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l'ICK I~NS 42. 11., S. C.
Entered it 1iekeis PIostolliCe as Second cl.sm a]
et-IISCitt I"'10 1'tiE-, $I.N0 per Year itivara. 8I
bly in aidv<tice: for six monthls. '5 cent%.
Advertisemvteuts insertel at mnc dolItr iper square 9i
Of Ine i1eh or les% for Ilit I,rst I tiser ton aii0 l . t
fift' eeit for e'th -tise Iient insertimn. .\
libteral (liscount 1111de( to ilerthatts and other 1
ndvertiking for six mnillt s or a ye- r.
Ti \-: i,~ NOT T. li K N.
0 I)1 :iry notices exce vr i n-. live Ilites, t ribt tes
of respect, conIt-M it'etis of ia persoail
chattrieter, when ae1Iissable, wiIll beo tharIll-gedl I
for it e itivcrtiseinets.
TI U1SDA Y, NOVE31MIAll 2, 1893.
General Iltigb L. Farley h:s writtenl a
two c llulim Coll)uIicatiol to thle Cot Loll C
rjant o I the dispensry tittslol tinal it is I
tihe best thiing we have ev r seit on 1.1
subject. We wottilt Ie glai to give tIe
entire picce to our readers but have not
the space.
re mlost import-!nt question to tihe prIo
ple is that of the dispensary an11d 11pol this
question we gtivc u hat Mr. l'rley s:1ys
Iet asks this qulestionl atud 11ten prowceeds it)
answer it :
.Shl1 Ohe ShatV, inl the #'x#r*C:.q Of itsN
ri.1h1 to reulate mind 4cenrd Ohe li(IIIIIr
tratlic, (-itherl 1s :t police .Ir prtihibitiion I
Ileasurtt., 11:1ke it a s (nreof reveniu or. at
11t llis f I talliwn (o il its p.lc ?ti
Thev sinswer to liti- liluesti(on is not so e(
vivs'. The bl!al and f inillel ta1il pwinei. t
plh of laxnlimn inl this ci t ryil-V is 1 h111 t ill
taxaltion shtublill ifortu." T' hi Iini
IIIItl)'4tit tSIt litsi 4 .4 1 t i m . i -
pIc is viliated ill very speci ltax fitr t:uiff.
which has evient ally to be paid hv cIn
11n11Vrs d falls unequa:i ly u1o14' tll' x- . I.
a trs. It has 14)11(r Iei mne 4t f tlht cl h ief
f-nipllainlts of thle bl-n (TWra Ny 11.ain't I 4.
pi licans whenl thyilt.. vilia it it . I l prt r NN
tim sia ke, I lr even inl at tiifil' f. fII4ir revi, S
it is noilt i ifil,4 111 I ill 'i1-h1 Iaix,s i v
1111r alre mladc. to pay ats 11nuch ats the- richb4
ma1,11. If thle dispen-lsary shmuld i-ali/.# 1.
ta prOllitas its 1114sl .1anll :n1v1ent,
contendif, thenl lite conlsminl.rs. wIll, ar.
nmainly ll.c poilrl.r pclp"t-, wo1ub1 t,W a Cer-% _)
taill Ixln e palt iml, Ilth ta S I .f th lit- eb41
bY thel redlicthi of* taxf., (-i thir ropry
This w%-()l b:1 particuil.1.a rli v inl thi,
to anty hanr! extent, patinmi/.zvts u
Iriv.s wh h wil \,l 1n:v\ Ill bl. Su tiled b.Y tj
thel R{eformners whil revilesi-nt n 1.r h IrC Iy
thev IpImIrn r 11n-111114 1"air lrlns, I ;II lkS
fu lIorievs andA (' ther.4orpoatif).tinls with1
their Llr'c viapit:l drink no Vq!er 14 I
fund I -vecry Such n.4h41ci"n 14 11 X-h
ittionl, hNV prolits mnadt . n ( i.p1 1ut1 f
Ilic ~ ~ ~ In ld1
th iasses, lit wlu e 1-il ir I.l st s
well as the tIX sif " -14 \ I o no1t, d I'iik.
b tihe 11 1 re'(111t :t r H4mt Whrnltl .
