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-SprIng has at last made its welcome e
appearauce. cl
-The parsonage has been completed and tel
is now occupied.
-Mrs. S. P. Bruce has been quite sick W
for several days. It(
-J. D. IIolder lost a very flue cow last
Saturday by death. de
--Born to Ilev. and Mrs. B. 0. Berry on
the 28th a daughter. te(
-Harriet, wife of Jasper aaston, color
ed, died last Friday night. ert
-Mr. II. I1. Gramling visited his daugh. PIa
ter Mrs. W. B. Justus this week. T.
--James L. Stewart was committed to Il
jail last Monday onl a bench warranit. vi
--Mr. M. F. Iumt, of Oakway, S. C.,
Vlsitcd Sheriff Iichey's family this week. ne
-A lodge of Good Templars was organ- tr
ized at Easley on the evemng of the 29th r
ult. tr<
-Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Carey left last Mon
day to visit Mrs. Carey's parents in Geor- of
gin. co
-Mr. A. F. Hester secured the contract th
for carrying the mail from this place to Lin
-Some not,ed people-people who have g
many notes past due that they want the (it
money oin. ti
-A good crowd attenided the county 11
convention last Monday and some antis 4
came, too. an
-Tie Easley Oil Mill, one of Pickenm
county's paying enterprises, closed last !4h
Friday for the season. th
-II. C. Stansell was committed to jail W
last Friday to serve a sentence for two
months for revemue violatiois. th
-Wim. R. Powell was committed to jail o1
last Monday to serve a sentence for three Ov
months for reveiue violittiis. co
-Sheriff Riclicy has just compleled one
of the finest weSlls in the county on his Ber- io
muda valley farm near this place.
-M. F. Hester has the contract for ear- tit
rying the mail from Iickens to Sunny
Dale, ILaSO the route fro:n Hlazel to Nim
m1onls. to
-The frost left a good crop of pen's
and apples in Rocky Bottlim. There is a- cl
so a few left at L. A. Brown's on the a I
Wakelin place. ci
-There must be a "Dude Factory" a
somewhere near Pickens. Tle first Sab- cc
bath displayed Mniy elegant specimeni of e
masuline attire.
-Itev. J. C. Kilgo, financial agent of re
Wofford College, prealhed a vel y interest- a,
ing sermon in the Methodist Church here
last Friday night.
-Mrs. Florence Grililln's re4idence is (
Out inl its beatifilul Spring dre . The fa
Presbyterinil Church, inst O)posite, will
have to be touched up.
-Col. Wn. Ninnions was in town lhst e
Satturdai'y andl was in usual health1. I It is
13 years oild and h1:as beenl one of the stout. '
est men in the county. d
-'liere vill he a Suna'l school pienie th
at George's Creek, Satlurdiy, '.-.ay 7th.
P.fominent speakers will be pre.rent. A
good tittle is cxpected.
--Mr. C. T. Martin and Rev. W. 11.
Nix, of Elisley. were in town hast wefk.
Mr. Martin is an ltsiatic advocate of
t>y allowmng tmt streami to waien out. .
--T II Boggs, of Bi'rminhim, fa t
worked himself upt to a place'~ whereI4 hI
don't hamve to work. lHe has been a ppoint
ed forenman of the Georgiat 'acific ('ar'
Shop s.
-Mrs. Eltiza .J. 1lun ter, of Penrlet on, ir
lhas bien in feeble health fo r somec wee ks. 0
Jt is hoped thaut the inluice of the spring P
weather will restore her accustomned health C;
and activity.b
-The largest satle that thas taken p)lace
here in a long time came off last week. A ~
chattel mnorigageo was foreclo.eud and a horse
and wagon sohi. Thie horse briought $5
aOdl the wagont $1. It was stati-d after
'ward that both coldd have been bought for n'i
$1.25. P
-An alitercat ion look place hts hTumrsdaiy
between Arthiur P ickle amul Alleni Kelly,v ini
whicht Ketl1y struck Pickle wiith an a x'm tn
cut. a seve're gash on hisi face. Ilhe dis-.
puite is Sid tot lhave arjisen over a piee of
lantd whiich is now in law chdmned by both
-Perry Thiorniiey left last Satunlaii:V for
Savainnahl to visit his brother, Ca':pl. [-rne-st g
L. Thornhey. lie will probaly r('maini in at
the Forest (City for some lime. Perry is
an apt boy for business, antd withal so af
iable, that he will make friends whetever
lie goes.t
---John I larper was boundl over lby Com - a
missioiner 'Thorunley last Sturday 'for re- tI
tailiing. lie was arrested by D)epuity Mitr- ('
shal ,J. C. Jenni ngs. Aritur W hit e (colored , 0
familiarly knowvn ats "D og- Jye was atsoi f1
hound over for distilling, lie was arrested hi
by the same oflicer.
