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-Cotton 7 @ 7j.
-l'c usual hilt to repeal the lien law I
was up last wee-., lAut flet the usual tate
-Matied, 'ecember 7th, by Rev. M.
L. Jones, Robert liagwell and Miss Mattie
-Married,'December 6th, Vill'Ilill and
MaryFkens, colored, neAr Pampy kintown,
Rev. IM. L. Jones ofliciating
-Tie council Is having the stree t which
has beei discarded for several years, back
of W. T..;eares, pit in file condition.
-One obstinate citizen contributed $10 t.
the city treasury for disorderly comteit,
resisting an officer and for being druink last
-Griflin. Holder & Bros. will challenge
the State on the largest yoke of steers.
They have at yoke that weighs 2,800 pounds
and are not fat.
-,bill fixes the Liquor
it A3,000, instead (f
8 that for refawn in
ir of the-Second Di
he Association will
limcth Stiturday be
fo-C the fifth Sunday in this month.
-The Comnty Commissioners will meet
on the 18th of this monlti and pay out all
the money they can. If ftie Coun1ty owes
you anything be on hand ready to Iccive
-Mrs. '. P.'Iarris le''t last Saturday
T for Greenville county to attend the mar.
riaze of her brot her. J. 1). 1Iarris to Miss
Lizzie WVillimian, which took place last
--blent. t. G. Man(in went to New
York this week to stanl a vompetitive I
militarv examination ITe will prohably
he here a few daV. on his return to San
Antonio. Texas.
-There was almost a serioniq fire at
9 l'lricks & Edens' gin at Pumpkintown
last Sunday. Fire was dis?.)veicd in four
bIles of cotton Sunday mornhig in time
to avert a serious confligration.
-Dr. .1. 11. liley and family take this i
means of extendint"g thanks to the 'Zood
people of Pickenis who remembered t1e
on Thanksgiving DIyN tat with contribl
tions much appreciated by them.
-(o to Lewis & Son's for vour oranes
caridy, raisins, corroalnits, citron. curralt,
pruneq," ete. They are offerinz special
bargains in every line to save cost of Iov
ing on January Ist Don't fail to give
them a call.
-Santa( Clause is gettine ready 'or his
annual visit to the hom.-s of our' real,rs.
lie is just as rich aid jolly as lie was livt
Christm-aas, despite the hni times. Ie
has some of his choicest gif's advertised in
our columns. If vou want to avoid the
A rush, order early. They wilt keep.
-ihe cator spent 1a d:V and ni.-lit ist
-week i- Spart:lmurg count v, at the lonpi
table home of Mir. and Mra. P. It. Wil
liams. Mr. Williams is of this ceunttY,
lint movet to S ata h :111mr' abot t w years
nr. ie is well situated :Idi t well pleased
with his new home. Ile has a eburch and
school in two or three Imired yards if
his house and is in three miles of t~own.
-The 1 1owin. were elvectid v the 1wt
L .islature 1azt. w (eI; a, triitee for ('t-Msn
College: .1. S. Iardii. II. 11. Stnckhouse,
.T. E. Tiail. 1). T. Rilfirn, N. It.
Mauldin il John 1R. .hefteritis. Mildin
al- .Jffies ale newi men,tl rtispla'.'tin
JTames L . (Orr andti A lien J1ohntsto nt', whoii
received onaly twenty-seven vites eaich, :tmll
were tile (tilyV i :ti s oni the boardt't and
the t wo) most active anid ettlcien:t trusties.
-Many of ouri reatiers will n grt'it to
read the follotiwin.g. wiih we clip fr tl the
Glreenill'2e News list Fri-Ih:y.: "1The-ri wtas
a thtrh it .f s"arro.w in every bI itt inl (1, (in
ville ye-' s:timrg hat ths itas known
litt Mrs. tuimi tWetltl's wiutof Capilt..
and itls was dad. i tF< r~ wit n tsr.e
h,uk hte lick at ti t iesftimprtd ino ha it
that relattttnsI:, butohr atied ilo t ci o ur-Sii
ae atre s frtro ht t ho ~anise it r' the
hel rteal/. dtt't tatten ta loin if runnd, t'ci
andle Irwas ontinii thte ipat t. wt or thrt
wees th-titit th wte foe tIigtlot oflietI
EaThe Eas l icr awmthet tofth Greena. i t
toin sed, shucks. etc. Duin tt the Iburn.
ing, t wto ingrotes cnteredt thIe hiuse o.f 111u1h
Etlison, fthter oft Coilumbutis Elion, at'st
Ron, demandtited what tionei(y thety tiud, andl
the robblers got 27. fThe suspicionm is thatt
'V the robbhers knew of Mr. Etlitton hiaving it
lot of mlontey to) p:iy ftri tiet of1 land, andit
fortutnately lie la<t julst hiuid out t81,500.
