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-A kind word will go farther and strike a
harder than a cannon ball.
- Miss Lou, a sister of Rev. T. F. Nel
son, has been quite sick for weeks. a
-Greenville coprt will begin next Mon
day, Judge J. B. Kershaw, presiding. b
-Mr. 8. J. Pilgrim has gone on a visit
to relatives and friends west of the Tuga
-There was a fair attendance at the
meeting of tho County Alliance last Fri
Y-Mr. J. C. Stribling. of Pendleton, is
still In the stock business and is succeeding
-W. C. Brailett expects to put a neat
cottage on his Garvin street purchase in a
short time.
-Last week Jerre Madden left his erop
in the hands of his creditors and took to 0
the woods.
-Mr. and birs. W. W. White and son,
f Anderson, are on a visit to Capt. Juhn
L. Tiornley. i
--Amos Sutherland, whose life was al- t!
most despaired of two weeks ago, is now
much Improved.
-Most of the Pickens wells ought to be N
about ten f(.et deeper, then they would niot p)
go dry in the fall.
-Mr. Gus Cochran, of the Fort ill sec- ii
tion, is quite sick with fever. His many p
friends hope for his speedy recovery. r<
1--On the 31st of October, Mr. Berry Ow.
ens, living near Central, had a little boy
three years of age to die with croup and b
throat trouble. 0
-The first and fourth pages of the Sr.
TINUT. fairly bristle with interesting and ex
citing news-facts. The last week has
been prolific for the press. 0
-Buggies from the Greenville Coach
Factory are rolling all over this countv.
When you go to Greenville for a buggy be 0
,sure to call on Air. Sirrine.
-Rev. 0. L. Durant aptized two con- Ir
Terts at Porter's Chapel, last Sabbath by y
immersion. Thi- mode of baptismnis very 'It
seldom among Methodists. r
-I. A. Nimmons was in to see us last a
Saturday. lie is going to rit some real
estate which he desir"es7 to ski; in the hallds a
of the Pickens Land Ageney.
-i-he peri!il pr,ij-r1v of teit- late Jno.
F. Stewart, sold herc la t Ml,nday. b)rmu.ht
fair prices. Th stle. win b! vomipl.-ted b
today at the home place on -'astatoe.
-Ches., one (of thte most favored s-r-i
rants of the latte Wii;!ian oeags. is still p
critically ill at his i home near Libel tv. Ile
is suffering from a stroke of paralysis.
-Mr. S. W. Major is having remarkable
success in placing the Standard Fewiiz 111
chine in Pickeis county Ion'-s. lie and
the machinc b.>th iiderstand their busiitess.
-Mr. Cannon, one of the handsome ei
sons of our former neighbor, Mr. Silas I
Cannon, was among his Liberty frients a
last week. Ile is now a conmnercial tour- A
jet. it
-Mr. G. W. llendric.zs s:-vs it was not
a house Cut that lie killed on the ro'i he
twixt his lme.and Elas!eY tie( other ni::ht
It was the kind of a cat lie ain't going to
trouble iany mliore.
-On October 30th, in Cntral, Mr. . '
TM. Martin was hwil- lurt I, a nmi,e run- I
ving away with him. It took fright at all
engine and j-rked him down and dragged t
-Fioy l Price, (-oltred, w~as cemmittedl
to jail lasi. 'Thursdlay ton a1 ebarge t I larienyil
in taking seed coit on lr.ii the plantati mi
of WV. S. Kirk :-i on whiuch thle siwemial tax
had not be eii---t he ren't.
--Mr. J. II. a.llines, of io' esteemiedi
contempo) rary,. thle J1mm):t!, haits ten t ed
rooms in thle large andl commiiod'i os resi
~ence of Mris, Ann rilain . iIe has gtonei
into winter quiarters hut he will be nitone then Il
less active.
--For the maner. cur prenmi uni ofTer "
Webster's unmdtridget h i itionaryv, is a mar-.
Tel of excellence. C;-ll and see it, or sendl
us $1.:i0 besides yor siub scrip t ion to thea
MRNTiNRL andl have onie delivered free froma
this office. -
- Mr. Peter- Kiam, one of the oldest citi
~zens of Hirushy ('ro-ek townlshaip, Anderson G
county, is very ill and his famaily fear lie P
will n ot i-icover. Mr-. King is a goo mttan J
and his death w'uit he deeply regretted by r~
his numerous fri--nds.
-A short tim:- igo a madl dog hit three
hogs belonging to 'S,1inire Joh dn Good win in
the tipper p(irtioni of Gireenv-ille coiunty.
The hogs weighed't about 3 a) polundls tachi,
and all (died in abiout a weekl of hy~drajoph
bia. Th'Ie (log iims not been hec:i it fromt.
