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H. 1asch, of Ilavre, France. Gives His
Maximum Figures-lie Predictm a Shott
Crop and Better P*ricee>-IIls Predictions
Heretofore Accurate.
A.p USTA, Ga., Sept. 27.-The Chron
icle of to-day piblislies the following
letter on the cotton crop at the request
of Mr. W. F. Alexander, who says the
writer was nearer right ait year than
any writer abroad, which entitles hi,
opinion to weight now. Here is the
IIAV1nE, Sept.. 91h, 1893.
Siit- -Though I am perfectly aware
of the impossibility of givinig at so ear
ly a date aiythiig like a prrcise et ti
mate of the yet growing American
crop, I think it quite possible already
now to calclAte on an approximate
estirnate of it, as the coming ionths
never add anything to its conditions,
on the contr 4ry. lieside-s, I d , think
that it is not so important. to the trade
to get later on the precise fig ure of a
crop estimat- as to obtain as early as
possible a maximum ligure. In this
way I stated in my c!rcular of Sr-pt.
10th, 1892, that the calculation then
pointea, for last year's crop on the Bu
reau's screawe and condition figires, to
a crop of 7,219.000 talvs, and on the
Chriniel's acreage to ote of 7,625,000
bales,Ivbii t 'he aenerally adoptrd fig
tires were 7,750,000 to 8.000,0(.0 balt s at
that time I ralliedtu to e first, the bu
rcau's, atid gradually rt duced it as the
sseaon ad-,anced to a production of
6,430000 bale-s, which proves to have
bet-i quite near to the actual product
of the season.
By the same method I calculate to
day as follows: The Bureau's conoi
tion figures ot tho first, four months
(the'mnost important ones) are:
Average of all States. 1893. 1892
June..................85 6 against 859
July...................827 " 869
Augu-I............814 " 82.3
Septembe-r............73.4 " 76.8
Average four months 8U.5 against 82 9
Or a dimunition of 24 per cent. n the
condition of the crop.
The revised acreage of the bureau,
with 16,607,000 acres against its acreage
of last season of 16,000,000 is an increase
of about 3 per cent. (against The Chron
icle's 7 per cent. inci ease of its acreage.)
The Bureau's acreage and condition
combined give, therefore, 0.6 more on
last.year's proauction of 6,200,000 bales
for 1893-94; but taking The Chronicle's
acreage, a crop of 6,485,000 bales as a
Another method of calculating the
maximum figure for the crop, as an ut
most polsibilit.y, is the following:
Last season's Texas crop was about
2,000,000 bales, taking off therefrom for
the drought 1;5 per cent. or 300,000 bales,
would leave for this year's Texas crop,
1,700,000 bales, say. All other States
produced in both monster crops-of
9,030,000 and 8,650,000 bales-about 6,
650,000 bales on about 14,800,000 acres
of the Bureau'9 corrected acreage, or
about 2,000,000 more than the present
season's in those States, say for this de
creased acreage at 0.45 of a bale per
acre, which has been the production
per acre of these two monster crops;
00,000 bales less for the present sea
son, or say 5,750,000 bales, making a to
tal possible maximum crop of 7,450,000
bales 1893-94.
Yet, on the face of it, how very un
likely does not seem a production of
0.15 of a bale per acre in those other
states, equal to that of the two monster
Bearing in mind that the condition
of the plant on the 1st of July was the
lowest, n record, that the stand on the
1st of ,taiy is almost decisive for the
production of the year, I made this
either calculation of the possible maxi
mum merely to show its absurdity.
Yet is it not suflicient for all practical
purposes at this time oif the season to
state that the crop may be bet ween the
above 6,237,000 and thes-' 7,450 000 bales.
Ilowever,now at thme beginning o1 the
crop movement there comes to our he-lp
the safest guide for judging the size
of the crop; this is the receIpts. Of
cours9 some inlluenc'e is due to the
precocity of lateness of the crops, buit
none to the moral inlfluence, (as keep
ing back, etc.,) invented by the fuatutre
exchanges, anti on the w hole an intelli
gent observation of the earliesr, re cempts
affords thesalest guidee for judging the
size of a crop. Evidently the figures ot
4the receipts of t lhe pre sent crope, as f ar
as knowrn, (10 not point to a produc-tion
per acre in 'all te siates" e qual to
that of the two mloinster cr'lps, no~r
eve-r.to the foi men 7,000.000 hale crops.
Any hope to- a total c-roip excee ling
matI-tiall) 7,000,000 bales as a nnxi..
mum, mlia), tihere'i-re ai.d by the abive
calculation be saleay dtis arded aIre adi
We mu cst rn me-it i r, as to T< xas,i h-at
durin,g la,st witer thle usual tiuoaste
has Lot be iin coll'cte d in its suibMeil
that part. of th t ate oultd not le
planteC( biut very late mu May; t hat tn,
Jue an.s gave to the young plant a
br.fn lWe i60t, exposIng it inione t hart
i.e-u .ly, to the test, at~ d dr ought of
hh, rimer,land thlatt t his dr ought, heas
teni this seasoun un ustee ly long a
.-e must rn-mitimber furt he r, as to th,e
other ate i, thait the itghts wer, cool
every w here, not alo waig a proper
growth, t hat the plant remait.ed tin.
usually smnah, though dlescrnibetd no NJ as
vigorous, that inc-tnea' of produncinag as
tueual terratim a bott.im, nmiuile aned
top crop1, it Ilowered atid produtced
frttit,at the samte time fro bot1)0 ttom to
top, and( has done, t herefore, growinhg
ad pro:ducing ve-iy tarly; that- ain af
tergrowth, or real t op crop', Is there
fore, out of the (questionm this se'ason
-that. aside to the inineences of to nmpera
taure, this phenmomenon may be ascribed
yIn the phosph-ate using stat.es, to the
want of the usual iit-muri.ig by the
cotton aeed; that wit hout th s, the
phosphates tatnay have driven the plant
to too fast flowering and truatting; that.
therefore, paeking in these states will
finish et-rlier than usual, and that last
ly, the late tremendlous st"rms in the
Carolinas must, have damaged the rip
-ening cotton fIelds there to a serious
I may mtention here that for some
time before the new crop began to
move, it was o-onlhdently predicted that
the financial pressure would this year
exercise anm important influence for
hurrying the crop on to market, and
for obiging the South t.o sell at the
best price it could obtain and now
when the receipts are proving surpris
ingly small, that same reason of the
11tiancial crisin in America is made use 0
Df by the same people to explain awav
now the smallness of the receipts; but
produce like cotton is money, resources
and it is safer to acccept facts than to ic
explain tnem away, however ingeni- C
ously. We may take it for granted y
that if there were already heavy quara- W
titles of cotton behind, they would
push forward proportionately heavy 01
receipts. If the receipts are surpris- .
ingly small, it is because the crop is
small and somewhat late, and this is a
surprise to some pe )ple.
