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vol. xxi. -PICKENS S. (., THLURSDAY A 'G UST :, 1893. NO. 46.
The Sentlor in Momt To-rrltalv Scourgml b Y
thle Geonetrat l I lay'se M, ruat On raects,r lie
aouuneOd, Il1 Mental Ai lity ?auitt .hmeol
tndt Hi Pluck Dnaiesud.
CoLiUMIA, S. C., July 2t.-Adjutant
General Farley, who origl,ially intent[
ed to hold his repIv to Senator I rby till
Capt Tilt-mai coti',i have his say last,
night reconsiderel I hle iat tvr and deci -
ded not Io wait for the return of Cant
Tillman from Washington and the issu
Ing of his article, an- Lrave it ou. for
publication. General P'.irley exhibitedt
the several letters t hat, ho refers to it
the a ticle. The reply is as Iollow%s:
I believe the 111blic are generally
aware that, I have been waiting on ap
tain Jams Tillmnan, who announced
his intention of answering Senator Ir
by's article, the gist of which is, that he
(Senator irbv) is not the real author or
responsible for the stateinent in i he
"Craddock article, but t hat. ,James Till
man is, arid he stipports this aqsertion
by aflldavits front Major W. F. Gary,
Dr.Sampson Pope and one Matthew
Tighe, his Secretary.
Mr. Tilimaii's reply was to the effect
thatSenator Irby had "acted the delib
erate scotlhdrel in iixinix a certain
amount of t rut I with error in order to
give his defense an air of plausibility,
and to throw t he whole blame on Cap
tain Tillmuan."
lie asserts that. Seiator I rby "cannot,
use hin to caialit a political assassi
nation." A singularly appropriate ex
presslon! I will let. CaItainl TtIlman1
speak for himself. howetier. and will
proceed to the consideration of Senator
Irby's card. In the first place, I woulb
congratulate the Senator himself and
tihe piubic at larg3 tpon the wonderful
change that my somewhat vigorous cx
posure of t lie Serial or has had upon his
mann er, and I am sorry I cannot add
upon his morals for I am sat isfied that
by the time 1. am through the putilic
will bt- convinced that he has made a
very ingenious defense, but has iseil
his facts and I lie E.nglish language tor
the purpose of concealing the trutlh in
stead of telling it. Possib! I may know
that part of the public " ho no iot owe
Senator Irby well,somethia of an ex
planation or al apology for t he inus
tially vigorous bItt tppropriatelanguiage
with which I drew stch an accurate
tnid life-like pict tre of the great. Sena
tor. They are not aware of the long
continf-d provocation, of which "Crad
(lock" is only a sample. and I would
remind them that it would bP iipo-si
ble to do justice to siuch a lt mnstrositv
in anything like ordinary language, and
"whatever is werth doing is worth do
ing well."
In order that the publi may vatch
the whole matter clearly. I will state
that last, Christnas, while snow-hound
here in Columbia, and afterwards
whilst still snow-hotind in Laurens, I
prepared a rough article on the politi
cal situation in South Carolina, headed
"The Reform Movement." and "Some
Christman Ieflection)s ci' an Old 1ie
.former." This article, which was in
tende(l is a sort of philosophical criti
cisi or diat1liisition on th Ile Ufaorn
moveient iii particular and polities in
general in Smith Carolina was shown,
and suggested to tOh criticisn of prom
inent gentletnen in the State, in whose
judgtient I had confidence, and whom
I conbider( d coniparatively fre froimn
partisan Ie-liig atnd prijumet . It. was
written tren a pairiotiv starldpoint
and was iitt-ndetd for Ihe allod of I ht
liefori inovcie-it and to 'liour oil tip
on t he lrou bl. a.%ata is" of tt- St al e,
It endeavored to critelsec all 1. c ions
fairly and therme is tmi voa aly i a' uch
art article soame htoneast autal fair' at iti
cism of' Governior 'Tillbiaan I as a pli
oaflicer, buitt thlet e I iio abus r,tf'I aniiy one'
a rd I he"'great 1p0htic:tIal-ciden-lt ," Sen
at or I rbyt, is not, evenili' ini tnd, tno.
less he ('al b)e cer'ogntized atnder' the
gene ral tia'T e of "'det:t-tgttg tie." Si tar
as Govaernor Till natir t c'once'rned
y there is hardly a attttrle s< nt jrmet in
the i'ticle tha lie nts rnoi lc-..t',1 li
EaX presti arid its a'rine'.l p1itose. t.ona'
antd advice is mtea s .' -ecCorancea*, 0
my well k nowni views s g ivan t.o : im
~ad othiens ott lian 4'rasta io
imdei a I.,'j; ,/, p/nin. anit s oeril. I
read1( it.to Ai r. .l,iani (. ( '.paa-s i' i he
(Colaumdsa Jouairial, w-a- -e ya ate ci d
nnirounrtcedI itt it' -litlea tA paar,aae a
nton-par t isatn cotursae ini ;a:cord w oe h lihe
'4 genet at spirit~ of I he ar ile, at tl also
to AMr. Jlanios 1I. 'Tilhin, talling the
latter' tat I in treded to birig tht:e ar
Sicle t.o WVasingt.cn an rd stublm it it. to
Ste ctriticii (111 h' ais tist he.rj, whn Itel c on
sider'ed a brtead(lgutacd i't aitemnan, whoe
was, withl Giert r;a IGar\, oeI O thlie
tour.de-rs oft the lielormle tiovaement. ina
Soth (Catruhna. Air. ( aper-is and a I p.
talin Tillman ware baothI antx Iat- t(o
pubIlish thle art i-lae, butt I We'Ihhield it
for fi mi Inh r conisidet at itan, arnd in ae
coirdfmiiee with the ati vie ('0 atst 'ne of
my friends, atid( inl conslIlcI ta' iota o tIhe
fact that it, containeu sittta ('ritieb,m oifc
Goeveernor Tillmant, t o w hose admtim is
tratIon I b< lontgad, I had a!lmoa,stl, if naot
altaogel lhar, abaitilonea ihe idet of pttb
lishmIig, I-t row Silica it, ht s ha eli
bar< ught ii <jueSionti I wviIl b t t go to
the li an wf Vitft tic' re (lil t thsatailtuighi
it ti otui'what lonrg eve'rv puaer inl the
Slate will pubIlia'h it, inte I notonilv ask
blat I ;hiallenigea erii cismnof It tri'omi
the staniepointt of trtth, truie D)eicr,
0'y andc patrtot.siit.