-The~ Smai-: ~. Oile Imi:s juost fluiihed i
up in the best of style a two hund;t re-d andth
fifty page tbrief for the sup;remie couirt, atlso
the mfiites for the South ('atolinia l're-stby
te-ry. This is t lie place to gett [aill k inds of I'
job work dlone with nie.tneLss iand dlispatch ( fi
--The Infelli.e'"-er sayS: '"We hald thea
pleasure oif mecetinlg our1 hndsoine young i,
friend. Mr-. (Dr)i.) I. TI. Shirley. of Cenitnid, h
8. C., in the - ity, last i riday. Mr. Shairley
is a soni of Mr-. Wmi. thiirley, of t his (toun
ty, andt spent seveal oiys with his I:rent. 5
-RHemembher younr frienids anid relative.
who have nitved anav. Y'ou canneot for
the sameI mon1ey send' o them a latore wel.. ~
come presepit t hani thle SE.: im .. L arlry 0
C. Tfhornley, who is buying cttonI i at Ox - A
ford, AlIa., says lhe most have it, ro lie senat ri
in his subscr-ipt ion. II
--Miss Alice Mlo' re, dautghiter of Mr-.
Wim. Mloore, die-d at her home in l'ad
mont on the ' I4 ualt.-, ned'~( 1 years. Shen
lad bleen a Im-iebe of the M E'. (Ihurchh t<
for ioveral ye-ars, a1111 w<1s a imiost e'stimialeb
young ,. 'v, tvhiose ath hans brought sorl- I
* row to maSl !t1 ndsi. Her5 rinsTi werei i
interred near Easley onl thle day ftIllowinlg. Ii
-Tlhe case of the Statt- vs. J1 5. lbirker
for trespass ona hla- of I. I I 1iwrenlce,
was tried lit.Central last, Saturday by lTrimal .
Justice Garvina andl a juriy. Thie litfeian lt i
was faned 400t( which s paitd Mr. .1. ,t
P. Ciary appeare.dtl for the Seth-, iandi M - B.
A~, ~ . Alorgai, of (Greenmville, fora thet detftn- il
- I(-en-y 1,. lanks' s-e.ded stententct whliebli
was read( to him i in CharlesIton laist week. is
twelve month1 ls in jail at Il'iekens ando a fin ia .
of $50)0. 'he stentl( oIf Jlesse I . Smtith hi
is four- mnths ill Pitken1 jaiil al $ut0t g
fine. Th1Ie former wa ts conIvic-td Iait thle g,
August te-rmn oh thle tI S. court lit Grieen
ville oif distIlling wi thouit a license, and11
he latter of retailinlg.
-The tntelIligeincei- says of an A utierson u
county man11: "iI' is aboutit forty.live yearsi t
of age, stays clotst at. homiae tandi ittends tI
strictly to hiis owun buasiness, and ats ta (onl- f 1
sequence has nievei' litd ainy butsinie~ss in
court.'' Alttendintg to tne's own buisine.,s, ai
mnore than anythinag i-b:, muako-s haim have 'I
businessi iln coiurt. We susptct Mr-. Mc(Cot' Ii
has neglected an imprtanibit parit of of his
business. h I
--One of the most prosper-ous Mill ('reek
farmers was hautliing biacon to market a few v
days ago, ando a nelghblor- fa-onm about town e
bacon ina the w roing dire-ictioin. The'li ciouto I,
is to haulit frtomt tow~n." ' Yes., I knowv,"p
said the far-mer-, "buItit it has atlways hba-i I,
my culstt)nt to haul to towin. it lays li.e
better. linin~i g so nmueh froam to)wn is e
one of the cuistonms that is hmtt ting the
,a country now.
-McFall's A'8nanak furnishes good read5
ig this month.
-Read Sloan Bro'. advertisement and
all.on thein for anything.
-Five of the skilled workmen at Clem
mi college were off with sick leave last
-Aunt Myra Murphy is about IG years of
4e, but she still comes to town and enjoys
visit to her friends.
-Messrs. J. C. Stribling, James '1. and
[orton luintir, of Pendleton, attended the
mid sales in Pickens IIst Monday.
-Irvin Dodgens was carried to Charles.
m last week to be sentenced for distilling.
le gets three Inonths in Pickens jail.
--Coroner Doggs was in Pickens last
londay. Anyone needing his services will
"d him at Fort Hill when he is not at
-Mrs. Ciesley Carey. who lives near
endleton, the mother of Mr. J. T. Carey,
Calhoun, lias been critically ill for sey
al days.
--The treasurer says meet him promptly
his appointments. lie will positively
ave each place at 3 p. m. in order to be
his next appointment.
-Mr. John Fennell, a son of Mr. Till
an Fennell, is on the Clemson college
ek list. Ilie has buele a faithf lII workman
ere for several m11onths.
-The one-year-old infant daughter of
erry Owens dici last w:ek and its remains
cre bunied at Rtuhamiah. The bereaved
trents have the sympathy of many friends.
-"Business is business," said tll Dutelh
an. If you oWc 'is ia little or big bill,
lease collie inl and see about it before tho
>ads feeze up. Yovrs,'for monev,
LAwIs & Momnts.
