihe Adulus -xpress ear\ was eit ere'I andt
robbecd of .30,00O in cash. MO)l:IVyl night,
between St. Louis and Pacitic. Mo.
'Hite iilinond1 antd 1);m' ilk :;vitel
ha; ens('d tle Vashingtton, I )Ihio' and \\'ec
ern roat.
.Iosep h U. Hali, ehief diirtrihib in eh-'k
in the Athunta post oHL:c, I is beecn artremdt (
for sttaliig.
The eSilldence of WVillialn l>+ i, noar Flat
F ick, Kiy., (Lughit Ii rl TuI tay ''in ., atil
the occulinlt, t iglit in iutne('r, w ere
burnIIedI to decath.
Thie boile+r of at .sawv li!I in E:asI 'nit
tielt:, P'a., exp lodl ;aturdlay c'(uintg, hor
ribly 5(1adingi and mu lt ihaiin 5(eVeratl WIork
A contrac't has le let i)r liihiii the
fIirst '7 utilcs (if the G eorgia centrai ra il
road's cxtension fronti (loo(dwater, Aia.. to
liy a railroadl ('ollaisin TIhursdlay afte'r
no01)n at P'inc BiufA, near .\1iiWauk511, \Vi,
n(tc ilant Was kili'd, I\Vwo l r allv in
jured ,und thiree othters severcly hurt.
.lIr. .1tl'rTsul I)av"is, of oli;Sis>ippii, :ut(d
lr. Ii. .\i. TI. 111tnter, of \'ir i( :1, it is
saui, arle the only t wI) living who Witldrew
froi the U:nited Stattc: S.nate in I.
'Ile' bodly of alii n'kinwn wVomtl:1i1, ;ei d
;,, hias h)'cnl l nInd i s I. wl s \ i"ou licIr i!il
fordi , P'a. hinc r .ollinl', m1 (l. :o:5. lal
'e ii iirl'st'il otl s11s ,ICt(li of iurd'rii.
ith( wVolia.
'i' lr''leh iii oye tt oiili (Irrnitti h>'( i has
(h iuany, eteriiidly as it w\is inltit:t I ini
til , I. hi lltie' ("lll. T ' i ;tthe i (1 45
to nlinbitter nation al f( lin; i t u e
-1 l lt l(('ns, tl it .\ I0 0. ( +i., i 11:ia 1n i' ,
r'')ll!ly ililu d t'lc ti . i ( \ew Inil' ilt ilt igi
s i(n h l t it, w:is horrii (lit' h uiil,
star edltii.self to death i n lil. lb died
tilitilav. alti ilt tttSC
A pirotocol ;ts ee h(('ii,ld iening dIpI
l'In:tti( t(lati n i nii t\w( n s "(r i :an1i >i .
Maia. I t pC' ,\ lie h tilt SV tray1.f o
I i 1 ai t,.e t'o e rcit' i Ie t it
tun t ia joint (1mi"i ,
'Ir. ('+rl la; t1. 't( wart. wVih. uf thi
I:l+ tlaillionii:it dry goods inerchan t. diedi
titil tldy tthiiir, itiy I il ii I t III r t it
do:!' in 'ew Y ti11'ha(itvi. of ("4iI a't-n.- h eii (,
iI' itliui ;i n lih(:tti trottii .
\ ir:11in on Ii(l ('hii( u .liji\,w ' oa
I 'i!il r.ailro:tt u:\ a; (it(:hel'( \\edtnc:,(I:
(li,,11 i', t:' ii' ili t' I+ ii! lit :1 ai( I tty 1,
(ll1 iit ll ,a l'tl hlii ;'t toe ( ;il l a th'
S .i. e n itC- iividU niS iS t tni le
I'('s~ i ltuoi (ttli u'l ii I( t' l+ro Iat
ti liou1 d(clainilythat foi6 i.g. irrIiin:llitiil,
(liiuti t o tOilutgc'1a11(1 t(ll st \'th'ji the
l i:ited tlates :lt' siusu'ndld auni d1'I lotlii:
U 't( I t iii i re'.-II ts l li S.; tt of
Theic V(eerable .\ rehiihop Nirirh I t
t. I,nii lst ni ij ht fol r l;iltii - ' , i . It .
