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PICK ENS C. it., S. C.
J- H. BOGGS, Propriett
Entered at Piekens PostotCO aS Second Clan
8UflSCRIPTION~ P'IrcIE 1. ryeaj a
bly in advance: for six months, 75 cents.
&lvertlsements iserted at one dollar per square
of one inch or lcss for the first Insertion and
fity cents for each subsequent insertion. A
liberal discount made to merchants and other
advertilsinK for six months or a ear.
Obitudry nottees exceedinf five lines, tributep
of resp'ect, comnniuicat one of a personal
ch%rarter, when adnissable, will be charged
for as advertisements.
The following is taken from the News
and Courier and is printed for the benefit
of those who contemplate leaving the Dem.
ocratic party. Consider the facts and fig.
ures for yourselves.
"Many of the Farmers' Movement party'
In the upper counties of the State, it is re
ported, "are just waiting for a leader tr
"carry them into the new party," which.
in their opinion, will give them the relief'
they want In the form of cheal) money, etc,
and they will "1hear of no one but Tillimar
as a leader." "The strong friends of Goy.
ernor Tillman." it Is added, "believe he is
going to be the next, President. They
I i.1to th<
rnir-stone of
South ant
i beel Said,
!Ite fo-Iml a
elols Tillman aid Lewellfig and Gen',eal
Weaver and Mrs. Lease, was sil)jected to
a test of its strength in the Senate on M(l -n
day on the vote to repeal the lurhlasing
clause of the Sherua Silver Act. 'I(
strong and saniguine friends ot G'-overnoi
Tillin who believe he is going to bme th<
next. President, elected by the cipalition,
should be interested in an exanirlatithm oI
that vote.
Tbo !prop)osed new party counis ()in thr
Solid South, to begin with. li the vote
on the silver question 01n Mon(hiv 3la-rylanild,
West Virginia and Louiitian1a %teVd soli1ly
for repe.l, and t lie votes of t wi or I h ree
other Soutiern States were divi,ded. That
does not, proimise well for a bc-gilning For
the new party, to say the lV:1-t.
Ou tside of the Solid Sml t lie canset of
free silver received oil _M,iiliy 1ne ijoll more
votes froim each of the States of IP-is-A I.
vania, Nebra9ka, Idaho, NM-vaba. 8willh
Dakota, Kall"'ls, Cai,nI NI(Pana111
North Dakota, Colortido, iydoing nd
It, is not supposd by even the Ilost ar
denit f1dvocaite of free silver, we :hIre sav,
that Senator CUiner, wi %V4uh14i he tlol )
carry Pennsylvanin itlh him ioto the new
party if he weao so disposed, nid we may,
therefore, safely : c fi1t State it. of I lite
list,. The net result of the examinllation st
far then is that, after lsina thwee Slatus lf
the Solid South, 110 iq,t winninil. 'eisvl
vajnia, the newv%v p t oni, psslMilyoi,
oil the reniniig oluthrin Stitls, and
Kantsas and the ates we htve "aimed
nortl and West o1 Kal.sas.
What L4 the pI1hti(n of -hiose States is
therefore Ilite .11 ilil>rtant. i etii to
or "now parly" fit t heils ill dw Piidimont
counties. Ald th-'se of thein wio, ii' ti
o Cenlsus satis.lics. .v ill he in
-* (i sf fdhalh. Ncv:nha., Sith IDaot)a.
84:and (:ifoniai togeth.1c r ha:ve ai liilla
'I lie wholse iirtoups f event "'Silver Sita: i-s."
''ut-idle of ti'- Sanil, haveti a posjsiilationa off
5,7,t hieh is ha-s th:mn thes pl)Ia
tienc if 3I1'znehin-tts aiil C)hio, isrof Itidi
tOal a: ( ),is, isr osf Illhinois andic Iniana,cii ort
if 3hiebigant antl li hus is, oir of either Peinin
SyV:u:cjia or Ntew York.
\\ith lthe snid f.x(ept iot n affsrel-d b
the N<t ori h t from uensylvaina, it i's
iniferestinig to noste futhen,r, th lireeI
stii tns,mi any Sctte niorth of \iirgcinia
mand I\ -iitiifck yii all cst csf tIhe 3Ii.cgisas,
and0 tnonie from eitheri of the topulsnfsm and
I eh a.;iculittiral States isf howau zand Miune
Fotta wes.t ofII i the lisats'ippi. Thle ,'hea. t
ands ((ori growI 5.5 tidetlyi cre. nsot as ats.
1:115 to swriure the blessings of '-einip tnl,n.i
e's ia re te ct Ifon grow'ers.
