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PICK ENS C. Ht., S. C.
J E.- ISOGGS, Proprietor
Natered at Pickens Pontotlice as Secon~ Clas
SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, $Itf* per Year itivana
bly in advance: for six months, 75 Cents.
Advertisements inserted at one dollar per square
of one inch or less for the itst, insertion and
fifty cents for each subsequeng insertion. A
liberal discount made to merchants and other
advertising for sit months or a 'ear.
Obituary notices exceeding five lines, tributes
of respect, conniunications of a p,erso-al
rharAOr, when a4tmissable, will be charged
for'as advertisements.
With the expiration of the year 1898 my
labors as editor of the SaNICLend. The
lease was for one year from the first of last
January. In laying down my pen as
editor of this paper I cannot refrain from
expressing my Sincere thanks to the people
with whom I have conic in contact and
,%ith whom I have had dealings, for the
many kindiiesses and expressions of op.
proval by them. My work at best, has
been poorly doite, tut I retire with the
consciousness that I have done what I con
efoi4ved to be my dtity anid have expressed
my opinions in tm.y own way unrestained
by public sentiment or of individuals. I
leave the paper without 'any remorse of
conscience aid feel and believe that the
' i- * es adhered to will it,lthnately prv
*iwh-sit I hiQ who 14- gli-riis land ofI
V . 0 cin- r- le.g he a 1nitd.4k,
-hd i s Ieolple At If ast
.1 11 rd % rn<; 0 ' mishes and desires.
te first tif .inuary next I surrenl
napar to the proprietor, J. E.
9sq., with iy Iest wisheso-contin
cess and prosperity.
:3etent I do not feel that I w%ilI ever
.0 tle journalistic field. hNaIse I
o stick my first hush-the la;Cietie'
-to which I will hera-after deVot,e
dIe time and energies.
'elation with the brethlrcil of the
.as been very pleasit, though I
Ad several little tilts with sIIon of
f the Reform persia- ion, for " hiebi
e they will in due tfime repent.
-hankinig my friend -o; I patroits for
!arty stpport and iainy oilier kinid
and wishing evervody i a happy
ias and future prosperity, as editor
sENTINI., I write finis.
Respect fl.y,
AiW Refawni leisI:t.ue ithas greatly
reverscd the muoto-: "'1il I ights to aill
and special privileges to noie." Th3ey
make it read: Equal rights to the reform
era und sp)ecial privileges to the faithful
coat-tail swinqers. The gr.it aiti tinoloj)
oly a(Iiiistra:on not, cont.ent in mo01n471po.
lizing the whiskey trai ( manes a still
further eonier on pillic priitil1g. flere-11
tofore the la-v hits bae-en to advertiae for -
bids for the plllic prillting So ats to give
every printiml. oilee in tle StaIte i ChIaive
tO bid for it. nuill t.o secure foir the lax p-ty.
era the beneatit aof a acpt it ioni. It wyas
ju(st like the hi a wiebcl auethrie /es Ithe
('aiumny ( 'aOimssie :as tie !et ihe hiiilhiig I
of bruidelsee ta the lowest raeonsibhtjhlir.
Bitt thle lefa n m I.cgishiutre st eps ini anal
says this is na t I iht ualt it on1ce passas a '
law which give's all I le puihhle printinug toa
the Columbtia lIe'tister pieople at a rante
which will caulse thea ta-ayeris of tlian.
St ate to par se-vera:l thleot'usala atltars, nr
than they wobt unde1r tl1.Per'j1la it1
shis 'ant comuiape'tit j io ne (ly :iand makes at
monopoa~)lhy of thie~,t rnigfa h
he -lit aof theegstr Ite form comtes
mihht le't Iihave it.
In this conntectiont it weold he very
timely if the Greenville D)emoc-rat reprint
its editoria(l oft last week andl inasert instead
eat city couiit~1lii h tt e~ o'(f Seouth Carolinta
or rather the Leg~islacture and instenad of the
Greenville News hIut (Ctonnhia lletzister.
TIhe D)enmoiat, lih.e (other' Rlefaorm earganas,
is subisiiisiv'ely tnt i w-hen paip-aauckers are
EDEMPECNg tEV P1' 3hfl.
('Oaratbh' L e. t,aiinait, U. JU. Sw.anu,
RI. M4. P'epper andl U. 1. McD)onald, of thie
dIispaenl..ery force aire in the soaup. Teyit3
en)tereuld at atre of Ainit Ut.uatt 1n Char-'
leston aln thie 3it of Octobear haist ad seam a
ed far liquier, which they failed to final.