-A. certain wagon in the countv has
en terribly strained, but not with n load
lunmier. The owner 0uortgaged it last
win as a one-horse wagon, and then plit
tongue to it and Iorgaged it to another
an as a tNwo-horse wagon. The mortgag
r has taken to tie wools. Which luort
1gee w,ill get the w-tm?
--If antlhin- -:r-- world sets a farm
T and gives ,' o11 prosperity to its
IVI(T or 1mn1,111 , U41 is q good barn. Mr.
. C. Grml, on tit .johni Ferguson place
s Just finushedi a new tiarn. anIid it is he
mId I dout, the best in the county. He
is had it painted and a traveler alonig tle
id camtt ihelp but observe it. It is truly
hue .structure.
--Louis. the four-yvar-old son of Mi..
ld Mis. E 1. Ethem, diad last Salbmth.
is remains were buried tli d v fl lowig
the G. W. La'hem Iiome P1--e i t he
nily huing rgrotmd. Lmui-; was a
.i-i bt 1m(l inlivrestinl!: bil:n.111 thw parenlts
Ivi1 mutch sy m N1path v ill this tlieir sir af
etionl. T,. " - t lie colnotation t hat it
an inestinlable liessing to have been the
trents of such a child.
Ahlf:tnee PIeii'ic.
There waq a gond attendam.e at I1olly
i-ings last S.1urday Coilntv Lectuir< r,
.V. Sini-gletoll preid'eI ant roduced
ie sp(-:kers. Ni.. .1. 1l. j,ooper w..as the
St spiiker. Hlis subject WAII tIe fiianl
ait c"Indifito Of the coun"try mnd hip warmn
Slipported the rell-elics for existint evils
set fIrthl in the Ocala platform. Mr. W
llami:t"ln was the next, his subject hi
tg lab1mr and clipital. It(e 1r11the If eat
iportnce of Iettir cotpeisa ifm for the
>rmler :itl moren rstsrictios for the latter.
i. iI. c. t'a,,-"enI-" w:as tllen l an iii a
un siuplort of the s-ub-t reasury plan
nd the goo results to the people he
mil'-dil i:s Iloption wVoh'l heinlg. Mir. Joel
. Mil'r then adr(.des tie audionce on
w .'ub1ject of trinsportation mfld the evils
shiig firem thew greed of corpratiots
lkilnug such lieivy tolls f-cm t he farlner-'
rodnetu. ('. DII. K. Norris then enter.
tinedii lt inlstruc~tedl thie andtlince on both
hi le ei'eiit ies' an i reasonabilleni'ss ohf all1
ie d:.nta n of thle Al lianice. "Thle dayi~
'astI d'!i ght fuli and the i nich was a coi-l
lete Qsultce'ss.
Teewas by far, the largest crowd in
ii'nd:l'i:et thait iims aippe tredt at thle sales
some~i tin:(, aind the tbiddning wa'ls livelv.
1hty v. DayV, It9 necies was sold to Eu -
IbXiy t<.r '6:t530 ill BurineOlC vs. Lewis,
tii aosi' was~ soild to R. L~. Gi!st rap for
cI to J. K. I athemo, N". R. Smith et
for '1- I t5: in Piickens vs. Smith, 2a
res was stohl to W. S. Pickens1 for' 8500(,
d 7:i ares fill 670)0; ini Norris vis. Noirris,
i mieres was sithl to W. 11. 11. At ial for
1,080; in A lexumder vs. Ilangoodl, the
reen litut e anId lot in Easley wais sol to
.S. Ititwn fort $1,000k, mu l~ ac nres to
>hni Gilst rap for 83 tt; in Tavlor vs. llen
'It Smiithi. 58 acres was solid to .Julius 1-0.
uuygs fior 6-f5: in II unuter vs. John Sinogle
m, 70J acres was sold1 tot the pItintifif for
Inl: ill Simit.h vs Stephen':s, 88 acres wiias
hd to I) Wi. Cotok forn ,Miti; 111 acres to
nes F. L~ay for' i180, and 96 atcrets to the
Db. Nt. II.
Tlakinig cffect Sundayi~ November' 1st 1811
i're wii Ili e the following chaniiges int.
lhe,lli! of (olumnbi & Greeinville l)jvis
n. intfinz:ion of whichi (lil be otbtainted
ni Agentiiis cf that Division. 'lThroughi
:nins will be operai'tedl het weenl C' litmbtia
at i i-eniville, 8. C. , via. Aistion, New-.
-rr nili La.n:tis as fo llowis: 14,eave Co.