'lTere' 5iss oting. cit cou'crse, to preen-t
t,he fatlinems it Soumthi CaritnaiictI ai f tlie
bo uthi genmt ti'l ftromi lea:vinig the: 1)t'mo.
rti- arty and t:oingi in aa. ..
der thc ld'f G siovri, Tilhituan :iiu his
IPopi-s irI iendus, nitta the purpilosi- of tryingi.
toi tlit t Governori 'I illmaon Prehht-ii byv the
aid of thte Silvers- Statess. Whant thle thimerts
of the sutcce-a ol sutch a vet-lture aire the( in
felligen t hiomers of the Site c-san judlge forn
Iteice1ives byv t hit aid of tic-he b-ts anid fig
- re,s ii ( liim- here plcri td l-t ttltir Is-i
lun -comi n!rat i'itn. . Newts md (Couirier.
'T0 "s'.% HV 1*IarE,I4N,
If .vsni holdI a c :inmiss on as Niota ry Pub..
lit c!itedti teore t het 1st, of January h18'89 it
it! he iicil andi 'soid afteri tIme b-t, d.iy isf
Jlii a itay I Y'.f
'-The derc-r htas gons foilth from Ii is 3s1aj.
esty) Kinug Tilh iatt, to tht e hiset.
If you wanitet to he Nctar uli-3tdt aftetr the
Is?. oif J:cc:nary- 18-94. yosm uist :ssk te I oss
indt s'cnd d5wnt $3. 12. 'This is atsher
Seine ts replacue stiuit o)f thse( dolsitt he
hass bieen spcending to pay lawyer fees and
lost in tthe nuitifnous aw sutits.
.It yu1 dmi ec- you iimist paty the fiddler.
. At.et-ling; of the l'iekens lhar was hselud
a Col. C. L. I It llingswiorth's oflice hasct
Tutodacy for tihe pupsti))e of eonorsintg ,J udge
Stnonto,n andit to mye~ his ainoitiiei 1)3
the President aIs Cicuilt ,i osge to fill thle
vfaancy caused by thce death of J1utdgce
110nd. Ccl. HIcllingswor-th was elected
chaii,m andJ( C. E. it(shinon secretairy.
-On tmot ion the chair apposited-c Ji. E. lloggs
""sI'I T. C. Rtoisonu to driaw- up suitabile
was the
dlynatnec *.i si.. ,mdtga
tihe wharf. The killed andi wountded are
estimatedi ihorn r0 to 1,500 The anchor
of the ship was blown seve-ral hundreds feet
-inIto-tho- air and fell "ipot one of the .pav'e..
mnenfs and imibedded itself 1in the granmite.
The city was fir-ed in a hcundredj PNeet)( andc
scores of p)eole wevre crazed with fright,
thinkinig time jnmdgement had come.t
Thme Imits of the Unitesd Slttswere-pant
.to work last Friday to coining standard
liver dollirs. The coinage Is mode from
siver bullon purchmasced under time Sherman
Act, tof which It hs said, there Is In the
,vIii at Now Orleans sotmething over
sile elivcand hlasben Invited toJ
~ Agi~eMtIeo Augusta ExposItion. If lie at
~ ~ i,WIIIb6 ite-crowning feature of,the
Th Qharleston and Columbia Bars have
have endorsed Judge Simonton for United
8tates Circuit Judge, the place made va.
-east 5 the deadi of Judge Bond. We
hope President Cleveland W*11l appoint him
to the piece.
- Wailimgtoni Letter. [
Froa Our Regular corrempondenit.
NVABnINGTON, D C,, Nov. 3, 1893.
President Cleveland and Secretarv
Carliale are both firm in the beliefr
that the repeal of the purchasing
clause of the Sherman silver law, now
anl accomplished fact, will soon bring
about a state of afitirs that will makc(t
the imuch-talked-about issuo of bonds
uncessary, and neither of them wish
es to issue bonds until circrstances
shall make such an issue absolutely
necessary. The democrats in Coi
gross, or Ivast a majority of then,
would like to escape atithorizin,g an
issue of bonds, if it can possibly be t
done. It w%ill be iiich easier for
I)resident Cleveland to speak postivelvy
Ilid dh.finlitely oil the bond question Ia
Ionthl hence than it is unow, and it is
prolblo that his Inessage to the reg
tilar lsShiol of Congress will take ai
decide<l stanl ()ie way or the other
on the sIIjct, and I venture the pre.