IIYcAlie rll t is i 'i is ill .c,; ti tn4 - , di
)e1nS1ary3 as a sstfi 11114aio , t as a
11cais. of ' iv LIve Is h thll ta414t , that
they. will hecollit. its., i ar,4ln t : i tvo nls '
IInd( that it 1may bll a ;I h t 14 tcl till (f if
it diles not htc'0m14 ais 11-111r111ill! il its, i
111lice as the l llikitti t er or ]tipuib.
Inan hii.-h tarilr la ws tt - I (. 14-n t d:lvrv .
alist), if it is it)o . madv a m II '.
i ti I I -t'
and h r - n.1.. 4......L. .
"e li
541 11 1
MEE. E3. EE titAXE.ill
The nwspaprs al reprt m 5.11t
he reebrd httiscuc lui preer
Mr. raxer t frst dCi<h-d tostand a
4" ' . a
trialbefoe th chueb an defnd hmsel
ag tnst thechages,butlate cocludd t
Judge Hugh L. Bo-i,l, of ilic United
Ates Circuit Court, die-) inl Baltli re last
ebtilay. Hle was hatted in the Soulh and
pecially in South Carolina a much as
iy manl.
This leaves room for t Democrat lan I we
ggest to President Cleveland that he
ve that place to Judge Simonton and put
1(!ge JIudSoI inl Jutlge Simljontonl's ilaite.
u coull not fin<l two better or purer men
tilt tliese positions.
%vWialivgnt Letter.
'oln Oi r Regitar <correspontient.
WAsuIo-oN, D. C., Oct. 27, '93.
Senator Voorhees is proud, as Ie
a4 at right to be, of the great victory
0 h1a, WOn, aid he is all the prouder
lat it was mon without the use of
oture. Unless the repubblican Sen
tr Shall iltOdUCe somlle new and
ieessary complication into the
tuion(i(' the vicious purchasingelause
f tle Sheran silver law, for which
ait one WMrd of laise or defense has
ee uttIred diling the long and
(mJlt ti,1te Silver. debate inl the Sei
e, u\i!l be wiped from tle Statute
0kis withini less tanlim a week. The
Iver Sillaitors, after king as
rollg a fight as was ever imade inl
agr(ss for anvtlinig, to get the bill
11(11dedl so is 1t Continitle thecoinage
silver, fon.ol tIlit it wans impossible
l 'areup any :n111endmcit that
.uAI bw I a l, and imee rea'izing
'iat thley, ailli>unced t heir will ingne-ss
wa vote ft be takoi after the
rkpelaendlif-lits Shall havebeenl
aIattA MA \t(d ipon. ThI iese
lilt114h11ents repre4senit about all of
filacial idtas and each of theml
ill Iume special dtefenderi antI will
cura siine vtites, but it vill not be
iri rirUig I if, after bin-1 g put theml
Ives (il rteti! bIy castinla ttheir votes
,' what they ConIsider wotull havo
11proved tle bill, fouir-fifthl.4 of the
ea1ttv soild, on the finual vot, sup
wrt the Vtlorhees bill. M1 c reasol
r xpectilag ich a large votie for
I-btill is 't hat ntealy e ver Senator
h ( -poke 7vxpresseI (It o_pilnionl tlhat
le purehlasing latw should be repeal
Already there aro indications on
i0 part of the r-epbililicanls Seiators
i .ie tronl le. Senator 8h(.rinian1
hi' pirofessing to be it stroll.g un1
>ndiion lcpaler is busy tryingy to
nipalitite nimtterA by getting 11)
f"rter f ilr antin.'d4nent providing",
.r anI issu I f inl s. Ini ai-a-u ch ai
l IItor O V liores hadl told Mr. Sher.
tam thait he( cons idere d it, unwmise to)
terject fle. hinitl issuet, wieb is
1 bV < 11by 1man deV11JrT'iC S01na
l's, iito Ilte <t1t0sti,1n1, it loI s its
hah Seuato. n'i'lian1 was tr-vilg.