The Visible supply of the world is
2,169,000 bales,against, 2.5613,(hales last t
year, or at the rate of 193,000 bales .
weekly cousumption of the world for j
sieven weeks consumption, against 13 g.
weeks last year. This is not so over- j'
whelm ing a supply.
Last season this suvply di(l not pre- t(
rent an inourtanit movement of sales v
tud prices, as soon as it appeared that a
he American crop was smaill. That h
.he present American crop cannot be ci
)therwise but, emill again, I think to Ii
ave proved by the above, andi as sol
ts this will become app trent again oi e
he markets, a more Import-int and a
3aler move than last. year's will begin
in them, for the position of the Invisi
JW supply is totally different now troi
ast year's. In Imy last circular I have
ieare;l up this qu-stion with S) mu11ilh
,are th--t I may not be allo.ved to re
peat the same sta'ements; sullice it to
point out, again thar, t,he t, -it, of the
Leliveries ti tne world o 969,W00 Iales
against last easol's, mu-st coas itut,e a
hole of so mauv bales ,omnewhere il
cotton supplies at the mills, or inl y-tras
and cloth all over Ih world. 1'hat it
is mostly in cloth, the umquenchatile t
dematin ior cloth in East ladia, etc.,
show even no w yet, aftr an enorioims
busincss lone alre;ly, is sulficien.
proot. Presently wheneve-r the se lers
will recogniz * that the Americ in crop
being small there is no hope to get coL
ton at low. r prices, they will -ove in
yari.is and cotton. But h-sides thiti
hole arising fromn the snort deliveries
of co toil in the past, there is n->w
unothi-r one and a bigger one in the
future by the enormous contracts for
lothi allover the worbi tor at least six
months to coie- These may have beenIL
,overed somehow, bu'. prob %bly only to
a small extent,. by contrac.s of futues,
shipments, etc , yet somebody must be
short, for just these c-ntracts, as long
as the actual stulf has no1t beeii
sold by the South, and this is not yet -
the case at all.
Does it not, strike you, then, that cir
M11umstances have been procuring to the
Soutlaern planter a colimniding posi
tion ? Alvances having been mostif
refused to hiul (with prices at 4.1 in
Liverpool), he could only pl.nt a lii
ited area in cotton for his own resour
3es, with a small or at best, only mod
erate production to dispose of, being c
tree 01 debt, he cannot be pressed to
sell, he may choose his own tiLme for it,s
and perhaps dictate his own price to
Eurcpean sellers of clot,h cont racts for
six months ahead, and to tl, Nort,hern 1
mills with no cotton left in them.
Yours, II. 'ASCtI.
1.. s.--The yearly coNs1iiption,
amounting to about I0,0J,00U baes,
.he American milis having iio cott,on
eft, and the existing European clo.h
.onitracts for at least half a .ear, make
ip the huge but real short interest of
>,000,000 bales! Against this ranks in
part our visible supply, but we have to
teep at least half of it.-'New York
White C-bps In 111orkloy.
CHARLEsTON, Sept. 2.-llere is a 1;
-enuine sensation from the classic I
ihades of the village of Mount ,leas
tit, the capitol of the lU-form couInty y
>f Berkly. O,a Mondav night the elite c
young men of the t,own, dlisgiuised with
[nasks and things, waylail1 Capt. 'A. GI.v
Magill, an o!d resident of the village, r
and beat him unmercifully vith a t
auggy trace-regular whiite cap style.
Lt seems that Mr. Mrgill's domestic -o
relationts are not the htappiest ini t,he ml
world. Some time ago he hid a rew
with his stepson, who brick batted the\
mouse becaused his stepfari her had (
orbliddenl him to enter it, t-he two nlot c
iaving beeni on good terms.
VTe rumor t hen got out that Magilly
uad been beating his wife, bu.t this i.hie n
aidy denied to the intendanit (of the i
own, Williams, who called uipn her
md asked if that was true. Intendant
Williams siays Mrs. MagIll tol himt
hat while her husoaiid had used very '1
riolent, laniguage to her and his
h.tughter, he had not laid hands(l upon
hemn. In spite of this assuranice, how
tver, the yountg mienlos of t,he townvi de- c
ermimedI to take the mat' er in theiro
wn hiands and regulat e the dlomestle I
reltin f heMaill~~. ii
(ou'inli A, S. (., Sept. 23.--Tihe con -
40oUi toe of th S cat e andI i,he lEveninug
aiSt of thei J ournial b y Ibie tie 1 pubt
hIshi'm co 'ipany, which will comil ini me
the pubb-ion toilO )u lo ews aemrts ii:.
ih-r thieir pre'sen ttn iimes I'u i . e I,.
pitrs will be eait irely ide) ti.-it, ofl
e'ach ot her, editorially. Air N. .r
G~--nz des wvill, oh couris',, c- u t-i.a -
tile m'ditoir of he S ate, lint wh 1 wil
edtit ih(; Joiirnal lies nout w'. b.* ei t
idenit, of thle Mt ate ,ioupulny~, iii y
genieral m1anagem,io:it oh thie t,wo news
papers. CTe Stan has puit ini our'
type settinug mtaebintes amd is Oil a
boom gener ally.
A 'veniturono,n Counv:eii.
AtmUs'iT,A, Steptemb -r 2t;. -lIi,nry
[logginis, whil.e, who~ escaipe. I r.n it, t
South Carolina P?e I teniuar y six vearS v
igo, was arrestedl here to (d-i. (G ,g
dnts Was con victed iu a Eleliebt of'i
-torse stealing and wins s 'ai, ip for
,bre~ years. After eighuteen~ motIhis'
ervice he escSit dl 'and went to Vi-gin. hi
a, where he fell ini byv' and ma-rriod<- t
ua few dlays ago he cditna to August~i
mi a visit t, relat.ives and Was reciog- IC
-ized by Ollicer WVebb), of the policoe
force', aund was arrested. Goggins ad1
nits that hIe is the miii wantel i an et
ourned to this sect ion thinkintg the bI
mat ter had been forgotten The S-mith t
Uarolina auithorit les have beeni notled. f
WVAsilnNuToN, Sept, 23.---Archbij- I
hop Satoli, Apostolic dli,a.te, was~ t
:asked today us to t,he acicuracy of 1,he t
statement t,hat Archb)ishop Kend,rick oit
St. Linms had been decposied by lus
authorIty aind that. Archibisop Kmin, hia
co-ad1jutor, l.adl been vesteid wi,h lld e
archepiscopal p)>weis. Monsi.gnorb
Batolli replied: ''It is all true. I have l i
nothing further to say on the subject. !
rgaized Att%ckt on 'Aiai I:iuetico in
'11is Couitty.