9 ,here are manny vahuable and perma
nent imp)rovemlents on the farms oni the Sa
luda side. Among these is the beantiful
cottage home of' J. W. Lathiem. lie has~ a
front lawn sown in blue grass and the eni
tire sutrroundlings have the aippeatranice of I
systematic att.cntion and perlecet order. t
-Quarterly conference of t his circuit
wvas heild with New hIope( chtuich on last ii
Saturday andi( Su mbid y andr a very i ntere'st
iRg nmecting was enijo)yed. 11ey, *T, C.fi
go, fimanei)il ag~ent of Wofford was present ~
andir got $25 pl-dged to thbat inst it ution. r
11ev. B. 0. Berry got $l'X pledged to t,be
parsonage at this pla1ce.
-Easley remns to lie getting ias nuch
h)enefit trom thte 1prospiect of the Pi('kens
railroad as Pickens. lteaI estate hats gone
up, and t.here is a brisk demand for buiild. "
ing iots. Besides D)r. .T. F. Bruce hats the I
most elegant andi spacious glaiss front on
his new drug store in Easly that can be
fouind in the up country.
-JTim Dunke, colored was killed on the ,.
Air Line hlailroad on the inighth of Ihle 2Wh
tit, lie was walking on lhe sidte of a coal
car as the train ian biy a water tank, Ithe ex
liaus? pipe of which wats baine ing down I
Tlhiis struck hImt on t he hiead a'i Iknockd ii
him from the car. i s reimain wer brou li
to this couinty,andl buuied at Thah or, by3 the .I
side (if his fat her, Wmui. Duiko.
-Haguood, Nruce & Co. left a mIolaiss~e I
barrel on thle store plat form wIth the lhun g
hole openi. Bees front inaniy coilonies
swarmted around It to get hoiney clji aindi
easy. Many (If themii woutld seooi met their l
wings smecared up so they c(iiii noldt g't u
away ant11I tuired over oiin lieu' backs and I
(lied. 'They (iuighit to hitte goiie to the I
many (lowers '"that waste their swe.t ne5,4.1
The County Convention.
Dhairman O'Dell called the meeting I
ler and announced that nominations fo
uporary chairman and secretary was I
ter. W. T. O'Dell was nominated an
cted without opposition for temporal
sirman and W. W. F. Bright was olect<
nporary secretary.
Dn motion the chairman appointed (
. Singleton, B. J. Johnson and T. 4
binson a committee on credentials.
rwelve clubs were represented by I
I'le following Is the executive commi
J. T. Martin, Easley; J. T. Boggs, Li
y; R. G. Gaines, Central; J. 11. Ro.
i Mile; W. N. Bowlin, Praters; N. I
rsons, llurricane; 0. P. Field, Picken
J. Ligon, Eastatoe; J. D. M. Keit
impkinitowu; WY. W. F. Bright, Docu
le- H1. H. Looper, Cross Plains; W. I
ighes, Foster's Store.
[J. J. Johnson was nominated for perm
at chairman and W. W. F. Bright secr
-y. W. T. Field was clected first vii
asident and W. T. Bowen, second vii
2sident. The secretary was eleete
Lahan Mauldin moved that a coimitti
one from each club be appointed to r
mmend delegates to the blate convei
n. W. A. Hamilton objected to this c
e ground that the clubs that had Antis I
ht ought to have delegates.
W. A. Hamilton moved that the deli
tes elected to the Stite Convention be r<
Ired to State publicly on the platfori
-ir position on the Ocala demands. T1
lowing were reported as delegates:
Carpenter, W. T. O'Dell, T. C. Robij
ii, W. A. Hamilton, W. V. F. Brigi
dt B. J. J."hnstonl.
U. 11. Carpenter said he had tried I
)w by his actions that he was in favor
- Ocala demands. lie thought that
ey were enacted into law the counti
iuld be in better condition.