re aemo<i at' itn,disseniiojn rath ear
ia:i.,ttl all thnii:;.h thl ng biprena
'xt. .lie hiats alw vs bl'ievetd flint
it Voorihiees bill v .ul aa the endit
passed( ando.hlias at noi t lime'< even
timaited flhat lie wiould nt! lItrse or
anyay help II to brinlg abouit'l a c"omi
-itoiise. All st attena-is to the t.ont
airy aire purIlely imlag ~inaryt. 'lThe
miaocrat ic Seator ns who~ pr'opotsedl
l(e( tin proise iCwere eually honlest;
ICy t haought thiat thle Preidlett
toul sign a (coinpirtoinise ame(asure1S if
oaha tlit hot ie wouldit have''t d oe so,
IC Pn-tStien'at hiad told thieaiis. Thei
o'l'omaItise was nit ('ndo rsed lby all
baindoned Th'lat is the whVloleI sitoriy
ilitot colorin.
Reprlesentatives Turapina, of Ala
aaa, andl Blacek, of Ilhnoatis, are work'l
ih ani to get a repotlt fromti the
Ius connut iliiitte CConl Biankintg matl
'trrenicy ina fatvor of tihe bill inatrodut
t lby the ftora:re ti repeal the law
>hib'tlljitn the loanling (if mioniev t'n
(enl es-'tate byv the Nat iwnal bianks, andi
tnd t hey are It liteful tar itutccess. Mr i.
a nc'iatl sylienict es now lmlnoola 1ize /
Ihe ltianing oif mn'Iey' on real estatfe
Iflhi laiw and thant las plie thiink
woaul lie mucht' bet ter to keep ihe
itere'st 11noney ait hlomle The bill
il have.'( at lird irol to t ravel even if
gets faivorabl'y reptedht to theii
1 iefotrm is the wvatchwo'vard Iof fthe
emoltc'rat s ill the lbliuse. This weeks
inatinlg lill whiebl is thle r'esult. of a
hg andlt c'arefual inv testigation byv ft'
riliting ('clommlLitt andit refo rmsl, nt i
sinagle .abuse. baat a hirge'~ number)1 tif
til cioill:eetedt withI thle prinating iatd
strliIibton of pubh lic docuenaltts.
ais bill, if it biecoaine - a law, asx it
luef to inl the cost of (er(in l lilies
pulblic pirintinig simpa1ly by shttting
thle w aate.
The oeflicialsx of t he Nat ionl) Assouti
tin o f IDemuocratfie (lubsi havle sieaur
itic '.otea itn thle States of New.
lx, J'r sey, Xirg 11:1, :1111 Marl' itatd
it arate teuiarlili!y resxidling ill
.ahiaslfgto an' Iw.~ill uase t h14ir' utI mo1st
*irts tto sie that they a!l go haomaet
Le alt the cominilg State t'lect iions,
02'e ( aus 'a oI ste "1!nrd TIimes."
lieorg'a larmer's let tier.
"Thlere is sot muclah behin g sati1 in
3 convy abouat hlant tiimes and thIe
faeity' oft ml'oney andI asO ('V-'i-hMd
8 at cause antd knowa'i a remie'ed 'I
adt hat I think is the (cause8.
hot poduce.o -x buy inore than
o podieP.There is too muceihour
1(d bnlconi shiPPtd heo vry ea
he lings w oughlt to itk khm
et out timberi rot and h'i
tbe~ fks, singletree', n hal
'u iiden anid fO!ncin,
huy our soap and axle grease.
"We give a,Yay our beef hides an
buy hane strings and slioe stringf
"We let our manure go to W1ast
and buy guano.
"We buy garden sced in the sprin
and cabbage in the winter.
"Wo let our lands grow up in weed
and buy our brooms.
"We let the wax out of our pin
and gum trees go to waste and bu
clewing gum for the children.
"We build school houses and hir
teachers and send our children off t
be educated.
"We land a 5-cent fish with a *
fishing rod.
