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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1871-1903, December 07, 1893, Image 2

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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PICK iN s C. IT., S. c.
-1. n9. lGGs,- P"toprietOir
flutered at Piekens liostoice imi *Second Ciats
81,1141-fIl'TION 'IIV, $1.60 per Year tivarta
bly l it advittve: for six 1ontihs, 7N centm.
Advertiseneits iieite ait one <lq>L litelperiqtlre
of otte inll or less for the first. thsertion and
tifty cents for eich stbse'jiient' Insertion. \
liberal diseonit matde to tnerchats aud other
Rdvt,rtising for six inontths or it year
CRY" l.'Osl'.'llo N AkD%\'-*.:ll SE1Nfi..Nr T m'si
vT\E:LY N(IT'i A-KN.
Obit try notices exeeding live Iites, teributem
of respeet, volullientions of a persodta
chiarneter. when adtnisable, will be charged
for as atd vertisements.
ruuIIsiAY, DECEMBEI 7, 1893.
It Is a rule or ruin document.
T ie most rabid reformer cannot fail to
see in It every feature of 11. I. Tillman
It reflects his feelings, uirposes and detires
as a iniror would his face.
It is a remarkable document for an1 eX.
hibitlon of malee, destruction and conce-.
trated power.
The most of Im mness-ige is taken uplii
a dissenting (pinion to I te U. S. Supr-iin.e
court on the railroad tax cases and trvin.'
to couivince tle public that the dispensitr
is a 1u'cess.
+ * *
Ile Iays gri-t iIess u1pon scelion ;;3 if
\-t t4- 11 of the 0onstitition of this StIate
wb'i%icb says : "All the lxes tipon pt oper
ty, M ' IrWper011iad, Shaltl be! laid uponII [t'
11ltl valuet o'. (te property taxed.", etc.,
and thel tri-s to argue that the tISsessownq'iit
of railroads from 30 to 50 per cent. iir'
tihan h(lier liroperty is right. It' railr-:14
and oi,ther corpontliomn are to ble I')rcvd to
Ilie rcquirvletults of this Suectin 4f tht
(otustittutioln, indiviItails sh'l bell n tir
to-do t(e saina e. It is not an i:ip:110:11
a 11ministrat ion that would m corpr
Ikimis pay ax suponl it lalrer. - cu-it. III
tle Valhi.. ., -
tio t (if indivilliis it 11: '.
right to assess them) 500 pt-r ee1.111..
le Wants llte i I.- to-pc thc
chairturs of all railroads tha,r11:11p
their taxf's upon tIhe ille-: aeam mIet
phml. Wec hop. Itheywil t mud
kill the( G"overnor, p:tcln \- m
suey have a re-.I pl fT na l
would InIde d( be at nict. tAt1 of* 11f:air- to,
ha.vi thlv 8tatt a 14-r c--nIr:iI-'S w1t
people whto hav.e'(' invesled mii f (14.
h ;r1i a legilio:Gebu :in 1s d a i lm p n tIll
invitationl of Ib. I--1ph-, (f this stakte.
1Ill vi y Ircpwal dlw railr-o-nd h esm w-ill
have lInI rlilroad runni't h-ast r(
beii' ( rn mIr a s nltn,nds % ipcd 4;it
S ith llqn t sumit
t(I h1i1, diciattS and pay tt.u- a ts I% (li ' .,
f(Wr tihtt to Iay. nTh 'egislatu '.n
At we it.h n ish, buti itiul nstc hn.'tt
( lt. l(venlt the rilr'ni so sh>l-'itn~ tub it t.
such nuwat ti'leijmti is cwenabl nVt he l
u~'ntitee won|d1( l''t a El pop lIl t'i :'uio s i
th poh. demandi~ lng tnheI rita of Eth
ait os Cwytlll t-p< te nirotd ('hrterit
ascc jthe( Gvine(re -o (til-tu tyo <s a the
l tile boxfo th :ie wo('(l bi e led y ace
heCVru C4ten ther(erouh bto i.loi
tu.1s ot of l r T heoiid tiilo i -r cat e-h
t)wolIk)ou! kfill' o I (ul)dOest toy te ot
(therhir.tIsur of po''revenuee Ithle tathe
pr1 for(S su t Uied etates noup'rntn
( or,"e"t i>lw a w sdeiedi
favor of t e State, a .1 oi n h e relo
martyites take notice that Governor Tilimnir
lhinks tlie Goverimenlt wItrt!sIiip or ('01.
