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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1871-1903, December 07, 1893, Image 3

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-Cotton 7 0 74.
-'iere wasi al ood larve crowsd in townt
- Dr. (1. V'.' ilae Lilled a :1 polnid
irkt!r last Mlonday -,
10 it:nie K.ry Irriv-l in l'icl(e n last
orlmay to spenl Ntas.
--Will the let-ishIlilure do anwingi. with
I! (abOitlitmitb 'le iTet hiav ik tit )(?
m. O.Aibler-brouglt I hlg to t-wni
t ThiIrsday which veileheI -1; 1 pound,
--Preachingv inl the Bai i't churlch uext
tirlay ai d Sunday by the, p.st,,r Rev.
T. WN.eld< it.
--It is, Said that at I'nited StatesdeIc-cive
Issed throu.-h here last un ry oil hi.
ly to Toxawav.
--Congress met inl regiutr qvsion ut(
.f. Now for pure zani tiuadullituead
emlocratic I-tforilu.
. -Sheriff j eDuujiai l 1tght, (-jj,j,rj 1enouh np
idko att lberty ha-A SAtulay to In:rke a
>pe to hantg i 1111 with,
-M. amn Mr S. J.1ims I I( ies te trnedTI
St Siunda1y after a 11-te we. ks staY with
Iatives and frienids in Virgini:1.
-'here was- a1 !,clntle lianl in Llt ( a -
e k who id tht Itre wkri wii v 11raks
eyely pinlt of dispenls-1ry3 lhpl .
--W . (. Braiinott sn-vs heis]as:) li x t i
piInt the town reIl tlristiias bullt is
g inl the Xne s g)1s h>r the hihirenji.
-Amonm thilt h ills inlt rited in the Iv
rhia t Salidav was ill. ap r
S0,fre seIshllld SufTferer.
- ev. .and i s G . i lt h ffr h-ft t la1-t
onldayv to altell the :11!111:tl Ml1th-di-I
onfeltti. whica inct, It, Siiater \\'litics
--M FaPs ln n:: h is full1 (f inlIf-rn-!.
m flor Il loist p urcaz I.S. Ih-cad w\11;1
e1 1) titlil this eil'. ;ti.l thetn
f )v i:l, :nd n\ il b. I
(iwo . I v. 114h l l- t w hl
ii :1 : 0 :t
w.1 nt p \' 1:E. 'li f
., t-H b:-1 S siul:ln ,v. 3:.
-r y i i b - l it : il h'
i y , 11 ; tb
.. itt , I - - h p
v t l. I, i til i Il
iVV E h' 1 1 I b. \4
-t a bilw 1 : s' i; , ,
!1,1 1
I o ' ll : \ p-a . :1 ,1 .
I t it li 4 w l I - .
\441 ii f' i : i.i : t e '
uan .- le. < i \'tt.
h i '4 v. i li ' -i. .
b. tit4Iit
i I' h s iver v.1 '. I t
- i -. ~ it i, - s s a :
,it th mi Ii .-i i tl - i 4,o i
v.a ,i a f ii i ili lici a'
a it - i -t i b t- i l i it I, h,
e v ha it i :0 alni t .
. -r wl i ilt . ' it.i.
h(i:e ai .1 f a li..- il'
al ': i a pr i. si 141 .- i
wh. lalda-t h t
>tour h:-uh ih r, a n,p :
at tl i i'' r h i t . n u.
-i h-ue ei wi 1 the a t n inl
liin -1ir l l r, iniaa i ti. 1
ae wlsill r a :.l tInt i litwh
in co p:my it h I a
k. in a1 ,l nnin-r I n i
I.iua.: --I- 14 I 0(1- i.m
d I a Iate t illt . lAnteen
-.'a aah'e I) uii r lit appa iea ut
I). iaai'i were '' intrth
I tia . jm
r the ('ii: , i aI: las ihe ca - aiI
'i t u \ a-aa'. ali tier ir a - mbi-I.
tei s4h to ia ehI I'ral-ieI
9 liaralh, i.. l. 'ier fo
',a' lr ti ns 4 oh il tI-li . ii dfo
'aen vf .l. I -.. i at lin i I . l ar
haiaIa s~1 iii .. vsi. ,I i .i Mi , l
.\l li l .aalt.i a a- ti-a..ti la ihi
t-lual ea a iti .aa G , I:n. tai ..II . 1. .
wr J., 'I ' i. Ib F. ta
'1I('Ii rt I i sIl 4 lii ' I t.\. I a
.1 M liv thi ri n inaL::.
ih li NOlSolderm Plc NIe.