Illhi:l 7.00n a. ni Alston 7.50t a. iii., Ne w
-riy I 1n tee u .. Lanretns lit. I0 a. ini., ar..
veGenic 11.3l a. mu.; retuninig, leave
rei'nville 5.0)0 p. in., Lauaren1s 4i.-30 p. mi.,
awhteiry 7.59J p. mi., AlIstion 8.55 p. ini.,
i'wheriry~ wi'ith trains mnitiher I 7 :iurl 1$ to
mn lw:tweeni'i Cohniait: 1a111 (heenvi'iille via.
elliot as. hetreto'fore. lT'ains 'll ru nn bte
r-ititn ;m'e~nsill '. Sieee aind WaTlha;lla as5
'-t ing at la-It in wi th no. 18 fitt Green-)
inid, andl a' ' . i . pints east of 1Hel
ni. Tlraiis ail IG thet wu-nn Coluni
-ritioftire. W. A. Tti: <, A. 0. P. A.
vei ini this counilty a5 noiw If youi want
ii ii i a hi'i lIt It' lt, . sin(ti
l ivi t '' ih'seill,eil ii iini \, i l ot l'i'p
lie :Agei' 'ii31lent lote iihii li e theiii
'tii .\ie(lt ) Inl i 'i i-eel 'Tit. h ele l
le' i Oru t . iti I.a be'en jhtl ili' ;ne wua
in;' lilt issmI iti :l'>qfioliitsl cutnrs
1it Ilifiilel A tiiitu to5 E it lio git teaIill s
i'lner fiille ailid ;it l l tlltic,lmn f win it vollii
ive toll,uor ofei uhatii~ youn ni( )to buy. 5t
he t'iAen-ty w;lil i .iii(-( that tm ov lin
'ne oeto I rad n th 1ou
il1Te oldn Ti'i 3s EC 11po lti' i
'For aboviler oitlasion thveiichmondlt &iiit
I rie as,neitdf entig datme onae, oiy
>ri th ound Ccitp,' li p lu ttvetlv ,cents
t1-n ironrfr Athlsmtid toExnsiti'n grant Adto
l"kts n fi t ai~iI n ll ionatins lin St- hs tcar
> Noemb r S th, iulim ited rtt eing45 mdovem
S. S. Pienie.
The Sunday school at Mountain Grove
church will picule Saturday, November
21st. The following schools: Pickens
Holly Springs, Antioch, Porter's Chapel
and Concord are cordially invited. Ilon.
J. E. Boggs, J. P. Carey, C. E. Robinson
and Rev. J. M. Stewart are rcquested to
address the children (and grown folks).
Let everyone come with well filled baskets
and have a pleasant time.
, . your cotighing and enjoy refresh
m '. 'r, which Dr. Bull's Cough syrup
ia going to the races?" "Yes,
o - on the winning horse." "Not the
haii0sone Abdullah, he is lalne. Didn't
you know?" "I'll whisper in his car, he'll
win. They're using Salvation Oil."
Business Noticee.
"Et tu Brute," as the young lady, who
had just carried off the honors from a
faslhionable boarding school said, wheni her
Inischievolus beau swallowed the last spoon
ful of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup.
Thanks to the introduction of Salvation
Oil, our young bicj clers need not fear a
fall. 25 cents.
S. J. Johnson, contractor aind builder.
Work done on short notice, and satisfue
tion guarantecd. Address Piedmont, S. C.
P. B. Iiekey, 1208 MAin street, Lynch
burg, Va., wNrites: "I w%;is broke out all
over with sores, and my hair was falling
out. After using a few bottles of Botani
Blood Balm my hair quit falling out, and all
the sores got well.
Dou you want a new stove? Tinware of
any kind, made fron the best material, or
somine of tle best and cheapest Jeans ever
offered in Pickens county? If so, go to
Lewis & Morris', the popular corner store.
Conipnusmption Cured.
An old physician, retired from practice
having ha(l placed in his halds by an East
India inissioiry the formula of a sillil)C
vegetabie remed.y for the spiedy and per
tianent cure of Constiniption, Bronchitis,
Catarrh, Asthma, and all throat and Lung
Aff-etiois. aso ia positive and radical cure A
for Nervous Debility and all NervousCoi
plaints, after having tested its wonderful ted
curative powers in thiousanls of cases has date
felt it his duty to malie it known to his suf- pose
ferin fellows. Actiiite by this motiveand at a
a desire to relieve human suffering, I will a
send free of charge, to all who desire it,
this -ecipe. in Cerman, Fre-nch or English, Sho
with ilt dirctions for preparing and its- no
ing. ieni bY muil :idressing witlh are
st:iuio, n:in l:i -r. W. A. Noyes, 3uy
820 Power's Roock, Hochester, N. Y.
auprMty I they
J. A. Yatf-s. Tuillahona, Tenn., writes:
"It does un- -.,od lo praise Botanic Blood 25c.,
Balm1. 11 curc.l m- of an obsce8s on the Shir
lungs an: SIth.. I tIhat trouilled me two stoC
years mlii h-it )I h, r remedies failed to ben- i
efit." dr
---" -Titn
9 gL W IAY'S fusel
Barber Shop! ."1
And Rlath MIooms. setti
In rear of Matision I ilotse, ter t
An easy shave guaranteed. Hlair neatly fri
anld taste'Illv ct. Shmnpooing anld hai'r
6-t-ing. .llazor sharpwning t specialty.
Slair t<mni or tradientiing dandruff and
irritation of thf. scalp for sale.
lHickev's MwJvi llairaine alway.4 oin H)
h a -I; nd I frSale..