he till lttettll ' t th er .\r(ll isl: ( ( tt(i I 't
Cu)liut iit \vlu t- w 'ItCsill ta ea'ioii t'il (uta
tlri'lathe tion of 'ec tet s i 'tie' to ti+' ;athlt
ola- Chlurch.
thi imslar(lt itn- 1 of t lht itVi
t-iiottt-s he u'g hen kiled (to Istevintthi
tellin au es hais bg.'ent Ii en varInie io
Af ti ini othei' .lieinttiIery -t .hit.'
ttt iin. ltsdell,ti. I A l.. i illi-ts lt i OlW
iliaht on neoltlut, hii-ho-h,of I ie('i.
bCk houn gheule an wiuo :Wcei siot fI r.
then egul:Ir heaons, whorna ('te ilu of
~ri;ugoeuiseby ne tx1ii-,3iil~
rwgard they prt e<hgsd lof tepubran-s
*citrr ha osnt to yecci opd |aj ,n ic
frog the ahril' tounsie eit. io , andlth
After a long seatch his body was fouid In
a creelt a quarter of abmile from the alma
house. The child's skull had been shat
tered. A club near by is supposed to have 1
been the weapon with which the deed was
commtnitted, as on one end of it was found
some k-i.r corresponding to that of the
child. I
Cardinal Jacobini, the Pupal Secretary of
tate, hms re<piested the Nuncio at Paris to
represent to the French government the
serious conse<quences that might arise from
the adoption of a clause in the primary
eduation bill of an odious character to the
Vatican and directed against the Catholic
clergy in France. The clause referred to
provides that education in the schools shall
lie entrusted exclusively to the laity.
''he proposal of prominent _Mexicans to.
cstablish a dictatorship to replace the Presi
(len(y of Mexico is causing a great deal of
commnent. 'The Mexican papers, with few
exceptions, have lately espoused the cause
of dictatorship. It is said that Gen. Dlaz
a pires to bhe position. It is proposed that
the term be made twenty years and that the
ottee be made hereditary. The next step i
will be the escablishment of a monarchy.
A stato of siege has been proclaimed in 8
Sonia. '1'he .ulgarian ltegency are taking
precaulions in anticipation of a Russian
c op d'etat being attempted in Sofia during
Iloir absence at Tirnova. A plot has been
(liseovered to seize the Ministers and send
them to Russia. Gen. Kaulbars has noti
ii'i the .tegency that if the conspirators
ag:ainst Prince Alexander be punished the
lum<ian government will have resort to t
('xt rem measures.
'Ihlonis L. Miller, a prominent tobacco l
denkr at Stephenport, Ky., was found dead
ini ed at a hotel in Louisville, with a hor- t
ibl wound just over the eye. lie had
been out seeing the town till an early hour
aInd having money he fell into the hands of
hail Characters, who got him into a game of
cards and then knocked him on the head. i
I It got to the hotel and went to bed, and
died during the night.