diction that tile state of basinless, t
public ilnd privattv, for the ne(.xt
imlonith will dccido which. If the ex
pected ider'ase in businiess shall re
suilt in ltrg(ly inerasiig the revenues
(If thn govermiiieiit, as S-cIettry Ca
hisle believis it, will, the aldinilistria
tionl canl gut thrloughl svithouit bollds. I
The limvelient, for at changu inl the(,
rules of tihle StIIIL( is rft)Winlig (ite
rapiiv, aint it is aliong the probili- o
tics Ihat a cbange will be Iade e.arly
in thie rSglar s4ion. Former
ailendmiutients to thilt riles have this
week been prepared by Siiators Hll h
aiI Blackburn, alti other Senators
speak If offerinig otherls. All of these
will be referred to the colilliittee on
itilos, which will, it is believed, il I
due time report an ameindient it hat
will ack(.1iplish the vind illied at- I
give titihe ma11jolity of the Senate t ihe
Auithority to ordeI(r a vote wholnever. iit
iINavtinik that the debate Ias be I
slfficiently prolonged, an Iathorit yN:
possessf-d by IIhe, l1MIU and hv eryi
evcry le"gilative body inl tllfi wurlhi.
Unless t he relmblicans sll oppose i
the cbaige, it is expR eted that it will d
be eatsily lccomlistd.
Representiative Uailey, of Texas, i
thinks UxIcle Sam pays ot lots of
m11on1ly withotit rceiving ating ap. I
pioachmilg at equivalilnt inl ttui N
1 Ieref"Ir. I ie has int rodliced two bills, i
each of whuich eli thinks will stop t t
big leak of t1hat kind. One of them
providvs f(ir the repeal (If the laws
rviding for tle p y meit of retired 8
arinly ad na y oilicers and that Ithe at
JMV of Sucht'll1i"t-rS here'ttofore0 re-ired11
shall cell-se whel(nI tiel bill lecoe( i
law. The otheir relpeials tihie laws pn
Nidinlg for fle i y e1NIlt of retirt.ed wi
judges froil tihe U. S. aourts and stop ,
ihe pay of till thwse ollw on the retird h
I ist. Wlether there is any probabii- 1)
ity of itlher of these Lills beciiiii A
laws it is tiol early to sav; but 31r
Baiiley is t horouigh ly ini t'arnestI aud on
wyill dIL his best. to push them thiroughi. hy
In liuiot Lobien.0
Thle 'lilliuii aiiniist rat ion in (Ih
SuthI Can>lina has rathear iinore than
a fair s,hare ofI lights on its liandls.
Th le courti ariUe full of litigat ioin, duie
to1 thle vigorou ill'rts oi 4(f nbn iniiistrai
tion anid will ciontiiime to) be for some -
tineito inei1il. But Gov. TJilhiani has i
Xiine Lededi n'l sm-ouiniilig limisel f with |
as s igolrouis figh iters and asl ne rvv men il
as him,iself. Oneu oif thI ese is Ihis at tor;
of Coltiuniia, inow at tihe Mfet ropoiit an.th
"Gv. Tilumn111,"' said h le ''is able t4 noii
hold1( hiis owit aigainlst any comXiibi tnation
that inay~ lbe liut against himii. The
liquoiLr law is ia success ini imanyv way:s.
The coulrt recoirds show a decreaso~in
lrunikenneuss; there is less li<ailor so1ld
thrioigh out t.Ihe State, andl 1provision
dealers oevrwhiere reportil thait they
are Mlunlg inire gooducs. T1here is a
Ilrge muioiiit of umonecy paid out in
the' State foi weekly watges, and it is
e;videnit tat it1 ist gb ing for liquor ( *
as iniuch as it use toi. Bu oiur L hands~ti1
arie ful. I Iluve th ire Lenss beforVe the
Supr1 eime courit herel. Onei( oft tem is
set for )o-morrowiiLA. Tht is th le Swan li
Lase. Swiani, a Staite conlst able, seizedI
i baurn-l of Ilipot in aL iri>ad dept,
mdiL ac itin was mi thle handIs ot at ie 14)1r
LV' ir l apointeli by a Federyal ciourt
mdtt Swani wats aidjudlged in conitemti -r
For seizing~ tlhe liiquoir. Onec coint.en iLlon
is that the seizurie wvas madeili ini e.u
rymi ou ilt thle l lice power'Ls of thle
"I have not had t'ime to studr ('aon.