W. T. O'Dell said he was in favor of ti
- demands but he was not certain aboi
e denand and that was the governmci
'nership of railroads. If the governmei
ntrolled the railroads he was in favor
nim, but if to own them he was not.
''. C. Robinson expressed the same opi
is as Senator O'Dell.
W. A. Hamilton said he was in favor
- Ocala demands in toto.
W. W. F. Bright favored the deand
B. J. Johnston said to show he was tri
the people he referred thei to his re
1. lie favored the demandi.
'The reason Mr. Johnston was elect<
airnan was because W.T.O'Dell was n
lelegate to the convention anld was n
gible to the oilice. If this he so, and I
do not doubt the orrectness of the pr
eding, how could Senator O'DelI be cele
a dlc!cate to the State Conveition?
At this stage, Rev. 0 W. Singlet<
ose and said he had been handed sol:
solutions with the request to read ther
d then proceeded to read as follows:
Whereas, we recognize in the person
vertior Tillman, an honest, capabl
itlifiul and flcient otlicer, and
Vhercas we regret to see the abuse ai
represetations heaped upcn a model ol
Ir, therefore be it
tesolved by the Democratic party
nvention asseibled, that we heartily C
Ise the adm0l1inistratiol of Governor Ti
cl, and pledge him our hearty support
V cominig -illpaign.
Resolved, second, That a copy of the
(Wcedings be sent Governor Tillman.
Unat imously adopted.
11t with a Eland Spike.
A whiie nan nmetd Irvine. of Pick
rs and( sons5. whot& wonld li 'eI to dhevote
:st a part of their time and att ention t<
&rk that would bring them in a lot
adly mney duriiine- the ne(xtI few mlont]
mitd (10 well to look upl the ad1veri sem<i
B. F". .Johnson & Co., lHichmiond, y
anlothe(r columnn, as it muay be the naa
(opening uip to manyil3 new lifte andit lar;
Iiiitiesic. Th'lese gent lemten have he
tensively andl succeseful ly engaged
tainess for many years. and they kmn
lhnt they are talking about when they
in they can show you how to better yc
Tfhe County Comimissionters had1( a lo
ad tedious session last Tuzeshiy. Seyce
tlitions for new roads were heard.
-News was received at Easley' last Tun
iy that Mr. D). F. Bradley, J.i ., son
r. A. J. Bradley, had died at his siste
Ahhet:ville. IIlis remainis were brous
mnie and interred at Enton chutrch W<
'eday. HIe was a promnisinmr younig ml
id had been in had health for' at nut
years. Tlhe sympathtits oif many fr'ien
o ut, to thte bereaved fanmily in their at
- A map 6x4 feet that gives you the p
res (of all the Presidents andi~ their au
raiphs fr'oim Washingt on to Illaiison, wla
mt on what issues cach was elec(t(al, at
Ie electoral vote and poplarit v'ote of
yS candlidate for p)residtent, tihe poputlatj
'the United States for every Iiye ve
-omt the flrst. to the hast census, withi
Irgest and~ most complete mapii of the U
d States ever pulisheld. Price 5.
omnes nilth the 8ISNxi. for 90) ets.
outtiernt hlaptist C!onvent?ion, Atlamn
4.a., MYay Ott, to 1 3tl, 192.
For the above ocenion thle Rich monm
Isanville railroad will sell round trip tict
Atlanta, GIa., anid return at the fol
g rates froim poiints named below; ini
ledliate pioints in same pr'opo tiont. Ti
ta on sale May 3d to 6th inhtaive, hini
~trning May 1 7ih. '1)2: Greenville $5.
eneen, $3. 70; Anderson, .$ I1.; Spart
ag, $6.20 Simtlar rates of faie for
>ind trip wIll apptly front Viriginia
[orth Carloina points.
Couldn't Stanid tihe Nam:.
"Iby" post oflicc, in this county, is (I
-discontimed by the governnt ent. V
mys there's nothIng it a nme ?-Spart
urg Ilerald.
Yeamr' Sulbanerm,ton to1 a P'opular
rieuhtmtral Paper fGiven Free to
Our It nderm.
lya special arrangtemlenlt wvith the pI
shers, we are p)re'pared to I urnish l"R
> (ach of our read(ers, a vrar's subsac
on to the ptoplarni in'antlyi agrinnitu
mrt nal , thle Amtericatn l"armer, pnb tl isi
Sti'ingtiehd and ( 'loevel:md, .(I)hio.