The jgini lhouse w:e tO o (idoubt set. on IIire
with ia view of rttinag Mr. Eltison.
-' tie tirst. dispenlsary case in thiNcouitnt y
wvas tiied he ftr i T'rial .Jutst ice (Chiir ess at
Daeusville last Wedniestday, thit part itsin
dicted bieiing (Cat pt. Eliaus Ily, Elias Ellisn
and West, liow(ei, tcoltorted. Theyi~ itr
chtaiged wvitht seltinig liquior wttthut. the
dlisptenlsary stamplt on it ant itlhoutit tie au
thotri t.y tf the (Go vernoir. One oaf thle Gov.
enoi's con1 statbls tias tbeeni l aund Etnsie
tthere wais not a sparUk of pitoo f tiga ist .i r.
it we mtighit y
3 .weni. It is satid
* Statet'.t A t torniy,
hiat tiis ei iin a
ia t"''..... .'tle wtio wotrke-d up
tthe catse, 'Trible, and1( who tiuendedii( the
trial, becaime apptreheive octf violencet anid
retuigned to Ensle3. No thriieats tor demn
onstrat ins were mtatde bty anty oile to tenad
a reasontalte tum itot suich a iacnelnsio n, and
It is tthougtit t hat ia pricked consciee w.tan
the cause. It wats t cleari (tase of ihe' wi tt
ed fleeinig where itO onei thursuetd, for it is
said every few yardls he wotuld took back
andI tell the tdriier tt drie up. At Eaisley
lie took the tronii to (reetiville, whtere per..
S hap~s the rece'ivted ciinditolentce, if nt sym..
pathly. lThe netgrto wats tbound( oaver tt court
on the test imonety of (tie witniess, wihot
stvor'e tha:t tie gave Ilwe itWt Wtentts to ge't
him a qpiairt oft tiitoir anid Ithat floweat went
oft and got it for him-wiih is very
flimsy. J1. P. Carey reptreseintetd the (IC.
confierenuce A ppoinlttmetst.
At the close of the naightt service of thte
' Methodist Conafereite alt Smtetr hist Suntt
datight lBishop Itiargr~ove cead th tantp.
po niets of thei preaicheis tot)I their Iiehl s
of lablor for next yell. aunt we tnive tho' se
f.r this district ititi thotse who are knotwni
to OurF people aind whot got to o tir tiehlIs:
John 0. Wilson. (Greenvillei, Ituinciombtei
street, J1. Thioimas Pate; St Paul, ,1. t.
Grier; Greenville circuit, WV 11 .Jtt,tua:
Greers circuit, .\i. 11. Kelly; Reidvitlhe car
cult, D). ZI. Dantzler: Foiunitaiin inn (ircuit,
JT. F. Anidersot; WVtlil5litn, A. Bl. Earle,
A nderson slttionl, (I. Pieree Wa(tt s n;;
Anderoni ciricutit, N. (1. Hih-llnier; 'otht
Anderson, WV. M. tlarteCr; Ta'wnvutle, ()
L, Euirant; Piiidh-ton,. S Ii. Zimmiim..lllt.
. IPickenas, (G. It. Shialfr: Stneca andh
WaVilhalla stition, 1I. ii. Birowne; Wecs,
minlster, ii. WN. Whit take'; Wahat'a cir
. ut4.. pan leRdg,msin
iVilliaiston Female College, S. Lander,
To the CIinri'stou I )ist rict -). 1t.
irowl), iolud ; P. L. K iI ton, WaIter
)oro station.
Cliester )istict - It. A. Child, Chester
tationl; G. 1I. Waddtell Chuster cirecilit;
3. 0. lerry, Leslie circuit; A. S. Lesley,
iorth Rock Hill.
Rlev. S. P1. 11. OCwell is return-Ied to
Jarion StIrIt, Coltinibi: a tilitv. v. 11.
irton ito Brookhlnid, Coliumbia; Itev. (C.
1. C!<v,Orawngebilr" circ,.ui I Il Rev. B.
it. McKissick to Drtneliville circuit,
(chritmn Not e'N.