On thle sae day they e;t.eredl his residence
atnd I reni.twes, w.ii Ath heats of violI'ee, anal
cariaed away a tiuni,ber of hIt a.es o f wolae,
the' jrivnat' pi cperty aof the I hittilt. i.t
oatfeared liar s-il' a-l impio:rteda tr ia thce
*a . -t e ' - ;~''~ bioa m .
T.a ..I I ". -,S e i'iete all thea
I ii(e alt 'a v'. f ig (, cedatch [li( (a a the
frighat suffedel ia meaige. (Jponh re:ad
ing t he camph'liiunt Judange Simoiitou tasued I
the followitng . nre
"'I aeL4aing li telo1 meby thle ama avits ofI
A. Cnati ni andl Ellen. his wife, and( arn
cy (Garaty, and bey the allblevits of WV. F. I
Jord-it, Dactoar hLane' andl Ml Ialy anid by a
veritied comp1liaits in this ationi thiat a
sulhea'aent cause olf atctioni exists itn fiaor oatf
lie abouve naned plainatiff, against the
llabove defenantts, anid thie cauose mient ioa
ed i the~ code is c'ivic procduire, and( thaty
the ation for the raeovery oaf daag,es in a
c-mSe fear actioan for ant Injury to person and
for wraontuly taikimill, detaiintg andi( conivert
inig paroplerty, auid thle plalin tiff gi ving the a
un:dertakinag ra-quired bay laIw, y(ltt arc re A
qui real tei foarwhhf arrest L. S. GaeI lcuad. C. .
Ii Swan, It. II. Pepper and ('. H. McD)on
tald, thie sail de'fena* t-.a ini LmI aiction1. aid
ealcalh oaf thIeii tao hea l in the s1m1 (at
' UN and1 retuari thl..A order wvith your11
mp eltrelr ata r. onral Liherbece lans iRsued4
51 (ircut1lar let tar cf ainsution iais to C(cuny
auorltaa inl which hie calls ta theair attena
tIon, lad trges uipon themo as th< ir duty, m
the importau,ce oaf heavin:g :dlI proplertye i.e- 64
turine'd at its tine ma:rket value-not at
dfP'. cenits af its vahdle- fad he also calls toa
the attention of auiditoars the fact that mil.
lions of d'(liars worth In credit, sucha a" a
bonds,. us ortgages, notes, accounts, cash,
etc., are not enrolled on the tax books.
If thIis ,~ done wei look for somec high
kicking. But when we remember that this
is a reform administratIon.,. that they want
all the money they can get to pay lawyer
fees, that tite-rsllroads and other eorpora
ti,as are ossessed thelr full value, we can.
uot object to other property beIg put on
ani equal footing. Let us have eq uatl tauxa
thran. Return everything at just what the
*W.'r wenhd take easlb for- it.
Refnm I Reform! Reform!. Iet us
lyseY Metqnm
'resident ClevelaLd eontinuet to (o the
'ight thing. The Tillman adininistration
>unisbed Charleston by putting her I the
Black district bec:idme Cmigressman Braw.
.ey beat J. Willam Stokes for Congress and
because the City would not tiow the knee
to Baal. The President comes in, how
ever, and does the Democratic act by ap.
pointing Maj. Brawley to t>e U. S. Ditriet
Judge for South Carolina to suceed Judge
Simonton who was appointed circuit judge
in Judge Boind's place.
Congressman Brawley's term does not
expire until March 1895, but he will have
to resign in order to begin his tites as
judge and int election will be held to elect
his successor to fill out his unexpirei term.
Judge Izlar has been named tas his proba
ble successor an<d the voters of that district
would do themselves honor and the State
credit by electing him.
If nl1iti ag appens the people will movn
soon get a t0se of the )r--esit al Mif) N1 Isl
tion. 'I'he CW Coillity gOVernmnClt bill is
just the thing to give it to themi. It pro
vi<les Icr oil,n suip-rvist)r who is to uike the
threv County Coiiisiolers. Tien in
each township this stp, rvisor nppi)ints I
three elen who are to look after the ria<ds
anl bridges, hive control (if ile overseers
ai inay other Ihings aid get no pay
Whatever. Thle is nit) law to comnpel any
mni tu wor!; for lotlihig an< we fic not be
lieve that there will be imany men in ti
Stalte who will he Wilii:. to serve in this
capacity %vitiout reimueration. The Sti.
p rvisor will eXlet his subs to <to 111 tile
wo)rk. Ps a <lii-y.