'I'lere are no new developments in the
Adonis Express robbery. The report that a
.Me"enger Fotheri.ngham had confessed is
without ioundation. The Express oflicials t
:Irc working on the theory that the messen
gers story was true. 'li he latter has not
biin arreQted or placed under surveillance,
but of h.is own accord is in constant coin
noluication with the of0icers of the com
Iany, who have the case in hand, and as
ing t ahem as much as possible. i
'Tlie canning business has grown to enor
ot s proportions, Maryland and California
taking the lead, The total for Maryland
oiprises 150,000,000 cans per annum, a e
sinule establishntit in Frederick City put
ti,; up of corn alone 25,000,000 cans nt
year. Other Southe:'n States have only
hit'erly gone into the business. Atound
Ne1v ( )rleans, both in Louisiana asd Mis- t
SiSsppi a munb er of canneries are shipping
Ni It i and WYest a large number of the deli- e
(-ies, o>ysters, shrimp, preserved oranges
ad imilar iroducts of that region. f
i n-p( tir lvrnes, of New York. having
('e'n advised by the police of other cities,
in'ln ting Ho-ton, Phiiladelphia and evei
hie;g'. ihat crooks were leaving for New
\ R I' take a hand in the statue of liberty
<h. btIion, spread his net last night to
tIIh ihem as they caine. I)etcetives were
ih ' el It the ferries, railroad stations and
hl' s, with (oriers to arrest every thief or t
ha'itual trook that they might find, and 1:
et her n ?er sent out to search the streets
aii I i V( '[lhe result was prolific, and s
Ithe hea'itilhuarter's gave up its motley crew L
thi unormiinuni tore the courts.
Th i'1 I:n(p(erur of Ii aIMMin IMMiIeM a Fer id . Igress
tiiitohi Any and a y. (
I . '-iu-o , Octob(r 2li.-'l' t
(.a'r as issucd an order of the day to the s
arin iy ni I navy il connection with t.lhi
ly erced nu
the tuisso-Turikish war. It reads as fol
. ,uMy tthis niemniorial of the ltusso-Turk
.-hwar he atlways a inmentio of the self
di adhi and hteroismi of the warriors, who,
w i hi G od's hel p, 2'overed the IRussian flag
a'ut ntie with freshi glory. O n this festal
dayv I adldreisi mysel f to yoni, commtanders,
astairal, oitlicers, soldiers and1( sailors, my
~a1lboit armliy, andi heroic fleet, to tell you
t,hat. I trust toi younr uniswer-vinug devotion]
andt ami priouid of youir deeds of glo)ry. Iit
c,'nioni with thle whole of lRussia, I re
n- indi>i wi th heairtfel t gratituide your dis
t!ii iiue Services to tin- thironie oif the
lahrlll - lay thlese memilories liea
I It' Ige of the cioiniftion shared by mysel f
an'f thle wihuole of Ibissia, that in all the
inture trials, which by3 G~od's providence
nii y i-ilt lu.ssia, thle arm'iy and fleet will
evii miaiinil that lo fly standard if
hinartalheroisin ain tiunfading glor-y wmhieli
'ri iy uj'-phiel and adlvanceed biefore oiu
I1 is reported that Miss Rlose Elizabeth
si;h:1eela. te I l'esidenit's sister, has left
the ditri(-hinir of Literary LV'e, iandt
that lawsuits for damages for viiot.iou of
ot na:t, ore to flllow. Eler, flue pub11
l islwr-, is reporited to have blreatened, ini
t he event iuf Miss C levelandl >ringing suit,
i)toimake puhhec afl of her p)rivate corres
pondiCee and Sumimon to flue witness stand
ini defeiice Presiudent Clevelanid and all the
mlem tbers o)f the Cleveland faily.
'iThe trouble it appears was caused biy
Miss Cleveland's (demand for a larger share
of II' financial profIts of Literary /ife,
w hiclihla'mve risen from nlext to nothing to
a ve.ry1 hii isomie fIgure. fAider piroposes
io visit Miss (levieland at I holland Patent
andii get. lier to imouterate her demtandls. lIe
spke 'mery pleasantly about her, and( (de
ithiied to say thuat Aliss (leveland hod yet
let t tiheugaizine', but initIimated thbat it wias
am ong Ithe prob abilities. He Isaid: "The I
'cint raet- wit I h lis-i Cleveland e-xpireid vit-t
ally in Ocetobter. It was for five yeats, butt it
um' a -iso dr iawnv that cit her partyV wavsat fib
(irV (y o- suggest iuitien(tionts'of it at thle
u-ut ouf four- mthtis. TIhe hour monthis ex -
pired )cItobeir l,and Mliss Cleveland wmantedl
a harger imterest , a half, in the pub11 ltihon
anduu anu iincrease- of about $;1J(0 per mottth.