W adLet llatit ontL's ciircibu-, liut it lo iks
like a bidl for an irgaizat ion to tight
>f wiiihi Seniatlr I iby is eba:irma
[f that is his purp . se' heiwtib ha
Iy delfouted, as we havLe thle people
behiipd us overwhiehiiingl,."' N
Sanm Jones recently preahed to fhie
datrkies aIt Dyersburng, lKy. AIfter the uid1
seri mn, a gooid ohl histeir enltne to hi ""
and saidh; " Dro'ther Jones, Gohd bless e
you; youl is thle pieachier foir tie; 1 un.~ I
dlerstanid every word IvIn sayv. You biar
preaicheOs just1 like ai nigger; yo>u hils aLI'I
white skin, but1, than11k (hid, you has
a black hieart." At anoi th1er service Pt
held for the colored people the preach.
or who prayed the openling praLyer --
asked the bird to "bless Brother
J ones, and( 1help him tto preaclh; anti
0 Lord, wh'len he stands before TIhtee
a wuretch iuidone, hiave merev' upim
him, and take his feet Lout (if the miirv
clay', and place the own01 the Rick,
w~here hi pe nor' me0rcy cani never reach
SomiewherLe hi the Bile will bue
found this sentence. "A man full oif
words shall not prosper upon the
earth." This will rea<Tily exp)lain the
defeat of the aniti repealer~s. Anid
while we think of it this may explain
too, why:Aihen Stewait and Peffer are
members of that pmrty of 'Mner-do-wells
called Popuiist, and 'Wly Tima O
and Irby also have an irristible ten. 0
dency in that direction,- -arfiel5 wi
News and Herald...a
Clerk's Sale.
County of Pickens.
In Common Pleas.
In pursuance of Decretral orders
nd orders of foreclosure made in the
AOllowin g named cases, alid onl file in
hIe Clerk's oflico at Pickens C. H. S.
I will sell to the highest bidder be.
oro tie court house door at Pickens
Saleday in December
text-, duriig t.he legal hours for sale.
['Io following described real estate
o wit:
kUdrew J. laynes, et. al., Plaintiff,
3elijamin E. Haynes, et. al. Defend
Complaint for Partition.
All that certain piece, parcel or
ract of land inl the colnltlt and State
foresnidd, on branch waters of Rices
reek, wvaters of Twelvo Mile river
oululed by lands of Larkin Hughes,
Vinl. Gan1tt and others, Conl tainiilg
Meienty eight (78) acres more or
Terms, onel half cash, balance oil a
redit of twelh - Inon1tls, seen red by
io bond of th3 puirclaer and it
lortgage of the preliises.
mmes G Tinsley & Co., Plaintifl,
.S. Barker, Defon<lan11t,
.1 lidgintent of Foeclosilre.
All that piece, pan-vol (r tet of
til in tle coniltyN a:14 St-ite nfore
1iW, on hw-tl watvrs of Roed<y Fork,
1 thIte Oli Pickls 1111d E-yl"Icv ron<11l
ilj)i1linig hlilds of .1. (Ciapiall,
'liliner Merck, the Six Milo church
n101114is anl ite Six Mile fieldol hlolse
t, cotaiining ten (10) acres imoro or
Tertns, cash. P'irchaser to pay
>r1 palprs.
awvrenco P. Ellisonl, et. a1L.Platintiffs,
.E. EIlisonl, Defenlanwt,
Co)itpltint for Partition.
All that pivec, pteel or tract of
Ad inl the eoity N ild Stato afore
ti<l in EIasley township, adjoining
nd of Dr. It. Fran1k Smith, tracts,
o. 2 ai11d 3, and kiowi in tle divia
It of t he real estate of MN. I. Elillison,
OcSafwd n1 tiract No. 1, Cou1ttinling,
le hunidred and14 sevenl and ninety
e and ole lillldrCdt, (107i.105uu)
res 11inre or less.
Also tract No. 2, adjoining tracts
os. 1 and 3, Dr. I. J. Gillilam,
rs. Ellison aml containing Fiftv
Vo and thirty nine one-hlidrethl,
d2.39-100) avri,s mnore or ]es.S,
Also tet No. 3, adj'ili ng .11ines
egall, Mrs. J.Fliul, tracts Nos. 1
id 2, andl vontalinn sixty-foiir and
ty one-bundrteth (04.50.100) acres
Wre or less.