This oifferi is inadi(e to anty of ourt suibs
eras who will pay tup all arrearatges oni S
enription ando onie year inl atd vane and 11
ny'~ inew subsicrr whIo will pay one '5
1 adlvancee. 'The A mertican l"armeir en'I
large nationmal ri retulat ion0, andl la
m'mig the leading agirieitura pap:II ers.
his arrangemlenit It CO3TlM YO l ' MY'
N L to receive the Amiericanl l". tmer1
ne yecar. It will be to yom t Iv~anlta'
all prmpltly. Stimplc copJiesi c'an be
0 ~ County of Pickens.
In Court of Common Pleas.
d Caroline Brock, Miles D. Clay
Y ton, C. L. Hollingsworth, V
d R. Hollingsworth, Deborali
Mauldin, Susan Parkins,Mar.
tha Smith, Stephen C. All.
good, W. B. Allgood, B. C,
is Allgood,Frank Allgood, J.D.
Allgood, Queen Allgood,
Margaret Brown, W. D.
. Moody, Mattie C. Burnum
a, by her Guardian ad litem C.
L. Hollingsworth, W. H.
, Burnum, George 0. Cannon
and Alla D. Cannon by their
Guardian ad liten C. L. Hol.
lingsworth, George Cannon
and Stephen C. Hester
d Plaintiffs,
. W. T. O'Dell, Tem perance C.
Clayton, W. W. Clayton,
0 Laura A. Wallace, Naomi L.
Willard, Stephen C. O'Dell
E. A. McCluskey, Joe Allie
Johnson and Aurie Hollings.
. worth.-Defendants.
Summons for Relief. Com
plaint Served.
0 To each of the above named
if defendants:
'Y You and each of you arc
e hereby summoned and required
it to answer the complaint in thiE
it action, of which a copy is here
unto attached, and herewiti
- served upon you, and to serv<
) a copy of your answer to th<
said complaint on the subscri
s bers at their office at Pickenw
- Court House, South Carolina
d within twenty days after th<
ot service hereof, exclusive of th<
e day of such service, and if you
fail to answer the complain
within the time aforesaid, th(
" plaintiffs in this action will ap
a, ply to the court for the relie
demanded in the complaint.
Each of the defendants i:
c, notified, that the objects of thi:
)d action are for the recovery an<
n- partition of the real estate de
scribed in the complaint amon;
n the heirs at law of Stephei
Clayton, deceased, and that ni
personal claim is made agains
any of you, exce)t the defer
dant, WV. T. O'Dell, for th
rents, profits and benefits therc
of received by him, and thi
the payment of the costs <
any defence madec by any c
you will be resisted by th
p)lai ntiffs.
Dated at Pickens C. H., S. C
the 27th clay of April, 1892.
Plaintiffs' Attornevs.
J. M. Sr'EwA\Wr, C. C. P. C
of [Official Seal.]
Sfo the Defendants abov
nt named:
Take notice that the com
Cr p)lainlt in this action, togethe
;with the summons of which th
foregoing is a copy, was filei
oir in the office of the Clerk o
Court at Pickens Court House
gin the County and State afort
said on the 27th (lay of April
A. D., 1892.
Plaintiffs' Attorneys
d. - Pickens C. Hl., S. C.
er$75.00 to *250.00 a Month
de cn be made working for us. Persons pr
rie ferred who can furnish a horse and gis
their whole time 1o the busines:. 8pai
moments may be profitably emnploy ed alsa
Ie.. A few vacancies in towns and cit'es. I
1to. F. JlOIlNSON & CO., 21,th and Main St
en Richmnond, Va. my19
10- Wi1 ligtont, N. C., A pril 24Ith, 1892.
Fast i ne et wen GhCI Ularleston and1( c
htmia and( nppebfr South Carolina at
ta, Wecst.ernm North Carolina.
vw.. *No. 52. *No. 53.
er- 6, 50 a.mi . .Lv Charleston Ar..10 30 ai.
ek- 8 33 .... ......I,ues...8 401p.
Led 9 413..........8mnter...7 25
10; 10 .55 . . .Ar Cohnnbuiia Lv... 6 00
au- 5 :17 p).m . . .. W intsborr,..4 20
Lhe (1 30).........Chewster...3 28
md1( 7 08....... ...ock l1l1...2 '43 p).