'flh-s fari thei contract, lhas bieen faihuy
iarri-u toult oni i both sides.'' ttuul
Ii,N"i - ( )etobefur .2(. -Thfle det'ails have
lbeuen receivedi of flue mai:ssacre of nati vei
'.tia :ns if t~gandia. A fr-ica, by order- of
iinv Miuaniga.. 'The malssacre'began ini s
.-un and:o was itei-tly due to flue refusal of
a 'hiristahu.ti ng cIu~, atS the( l'ing' Sag,
ti ( nunit anl abunableuuu,f (rimet(. . iiany e
( isiaun- wvere tortutred, milutilatedl and( s
ar-if and- :t0 wmere biunt olive toget her.
fl'h, appfen'i!s o f flu' missionmaries for the
(--ssuahon of atriocit is wem're uitavauilimu.
Thei faihe of thes'e unfortunuates dlid n'ot
sweiye fh1 icaniudaties for bioptismt, and
witfhiut a week aft(t u'lue maossact-es many
nue were bmm-cfapt ized it their- own (desiri'.
I .'iets ontiaiiniig ex.trac(ts from flue scripit
i4 fit Ira tr aint htymuns in t'gantda language
arefb tr l ho;lh by) thue people, alhough '
lher polssiuin inioiives blue dtanger of
fuishmenillu-t. TIhue iariiy of Bishop lifan
i.nontu, wvho was piut to ideath buy flue K(ing, I
wil diiiu tine pubiilishied ill I,itndonf. If is a I*
bruillinig miiufliulthetic na:rrative (if huis cx
p-u iunce in ~ganida lil to the iday of his
A feaur fldadu andi a SIronug Ihart.
i yo)u mulddle your birains with any
(of the wmhiikey compounds which are
sold under the nameit of "blitters," and1(
which topers delight itn for stimulants,
yout do youri sysitemn irreptroachuable mis
chief. Brown's Iron Bitters is not one
of these. It pr1omlotes healthy action of
the hecart, liver and stomach. It cleies
anid enriches the blood, and fits thme brain
for tho b)est mental work. The beat
physician prescribe it, and it is well
worthy of a trial by all, *'
NO Mont:
)oth Corydon his Phillis fair await
Beneath the moon,
)r awing with her upon the garden gate
And Sweetly spoon;
or when the forest leaves begin to turn,
Apart from all turmoil,
Chey sit within t'ie parlor snug and burn
The old man's coal anti oil.
A nod thing-A boy in churcl.
A non est man-A ('hicago policeman.
The nights and mornings are quite chilly.
Parrot shirts for little boys are novelties.
To know how to wait is a great secret of
Politeness to inferiors is a debt due to
Teio latest thing in pantaloons -The man
rho gets up last.
A murderer on the seaflol( is alwatys
lighly connected.
A button is one of those events that are
lways coming off.
An orange plish has a quiet, toned lown
liver ray silk stripe in it.
Pink nacrene bustles are to be worn
rith very thin ball dresses.
The latest fashion in trousers is to aelt a
itde and pour him in hot.
Thirteen is an unlucky tuner for a p;ot'r
aan to have in his family.
''All's well that ends swell," :as the sailor
aid when the wind went d'own.
A substi-toot-'Ihe man who takes tie
lac of another in a brass band.
A whole squirrel and a full sized owl are
YPes of the new autumn bonets.
It is brutal to drench an oyster with vine
ar or PePper sauce.
lie is a foot who iudulges to excess either
a eating or drinking.
Peace at a (linner table assists digestion
ugry words stir up bile.
The tinkle of the dinner bell is a pleas
nter sound than the blare of the triunpet.
''She stoops to conquer' does not apply
o a woman when she sees a mouse.
People arc not sunburnt or tanned now
(lays; they acquire a "Haphael tint."
A gilt carpet hag, symbolical of "ye
Ilden times,' is a new match receptalk'.
A natty boot of gilt wit Ii blue silk lu
ngs holds ''pins anl needles and thing."
