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Mr. Voorhees Determined to Force the
Repeal Bill to a Vote-The Oppositlon
Accept the Gaae of a Blttle.
WAsnINGTON. Sept. 19.-After the
routine of the morning Senator Squire,
Republican, of Washington, gave -no
ti ce of a substitute which he intended
to offer for the bill to repeal the Silver
Purchase Act, and it was read in full.
It provides that the owners of silver
bullion may deposit it at any mint to
be turned into standard silver of the
present weight and fineness for his
benefit. le is to be paid, however, on
ly such a number of standard silver
dollars as may eqal the commerei.il
value of thesilver bullion. The ditT' -r
ence between -the nominal and fihe
coined silver of the silver bullion i.; Io
be retained by the Government as svig
niorage. The coinage of silver dolh;r;
not to exceed 4,000,000 n moni tlia
the total not to exceed 20,t a.uno.
They are to be tullleglil t.vider, 'inI iI
silver certi[leates are to be s i iii.
A resolution to pay Mr. t;:'uk wilt'
62,000 for his time and ex'iprees in
prosecuting his claim 1 .r i:.wa in ti
enate under appoiniment,f roli tlt
Governor of Wyomm! was 1o- 1 1rm
the Calendar and n t I o. A lso i
like resolution to p i. \ r. Mtil i froImi
Montana, and to p .\l r. AI Itb-, oI It"
State of Washtn(toon, : Ic' i
At 12:30 tie bili > It1 it to' .'it ver
Purchase Act, wis 1a;ceni up, :ai 'i
tor Voorhees n-t- i st atii eni.r ill
Senate. ie :< thttI i ll il ot,chuia
of the duties ont ri-ited to liui hw h-il
to beg tWe initilgenr'- of tlie 'rito
while he inadio t Itv rvminiks. fil
thought that it, woul not e1 itiii sp..nl
time to instrift t1 hli blic iiiini1 som
whatin reft'iericeitlhe iorganiition
of the Swlatt, wiitt it was I hv:t gv.
erned it, W11.0 Co10! i l n 10 what 1111(h
not be (one. In doing so he !tres i
himself to the great 0I int(.lig-it
public opiinion as wvll ;a- , in 0 ',;il
quarters, to a dens' ant op--[.i
of ignioranle, inl s0:m14 111..t1ni m
and in others iiial - iiis. < ii he lido
AlMarch, IN', the Sent'itt 'e the- Ia,,
States liad coen'i or -nd--v ri,
convene (for wt 'r \i w er' in -w!i' ii i i ;I
ers present) in tlie civ (of Nrw )'il .
iero was no 4loni11111 in I l IG h1 4i
pril. shortly al awr.l> a s5em oi
rules hail ben repobill. i rq 'n Ilnut t4.
and adoptu,f by Ht. -ov t . Av a atmah
ter of curiosity as well s ol 'nliglt
mnivii hle w,o uld remi 11hw i i-tiruh.
1'lopted ol tiht' lIt I oIf A pri1:
"When a1 rAvsl ion is be(.Iore( t1he S..1
aItU no -lot ion1 S1h111 I' rce'ived, VX0e
for an ientindvnt, IJor i te previouis
<('iestion, .#or po-,tpoimig thev m11.01
ilieLion or to ailjorn.
lIe said that, no doibi I Ie rule wo ll
be a sarprise to ien insile it' tf i e euii
ber as well as to innii otitsti of it
The iinth ruhl was: "The rtvious
question having ween inv'd .1i si
ondled, the <iutstion Froin tlit Ciair
shall be, siall thi i nl I s'ion It
put,," etc, et. 'Tlios' two provi.,ions
had goverrned t Ie Sti a- I o.r sti'viI (-I,
years, so thatt I li .n Ib hi-en a pcviouiis
quest-ion in lio sen:ite ior, .-Ve'nn.-i'
years as thn wits iiw in ,ii,, 'i
It had btein borrow- i,n i lt' i1 .
glish systeili of c su l i d-lit. i ;
been tried Ial. l aN niI - ti-4.rd v, 'ill inl
INCt, wilek-Thloilas J%fr ;i wa P'r-s
idenit Wf the I ii. N t , ital hievin
defiberatt-ly abaiadkl.w(,l_ :tver --d
inI t he( Menlate to close~ ci, t fr-on iilt .c,
hour to t he pre'serit. A\ sublst ituIe for
it was aidopitidin I ft.i t Intl wuh'u a
question is fuelor- t li' .St': 1 - n li o lo >
shall be rec'eirva itixcieptl or iit- i
mient , for pbo.M pinin r or fii or na unil
to adjourri, if C. fttreby ri'npping flim
pretviouls -lestion atnd :il e'at ion in It.i
.If tiht're wast anyi rot im by i I which i.-'
bate cotulnlh l nrtied tia a conIilusiln in
the Metntatet, it wa s rot wr itteni iiown in I
the law or rules,
Ile had1( bent'r arraigned'i by public
opinion f or 1n9ot temin at in g the' dtte
on1 tile repeal bill. -\s we(ll inighlt he' hie
arraignedt for niot. t'rmninai t ig fit' tI'ls
of the oct'anT 0r te b lown'ilng oil (te
phasjizt thie fact that a elmsure rt' le I
onece prev'ailed( in t' St'ri eic and ha.l
In abanidoning it tilt '-tlnati' h;ni placed'i
its govornmnlt On 5t l senset of prorti..i
ety, the pat riotism11 a in t t'rgard It or)l
the pulhce init're'st ot o'veriy Sen a.tcor
andi ot the St'natt' Iilt, V ithI tie eer'
tainty that rno .'e-natr woubniilt bet foundil
to abuse the paciite' n of ihe SenIatt ori
to outrage theo pub1 e bucI i-, ess ir thet
public duty.