Governor 'IlTiarm is strongit ernoughi
but to a c( epJt t he c'rl it isml tt conttatins
in proiper s piit, fari, as Saento r irbay
once Bati toi hitti in arne cf his flaiase
of trutth atad h(-nesty: "Wa' botht ktnow
thaSt Faarb-ey I;a-ve-r t 1ers 11s nout ta-lls
any lies. 5 '.' s ib lly it the article is
tleftuly readl aial it s al ne ie 9eala d it
may ye(t representt tIhe good t itat i t.o
coe tout of this ci li-rovers').
I haad be'en invite d ta) stay witha Cap
tain Tillmnan int Wta-hinigt.oa, bait lhe
rtash or visitors was so g real. I hat, I re
mnainmd it h the staffi, and1( d urirag
may enatire i-lay I di t not, have mlore
titan a live mutle conver~sationl
wit,h himfl rior dlid I re-ad ear
exibit the artticlte (o any a<le
irn Washlintgton, ina-ttiag raumbters' aaf
I rienids, and.( stekI~ing Io eutlic' ihere'.
whs cont-ant i l3 en igaed sorially, ;atl
had lbut little lea (da wth polit ICs itt arty
fam . 'I hie <hlarga' that, I had a coni
oileet-t ilm tan aruit t ocI ir pubtb l eation11,
which Ihe refiusaeld, Stati toed( hint of a
comn at ioniit u li igfha luI be-n ag rae d
ulpon, ofifering hin ii hle post ion of Ad
jintant t'sanrni isna nui'nrarid nurait
-ratpd a lie as was ever put upon paper v
rto mat ter who Is the atthor or inst.i- a
rator of it. Inowtl, on "Satitrity -ifter a
che iroaigtiration," when Senator Irby
iays it took plac-. I had left Wahni
toli aid Was 4pemdiig on ily Way to
Soiith Carolina. 'he alltuion to the a
irticle wlIeih I hil shown (Captai i
Tilliat ) fore he left the Sta,to, at, t
least six weeks before, is all the trtuth c
there is inl it.
I have asked the papers to repiublish
that womderlti epi tie to the (3e1rgians t
making '-new revelations" of a fearful
combinatiou to "overthrow Tillman
mitd I rby," so t hat they can stud y and
itnalyze it, carefully, and they v.ill Illid
but a lit.tle of .James illInan in it., just
m1ough to H-ttisfy his vanity, a good
leal of my old friend, Major Gary, and '
L is bristling all over wit h Irby, in It
whose interest was It written, and t'r '
what purose, who inspired it, cmi
octced it., or actually wrote it,? Dld t
Matthew, Mark, Itke and .John all 11
ive a hand ini thi4 epistle to the (;sor- I
zians, and send it unider Jainer' Till
man's nin e/c p/imec, Craddock ? Was
nim implicated himself, or, as they
have such extraordinarv paius to make
Lhe public believe, did lie originate and
write itl hims,lf ? I have shown how
the talk about "an arttcle" originated
n(l my explanatlon of the grand com
line is simple and easy. I rbv heard of
the Farley article, Shell had announced
q;s intention to retire, which he could s
rot understand (for there is no retiring
in Irby), Farhy had c:illed by Senator
litler's ollice one day with Col. Wil
lainm II. 'erry, and knowing of Seina
Lor Irb.y's bitter hatred, had ignored
hin while in Washington, and Irby lit- ,
Lran to rin inille. At last he began to
befieve there was a coibirnation, and
he concluded to make the charge and t
have it ptblished fii Gorgii, where
it woulIA attract juist stiflicieit
attention to be copie,l and re -ti I lie
people of this State and creae diAt.rst t
tmonig the l1eformcrs in this Stat'
igainst. S!,ell and Farley and Talbert,
i oo, ait liough in hits hast art ictl he I ries 6
to killftlly lie the' Tal nert. p irt outi
This was I he se'' ne, and if yomg .) it
Tillman had any-.limnr to ito with it, hi
was the Victim ,f Sei:ttor Irby, and l
now hv "mixi . g erior and trIuth Irby
is playinig the part of a tlellerate scoun- -
dtril by trying to throw the whole
blame"- on Capt:in Talliin, and mak- 1
ing hi Ii t tie scapegoat, thus eom mitting N
a stiill greater crime, that of sacriicing C
the (overtor's i'ephew to shield hii- I
self from exDpOsure. "B!o:)d is (and ought t
to lbe) thicker than water," and I know
that (iovertior 'illan knows Irby H
and has tollild out long ag. that the C
charge of a combination on the p irt of I
.he1l antd mysel-I1 wifi tieneral Iintlet
or anyone el- is totally unt rtie.
Sinc'e it haq been alluded to, tie and
Mr. Gteorae Tillman both ki . I hat I
have done more to wards ihaling I he .
breach between themi tIan any o-iv.
Indei d, I am totally unike Irby in
this, t hat I have made nione bit I riends
for him, whilf.4 Irby has constant.ly
made him eienies and tried to estrange
old and well teied friends from him, as
I am prepared to show.
I,tit who Is t rying to st-ind till or the
truth of the Criddock article or -tle
alleged c inbiration now? Not Jim
Tillia-, oti whose ait hority they say
it was published, and in fact nlo one
but. I rhy, ''the real at hor," and he ot
ly says that '"every mio who rtfs - t.h"
papers aw l has watchid the turns it
poflii wiil see that, there was truth
tu1id lois of it ni what Tillin ti said."