Xir~ ipatriona;z is rept~ ~tfully sol iited
A Household Rmd
rmn of malignant SKIN5 ERUPTION. bc
s ties betng efficacious in toning up the.~
.ystem and restoring the constitut or'.
whnimpaired from anty cae. its aftll
S almost supernatural healing properties
justify sa in guaranteeing a cure, if
directions aro followed.
O EN T FR EE onpTLL 2,.... fro
S BLOOD BALM C0., Atlar.ta. Gn. " Will
~4 ate
\A pair.phb-tt of inferr,'.tion aud ab
".New 1o.rk.
)( to $:L 50) a year nn be made
4 1 o .U tb av igenits: (ithir isex;
i:asy work--: Sure pa1y; exclunsiv~e terrtiory.
Witle iat onac. L. P'. WA ariii, See' v,
oct-sw I P'iethnmont, W'V .
The Courierd.ournal ! S
year; Sundal:y,- ai year; weekly, $1 a Pr
~ W~ kI ~FAQ
I Ias I he lar esti iiielation1 of iaiy l)emno. 'i
iad iip ~-..- I I. ible or trelie its al- l
f IY G(VIN(i AW~VAYti'
. I Acli ANI) th
- al lh. a ltalv F'Ilial.
I I~r mn Weklv Couiirier'-.louir
.'W. N. JIAaL)I',MAN, t.i
. , . oui r-iJioirai a u pany, . t
Lomisyi, sy. nint
Newspapers .-. FR1 EE '
Sei.. y Otar i'owVtta mme aind addl(ress stichi
andlI ir h- t of I It 0 t youri frie'nd's or, C
nii >ir <.i a pelal i ciard, or ot nir,vis',|er pa
and a iopy of th S.\ Y.\N N.\ll WIVICIl-. Cost
I,Y N I-\\: o,ill he -eit to each addlress <hir"
free. I"i
lit a 1tt--Nc- .INi l.iuiuY Ni:ws'AIx Ot
Vion Carseov\m .:\ : n'-::. It i- thme iige'st
Weekly pubbl .-hied in the SouthI-Ili harge
paist. It is .plendily 'ttit ua p and
enrefully iii; c.i. It' vii have never' seen(I
a c o p y c ' i. _-n fi - __ n a t il y o u w il
Ve mct (-vearutl .\ihldre
SaY.n GAil
Bought by Mi. I
further particulars and
P. S.
We have arranged
prices for it, nothwithsta<
rise, and we urge parties v
bold our flour and bacon i
back the pay when we ne
li Priees I
chango in our fin is contempla.
it an early date and from this
until our present stock is dis
i of we will offer our entire stock
great reduction.
-ineudous stock of Jeans and
s to go at a sacrifioce. This in
>ld shop-worn stock of goods we
Aering but brand new goods.
rs wiU have a pianio as long as
iere is a few pieces of Jeans at
ip; Shoem 20c. per pair, up; best
uing 4j cents per yard.. Big
k of Groceries at reduced price.
hware, Crockeryware, Glassware,
rare-in fact, everything now in
to go. No reasonable offer re.
few more of thoso fine Texas
Iust-proof, Oats, call and get
while they last.
you owe us anything call and
a at once. No goods charged af
his date.
x fine cooking stoves at Cost and
jht; A goud horse for sale cheap.
ctober 27th 1891.
uireaus 835.00.
ed(stead(s, $1 .2..
hIairs, 40 Cents.
afes, 82 .00.
utits of 10) Pieces,$12.5i0
offis and Caskets at
r time, day or night.
uash the buttoni on our
nt (door andls youri call
1 be0 anls weredC immiedli
'o get your goods chleapj)
63 andt 6; MaIcin St.,
I'elephone Nos.b 10-1 n
The Standard Rotary
>uid of its hiant v.
mdt oIf the ii u nirity of its stitch.
isud (of its (inietneCs.
mdio thIle variety of its work.
>ud( of iIa speedo.
li ofi it s ing~ ,iouis melhiisin.
* St :1 nha rd" hia the bIiggestL bobbini
Iy lock-st it ch ihineiI.
his 100) yaruds ofi cot ton.
tensioin is rt leasedt wh1en taking ouIt
a linet gooicds are not dradwn 0r pluik
5 nisie.
is lift y per Cent. lighIter thanii vibrat
limost cx pensi5 ve, leatuti ful andI( prae
It wood work of thle lineOst, fin ish ever
irteSt need(lc use'd in lock-st it mo na
8 i theeuoe less liable tou bend andtl
II wcar I wiCe as long ats other lock
Bry par t is indep(3endent of every oth-.
it., ariui ennl be0 rc ep il att a tilini'
TheIire fore yoi ulua keep a -Sta2
lOractically new\ at life tiie.
r sale by',
1.t ftg iikeni, M. (1.
- bett.e for Ht. It, Depots
I and Public i'dVs.
O*A.ENILLf,*. 0..
_ _ ------
Are now receiving and opening their
V. X. Hagood in Now York. Wateh this spaco for fuller and
oome tirk store for
LjElp4 A.ND L A -Al _ITN .