.rol of.railroads would be used at the hai
lot box Uy tie Party inl power. Ile is righl
about It aitan has mllounced tIh very pritwi4
pic that we have beenl co1t,11linil. fir all
the While.
III * A4
Here are ligures of tile dispenisary a- giv
ten by tie governor:
Total plirehlases by Collties.4 045,l15
Remittantes s..
Total sales by all counties I o;,:,o :.;.
Stuck oi hand in county (ispeasatii
$83,832 43.
1xpenlsesof Cou lity disp rivs.919,sI
Tottal expenses of Stale dispenisary ti
Novernber tIst, -,7!,566,36) of which .2
878.58 Was1 f0or constabuhary a:id tivile
$15,0'10 for fiight aid over *14,0)0 fol
bottles atid tlAiks.
'rte almlunt paid out fill whi by tih
State dispeiisa-ry iz,50'2123
C h I miha d i-7,51 ..l )
Ami-miat chilt by v dispe-rser.-i 2'1:
Blills lulty'ab-t l, l .i
T h'. t)tal 1r4-lits ill2 ii to ..- ,1! 9 .
'2vern I r'linlall (.1tilis that th' disp'n
:,Hry law% i..,psio ove very other -IIlicemw
systeml filr Ilhv foll,m inlg re"'SIns.
First. --The. ve-iilln (f pe-rsollidl pisi
d4s -t 01yed, lil on by remillovinll " it ll Il.ec i...
to inllc ":Is(- III s:th .
S4..'co11(1 A pin. arlicle is _-I r:Ir telv d. as
it i .sub1ji-t to 4 . 4:-Illival awaiiS.
.3,url* f 1 0 St1:1l tr:1.(I St renIIthIl.
' 1i1ir1th. -'ali i-t "4 opped, 2as the- I h . 11.
Fith I is I Ihi II In v ill tIle darlV lule:
t ll, 1!11, !1-r. .1I v -,111l:1i m ll (,I* lt - Im U d .ild II
it I III 1:1..
l V1-111M1i0it i sof jvv, Sol'Iu r,
b cn h.,el, Iw l'. r-vimovvd, Ih r I sT 'I IIo t
fill' . i e Ii)f IiIIaIi)) I to dIr inIIk rv'e Im , ii1
:11di Ohe .l,Si1 of tei sal( 1n11-1s, .s211 .
:I I 1 :1 . "I1hI, n iq I i -lr p lro hlib i itol ()f its Sa! 4- v
d iI in . b;,ryI the 44him nt a V NC o:.
S h y s it bl . I h - a s t r a y 1 1 1 ' m l r n I I I
11ev 11th. ,I i h 1-si .
Sc vli'' sll(.2 4 t i s r i 41 mil IF, I. I.j'.
I lir II 1 4' .i " I ilt]k I: i t wg'' 1 41: Iiiv
il-rik . 1ti st p:I 4 'Fh T .' workin-. n
fil', vs 1.,-; b l l li w1isk SaturdI - I . I n I II
Io v arl ivs thw I -I 4', hi, I 11
E-1111 , (;?1'lIhIiIng 41lis,n1' 2 4)j
q.Vd hI'mm.s. whi b h1:1 hi4 h -r10 h11 l ' I ll 11p
i~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ii lilstt.\ijliyineynn
al %%nI. whivb wvrv tIius at "I '1.sl4' :: t vic,
( I fr,i mluI -w sah-a t.f 'iII , h. arlvc I '
Ir 44 2' I;tl i it* 2: 11 i- :1g 4 " al.d
A t-tv- lli,ti 'l c stiy b
24il tlI . T ill' 1.C 11
i n4tr h te cl 4 1,1 2 1 " ' I h
wAe hhav ih ireovey
ihatl 1 Ia)l a l3,y i I I 21 I'
lini ip:t r, r' t 4n h4: )' tn I .