BUFFA LO, N. Y., Sept.27-The Armer
an Protectivo association, the anti
ttholic secret society which has recent
gained such a strong foothold in the
ast, is wagiig an a-t.ve c.timpaign in
is city. The first luffalo council was
gariizd last Mar-:h, andt now there
e 8311 metibers in a number of coun
Is. Isaac Citify, a roronto Orangeinan
a4 the organiz r, and lie is stdi the
ading figure here. S tid he:
" We are going to run this city just as
ie A. P. A. runs Kansas City, letroit,
iginaw and other cities of t.he west.
re are saving nothing antil we have
303 nemlers. L'iea we will slhuv our
jaids. Ooir membership here inci tides
ie most promiiei- men, l.tyver.s, doc
irs, merchants and even initLers.
Te propose to fight Pan:cy with ballot
id. if need be, 'vith bullets. L,)iok ;it
iif tilo's pit lic s-:hools. Over 81 per
,nt of the teachers are Ron in C-1t1o.
0s. Inside of two ye itrs tnere will not
3 One C ttt it ic left,. Almioit. every oill -
al and em plye of the muiiei p tlity
Lid corp)r;ttoi of 1)etroit, was a few
-ars ago a cavhoe; n1.),v t!re are
ily tWo 1,eft inl tie c Y's fin p.ov.
"))k at the -t-i; 1 l i )n ii Co.ho
us about the Birff .- uijt,y hail. Wihlijn
vo %ears th.t will be ro'est;uzed.
i New York s%,ate iaere wi I he a gre it
i over, ad sve are gettinig ready to
ave every C itholic it. ho-no. L )>k it
ir army arid navy b i!iig ri i o-ntirety
y Cathiolics, for sonu ie day I s ipp1 t .''
ley hope to ule i! . We 1imfng wi 0 i
0'O'eSLiZ-3 th j-milly .in.i navy, i).'
ratiteA for argumn -it's sak t t1iC Ci
elicisim reutitis it Lrip o thies-A ,w >
tiportat, Iiradichei of tho service the-i
e have pl'anay of in-(i Wvj e iII b- I,.
ke insk -."
Mr. Chit S iiyi thi. er lz , (' irmn hr
imp is trt,nenidmnis,5d to 153 e inCdihil- s
M lfg 111, (d ,vorv ill 'etig itgh. L'ii
-!V. W. P 0 lel', p-ist-r o( tw 1) 1 1
are Av'euitt.? M - it )di-t (-jirci is a
wvm-ber, bw. ref4i,es to i rilk -ttv it I li
ei ty. 11h- piat.foriu for Ne York
givenl ts follows:
Protejtl,U of ufl- fr-, ,-,-, se i0>l
Ooj etiini to s itt aid to se' arianl
18Ltit ions.
It.it,ricuOn of ii-nigr,i1ion.
.Uniform iattir aliz .ion la wi for ev!
stat with IXteLion of tirius of pro
In' 13noosiig piublic ollicials, prefl'rene
Ven to those who are ildeeil ' of
Preigi, L,iiporal and ecclesuiaLI'il
Taxation of chlirch prop-rt v.
The opening of ail DrivAc- anld par,
l i lchools, conv atsii-i inon iste-ries
pilU bic olli --i,i! in,p;l on.
ul'e last two pl.inxs inl vle ab)vee ar
ot incli l104 inl th nlat. lio.iL pk caIo -ill
ut are incliud.d in maay of t!ho
odes, as is also the priticiple of proii
itiol of the litior trallie in c.-rtami.
tates as well as the ex ensioni if tie
lective franchise to women. 'ife or
anizAtion claillis that inl two years, it
as grown to a mornbersiip of 1,u0o,jo
-the tuost reinAriiable gr.vtIi of an
rder ever known. it. has had anf aver
ge i icrease of nearly It 1,0J per week
,r two years and today is intreasing
inch faster than ever. It i- iide up
f Reptblicani and Democnra's, Prolli
itionists and Popiiilsts. leent in.
iiiry develo,,ed that in the order there
iere nearly 1,t0 clergyien ot diifer
lit denoiiinations. Ill sone of the
restesil citi's every ollitiial fron ti
Iayor down is a mewtubr of tht orL-r.
Tie oath is very I ornidaiale especti l
7 inl its pr-ovisions for scureiy. Oier
arts of it are:
I solemnly swear that I will never
ote for a I >mliall l,ttnolic seelnig :1nV
filke in tLie gilt of the peoiple, ni:,r will
lend my support, to any c:ind Id ate
lho in anmy waiy ciiiuntenances thme lio
ian Catnolic interference with ur i
ional, state, or ininicipal atffdrs.
I swear t,hint ii will bear armis sfioil I
ceasion ari-e, against ny aivwedl enoe
A petItion is to be forwarded to
Vashington necxt, week, says th li L1.i1
>.Iiquirer, against the recoginitioni by
Inigress of .\14r. Satolill as reipresrnt.i
yve of Pope J1) inl AUneric t. T'he sa
Feme Cotificil hiolds it,s annoial session
ext year at l)- .rotl, .\Ltei.. coinunnei
ig oil the first Wedniesday in 1ALy.
A (lutd .fl.iv.
Thle Coltimnbia li'iistetr of hiss
hiursday isays: "A few diys ago
blairintin d . M. K rkI,iniil o t- hOi COuntl,y
'.iard ot Colitroi ipplied t,o Chiie-t of'
'.ulice R filif for a list, of pc'lie
ourt, f ri qtient,ter.i sv > were arrest.'d so
I l.il IIillder' tie inifliieuace iif w bisf.y.
le' was givieni a lirge list, aind fihe
amnes conltainied t,iiereini we-re enitered
n thie I al hm>i'ks of' the disqt iicalile I
ept ini thte c: y dfi.on-insaries. Since
'iwii froin dn i , if * ii i i ie. .v (1f.