Wh'lat paipers? Conieltidina his re
miarhs I rby s:iys "Why did not (ieniral
Farley ask (I1 tm" ar t xplaiationI if he
hi tievcd whmla he prOtwids to bilievil of 5
ihe assumed wroni i did illm? Aud t
I aiswer, why, . Vlm, dhd t olu ntA ask
ofltm ine t-x pliliaL tol l otJ Till matin's F
wvorietrt*t,l c, ilibitie, whon he told volt
itsetad cl (accordigi t) .<ir m viac
pt it.itt I.he pa pers ? Wae'iy di it,t my13 i
longis life' 1 tien, I Mj. ( lary, whoti camne
t blrouih C'otlmia, ititl gilt, mel to wrtit.e i
hinm a s rong tendorsemntt, ai git, the Y
Whyt3 ijd hei ntotl giv'e tilt a tchanice to t
ter it wats ~ intblied -for I have be'en 5
wtithi htimt eini't In Auttgust. amtI been in
vited to hit' home? Where was samup- C
stiln l'ope, thle "'strrowiml S impsotn, ~
t hat, le cotild niot tell ine, biut mtusth
toimie as yoir eIn tissary to I iell Gov. 'TiIl- I:
ttt;trt aebout it "/f o fei r /ht, 1/u (loern
f/hi (hroit !<-./i!" A \h' .l,ohnit, I wtent 5
fo,r yo' tin itiPo ppers, wvhere yot s a rt -
,it 3otir hie, whichi I de-telitiied to riti I
down i, as well.I a-; tihe I ialsoni v.tucts
tic atuo I have' donet sii. As soon1 ats the I
"'Cralhlock" art idle was shiownt tie at 1
th eloverno)r's N i isiotn , I said th a. it. I
was "'intspi red"' by voti andtl t t ,i1 ttm
Tliilmani (lidi not, write i', atetl subtse- I
atidl soon Cit. Cantghttim, whot hail just, I
returniii t ro m Wtti ashtington, tld me0
hat, .l iu Tillhnani said I hir itt- wats not
t he atuthor'e ot ir . L ater ,J im Tlilltinat l
t-turina-l ando wi 0 haul Siomie iorre'si,.itt- .
t'tct aibit, the "C(apers Light I nain-(
Ity,'' whitih detvteloel at loIllo As: ()t
thie i! i AI-liav h wrote e:u
CtLA RK'-s Lth, 22t1 .'la v, 1 s': .
'Mv l)F.AIn G;..Nial: I stitcerely Itspe
that thhote wtll lbe nio mtistiudertainhti le
At firlst, I was ttillted abtlit. the le,ti-r toie
Capltini .Mays, but,t now~ ait en , a pllaittly.
eeft how tte nllattert at tist,
lpassed throeughI (Cultunla:, itl have a ti kC
aub itt thetr tnigs No far Ifromn oever haru
lng done you aty wronlg, I statmt readuty to
rtendetr yotu a ny se vtce Iitt owr
Tlo i his letter I imedtat-ely reulledi
its the ol igttnal inl reach will stiow (sih
ter toulch Iig (lit !oflJpaniy mat,trIs):
"itvws youir dutIy to have seten time as
tt palssed i toughl CO!tiunblla, becautse If I
tad blie tvedt al It hiad hteard I wold t be
foreiud to oonc'utde that you had nott on l
boteni guilty' of a s'imiple breach of proit u
hI tt alsoi oil uintttr titness In estalisiti
hIe "Grtaddock'" as tiche. I have held lity
jtmodgine-nt Iin suspentso until I could seee yot,
l'eoautse I amiihtI ncteod to believe froml what. I
I have h e-arde that sonic soir oft a jobl was I
lplt tup onl yout mi W ashintgton."'
'ITo thtis let ter he re-plie<i:
', "CAnu's lII 1.L, 29 May, 1893.
1'oiurs of the 25th ist. I fotiund on mty
rantrty inphec,onl l mtore thtan satisfactory .
I htopje .50m wyitl tmak e It conlvenienlt, to
pe'tut two oer Ill ree d t)s with us.
"'If it, i necessary to ceontvlince youl about
Lthe 'Ct adoltck' articnle I wVIl sett' teo Wash -
igtonl atid gt't the torigintal ml . ni tscrlpt, as
t wits iteo at thle W. U . 'T. olico. My3'
llamie an oin detlt ot'jlituttme have been ttued inte
aonnecmttioni w ith se'ver-al bastarde produtc. d
;lins withtout aiiiy permtission, andt onflly pe. 1
tuillar ctirct.u.a ces, of wIhIth I shall tell 1
'ou. prevenited mvl dtenmwiin Item, as t
Itl as the real atithor. You tohil ()thers 1
bout your articlo, which they itivutlged
id iainde i " tiho l 1 setgoat. However,
will tell you all about, it when I ee y.oi.
"Youtrs, &e., JA. S11.I T[ 1 UMAtN.
I wrote to him that 1 (di4 not, cari"
bout the article, as that could 9.peak I
)r itself, though no one in Washing- I
m at that time had ever seen it ex- I
ept, himself.
On 13th of .1ine lie writes again. re
owing his invitation to visit thei on
he occasion of the itispection, and con
hided as shown by his letter llfore:
Don't forget your article. Father
lys he will take pleautire in comipar
ig notes with you."
I took the article wit.h tie and read t
to "Uncle (xeorge" and vot his criti
ism of it. And after .Jaims Tillmai
ad .old tine all about the "Craddock"
rticle, and many other things corrob.
rativti of his stateinent., I told him
hat I intended to expos Irby, indf
sked him to state definitely for my
rotectton who the real ait hor was, as
n addition or postscript to his 210 I
lay lettfr. Ile then sat down and de
berately added to r hat, lett or: t
"P. S.-Il. is hardly wecesaary for me t
r add that I rhy dictated t lie article to t
is Secre'ary."
T'his is the whole story, and t he pub
c knows Ehe rest.
I see no use to notice 0iss Crews ali- t
avit. Ile told the trt Ih, but could not
top there, but. said what lie thoulit, C
s well as what was said. I went. I herv
) pay a small bill, and to find out,
there he got. his in formation, Wit, like
iv friend Wils.m, he could not tell.
Now, I stibmit the (lie timi to the
iblic, who an I to believe? ,Jaines t
'illian, who telIs me all atmit it, and
t last "lets the cat out of t lie bar," or r
lose who conceal this " Istab inl the
ack" and "in [ite ijark," tintil I forced
out by ex posing anid.deiotincirig Snt-i
for I rbv for the scundrel I knew hin
> be? Even if we acknowialge that t
itre was a possibility for Jaun-s 'ill
iai to have been in it, there is rio ps
bility for Irby to have been out of it,
hey were till privy to it. andl 110 Oine r
31c. ire except Jame.i Tllman. I Ience
iy letter, aid it is iny privat. opini)on,
utilicly exprt-;s-l, that lI-hy qot, ofT
inight y light," as the d-irkey said when
ohin Brown was hung.
