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The 13111 Occupied Nearly afl the T me of n
the ncule in Yosterday'a Seeelonr, aloti le
Day and Night. but was Pdssed at Last. -
COLUMBIA, S. C., Dec. 12.-This has w
been Greenwood's day in the House. w
Nothing else was considered. The re- G
districting scheme was brushed away G
on a technicality. It could have bien te
considered, and there is a ray of hope cc
in the disposition of the [louse. For w
nearly three hours this morning the G(
pros and cons of Greenwood County vc
were advanced, and everyone ought by im
this time to know what he wants about m
the new county proposed to be made fo
up of portions of Edgefield and Abbe- su
ville. The most striking incident of ca
the debate was the unexpected refer- th
,enceto the Legislative members being br
4; vest-pocket edition of Governor Till- ye
man; otherwise everything went along (ir
in a nice, quiet, humdrum way.
The first tilt of the day was on the w
redistricting bill. The people scored as
onel It looks hopeful. The Black dis- pe
trict champions haven't things alto- p1
gether their own way. The lines were ty
drawn today and old Charleston and ed
the low-country have their friends. at
When the bill came up Mr. Moses's ur
original bill was promptly killed. (N
.VThen the substitute bill, with a fa- 11
V61-able report, came up. Mr. Magill na
the chairman of the special committee, su
moved to kill the bill, as there was a of
Senate bill upon the same subject. Mr. if
Magill did not anticipate Mr. Moses's oy
close attention to the work of the at
House. The House bill was laid aside ba
and thereu pon Mr. Moses called atten- th
tion to the fact that the Senate bill in
had not been en the deska for twenty- of
-ar hours. Speaker Jones held the th
point of order well taken. m
Then Mr. Magill wanted the bill
whereby the House bill was killed re- M
considered. Speaker Jones held that M
an affirmative vote to reconsider cu)tild th
not be regarded. Mr. Breazeale moved vi
to take the bill from the table. The
House, by a vote of 28 to 26, refused to ti<
have any more talk on the subject to- 7.8
day. . of
The Greenwood County bill was the
nex. in order, and furnished the battle Ri
royal of the day. Mr. Yeldell first took th
the floor and made a very strong argu- fo
ment, in favor of the new county. IIe iu
said that there has never been a strong
er argument for a new county Out di
&f two thousand voters in the territory pr
affected seventeen hundred pf titioned as
for the new county, and the first, name pe
on Ihe petit lon was that of Governor cih
'lillman. There are times when one m
shoulu not let st-ri iment overrule av- pr
cessitV. '1he objection comes from C<
Abbeville. You have no assurance Cl
that there N% ill ever be a consI it utional It
convention. We have been looking for w:
tariff ieform for twenty-five years and K
It is still coming. We have had tl'e Q
county surve3ed and Greenwood will Gr
pay for the buildings. When we tell th
these counties that we are tired pa5itig i
them tribute they raise a great protest.
Ile debated elabora'ely the question of tho
area aLd the necessity of forming new re;
countiec. Mr. Yeldell quoted from the th,
census bulletin and showed that the Gi
incorporated towns in Abbeville had
more population than those in Green- ag
wood. IIe devoted considerabie atten- an
tion to the railroad situation, and de- A
nied that Greenwood would get more ha
railroad mileage than Abbeville. li
Mr. 11111, of Abbeville, said that, al
though sick, he was hero to prevent fa
this monstrous iniquity being placed vc
on Abbeville County. If Abbeville sh
- must be despoiled consider the inter ist
ests of the remaining portion ol the
coun!y. The idea of a new county is ai mi
newKding. iIe understood that names
to the petitions had been secured by tli
promises of dAlce. They want to take co
out of Abbeville what they want and Ba
leave us worn-out lands nearly all Ut
streams that require bridging and an Gi
undue proportion of the negroes. The dIr
judiciary committee re*per ica favorab,ly M
because it heard only one side of th'e da
question. We 'were not adtv is d 'I mn
their facts and data. 'Il,y -uk~ snap w.
judgment. We (lid not knowv haowa
much we were to be hit or how much JIt
we were to be hurt. We wotuld rather a'
move the court housi-e to Greenwood 1n
than have the county dilvided. l
Mr. Graham, of A bbeville, who fa- El
vored the new county, said that the ad- Gi
vocates of the county went about the il
matter in a businless-like manner. WVe .Jc
have aflidavits of competent sturveyors Ii
that old Abbe ville has plenty of area. to
We have been pa) ing for their bridges Ml
for the past hundCred years. Tlhey ac- Ph
cne' us of not having Greetiwood in era
the centre of the new county. WVe n-e
* went for tihe business centre. We have y
ade Abbeville valuable, and if the so
portion we wanlt is more valuable it
belongs to us. We have made it valua- rh
ble b>y our enterprnise anid push. WVe w.
take only about half of the railroad yc
mileage. A bbeville never tbuilt roads for
Greenwood's bencelit. .rThey ne ver ear- co
ried them that way. Abbeville aind
Greenwood are rival towns and they nri
are noc building railroads by our dtoo rs. 10,
The first mention of tne new county M
was made by jarmners living In Edge Ta
field County and doing buisiniess in pr
Greenwood. Notice of this matter w
came out in the county newspapers a th
wet-k after the preject was started.
M r. Suddath, of Edgefleld, did 'not P
think the new count y would offer any Io00
convenience to the people of Edgefield ed
who were to t)e t akentin to Greeinwoodl. es
There tire i-aid toi be 1,250 square nailes mi
in the cunlt y. Mr. Yeldeli made him is
admit that thierte were over 900 miles of
lei t in the old county. Mr. Suadath Gi
then went on to say that lie favored
small cotunties arnd a const it utional thm
county. Let us get an omnibus ill it
and get all of the new counities at one Cc
time. In Edgelield County stuch a
scheme is not want .d. I have petitions
to that fact. If anybody wats 0 (de
serves any favor it is the country peo hi
pIe of thie St ate and they are not askii ng
for any new counties.