-lice flavei very li h. 1i 'mb'i' friii
bi it, sotifce. ( if)-' I1. -. !- i , s.iy tin
iarmeriy <iisioal I 13 p) e.is i- t1 he
itillis lb Ce uiIp uri'i.i 'V-ii I '-.i I.rio A
)hi %et, lii 'Vilinty-oin - itlatir-,
i* ri aiee 'i* on i.l i; iei't, ii citey
i.deir i.Le I! lli o. - of.il iOa. 1+
',i.t Ie 'i diaas, i i'*iiig whfii! h-- r, 'inrd
is leit. aV-i ge Iii~ ov iltlii cads- ii--f
ll."' Titis isa gioodel ioV,, aind ize
.ioee it, M ie in- ad etp{, of bv inn hb-ird of
o.itrol of this a .dali the othecr conn ses
Li the State. N , foauiteda drnk irit
hieold be- allowedL to0 go , one drop o
/iiihkoy iroe'&I ihe ftiji,pna'ies,
NF.w Hi i: , slit. 27. -tXpt, ljil.n,
f the ,tu cii. o 1.<ar1' ., win ii. air ive I
Iiis illiii nt'ig fre' "hi lt, ohs, repaori s
d with Iiliii (rillg'u an~d r.-fised
tilidsioiit t o lhi h e aris >f 1,ra%iI Owiing
1) choilerai on boardii, ineilu 5r sian days
eten lying iiiitMie iii a iifeiepe.i esni
(iin. l'he de.ih werei repor-edi t,o be
roii twenty to thu I l ilk, .u. I ih -
odies e[ the vicm.iii s, ii-tii lag arid
bloth is w ere thrio wn ii0vi, ictird ani I
rushled ashore. It Lwas. aii lp is -d that
le vessle was Withlolt iii c.i l wais
inice or suipp)lies and wit ion.o .itlicitt
rOVistia or coal to pr' ceedl turs ter.
VICTORiA, I1. C. S -pt. 25..-A North
rnm Paci f s'eamer arriving~I ~I i i iht
rouighit word of tfie bu rni g of the
tiassian steatmier Aipliouase Zeeveeke,
A Tyrnait Witiout Senso or Education
Atcitsed of Iertldin Co,t;ros.-.M oraan
andl Vorheem Riel Falsm Stitementm In
Regad to tho 'resident.
WASIINOrN, Sept. -- Yesterday
the resolution offered Saturday by
Stewart as to tie co ordinate depart
ments of tile governnent was laid be
fore the Senate. Stewart blegan with
a citation from 'residont Cleveland's
speech last Monday on the occasion of
commetmorating the hundredth anni
versary of thi laying of the corner
stole of the capitol. IThe speech had
been made by lhe I 'resident havi-ig
inore t han 100,(K)L) l,ederal ofli :es to
dispose of. antd with tle vote p:>wer
which had beeti desiatied only for ex
Iraordinary occasions, b.ick-d by the
coicent,rated c ipital and enc >uraged
and fitttered by a vi-nal press. le
dscriied Clevelatid ont hat oce:ision
a, turningI his face to war I he Seiate.,
wing of the. capital and in angry arid ,
me1jacing ton's using the following'
angitg-: "It the representaives who
there asseintole to inAke laws f or their
Itilow couitry,men forget tire dtt:y of
r.od and disinteres'ed patriot.isiu .iid
legir i li pr-j,idic antil pa sion or in
behalf of s'-ctiotrtl or sellisih interests,
the tune when tie cor:ie stoue of the
capitol va,4 lait and t e circuimstaices
sirroit.itlin -z it will not he worth of
('om1ineituorat ion." 'his decklrat ion,
Stewart said, had been elere-I and en
C )ttrauCod by the t,iouglaless mul .i
tu-tes and censtrmed oy Oie vea& pre.is
is a reuike froin the 'rVs:denIt of ie
Uaited StIs I t-tS Set )t,t. ieie
siroigLe for c )Yis!.i Lutio:ial liberty. he
coutitt 1, of tle Aniglot-Saxm 'ace,
which I to beeni long, arduois and at,
tidtd with in y saoriicei, h;t-t la,ted
nlow iiearly onle thou1sanid years. lie
went. oni to <iole at aeit leng It from
\l tcaliy's his.-ry of E .i1 i11 as to
tao p irfiameW;tary st,ruggle with the
Stu.ir, kings.
Mr. St,e wat spoke for two and a hall
horrs. The resolittion oil which he
spoke would have gone to the calendar
at Otte o'clock, Wit Voortes consen ted
to let, it go over till tommiorrow and let,
Mr. St,ewart coitnt his speech as if
it were onl the iesolutimn. A great
deal of' tho speech was devotrd to a
bit.,er at tack ipon 1'resident Clevelni
as a ll inl who had no collegiat, or
otlier traiitig l hat, coi have liLted
hi1n1 ft' Iris igh positron, but who had
spent his e irly ifu ill suc:i prtrsuits as
t,!-chinig til. blind anI actii1'g as clerk,
heril arid iiyor. Stewert chiarg,td
litt t lie 1'tsidwt, in disregard ot iis
Oath of Office to vxcecite t,m law, had
periii ted the secretary o1 tie Ireatury
to violate! lite l:aw Of Jinuary It. 1%-,. ),
wihic,l IAde the purchase 4,;)0,tpto
Ounces of silver bullion per uoalth
obligatory. In proof of [his lhe cited
the short piirchases of silver by tre
treasury during Jily and August. it
could not conceive how this could betr
justilled inl view of the s,--arcit y of cur
rency which couId I vo beeni inenae,l
by the issie of treasury cert ific.tei for
silver bullion. Ile knew that the ex
case made was that. silver bullion was
not purchased because hoiders asked
more than tie market price, but, hi in
sisted that ne market price of proper.
ty was that at which the hohlers were
willing to sell. However much, ie
said, some senators might depreviat.e
the-law of July lWh, .iJ, as King
James had depreciated laws on the
statute book all (both iInghes ari low
est) had to obey that law it civil hhier
y was to be luiniitaitied. '['le I 'rehi
det,i's oath of 1)11ice cow iimiltled hian I.e
see the laws faithfully exectitedl, bur,
nere wvas a Plain law that haid been dis
regarded. Was it rnot timelt (tie aske .1)
to soutnd the alarm. Itf the c0o1st itu
1t)on was to be of aniy valuie, it, se'einie'
t, him i that all (friends arnd foes)-hoiuld
stanid uip an:l say to the 1'resident, of
tiht ( nited Seat es:
"You have overstepped t.he iiiirk.