Do iot put off yotir Christ mtas shoppig
linlil thet store,; are crow<de<d ; thenl so inally
>leasanllt possibilitit-s will stlun'e st thti-.
lves whgi en I i is too htte lot ic:litivs
While there! is yet pl of il litile lt
lo yut work ittliyo p ltky will not he
aurrivil :ial Nitlholit. forellhOu-jht,
If you)t :ilot pilt lI)V(- anl kil k i ness in
lttr gift andi the bright h p t hli i t it will
rTY joy toe O tlat. If tIhe rc-ceiver
Ioll't gi ve. Gills madte hecllse it. is "4ex
wctled of yltt" are t v(-ry little valtiv. I f
moil belong to the( worthly poor, who by
lar< work aindo ec<on y wmwm:e to live, or
f you are i <deht, do' tw-ikie Christmas
wesents. Alwayskep Wilthin) otIr tonS.
f Ot(it h vv only (ne dolarl >(uIt C:it SiPtre
lon't spen :iy imo, an<d tht. 'ift should
le aippopiaite to i rei i: 'Ietu
It is lt Suit hln s is thei tntli e i
vihich piroluiptt-41 th:at cilnft-rs this ino. t
lsure it not Ilh expensive:cticleS.
.e-ou,ooI s'enoe <disc-riiit hal.bft wevn
he tit-e is ol yoie it-h i e :1110 w fl iti( .
ue i's :ill : iiti eill' tVo a ite tl i it w y
*iI walv.
o I> e that n-1,4s it lw!.. D"I)' s.1d to)
ODWi pfmor uidlow :I ciFIly ,vv:v, Mlit-n the
ini t will d( her so nitwh more
:ood. D)o i,t sciin ii n )p-na clo-t i t) youir
IMI.IrY friel . It t:a! v 1inr hic:III workt
11vo N 1:< .<- ) p. , l m,-v i e SilO.talk' t *l'11 lli
ifts. S(tIdJ the .111)1.0 )r :oltid i l>
, !- if.
I f \.)It h:vi 11i ' 1 . t 'l . or an' a
M'('S<)1 (If lei til1'. Y, li;11 allnmlo pro Ifv\
anc)(y :ric tle-s, \ic-l \\ill lie- t 6d:yie1)
-Otu :tl(l ilhe Is v.iiI c:n-IN \%w ith tilt-ml
nutlh h:appilless; but it INmi :ar-- theovr
ilid m- 4d,suc
rtiivlts will be n':i1p. t - to xt1-ou It, thnat
l' IliIllr (':ll e'x i' t . i ".n (, - : [ ( - ( 11 -;1,)
.41 alw:ays S:Ifc to:-.ivf- thei hoi'.:1 prew.vl
Yh:11 wi i v reate 1 : e to a shil
(Ir~ :1llaz'iw
'i it tiI tils ii n il e E tr : l t 1.I<
li exerci v of conr:pm S th:m C'rik
ims givil ,:ath lt . hnllb o
1 ' 1cclett''t It'
0 tirf'rind wi\vi: dhav r.mcmbwr tisi..n
hle <hstr-)ih ion (4 11i4-;r 11n41m v. W e Ilo(
tit ill tid to l!r-- a y ' 1t - bu i rr t Ibigntl
halve m :.c )I wIl i iy n let
S' '. 1 f -iol I a itt it y ill I ):tta
An<d if you Ihilve nlot I;,-! n1101ey we will
ike c;r,IIl, bi'li wrat.
' T .h-IIF ..l S,rup, the beSt out,
0or Ste bly Si. an lI',;
-Ifytr voit h:l'e~ en 1r -'.ta w..Ili iu< n luis
etirnt 'io. 'i'l o util them.iur litun. 'rtci' the
w"l la(" 11'1 i'i'it 1111U'i Vi-;uld pMliii. .
>So l:n e inly u'(' t~ inV i'.n:.a a:l puy.
>iI l 'ts . S (I, 1
''it nirii.w vy .u !>-o > rint
L'iti' our b i. . hit.
ht'i., init:'t:-ui t, i : t .In and c r'
nnleie e a is. L~
--Y u :a a r: s -lI o anyi'ui tilia;
tiv - . ,. I - - b'il':tb'
-ti :. i
You'll iiave to have the InttWr ir y t i
this cbai athgtib e %eth r.
great lit
And a great mnnny are wearin;r
if not votI ha1i
LeCadinlg C10i111
'Where is
First-Class C
And Where is th
Slie will give yO
A m<l IE'kit'i I
la4, til< 81loW1
Da<hl srpin
Mannu <il in
All lunst forgeNhi
Toz.jn th tr
IOf al h,' ishu(
FoTluis and~p
He t h ('lun,
lGrisu-i ,hImns
- Away Ito h'
An<l everythini
1x40Ix ?