M r. Fostier. ol Sp'artanlburg, saild that el
he inaverted new counl'ies 'I hey add to 1K1
the we.tlth of the s.tate. North Caro- C
linca is get ting a'heiad of us in that bite, dI
,As a mat te r ot Statu e polly it be hoov. a
11s to hiave~ 1:ew couli it-s. Talk about Cr
Buncimte Cotunty being injured by 1E
bceirg cut tup. No. The same is appli- W
cable to A bteville. Look at tie State at.
tha' ha,s aiprunig from 01(d Virginia. is
Green wood us w. orthy of the luai+i thiat th
Bshe is i-t img to get.
Mr.FJirar-k Gar3, of Abbetijie, said
that he htad to oppuo the proposed en- toi
tmnt. In the outset I am not ol
ised to new counties, but in doing e
>u ought not to destroy old one
bbeville is symmetrical. Our peop
n reach the court house and retur,
e same day. The people of Abbevill
ed no better facilities and you d
ithing for the people of Edgefielc
iere is great doubt as to whether yo
ive us the requisite number of squar
iles in Abbeville. They have com
,er into Abbeville County and take
hat they want. Is it a right plan t
ant you to vote for this bill becaus
)vernor Tillman heads their petition
mtlemen, that is an insult to your it
1ligence and Independence. Have yo
me here to obey Governor Tillman'
.11? Are you his puppets? Doe
)vernor Tillman carry you and you
tes in his pockets? Governor Till
in does not carry my vote, and a
ich aq I admiro him I think and ac
r myself. I tell you that it is an in
it to you to suggest to you that b(
use Governor Tillman favors thi
Ing that you will favor it. You ar
ave and loyal men and will act fo:
urselves. I am loyal to my peopl
st of all.
Then he made a vigorous reply t
iat he termed an anonymous attac
to methods from some little whiI
r-snapper. Ile then outlined th
in of campaign of Greenwoo-l Cour
and told that he had been approact
by advocates of the Greenwoid bi,
d told that if he advocatcd the meat
e it would be named after his uncl
[art Gary.) lie spurned the offei
3 would feel that it is bartering
,me he honored, and would not d
ch a thing. Then he told of an offe
the Senatorship from the new count
he favored it. This he refused. II
ved a higher duty to his present cou
tuency. Ile would make no suel
rters. Ile then went on to discuE
e positions of the new counties, th
justice of the change, the uselessneq
the new county, the uusuitability c
e time, the indebtedness and othe
The bill was further discussed b
r. J. T. Duncan, of Newberry, aiv
r. Watson, of Anderson, in favor o
e bill, and Mr. D. II. Magill,of AbbE
le, against it.
At 2.30 o'clock the House, upon mc
in of Mr. Moses, took a recess unti
0 P. Al., with Mr. Magill in possestoi
the floor.
At the night session of the [louse o
!presentatives the closing hour fo
e receipt of the new bills brough
rth abaut a dozen new bills,the mor
por. ant being:
1y Mr. Sturkie, amendments to th
3pensary law, to lix the maximur
oti. of the State dispensary as we
that of the county disp-nsers at 2
r cent. instead of 50 per cent.; t
ange the name of Graham's to Det
irk and extend its jurisdiction; t
ovide for a constable at Clemsi
olb-ge; to amend the chatter of l
lester and Lenoir Narrow Gaug
>ad and authorize its consolidatio
t h the Carolina Nartow Guage an
g's Mountain ltoad4 to charter th
ieen City Detectire Agency, c
eeville, to regulate admissions t
e Lunatic Asylum anc regulate con
tments for idiocy.
,%r. Moses wantf-d to know whethe
3 Jiouse wanted to continue th
iding of the Code. The IIois
)tght it best to try and finish witl
eeLiwood County scheme.
Mr. Magill took up his argumen
ainst the new county. Ile showei
affidavit of the county auditor o
>beville that the county would no
ve the requisite area if dismeimbered
3 argued until 9 o'clock.
Joshua Ashley said that while h
vored smaller cotintiei he could no
te to eit Abbeville into such
ape. lie made one of his charactei
ic speeches, full of fun and fire.
Air. Yeldell made the closinig argi.
T'he prcvious question being calle
e vote resulted. Against the nes
unt.y: Anderson, Ashley, Breazeal
uce, Bruce, 13rice Carroll, Coopel
un, Edwards, 1Ellis, irly, Gar
ick, Kirkland. Lemmon, Magil
anning, Mitchell, Itast, Sturkie, Sud
th 'Tatu m, Tupper, TIhomas, Whil
re, W. C. Wolfe, ,J. 5- Woltff, Woot
For the new county'; sipeaker JIone:
rry, lllack well, 13lease, Breland, l3uisi
~rd, Carpenter, Chandler, Cox, Cov
ston, D)endy, D)ennls, D)ubose, J1. 1
incan, T. C. Diuncan,Edwards, Egar
der, Estridge, Felder, Folk, Fostei
ahaim, iIammnett, iardee, IIardil
irdy, hlarvey, Henderson, ,Jefferies
rdan, .Johnson, K notts, .J. D). K inard
J. Kinard, Lancaster, Lesesne, Lol
ii, Love, Lowrance, Luban, Mauldir
C.0. White, Mitchell, Parks, Patton
tillips, Rivers, Roper, Roland, RLog
u, Russell, Shuman, Singletary, Skin
r, ,J. L. Smnith, Stackho use, Sullivan
rughan, Von Kolnit z, Waters, WVat
a, Willborn, Yeldell-65.
Messrs. IIaskell and Weston and Gar
F and *[liver were paired. WVatts
io wvas out of the hall, would havy
ted for the new county.