tion of things hadt ex ist ed. Il'om 1 0
to the pre'sen It tim' (t' "erlte had prno-lii
self- respect, of hiigh p)ropiety, lion t
speak of .Senator'uili it'sv or Senaito
t at digni ity, but of A iiin'rieari mamnood
of at sense of Iainess 1 (it' pubbef I, a
sense of tdecencty to If tef, 'njoyr ig atll
the righlts giauarnteedi to) it fby the'(X Co
stitultionr-reed'(om of hh iert y of dhis.
cutssion withlitlt thie. abiist of l'treedom
ofi deb'ate or of' liberty of dlicin.i
.l-or lie centI inuedo, wthen a qrltsft11 ion hs
beten dIiscfussedl legi tlimatel'y anit falirly,
(It-iett af ter that Is niot lii I nljioymenlt'i
oif the li'eedioiii of dI5isnssint 1s a
F-or eight y-i'-se yeoars, lhe repe'atedt,
the t"ntet ha 1 ''eli a ilaw~ stiolictient
unto itse'lt. 'That wits a migtt credtit
to thie body'. It hi:ct nevert' been found
wanting, ctI itherrm pece~ or In war.
So that. In his .judigmnit thei clritcistin
of a certain class ft-ll andt would fall
from the~ Se'.inte as it-v t'll ti'om him11.
So I ar as personal e ri i(' lim of lhise'lft
wias concernied hie iii ght a well emlf
brace the pirese'nt oppotrt uit ily ias aniy
othe(r to 'oy that t hey were inet withi
absolute at .t"rn dlej ite.
SenaIitor orhiet's ( t'en, nlludinig to
the resistence whilch 1 t'locrit ic ;Stena
tons, un rder the latde'r'ship of Senator
Uor man, had matte to) t force Itl
asked whether it, was ('lallned that1 that
ilhad been debiatedc to detathl ? It hiad
been amply detbate!d from (lhe i oft I)e'
cemiber, 1890, to the 2d1 of ,July, but
priot of fty days, during thirty 011e
And wi i 1(3been under discusion,.
Anll wA yt ~ased becaine of that
blacing vit ti eent taken on dis
ment bill antI the fo billth alpotcon
unhorsed1, defeated byce maityisle
under the law of they majority uoe
the grneat ma.iestic la ijovners
all liberty- loving peole rh foe
bill had thus died. Pthil. Ten tore
to death. It had been votede tatke.
That was all thtat he askedtfor deth.
pending measure. If' there wa orh
in the present Opposition to vots dower
the repeal bill, he asked that that Dower
sahouId be exercised. iIe was ready to
embrace its fate whatever it might be,
and his own with it. iBut he appealetd
to Senators to come toa vote. Action,
he said, had to come, and Senators
might as well know when it would
- come. He had hoped for some indica-.
.tions from the other side, but as yet
$ere was an absence of any Indication
*f a willingness to fIx a time, and that
et evinced to his mind that ho could
fl~aflf) tethe fixing of an~y time by
- n ewarned the op posi tion that pub
opinion would hold them to an ac
counting. Public opinion in Its high
est sense. Senator Voorhees said, is
the most potent factor known beneath I
the stars. In connection with that
public sentiment we come to the great
est, powerfil press of the cour,try. I
speak ot that portion of the prvss
which moves in and is im)ved by the t
atmosphere where truth and jistice -
prevails. I (to not speak of that por- I
tion of the press which deals in miasin
e med.acity and poisons everythtncr
about it. I speak with the utmost r"
spect for th" great organs of public
opinioi, (not in tear or In llattery, but.
as an agent in hum1nWI affairs.)
Now I appeal once more to the Se-m
tors who are in charge of the opposi'
tion to this mnsitre-a mea-mre whicOl
is supported by tho piblic opinion of
tho I'nited States imnt siipiorted by i
majorit.y of this boily. ILvery latieide
of <dehate has bon givein aid will be
givei, consistent wit h a F:tr regrard for
tHit public interus'. I appeal to them
to know whether there is in their m ind
a tile whenl a vote tav he ob0bitnd
A vo!v, I repeat, has if c.mle. 'I'le
torco hill ils!,ff, which has been so of*
ten sppkvii of' , is ai eviderice that, the
vote uiist, comil1b. J think i understand1
thit rules as well as any bo-ly, and now
I paise to hear whether there is any
rv:,ponvse to tihe slirgestions whichI
h.,ve niell- as to agcreeing to a vote.
Senat'or Voorhees laid not long to
wet Ir a reply t.o his challeige. fi
stallt I y Selat or 1)3 1bois, Uepl Iican, of
Ildaho, was ont his feet. 11t) said the
St-nator irom Intitana hall been trying
to expilain to solhoudy ouit, of the
Ciallinb9r whAy ho hail nl(ot, betn atteipt.
ing to 'i stiietthini vontrary to the
dheit lj, ()I ,1t.8011.It he hll' not,
toild ,eators antm biog wiich thi y didI
nwt ali-;ady T0%.ilhe Smitator fromn
i I ha-i li.id Iritd to illustrato by tho
tort' hill I tat' I#sition Ilat a vote Coilil
tiot llt provelted. Tihe Senitor siirely I
tid :i'o. n 'a Liat suriotisly. There'
twvrvi- ha-11 bei a vote taken on the
Vor' l1-i. (.hor htiiness had been
p't'M3, aml that bill ha-I been (1is.
111acl . I'Iie Senator spoke of the op
iljoiiuin to tihe ropeal bill being in ,i
tlmm1ority. low did hie know that.
iais was the third time that the Sena
ttr I roma 1d1)la had asked tlaninous
iset to Itx a time f .or voting On ti'
re-lial Oill. Thie reasons which hie hadI
a vcn this morning were sttbqstantia!1y
1.t' :iMe as lie had giVeI be; V.
hw:aiing for those opposed to the re
peal) bil, Set'ltor 1)31bois stattdt h 1 .1
wa tiy Senato,'s liad already giveil i ).