"We send a 15-cent boy out with
$20 gun and a $4 dog to kill birdm
"We raise dogs and buy wool.
"And about the only thing in thi
country that the is ill over produc
tion is )oliti(s and do e ic"
CIer'kM M4ae.
County of Pickens.
In Common Pleas.
In pursuance of dceretal ordei
1ndk onlers of foreclosure made in tli
following named cases, I will sell I
the highest bidder before the cou:
liouse door at Pickeis during the legi
tioutrs for sale on
Sileday in November
next, tle following reil estate to wit
Julius E. Boggs, Plaiitift,
Harrison Vielorv, (t. al,, Defendan
,1ultginelit of Foreclosuro.
All tiat cerail piece, parcel <
tract of h1:1id ill the county an] Stali
aforesaid, on briuch witers of 0olci
O, river, aIjoliig lands of ,Jess
Siinmls, Hiley Lawson, .Jamn,s lie
te 1111 othlers, coitainin'y one liti
dred aid eighty-two (182) acre-.- 11101
lor less.
T1r1ns, cash.
Thonmas S. Hollingsworthi, ot. al
'Il. C. Ib>llingswort.h, Dofen:1ant,
Coriplaint for Partition.
All thlat pimce, paclor 41r-wt
ud in the coillity itil State aforn
said, ill Hurr1i'ienale tovIwnshlip on water
(f Ito<.ers creek, aldjoinlilng l11(s
1). Mills, ,J. P. Smit , . 0. :. Garret
ru,I( others conltainling" forty-eighit (18
ICrIeS 1110re o' less.
Terimls, cash1. Prlcliaser to pay fo
J. M. Stewart, C. c. P., Plainitify,
Will:un enneore,Dofwllant.
All tiat. piect, parcel or tract <
hind ill the cotiliy and State afon'
Sa1id( oil wvesi. sile of Towin creelk, a(
tX'i. 1 2th, 1893.
(County of Pickens,
C~ourit of C'ommnon P'leas.
.J nignientI fo r Fo reelo.sure.
.omes I). Cureton. et. ah. Defeinlant
Lull'inIrsuace of' a judgmnent of fore
cl,osure' made iln tihe ab1ove sitate<l caVs
by~ lIon. .1lamesC F. I.zar, Prei<l~iiti'
.1tige,<lated 10th Marcht14I 1893.
w ill s4l1 Ito thle highe(st. bi<hler be4f 'r
th~e~ court house dloor' at Picens11., S'. 0.
duriing the( legail hou I' for sale, onl
Saleday ini NovembIler
next, the following described lan
to wit:
ract No. I, lyinig b>eing situateti
1.h4 county1 Iand iuc ISt e afor('sai-' , on1 th
pulie r'oad leading from Pickenis, (
ll., to) Eas2totoe, conltiing thirty (:1'
MW-s mre or h-ss, hou de by lan<l
of1 .. E'. II2ago.nl, A. 1. JR.lly,' G. W
lle and11)1 4 thers.
Tnre No. 2, adIjo inlinlg I ract Nos. ]
1aini 4. tl ,J. 1L. I agood, cont ail
mug Iu!tnety six 4;) nten.s mort-'( orle
Tiet N.\3 donn rc o
J. . llaI g<'od, -1. E. Cox, L. H-e
drlicks a411I . IIlohlet r, (01ntaiin g se
eniuty 44ne (71) acreP(s mo0 re or1 less.
TatNo. 4I. adcjlininlg tracets No
1 and41 2, ('. \\' Fa-le amli lzaker lam11
01r lIss. lats of thle above tracts<
hdOin file inm the Shiu,ifIs ilije.
Te s:One half c'ash, b)alanc
44n a Cred (it of1 t we'lve mon111ths, cred
portlonl to Ibe secured lhv b)owl( 1
(he~ pur'chasier tl a mort'gage of I11
prnaes with inter st. from <tav~ <
hnuecnig tile sameI~.
J. I1. ( lDANWVL,
- SheitiY Pickenis County.