T'he tidlal wave favoring the nei
unty was hardly expected-~
Mr. llarris want-e I the newv counta
med Gary. The amendment wa
it, about lifteen voting in its favo
r. Magill moved that It be callet
lman Counrty'. This, too, wai
omptly voted dlown. The newv count
Is given two members anid placed(l
n 3rd Congressional (district.
The Governor is aut.hiorizedl to ap
int a commnirsion to arrange a divis
of the bonded and Boating inidebt
ness of the counties. Trhe bill pass
Without further trouble and will to
>rrow be given a third reading. I
said that a canvass has been made
the Senate, and it is in favor o
een wood count.y.
&t 9-2o0o'cleck the IIotse restimet
rearling of the Code and continue<
until about hi o'clock.-News aind
The M'thodisat Conference.
UM'RE, S. C., Dec 9--At the meet
r of the South Carolina Methodia
n(erence today the following dele
t.es to the General Confearence wer<
ct ed: Clerical -8. 13. Jones, Wv D
rk land, 11. N.-Wells, J A. Cifton-, j
Kilwo, .John 0. Wilson, Samuel Lan
.Lay-D) IL. Diuncan, .James ij
alghiead, II. II. Ne wton, It. 0. Purdy
tror of the Cuaritiaun Advocate, Rev
.ID. Kirkland. Trhe Conference me
L~a'reins next year. Tlhe 'Jon ferene
)pise'd to a (divisuoon. Th'le work 01
-Coniterenice i over. The appoint
lnts w Vill be annunced Sitnday night.
. Aortou aiddre.ssetd the Conferenc4
igfht on Church extenamon.
0 -. _ _
It was an All Day and A11most ,aU Al
e Nilht Fight, but it Went Through aW
e Lst, Despite the Opposition of Varlntim
COLUMBIA, S. C., Dec. 13.- The County
Government Bill was the theme of yes
a terday's long morning session of the
i Senate. The bill aoolishes county
Scommissioners, creates a ''county su.
1 pervisor," elected by the people an
s paid a salary, and township boards of
t road commissioners, whose approving
consciences are their only recompense,
a The "supervisor" performs the admin
e istrative duties which now devolve on
connty commissioners and in addition
to this he, with the "county board of
o road commissioners," divides the coun
k ty into convenient sections as regard(
roads and bridges. Then the county
L supervisor is required to let out thest
sections tc contractors to be worked
and kept in r(,pair. Besidt 3, there is
provision for county chaingangs to be
employed on the roads. The cuinty
a supervisor is to be a bonded ollicer and
0 bonds are to be given for the perform.
r ance of their obligations by roai and
a bridge contractors. Mr. Evans is rontl
of calling the bill a "road bill," and
frankly admits that It. is primiaril y and]
fundamentally a measure of that -har
9 acter. ofis elaborate argmient in thle
f debate yesterday showed that he hid
r given the subject careful and dil igeni
The Senate met at 10:30 a. in. Th(
f session was opened with prayer by Dr.
Smith of the Presbyterian church.
Abol.t a dozen bills passed their final
readings. The county government bill
1 special order wes called up. Senator
:1 Jenkins moved to strike out the enact
Ing words of the bill. On a division his
f motion was lost by a vote of 19 to 13
r A call of counties was then had for
t Senators to sugest salaries for "coun
e ty supervisors' which had been left
blank in the bill. When L,ancaster
e county was reached Senator liiller re
11 r!.xest* I that his county along with
I t -arleston be excepted from the pro
' visions of the bill. Senator Evans
0 hoped that the amendment woiild t(
i- voted down, declaring that sp 'cial le4
o isiation was the curse of the State.
n Senator Miller briefly explained hi,
,e otij-ctions to the bill stating that, iTi
e his opinion the bill multiplitd ofliee,
n and was not suited to the people.
d Senator Finley wished to know wli
e Charleston was excepted, and Senatol
f Buist answered tfat since a hi rp.)r
tion of 13erkeley with its roam's ;nd.
bridges had been added to the county
of Charleston he could see no reaisoi
r to except it fromi the general law oi
B the State. Senator E vans was perf ec, -
1 ly willini for Cha. 1-t mn t , be (xvid
1 Senator lnist -,sked tiue to collsilt
his colleague, Mr. Saytie.
t Senator Evans was plied w%ithi qucs
I tions from Senators l1ei-ely and d en.
f kins until the quest ion on Senator Mil
t ler's motion was demanded, whiib Sen
ator Evans moved to table. Senat,or
Derhamn asserted that under the bill i.
e would be impossible to get a service .s
t eflicient as that Il,rry was now er.
a ing Senator Derhani beleed u
the bill provided three mnen to do t lie
work of county conimissionirs in oac
township for nothiung, while the iiuper
visor remained at the court houase an:d
I did nothing.
v Senator lirice thoughgt that t he hill
3, contemplated an in)creatse of tile burden
7, of taxation wvhichi the peop)le at. pre.;t u
y were In no condlition to endure. PTe
bill committed too much01 power to one
I,man, iIe was unmwiling for I lie poor
people of his county to be suibjecuted to
the harah arnd inquisitorial provisions
Iof the bill. On the motion to t able
Senator Miller's amendmenit tihe v'ote
, resulted 14 to 14 andl the l'resideiit vot -
?, ed "aye," therefore Senator Miller's
amendment was kilk I.
-Senator Verdier offered a resoluit ion
I, to exempt Bleaufort from the provisi'in
', of the bill, Ile had been in favor of the
', bill when it was understood that h
4, supervisor waisto lie app aintedf. if he
,was to be elected, then it was cert.ain
-that he would be a Itepublican anid a
*Senator ,John G. Evans: "I am will
-ing to accept an amrendLrmint for Iihe
*Governor to appoint the supervisor for
Senator Verdier staited that suich an
arrangement would niace himi in an
awkward position. It, would break imp
the amicable arrangement now exist.
ing with the negroes, by which the
Senate enjoyedi the benefit of his sir
Senator ,J. GI. Evans: "I shall give
notice of general amnendmeLnts (on the
thiird reading, anid promise the' Senator
a political atnendmnent , agreail umponi
with him, to nmeet t,he nmect SSities3 of his
s county."