,miger without an overgarment of some sort
I.vviyho<ty is talking about our
of 0vcretats at
them. Are you among the lucky oneg;
better call and get one.
ivirs and lInatters,
i1le, S. C.
he Place for
e Place you will Buy
,re-avvalse Clothiaer,
1EiI VII AM, S4. C.
i~ more D;ods and better goods
H get elsewhere for $1.25.
nd yaller dogal,
ig fal t fce
N that Tti r ad
axed l,in) w1har ebim
\ . T. '\cFAall.
s, tha r . n: p Reo ~ ,LL . Pe
ud lo Itit* ar,onen,n
nada. .bIfMInta grin.
-r fr r I a l a !va tietl e
t .c'sedye wantatolta.
Are fu
TIey I
ceries to
Good I
ily Pat
A vice
Ai 111C
Ware, I
malls Ifor
We arq
Hats and
Yoll W
yo11 Al
t'le pHoe
toll ald1
Bes ht ce in I l'e (
fil u i (1( !ql(
twiice thatu to
n.oney ua &h lp
New Loi
Co.sting but. Lit
tw ce the valu
Fl o Best 1i:1.o
John L.
One Hu dred Bre;e
The .IWSTJ <uut
Ever Offered in
Greenville C
One m.<(1 Tr) ii
WhIy buy ChIeaip WesternI Wan i
H. C. &
G. W. iiiRNR1N E, Nne-sn
WeI will tatk(e s,
ancl settle be(fore. that <(
Wm.i I Iunft(r T.
I I (l s I (sr to inferi1
to sell you Goeis
an<i any or everythii
M\erc:han<(lise stor~ :i,
lr~~'I iighest cas
11y prepared for- christin
i%ave the b%,,,st stock of sta
be fomund anlywhere.
Flour at 84,00, and the o
ent at 84.50.
stock of fruits and fanc
rlil. assortiment of V
>l, Noisy lorns and fu
the little folks.
s0il leading the trade h1
I not lind a better selt
s sell thenu.
WHINe paid for Corn, Peas,
other. prodI1ce.
A fy o uy AII >ve.
(1rrcenville, S. C.
May u1111ys
O() Rattle Tral
pv4,.fvl.. Think harI 1fo((e y()l V:
fer..t( r :n. All 11- we,.rb,ihknw aboum t 11
'It j A N 044111 .~ ~ 'A WE 3LL.
,v P3iced Styles Just Out,
t!e ioro th- n Cheap Organs, bit
.1 .i;;y. 1 al gu Iree to a
-r Or-an ;at Lr,wesf :jost. Write
Haynie & Daughters,
cach Factor3
.A LEY. Proprietor
\ 11(T(>hl
Iunte ;u :l M.
' -u*l e t att1
I~ 1 I the thll >es i~;t.
I.41J..i'l. e n
E & CO1,
a1s trate,
'PL), Gro
y Vandies,
hily ai.,
I Clothing
Ctiol; and1(
Seed Cot,
Sloan Bros
Will give each and every customer a
Silver Dollar
to any amount., fir 45 and 55 cents,
also thirteen twi cent stamps for one
cent, and a quarter.
Dollars and
warranted good. Thqy
vidue for your money
Drugs, Sei'ds and Paih
G1laSs4 anId PuIttv.
see the "sell1?"
73 Main St., Greenville, S. 0,
I (don't. (offer rewards for sledge
hanoi Iners ibut sell good is ch deap) 1 S
anybody,I qiulity tI consiered.
Chleeks, C'tnFgne,ec h
I han<bl U hle bie-t gr'ocries and sell
as chieap as othters sell. Teig Cq
g.d, raickers and ( andy.
I will have fruits of all kin-ds for
ChrIistmas1. Northernii A pples, Or
anlges, I ananahizs, IDried Figs, Rasins,
C(cnuits and the line8t, line of fan
y cainlv in towni.
Try my :\iuscavyado M~oJasses. The
I haIve a few more)1 accounts that
nIeeid to l,e st tied att on1ce, so please
na iis for low prices and shorf
. f iM. MORRIS,
Thle rnil run, hai not yet Colie toi Pie
if yoiu inre in Ii-:nsley or Piikenis aind
taulk to ani.yn Iin thei iither t in, jus.
the 'phl-' lind enili theione you want.
I ilerignt, u ie pron t trainiittedt iandt
ill.iiuir Li .1 AI iirui.ngges for Pie(
L.ike Cu res Like.
The P'oistin of the switnp has its Anotidote ini
tie Swainp.
For Malhrin, Necrvoutsnie , Iedigeut ion J)yM
nltory andi Hiowel' (inplit, ask you r delOii'
for .tONTIER~EY'. if hie idoes nitkeep it,we ni11
ientd you ia large bottle, express pirepuilu, Onl I''
eeipt of ei .00.
Fl"oreunce, s. c., Prop . r d ilru,
F.W. W'AcENKR & 'O.,
I. balleto~n, state Ageb9

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