Itwe ol their iiterition to speak, amt
I b;t it. was well known ttat iany ot.!
Prs wisied to Ib heard. It, was not.
st ii, snator )uibois added, t. pre
vat ii Seirors from being eard wIhen
t tt-y dt-siredl to speak nor were tit Si
1 irs tostd to ho fretted. Hlis own i m
pression was that the Senat,or ill charge
of' the Iinva-irel wotiltI have to proceei I
with it in at orderly manner, and that
he woild reach at restill.sioner b)v tiing I
so. Atid iL was tnfair and without I
Pt '-cedvt to lix a limit for closing de. i
hate titler sticl conditions a11 ntw ex- 1
i:,t'i 1. Tl, e Senat or I rom indilia hall
cort'it y somllij delinite objtct f1 Vit a
it his repatled rle test. It was safe to I
ul Ithat. he inttnded to ask for lon iI
r, prob.tily Vonll inliolls, sotssionls.
lit lDIbois) would be frank it) s;i ing I
It it wIhatever cout rso the Snaator f rom ;
I1tdil a iniight pilste would li entire
I %. :i;' is fact.iry t,) Senlat ors ol' Ht.h oppo- I
s,i; 1l1. ihey weIe Rea dv to joio is-Wile, t
wlhctlher it %erlt for1 hlng Sessions, Coll- i
I imimius sessi'is or clwm are. i
ellator Voorhecvs :g.ill to,lk thel.
Iloor aned aave not woe that, fromn amij af
h'it to-mlorrko w, anll boginninig w[ith to- I
:arl OV, h 3solilld ask that, tht! ses- .1
533o11 (tf I% N'inste be t' eth-!td, hae i
WO l.II ot s;ay l'13rm t'aell, b33tt tha' :a
iohe 31enlat. 1sfat'b1a'itl longer t o th a l p
lao 'ht have atl thinc Wlt*1 li dbat ie 'n b. L!,
Fini It 33 tia',' ther tigt be ouI ientrs pt ;
n tlsil onetit 11 ty a t t hey10 ;i lir- -
lain,ee saidb h;isrd. it h o' ani
r131ter t <i t thl e t'rin<swtI tof tra p . l c y t'n
"-ti,'Iotr I l ' t L I~t 13 inisur wo'uld s Xti rt
IIeatigrestlol, hought, that (I a rub- h' e
hit tiredary ot speec dandlI lt tof ofeit. Ia.
inenit' en11 ts and a)' t. th' e ".ine11t 10lt i pre
isvet'al tihtes It the rSnatlg toti t
laws. 31 e sat'i t5 hio,w a tlvan3iw 3)1 r,
intrlering elit te l a s 1,t it I,h p.licy rio
ofth 1) na'.1r1 r om111 Inediana s 1. o tl
t1e~istLo l'lt t, i I iyubhan oifeCi n- 1o
an ietlinen t ich voe sal ud he pro- 'i
pose to o331 Iifier the'1rule, and1( thea 1gave'
ws thaLlt wh3never t a''111 itor reaslution p
is tate1113dinag beor gthettt ut'tnat e s ttin
kney of lielltora, ttx a da anso i -
geeralt llte rtshalse t he Sttit ime133 nof
toer morelit than lie' dasit, atrat stbt'
thiv1 is~ -also)) t t bt (ix.3 I y the o r eso i ng I
13ikleur when ;t.h 13le te shalr be akei
wittIhut IIi u r rdeat31 e,',nd Int t I l lit
Its t' be as is 're ithait wotio bey t'e,
c'eats ep'sz
AtrapcbySenator TelrtoM adillsh dit
Ial,osion.th lii seco-1ed an Susitarinew
ento gi)uo i , andt Sttit.~atler15 hal he
knwofMl'l te, 'IeniSt. who--- stii de-i
ire tero a.reais ati ISenateron t I
whomer thitee bVr notyt isispned.
\ter1p mouth o.ni'it'ujt, iun ner
added frt adui own est fors wi h > d(
'('grld t sea hotuc.i aid oppotity thei
taen.t liet alortusin ea.tor Vo.
heesi 0ha (his. p)roganl)tly wold tho t) e
r:ited,r)btl th1 atlethe red ofr th bilt e
as ell a itsij e tllel 'litswiid woe l ex e't.
lAftera wseec by Sencaltore Mtars
favor in ithe fiace 0 by 0 Seatori theyw
lotr gart,t thei contt, ath.le ad
hotrnd. Il )3bundifte
Aioe the in of Teor, as.'
Intenrreoiemw prevails lner many 0'
oies and over nortoneMisissipp. IN
teaps toavy oranumer ogin alit
vWers foury andot posted no,ce In
tinsforidd ng nr afrominn.g
W.on unle irlte price wa reackeslast w
'nt atr Cournd. Se7iveraltre inners '
hadbeden foc and etrandshein t
asaishmracetfran busenines Te go
yhie onath promptl buned crhedt a
had hisrrubke and oed theonr an
thand ademis arm rsmed anud wil S
proheby dea. Thintenhas spras e
evntlnaton wreck ther ghter panerd
htr whose piancal haiere s. tare
wabet.adhergnswle abrnedfh teyj
'ile Ml ihi imurht for Principle and
tIh i' ' who Falglht f VC P sy.
NE-:w OULE2ANS, .Sept. 20.--iecretary
of the Treasury Carlisle his announced
hat. therm is a deticieniy in the Untite
,I.:ttes r:tvenie cf soniething like .10,
KX),(X" to $I,O000,00M, and that under
he depressmel conditions of business,
tyhici operate to cut down the customs
lites or imports and the internal reve
mio (on whiskey and tobacco, 1i,e reve.
nh rinanineg behind at the rate of
330fi,:) per day.