S 00 . ..Chlarlo,tte, N. ... 1-1 0
1 05 p.m inrA Ne w berry,Ti S. T. L I. il
rad 3i 6 . . . .G(reentwood.11.l 57 :
Iho 13 -.. ..Anderson....10 05~
an- 5 (5....reenvi lle..9 25
8 (00 ... . .. .Walhialla. ... 8 '20
-I 08 ...Abbleville..10 50
.5 01 lldersonivi lle,',N. C 9 10i
5 .53 . . . Asheville. N. C. .. 8 15
*Daily. tJialy Qeepit HundaylL.
Solid t rains be~tweent Charlest on and (
uth- ttumbia, S. C.. ani'd earry thro tyhl sleepi
beJ' )tweenj Charles andt( Cinconitati.
raid Ass'I (Gen. Pa.ss. Aigent,
uri- aproIntmen,t. r ,I'eken. Icule I
b-1st Sabbath, 11 a. mn., Pickents.
to 1st "' 3:301 p. mI., Blethihem.
car l " 11 a in., Gap HillI.
"7 d " 3:30 p. m1.. New LIope.
nks( : i " ' 1 aii. mI., Porter's Chapel.
b' 3 .:" 3:30 p. mn., Tev ie
4th "11 a. mn., Dscusville.
C 'i lith "' 3:.10 p. mI.. TIabor.
Cc"i Prayer mee'tintg at Pickens every W4
tmed.m at 4.30 n m n. 13 n0. D nW,
All kind of carpenter work well
and promiptly done.
CVPrIces and work satisfactory. Give
111 a call. PICKENS, S. C.
Mary had a little sheep,
Its wool was white as cotton,
And every where little Mary went,
That lamb just come a trottin'
Mary came to town one day,
To do a little shoppin'
And right in front of McFall's door,
They both were seen a stoppin'
Walk in, says Me, and in they walk
And after some reflection,
Cast their eyes this way and that,
Then each made their selection.
Mary spied a pretty Hat,
Embroideries, Gloves and Laces,
Cascarillas and Swan Downs,
That girls wear on their faces.
She also bought a pretty shoe,
- Hose, Fan and Parasol,
Some Calicoes and Apron Checke,
And little Sis a doll.
Mary's ma comes here to buy
All colors of Dianiond Dyes,
Nux Vomica to kill the Hawlks,
Then next--good chicken pies.
Mary's pa, that good old man,
Was teve(-r knowii to back
On anything that Mlary bought
From McFall's Almanac.
"But where's my little bonny lamb"
Cried Iaary in despair,
"Never mind" her father said,
I Next fall, he'll be 'right there."
- The hnb's selection---very wise,
r A. bell and pretty collar,
1 And all it cost at MFIall's store,
Was a quarter of a dollar.
t The pretty lamb now looks all right,
All dressed up for the ball,
With collar on and pretty bell,
He'll "g4-et thero" in tho fall.
t We migit go on forevermore
Wit something else thani joke,
Speaking of all the bar gains her e,
But -nfow-- OUr pe?nil's l >oe.
- Our entiro Stock of Goods, con
r sisting of Dry Goods, Gro(ceries
Shoes, IInts, Notions, Halrdware
Crockoryware, &c., to be sold at cosi
until disposed of.
WVe call especial attention to om
-Men's and1( Wlnien's Fino Shoes
Now is yo)ur time if you comno whihi
we can fit vou.
A few pieces (of eaVns left. Tt, wil
pay you to 1)>uy now for next winter
l:erthing in the( huver'si fav~or a
long as these go~ods last.
e Respect fully,
Otbr27th 1891.
t ih real' so,wth no tacks or waK thrfla
and en05y, andi bease ace enake mnore shoea 0)oh
mC e'lf. "e," je' ' tn rr"m" $Mto equais
5mi 00 enuia an-nowed, thn fintetoal
~1P e'ho ever ofrerest for *i.(I; quals Frenuc
iported shes wheleh coset from t.Ele*2.0
I Ia vih < eeetahl 1antd dacranlo. Teon
eo- Ee n efere ats ;e rico; am a rde as cui
$3. Hee V Mhoel Fnini; faoe,
scmeand LetOtercrie all wea thern naul xel
iniel'' O par wlwar a yar.o oe,et
who wiln t eseI<for iefor tan acr vince th
$ O nd 1114 2.0(0 Wo'rkin, man's shor
have give ect :Ei a tril il arr ti ther make.