I II't br :n . I I I h - I 2-h 22n2' > ,. b -
e i i t ' f II Ii4 s I ebI ch - I h IT,Ir,I .I - 4.'
I t thl IeI IISt ; I a 'I I I tht 1 ,,j'.,'. ' i
tllr- vesilr.a III kaav hiat d-.i . 1" .i
44. lri ltI idi :.1tl'verninen:t.d114'' a 'l l' 41 1412 .
ic Ielcs s it '% ; l ilt- t Ill il l vi 22 It
" 'i"12 2 aild lilt-44 cliol24 1 1 14 PUS 1i 1,() - 4 1' 0' 1(
Firs:t, 't .I it Ols intiellm thn. ?en I n
4114' I. it' li i t s t h "th t Ol i nt 44 n
-i"'1X1 of l 11'o suollii the n rm u l lit Ii~2 \i: ta
rad12es h : of 4' it 1 imv w ilit he 11 n x.1 244 avif
I)2umlersta $. it s i sal 11.141 241
ix2ia i nt yI'1j12 ~ lh lnot tI'''. 224 1 ( ay m.i4
121 tra ir fo:11ln2sor 1l42e ?12 A4'4jis it
14' a.414 hit' th- 1t all ' the botth-4 thal.v
4e n il'b t he d i2peu' ti' t.4 hi,.1 411:1l22
til':w httlest ope (ned I:2 at 22 ti Il' di 2 s (-'
1421ll 2re'g 41hIted the 4;n wa2 r 2 ? 112
empItJ) tio 41 I rom 14 the44 Ii i' 2 :'(' I 4 i:lm b
44 41n 1'v d et irel11 by 4:naj lin u hll' th e m
2y. hlisi al n or1'. II '.''42S lItur ''42h 2441 ni , r
t e ill' 21245 y1tlt . 'ij! e :11 l i('2'mmend.t4
4 4 .4
l i ,hIall')'dt 1li gliL o |glIyor.212''s IjI' 112'.
YI' ' (ioveri: ,r sa(ysl Wilj ) ktinju '. ; 22' h:_ 4
liI(llll toA lIl rapir ' I bljil' ofi theS 211 11.12 I
hl. vof to : inl'a' pe4ftilfr h 1l.illl i2: d.~
a' isp'ensli''r y.'.'litelw;mve the'2) 1contro 11.
If111' as locat n ~thm are( illn < redt Iokl o
lle ants1. th leiiitur1)e4 to mk the h'itii
us____w__o /ttonlheaseh
tt"e i: this Sat I li" Mill ofIIe a bill
r-duce the II >ay (f mIviulers.
We nl. glad to ee that the teiAishati
h:s look stIvs to ary ut.t tle Governo
rUecmi nlat tionl Ifo kpp()ilt l's id,ue
1B. Ku rshaw to write a c%rrect hisiryN
the C(I l ecral v War1. i 1- n If iS(.
i in 1 a pe wrforlin tat I
1 My alitth, - xtn-. 11rouble4 !Mfl ce l'.n
th t h . I.ivi n tI acr (ia i i t. t .I
It i iL il l i ' -- i i,.1 ll:ir. i t IIII I .) : (
<im - Sol wili ll I liii1 ml. e -cted it 11
it v(te dIIh i it h f i tu.I l -r,>' l . I dm
I I 335 1' ii -il * .
dmi l e liy ar . T,
d( lik e . IW '. lie I I W ' net,
A bhlitvillIf, N% s :1-; e< (11*4. Skite(e-.(
.bir lm th e ir. ril. It lijis i!1
it ln m :< 'ni Ioeet :e j'l.o4ie iar
rvtli t ill w il1:l I i l . %, i r. li. M Benl liv
ll cig h ilvui h t was .14- i-dl . b .1t 11
i.f.- t h e'ir.l. Blit th1sq I "r wm"
recon. r et k li n- OmVii . .