We can riot aflford tro have tbe laws of'
Congress disregar<led."
St ewart, theni dirift.1eui to the ati'
Chintese billh and asked whet her thle
executive hadlt'i enforced it,. W as t.ht
I'residecntI, lie a"lked, to have tIre opjt loll
tO obey or ref ist' to obey ('rnaeit- m Ins
lie quiioted remarks mii ole by Cl(evel;nri
at difIferet t[init's ini wIhat, purp)e iT nro
Ito interyviews wicho he c mns rued in -
dicat i'l [liart hie held Conig ress tin rat h r
low estimwattion. lie as- itned I hat,t ton
g re-ss w as ignoran t.. Th is assiin jii i n
lted Sr.ewart, to iniqire w hero tnd hiow
the Il'resrdetit had iearned i nit, lie
krie w ? W here lie bait the opporrtnt y
oif Ptosst-ting uilitselhf of inouney ;tl'l
lear nitng / W retro andi w lien anid i
i ihat ichool Ithi libe stu lied ? lie b.
'it v's Clevelan:d was the only Prensi
det'r oi tIhe U'ninei Statres wvhi hari not
pase, t lithral t dueiio.tli either in
Soe e al. ste or' (il a iaram wvhetre tilh'
ktta'.,. 11(1( urdno belIorve iiin tie ya!iie
tot a clt 1 tir .a.vyyr wiliort, a pri'r
Iibheralr ett:.i llni, tni t:yg.gt or jn the
st-iil rig of oait t re l'nie i're si,jegt of
ihui ii.tI -u. Sa .s w is req:nrill Io take'
lIner' ii) tfrC ti.,r t'e tice of I may.r
wi a r' thI' gre, I.>biok t f inaure was
rb:st ti. \\ ts'.irrgtoil, .1jatksr,i .tti
L lie H v -ri i i iii S .war as greu'i
exlitlu-i' d 1,1. <iIt J-pi'krieirs wtrn
col,iite (dlic1i'in \v'ai hadl t'eemtd
mee'1 t n it [lthe Ii. lit "ihtit lin ort
w. as d.ntieu no, i a cotlht gIlat iduc.at,ioni
ti ce'ilrunttieiini w ithi Eie hprod cing
cla:.ss ofl ' eotuntry If hi ltl [lit
knowIVtlehe'. which wa ad anr i d know i ol
t he pneole .as W an-hingtori Kitew ami as
Ja.ck:)8, le'w,' id have iltter. d the ne
niulrks wi''ich li iiohn read atiti no'
talk' d abll the li i gnorainice of Con grress.
hs iwart thetn ratd I rown thle Congres
siolial D)irectory 01 Ihe prtit Sesioni
r'o .P'rielt's biographi, niakinig
anlising t'onnints uip,n it,.
At ihe t une (If ardjourinLent 3 ester
day Sttieart had not,I turishied is
sIeechi, atnd whe th I[le repeal bill was
taken up to-day he resumed lis re
mnarks and( crttlmnlmed his deti unlciationus
ofi tht l'i e.ideti t for a tiliir, w hen hie
yieled tihe Ihoor to Mr. Perkins, of (Xai
ilornia, who inade an excellent, speech
lii Oppisi rui to tile bill. Af ter' Mr.
['erkinus coincluaded his speech. Mr.
Mor -an rose to a personal ex planatioui
ahludaig t,o the article in a ANew York
paper whlcn had eon ..e.ad. i teS,.
ate reproducing the President's words
at the Capitol Centennial Celet,ration.
Ile said that lii had not heard then or
read them before today. Ite did not
construe that remark as a rebuke to
either house of Congress. If it had
been so intended, it would have been
very unworthy of the President on
such an occasion. It m1ight jtst ais N
well be sipplemented by a statement,
or passiontate views on public ques- at
tions. ' Thait would be <joite as repre- t
hensive as to say that the Senate or
Iloise could be itllietced by the like
motives. Hlaving reid the portion of
the article imp.irting to hitmset, per- a
sonal anl Ilitical ellmity toward a
Clevelanil, he satil: "I atii very happy i
to state tht bet ween the 'resident and
Iyse:f there exists tho most cordial
personal relai ins. They have alwaysv
existed, and I hop- I hey ever will; 'or
I esteei atid prizo him very highly in
all persoial resp-c's and inl his public
career. I thnik that, the history o ,Mr.
Cleve,ind is a hihtory Wihicti illin rae v
ilw o0 t he highest proportio-i 0't thi
Anierican ch tractcr. I di fPr wi-h It.
!eveland ili some of hii vio%vzs oi ;tpib
hIe poliey. I to 110 think t,t i d ilff er
Wil li hii (sn ally <(Ietiolls tiat, ar vI e
Lal to the conitry or vital to the ib-m "
:,r itic part,v." Wilt, thii stittmint, I
Mr lorg in' sait he felt j-t,illed in y
.lic I l't in this p:m,l itillar aruicl the
l:per plyei the p.irt siinply of a in 3 s.
.hil' initakor.
Mr. Voorhees lut-1, also. .ow1ihing
o say in regard to i-- 'restiitt. l.- f,
,vas very tla< to hear tlie remarks oft
.he Senaor from Alabamn:t in rt;..Ird il
0 .o e a ssault wile l h:ti I)t!,!In l ittle
p mn tilt' Pr-iide.v, f tr the .t, i.,v t
lays. lie iesir--l it) acomit, fIr the It
t,t1ide Of Silelin Obser-ve.A c the Fr
1)eiie,r itic side of tli,- c iamer inl the
rac.! ot' the asiatilt. It wa-i that, it hiat d
lot. been ,ttght necessary to) t uy a s n
s1iugle word inl tVie d--tenlse eel tle I'r e- '.
ident Itroin the tic ti t he was btrn ill -
New .leir; -y up to the present it mir.