Let it he rt-em inbere: that all of the I
arties were olice-seekers, inciiolinrg I
Ir. Tillinan, who wai applying for a
onsulship, anl all seeking Senator Ir
V's patronage. lt it not, be forgot
en that coitelporaneous telegrams I
vere sent to The Iegister covering tihe
nie mittter, ail of which is in IerfetL
onsoiatiet with Irby's well-know.i
nethod of piilliig hiiiisel. Theii put
lames Tillinani's statereiet inl the bal
ouce with the actlial Cotents of the
'Cra'hlock" article, aad I he concliusion
3 inevitable, not onily was it born in
,hat don of innitqtity froi which lew
nen h .ve escaped with ele--i hands,
>t that' Irby was at the bottom of it.
Now, Senator Johii, since yoii have
indertaken to interpret my nolion il
'xposing you, let rile interpret yours.
tetnemb"r, John, that but for the
'Craddock" article, which vnu have ac
:nowledged was writtrn and sent off
nder your eye, I could not have ex- I
losed you, and that you provoked it
n alluding to the Congressional race, t
ave you not exposed your wily and
rt li gamne? Y ou "discovered a mire's t
est," and hating Farley and Shell you t
ut it in t.he p.i,rs to ex' ite suspicton I
iong the IRtformers, arid seti. Samp- ,
oi l'ope to the (Governor to excitt his
isrist, in order to kill thein oil. Is
Of, thal, pl1aill, .101hnnie ?
Now, Senwtor .1 ohn, let. ime gi ve you
oire goo.1 alvice be'ore yoii get out of
lie tIpeis, for I se', .ol i, that.you are
Xceedifily anxious to get, ouit, of' the
apers. It's a bt I pil-tc for you, a-s
liere is it telling what, may coie oit
nd thewe little le le'tesit iiiiof are
o1, such'l plea-,ut i e-ailhnn as Theiu lienr..
iter's prett y pers noil -, "raddock-''"
icteuf aind ~l ictuiatedti pra ises or
inn y (ati's t' >werfl pu fs. I t ld
oni a lng timlie rig,.-khindrly, ,1li hr- -
hat vou it uldn'. siuit tiln yioursel I in
hei 1 Uniltd SIteis 5,ellte, andl( a-vise-li
oni not to t ry it. No) t you see the ire -
irlt. I fold you1 also, whien you asked
iy ad vice, to1 resign tia.le CThai rmnanshi p
I tIhe Extecutive Comn iitlee arid keip
lit, of' Srtate sq<iuabbles, becaiise you
;d albigger' job r i it yo)ii coil.I pro)per
y' atendu to at W~asthligtonl. 1 told( or
/ot.' (.o 'rrnr Ti ltli t tha t yout were
n)t the man for ie pl tee t>ioiit. ie
r&me timeii; atiid .(1on kinow youriseIf 1th it
brle I was willung to see (Ceerar.l
amtiiptonl runii hiis sea t for ine' liar
oiiy of thIe I )emioe rati c pari-ty, st ill I
rfre ed'ii'o arid iurged th-it some( mai n oft
lore strenigth o1 charact,er tii dlignIityv
Ihanr you rself he elected .1 'ncie ( borg''
iidge Wallace, ,lurdge I >Ope--ud1( at,
ist, w hen I saw Ithat there-I was real
aniger, I urgred ( ovienr TIll1tomi him -r
elI to go. YV oii see I wais right , ,Ioohn,
or you ha;ve been iiurking a g real. too4),
I you rse(l I, arid yo hi ave e us no5 li
:Oo)d.. You4 have tried billyving aTuni
iraiggilig and bigingii tanrirl Wash
iigt.on tril you1 ivo playel out., tand(
:annolut niow% applouint (een a dlog peilt.i
vhiichi I hear they are tail laiig.inig t.
,oii, I mrm the I'Ieietit downi. Tak
ny advie, hnl. lI-suin t.tie Chiur
nanishrip tiini b i us tillie dlowni Pere,
or yo11 catui itt. Pin ri hle -'tai e ;roi I ;ii
.oli:il guov. inii't baoh at the. I i ame&ir
1mne. O't runt 1,1 (14 .vu lhere, hoit,lh
-rig otnier pJo-(4 tiui t ryinig to p;i:i,
oolish wild ca.tosh'niel''s I lirughi itihe
e~gist ii ur'. Q lit "rusini ar-oul,'' tal
che'r iiarg :1d wire pull rrg aiil , uk ig
il Ourts of pr'ri'nses that 3oum e' um't, fu11
Already .3ou are ki own onoioag t hie
u;iplicanits aus'pr mliieg'' thait riot p-r-i
Orming)i I ohn. ; >Iback Ii youir xaii
re-ss a lid I reil ly behieve ui t i f I hriy
vill l0 ou tr luy forihll centuriy you ,
night make ai Seinator. I know thurt
oh ' "eu-I like a I ail .: a Irulhe" In the.
ant onlly aldvise, .01 tm lit moudesf.tiland
[4Cep <011'e so t liat y mi wonlit ex pose
'3mr ignlranoe. Anoi~tier iring, .Jlotin.
I our gam n a it pulayI ig thie bully3i ias
ieen run in ihe groiuml. Yu cani't
mily every bady I ornow4)~ tirri to-i he..olmr,
'ti iii lip aigains'. a gainie inian, andi
out have to will, .Jiohii, tnil peopulle ind
ut, that, at lieart. y(t are a , 'n'on/ It
earn,. ,ohn,i that you att irckettapli. -
hell ait,,1oho Siraw 's prira/ I residel' ii
nU accont1 of liy tir'icI', whenr youir
new he wasB lunarm--4, turd yu It-a
our bowie knile. Now, .Jahnr, thau
vras rinh, en tlemnanl y andi cowardly.I 3
Vhly dlid you riot, comne after mit, for I
vrote every wo'4rd of thre art icl- my* Ii
rnd signed my rname insteado of "Crai(i
ock.'' fly tire way, Jolin, you1 have I
inte-d that youl want,ed to uutile these
natters "out of the p'.pers." I knlow
hat yon are nio hn..mln~ airy. Ri,..a.. .
e n illud Stati-4 Sc:natir ll v, .Al
J411t ila t %,,Is reI ge ..r t n i r l I e
"tilt 'ap t 10. . 1inifni I *. T 'Bi I,ull . N 4plkiiii
!0 it 4to. % eero T ill n 8n.