P1ickens, 1. C.
October 20th, 1891. "
to buy cotton for a near factory, and hope to be ablo to give ftir
hug the heavy decline tho pa-A week. There im little liope for a
ho are owing us to bring um their cotton without delay. We didn't
it the spring for highor prices, and it im not fair now for you to keep
81e(.l0 in etect bept. 6, 1891.
3OUTf1BOUND--Itead Down. 'Dally. NORTI BOUND-Read Up.
'No. 17. *No. 11. 'No. 11. STATI 0 NK. *No. 10. *No. 12 No. 88.
9 35 am 1 55 pm 2 '0 nit v . .. ..Charlott., . . . . . . ur 6 55 a;l ! .;n- * 9 10 pm
........2 18 pm 3 1.1 tin .. .. . Illiemoit.......vI i 11 im! 6 . n ........
........ 2 23 pm 8 25 am ... . ....I,wel...... .lv 6 22 afil 1 :; l ........
2 41 pm :S31 a Im iv........( asi.onia .......Iv 6 10 am (: 3 m ........
..... .... 1 06rpin - (3 am ' -... ing'1 -MIu'i A ...Iv 5 .11 fin 6 03 1 m ........
........ 240) pm 4 ') am . IV ... .. Grover......Av 527 am A 1 pi ........
........ 3 :30 plm 4 32 an. 1v...,...Blasur..v 5 17 an! 5 42 pm ........
........ 3 49 pin% 4 59 am lv. . .. (aff ney'!.. Iv 4 59 ami 5 24 Pim........
......... .1 11 pm 5 27 ani!Y....... Uowpwn'm . .lv 4 11.i . 5 I ...1 ....
........ 4 15 pin 5 31 anilv.. .......i Ifi.n... .. I .1 A1 am' - 1 1
1 1') amin 4 U Pni 5 4 't andly ...... Spa t:ni I rg. . . lv .1 0; am. - -1:3 pinj 6 57 pn
........ 5 11 pin 6 1( anmiv........ Welford ........iv :3 52 in .1 1u im.n
-----.. pS2a!.......i m '~Al V ..Uruer's.........lv 3:tt a;n . inip
12 81 Pm 6 '15 Im 7 00 mi!v ....... Grvetville. iv 18 05 am :3 :1I'll 6 5 pn
........ 7 25 arn*lv.......N' . . 2 am 3 05 1p:e........
...... . 10 am lv.......X 4. 1tral .........2 10 amih 2 3i pm
. im 8 3A n Iv.........neen.........lv 1 It an 1 .42 pt........
........8 1 pm S .5 am Iv. WeLtminist.ur......v 1 10 pm' 1 2t pim.......
..........t 50 pin ) 3:. aI ly .......... t ........ Iv 12 28 pm 12 :: n .........
........ 9 25 piln ! 0 1 a Vdlv..... unt Airy ...... .12 00 n't.12 09 an " .
.........9 30 pIm 10 15 ativ . ........rielia. ......Iv 11 55 pm 12 01 n.......
........ 1) 53 pin 10 :18 :m1ly.........lotn.........v 11 80 pm 10 -10 a .n
8 14 pn 9 55 pm1 10 .11 -n1lv..........ula...... V 1 27 pm 11 ;11) Ionj 8 14 pm
'1061m1026 pm 11 I Irn...... Gaine-vl.......1 n pm 11 11 am 2 52
........ 10 !13 p)n 11 81 am;IV. ..Flowcrv lranch ... .lV 1037s pin. Io -18 a
........ 11 05 p11 11 -16 ar IV.........1u rd1......... lvj 10 2 7 pil 10 31 nm .......
........ 11 17 p)1n11 :5j1. an. IV.... ...... 1Nw-n .e ... ....v10 0 p 10 1 -0:il . . . .
......... 11 29 pin 12 12 paiIlv.........Iluthll .... ....v I pm 1003 um.......
........ 11 1 01nnj2 21 viily.......N,rr .s........l pm f a .......
.........11 51 pm. 12 345 pmIiV........ l('1l.......lvi n 28 pm 9 13 am
5 00 pm 12 .0 pm' 1 10 Ilmin r.........A i t ai ........vI 8 .,( m11 10 am 1 2. Im
AdditG<mal trains Nos. 17 and IS-lna aceiininlation, daily xpt Siuiday,
leaves At lata :i::i0 p in., arrivts Ilia 8:12 p. in. Ret urning, lavt Lilr 6:00 nt. n
arrives Atlanta 8:50 a. im.