O.) is sile 0 le caclaeer. aid hio had s
reas)n to telieve! on the other side of ,.
tilt! C'i IIIl' -r, -i i ill ov 1' 'l coP Try, i
\ir. ClevLutid's defonvw ha I been ifliy
11t-vt by tile Atnriin p4ople itiei- 0;
selvei. Illis greaiati i powertil la--r s'
di, ;tit'l el sicl it4s ilts ;s hl "w.ti"
ntlei uipon limi Vi'.,.vt.r Il' taiiii
Ilhe -,t,inalor firnm Net-vi I iniliht. ha;vo,
lectld itt Mr. CleveI tild's tcar-er, I he
Aterio in poopiti It i. n,)t set-ni it, lit
tiat w ty. \ Viil ever ell' criticis!ii the
S'itiator i rom Nvt-vala nuglit, li,:t- in- s
dilged inl tite Aitni-ric i pt-odtic itel itiL
shared that crittiki wit.h Iiit. No. p
b edy wIas perfect. Ilum n;tture was cl
infirin. The Itfotiest cliar.cters were
not, infallible. It1t, ho vent.utireI to s:ty 11
that ill A 1i rI ill itis 'r th i ltreer 01 1
('rover Cleveland, his cl;aracter, is i
achie veiltiti, his hlionor, lis p.it itism i
Lid his ablitiu Woltht :illand inl the
foretiost hnm ill spite of all the as
salits which haid beet mvie. W itilier
Setlators illfored with .\ir. CIevelati l
or a.rre I with himn, noibodyv tailed t-i
rec' gni -, is stal wart atndc po ert l .
chitr:tcter and his high inti-grity. [it
hopewd tat (.hik lit- I riboite Wou'l libt,
takell 's stilliciert Ito accocut For iht.
fact that, tht let.1ocratic stile of, the
ciinber Wtivol not, teel ceille'.1 ipoi to
ettr tipon mry dt-fenge of (the P'rv.o
tit- lit 1less solit-thingi Filr lln,re, Iji )l*o .
I tilt was charg'd av.tinlst hni th;.:.I hail1
bce charze:l tit to tlii: inio' .
Them R'Itinokt tiat.
IoANK1-, Va;i., Sept. 2 Tlie c01o11
er's jury reiciereci a vvr lie t ::L!ht :i
arest Of thtieir iti i14W , i ti1O tho p
enieOf theV dt'.t hN ill vIL"il, !11!-I whoi)
wero W.hot down du:gthe rt.)gl olf
inob law t It last \\e d1esd I Niight. a
Thieir Jrjjild g is io thce elltt! the c
ie '1111t.ie to titr cleat li hv w\.A p:hns
it thie harigis (A lilvcil ir Willrs ori 1i
IiIkran ke lhI I t I - ;if- t I I I lec' tI I
comtitatti oi CapiIt. .inie. Ihni,: lt hercc
i,ilier.-"' uoi I t thle evtcd--nce' :ttiwc,'i
that. lie wase a ct tilidler' im.t tnw icns
ot' Mayor iro)ut. The jir i huItII it i
be'st to reccnat tle that the gr:tci jtr
or' (tiher comlpetetil.cl cut ;itthoretities 5
taike charge ci' aic illves't 1L1.ci- ihe hc
Ctict. IPrdl was cess e't.ittril icy icc he
jcury thits inortting itti rliilra'e I his
st a-tn.t-ct 19 tlet, yesi eriy t hiat ice a
Cciinsideirei hiiscell dc-dhng withl a tmlci
tici noies 31iCt l.'4t -lslhis l!i cii of'voict
tio IhIe four it n tttec i i%it ic Icied g: an'i 11cw
(lilt upone~ the doocir being~ in:it t-re I in Ic
-i i eic. It 123wa prlitccal I: ic evi
dleteel fituo ter wittltt" tht, 13bI id
ccni cclI ht ei)b.I wI.eIhIlet, ht I ijes:
ttlowc a irock tt trcugh Ihie-j cil wunlowi .
b'd ti' tr e wn -ht ,t c ci i: ,I-e.li ll, N ii
d.ler Wt-c> t he ieetci:ts rc';1 iccWs lie
I ct it-st.. Ii'- ve-r.!o -i it-re v -I wvitth
&genlercal I i''r hcere', I' cc -in' i- s it ed
,I aitl i i Ilitt. 11c Je j ry .1 j c I t t y a
h (yeieeeeoi heit v'hee. in oem
lllletC ( ' . i t ,W .- V etIc - i '. e
i Ati.,c iF ci'l'ict (>-c. -c- 'c1 -c E| - '
Iinig (I'd ,'i a. elua n- -;eec e r l h
31lc i un tii. e-e--I :-( h el e p
iiioplei hadve 'I i .' - c e cc. cn
Ihleitr repret- a t ?tv: i.e hc
c'inri'es slu ic l cc- ;- '. c cc e'
a it e i I r i'e , i -c' c i - -
shtii h e .g;te i ti-:! . +,- C., -
Icy .\l !5jl i iiri i::e p,e .pe|r u -
oIlc<hly aL. ci-edc, ac- i h i Siv-r
oi al '' .' ii I 'cc'! rt 'ia e t i i cc -. i c'
c' .r' teo 511itist v h- e n-ti c-.cy '
tlltucicg, tie c'di:orc.d s ey; tch '
snceccc ice hc'e.d in Siten a hc
writc resj tiluer 3u -c ac -'t II h
CalIl ebuitento ice i t'' -ic uncat I
IlosiceN S pct. 24-- ci'
andc wmt tacit c-e : c'- - c : -c re c i
i1rdMollt, 'edIrne IV r C 3: . c
cce:ui I) :'.mi. I . cin - d
[er o! at rilln i el ella. T .Iur
Inlycdic are -nl -imiairu'ws
iic hcu-ses cc' lI '-it-c, N v Vo. 't a c i i
lj/>ld ci. Th!e ccnnc' -. ic ecp' 'n c
t.he lirin ofi.J. S. M >r' iii & C >. t .
(I e':y fec (' .eer,
I'leit ,~ rA -i'itltAc I' i. Nt ,,e I2 --e
atour (Caniero.cti'- aie i-l epe d selerchi I-is
i-Xclt,c'd the iieepest,I I -- ii' tth 0c'lihott'
t,be State. E-very lI epunheani ii ie w* -
paper denioui tic's Itis utt eranics as a
Sterayait ofic .heState's hiighet- icte'rest
anid a imisrel-re.wtitatio ofl pciici
tetim lient.. lie has not, been in touch'
wit,h Ieiblican sect nient in the State i
for y ears antI his speechi is generally re
gardedt a Iania brea, wit, is -.-rtti
e States is Position on the Financial
ATLANTA, GA., Sept. 27.-The Con
itution will print tomorrow a letter
oim President Cleveland to Governor
ortlien, in which the l'resident states
s position on the inancial question
some lengt,h. The letter is in reply
one writen by G.vernor Northen on
e 15th inst. [.ie Governor refuses
give his own letter out for publica
1n, but it is kno wn that it presente4l
g aphic coiditi)i of the political sit
6tion inl Geiergi I anl the S )uth and
ged upon the President the expedi
cy of a public utterance from him
ire comprehensive than his recent
ssage as to the proper policy to be
tr-iiu by Congress upon questions
e,Aing the stringency of tue times
d the leiis of the people.