'Senator W. I). Evans move I to amue'i
by making the time by which the tax
couild be conmmutedl in iabor at live in.
stead of eight daiys. Senator Ev,ms
said that lie was in favor of the b)1l
- nearly all tile way through, but, if the
Senator from Aiken had beenm a roadl
overseer as long I' he had, hie would(
understan I what an unlfair burden
wold be p)laced up m1 poor peolei.
Senator ,J 0. Evanis, who was Iin an
accepting tramCe of tminid agreedi to ac
ceptthis amend mnt, too. Senator
Ti'mmernman thought that the annmnd
ment would defe'at the puirpose o1 the0
bill as to the hifihy .sectonns of thle
S tate. Senator F"ulIler belhe'ved I ihat Inl
his county three days' road service was
a is ICuch as was averaged.
Se'iator Finlhey obIjectedl to I hue 8 dauy
'provisioni, imainit ananllg thatIm tha laor
3 of those wh io coiubi rnot, pay the I. ax
*weuld be given to tIh'e ounit y at. the
-rate or twenty-live cents a day. So- u
~ tor Evanse w'as nt welle I to the' la
* f aiy special n umblier o0 cIh,s, but Ie
* ved that a mnliniin and mai n 'io
*Ought to be fixed.
Senator Dernham ref erred( t i.he
chain gan g feature, and coulni inab 111.
stand how there c mId be a ei Cii 0 og
in his county, wnicth haud on11y aib m.
two comnvicu,s in the penit.-nia;ry, it
was runmling a gri nd-ston. vi l a f >c.
ty-liorse ,)ower engine F'he (lebate
waa heginning t att.. itu! ,d o
the Stat.. Senator Harrison discugs
the bill Ps its provison could be applie
to his section of the State. Then th
Senator struck out with his right v
Section 14 which allowed the supervisc
to dismiss defaulting contractors a
Senator Jenkins had' listened wit
interest at the arguments from Son,
tors from various counties and or
thing was evident, that there was
vast deal of diversity of opinion as I
what the practical workings of the bi
would be: "that we are grouping in tt
Senator Evans replied to Senato
Jenkins, saying that the Senator's ow
bill had been reported unfavorabl)
that he was endeavozing to "hood-vin
Senators" for whom he ought to have
higher regard. iIe had appealed t
the thread bar, argument about whit
men ['boring by the sido of convictE
The bill made no stch provisions. 11
was under the impression that Senato
Jenkins had said that this bill could 1)
made a urood one. Senator Evans pr<
ceeded to repeat that the bill include
no great innovation. It merely abol
ished the 0111ce of county commission
ers which the people as4ented to ii
their vote on a constitutional aniend
Senator Jenkins stated that the Sen
ator's bill had been defeat. I in th
House and referred to the history. 1i
had admitted that sonie of the bill'
provisions were good, but lie had foun,
that it was imlpossible to amend it
impracticable fe,itures. It had neve
been votc:I to abolish the ofice of coun
ty commissioner but merely to put i
under the control of the General As
sembly, aiid not to have it a constitti
tional offiCe. "I am admonished by tl:
Senator that 1 1m talking for bu.
combe, but when I go home, unlik
himself, my political career is ended
I say its a shame and an outrage to de
sire our poor people to work by th
side of convicts."
Senator Evans debated this bill a
length, being fron time to time "in
terpellated" frow Senators from al
qiarters of the chamber. lie describe
the growth of the recent road agitatior
and the road congrejse,s throughout th
Inited States, and alluded in glowinj
terms to the magnificent roads of th
Itomans. Wheni lie touched upon th
"Appian Way," Senator Jenkins cruel
ly li(niiired i f slaves did't build it. Th
speaker respondc I that the argumen
amoanted to saying that if we had no
slaves we niust have no roads. Ou
people were willing to build the roads
Senator Derham thought the bil
might be enaVted for those countie
which wanted it, and to whose condi
tions it was suited. Senator lighan
opposioek the bill. iie contended agains
i1s praciicability, aid objec-t d to thi
expnXs(A ofhe Convict system. II
bad Ialked with the people of Florence
had tt;ldl them that this bill was on th(
cal-ndar, anl not a man la-i posise
the cheek t o isk that it. be enjcted.
Senator .J. G. Evans: "Was not, ti
bill ant issueI net ween you and Congress
manl Mtiruirinl ii % our race for Con
gress?" Seoator Bighai stood mit.
for a minut-,,, and then replied: "Yes
bl-t it was a soro point witi ongress
man McL,tirin. lie (lodgel tihe issue
lie Wa1-s williaig to relieve Bighan anc
his people of i he whole I hing."
t Fiit-y pronoitieed thie bill
ir supe'rior to any of the in i previ
01ly itr i :1. h'lle bill coild hard
lyi he oposd froii th1 ij t ind
l'int a. th-0. 1rmi which the b)ill of
List ye ir I had been object 11 to. It waw
1inpossiile, howtvver, to previil upon
the I .ople to do gool service grattit
o.1'sly, and iervice ol valie coillI not be
expe1ted froml township road coninik
,ioilers wit hout rentilumrat ion.
Senit or >tw yartw Wilson spoke in
deleni11 of he hill. Ilo remindec thi
*-wnae t.ha L it w 11 o e. f the few re
torims ftor thie go(d of >Soilih Carolina
which remineiI'd Iineniactedl. It w'.otdb
be uint'rt unai;te for this one to fail 01
passage. Th'le Spartnhuriig Senator
was manatiirIistly uni easy about his frienid
M1r. Eivans' biii, atid his speech on its
behalfI w as lull of eatrnest,iess; in fact
it ,bordered on the p.thl ht ic. Elver mttil
anion ('oh. l)orhami of' hlrry initerpost .
in his' <rii't way with questions that
wvoti iiav e tripp' :1 uip a Iessi at roit de
iu:ter t!i inSenator Wilsion.