''Man Wants but little (a'r ielow' w:s
i'ritten before the telephone was invented.
Blessed is Ilhe man that has no ttermoma
ter, for he shall never know how cold lie is.
If you would not have attliction visit von
wice, listen at once to what it teaches.
Persecution is often the wind that scat
ers the good seed of the kingdom.
Mock humility wears a gauze robe, cov
ring but not concealing its deformity.
Praise your houseceep^r for her sIcess
ul (lishes and regard her failures leniently.
Men talk a great deal about excishin
heir judgnents, when it is their Irejudi e
licy execise the Iiost.
A Chicago woman is suing for a divorce
rom two husbands at tlie same tinte. Shite
nill give the oters one more trial.
It is a renarkahle fact that not one of
i' political parties has darcd to insert a
use ball plank in its platforml.
W\omnlan's capacity for gov('rnmentI i
tmwn in the fact that ntearly ;i,oo0 womneni
old otliial positions in England.
No sea serpetals have 1 beC s i-n at tlie
'ongare hridgt thus far this season.
anpagne los not got its wetk int her"e Vet
'o wish to doIt without Unr 'eIOws at'
la n(len r Ithligationas to not otie is ; u :
go of a soul Voil of sensibilitv.
It is good diset'"tion not to mtake mu,,.,h
f any man at first, because one :anot
old1 out that proportion.
N:tturec is a great phiysielan. Ih Ii *
fraid to Itrust hier; lie looks curefaitt a ft I
he mtet(rest of her patient's stiomach.i
"The.city tmulst, put its toot down otn 1uch
0rruplt ion !" shrtieks an ex''el ei r
lut it (a'lit , youi knowv. Corpoerationh
io sotles.
Thle editor of a1 proinenliiutitrteligiou week~
y is miov'ed to say that ini thle case of to i
uires hothI the dliseaise aund the 'urei arin
Wiagtner, the muitsiciant, wii ci re
iponsitble' fotr ie noidntessi of Ni ig iota
[ut the taint was itt his biloodl and( i
icedled ani evil genius to deveoj it.
ot' to ('at: it is not1 lie w Iho cravis it.h
mtture, antd shte wuill not permlit himti to e'm
:oo itnuich.
A fewv t('asp)ooni:ful of soitp, pi(s';nii.
Jodhy, taketn on1 an emplty stomh'i. giv-i i
.one and1( prep(ares it to reciv~e n(cep'i tably '
niore substatntial fotodi.
Itn thle progress of civ'iliztalion the ft ho112
>n disappearecd w ith the aidvent, of tiid
ridioiron ; wIihi, in Iturn, has tbeent supli
eded by the wire broiler'.
A drop) or' two of lenmon juice and1( a dat'h
if C3etene on ant oyster may he tolerated,
mit it is btest 'ntent diretIly3 fr'omt Ithe shltI
lavored with its own juice.
EFinhossedl white cards', with ('ict or
nlotto .in the lett hand ('ornert ini ailt m11
:ot.nethm g <ilite ne(w i tnt al itnvi t i'ln- for
is winter'.
egistratiotn of v'oter- wX Ito liun I' (lhaniged
'C'idencl(e, lost. their ('ertifichats. 01r (2om11 of
ge since the last (electioni.
Life htas no wretehe<Itnea teqiial to .n iin
orted itriolg---it is the MIpu-bre ofi l.
cait , haittu tby ghtosts oif lost aff1cti(ons
ndt( hopes gonle fotevetr.
It mnay hbt thmt luck goe-s upI am11( itwnt
hte worbl, eglhinug (on men'I antd women.(0 but
lhe na: tme has bi(ett spelled pluek (it a! h ter
at'ds t hmt hove comie tnderlour e11'ye.
Sonme people arte ti-ll ing wha:t a hluchky~
11an1 the y'oting Govertnor of .\llat''mlto is:
ndl yet he( himaiself satys that his trily in.
erttncte wats te gouit. lIhe has jist mr
ied and taken the uisual risks.