It is idierstood timt in his letter
)Vernor Nortlin pointed out the in.
Ai t)wing in te ill Daino3rtcle ranks
I he 'optilists by reaion of the neg
:t1 or delty oi tqtj part of the Ddilo
Vic ij ri-y in Wu4iresi to m-et
'ilaio:i o:i ttle ine of tho p.trty
it F)lai antI plelgs. lie dwelt espe
11y u1p )n the li & icial condition an I
liticil il'rests of the farinsrs of
t' %mv,wo e,)nstitutt3 sa gre.ita
oPo'ion of I ie 1) -innoracy.
T1e l'resid t,tit' roply to L it lettOr
is r,'-ived tais evening aid i., ai
1' %y s:
'A ll Nt iTU N, I. tc., Sept. 52, 18'.03.
m . oV .1 N )iMllt .
t) tr Sir: I hItrdiy kil:tv liow til re
s,t) y.ttr lUu) o.f i ! - 15 1 in(fstnt.
1i*liL,) lit t' L jill q le11, pl,iIlly
re -)rd nne-ania t I ! fi:aa.ial
At, lo l. t, [li | l14-, -.-,;:jg [ 13 l,)g
Ltuint, ithe I r.*si i.sl*y, wvh--n realI
t ' 111 1 I I -Q t1 L 'll i i i i tll
IIL I i t; ) ll lit ex .- I )r lin ir yi(ii -
Ml, 11)1h! VrA to) Ill-. !) 11 ! y*Al'Y (!iplicit
19l' (l Ntti ill V h:)'* , i vtly Iill,o
(Ik I i I 'li ot ll w l)p I will .
k u -vill . V i * 1:11pI tiv '. I l it ljll
1110 1 t l i it W ill J l I , itk ii , Ill; Il
0ii (lgre a:s tilt tthiLt tiii Iil ii h drit
liver'.ll-'i tillth ' ,1 I , tv ii Lt , t i t.1 cir
r1 Ilk Lt i'(l i ll p Ir i-i, I i t r rt),l . of
t d-0lar ho it V t i -.t LIor fu lli
r wl l o,l l olt , U't t l ll. Hit ) t ol ills
II. i i ' lnly w m lit o i t t o -i y(
'o i I c lil ,I I , i i l a k k t:is or'
1litari will blo te k illt I i riird.'.1
S e I t 11)I1 ' II t I w it, I ) tit U1'
Mil it i lti a it tw i il ji-:lt tlt eilill
''oTe Wtlil 'WI l I W tJi h, L!h.l
I ttitt.i:i
't'itL ;till I).til i,eLLIt)Iio of vh by tih
w ,till, olit l i ti)t*il i,): i r; i
1w laws r-k-1.01114 to olit,' CQ11r0;10Y st)
V1 li -a y w, i l si' i - : ' I itt j i;I lvo it
I ; iisi I tiY' . lii p i' il i i
Iloar*11 laL il . Y oil tl i,' il - r i,
'Il V1 vlin itlu l s' :0 ! t' l *ri4n N -,ie I
.'lit ri t i I iv r' e i,t - i ii l
I ot I roill bis titlli hnii Il.) le ,.
vit 'ilt' llttt t tS I t'C1ttp llV
I l dll I r I , t I o - I t I1111 \6 1y
vvi i o it i W idof il 11).1- 3 it w1.ioll
A it I havo writtt n, I a it frio:i I of
ilv 'r, kat I bi- ivo its proip r pla in
lir' Cur*1lin . Canl ( INy bt. !ix,,i by ;I ro
d.iist.n-ulit if oiirl t%i*rroncy I egisation
lid Ilot imlul1.,tlonl of, ;a v-iol:iI:!eIl
Ild] Ca)IIplihellsi ve lilrl:t-i-Oishme I
lillk til', t tilll I I ill only e tel
IR- ilpon r iij( ably ;nilo o ollilly a te
T ' th. r1 --t|i f l e la'.V,wh it i is
hIrgd wit ll dt0111* li'IAIriAl WoS
i thi. presvill stato oftho' plla !llc 1nd0l1b
lis I;tw ( :e i n il! 11;,)i, 1h(11r
t el inA 1 uh a.Iy Ait to rleo t, ie
ill til a hth e, Opptr It thefelo
fild un illillit- I - ili-qrl, ()f sll e b)y t,hIs
1i1tuy falne aIli c IiAppotidoiently, 11o
't1 ill fa tvor o)1 r,114 i aimo(iato iall i .
) iti al al rereki l Co th-e st-.te tlq
W.il tiklandw.on IeriL ~
ash thr neis :tr t; .J3ish by Owjieop
)ly. itic pyEr .i hotn th11de diso
'.olet; leory L'. icson,li sixn dyie
le;n.J Caol,o'" seehE Vrytrilly,
A (Io a Night'%W ork-Flerce J%?ttIq.In
all Ex tlre,pio4r, >ut til e S'iard of Polloe
Wiv Victor m--o ily oLe of the Gang
ST. -JoSEPI, Mo., Sspt. 25.-The
couneil lLulfr U11R f)iled an attempt
to rob o11 of its pa3se.i,er trains, killed
two of U11 1 ti It a:3I caoIxrM three
others at Fr,uii, tiv, Miles fro)M this
city, last n t. Tae d i lare E 1. K h.
lor and 1[.i E ile aU'd the nA nas of
thcoe caturo! are Faare 1rlk 3Irih a'l
11irvey. Tr.tiu N). 3 wai th3 intended
vic'II(. It Kvl K is ii Cl'y at 9:50 lail
ight, and! are' vai h we u:, 1i 2:3) this
nornin. T I otfiL ali of tie r.i I had
ben intillOd V,I'. it r)!))ry h.d been
pla s 1 i 3 1 t: I: pI 1 ,.