Th:nikmi1in. <byWas (lbservedl anld ell
jilyerl ill this towln 1:1t Thursday in at wty
it waz never befb-re. The event was omic
wI i:hI w%ill lunig he renliemlbered by those
w 11w plesCeit. It wailt an ovensioll
IuiloN the m:fIy of hitter (Iliy gatlleriigs
h(can . it %%-;i w: I-V4l id (if ail feelings and
<disettssions except thatt if having at got)d
litle- .11141 :ilkint over tihe scenies and Inlci.
dencvs od ve:ms gone by whent men's 8otis
wen. tried. It Was ildecdI a joyful daly.
All Simtne seimn<1 to b(. in ilrInony %kithi
tit(- ;,coplv for)1 the( wvarmllnays of thle miln
hua.:ill willh comforting" atl inlspirinig inl
filcmnt . Eall the <hity the( old veter
:-tibllu to illiv their a.1ppearanlce anl
:04 Ch :ni rived Ie would bi he met by a
brohr v4.et uh w111h give ia hetrty shake
(,I thle h1u111 anill recvall "oinv we. ll own)
war incident in thevir lives. AitlIlhe fore
I n 11 s , Ient. inl this kili ( of lalk aid
here :nd there liver lt mIstets CoulI be
sueln little knls l o the 1<1 vtIerasns in
contlI11nltitOnl of the( pa'zt. It wa-is thle
fit m neltin-- (,f C(infidenalt! !-11diers midter
tlhe-iausp*-cs of' Camp WoIf Cn-eck Unitiql
Conte- ler:atv Vctcnins. At uhotitt twelve'(
o'click abut. si\1Y (if Ih4. f rwired in front
(,I' th bl courm Ir tI'se i) : rov, undhr tile
c'minliald (f C:alif. J. A. ,liltn by
tu\(s umrlehle<d tf) r:ar of thke nlew colnut
limise heriv i Ihe C ciess:i-; for tih( iler
InI: I '-I(V V i' . 4 l -rc ill i soliti lile
thNy ltook it war fashiol --somle St:anding,
knll e c i !_rTin , smm!n silit:ltth)--, smile lilt.
filg :111 i ill u iny other.posilitions while the
Iidicsw1 :virv rraii ing lite well filled bask
vis f()r tIl-ir <lis it ion11. EverYbo<dy aite.
;wnl.Z-1 :1nd 1:11ked l I he (40l vets recall
c<d IIImy a h:1r1 merinlmia-e for Somletingl
to vat diiing lite w:ar.
Thle mnly disalillinint to Ihem Wits
I'e hiiiilln of tie Sill-ikers IlIlvitel to alp
p(ar. Yet thecy <di< not goo Ia:y withouit
iw:ariti- chevering w4ir<ds. Mr. .1. E. litggs,
Dr. W T P. ie1l. Rev. E. M. McKissick
:111d Prod. .l. 'laillon wvere c-Olleled upon
will if-SilpO in timely andi pointedl
'I hll-re .wen-:h 1' two hunl1reIl and fiftv
rl .t : .l h 4 w:I. no(:t 1 lin, I h1:htt passe'd
0rh1*nne which woul<d IdYcmld thie ilo
on it\I-. l-:en rlv41 weIlt aIwUty we(ll
pl.nh i l4 :n414 -.; i:'tisi l.
il ( ?FI Cf mip W i.Creck.
4,e-:2ral Nw-vv.