Newspapers .~. FR EI
Si:NI) Y I'll <>\ N N.\\ti.: uui mt.: ' a 4
C L.;,. of hiVe'14 to lto yolur fiend4 s or neignbo4h4
(0n 4a po'tal 44ard. 4or'othernr is4'.nad14 44 copy f t;
S.\V.\ NN.\ i i al::i i,Y N -: ws w il be sen
ril l' : IA' N1-:ws
' ii a 1u'"IN E:4.a A\1 4nI4.v I:%44eAI:n1 441n -rI
< 4)1 Truv m0:.wI:n . I t i hue I .44 rgest 41 eek v p
lIthed inl the4 south1 " it'en inrge.'l pae. It
sp'lteiI ly L'otten1 upJ amtl tefuly'~4 ed 1ited. I f VI
h4ave' neve~tr seenui n ' copy of it. itend4 for one44 444
papecr you ever read. .\,bi1ress~
T'il I-: 1 w~ '-:s r.Y N I-:ws.
Savannahil, t.
ON,Y831.0o.\ Yl:.n
I '0h1t 4o4%ese Newsc,
I1ct .fI'cll
It gives away a valuabla prenmiumi
every day for the largest club re
flrol eonies of the weeklIy ('ourier-Jou rio
Wl ent free to any nddlre,o. write to
. 4
0Gii?uo to
Misses Ross
Latest Styles
In Millinery, Ptincy Gois, Notions, ete.
a R EENVLLK, 1. C.
126 Main St.
Is now perumaiently lovitel at 'Ickens and ol
(1 is4 >rofessional servies to the town ini,
surroti in ing country. Calls answereft at a
C W-Offi' ittid residence at the Griffiin house.
LtI1.1 A W E.L.I)O0N,
'2 'Main Street. OEEIlN VI i, S. 4
Gas giveti every Tihursliy and Friday, ati
teeth extractet withotut pain.
)I. J1. 1'. C.\ ItI ISId,0
1 ice over Westmoreian Bros A- Duke's itr
Ijan89tf G I- N \' i% , ,- S. .
ie:OT Kl itlisi;Y, m. I).,
PI'li INS, S. C.
TV( ails inweredltit all hours.
IN S ut;;61m.
S. S. t'RITTI-NI:N. Proprietor,
Main Street, GRElilN VI Ll, S. I
\f?-.% first-vla.ss hot el at f. L.7 Ier (iny,
A ugv:.t. 31st -3mi.
j C. V ITZGER.:L ,
G t E E-:N \' 11,'. E,, R. C.
Over WeNtmorelbind iir'. i Drtu: Store. \I
wtork imwn- by 1hi' inotamtneius provs. ANI
r nake f-har;-rement., rio, in 1 bl I-iturt,s tO fn
sii, li wator ilors, crKyOl, 1lIdil inIk, oil ai
plain johotogr.aphs.
11. 0 . Bt)vvr.'.I. .
ATTfI N IYS .\T L\ \%
i%'lZ. N .
i. N. illowIti~ay,
WA TD NA\'111,ES
.\ It03)1i C 'ON! P.\N l4ON
lias A irenaly I"56,000) Sublsicrer' he Larg
- est C'ire'ulat41io o anyi wee'.kly NewspapeIiitr
1I tsAgrautual D)eparitunesl
ithe best1 in) thet Iland.
1ItM 1 Wonann'si and ClaIUdren's
columns111 atre oif unIusual diotir( eslc Itere'st
I tM Speciail Features ('oistumor<
- monuey thanti is paId by ANY TIEN South11
) er'a pape'rs combIIineCd for geneRral readiini
ItM NewM CounanuIu Cov~er ti
U iird.
Bill Arp writes four it.
D,Ir. Taahnugu IIreacheIs for it.
.Joel Chandiuiler Iliarris (Uncle' lIemuq
re'gul)arly emI1ployecd by~ it.
' A. M. Wieur (Sarge 1.'hmkett) hasi a week
lyI) letter.
Rudya~'ird Kiplin.r. Frank Stiickton, RichIan
Malcomab .14)hns544on, andit thei be iE'LIter rj
gtuus o48(f thle wor'(Ild cotribulte to its col
t ~ 1.0 A YEAR.