9 5.Oi a nd 8 f .75~ schooel shes at
on ther me ritsar te i it c ar e rv herlc theys.
La le e d -eeCd hone'o
in Drtedl shoos cobstindg freone r lIto.;
Ladlcs' 2.50,(I ha!is.00I e net S.75~ shan fe
5iasca are thco len? fne l)onegola. Stylish and duerah
OinnIion.--sco that w. I.. ol)e~,as' nameo an
juice aro stamped on the beottom of each shoo.
inet6on local n<dverthetel dlen'are eutplyiny you,
W. L, DOUG LSirockton, inaa.. sold b
1. 1. 1H. ]IOUAN,
Are Now Rec
Dry Goods.
Special attention has been gii
Goods Departments and among
aro the latest and best goods ir
New York Mart
They are closing out all odds
accumulated old stock. Ani
1emnant of Cloth that has tht
on it, is sold regardless of cost.
Sume rich bargains in these f
Cash Buyers
The Greenville Fe
Aro provided and have on hand, alr
Of our Fertilizers, to supply overy
day of tl
*-G Prompt shipments and SATISFA
Forwad your ord
Greenville, S. C.
Just Received. We
A MA N onght ar PIano Ig44(
ON LY $375.00
Net iteri (n wasi wolth ai nLIickel or
30.IN"tiltlE Yi( ES EI' iinist
inyigexobitan ici iies byV huingdL4 irct
fromt . . . A RE l'I'TT, (hites,'S. C.,
Or J. L. I I A N ia & I)AIU1:ITIsItS,
Gr.enville, S. C.,
loeI 1.(1k nown'. You en0 n't payv thiemi 1 mre
.ile noIt buiilt tliuit way. Write for laite't
We Divide the Profits !
PerhiIaps you think that 's a flight of ar
tist ic imnagi nt? it in't. Th'Ie artist is
r'ight as far as he gocis, but he do)esni't go
ini I wof it doeusin't alwnV,y haijppeI nt. yotl
clit in.li rthnter and w.~e are not divi<hiing
outt pirofiis I ( intmiddle. On), the cou nary
aour ivisoni is over whiehnmingly ini favor of
ther purrha:--r. Th'lere' ia guod reason)l for
tis unusua lt reedingi. T1hie timte for re
ding our1 enIormou ls stoc(k (If Winotecr
pav'.e thie wayI to big re(dtuctions. Ilivre arc
I'oneIi p)Irc wich'I will shiow yiou tha:t the
nuIt 11ter' 0f profits is niot botheinig us at
S.3O Suits now.. $25.
2)) " " 15,
15 " " 12.
v').eri'oaits at ai very great !iacrifices
j ''eweair mlust he elosedl out.
Cailt and sen the goods anid hear the
jiliCt S.
Grecenvillc. 3. C.
dI a md~''~
rcKMaqsj, N. c
E _A S-LEY,1V5 S. C.
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0. P. MILLS, President.
Green ile, S. O
Have No Old Seed.
L4. E. Childress,
I JAY ""OUT'j^'1'KER
jan28m PICK ENS, S. C
No. 79) Law fltnge,
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very~ lwesi ref erencesi. Ted lphone No. 71)
MI. F. Anantg, C. La. I Iw.un,iiiwoemm
S,l icIir ath Ii Ircu it, Pickens, S. C.
I'ENS C. Ir., s. C,
Priact ite in ll th nis o~ii f thei Sitate(
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122 Main Strveet. (1 ltEENV ILLE, S. C.
Gas givyen i very Thnr isdaiy andi Fidiny,
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MyiI Den-:tal lIioomst aire niow~ locat ed in
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W . 31. Noinvooo, I). I). S.. Asittant.
________ (IIEE~NViLL4E, S. C.
Of ieic over West morelandl 1ros. & I)ukc'r
Drug 8tore.
Jan1)'89) (01EENVIILLE,H. C,
R)i. FR AN K SMIT'l,
Inowv c'ne:mently locanted at Ese
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sevcs ote public generally. 2jan9(
nmo.o are fro tm thle Collehge of Ph'lysi(emn;i
andi( Surgeons,ti of Haltimorei-, 18$0 a
Iiii .lh.s I lpk(Iins, I18tI. Was~t cl:;
liiti mi i Nuinig and Chihl's Illospjtiin)
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. SetteciT WeforR lt epots
norrE I,wn ,e n.
rn Groceries
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Flours, Purest Lard and Una
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Come to xse us any more. That
Don't get mad at us about it
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pine to see Ut,
)D & CO.