Wh en S'.nat or 'Titmm teirmaa aros a to
put ini a word it was plainelr tItan ever
tO at theii fr iend(1 oi the mnersure wer'T
frigthitenedi-t. l Ie a ppieale-d to the Se'nata
not to nlI-uinitely p' ost pose the billI, lot
it. dlid not go in to e ifect, for a year
iTicr coul b( e no d)iangter in pa-ssi ng ii
i t t here wasX plenty ol time i t )
amieil nmen!t h ereaftLer. 'The aves a't
iimys' on the ptendinig motion of Sienato
,J.enkins to indefinitely postpiont'e t
bill were dlemndedtl- and a call of t
v'ote resu l ted as 1follows:
AXyes- A bb ott, I i idiamo, lIrice, I her
lhait, F-'isley, (slen n, i anrison , ,1 mikitns.
M iller', Mloore, W)I)?ll, Sloan and Ver.
Nays lIarton, lh3.asley, Birown, finiist
1er, II iiiphiill, Mc( ill, Mraylield, Alc
I ).mniel. Mow enr, l'ake, 1t:2br, ladtc
I eare, S mythle, tri bling, Tlimnmerman
Willims aind Wilsoni-21. So the mo
SenaLtrt .L. (. Evyans offered ai
at i tenit pr'clui d inrg con victs to b(
wvorked( with oir n-ar contractors which
itrevale<'. Sen ator l;vani remarked
Ithai, hie .elet ciihle amtenidmnt to meet
lie objetct i in of Sin ator , en ki ns.
Senaht.ori \erd ier moi4ved to amend by
inakinig thi( Mtipervi:Ior's bond1( 310,t ,
It wonh114 reh-I,-ve his con ty from the
dilianity which lie hl referred to in
the inoringi L. .Mnator 1-. iais was wvill
tig to aLccep't the amieiiumnt as to
l;'-aufort alonie.
Sen at or Vterd ier stated that the
ami)endme14'n t 01f >enat or Evans would
ri.>? hiilp iniatteri. "V oii injure us by
y our aid . LiAke m4st, of your sugges
tions5," retnar.- ed Mr. Verdier with a
IIni 5nmilIt, ".it, is i mpracticable.'
Senator V~erdier's amend meiit was
then voted down.
Senial or li ighiam inovetd to lay upon
the I able the ainenidment excepting
Cha .rlIeiot fromii itN o)pertt.ion1. Sena
Sin Sy the had no objection to the
Sena; tr's niiIon, but it. was unnece
s -ry bhi utise theo amnentdmint was not
ini the bill. lI I hiopt I that IIf Senator
luihaa tdes irte to lotok alter Charles
If" s iii n~'ts he' would (d0 it, in atn Or
i<, ry way.
Whlenr -ernator liiam hobtainlt I the
it >>r ii,i' rin'lt ti '"nator Smnythe In a
I. tw r - in .r l- ('allsIig :otnsiderabjle
illa- elit't. .11 ' t'i(d.'i h)y saying that
"Wi, ii llgh i-o getIs thle loor he fylks
buei'i.evis talI'i 1 114t lni's,'' antd eveni
A I n-ei I, he aopi molt divi"s atmenid
iren't the bi&~ill p.i'l i:s seconid read(
ing witIitout a dihisa,n.-State
1 Tile Metropolitan 'olico Iill Itepotted
e Unfavorably Ul,mu--A 1.-voly eili I ilter
eating 1l obate on the it itilst rictin InI l
it I lie IfI onle,
COL UMIA, S. C., De c. 14 -in the
r House vesterda; Mr. Weston inoved to
n strike out the enacting words of the
bill to redistrict the State, which
brought on a sharp deba%te.
) Mr. Magill, in speaking against the
3 motion, said the imajority reporteA ftv
. orably because they had c irel illy (oi
r sidered the bill and felt that it de:iiawls
e the serions attention of tho i[ous aI i
should be passed, beciase it woid i.
sure to South Carolina a Congressn.in
from each district as a Democrat. It
I will be shown on this Iloor. h sai i,
that this will result. There is nothinl t
to hinder the people of Ciia rieston,
with their resources and political inl
genuity, from carrying this district for
the Democracy. When such a result
followed it is lacumbent upon the G en
eral Assembly to pass such a bill.
r Mr. \Veston said the object and pur
. port of this bill may be briefly stat _!l(
in a few words-to place the city ofI'
. Chatleston in the "Black )istrict."
Ie ha I conideice in the opinion that t
imembers had not descendea to such a t
position as to pr-s anty bill lor the par- L
pose of revenge IIe blushu i with
shame that Mr. Magill should suggest.
that the district ciuld be carrh 1 by the a
political rt iource.s and ingeatuity of
Charl( atoi. There wic a time wheni
suell tactics counted, but it di not
now. Notwithtanding all ingentity t
and resource3 . W. Murray now ocet
ppies a se'tt in the national Congress r
from the Seventh District. Mr. We-.
ton said that he had heard various mo
tives for the introduction of the hill,
amoig whici was the oppostiot of
Charleston to the D)isj 'nsary w.
Other cit,i had opposed Ihe law with
equal vehemence as Charleston. li
trusted that no member wrs ac, mvte I
by the sentiment that Charle. Ion
r should be degraded because she refused
to vote for a man for a certain po -it ion
lie was willing thit his portioln of
lichland should remain in the "Black
lMstrict" rather than see Chariestin so
disgraced. It woi unnecessiry and
L uncalled for. So far as ingenuity aid
money is concerned you might, as well
make up your mind tuiat a blacik le
public-in would represent thtt d istrict.