Agents wated' in e!very locality. Money~
for 4uentts inl workinlg forF it.
S I'NII 4 .ing thei m(aairesses oft ou rsel
N.~ i . i'utigars who wainttree co.
A. TV"'lub- of six fo4r FIve Dkalhrs a year.
E)euaIm.1 Li redspaIigetii
1ei' mtur
B00K p'ie It VAhUAws heNF111 cmAdTION
en weo othat vl hame laig r -
no glve a hIgher vailue to t"aI estate.
0. I,. I)ennis. PIekemN. S. ('.. wHi kra.
For all kinds of Sprains, Bruises,
Fractures, etc., of Silverware, our
Silver and Gold Plating dono clicap
We repair almost anything.
and skilled attetuat.
:4"No charge for Fitting.
3 H. P. Collins & Co.,
113 Washington, st.. Greenville, S. C.
P. S. Old English Watches chang
ed to stem wind(.
june22d'93 ly.
Now For It!
New Dress Goods.
New Ginghams and Calicoes.
New Flainels and Blankets.
New Ladies, Meis anid Childrens Under
New Hose and Gloves.
New Cassiners, Jeans ind Tweed4.
N'W TLbile Linen, bleached and Un
New Npkins amid rowels
I These (ods we propose to intike short
work of and to let them go at
New stock in-every department from top
to bottom.
New 0irpet. an, 1 n11 s
(,ireenaville, M. C.
* P. S.--Butterick's Pamtteri.s.
Do You Want
A t00 Conts worth for
I f so (all ont
to Save Money ? It t.o 11y ' Your
G. 1 D EN NIS,
Easley and Pickens. S. C.
(Olitosite I[)L 'jte .)
Ca'rringen,I . rgges tn,u Suuolie ltor'.es t Iren
$3 SHOE soE
Doyou wear them? When next in need try a pair.
Beet in the world.
*5.00 $3.00
63.50 4 ' 2.00
42.50 2 foR is
42.25 .7
$2.00 FOR BOYS
FOR .7
Iif you want a fine DR ESS SHOE, made In the latest
styles, don't pay $6 to $8, try my $3, $3.50, $4.00 or
$5 Shoe. They fit equal to custom made and took and
wear as well. lf you wish to economizelio your footwear,
do so by purchasing W. L.. Douglas Shoes. Nam, and
price stamped on the bottom, look for It when you buy.
We L. DOUGLAS, BIrookton, Mass. Sold by
JV. T. McFall.
I Scientific American
Agency for
er .
i nformatton and free Handbook writ to -
O dees bureau fo secrg pat4t in An0er5ca
wvryeont taken outS by u is brouht befre
fre.t n of tnu'lntifln ar In te
"a, shul fd iout,,t Weelg a3
t4t-oec 1increoau-med an,11
We (-inl triatiftilly sa% that we were clever beti
our chest fil( Inot exneting ettt.-mters.
As Nov.emiber
Antiripatex Deev
you r wints. wtl botight nevord ingly of lif-h1 goo41
realiA thait il airder to mwtire yeirI trale we. 1tuls
IEvell if we were not Itirmtve.,I qlipo l to leal Li,1
OSITY by the pitifil tt- e of III ti ou .
We have everytIling thint i, ltev iln Il>ress G,Oothl
qIve .yo1 ti i t niti 11 l ote priies off everytting thal
Wouloti be like lylug 414lii Olt one
0 Jil(.ge how a F -:.\k 'l 1n i1t 3.:)i-o i l I)(nn
thati i" the oily way. I.'eist viotir eyt-% n the arrny
is the only wly We (ntk e,olvii-e you1 Ilatt we liletit
Worth of goosls froi ts for vnsi, anl we will give
f yuorself -the pitilotilig alolle il; wvortl mure than
.1T. A. WAL]
1 M11AAN V-"111
-. e lot1' iI , yo ufl to buy Tul 1ll)o air'a w
Saniuel Spetticr . W. I! liH koI- :r aid IR.ulin
Filter. lee ver .
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