Ht ween 1,11la and Atiwns--No. 11 daily except SmIliav, 11nd6 N4. 9 daily. leave
1.ala 1 :05 p. m., and 11: ) a. I m. arriu- A tes 12.1.5 a. in. :i 1.--0 %. im. -etn
ilig. len. A th: s, No 10 dilyv*~. excpt Sniohty, aund No. 12 iiilvn 20 p.In ad 3.80o
u. in. arrive I.n1l:t .2')l in. :na 1 il.; a1 in.
lit wven Tliocimi uid -:lhirton-N 01 <bii (iil1 et Simdar,iv l.-:tve To'a 25.',
m, rnive E-lhertoni 4 415 p. mn. 1Helturnin, N'-s. 60t unily e... .g ii(i-, Iem EH>er
Nos. 11 and 12 earry P.1lunani Mleepers 1et.Vw enm W~ashai ngton and Kinxville via
Salishmir. au-l 9. and 10 between Atlanita anid New York.
On No. 11 no chianmr in ilay coIaches fronti New Yoirk toi A tlantla.
Nos. 37 and 3') --W~Xash,i"gtoin an<il Sothw I esternl Vest ihiiedl Limtoit e<. between At
ant a and W ashingtonP. oni t his t rain extr fa [re is char:ged.i in1e conm-etiont with Ifirst -
elats tickets. not. e:x ii' 8g .$2.00l over amtl aboiive i;uIo Putlbmma: cha:rmes toi anyi po"inlt.
}or detai led ini. r:1:at ioa as to heal ail 1thr.ough21 tinu- Ids, rae-s a I'ulm
SI iniDg-car resirvat ions. (Ionfe(r with loecal agientIs. ar tdureI
JAS. L. TJAYL.>H, W. A. 'lUJU(
Geni'1 PasLsenger Agrent, Ass~t Gn'l l'a.s. Agent,
AtlIantai, (bn. Chiarluttie N. U
W. Hi GIB EN, Gien'1 Ma: aer, So L H A AS, Trafie Manager.
A1hta,ut& ( a. Atlanta, Ga.
__________________ .1. 11 A 3MI)N D,__Supt. , At tl:,i, :.
G.oods on hand at this corner than ever before,
and this enables u.s to make pr1ice~s so
that there is no0 better way to consutlt youtr interest and save
your hard earnled cash
WVe ar'e bound1( to please youl whe1(ther your1 politics are like
or you favor the subl-treasury bil1l.
Our goodls are first.class in every resp)ect, ar;d if your'
can talk, we will be as carefl to g.ive it all its money's
worth as thougt.h you1 were here in pe'rsoni.
While we wish y'ou to p)onde1r well the above, ple'ase (10
not forg.et that if yon owe us anyting, that we need it to pay
our debt.s, and)( coim' forwardl at on)ce and( ge a clear receip)t,
and( wve will b.e e ve.r so glad1.
Yours truy
The Popular Corner S:
P. S. Julst received1, a nice lot of fuirnituIre, m .-h we offer
cheap. ~CfiM .V
S Ai hat yone reie, and~ amiJ do erylhing i,n
one p. -1 sb pCease yonr.
Presc~ip jsi4!ns Caref'ully C~r onhipounde4 d at iI Ed ae
SM OP dO !4ee US wIlae ini ~I'reenille.
A. B. & i. I.. CARPENT ER,
heI or(ugh 'i . etii a it .iruction. Oratnn e.av
S Isted to i,o.ilt ins. Catalogu.e free. Write to
ftichmond D Danville RIM
Greenville and Columbia Division.
Condensed Schedule Sept 6th, 1891.
Trains run on 75th meridian time.
Going North. Going South.
No. 15, b o. 10.
6 15 an.f..Lv Charleston Ar.. .12 50 am
10 15 ....... Columbia....... 8 50 pm
12 38pin...... Union........ 0 29
1 55 Ar....8patanburg.... 5 80
:3 06 ........Tryon ....... 4 17
:3 41 ........Saluda ........ 3 41
4 09 .......Flat Rock...... 8 10
4 22 .... Hendersonville.... 3 01
5 17 .......Ashleville....... 1 55
0 46 ......Hot Springs ....12 28
5 50 ..... Paint Hock......It 55 am
7 15 ......Morristown...... 9 25
8 :30 ...... Kloxvile...... 8 15
10 15 ......Ci ninnati .... iv 8 00 p
No. 13. No. 14.
61 40am......Charleston...... 0 30 pm
11 10 .......Com i ia....... 6 80
'12 38 .........Prosperity...... 4 00
12 57pi.......Newberry...... 8 42
2 35 ......Ninety Six...... 2 05
2 56 ......Greenwood.. ... 1 43
4 00 Ar... .Abheville..Lv..12 85m
4 10 LY......B lton........12 20
4 42 ........Pelzer........11 52
5 00 ...... Piedmont ......11 35
5 10 Ar ....Greeiville .. Lv11 00
5 48 ......Anderson........It 38
0 .10 IV..... Pcndlutol......10 65
7 5 1v...... Seneca.......10 17
8 25 ......... Walalla. 9 45
12 30 .......Atlanta ........
No. 17 No. 18.
8 50am...Prosperity...... 8 16 pm
9 07 . .......Newberry... 8 00
10 22 ......Ninety Six... 6 52
10 45 ......Greenwood... 22
11 5 .......Abbevillu...... 5 15
12 15 1 ........Belton........ 4 00
12 50 .. ....Anderson..... 8 35
No.7 No. 8.