P'r,f. ail :t fi.w cli)(mtionist, rearl
:m.I ' o lilt- \ ;m-I Ill ( h1 S:turdlav
b'l. VI\ f \ Wc- i w (leilt (in IecCon t Of*
n' I:l t 4e11 \\ (1 II4 tl 1w11 1I'I.11. )
Tit'- :.h: . P! ,i n inl flIv .\ ad:lmy Lust
nill '.v. IP l.I \\. A. 1 4:mil is prilnci
PL 1 It . [ ir hli- a . 1 : lt clkic lt i Inan.
cre: I.- i 44.. i oii; i::ily. T h I rtistee-s
h x I" t!"Iti -'ll .!Ill- ch 1 Ip!-r Ithalti ff'prm -l
4 I:b s , i an l i.c' -i ll :11 (d1141. 11 :11 (1
: h i r chp.4p i I l iv:ate fi m IlIi ies
-crl I h n in hpu4. n -- .
) 11r11.rb .ppon
nwnt i: uie i'e-htte i:i chure i st n
day,al:-whit v".:us a VCry dis:;grccable
i:1 \'.
'i.. \'' 'y:.41 t i. h : 've c4 linl th eir
:u .1 u\ih I ive it f-1r u% e
v' li,- I.. iI 1 ;1 1 I 4~ 1'1 w I,II(,y1 r-le
Imn - 10\ .1. t lit reA ience
i b4 ll 1'. . 1,, :1% ' -;vinl:l,- bi i h ll
I :it Mir. .1 : !. 1 l:nn, haanhn1
'Ii 14 ' I * i . ,IZ4II1 Mr. A4ilonz41
Ma c1 . .1 . I ' 1 I;. 54 .. A ( f.
' 1 . .ic . e(4\tae41 l is vis
Ill : ]llll 1:.. vi-i til::g ' I - M isws
- x. i ' s1I 1 :1Tvn \\'ent to
\ I' r t. r :I 1bis :Ir-l, is now
\ 1 i. I: - piw is
I 1414 rI- \\ ) Ih-~ ; 1 I.- i . V sl l i
t. ', ll \4: i4 41: h :4 ret-i. n :ien. s,
\ n t -144 <'' 11 .11 . 1:41-itI 41< 4. o
- \ - ,'!i lit li '' l.. < \'.4141t
''4 44 I' IIf tul 44 i 1ll'. 1)
1 1 -l'. 4,I\v: Il l - . t y (: y)
- \ \ hrel..'n 4 t .)\\ .40<8
44l 0. o ,44v to p:tin
\\4' u 44 4 \-' l) I' t)'.."
n eok'- r(.twOll Roo
a r- n ! r . n II e rsh -h 'spa-ol.
a I -1 0. I e I. h of .h n. I . ot J i b
Th'r'14'4 .' 1411 mchi Inst IVI: 'lcur Ii piln
n a4ici4 41he h ist.loiy o) -to er
- '4Oi. jl .ll ti..n.ck The fol4 lwing
!". ( P(, h S\ : .1 C1. by ther Truy
--Ii 4-1)0!.u iohPitim
I Il is.ii1
I " 'theII I I ~il ,'Ilt Ceit
14 e 1) I '44 14. I'.41
...4 444,
%7xxox-x ?
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1 t4ldyv scrapi b~1ig fat 11o'.
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8PART~~aNB-R Sho.t,~~
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A ni
and (
muals I
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Trliv .Muiseiavadol Mlasse.cs. The
I E:zv' a few luote al(counts that
1141 I to be4 5< t ijd at onice, to 1 lease
iirs for on I pvrice~s and short
h & t e t cor.lI4 n o ik(ens. bua
I ''lint e 4f the :iiro.ad
'ah i . r t"'t. jut ste toi
aI:l heI I *ne ll yo u1ant
- [ op t . I senitei H414 ('orre('t
.... ... Jgg lAj
4 i.N I.I e t' rc Ii iae. I" I
. I .V. 'e, n t .14eep i 3W'N

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