As the established exp!'nses of the
Gov'rtuient must bte paid, Cot)gres3
iuu m ad somne way to raise 11 ml ion
ry, whih 'mians raising the taxes. lie
IIIad nid froi,t. of the ext r:ordinary
bilrdoni wilch the Anericani people are
:irrying ii I h', pinsion list. It. anoiq
to soniewhier bt,)we en L .),-0 Oj),M)
uld 51, i a year. Ii Lhis conn'ec
Lion, al vrtiol in the Svpt.ember num
m-: of the "oruim Atagazirie is inter
tst og. I I is entitled, "Federal and
'oiI edtrAte I l'ensions Contrasteff," and
is Ir.ou the pl!ulot \I'r. M. 1I. Morton,
in (ifltal it, the oIlie of the Secretary
) Slate of kentucky. Mr. Morton wai
rntili inl8, and was necessarily a
-hil-l du-iiig thu civil war, and there.
r,ire shou l be, as ie is, an impartial
writer ou the subjet he has uider
aken to treat. The Picaynne draws
:iI.ni the data he Ilas collecLed:
Pirst and Imst, during the civil w r
L is trenerally agreed there were enlist
-1 2,772,40 s-Ad iers in the IUnion anry.
)1 t liese, 870,6;8 were on the pension
'ulls la-it year, and it is cstiniated that
I,i).J)l0 will bfe receiving petisions by
Jit. close of the prese-nt year. AIle ap
ropriadutil on I- 1'.i. for l'ederal peln
nonus Wv- 6 144,737.1511, wh-in ein maiiclt
mated delicit mi,ti iicrvase to -17)t,.
J00 or Iiore. h'll-re aro sevea national
Intil os' homlfes, wah II I I I,.193 in3iiii;tes,and
wt-ntv I lim, 4l hIlers' hoite, with o,
i25 inmate-i. 'ensions froin the Gen
ra! (Goverrinmnt were received last
evar ..: 55,I1') Union soldiers and wid
) s w ho ]iv-e in l E x-('jn f ,jerat Sta e zi,
10 ;Lrag" siMI for each(-i persoit beiig
-st. 11a edI at, 5 or a total of $9, -
Viti No-arly 109,(mm) uore F'ederal pen
;irns cue on tie nat ioiuil peision list
fumt I hiei- wee solliers inl the Con
et'.;e ar-n P is e-ItiimiteId that
. Smitl la.i ptid ilireCtly since the
xar to lIlston l 'kiol sold.i1-rs :350,
Iql3.(H A b;, it 31 pi-r cent. of the Ie,d
'ral -Cio,Ii:rs rccemved pensions amomnt,
!g ito a1,boiit :31165 v eh1 per anniuIm.
iS 1 S ilated that 0)o,(m siildiers
nie i IhV (1on1ft'derat M1rn1:. (f
" 'I!mnior 26;s lii rsons, ine,iading
SnoN . wrv litnsiit- last. yoar by
b10 I in whi(!h thy lve, receiving
i1to) :he.:- ,2;, aini 7113 wero inl
W<.- loso 1ittainancve
a y-tr c l4127,2o;. ( )f the ('on
.-Iori ldir ;ald widows, 2,5:8, or
ess t'hl'in ., per cen t of, Lt. 111n1h r V1
kild, reccivvd i-iisioni from the ',l',i
ewra a- t i w t ;,'l ag i a Mlout
or v;ach per olli Ieaxt.8N , aud
,I-ar.nd lot al t)" :3 1 3,7;,i2s.
r.iIt N. CLy ' t ion vN .4-ran4 of
he - irt hern ariy aro receiving pei.
tIn. M1 nY oI the- are ableolidiel,
[ily (,I li Ih Of Vt:1 1n- a lvelihoo 1,
Ini 3111113' of t'l-lilI i l"good circt n
lanct-, E% ri'-. but, all the sa.,
Iley are boren to It! taxpaYIrs. G I
he ( C ilt-i-ratt-s 11tt lit- i. re(-eiv
10g aill il.1ci s h1t., i'I wholly (is:.bled
nil I-pl , %% 1i 11o ll-ails or income
anl. sol t,
Soie details oI the provision made
ndi dis:thh-d ve'eran-4 will be interest
,r. It is i3,t Qt'reraly knoli thait
tnionsl- to. or have honies for (Conf-d.
'in:a(lners" and lIlmlates (of homnes ini
I 1( Ii.. ;itt's--Alb iiii-, Getorghl,
Sud i , i-0ntua:, .\ltissippi, Nirth
rohilna, ."oth i ( .:IlliLa, ''ennessee,
itt th utiViiit p;aid 'tniiuiaby in peH- t
ians an3d ini t' I:min utai nance of r
iue i's abant1.11 8 1,1 2 ;* 1. There are e
-1 ('tn iI-ederate~ ii. ii)i in Mlarylatid <
idtN Missiiri,. wih 2,i linmat es, whtich
e'r&' inl it aine 1)-l ast year at a total
;sl, tr ihe t.wo States of 821,(K)0. T1his
imoi inclu1i4ksi unp)roveitents alade du.
i e year. 'The regulations and
- .ios vary so materially in the diif
'-nt St at s that it has been found
9 possible pr'operly to cla-xly the pay
Georgia :itd s the li t~ of single States
av~ ing ptitd list year $ i l'5th 40 to I d0
enlsiers3 '~. ( i i.hs xiiin SN5,tx00 was
ait 2ui Mvetu-iran's and 824 i ,0004' to 4,200
'tdoiw s. 'Thie~ .ate h as a soldlier s' liottii
*HLtt'd oni ai tr (of I 19 acres of landii
leth was built, by private sihbscrip
lilis at a cost of 8 I2.')M; but it re
iit ('hnes next to Georgia, with f, i55
eiininrs whoI repeivedf last year $133
21.32. It Ih-it inosildiers'onie'. North
'a1 ri'uiia h 1,7 I i ensiI)ners who re
tlved I' 3,t H 0. It hias a soltdiers'homiTe
atlit ty ii ites Li i t he cost of ix.