6 001pmtt....... o nhia...... 9 40 am
7 28 .......Prosperity...... 8 18
7 15 ......Newheri-....... 8 05
9 08 . ..... . .ClinltOl ........ 6 52
9 4 5 ........Larens ....... 6 20
No. 9.4o. 10.
12 25. ........114lit ........ 6 05 pm
12 53 ........P1'(l-zri ........ 4 28
1 10 .. .....Pictli nt ...... 4 11.
1 15 ......Greenvill(...... 3 35
No. 4.l. ~-- . 42.
9 00 an.. ...Newherry ...... 8 40 pm
10 55 ........ Clino ....... 6 00
1 55 ... .. .L r s ...... 5 16
Nos. 7, 8. 9, 10, 1:3, 14, 17, 18, 42 and 48
t1aily- N xcept liun y.
pilhilanl Sleepr.4( on (rains 15 an( 16,
>et wVen (htarIstoi, S. (. and Cineinati,
hi.vaAftholic Coawst Live, Columbia,
ille, 'aii ioek, .iortriktown, Knox
-10. lelicf, and1 .113n1cionl City.
St ML II AAS, Trallie aager.
JAS. I,. TMA YLM, Cen'l. Pass. Ag't.
.. A. )DOI-sN, Spi.g
W. If. GRitE EN. Gen'l. 3Manat-er.
W. A. 'ITl U, Asst. (4-ii'l Agent,
('1i1lotto, N. C.
I p,roposc to rent for a number of
years at 9 Inale.s of cotton per year,
or sell for 1-1150, my.1 pltation on
wlich Will. lajor live:, on the Salu
da river, 10 niis from the city of
(reev('-tille, onl whicht there are tenant
houselas andl stoo corne v and cotton
1 41 l1Sillej.j~int fohix~ horses..~
Andt( to rentt myt TayloIr farmt 4
tulles southt of~ Ewle, ntear Carmel
Citmrebi, forp a1 numbe'r~ of years, at 4
bales- of ctto peri yea'ir, or sell the
idace I r 4:5>(0.1 Th re arFe oni thtis
dhen 2 good ( dl(lingLs and)4 1 tenant
hltui St:, a1 good4( orchard amloo l ai 1"101hnd
sufin-i-tnt for'I a iw(.htorse crop), wvell
! 5.ated( and1 ini a good section of the
1 also havre ofter hmnds to rent or
sell. Come anid se-e mu if you wvant
Pickens, S. C.
WXihntinagton, . ('., Sept. 20thi, 1891.
F'as'j('LI 1414 (ihales(.tonf tad Co.
liibtual up141 11-r4 South C'arotlina antd
n e'-ern N\oithI (aolin.
.n114g 1t.. Gomiag East.
No. 32- No. 53.
4; (a a.nm . . Lv Cl11leston Ar.. 12 50 a.m
. ......4n ....i 17 p.m
14 44).. --.......uintr......10 07
1) .50 . . .Ar ('olurib,jia Lv. .. I9 C0
5 3 .....Chst.......... 25
4, 2 .....irkvi Ie....1 40
S I7 [...anc-aster ... 820a m
I H..........toIk llill.--2 45 p.m
710 .. (harl'tte. N. C... 1 55
12 57 p.mn .\r Neuberry.( .C, Lv 3 42 pm
o 56 -. ..Gree wood'..1 43
9 -!...........l.us..... cis6 20Oam
.4) . .. A iderson.. . ..11 8
r i . . ..Gre:'mill....1 50
$ ', .. ....W lhaII.. .. 9 45
44) .... .h vbil......12 85
I 4 [m..... iIrtanbug . . .. .5 31 pm
I 51 JIlenders4oville.*,N. C 2 42
4 45 .. .-o thubll. N. C... 2 00
No. 11. N ~ O.49
.4 In p. li ...Charleston . .. .11 5i0 a. m.
I)) .. . L:lacs.... .... 9 50
S u.n ..... mter . 8 .. 8)
1)1(4) A r.ohunbi . Lv 7 10
5.olid ir' in e lt we4-l enIarlest m and Ce.
(i en. Pas. A gent
- R l.v. vni L TZer
do444 let sh1or1 not ie. Sas fact Ion Otuar
uiitied, and( prIices as5 low ats the lowest,
h<~ qualit y of thma work at all times being
.I t?n agent.i fo thei besl 4C.t iron) and1 wira
(14((.s (41oni ithtmaket. G iv me.in a call
The railroad41 Ia lnt ' ye titcm to Pi(k.
n~is, but) P4ickens. IS no4w in speLkakig dis.
If youll are4 it IEasley 'r Pickens, andI
wiishi to tatlk 1,o:4.yone4 in tIhe o;ther town,
jus i' p Po the "pho 4I4ncL." n(d (nl the one
(-4rrect ne(Ss L'iarantlt c-nd.
A ii InI(.4. a I Ph. k.-os atnd viciniity
Iomty dein 41rd.

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