the train arriv3d bi re a ilku-ny train
was inAde up, an i sixtenti 1)>lican3a,
under the comlim il ol tie c'iiet of po
lice. were put oi) b)ard. Wiien the
dumny re xchad a p>int L%Y) mnile no:Al
of St. J03ep!, tho QUn1e: r's 'teitioa
was arrest,ed oy a li!te I I intert mtn
ImI to and Ira bet.vm i t.) r li. It
obeyed the si.nal. - niisk, l men
surrounded ihe eut-ine. One maunted
and present,ed a reyolver at the eungineOr
and firem in. ie hlLI th i n inlh to
Lion while the other live hastened to
r,) the ecpreis cAr. Tti,v onhraI the
m3sssen4r tV opti t,he d e)), w'iieli no
hdl( at oac :. Trci ofth 3 b-Anlts en.
tored the ear, leavin.: two outside to keep
M irtd. The IY>AcOM3 4' il( 01;th3 Lt,tia
voro distribut.1 in variii e ei, a in t
)rity bain"r CIacaaled ia -i 3 exipresi C-r
Ai s; a ai tie thra3 1) in lits eill : I L-1
1 ne, th p he3 3 rd3ral V13a L) 3
-0n113r. 'ne r )):)ars war- t ik 3.1 e )in.
)L3t*Jiv by surp.-ise, but )pwt1 .ie at
)ilca Ud1 i LI, p,lica. ri 1) ) i re
,nl13 the ale -a - a ) iral f &it i
0111)W3 . A'))at t,want, v liv.l s!im,,
voro tred oA b )', si-3l3. Wi>n th3 0,
i:u )k cle-tred aw.y th 3t'eless '>f10ii *
)I K eior iril E:ile were lonna 'lying
)I i l>, of the car. B )"1 Ware shot
b 1o1h tbe heart. Frederick, the
,!rl r0)b3r, WAs .ip!,ure i uninjured.
Nane of the o!ller.s were hurt. While
1io fi Iit was goiiti on in the car, the
h))Iic oil Lilt oatside succedel in cap.
mrinl' the two mn on the watch, but
thnm n 111 4) the en-ine escaped. A de
Lail of olli,Crs was LLt on his track and
lie will prob.0fly bea cauXit. The bodies
>l Ko iler anil EaL1e, and the three
l:Is iori vare hr.>uit bacic to ths -i,y.
I mirItk, Wiich a: Ii Htrvy were
fila'al in .iri. All the roboers lived
A Miu rderer Lynched.
A I Ki:N, S. C., Sept. 27.-Calvin Stew.
art, th ntegro brute who murdered a
wite imi ia ne ir lj:ilgley a short time
tiirict. was,i captUtred yesterday in a
sw.11111 alov Lingley by Constable
Aunisulio last night. The constable
ani I a few trinds started to bring the
pis-mr Vn Aikon. When tiley had left
Iiutigey, about a Ille in the rear, they
wiro .)irirised by a mob of fifteen or
Lwent.y inasked men. Before any resista
aine! couill bo made tna prisoner was
tikei fromn them and iiddied with but.
lets. Coroner Couch was immediately
not htil an I procoeded at once to the
Seit 01 ctLionl where an inquest was
held thi, iorning, the jury bringing a
v'etdic", as u:mAIl in cases of this kind
"i'ha;t Uithe doc isedi came to his death at
thlidsi- o1 a part,y or parties unknown
to the, jai'y." Hofore being shiot Ste w
art, con1Ii.'.'<1 L having murdered old
mian Cairi er at La:ngley and implicated
Stephthu liizbar, who, he claimed, had
atiled mimi in the murder. About 3
ii'elock todlay Sheriff Alderma n was no
I 11ied tht, I)unbar had been caught and
that. t,ero was danger of his being
lynchled ailso. The Sheriff went to
LLIImgIgy andI brFought the negro back on
t-he I o clock train. H e is now lodged
mi Lt e Aiken jail. The Sneriff fearing
an ata.empt, would be madIe tonight to
lynchi i)inibar t.le~graphed Governor
I'iliuian, For istructions, who wired
untmediatl3y to Capt. A. W. Oakley of
lihe I'ahinett,o itilles to hold his com
paniy in readiness to protect the pris
oneiir it c!alledi upon by the Sheriff. The
svhol)eu coun[ty is stirred up about the af
fa ir ainit trouble is feared from the ne
groes. - Ilegister.
Hirigz alk.,a at Iiceak.
WVAMillN(IToN, I). (;., Sopt, 23-i
1ice1 z. of Linana, rose to a qu astion of
piviest. 113 had read a letter from
.1 ohn ltua(nny, Postmast.er at (eles.
tino, ai vII u.ze i iuIndiana, ini which the
-vrner3Vj) primised to vote the lRnlis
ticket it 1.1ien L,e os,astership. On
'hne .trenth of tI i lett,er the man got
ho ainiiitmen!it. Beginning with the
es mt,1 admulinstrati.iu, Hia had tried
to Lget theP imanr removed on the ground
ii unilmess, anid had laid the lotter be
lore Generil Maxwell, but was unsucA
(CssIul. ie recentlv had received a
flL er iroml t Io Postmiaster- dated Se pa
tember.)1 16th, oil'arin. uim $15 if he
would permit, him to retain his office
iIe hauid takeni this letter to Maxwell,
(!all'n1 special attentiom to the oifer of
money, a1.1d again demanded Lise mants
roval but, with no better success.
liez eu asked unanimous consent to
piresen!t for c mnaideration a resolut ion
Providing for the aippointment by the
Speanker of a commit,tee of three mem
b'rs Lto mqu're and ascert,ain the reason
'hi'lh aictuated the Fourth Assistant
['ostmaister General in falling to remove
the main. Tracy, of New Jersey, ob
jiected, and t,he resolut,ion was relerred
t,o a com-mittee.
In the seonate.
WAsilN'TON, Sept. 27.--Senator
irby reappeare)d in the Senate to-day
and wen through his usual role of
listenIng attentively to the discussion
of the silver question, Hie has not
madie uip his miind to particpate In the
deba 'e, although his colleague, Senator
liutIer, takes a hand in the fIght
'against the repeal of the Snerman law
Diem iiraveiy.
ErUREK.A, Cal., Sept. 23-Chas. Hi.
Balden was hanged here yesterday for
the murder of Mrs. Price. .Jafcden
kIssed the shoriff' and other bystangers
gtood bye and dIed bravely,

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