i:ii"-nc ti s yeadr has been so far
10,00. \' irginim has 3, I50 liensioners
a3 *SI1i,2tt'; anid 181 inm:iu:tes of so)1
lers' homes)i' are siippor,tedi at an e'x
('iliilre el "-ia,22o. South Carol ina
as 2.2 l11 pniin ts .' tio recteiv Vi50ot -
u. hut- ha-i ino soldier'' home'. Mis'.
i's-ipIi[piha<< 2,t lI pension ners who
T.il've .$i2,.' , a'. i hias no xolid
Tls' hioiie. A\rkanisax hais 788
Iinmg 20 iln.it's oft a~ hlini, ctst
i181t4.34X, :1t. a yi':ttv t'xpetndit iire of
2,,44. lirla im.- 317 i enlsionlers who
'clve 4- 37,811I. It Lato a hiimie whtichi
iist -$ b4. Hi0, aini un w'.hleh 82,5'0 was.'it
xpeinded la-st 'yeanr, but it is nott inowV
jIt-n''d. I linsiruut hias noi penstioners4
lit it has aI innuiOt is (f a home111 il>on'
(hiuhl last. ye-ir -A,i ' u was expeinled.
'1nnei'.Le his 357 ~Ipensionetrs recei~fvintg
1i1,8u, :mi 108" ilnmates oh a hione cost
ig -2 00 , wi're miainitaiined last, year
t an ex pense ofi 8;,.i00.'lTe xas lis nO
enionerics, limt it intains 1I8 in. In
he M larylai tui lIt imiel hax 84 in unatesx
rid th' NIis. auri I iiome 72. E, uch home
ist th e State II >c LernedL( $1 2,00 bi lst
L'ar:. The li rst nst (of t he \Ilary land
[none is 'lIt g;v;i1 t notf the Nlissou..
I lonme is Sth),4L00. Thii ' we have a
itail of 27,211 C Xmfedelrate pens iniers
ad Inmates of' homies, in1(hidtiing Mlary
mld and '.i issouiri, ati a total pa.ymnut I
IConfet'erate pen'isioniers antd tor C'on. t
de'rate hiomes' ~ist year.,i inchding 3
aryland and N isson ri of' $1,15 9136.
'The spectacle prnsenited by the Souith-.
n pieopie Is one of' the molust remiiarka
e and heroic t'ver recorded in any(
story. Thiey em barkedi in r. gr"at I
ar upon vgich they staked l ife, hionotr
id property. T1hosxe who suirvivedl t
it nearly adl, save honor. 'They hadit C
>paternal Govtern ment to care for .
emi, and thetre was no source from
hIch the-y cituld expect help. '[hey C
enlt to work to rebtiuld their blasted
rt-unes anid to rehabiltate their war -
aisted country. They have done all. t
hey pay heavy tax-s to support Fed'-~
al pensioier-s and they specially tax
cemselves to) care for their own indi.
mnt and helpless o)ld soldiers. It013
uily a grand spectacle.--licayuno
- .---- --- C
Wiseke.y seise,
COLUMnRIA, S. (.. Sept. 20.-United I
bates revenue agents today seized i
gight barrels of whiskey in the State I
kpensairy for having,on it stam PS thait 1
ad been used twice. The wniskey I
ia Sshiped from NorLh Carolna.i
The Law Maintained at a Fearful Cost of
Life and Limb.
ROANOKE, VA., September 20.-One
of the most dastardly crimes in the his
tory of the city occurred at about 10
o'clock this morning. Mrs. l1enry S.
Bishop, aged about 50 years, and a re
spectable white woman, from Clover
dale, eight miles from this city, was en
ticed by a negro named Thomas Smith
from the market, where she had come
to sell produce, into an empty saloon
b:isement, where he beat her into in
sensibility and robbed her of her pock
otbook containing less than two dol
lars. The woman was left for dead
but managed to revive a few minutes
later and crawled up to the street.,
whore she told her story.
The fiend had in the meantime es
caped, but was detected from the do.
scription given by Mrs. Bishop board
ing an outgoing train. A colored man
Junped on the car and grabbing the
crimimia I the two fell to the ground.
A crowd immediately surrounded the
priscner and threatR of lynching were
loud and frequent. Detective Captain
W. W. Baldwin eeized the man and,
holding the crowd at b-Ay with his re
volvor, started on horseback with the
frightened negro behind him. Herode
to the saloon where the wounded wo
man was removed, and she positively
identiied him. lie was then taken to
A crowd gathered around the jtil,
and kept increasing as night ap
proached. At 5 o'clock the Roanoke
Light Inufantry marched to the jail by
order of Mayor Trout. Guards were
posted and the streets in the immedi
ate vicinity were cleared. About, dark
the crowd was increased by a hundred
men from the vicinity of the woman's
home headed by Mrs. Bishop's son, a
fireman on the Norfolk and Western
Itailroad. At 8 o'clock a portion of the
mob battered at a side door of the jail,
where the militia and Mayor Trout had
retired. The shooting was commenced
by tie mob, and the mayor was shot in
the foot.