0 1 S. C , .1iy I -Tht -ol
e Iowing is Lhe "( 'rt ,ithlock" IfetI r which
is .tisE<l Ill l it ronhl betwvei
i1 l' OitE SI ate Senit or. I riby, ( n.* I'a r
'leyvand Catl. .Aas. Ill. Tillman, which 1.1
u publisheti iII order tha, your readt-nr
i may have Il- woile history of Ilm
v troule. Thiii ilst p;trt, i> wn to i ll(
it paraigraph limumili IS "-imtor iby)v
<I will bie ehiinaii, (,tv.," is tho p:trI s.t(
g to be wri!t-1 1tei 1 by 'ipt. Tillinl itt; I It,' rE
It maindtdr (mi. Iariv tl t . Fill
iInal charges Irby wlith IEig l it. "ri a
r aut.hor" A
a iiAtt ilN T b , 1 .(., l ;r b j . .
0 tillimigwimilp I'ongres.sin ilI ri, Nli
ir York madit omn - s', r, lin g stm--,'no-t.
I, t.o ai Chroticle representut iv (!' I 'in, oti t
insr. His disapp mt,uent, at, nt)i htii
(I able to co itril cert.ain p ttroii4t o II
il his Stit' proilpled himi to tIvuiLt
V what Wo1l I It EVP 01therwist, reaiamv- ;
si-cret mtili the prop r tii I t I i arriv,-cl
s for tite scheie oio ! !vt. hE.I c itrill1
Smllit. It Is a fact that ('lhviland wil
I oppose Crisp, atill it il als I a i t'aft -I it
I- t he New Yorli Congiessinima% i.l \,it#
s fir ati iti-silver Eatctatii tie.
iiliardI Crokitr is sail t o iitv- .i.
r ratigi-d 'he( cm0im i in Ili or<t-i I<
r, haive saved Tiimmnay 11 11. Thv iii-s!
r step wias l;akell ;1 lew ldays ;(t 1 4iE
I- ColI Ig ness-i Ilist I I im.k wi, , 11: 114[ 11, i
lt', nsoii I 1',I re E I itt I I ,, . vi . " I I I
ElI e lie ilw olisII. As I i t I sit' i tIl i his I -
T rerrie.w, .Seintlor IIilli e,lintl (l .\l I
I C eve-I tild -i( S!vrday ,aill Spent Ili;arh
h 11.111 all bloill. Ill va;'llfst. collsilli;a llol
S WiththeII l'r srv l tlj. \Vhou ho 1l-1t, vt,
t well its % Ilen hE 4-1t1E'rEd, .\ r II ill n1Vii'l
- lookv,l happier EI, lit I,I iir spirits Ii
d his lilt-, Ni%v-itlpvr iw-i h;ive val v
'1 eI.tI- vit t t o ;tsei .till 11ri ln t ill
d w iti- I tassE t- AVEvl I li I l''tilit ;lEn
is ftiliE . tit hert is tIli- W1ini si
S stainle ul It, conver"iM )(m, il ;a I'oll
- NI itwlitV l l w Ird iS Worl It atl \t ill tig
11 ltrpltiv and 11111 are to conitrl th
I ,I Fel-tral patroll-ive of No\v York ('o,
ly and ot Ihe ,(at,.o d in rE Iilt I li!
recognition IrIES .Ir. (ievE'and Il
it I'aiilay Congrt'ssietn ;areI lo suppEot
n M r. Cltvt lan n Ididafe lilr sit. ke
either Wisoii ',r .\je.\i.lan, ; sil,
t Crisp. Wijile stich a c urse WOI.
S hitdly l itElt, Sel ator I I ill, it. ;ip , ;u
Y that ht, hail ]Io anlIdri ie, ;ttid, Ill W
I L der to still tv ilvister o*' T,lail;ttny, .
(1, \vits fo>rced It) ellt('r the cmill,lik-w i,
id 11poll ihe terlis t-itted. If this is I u
or ail: cirEil istall e's politII, tIst way, I
atwhole deall will cuieitte aIt Inroret ali oVt
o ilt-c lil v
'" "sejt or 1 rtby will be ciairiml Lin oll, oil
r- said A rthII P (,orllaan to tilt ( tror
[I- Ielo ropresentaf.ave tonight. "ti is lieW
1g which reitches the piblic for .ih4 ir.
y time, atid exclliiv(ly throglh thLt E -oI
1o1s of* the Chronicle, will be vet'
- gratilying to Senttor I rhy's I riends iI
o (1,'-orgia .1111 SollIh ('anli ta. le 11.t
k a loiw, talk %,lit IeettEr Soeinwt, t1ii
it, orning anld toAk occasion t o llS,.81ilf
!I able botlied -nglish. II lv t lharad
I atli corrE c't . I tt., ;I bll((.r p o'nil
light was itIll4 w;tgel by his etliilils
botI i;-I W aslilligiloi ;i1; ;1 t, jitll,
agaillst, his ilappit ieitl. h ollEof ih(
S cir ili"l trighill- ;and pri (- 1 , F, rl,
with -o M r. (iorin;ti, liait niin o tit
sticl ..\t ' le 1g;lE dit i colili ll! t i,I
l1It Eli1 ttlI , its El' l its t ' at aIll
sit I it I i Ih lEt i Ir E% hit i ti j i n j.ill
I - i'ie lteti i L Stt I Ii i'c l'l . il
It -lIt or t i' iy kei llt,; w i
S iti t>t li i h t b liili mai'.1 tiE's lit .
n n il' oI It' ti ilort iinti oiniitI 'e. SE! ;i
it' or (ort(i t, iIESkE' . zstlat rirb
*- l te i { lti 'i iii ' W E*,>',\ li ); ,ni l
ii, It. liitt i r I-e a 'I etI ini it ttt .
d ilttuit ti Ialy iljI ju'i t, tE tol-s ali li yt
lttt-EE t i t sd Is t li it' the you:ti .
IE tllo ul l I:>11 4 l it' tii Et ls s trg o It st
Lytt loro;tl ttE~I I Vtils i.