r-eil* l(( l wd Mil it - i tin j e i -i
putI d4mwn a.s ref-*,)r:Il( -. \\'r. it
It I
f r w l lav,. . i ill. G j
I"\ v %%-ne sn r : 'Iox g
OS'. 1(ne 11. (lI;kry wa T il er:11- 11
14- 1111 nc I' I- II
. n411 lit I if w N. TI. . I I ir I all I lit
awr i i ..n a: ill < i I: n ti m.; .i ive :ti osf
11 - ci 1 I I Z IItr.1 1
!wi . n t t he tilt ) n11 -14 i k it. \\' li c a
s-itisfie: ~ ~ AI it; tha are it V.ll g
nDu turain-h. :r-ml; uiini r.:i ton u,
theyc in,r hC tde inanhl i:13 i.f ticre;.m
:tra Sljm ti lIe -Li< Stnes r? u otltr
I I hv. A
- e p :ti sii a i -
W I L. IItvIer.
liie- vin h v ly w e -r fore<'a ls <-oru
yl t f-.r ii e r, I 9.I1: 1ll 1h It, 4-mI
'It' 1 -, ( i ll t I va III Iiii n 1b if )I If . : - 1" w Ir .:[('I
InII,lill 1, lini,-Iy Illus t I;at 4, 1. in l gdel
Do our earcl ip I)fs .1a' n In .sit < ,f tI*
; Il i,.-t, A :-re IrI : :u%- : n- !(i, ,n .. V -'o it
lat i1 n 11 :P -.s" Iv i . iI - >hio pi
Bcs~~~~ In Iowrd
(,rith1erl ss :t >pe I ,,nrII I the
Itkit'e ' : t, i.l.stril
t - S1 : I: It : . irtl tu - ,' I )I I 1t. aI I
I 1 1 ,1 v b Is >I t I \( . , : e t 1 !: It. I 11
I ( e t :1C . Il l . tI i( l r . .'ill t
I-n T p I 1f this et -el141
littl o iIit'-ee t
I! - :O :1 - S ,
liat f . .% uII i n b111 tA. I.11t
' r :,:lle by :l1 Ite-w s I-,. It .s,. % I-it
I 25 ci. ' ltt 0 t lit. i ll,l -li
I it y i t t n imb \\ l
CV. t. and TIrAS ut3 :uock t:ined 3 au it bylat
VALL orcCAs LEos U .PrUiMS rec
: *e u Iu I e n t A t les :3. 0 t'it os
Rondpis Cd! ualcularphtoihdrip
,ton \ e laur- i itn lu r n I. i eiri
- - ent n ..'. A<bb .i.
re to
M s sc s Ro-ss
MLatest Stdes
III \ lil.oryI %. V ;lv% *Iq. NN tio N, etv.
lil 2' R EV: a 1,.; ."C
126 Main St.
Ll. D 1.1. \11-,
I'llV -t !\AN A N1l t (i-.:t)N,
Cd w:m pertiomi-n 1% 1-wittv-1 a( Pickvini itntl of.
Ii s i t nI
I I. I esI .h'll 0 at thek, t ill h101se-.
I I : N T NI S I,
1- . 1i: I . : N V I 1,1 E
S iven ee - --h r iy wn l Fritly, and
tEt'( Si VNt hot 1l it in ,t
v. p -I. I'.N
I: T -
-i t il ''tl:I,
.d ( E eo1ver \\ t!a1rv!-r i-I t i,n A kiiki's D)rug
Fi'' Iii re.
f~ (I Rm 1:N \'I 1. .,-:- S. C.
p. I ITIq
I .\ N , . \ N ) sI I I . : >
1 'K 1 N:i . C.
r It 11 F: li A llholl .'