Alw- sine lot inl the town of Easlev
th the hIilins ther.-on, frontin'
tin strtot, 43.9-10 feet :atl runnin i
ck 104.1-2 feet, Idjoinuinlg htats ofi
'. 'IFranlk Smiith tund Dr. J. F.t
'Tr:s: One half cashi, balanc
ai Cre<lit of twelve tntnthis, seenree
thle hon<l of te purcha:ster an<lia
>rt gage of tile prtntises. Puiirchais
I to payti for ippers 0 lnd rco( rdlinug
J. M. 51 FWA T,
Nov. 9, 1893.
t ice to b Mors an CiI(reds-i
LIl perionts htaving dem:nnils nea:inost the~
ent theml Iegatlly proven,O toI the IIiblr.t
ted att 'iel,. S. ('., bbn bor t b f th t h nf
*e inde(btedf to .t' estat e will ma0kblmilv-I
t bin (r tby sai-l dtet. H
I). E Ii: NIblI
-l 2.t. Admaini-traitor.
-- -G ' I- N .\ WA .\
Ropp's Calculator
tlunb:et tt0bk fort nb IFrtnecr andi JttusIieb
.\ lil:AUTl t [ .
- N t.\\ SP'. tL.R
rs.ii to ' ev'y Yeariy Subsenher l-:T'ttjm or
-A l(NILIELY Fita'
.weekl New nd j 'i er bOId, I ino ths (~
IthoutI 'tin u t.... A IIrbr b11i
Char lso, A.C
ewspapers .-. FR EE
NI) Y OVoN N.A \II-:anttd nddIree n aie
posItaI ulnri. bor iit herw is bi. lbd bn li b of the
'A N N \tt W s.:;:K IY N t:Ws wilt bet seint to
I ubbet s e bo.b:.
Tnt: tv i.:K ,Y N1-:WS
bu ra I i:.an::n. It i Ii tthe .aret Weekly pb
iidIidly goltbI en I upan nrfly.1 lbrII3(Il t. Iy~b
' Inevtr seeni ai 1py olf it, se:gt f,,r tune nab
w inl prtiobbnl e it thle iggt iIl 1;. e .
IT!lt-: W 'MKt L.Y N F.s
* ONL,Y $1.00) lA {ER
llest stoocie, {
"s* Iest 'itiseel lanty,
~ I-ist Wolnen's atid Childreni's ne
next11 Answers to lorresptondbets.
: lient li tr IA (n nC
[t gives away a valuabl-, premium
ery day for the largest club r
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EIR40?Ua COii Louitill. KE
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Misses Ross
-AN )
Latest Styles
In Millinery. Faciy Good.s, Notlons, etc.
( i ET NV A 1 .E, .4. C.
126 Main St.
I'l YSI I N .\. NI) St'IG l:ON,
Is il!>w I-v ril-:vitly l(wtitc.d fit l'bip,en w,,l
ff'rs his pI ri wi-i l survio-es to tiv 141wit it
stirrmn ini ein .m liy. 4 'itIls mvnswered tt
hoi rs.
; ( li titend re!-i.letw-e at the ( rillinl houisc
V-. Niin ',tree t. C I Z:ZI: N \' 11, 1: , S.
(his riven every 'LTnrs'iny *11( F'ridayv,a
e h extIrac'Lte iLthout pin i.
-t -1. 1'. 1'A 1% t' S 1. 1-,
Alive ver Wsthmirel'l Irms A Duke's i):
l ja n et f(;IZEE:N-: V\'L.L., S. C
1101mILT KIMsEY, '11. D.,
P'! IY SlB'l.\ N .\ N 1) S's l: N
1', 1 - NS, S.
N''t'aills aniswered it till hmotirs.
S. S. CIlT TI:NDE).lN.I:oe l r
a 11ii Street, Gyi:-NYIl -
N lit , -eltts hft el at 1.70 i er duy.
A liu-t. 31st
C.FI' Izt; -:ii.\AL.O,
IlI()T( ),it\ [A11 1ER
G.! :1 N\ VI L.E':.S. C
Mter We 1:no.elbi I Itri . lIri! S itre
vork d l -.hy th , i:t-.wtat
a wi :ter vidors, e vwi, l:lia :, oil a
% hP1 p ra, i-n ;>h tl Fu ora *,u
ON)W I. '11t 1. w li w li,
.\Ti :eN ';\ .T . W,
' n ' ife 1:1"
W ,- - >v:v.N 1 ; i - - y - -fr i l i:n-pr, , I
tronl I I u,I; L" t i i,-, that he h 'a itle.
r n \ - \'.r JL he-;-e i ' i,.n La
- ,I '. 4'*- ;e ) S' -. i nhI
i t : ,t , - s t e . 1 1 '1 .: 2 n y 't i ) u n 1 i r u -
th M ih 1at n.\!,n,G.