E.Vi ll tlti1 AttJily I Elil- ;t, h \
I' Ii E 'tt i iS 'i lit' -h i sriltien I,
I l r it Ilal it i t tti lihr. ci| <! hI Ili i i '
ut i etitE th I it ij ,tV i,rl E p itt tp l 5 ,
Etl W,LbIst w t lE lllt 1sn ll .t
r (bill,rE'sliittiSthell 'viiy sint I I it
Ia i i iIn -tt a tiiE Il '. uo n'iH soIt
i . lt- a Itls'r:tt'innEl w ht i i.Et It our I'
I) ~tg h of ttitit -i lLS t'r u l .>rW'si I It
. Vt lie tis Se;n-lad by hnt br i(;onli
y kter (rihsp,t flork e i . i
whl"ris hIke NiH:"t almoitownii (cIgert
I. de l iuls i- it I iv I'twherenv ( Lu
g-hrt.Iaftre b to i'd~ Vtnym M ntser iy
'1'fdit n pi iti it O ,f n b titittt il ( h,nialI
air light, blit if you can't stand the.
ffectionate Iissiong, or pleasint pa:
utnades, of mine, an<i conclule to rim
t, don't try to drag in frienids or rel:
ive to (it) your fighting-ms you Ia
i oli and inportant habit of' doint
aft come by yourse!f Johnny, for yo
now you can get fair play an(id al way
ind "rh, ri / rm itI." Yoil are get tii
nto serious trouble,.Jolin, and the oul
vay to get out, is to keep <itiet, an
itt getting other people to do yot
lirtv work. The Mclroy experienw
vas sulicient to have satislied yot, I<
Owbi yott Jeniecd thatyou had instiga
d his article, he told yo'i that voit wei
'a liar," to your fatce, aid yott ha<l t
ake it. .1 ohn, you are not a brave Ima
mvway, but "conscience makes com
Irds of us all," anil I know t hit yoti at
wi/t. Take thii advice .lohn, t'or i
oi (lon't, it, will not. be long befoI
'ont will Coie t) oWo Ywo(/. "You III it
ep out oh the papers too, J,ohn, an
idt charging other people, with bein
trattors," because your record will n<
wear any airing, and besides I am pri
>Ared to prove you 'it hitirr a tiw it,
o your 'riend (Goveror Till.n1AII,
railtor to Ihe Al/i,ji1c and a Ir titor I
he Itet'orni Move m-tit, and it' I lei
nytlirig more froi you, I'll do I
Betore clossin', I want to st y a wor
o my old t'riends of the Alliance. an
oire partiularIy those in mv nat.i
omnty of Lattrens.
Without waiting to hear both sidt
' t'ie controversy, somn- o vuii iav
iintertaken to decide it by resoltite
-irdis iluac wett s-) Far as to wil.1
raw its invitationl 'or me to a<ldre.
1en!lemnen, that was not cair, nt
ight, for Inis was a personal matte
id no refin a Alliaive litt"
vere involvedI. I was rearedl inl Iv
e,e11coiity, and ami well knowni ther,
nId lio resoltLionl by all tle \lli lice (
he State can give te a Ihad characto
,r Johlin Irby a good 'I)ln. I id" y,
good soltit-r in war tines, and, ttiotiLz
boy, rougait, liv wav 111p ltoi th
ariks. I 4tood by you, and wai seu
ere toj in for vot in it It iitCal .t id K I
clix tili ..i. I l ho'tl, for you qII
w rote 'o or Nou il i. 1,oig I'o
Oil Were arosed to i a knowledge an
ppreciation of your own wrorigs, an
mig biFore ]'-n Tillman's voIC- w
eard in the land, I had been work in
m(l writing fIo "free -ilver anti inial
il relief'," and no irly every pl tk i
lie reform plat forn. Mallnv ot y(
ciow it, and beside I wxill pro e it.,
he record.
SI belrg to the retorm mtovemei
mld not to any intlividtid, and I at i
5\ympath with all IIt' essenilai1tia
iiandky of the A I lianite, ali shall alV
-v, work anti vote' i)r the priicipi
:hi OwYtiiv now represrit, as long chs it
Akep wi oilli lie inicrt'ic party. N
p),sition it the result, ol' my recor
whicit is well knlown -ind ciisistent, ait
is not dle to politiea-inimiling
'coat tall swinger." S ince arriving
manho')d, I have done the best I cnIt
for the State, rol yoil. al)tl the U?Ior
I have always expressed myself fet
essly and intlependnvly. anl shall co
,inue to do so, regardless of everythii
ixcvpt iny sense of right a-l iny dIti
o tie State.
The f*ar of I)qning or the hope of gt'
ing olh-ee shall not control ine, ft oi n
tiatter what ot!i-r ptopl't i-n,v Ilin,
tid do, I hail rather he '"an hoiIe
tateiman or citnIzen oiLt of a job". tha:
I 1olitil'al trickFter al I slin er, or
leep dyed villian. in tti 1*'111i,'tl .Ste
enlat-. Yours very respvctftully,
11. L. F-ARlu.E:Y.
('en. ilarley, as 1n appenlix to hi
rt icle, give:i the t'ollowing:
IR 1111,1,, 'S. C., .J itly 23r,d, P,j
ion. . L. Finley. (ltinbia. S. C.
Dcm sm. U (t1-d e(t Ii\ 1
893, N*ou ath, rilm- 1,41themfollin I.
C'tuLut\,'. C., .Iiily 21st, Iu
I)EAIt Siit: You areii awaie ti:it thel
im b'et,w'een your1 Cii' leagu4s, St'i-nator Irti'
Ii the Ait'.a Chroieli M:urbl 121h <
ng froiti its Washiitin t'orr, sp'ili'n
ithitl ellies, tt I liithit'jl tt{ bei
*el( w t of hli u ina 'ou tovernor~ i, nir..e
ot reiiiit tsife alts it'nlat 'i T
rt. lio eltit' witIhus opiiiton.r '
resI tfio suc ir Shell ftork 3it ('one st:
lenra I f i line St'tt If S ot larolin it
Nowu whtiiiletheretl W in:ty tisn' iti'
liiitee' s htttiet w n I a ihu a t.,:
Lii'though, wei areil on itt whaI l t t hilfitr'
oliica mers, yet ii fel sre that I w
it e nei t h'C t'isut ~is t it t. , A
ithirefor I' wrt)l ite to~ as ot 'i lto Ata
le-u anle t i tesrve li whet I ter tti-h
liy ae't'eit, ive:irsatin' r liti atiti
Nihe .isnii .,:,l'urN .1re cl 2ooin t
ii-h y nii po.tin tIw iriit t or al ht II
cai nr"s 'uiin inl. hrt i 'I tr )
110 ';i,al 10 tha, heint aniyel yout.