Sorte pleophle htave mtte thil uic'ker' I peci -
*(rsont cati tell what evettings a git-rlpei
er- beau by the wiay she fixSes her letr
"Thart is 11 5wei' ing artgont ent,"' si il a
oy when't his tmothei' used a br'(oomi to econl
intee hunt thua' he shoul have buetn aut
eliool inteadli( of fishting. for sutn-perebt.
If te peole tf the South wouhil mi takei
se otf the tartiff I o keepi money1( at hiotme hv
stablishting smnall indutstrli's. thlev V i>ti
tow more senise thaon idamintg wlmtt itheri
A'i New Yor'k excha:ngt say-s tha .z
hetI samie maity be~ said iftht mii iijiority of
tose wXhot harvi' 'etn thtetm.
A\ very simplje ri'lit'f for nieurt'aIin is to
nie salt. Wi'ring c-lithi oit oft I ihe liuil is
of as plosii land sit:ii thtinti v the i
ar f ec e . It a t l k 1e a m
j11~ t
sort of ons lasedto ti e
ici' prestipt who bti ip
1 14
For Weaknesa Lansitude Lack of
'nergy, &c., It 11AM NO ( 1AL, and
ithe uni on medicino that Is not njilouN.
It Enritces the Blood, Itvigor,aten the
Syetonm, Uestores Appetite,AIda DIgeMtinn
it does not blacken or injuro the tooth, causo hond.
acho or produce constipat ion-other Iron nedicinea<do
Dio. 0. Ii. Bpam.v.y, a leading physician of
fprlinglold, 0., says:
'Brown's Iron Bitters isa thoroughly good medi.
ciun. I ito it in my practico, and lid its action
mi.ns all other forms of iron. Iii wnakroe . or a low
condition of the system, Brown's Iron titters is
uel a positivo nocesity. It is all that iS claimed
Genulne has trade mark and crossed red lines on
wrapper. Take no other. Made only by
I.A TER' IwAND BOOK-useful and attractivo, eon
taining list of prizes f,r roc3pes information about
coinn, etc., given away "y all deaiera in medicine, or
mailed to any addruss vn receipt of So, stamp.
Most of the <li:"a'es which atlict mankin<l are origin'
ally ea: el by diaorderel contit ion of the LIVER.
For oll comhaiint: of his kiaid, ritclh as Torpidity of
tht} I.iccr, Ilili)usntess, Necrv.ms D)yslaquta. lniliges
tion, trrteul1rity of the Buwels. Conatipation, Flatn.
luy, Eruct..tions and lurning of tho htounch
(:on"ti'ret cnllcd lnIt"arl"urn), Miansma, Malarin,
Bloody Flix, Chilla nii lever, Ifrehono Fever,
Fxhustion beforo or after Fevert, Chronic Diar
rhua,. 1:: of Appetito, lln(laclhe, Foul Breath,
Jrr.'gularities inridnotai to Fotnilt, Berring-down
"ainit3ck DIGER'S AURANTIi
aChH, dl;., rCC, TllI '
Is invaluable. It ii not a panacon for all dlreasoy,
uanl diseanes of tho LIVER,
w'i--- STOMA H ttnd BOW EL.B.
It changos thu cotuplexin from a waxy, yellow
t inge. to a rudtdy, healthy color. It, entirely removes
lo:. gloom. rpirit . It hi orto of the BEST AL
Fcr ilo by all Drag^+tc. I'rico SI.00 per hottlo.
C. F. STA;D iCE[., Proprietor,
141 SO. FRONT ST., Phiud hla. Pa.
x t 1\'t'' T I I or l ii 'lt,l(t I \I)Ii:
oh IIit '!I 1t' i i f' ti'ji '
ur I-i I( '' i . l .lT ti i' fl
( t , . tl'.
D N M (RE W i'WAttll tIIN
S 1861 SW T'
raueljt I'etili.:tr for' all crops.,
wI, Crop and. 113 atli)ol lrgely usedt by the Tr'i
AShilfmE V ASI EI I' MENT.--A very3 el
I il' l or Cotton31, Cor andl ti mnti1I (rain (
bines,3 tc.