Mr. Vatson said while Ili was coin
IweI I to disagree with his friend froil
Charleston, lie wanit I to ask them
5 whether they had respe :tet t,bo piii
Sf-arm entunciated by t ie )emnocr it i it
. 1890. l[as Richland or Ciarlestmi (oIle
so ? If my friend can ans wer t iit
then I do tiot w.nt, Caarleston in the
"Mack District." I cia iml that the rep
resentative of that district shuli _>
repeesent Soith Carolina. Theiro is lo
disposition to injure Charlosto, It
shall the tall wag i h i- ? I it whI --f
Charleston denouinct it s a-i ipllst
et ., my bo.ion swells wit 1 r1t-3111 it
We have a naLional Demiocrit.ic pl.a
forI which has not b. Ii kept imi w,
have nut, been r, ,pect (I. I i* C s
tori waits to help u- let her st -uil I up
and suppo>rt us inl our dliaemiani is is
I)emocratic 1party Wid L for onei will
bid her Gol-sl( -d inl everythitng 11:1ta
looks to her I ut ire advamliImvei .
Mr. Paium inii his reimr' ld: ro WV
believe it is to the bt i nt i-r ; ol 1
mnoracy atil th .a'e I h it t .- rd
trictinig bill shituld l;'- I It -c .hi h
ini the last election therne wa- ci a i1r
once of 3.000 votes bi -t ween i the il
airy andie gteneral (hdi'oncis iin Char:t
tori. Chiarlestoin harin~g thlent :I
vo)tes iln reserve woeh'1l be hiet h-r el
to overcoime a lci)ipublicanmii uniit ym
thiani the other (outies , wichi Lait
thteir hull vote. Unoder the ci t.c it nit ani
ces lie held that the Fi rst I )istric!, ha
a larger negro m' -jority to ove-rconn
than the Sevenuth. C ha rltttn h:i ad;
taajiii01ty ofi three to onte ini the p runary,t
but in the Ih .:tioni ().ungeburtie
two) votes to lien oneL.
Alr. U tv(ers, colonel, of lteaufor, I
a rep treta.Uitive of a dijtSeprIs i rni
woeuld any that, they were w: ak b
their lt was cast here by (Uod auid t
ne'groes and whites itlist. live' to' t
IIlow are yeoi goinig to t?auniag th
negro~.i vote's? Illow ara yOut gel I t
ele-ct, seven l)eitiocrat ic C~oner< --
andt( accounrit for t lhe nie'gro vole e
''nmber there is antot.ter race i
thtat while you are iunikintg comuf ori
youiirself you coni-der' .nir irac .
agree to every thirng that is done cii I
loon, bitt we leave inot, had ouiir rie I.
i'There is at tititt when Iilii i>r ;a.u-i
e..ses to be0 a virtue. WVeo li ii
imandu aniything eor ask antytheingi ot cmi,
bit aire willing toi dio aniythinrg for ii
I intereit Lof Ihe Statte. C onter - ih
wei arFe niot (.at,tee, I hat we hive i ut
amid have to) answer toi ( iI je- i
you. Nuiw is the timie to rile-niwr u
aindi t,hat we lwclongit to thle (i st rM t H
wasi Set, asidei for is. We are pirlt
si4tstied to stay where we are-. WhIi
not let us stay there': We don't,:k
chainge tior doec the Chtarh-st til debI
tioni, TFits sp)eet.. wais attte-:tiv el I
i medl to,L comiig tromi a negron, hea Ib
Charleston peoplie felIt. thiit, it. htii lit
them twenty vott S.
Mr. lillease dlefieded th l >ard i-1'
State Canvassers aigainist what hie cii
s9iderem the irisinuatoins brouiht hvh
Mr. \Veston that thec iiegro ho:lt it
couinte(d in agait G -n'era I ltoi -. li
said1 it was ats lile a Mmr. Wesc ncty
co)uld do to insini tIe aniyuungt ag.uilt ir
the floard whien the counlrty whimth lhe
proieseI to love so miuch ihad not ;
made a returnt of a sit ngle vt ag.mnlt- '
time negro Conmgress manh. tiliii hrc I
time I i niation ande dliihon(six ba ck t
the t.eeth of the mrembner arid lie -servid wa-r
notice that the Buatard wol i it s du'li l'a
ty l i lI 81 as mit had d e in itt I let in- .1,u
Its ely arid honeostly anrd that thlere was of 1
not a ene-mber of the lioardi iupont whioi I r-i
the slightest, suspiCcion could res.to n te wh
Opinlion oif arty imani ac<lu iinte I with hl,
time facts- brVe
Mri. WVeestoni diedtit Ihat hie nilal imadile Me
anly I t' insiutionis tC gint, thme I >a rd anid mii
sai d t h t he Weould s ta~te poiiit,i veIy iins knai
opti nions. D)id hee t,h ink any d eihone-ery tie
was p.'rper rat.ed he wv mid sty so atnu( off
The' Speaikcr hecre sidi th~ at hec cton- pe-i
side-r dI Mr. WVestont's rc'rnrks mocre arc
compliment ary toi ttiuuItLr t.ttani other- sce
wmse when lie aidl that "re-ource arid .
Ingenuity" no hnger countr,d ii e!e. I
Mr,1 ill of Abbeville safti: "I inu
aot intended saying a word in the di
mussion of tl,s bill but when i se gf-1.
Ileien rise on this floor and heir thtu
proclaim, as dlid the gentleman irom
i1nderson, that in casting their votes
they are ever mindful of the best int-r
:st of the people who are to be effect Ad
hlereby, I cannot refrain from saving
hat I for one cannot be bambonzled by
my such stit If. To say, as did he, that
ie has iothfing but the kindest feelings
for Charleston and would do nothing
o cripple or iijure her and then advo
ite putting ier in tho 'Black Dist ict'
iggest the assaisin who sinilingly
akvs the hand of his victim wile he
hrusts the dagger to his heart.'