The militia were then ordered to re
turn the fire, and a volley from about
twenty-five rifles was poured into the
mob. It is thought tnat about live
men were killed by this fire and as
many more wounded, some of them fa.
tally. During the excitement caused
by the volley the negro was taken from
the jail by an oflicer and secreted. The
dead mnd wounded were remove.1 to a1
druq store and to the ollicas of near by
physicians. The militia were then dis
pvrsed and left the scene as quietly as
Tho following is a list of dead and in
jiired as tar as known at present:
Dead-8. A. Vick, hotel proprietor;
Will Sheeta, fireman on the Norfolk
And Western Uailroad; Charles White
meyer, conductor on the Norfolk and
Western Itailroad; J. i. Tyler, of Blue
Ilidge; George White, shot through the 1
leg and bled to death ; W. .Jones, engin
'er on the Norfolk and Western R-ul- 9
road; John Mills, Back Creek; Emmett a
I. Small, of North loanoke; George E. U
White, firemen on the Norfolk and -
Western Itailroad.
Injured-George Settles, of Vinton,
mortally wounded; Otto Falls, shot
birough body and will die; Will Eddie,
;hot through groin; George 0. Monroe,
;hot in head; -rank Mills, shot in arm;
l'om N elson, leg shot off'; Lerov White, t
itot in back; .J. ll. McGhee, shot in leg;
-hiepard, shot in leg; Charles Powell,
'hot through body; J. II. Campbell
I dgar Whitiner, C. W. Figgatt, C. P.
N orth, 0. 15. Taylor, - Ilail, Davidt
ineirles, N. . Sparks, T. E. Ezms.
Tile excitement has not yet subsided.
Several speeches were made after tfle
nifitia retiredl.
JiudIge W~oodls, of the IIustings Court,t
sutredl the mob thait tile negro Smitht
ad been removedl from the jail andI
eComlpanlied two of the crow-1 throught
he jail to prove the truth of his state
went. IIis statement and the speech
t .J. Alien Watts, the Democratic can
idate for the State SeDate, did muchc
0 pacify the crowd, but they hung a
roundl tile jail and adjacent streets for a
everal hours afterwards, many disper- ~
ing to search for the secreted prisoner.
At midlnight the scene hlad qu'ieted
lown and no further troub)le is expect
ad. TLhe militia remain under the
nayor's orders, although it is probable
.hat they will not be called out again.
51ayor Trout is firm In tile position he
ias assumed, and declares that he will
iphiold the laws. The dead, which at
nidnight had increasedl by the death
>f George Settles. were remnoved to the
unidertaking establishments and will
De prepared for burial.
IU"A NO u., Vam., Sept. 21.-A squad of I
Lwenty men took the negro Torn Sith It
fromn three policemen juist before 5t
>'clock this morning arnd hlanged himn(
o a hickory limb on Ninth avenue, I
southwest, in the residenlce section of I
hie city. T1hey ridldledl the body with
~ullets anld left a placard oil his body i
eadiog: "Tis is Mayor TIroilt's 5
'riend." A coroner's jury of business I
nOnl was summoned and viewed the1 E
)ody of thme nlegro and renlderedl the fAl- 1
ewing vei!mct: "D)eath at the hands t
>f unknown men." Thousands of peo- g
>le visited tie scene of the lynching h
>etween daylighlt and 8:50 o'clock when c
-he body was cut down. After the
ury had comnpleted their work the body
vias placed inm the hands of ollicers who
vere unable to keep back the mobh. l
Three hundm(red me-n tried to dIrag the tl
>ody through the streets of time town, ih
',at liev. D)r. Campbell of tihe First w
rmesb)yterian Chlurchm, and Captain B. La
doormlan with pleas and main strength ri
>revented thlem. Capt ain Moorman a
Ire'd a wagon and had the body put in e
t. It, was then conlveyed to the banks
f the lloanoke, about one mile from
he( scene of tile lynching. Th'le devi
egro was dragged from the wagon .:y
rope about two hundred yards away,b
nId burned in a pile of dry lumber, a
'het body was placed upon this heap a
imd imore bruishwood piled upon it, n
'avinug only the head bare. The whole t'
was the~n saturated with coal oil and 11
he iniatchm applied. 'the body was con- ti
iimit-ti w ithin an hour. 'The cremation n
v as witnessed by several thousand peo- ti
le. i'he mob threatened at one time it
1 hury the negro In mayor Trout's e
i'breats of vengeance have been open
v made against Mayor Trout andl the
tilltia for attempting to maintain law.
ap~t. Bird commanding the militia has
'it town. Mayor Trout has also dis
ppeared, and Presidlent Bucknor of
le city council is acting mayor. Ex
itement is running very high now.
hIere is tatk of the citizens holding an
Idignation meeting, and it Is rumored
u the streets that threats are being
ladle to burn the town unless satisfac
ion of some sort is rendered. Crowds
birong the streets and all public places.
'here ma an Immense crowd In front of
takley & WVoolwine's undertaker shop
there seven of the dead bodies lie.
'The number reported dead last night
lase exaggerated. It Is now found that
nly nine men are dead and thirty-nine
lounded. The military claim that the
sob was repeatedly warned that there
rbuld be shooting if they persisted in
heir advance, but they received these
varnings with jeers, and finally re
'lied with a volley fired at Captain
lird who then ordered his men to lire
at the mob which was battering down
the doors of the jail. Trouble is feared
and every effort is being made to calm' b
the excited crowd. 1
LYNCHIIURG, Va., 8ept 21.-Nlavor b
Trout of Roanoke, Va., arrived at 10:30 i1
o'clock to-night. lie is suffe-riig with '
a painful wound in the foot and de- a
clined to be interviewed. r
So*7'p( In 0olumbia by Uuited Stated @
COLUMBIA. S. ()., S)t. 19.-.e- C
f.ween the State's Dispensary consiabu
lary force blind tigers (nI't stand much l
of a show in South Carolina. A man, t
it seenm, would have a pretty hard titue 4
trying* to set Ip a "dried fruit' store it) d
some places. Uncle Sami's lyox-eyed I
agents are on the lookout for blind tigers t
In the commonwealth of Sou,h Carolina
especially since the reign of the D:spe.
sary, when no mar is allowed >y law to
seli whiskey as aforetime, and it is rather q
dillicult to dode tle aforesaid agents. 2
I'lie difficulty attending the attemlpt. to s
start a olind tiger in thii State or even it
to set up a "dried tuLt'' store is illus- p
trated by an incident that occurred in p
this city ye8terday. .