AS;II l,Ii I)I'Ss(),y'i) Ilt)NE AM. I
For' Tenu 13-,1)irIetionls, T3aimo3333t!; ai
icti ons131 lof thel Comny13, atddressi
r]tese 1ills were a wonderfutl discovery. No otl
'1 er reenh ll manne r' of ditease0. The inform33atio
tho333t 1them, antd you1
till alwaysi he thatnk
311. One pill! a dote.
othting harm'iifuIl, are
a;y to tak'. and3(
auso no0 inlcofly,..
ha( martous3' I' nwer of these pilli, they would w
it.hout. Sen tby ril for' W> cents ini stamxps.
Ie informato Iis very valuable.I . S.; JOflNScON
NO More Terror! Not oijyshort is
the Inbme o labor Ed
lessens the intensity
Neo rePain! of ain but, it
goMc aj raty dminishsthe
dan er to life of both
Nc;Mare ari , ot'er rand blld, and 1
N'o.More Di.anger l eartis oi
$rIeV the mo6ther iii a
To Iconition highly fa
vorable to ispe'ily re
Mother or Child, liaIlo 1o"dfan, cl
Ivulsions, andt 01111
Iai,)ngsyn omns
The Dread n or ful libor. Its
Mother hood truy wonderful eflica
ic in this respect en
Transforeed titles it to be ("allc(
FilEND and to be
iranked as one of the
life-saving remedies
of the nineteenth con
0n( 1' rom the lature of 4
the case It will of
Jy course b un(derstod
that we cannot pub
lish certificates con
cernig this l{LMEDY
without w(.unding the
delicacy of the writers.
Safety an(1 Ease Yet we have hundreds
of such testinonialson
tile, and no mother
who has once used it
will ever again be
Sufforing Woranwithout It in her time
,of trouble.
A lIrominhent llhysician lately remarked
to t lie proprieI .'. 1int if it were admissible
Iii nke ptiblic1) the let Lets we receive the
'\tllcr i nd'' weld outsell anything
ii the tluariket.
ir:tet MEiN:---liring my career in the
practhce of moiliie I Use your ''MOTU
Elt ' il 11N i' in a great number of
eat's, wthi the happiost results in every
instanc l. It. innkes labor easy, hastens de
live'y ald 1'rt"evy, indtt 1NSU1tE:s BAFETY
To 1oTi1 MoTi Ln AND ('IIILn. No woman
nan he Imduce(l to go through the ordeal
wit hout it after Olce using it.
Yours truly,
Pa I tI'tto, Ga., .dune 10, 183.
Seid for our T''rcatise on '"ealth and
Ilippiness of Wouan,' mailed free.
B1tAD.IEI. 11IG UI.A'rot Co.,
Atlanta, Ga.
P4JT, IEIE.llT' FItE.'
'Write for prices and terms to
C~olumiasba, S. C.
SPECIFIC. 111886'
ited Ammnoniatedl Gu uo, a Complete High
POU 1N D).--A (com0plete Fertliizer for these
eke'rs near Chatrleston1 for vegetables, etc.
t'api ai exellent Noni-Ammon10Jiaiedj Fer.
i'ops, and( also for Fruit Trees, Grafe
KY~ ACID) PHIOSPHTAT i, of very High
I for the variousi attraIiv e anid istruelyg
PLIAT1E CO., Charllestonl,rS.jC.
ers like thoem in the world. Will Positively cure
I around each box1 is worth ten ti'rres the cost of a
do nmoro to purify theo
blood andecure chron,
ic ill health than $5
worth of any other
remedly yet disceov
eredl. Ifpeople could
be made to realizo
tlk 100 mIles to got a box if they could not he had
'llusIrated pamnphlet. free, postpaid. Send for It;
& CO., 22 Custom House Strootl, BOSTON, MASS., .
Rich Blood'

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