SI-F\t.\ :s s ~~e i '4xil iI l le. itl
11W ilit i jiiiI tyAN X1 'l oitN il
1itI Ai'p ouiit.sg ur, it.y
theo bs 'ini te I :iruul. l *i)l
rtimnsl me Iiof.i n lisua ir siitrs
Dr.iL lThnr. I"eathe: fo Stiit ritit
JolLll tiislt iiris uIl Ulast lnuri
alla1e ' lbEd anSE ISra. L. StU(at'ola
or emloye,i byn~%r i. ot t
Slark I~ Twin,Iro n Roetli 5 Lois ofStitensLn
ulyar K'ip i'. Franki i Sfockl(ttn, tirican
ntus f te w or i"iconturt to itsco
nswne i vr oaliy.Me e
fornon Payinrkn gfo it
ENl Hvm teadee D of orsel
}ient physicIia ad the pep
for 40 years, and never fails to 4
}cure quickly and permanently4
andI all mtanneir of EATINa, APRE?ADItNa and 4
ltNtO (lER. Invarinly resi the miott
Ilatome blod disoes" it irions are fi
1 owed. Price *i per bottle, 0 botIls for $5. For
nlie biy druggitat.
BLOOD BALM CO., Atlanta, Ga. {
'enil' Liver Asulttnt, also Pal
When we hnve hasrmleis ele nung remedCiiet
C hiuse that grow in our own StateO tht it
oilier ran gIve isnd 'tire viariou ixenoeo
er family v, ithout injury and sve a large i
eXPetise. It shows~ heailh conitI ion in l'i'
,"' eounty tmna,. s'! 1>e Ins int( to capIitalis
11 Ir' e a hIgther value to real t-sat.
GI. L,. Dennls, Plckens, 8. R. y 1l keep as su
ly that wae aea.t tem. , l.
For all kinds of Sprains, Bruist
S Fractures, etc., of Silvcrwaro, o
Silver and Gold Plating done chea
We repair almost anything.
mid skilled attei)dant.
2-,'No charge for Fitting.
H. P. Collins & Co,
113 Washington, st.. Greenville, S.
P. S. Old English Watches chan,
ed to stum w%ind.
june22d93 1
Now\ iior It
New DIrs.s Goods.
New Ginigham. and Calices.
New Flanne0"lsin Bhmnket,-..
New ILadies, .'Jeis aml Childrins Uile
w .
New Ilo-ze and Giovs.
New Cassinlvr. Jean. and TweedA.
Nvw Taldo Linen, bit-aelcd anl Ui
New Nopkin.- and Towels
'These Goodki wek propOse to ake she
y Vo:k f 111 t let, 1 111 g LL
liaL. A e:I'TE4i
New stoc% in'vvery deiartment fro i te
to blittom).
New 111)(ndItn
t ' n' ! N;apir t. M-tin..
h md.. Sha-le m:I C)rnice .
I .es LIa 1 cnt
Shrdc. <.n h.It spring ril-rs at eent
i i
G- ": : purrh:. art. p.
P-S- .Butt i -k' Pattans.~ - - -
D o y wav tem Mo ney -- I o e ry aar .
B inote orld
. 31. 50,ol,J. .l , .0 0y
EaslO y an Pikns. 7.
Inrryou wat inogi DRES-. OE mol do!" l tos Ie
I d sonbyrl unsI W. L. Dto ua Solies,Ha. n
W, L. DOU CLS rchoa As.Sb
SS ciOEntO A P.ia
.toyuw ar he? n ext bytin ne tr a hpar.
r tethntheord
$5.00 43.00t
84.00 42.5
Stk Iincreased a~in
ve it: truti,rup.. s.oy tibat we were never bel
sy urclo:wA utti mitst eixatctiig ctAsomers.
As Noveamber
Antivipvatex 1bec4
your .iI i, . il l 'it i t,nee)r4linglv of siieh goo
ri-liz that ill tordtr' to ectir r ytir trivle we tmun
Eveli it we were not oirselvv" <di'llosetl to <dent 'l
OKITY hy' 01421 11tifIll till't ;11 "l1AND TOICA."
We halve verythitg thit i- liew ii I)ress (;oid
give .ouiat list niIl qiut)tv priveS on everythin- tll
would be like lying dov.nIi oi olle
to jtidge how it le I.A TI'l it 11 1-:1) woiblil feel. [)()I
) that iN tIn- only way. Fl.-N,'t yatmir eyes mi the atrrr
i, . the only wit) we eat 1Wm-i'we y' 01it we Ineali
Worth of goods froin its for ens.nli, and we will gi%i
of yuorsel-- the painting allonle is worth juore thaIt
T. A. WAL:
Sil MAIN t4n
I'. '. \\~ae alhint ia'k yet to buy Ten3''iI i'aaihrs
Lantuelflsine & . \\-. 1 A0 an ut n~
I-. te r, a -
Na: I ..I No. ! D \
liv"'a\ 1111
Coti 1 1,, h , t i t *'U
. . i n
. .a. . I a
7 0 1 .... .... l. . h n r... ...