At the Itichmond and I%tviflo It il- d
road yesterday there were two innocent c.
looking barrels such as dried fridt and c
oftentimes vegetables are shipped in.
One of these innocent lookinr barrels
was consizued to 1t. F. Clark and the
other to John S'.uirt Columbia. They
rve no in,lications of the "evil that y
lurked within.'' Another package that ei
lo)ked as imuocent as atn old timno dar- V
dov used to lo:k when aceuwd ol takin- S
a watermelon was seizzd.
But Uncle Sam's agents were on the l
lookout; they had come across such
things as these before. The box was 1
marked "D.," Darlington, S. C. They f
were all seized by one of the deputy s
marshals of the ltevenue Collector's
Olice in this city, under the direction
of Collector Webster. Tl.e unassum
ing looking packagel were then opened,
and next to them on the inside Wi i bi
thin layer of dred leuit, but further in I
the fruit was not so "dry,'' it heim, noth
iu, in re nor less than North Ciarolina
,orn whisk ey in jul,s IA;Ked in saw,lu9t.
There were ten gallons of w'iskey ln
,ach barrel.
This whiskey did1 not have the Umited
states revenue stamp on it as reqpired
)J the statutes of tile Un:ted State , and
t was therefore seiz!d and taken in
:barge by Collector Webster, and will
)e sold to pay the license due oil it.
l'he United Statstgovernment does not B.
ntend to be cheated out of thie tevenue
hue it by illicit ship.-pers of whiskey.
['here are olher seizures yet to be made (
Lnd they may be inade to-day.
The fact that these siwple looking T
>ackages were found to contain wl,.i.key b
Vill make Ulited States (li1ers more
1ert, than ever in Iheir lookout for them, L.
nd will no doubt lead to many more W
ackages being seized. T.Ie whiikev
eized here vesterday was shipped IronI
toaring Wver, N. C., and C-Ilector 1
V ebster had been notili s,d to look out
>r it. Next?-Itesister.
Murdere ror Ei: t 1) ,IIin-4.
Au(;USTA, Ga., Sept. 11.-A special
o the Chronicle from Ilith. S. C , says:
L very mysterious murder was coni
nitted halt a mile west of lire this
vening. About 3:30 o'clock, on the
outh Carolina I latlway track, Chi les
~arter, a well known white moan. was
.illedl about one hundred yairds fromit
Is hiouse. Suspicion rested on C'alvin
tewart, a negro who had beeun in comti
any with Carter a short timie before
Se (lead body was found.
The story comes~ from i1.nglev, as
>ld by Mr. GUnilfoyle of that place, is
sat on Saturday Charley Certer, who
yes at Bath, was there and p)urchasedl
same groceries ini J. T. Bake-r's store.I
[e gave a $10 hill to the clerk andl re- a
sived abont 88 change. Stewart was a
round at the time and saw tile trans- pri
ct-ion. Carter started for home, an(id
few hours later his dead body was mn
ound on the track where It had beena
laced so that the train would run over.p
The provisions Carter p)urchiase,l
vere near by but his pockets had beeni af:
illed. Suspicion rested on C~alvina
tewart, and a search was umade ifi or
aim. It was learned that lie had said ab
S I wo or three people that he was ina
rouble. The party found a heavy clubh ths
a Stewart's room and were told t hat
ae had made his barother shave oif his an
ide whiskers. TJhe brother was ar
ested and a large posse started mn hot
>ur,uit of Calvin. 12om Butler was
here with his dogs and the beasts
ra~edl tile negroa to the swamps juast MuI
*utside of L'nuley. IIis capture is onl I
<juiestion of' tim'-, and( when caught a
he murderer wall be lyniched.
Mr. Carter, tihe murdlered man, was
ery popular. Ilis (leath was ian awfli
ock to his wife andI two children.
xcitement is running high. T'he
oath Carolina train which arrived at V
2.45 a. im. brought in the news that lip
> the time of passing Langley the ne
ro land not been Iyinched. Te swamp
ats been surrounded and everybody --
Irries a shot, gun. *W
ircit f)i'tay. J3i
1I0iTMON m>, Va., Se pt. 15.--A umob, of
renlly-live broke into the Amelia coun
rjanil at an etaily hour this maornling and
ok .Jesse Mitchell, a negi'o charged Er
ith outragmng M try Thrneves, aged Sta
velve .years, and haung h'im to a tree and
ddled his bodly withl bulletp. Mitchell B'
as twice trie'l and sent.enced hut,
ach t,ime got oil' on techinicalittes, iIe
as to have had a third t.rial to day. Ti
he jailor heard the mob b)reaking mito lHt
ae jail but, was afraid to interfere. Thes Ei
rut, pleaded for imeacy but Without
,ail. A Methodist minister appeared
id begged the party to dleoist, but to
s purp)ose. The crame was committedl
vo years ago. MitcAll was kept in I)
ichmond for safe ke'eping excep)t when
iken to the county scat for trial. Last l
ght hie was not undler speciali prot,ec
on and the lynchers t,ook advantage 01
' I,.lH.
& o..
Plethora of Money.