Mr. Watson arose to a question of
lersonail privilege. 1Ie had teen at
teked by a ineinber of this lonse. ie
vas not receiving a double salary as an
Iicer of South Cirolina. lie was nct
tit vvssii and (ili meet his enemy
aco t. iit!e with any man.
lr. Voi Nolitz mnoved to suspend
he debate it!i il tomorrow. There was
ollidirabloo informal debate on this
lrOpoit ion, hilt before it was) brought
o <iinit Mir. lIi'llsaid that what he
IL saitid was not i specially referred to
be ientnlman [roin Anderson. l[e
ii'N- spke in a general way and htad
to i<lea of miiit gi any dishonorable
notiveii to his frieind.
Mlr. Wat o0l minotintd to t- e Ion3C
hat the AMtin iii of his friend !rom
lhbeville wa-i plrfectly s.itistactorv
I lbe ace pted Ii, a poliVcy. 'hIe vote
it hen taken on Mr. \'on Kohiltz's
ltlon to postpolto the dehat u until
1t(Ladv, wilich, on :t 'iivision .howVc .j that
hle 31olSo waI" in Avir of 1Hw Inotion
y 62 to :3.
.'he 1ionse thr!n renmlti the reatng
f i the co(lt, alter which, at, th'l! n,w
our, it adjaurnesi to 7::H.
After tho dispos; , til of t1h rt , I i
'ictinig hill for ti &he U':, .1 udiviary
n1i ttiiI( itIt il tjt-ir rfo i to tlar
10 ('are t n lh' iO !W1 Wn t hi Iik"
ropoliUt- po>lic hill. A tn g those
rte t. ot ('h a ilest on were M:iyoi
'i Mk.n; Mr. ALer prv.;t e, te.iieln
f thon Cott oll jxvhanIgc: 1". . ;, e10
ahin, president or the (hinb1wr of
0A)er -; andl .11. IZln:lt in w;'. ()'Neill
Y31dell . tf the \lr1N h<juit 'j, change.
kyor F'itkt'l in th, e (nt: of h s e
iArks sat that, thw imbe of ('hatries
Sad11 alwayL gi:; vn tir a to Ih
irr h uii i , work aliff II.fI mrl
d ti . Tit e plet - oti ht . , i!\ wer.
:s ity a ll tiait:1 1k . l l fi.)e
tirr.in <llizwt Lyt ()f !t.:r I I:.Inr
,i I t > tht l ic, I I t I ' ;i i It'If.,
11 ni I I ii I' n gre,1.- 9 V l o It I to.
,i kI m i th. it i li) 1ro, o: itlsnlt -
oiS aba Ce. I a l iw r I i l h (ilt.
is by tet Comn't '. lit iOtl I I ho
I' ii LN I-ij tl' II thjIt I il.i t)
btile opp-ise t- n f l ; w v.t rr.y
wit it iti -r :is W . 1Abl I' I g a it. I
-sh Wn hit ll - l aw m ol' cya h ) Iv
bti o. In. " I h t or 1 \v a-ii ig.1 w
IRdO' Pi . k tl tf. tI * i' r'l b i); I t i ight,
I it i I un )InIIIII W e i s iti
'I; ,
win n0.o 4, s .w -rm akv
'el.sio. of a ilplrh r I o o.. ). . y
v i irtl. !, ffl b-I t,111 alk.
S LI ,i ui l-:ir it I'll i w'l- . Il i I Ijg t
a i i : w i it b y 1
e r y .;!g (C ' eIZ :V().jj, ;ajn
I -l it c i i
' w h1;1t-11( ji 0 1 1'.
A lti ' . to 1- 1 W 1.11:'i' : m I Pri 11i v i
. i ii . Miwo
uni i y knewumtpl.
t*ll' l i 'I' U
G y,au h Vlto ny I . wer
-I t 111
\f t
u t I - tl I' 't
10l i
I ' 'i i:- t:t o
Ii t I- I IIh il o
I ix ;-t - h
1 uIt I In lil
-tt m iui i st ably. I tt i'under iii;oo il
I- t t "tD!ll II I It, b t t b r . will
a u I'y r* p l:ritnno
. ittpit'l, a:' I i, of; t>.
an' \\'ill lii,n
\vitt Wla,Y \t Ns lO LJl. I. -*t l ttlt:;. out, .
i ntit pah It at,t I,y tt Vwei Ltsas:
11 ie wayg.un p IhelR 1 h u )lit iilliu su
hiI. tis tIi tghLtii t.hree nen h iiet
A tveri'- beglu pi Lig-prmy is-mis..
i,t'J i, nrv Iito iit nnt r tKi na--i
y it a ex etso caremanit-u the x
t- atnitt Jilu ie p.ro tIi 1 o t it) ty
nyn. lt, is h ouht i; itit was - th-ri t I(
til-e r))rl. vitf C lttr o hyd
11110 Of the Sub-coimittef's Propoxed
"Ill for Its Repeal.
WAr ilNXbo.N kiec. 1I.-The sub
COmiuted' o banking antd currency ap
to the repea confthrlev,islation relating
Lo th rep(a of ttt e 10 Per cent, tax
-if kte ,tv-k issues reported to the
'>liot! tIay that it had adoned the
. u tle provisional outline of
Lli-'. v,twral features of a bill which it
I. The tax of 10 per cent.
a - - te bank not,1, & ., pal I out
and (.-a-. Currency, is repealeao
-- Excel)t as13 below Provided,
no N: e >.mk notes & z., shall be paid
oun ai n -! as currency outside of the
th:7r issue, except subject to a
A nt 1) iper cent. each time paid
"N. B. 1t is nout expected that this
peity w,;'d be generally collecioed,
y Ilore th.a is the tax imposed by otr
pic hiw; hat ratl.er that. as fast as
tle IphYte.1nots A iame into the hands
of re> sible' parties outside of the
State o! ar issue, the penalty on pay -
in- theni mt will cause them to be pro
ierly reti rned for redemptiou and thus
effectivO. 1:%L withiln the State of their
"Sec. 3. -tate bauk notes may be
paid out mi1l u.el as currency (outside
of tile State ol their issue) on compliance
with tie follmin::
"(A) Blank nowe9 to be furnished and
issue to be re -tere by the Comptroller
of tie Currecy al to be of sharply
(Aestrucive des7-u so its to show (1) that
they are State h:mik notes; (2) the State
of their issue and (:) un(er which sec
Iion of this ac' .- fire issued.