T: N I I- : >.\ S. ' r
S - t Ilit I
I. I I I: I .N \
-\\n n-.in; St,re- M
iiti it i n
-t In - t 1i 11 t
il -i Ito hit , it r e11 1.
ti : 41
: I . t I
ii iitI '. - ii \ ! ta 15 1 t ill:i
. I I\'. I :U' I-i as AN IIym. ,''II
lit t''n- 'i'n IiI:t ii i r'
enun t '' V unu u l l n'.'j
ernOper e,O:Fni VAIF-E NORMAT-nra F.
inon'II oer m
I or I . IIttIi PE .ae .I V11 k v'1 I
For ill kinds of Sprains, Brui4s
Fractilres, etc., of Silverware, ou
NEVE R.-. fA4IL.
Silver and Gold Plating done cheap
We repair almost anything.
and skilled attendant.
2M''No charge for Fitting.
H. P. Collins & Co.,
111 Washington St, Giroenville, S. c.
P. S. Old Engsih Wateles chana
ed to stemN wind.
junc22d'93 ly.
M~cAlister & B3entz
TC') I )i's<>ve.
.Ii1 ffoods in alil Ii)epartxinent. to be(
ne.l, Bleu ~che.d G~o ds, - loa&k's, C~arp,-ts,
Nowv is the timne to get a bafrgain).
(A een'rille, N'. C.
Do You Want
A I0('envIts worth for
$1.00 ?
I ( .5 ( a!I on
(. L. DENN IS.
Lo saive Money '-v If so l)itiy Youtr
Goo,ds of
P'ickenm; M. C.
Scientiflo American
Agenoy for
th l a OO oicesien free or chargo ithe
gmuithulWitt.I. Woi v:3 i a
j tr, l*m smnth.At'Jl~ fr'APjio.
lk PRICES .-e
W.t' ti ruth fu ll. si. Ih%t w were xievcr I
A%i Novembvv.
Anljticipaterf Oet
y ntIr wilnlts. titifl lu Ih w-cf1 i:,]Nfor< : - "f ia-Ih gwl
realize that till N44i to Wc i %01r,tnllih. nv Ill
E'-vII it t ' wer,%% e t ;II pIt 4tt ,!:ve b I - .I i t > t.; .. te I al
osiT-1 b,y thli oiitIlal I il-( ot, - 11.\L1:1> To I n.
\\e hola.. v I vIy tiI hil th I Is Ie I I us, I;o4
give voil at i,t at Iti
woild be like lying it 11 4 t e
to jtildge how1% it F-E..\T I|lt UB 0il ild reel. Ih
thatt is Ihe MInly%i w %y F.'u--I your v% y s till the Ilirr
is tile only w% ivy We (ill ~ ' p i l t Ilint we ilicit
Worth of goots firom us for vatsh noo we % i g
of' yioisl' -li e I'lintin alIonle i% worit Iiore thr
S S. \k'- illoil* t -I' I];. to lot'y- TVII 1))01etM S
I O & t',-.DANVI , Ri, CO. .
I'usor iitIe liier
I \ I:I.\ .\ \ I t ' ig I
i \ ISl .
Ni . V A. I'l I
Ni Liiih-I
I~ :S 14t N
I' I ' In
' inv il in T i
I:~~ ...
. t i 1 .. . .1 IS P
I ill.
,v.t. hnrut.:. r ..
1 -t I -'i5 in
it-wly .i J i
uIn l'Qj51
,* : : II I
I ; vi I l i I iti t i 1, 141' 1t
t., 1 h 1-161 in
w ;' I I ,-t .1 (IC l
v \*.~i .Ii .... .I (
I I I i lt v r 3.1 1
I' lI'(I:jb
v. ~ ~ \- I! Itg !4 i ttl c l v
- .11pu1 Im
.. .. . ... . 1 011.111
t.iT Ii i gtit
t \\...: ...U ..... l( iI'm
b . 'I l I A l -t l i
Ner I'
I i I v
1, T ! I A.
iI v
It i
\ lb- ii Io l.v. lii I
... ili.,m
-it'll I ii lt Iil iti
- 1 I en j.il 1(11 I :~ ilip.
I '. I'l.