iie2 titray or prsainneyl a: ii Ih indt I ;
lin retly t the 'to , wsit iothilt.lead
lie OlSer thre ist nio ontof s
sqid to have been offered to Capt. .Jaines
I. Tillman, elest son of Congressman
TrillMan, hut it is likely that lie will not
accept. This statenment is not a con
jecture but an absolute fact, if ithe
prominent gentlemen in (Itnestion can
lie relied on. All the recommendations
for Feleral positi-ns substantiate what
has been said. It is said by the aspirant
hI m1self that Senator Hntler is making
every (ifforl, to have t lie notorious
lynchmr (anghman, of Lexington, ap
iloinite<d rea<ding clerk of thle Unit-e<d
St ales Senate. lie now holds the ollice
of* 0-ih commiissioner bly appointmnent
ot (;overnor Tillnian, It for the sake
oft* ling readling cIerk has renoutnceti
his aIilefi:allee t- the l{efrm itimoyement. n
Tlte suppo-ted treachery of Congress- Ill
man Shell auts caused iniversal in<dig- I
ion i ;:i.l diigiisl, amtoni z the rel-or
t s. I,ivelVI tli- .are * a1:4 in Soith
( tr.lin-t politics, ari t iii camimaign (
v.Y I lirtmilst-,s tivw ant inatneresting
Wh io I 111. CVn
aa iii ;| 0) Oi-er
11t.' lir l CfiA, lulrt dcv 4.- 1 iy re f ane it h
ifhe l. ''upre m (uttlis itlt in the e r
m;h1nnt it wIll be Sveln that the app11ea
0 i (vmr:'e i. Tilne.r tilit l etence 1e
Olh':lh in) Ipi m u s la,; bw<n re01ns4<d
h%. Ilh.- ,- .rin 4('ur1 w'i<d t he ulage re
Ti:t . 1 14) thc (itcli t (' * l*l at it eineyi
i l h 0;- I. S, I i 1 f 1-nlin1' h. l
ci t ...: t'. At ochtte .,ivcP-1
ii r, in the ret'sult ul .U
i i .I N t r (h -14n t . I i
Ta bei ai t; i la;: i :e~ as a V
h li 'ili flii. .\ r T r r a s cinvict
a. 1)ib wa ma.lIe ho 10>r4
.1ti . 'e N tt,ti itfir ;, t I t riivi. t Trff1I.0,
wis !e'ch l ti ml.I :m\j ;i, ti ilt- \ w liak (I
h li p-c - ti . ; . are Nh I er.
411 I . p:enn %rvra, 1I1 i of
app -:41,I~f " I 11t14);i1ijl m ili 10 Iti Ill
C(W t hTAI I v ldth nc..li , I , 1 11 1 n l ts
al. bet n v ra l'i ,e n a re thw o A
u h .-( i c l f. I' a r 411 \1
iih:it tene vihne nti t ic b..
O i .l l Ji v Pt III- .4ki i t I l v otii l l li.
im il i I isll :hh .. h .w Al l 4r
I t ' the onh nt .-h-0ith e - t I.-n
0 OW\I i tst IIits I - It '
-A () I( .)IlilltitilltiI 'I l l% t f-. i t
1 - lit 0 t I. i il 6 --1 i re- il t.f I I
V3i i-. N it t
k it
ct i; - i I I
I -it ' w1 re.1.I : I-t P, 11t11
0I - ',W LOV ha ' h- it h w i.r , th C
hV plrd 11. 11 f Tr f I t hei
I iii \ I v. ' - a t k ct '
a c(w . )Ie i e 1- le11-g a
I hillit ' li- i.i... .l's m i- Th partws
I I 1 . u l kiin iv i il orll;'t iq, Smti Il. i
ar: id Ken cky. Itichar<d It
Jkn,.r. 111:1rriedl S tvemakler's sfep
da g n r, \llis-t 1 111 -(illt. .me 1a
.lo ess e :m1i , up'onl i.-r m 11-r1-1
Ild w 1i . vf5 I f fIf I , ' ; i I I - . I I e f
ilil ln if--i: it larg ;f o l tt in-r by '
h d ru ll Ih r." w >
buh. i-I a ' i
0 W(1II 1 r
-'li i . ' - li, : ii i I l t! I
"iI t, .ue -) I i n t th y .
1! l I'wtr t.l sho.nine (h o sat inti'tet
Wltit'tt and- VOt lw an :hi iaibn ullere a
ia Ilosin2 b'by nItSib tarike 1Sh1 1fOenuker wv
iiiii.'1'lai e \:Htil' aani li tl ae r t h
amdii1nto the taiiwa lbhtimi thiens to
h re ihds lh)t evneryt ahv.enfetafel
u emi mat<l, wasih.e i ('t td on thi. I !>e
h-aive,'a te :nis,undai t hii e.rThel
byth 'I y '.c t . .er . Io d byvol e ie- a
a h. .1,t1.ontewa i ie
'a She1ramu i Lw 't 1,ittln Relealed
I'nc'onai lotonally-Tarinl ierrm it) av41t
T111 ithe Flinancem Aro A0%.it.eit--Thte
Protatant Fearn the Seaiiito.
N1-w Yonii, Jilly 2.-The World
ill print the following tomorrow:
he World is enabled to-day to an
)unce authoritatively the irninediate
>licyof 'resident Cleveland and his
lininistration in regard to the ap
oacling special session of Congress.
rietlv, it, will fie as follows:
First. silver reform by th,3 absolute
(I uinpllifiefi reppal of the Sherman
w:sevrid, tariff reform to be prose
led in accordarice with the pledges
t -w part y, as soon as. but not before,
o linetvans Wr the country are again
> Il a St'l ale basis.
Mlr. (1ei. 0wi is ailmoyed and exaspe
tel a. the irexpceI interforence
it h his I irit ret'orm plnw, bit he is
>t 1h,cour;tv 'd. I It, proposes to meet
Ssit vear q''-st aon in t he S 'ne straight
rwartd atiner ti:t' It is chatracterized
- han littar of tarilf t t itt.rs.
\l r. Clevelat's ;lvive to the coining
ecril s-ssioi of C nigrrvs will be for
retwal at oiee of th- thwaerim sI .