".(B) B, nk s --v :.z iiiJh notes to be
subiect to , !;, thie Comptrol
ler of the Curren,c. ir to that now
provided for natifial AI.Ai, but (except
is to (C) below) 1,r purp)s-, 2!' pi1le
niormation only-the Comptroller hav
n-, no general supervision of the affairs
of tile banks.
"(C) Outstandin.; notes of each bank
Sbe limited to 75 per cent. of paid up
i] unlp .ired capita.
"(ID)" btate bank notes t' be made
>v States of issue a first lien on all'assets
)f i.i.uint bank and a liability against
4 older to an amount equal to
h r :I 'Uk{ in addition to R.
() Ail qseasmuent o1 one halH per
n . > h2 paid Oi t ikin*-i, out circula
Li)t, :111l and also on all circulation out
;audhu more than a year so long as
%il wvheiiever 1Jccessary (A) to keep
,ood a v:uarantee fund oi at leat 3 per
unt. of outstanling circulation for ulti
oate redempion of notes and (B) i>
nect exicnises not covered hy 'penalty
.oceipt4 mder scetioil 2, above.
'8e. 1. State bank notes may also
a p:id out and used as curren ,y (out
ide of the Sate of, their issue) on com
):aicu 'viLh (A), (1B). (C) and (D) of
cuon 1 on deposit w.th the Comptrol
(er (x zeucuri v r ultimate rr lemption
11 0'e) o' I inited States, State,,munici.
ill, :., secuilties to amol- 0 r- -a
w' L' ri tm 4.,u-1no character of
ecariei pernuited .o be trictly pre
fi hed in thi I bill."'
"It nmt1, he underi- )od says the re
ti liit io nenner of the sub onimit
1 i per Sonally committed to any of the
Iin outl inod above and that this sub
oue is not ready to make a final
.btt simply presents this 'ate
ent of ti progress of its work for the
I'r in Lion of the Iill committee and in
o h11pe to proli ly the discussion by it of
-a, r oovr 1))oints 1r this connection."
:tber, ilol, whien l'. I'. (G,liard, wtos
al been t r.'asurer of Sumter 'unty
'ut t o have a settlfemnent with the
)unpt roller General he waLs found to
ai def aulter for a little over $9J33
hih he could not account for. Mr.
InIs Norton, clerk of the CJomptrol
-~ 'im-rail, who made the setalement
a ai,slied at the time that the de
leX)tioni was (111 to no criminal act on
I' p urt, of' Mr. G.aillard, but wel, due
(Uire'J'Siises or accident. Mr. Gaii
'If Wra: given t,ime and in a few
1:)t)!') tnile the .shiortage good. SInce
;e tinw' he has b)eenl industriously at
nI rying to) discover how the short
I''i-Iti r''I. lie has suicceed In find
v)iebeIrsI to theI amiIount of $836
Wia luive bIen chiec.1 off and al
71U v I hIe Comtptrioller General, and
b j the is tance of M r. Norton Mr.
ulrd fins got.t eni is claim approvedl
the' Ways and Means Commitf-3e
I ii< Laoney wvill be refund( I to
u. Th'is amioiunt leaves but a small
lace, about .'.) ;gainst Mr. 4afl.
d. w hichU N r. Noirtoii says often 00.
re9 10 mnaking settlements with
in! y 'l'resre'r throngh accident in
I waly or ant hller. Th2e above not
!yl restI ')>r(s to Mr. Giaillard his money
('1)on lletely vfidicates him from
SMiSlIleon (een of wrongdoing,
.1 QuardirupIe Lynching.
1i I.) N(iI!Afl, Ala., DJec. 12.--A
IL Ii ans just, reached here from Selma,
I. ofI a< 'iindrauple lynchmnt, which oc
iA in I)ilas County Sunday. Satr-r
mo 0.t four negro traimps alempted
break into the house of' Mrs. W il!M.m
n:;, <iriing the aus('ec of' her hus
I1. Sh'e shot one with a p)istol when
lIelI. Mrs. .Jones gave ain alarm and
negroese wVere soo0n c tured. All
ilsediLIL thir guilt. Tlhey.were taken
a trin aI neig~hbhorinig Swaap end
>t at sunrise tall four were suspended
a veUry (jllet mannier to the same
ih. A volley of shiots were fired at
wantformis after which the party
h: away. The scene of the lynching Is
('W nuiles Iroma the place where three
CrIles wvere lynchIed last week for the
iwdcr of' ltubci Smith at Berlin. TLO
ter was kept so Secret that nothing
'-s known of it here unt,il today when
U news Vas broughit by a p)rominene
*eof aitn adijoining county, who was
Selma Coual.', last night and heard the
A l)nitrum,waVi Firei in Texz.a'.
Belon, Texas, D)ec. 8.--Early yes
rIIay (miormniei. fire started in the groco
M'oro o1 WVinklemnt & Freeman in
e'mple, T2exa3, and before it, could be
'troIlle'd that store, together witb
ose ol CJheevcs Bros. & o., and W.
.Wilkers were dest roved. The total
ai ic $[i0 000, with partial Ir uraseO.
r. S:imuel Checeves was bx4neUd to
ath in attempt,ing to save some of hI.

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