Atlanta & Charlotte Ai.-Line
S9chedule in effect Jan. 17, 18'07.
Northbound. 'No. 38. *No. 10. No. 1
Lv At lanta.. I 25pn 8 ,0pm 9 40a
("haMblec .. ........ 9 27pm 9 J8a
Noreross ... ........ 9f)pm 9 b?n
Duluth .......... 9 m10 501u,
Suwiane- - .--...... 10 031m10 10a
Buford . . . . . ...... . . 10 17-q1m10 I 'am
Flow'ry Br'h ...... 1: ! 4.*0atve
" Gainesville.. 2 r)9pnin o m ,11
" mLu t.. ....... ........ I .
"elllton .... ........
'Mount, Airy
W estinlster -.... -t
('e tlk 1...... .. .. .
" ei Ea nley'..... . . . .
"' rr....'.........
6 (Wptma I
Welfork . .
" 1:u 1 t baniuu r. 6 57p
Clifton_. . . ........
"C(owpenl'%s. ....
" (h:iffny' .
" Iia hur" - -ui.g. - -
" L owell ... ........
;1or4(I q'
" c lillmont
A r Churlott e. . 9 10pm - 7
South1bounil. *N.375
I'V Charlott(. . 9 45am
" King's M'n .-.
"' (Grover . ..
'' lGaffneys u'sg.
''Spart anbIurg 11l 43nn ~ , kI.
--Greer..... m '
"Greenmvillc. . 12 UJpf tv, i~
- entral............
"M ntAiry. ........
"Cornelia.... ........
" Ieltoni..... ............ 4
" Ginjlle..4 3 4lpmu 9 e o
"Fw'y. Brh.... 09i 10 :'
" lifonl.... .:: ... . .. 10 lipu o 4
"SIwanItce............ . 10 ::9 o .
'I)uhith...... ........ 10 45pm 11 1.[
" Noreross.. . .. . . 10 'ltdi I I:
'' Chambrle........... 11 O1p:r 11 0
leaves A thlnta 5:30 p. mn., n'. .: I
8:12 p. mi. Retlurning, leav< .., . Ii(;;0
ni.. nri Atlanta 8:50 a. in.
Iltween ltlau am! .A.thieij--. 11 da
I .I.ula 3:83 p. m. , amI( 11:.10 :. ,is
Samay mal Nol. 12 <biily, 6:2 . . n'
(6:15 fl. II., arrive LulI). 8:05 .ml :'.
:1. Iil.
lI t wVienI ToIE n an44f*)g Elb(1 I . .: .
ihrily .xci,'1t Smat?lay, 1'-ave TIe . 4 4
lI'u., ar i ve LIIbert1oni ':.10 p. m. *a
hog. No. (;o daily, e'x'ept, su.'.. i4
EIiberton 5:00Ia. mi., arrive' Torl:0
Nos. (leaml 1(0 ii arryn: Iiln n .4 leepr
btweenogJ Ai Ilnt:aals rNew Yoi:s.~i
ca Nts. oram ;;8-Wsing.iH;
weTAernL VetibuLOI Limt01i E : e
ltant um Wahntn O i
extrar are N. c.o-e.Tn o
le.s, aloAbtMwen Washing , ao.a (
1,hi11, viaAtlnt d irid: .. ,A :
Atna, Ga.
W- II. aRNd Ol, Gentt -M , At1 4:m.
ta, Ga. ~ , .4
SO (ThrA8,k TInrafilc Maor . im
A z ve an hUow, pufe.ab&,11 n.a
a* to tae, afadla -I--. ,. n a
* aI4g t Dae s , O ta r . -o t g n
c2honu.1Diarrh hrneL - ' ) - mh . np .' +
pepvia, ce a , Iauee .e.'ee
ntv,r Fon Dra4Haah. - . 4.14
autlice, b Ktnynnan onot1bat
N e ttle4 thRolaa ,:. .441
Ci te fr end,l11t ont~ Ie, .4 444 .4
10hn, ino Di1a.sojI14 '
Cltornach.Th-ed. -

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