,r la V. IIe believes that. anly c.'npii
tionls of, I his issue with aitelnents,
last ii ut es or si nilar primositions,
ill be det rimenital to t he purpo-ies of
e rel(ahgiz aat, whic' ar- rnot so
uch lor ' pItirpoie of working any
sill0 ta ng, in t he lin1wial svstem
the voait i rv ai for the re-torati. of
Sities c >lid -iwe ftirotghotit the
ra. *
Piroini linor,n t-'ai ;at his comumand,
rI. Cl'va'la tI a I of naht that his
Iiev will it- adoll*. ap ! I tho Ilollse of
-p etaat tves, aflter (lisviission and
ts iiIr-t l an. It is iii tit S -:iate thtt
v triub1t will olw. What will fol
w I he reprt is a tiat ti.ter thal. will
it ei1' i. -t %ita int a 1 it pre-unt, flight,
tat adloisi r;t t1i h:it t1way. Ttat
irther ti:iai 'ia t l.gi-ilatiot will be
'ial!t t 'residitnit eisidors oroba
a, ha Mh it it s nit tire l'tall be Is a
m'it I-r fior Vit nare det vriiiatior, 'The
rt igr to i.e 4iio i-i to cloar the
ioul1.t. \\1h4,t ha:0. is (tont1, t,he <11104
t01 tat voit41 riii-t i4sit (-:tai Ie considereA
poll all )ilt alligent, t isis.
N .w IiarlemnM 'in 't iRobbeaary.
VAII; Na1'1N. Jiy i 21.--ThI arrest
1 N ow ()ril intas of .1 imes M. ) )wling
ishior o tt- it 'iited States iiiit tht-re
ite resitit of ;it iivestigation con
tit etd by Ihte tre.asitry, followin.g the
11, 1*r1 ill tht v tult of the mnint dis
av--red J ame 26 When the treiiry
aiii -irtant was inforint-d that, the fire
it 'ta tuitt di stroyet itwiriv all of the
:ek. aewintaiing 2 ini green
iiai.iiks, suitipicioi w i at once aroited
ev. . tlitv ire occurred within a few
ivs tat 1 he I.ime for sttiing up the
riilial 'lavoliits an11d at a time when
'I liflw liminnistratlin was likely to
i-tke a change I n I tie ollice of superin
Acortliingly a stcret. service agent
aI an ex prt coutint.er front the ollice
the li'ited St.ates treastrer were
tit to New Orletns to iake an inves
vat ioia. l't-y arrived on .1uly 4 naid
n fii1t evidelicu enotigh to sow.v
At t htt IN t h bnt l kintfled to cover
robber.y. Ut-ports received at the
t;is&jry depart maent. show that of the
ils of detinihiations contaiiied in the
if-ka:ge only a spoonf l of ashes re
inled, am ainotiit uitterly inconsistent
ith t h anoit, of mloney presumably
I ied (lut t.of te remiaais of i.he pack
'.. lTe expert''(lt cout,er succeeded in
ntifiyling olty $t,l8!. In the vault
as Ftol t at inu ich Ii inti inmable material
ait. should 1(niot, h ave been there, slivers
resintatas pitne, buirnt maitches tfad a
itdlea ent irely <t ifIterenit fr'om anty used
the Wninit.
t've'rythinrg ptotited to Cansier
tIwlingit as thte gui il. y tian iIe wats
aatiuoly persont wh..l ha(d access to thie
tuit and( ont Stti rady, . ane 24, had
ainet at thae ii iut, art hour after the
a'rks it. lit' ci .sedt the vault and it
ais not openedtCa until Mlondaay morning
hei'l it'e firICe wits ianscava'red. D)owl
tA saIid( tht Ih e Iirae wvas cautsad tby the
tattsit of altnt e'ltric iliht, wvhich
art tairnted a buri'nmg hlnmp. IIis ex
anmt I arto was nott nattisFactorya,, anal
4 Matmtday ighlt a t'atited States
atrait ittr hi-a arrest. was sent fromn
tishiiaglt.a to) N trw ( )rleans,
ltavn "'aaaean'ati tat tha.
t,.\ t -in S. C , .Juily 2a) - L'he court
g'iit-r. Il s'sionstt conch aided this
arnintg :nia aij airned without delay.
. I'.t.eninaas, attored preachier con
aatt't livr.t oF imurdter, was sean
dia bt' ttningedt on the first Fraid4y
hoit'r. A dtentii'rer and mo
m anorina'w trial wetrc olverru'ted. IIis
Ftr an i 'lira 1illoek, in whose cases
instri.it was oarderedt, were alilowed
ii. Joh Fetattargusotn, convt,etd of
itt aturder', wy is. s'n tentcted to bae
agetd (i tha tirst iriday in Septem
t'. A tie r paassaing of t.oo senttencee he
4' I it *Iith(r i lia he c-ild dlispose of
,. lIa'l gir1laby w ill. Cliii Iey Green,
oarde i ' twvers ii WIadte Cantntn Were
tiati td f ar'suun ini iturtting thtedwe-ll
tr hatuise at .1 1). ii trsttt aind as there
as na ra'tommetnda'ith iltn taa mercy Were
at atnced to h.an i o .~tn t.be Ii rsta Friday
Seplttamit'r. J1. C Mlorrison was sen.
nrit it thre'e years iii the penitent.
y, cot'via'ted' as a coim mnai cheat of
>taniting~ mi.aey trout Negroes uanader
a'ett'ne aof re'presentil..g a benevaolett
ilarptri,a'. All athe dtefentdants are Nc
'atis-, I L was a lbi aly aisur. In Jen-'
itg's c&at ait aplpeal will he0 t.akeni antd
to' s"ntenriae suspentda'd. AXn ap tpeal
ay be takn ini Greeni's case-Green
ille. News.
'rThe F"ora Thaeatra lltrror.
rant jurty ao-ay tound a truea. bill1
saat C( l. Fr'e eic''ak C. Aiitswaor tt,
ht iul of record ai ad tpnsio <ah tvisoin ol
't wart diepiart'int; Georga'e WV,int,
'ntIracta.' (mloPyed t) imaket exctaa
(Ins for th ' elec'rl irI g'it palant; WVilliamf
Covert, suitnte ent, tind Ftranicis
hemi r'espnisnil tat' the olid Fordl
hetr'ei' dasatster' o Jaune a) lati, in which
wenity L-thee peCrstons lost, their livos,
nda a l.arg.e numbier' ol othiers were in
ItL is tundersLtod that the d1e ferndants
fill not hIe airraignet' for some1 (lays Vet,
s their trial cainnot, take palace before
the Selhtcmber teran of Court.

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