NEw YORK, Sept. 18.-The nationa
inks of this city are receiving s<
imch noney at present from country
tnks that they are in a quandary as to
.s disposition. It was only a feJw
evks ago that cash of all kinds wasa
premium; no w tha case is txacty thi
3verse. Oie result of this conditior
i the movement of saine of the na
lonal banks to retire the extra circila
ion they took out during the strin
ency. The Fourth National Bank o
his city has withdrawn 8500,000 o
overnmont bonds deposited to securf
irculation. surrendering the equtva
ant in its own notes. Several othe
.nks contempilate the same action
) inuch golI coin has come Into ac
ive circulation stice the money strin
ency set In ihat a greater part of th
ally settlements of clearing house bal
nees are in gold. This necessitate
lie ctrrying around from one bank t
nother of oetween two and three mil
ons in gold daily. The trouble an
Kpense as well as the risk of loss b
.its method has brought uo the old
uestilon of one of the banks acting a
storage vaitt for all this gold and th
Attlements made in gold certiflic ate
sued by the clearing house. Thi
lan has been adopted before, and it I
robable it Arill be again. It is expect
I that the matter will be settled in
ny or two. The loan comnittee o
earing house retired $660,000 certil.
ties today, and will cancel about st
X),000 additional tomorrow.
rianuo ami orgatim.
Now is the time to buy slimmer plat
25 cash b,lanee Novemuer 15th 1893
(ill buy a Itano at spot cas1 price $1
Isn, balance Novetaber 15ta 1893
ill buy a organ at spot cadh price
ie the Lst to choose trom. Steinway
bison & Hamulin, Mathushek and Stir
ng .I-lanos, Mason & Hamlin an(
Uirling. Organs. Fifteen days tes
'lal and freight both ways if not satti
tetory. A large lot of nearly new an<
.cond hand Planes and Organs at bar
tins. Good as new. Write for price
I. .Trump, Columbla, . C. *
Five Killed,
AsmmLLE N. C., Sept. 18.-Th
)iler in the saw mill of the L. 1. Kelie
.nber company, near Whittier, N. C
:ploded today, killing Richard Nichol.
Lines Kelly, lBen. McMahon and Jessit
uinther, while, and Ifenry S.mitl
.... ...... .............. ...............
G. C qnn 'm r. It. D).,
For the, treatment of Inebriety, Opium
forphine, Chloral) and Cocaine Diseases
>bacco Habit and Nervous Exhaustion
the methods of Leslie E. Keeley, M. D.
L. D., Surgeon Chicago and Alton RaIl
ty and formerly Surgeon U. S. Army.
For literature or further inforination
ase address
COLUM131k, S. C.
- TO
is a matter of businesi interest to you
.1 ourselves we ask you to allow us the
vilege or making esthnates upon any
chinery you may wish to bUy before
~cmg your orders elsewhere.
)ur facilities and connecliuns with mas
etuirers are such that we can: quote on
iamne goods as low pries as are obtain
e in America. 1t is buit a narrow mind
t would pass by the home dlealer to pay
equal or greater price to a foreigu
tier or manufactur*er.
)nly give us the opp)ortunity anti we wIll
VO you to) advantage, and keep at home
mall part of the money which is going
ay fromn our State to enrich othiers.
T. H. Gibbes Jr., & Co,
to Agency for TIalbott & Sons' Enginet
and Boilers, Saw and Grist Mills.
ewer's BrIck MachInery.
tuble Screw Cotton Presses.
omas' Direct Acting Steam Presses, N.
omias' Seed Cotton Elevators.
1ll and Lummus' Gins.
gieberg RIce fluilers.
B. Smith Co's Wood-Working Machin.
ery, Planers, Band Saws, MoulIders,
Mortisers, TIenoners-.omprising coim
p lute eqnipment for Sash, D)oor, and(
Wagon Factories.
Lboachie's Plantation Saw Mllis, varia.
ble0 feed.
titin g, FittIngs and Machinery Suppies
Write me for prIces.
V. C. B1DIIUI, Manaager,
Ot(mr.N & CamNeTr RIotrrEsiafords the
ket 8echedules, the Finteet E.quiptment,
AshevIlle Paint Roc'k Hlot P rings andi
Lvilie, via it. &t I)., E. 'II. V. & ., 4. c.,
Rt. Rt.. Lonlavillo and the P'enna. Linos to
igo without change.
Lther car runs from A shiIio to cincinnan, niothears
clioo conntetiont whon ali Chieago line.
Ask for your tickets via
op-overs allowed at Cineinnati, Lotda-.
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~"iW ---l rem~j
' U i U' II U1
to Ilrt uce tb
No fro-Ia t palit ossi -
L V141u. ktial'sateed to bI a
- t r
itippa t i'il)h rA R.0R l *'I*T , 4onist ng1
of 1ota, \orin (-Witr. 11ooki-g Chair, I)IvnT
AMI2 aht! C'h Or. h $45. Wl dolivei
It to .our depot filr $0C ,
This No.'I
)i~. ~ . COOKIIS
with 21
pleces of
- ware will
3 - bpe des ove
od to your
- pr ce 5.
deltvoreepo forute ot
Theinureeur rr ol cgilnr
) to Iou for nla g.l_
Sann gliarantt ire In al
b:rtinin. No rreihrli plo
- ntsBuggy
dPIIrr e1, i -vr 'tirdeq..'t ~
Fi',r!uk I f tfl rr, Cnolclngl
Ute.v;*1-l, *i*-aj;r.-r- ele-4u, O~rgi ,u, Ii
Pkilosi, *rf: A~I. r) 1;; St. 1.1kfillps, &., and1
SAvr, m(INCY IAAde?r..
L.F.PADGETT ")l',ondI
0n Installments.
and you have purchased a fortune
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Lap Robes,
Dusters and
Fly Nets,
Axle Oil,
idarnss Ol, .Axle Grease
lirness Soap,
IIarness D)ressing,
Saddles, liridies,
and( atny arnd
everything kept
in a lirst class'
larLess and
Carriage Store.
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and I wvill
save you money
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r a l'rip. to thes Worlil's Fair Free.
T. X.L.
Ihe great pain alleviator, Is s'.rletiy o,
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23o Main Street, Columbia, 8- C.
Wholesale Agents, Columbia, 8.(.
Full particulars sent by mali for two

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