.... . . a" ..'A.. V a
3 p i . . . . . . . . .". . \ . . . . . . .
I . - . . ".- :. ..
- a . . . . . . .. .. a . . . ..;
1 ........ " .\. a t.- . i .
- ...........\ r .. . IrI a0 liI
i ........ .. . . I I
ai........... ro
But-i%ve A
. . I I Na). I.
o pil a a......... . ' A o n .\r -.... t
toItl .. . .. . . 'ia a . . . . I
-f 110 i. 1 ........... . A.. I...I 1
I n' p I . ........ . \ t. 't
. l . . . . . ...\ 'i.. . . ... .. . . 1. .
4 0 ' . ... .. .. ..... . . ' : r .... . . .. . . .. ..
..n -- ... ....... I. 6 5 . 0 ..... .... ....
et'.ve l . ' u . e.. n.L t .,:! iA r. . .\ .st l . u. id
i et.( bi;ri.
1! 3 , r In .'..l. ai .l. I. va it '.. : - l 1 l....:
.... .....'... n . . .
. -N n . . .. . . .......(... ...
1a1 ;>tn ..t...
"I S a a N.....
. . ... ..
- . . . . . .i w . . . .
I '''b''ilya
. .. .. ...... .. . .. . . . .. . . . ;. p n
-- - - - . . . . . . .. . . . . . 1 . .n
i Il . .... . , V2 t I . . I 1- ta m
N a.'i te lt.t ne tIIn iatol .au lre a
t . . . . a. . \ h . . l .a .
taItti ....ai. r--atlala' ta - -mlait
II. II 5 I 55It .
.... t (t t' ... .. : A . .....ia a : : t
tit \r ait 'a..e ir 5 ,V. lai..a t Ii. (.e
l ila A ..
--I- - -' -.'l. LV... . . 10 .
t n't .\:he ii'.i
RICEl hr.v SCraEtSrg PER BO('.LE. j (n
hi*Pi l int i .n: a t; bn in . . :.'a-.'.a n. a rt . '1 3 p.
01J..I.:7n. O:f. I \It)qlt iuate i) aia i: nP elisit)o:e
JJrdvih O ..U1vfit! ::it J it 1I'jaj . tpri n t t
11)01 a lt tiNy r.- :t i . . '. . \. At( "Ii'. <ivisa
jaI.:thhoural, U'. 'n i . a. .n . .-: ' .ih l
Ie :liit..):Of sr t bru. 1. 0 p i, 4.o )p
1 -t p.ini \t t h a f intiai a if.,f.t*
'b tir:- , . Otp. in., itt. ; I . l'i .,~ L a rlp l 'f.1 0 p. m.;
'nth ui 'n<la.lti,- r a.in..aia,. t p.a. i l i~ 's1:. iJ. m . .
a'rmi :l e it-: nm lt :u i~) 141 bae~t 'aV Oer )'i::-V s
Ge ' aSneil.te at. 'N:1 hi R. . '
\\R\. I&Q .
a na 9 . \ge t \''h -g t 1 a. (
dt still Incr-easing.
ter prepured thiiu now to inCet the denands 0.
o we have Antlcipsated
Snt you buy everyday and furthermore, i
I oller every honorable ioduceient we Cal
sruAl.I.v we tire 'orced to the greatemt URNMI
s, Trrining and Millinery, bnt to attemDt i
t e have li stock that would interest yot.
't you understand? Comei and see onr goods
of henultiful goods of all kindAti,come for th&
what we say. tuy
vou a life size crayou and Ink pinted potralt
Tln DJollars.
K ER & BRO.,
orth fit onle tiic il order to pe it portralt.
amuel Slcicer, F. W. Ifuldekoper aid Reubj
Fmiter, Receilvers.
Atlanta c Charlotte Air-Line
Diiv ision.
Sheldule inl eflfect .luly, 'nd, 1803.
N4nit.ant N:. N o. . N 31
Eas ternl T111.illynDAV DA.
.v. A thanta i I T ...... 6.451 ill URY11% I (IC-.
" it iehte ........ . ... .
.i.... J.n... .. .10 -1i
" I'iunhivec...... ............Io 61
ll iil e.............. ......t4 ll...i .