I St.i'.ii.Iii
II ((in
S i;t i i I--e-li ft .
'E 'i- X: i ii II.I
Paying \r......1'i:n
D soctor.s.-203i
ish-- BLOO ..B.A.LM1
-itt i e i l iit 1 '4 ....I l .. .. .iii t 1;
\o 4 yer .ri l as re ra.l-nto
\ir \ii'l an: j i ,iua-ntt D
,-i'i, itV friug hcto
SET FREE n Wf Nj(!.I r1i~.
*et0oooo.'id t.inGoI.OWi-et i.a
Ci 4 -i.i i IS! t,rtiff ii . ttlII t(l
* bX t,liltl hi t:l ti aIIi
Cn t(i lt II \ '1. iltw
0 ' "?U.Y.t-slin1 illoii I
I t r ' iothbtn
-i' lI-rtlral
* 1: I it li~lfE tt a a r 'nefa el. A t .1
6 i h t Ili e inh il <h-Illi to t'o unioi dli -
* 11CC 'ilr'cii4i i-~i ii . li i- RFOM?l\\
o 1 I t,eci ii 11dM itWli iit (I:pou: pot:N .
( 'O.lx4. 1 Pn ( \\*hi:
Trn ) I \\ . imh (eic
Bils ( llI
Ifasbeenthorngbl tesed b em
ud %"'' ill Increasing.
tier preparvo thaii now to n,e o the demandi of
64 vre lisive Anaticilpated.
"ii l1 yoll htly everydty itid furtherinore, we
t offer evevy hoiorable indneement we can.
IuPRA.L-Y %e are forved to the greate3t GuNE
"s. Tilitimm igs ad .\Millinery, but to ntteinpt to
at me iive it Ptovk that would I tereit you,
it vot itii-ersltiit' C 'one mrid aee ott goods
1%. of . beailit i goots of all khids, come for that
i w hat we say. Iluy
e 7ii: a i. size crnyou ini i nk jalilted
i Tenl iDollars.
KER & BR0.,
worth at one tite in order to get a port
Sniuel Spetiver. P. F.%. I litdekoper a
FoNter, Reetriveis.
Atlanta a Charlotte Air
SeilutIle in eiet 1 .j ul ly 2nl, I
Ion iEt . N. 30 o.
3-in. tea ii Tjjiit tiilly. 3)31
1,%*. .\ tllantil I-; TL ). ....
" ielt t4 re......
" . II liti..... I
GotI% t i i t*4.%.. . ...... 0%
( I4I,II AV&i . to.. . . .. . .
" Noreito t
iiird.. .....1
" i l wely nlo
1~............. tIi
" w I l il h ... 11
1 i.aiIt
"b1 hile Sillphitr
-.. .... .1.
.0 1 .. .. .. ...iiIL
lii toI .....
\%yvrsvi t1 .. . . . . .. .
' ' T e r r o n4 4 4 11
" 'wi . . . .16
ef3 44 . ............
" linsi nsii
-- ..... I IiW pm 3
........ii . . . i -'W' inII
.llit p' ........ .
[I( .It I : * . . . ..i. . . . 411 1
I fo.: . .
Cit'tll ...........
.i... ...
~. . . . . . . . . .
an i-o.i
'41 ing "( M tt.111i 4. . .. .
Ve-itlebu 'i n
. ..l . ... . . . . .
niit:It yi.
G 4)(roe
IG.45ptu 9 6
'4 4 I444i~. . . ... 1i
'444T * ... ...ril. 1 '
3.4 4 ii 44 ... ... 11
31 i i34' n
I iir 444 ,t...... ........ '
"44.i>pn: ii
6 Io. "43........ .... .... 3
ii.03i ;-3.44
11 3i3i. -ii . .. 4 .... G
43.. . . . . 43....
.4... ....44.(
-iti nt-~p ' tt li rirs N uI
43 4i4 t il 11.i3(444liiit.ta
(triiri i 3 4 lle.14
" I .4SIn ~ ,I: 11J'
... r .i lle. , . i S.3m
Srrp: ertl'
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