" lo l .. .......... ...... .
Sul Itilet ......... .II011k
" Hufort.......... ......... 131111tI
(hie l's.I. ....... ... ;.. ..... 1 :11i .
NcG i e"ville. .... , , s::111
". Nvw 11011llaw .......
".Whit Sulp.r 12 C..l.
1.111 .......... ...
" 'viltorl ...........
"r. lng v . .......... V 21 . .
I" ('4 nelin..........
. r . .iry ......
v. .lt . rY0.0.5..... . .-..A
" Ayersl le ..........
" Torean ...........
A N-'1in1 . .... .. ... . ... I%o il * *
" it(i-o............
ris l el..............
S ielandI . ...........If 15,111 4 .1spill
" Senee. .............
" (IAli-tv . ..........
" ( e t n i ...... ....... 1 (1 1 11 3 %p l . . . .
" 14Liberty ..... ...... .....3 ...
" t fey ....... ..... 4 11111
". u n l ... . .. . . . .. . . . . 4 . . . .
" (e...il........... .. . ...
i l r' ..... ........ ...- -101-in.
" ( i r. . ........... . . . . . 4 1 1 I . . . .
" nit FL-c'-.......... .. ...5 I1.....
" W..i. ....11....
I " "11 r . ....... Ikt I 5 i
" Cpito i ...g......... . . . . 52 p
" o It 'ls I ..... ...... .. . . 1 . )
hiuket"y .......... . i
" 41ysiy ........... ll 5 Fi' .
Ih ksburv... .... .7 1
" -rovt r ............ .. . . . ; 1,q 11 - -
". h ing's V C!unttlitl... . . . .. 6 ; 011 - -
. 4 . t li nivl 'ity ......
" C;nploni ..... ...... I :7-wn 7
. l ...... ............... "'pll
1. ill t...... .... .
" . .... .... .... . . . . 7
r. . harltt......... .. 1 .1 I ll 4
I. . . ~ ~ ..1 l4.i4 .. 0::8 IO.40
... .... 0(.',tnl
1.0414~.....1.p lin
1 444 I 14 t............... U7ui.
...... . Il liini
I ~44il,j........ 113.'-in1
... .. : J)tin'
8 41pn '4 ':.i
11.4......... 12 14.)ji
1.4.41.......... Io.y
441444 4...... 12mt
I 111)4 4...... 411453pn'
01111411. . .... 11tal-tu
....... Ii 4p4
4 wivtlc................ 3pla)
10 51111 7240n
I ~............ ......... :15'.14 .
14 IlIiiiI. .... 34.Jli
II.............. ..... 23 Upm
l~W04' hI411I4.. ......... '311.m
J;4.4(pi*il .. .in .41h.i
141414t4............... ..... 4' :l'p
Ni,...................... .L~ 4,l.p
111' S 4ll(................~ 4,441 .
4 11114 44(........ ......... 4.171-in41
(aI14 4 44.. ...... 5(*Iapu
lili-.a an 5 .6( n
11 rrtII........(15 I n4
.... ii AIpm(h
.. .. l.. S'T.n,
SuclIe .I. .. At U..Inl, .a
.\r t h rlo te ... .. . h S
S nnin ~ r41:11 1lrl l 714( 4 6;'tr m o I -fp
No.t5. o.'114o.:
IlI n44. '1 G'od!. I ngy Ens
30-.--...I l -..... * 07 o:
.u 1un41 ..I.......4.... .p
r. ...... .... ..te... .tap
b 3,o. r... ....... I 'l-rly.m....;... n.
Th 3etty......rr.... ....... .t7
-.3 p 13 ....... . .. .o....... ...-.i
I 121111n.... ........ I1o. .... .....pr48 -
- plaIt.n..... . ..... .. hle 35nIc... ....- . lp
r-innhun..uln.. .......3.(.:;.I0. m
iSrIt F...............11 .............p.801 -
I4 l;fo.<.. .. ........ .1111(...... 3..... 9 4
.V l4 ....r ...... . .... ...Wi pr
Ata.... ......lll...7..m....,tC8m
alhoun............... .......515p
............................... 54-...piZ n
-neenl.. ........... 4111g....10ai 5 .pn
-hintal... ... .... ..eile N......... -15 I
"'-1 41 *-a r *- . .. ...a 14 011 M na
le w .......... ...... . 7 5p
ry4y l. !! ,n h ..-.... .. 85
1l( r.4 1 ille..... .... ....... 94(mpa nt.s
r .,I notwu -l T.) 7at 101)n1 la10 15pm R55

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