We wish Ihe Iegi-latire while Itlhey have
t li Ref nl :1 I"n ilIotailon wid pass a
law to have them l rilge mitintiins moved
41it of the way so we vanii hav1m an easy
passage into North Carolinirt. It's limii oi
the apple ?1ad vahage wagiis every fall to
have to ct-t eid with seeLih oitrageons lulls
as we hi.-%-- !r. (live wis M-form.
'i'.hling 5toa iLette r.
Frn 0i, i Igiu lhar Correspoiaflent.
NVAHI'1.OToN, 1) C,,. Dec.24, 1893.
Secretary Carlisle proved himself
during hita hang sirvice in ('an1gesS
to) be oie of the ablest legislators the
country hias ptoduced, and ii annual
rell>rt, suibmlitted to Conlgres-S this
weck, plnces hin in the front rank of
national linlanciers. Even a eur.sorv
glance over lis roport, which Imakes
a pallipillet. of sixty- two pages, will
show the enornimis aiontilit, of studIy
ing lie wits compti-1 to do in orli
to failliarizo hiiselt'f with the il ore
or less copllilicitti subjeels wit h
wlichl it deh1ls. 11( strongh. col
imends the Wilion tariff bill an
puts forward strong argilimnents to
Show that it will greatl v b"1n01it the
,olintry and remiids the majoritY of
lie Holus that it was VSP(pec*illy e-e
(I to reformil the tariff, lie shows
he 11inancial condition condition to
>e such that ilitliceiath' relief byV
ang oessiianal l i.lat,ion is 11neces bo y P
md1( pints ontt that. this may be, bv~
mthi izing fthe issue of fte ve-I
rer cent lt Ins, (or b y au t hii.j I the
(et:ir o ~af Ite Tressary to li mre a 8
aer enit hate to run on ce yearP, faa J; -
hoia.e credhitars af fthie m.raLg-1 a
hIia iiiy e-et to recee bOn-m ini li
If cash.
Th e taau mtig tat it
ara.e if Prsiet.Ceveho ii
iit o ll his acets. And it wase
rouiight pirolinetly to thle fronalt
Lhen ht s:nt tfar saomtie of his fr'~iami
a thie Senate~ iiad llous.e, w hile* the
&pul,icainsiii weet i ngagedCa iln tiryiig
4) loi ke poitic'al capt1it al in loth bodt
es by distort ing1 the facets cenin g
18is ihwaiiiian plicy, and1( tol them
ha it was his desire t hat,t hie dhema
rats sholihre tio abal's in
he way of the faillest investigatio)n olf
hie whocle rnait.e.1 The( ret* stIl the
repubilicansi werea~ so laxim H toi get
in their speehes bedforea tIle I aes
was their fear thtt fhe whoali buiine'ss
wtill he entirely v e tie I biefore coin
Them Onlty ELicit' .4:laanc.
for 18!4 is the first. and oni'y aluia
ite et:trely written mtal publlishied biy
t he great aorzm par >p hiet, hi miself. It
is an elezan t boo k of~ pge1 be.
ide ithIle co ver. It conataiin 11 ro~ f.
H-icks month ly wve.etIher fllreenasts comi
ilete for the ye-ir, I 5i-h all t.h,- cir
rent astroaaomicael phenomenilaia fetr e'
foiiur'' clises and a) e trana*it cof thie
hplanet, Ma renry:'V tan art icle on1 "Foun.ii
latitoln Facts" giving the p)hilo.aophyi
itd essenttial' poinits oft Prof. H1ik'
vatihier seystegin: ai paper- ont theus
if bairomecteris and1 (11 scientia' inistra
1n01nts: anl article on Ialngi le an.1It
imce by the the Ileadi ng authrity oni
iele"t. The( piIe of thiis exce'lenti
ittlhe wa': is 25 cetits.
It wil -ui ike 'Ln ex~Cealit holldtay
'reset fo~r vaor int-lhget friemi.
itr sale lby all netws da lerst; orV write'
nd seind 25 cetnts to the publish ets
udl it will he sent post panid. Wou n
hN) W~oIKs Pun. Co , 5:. Louis, Mo.
A recent discovery byan old
physhian. Jucesf usy *ed
11u0nthly ly thousanulto 1.
dies. is lioonly 'orfeetly safe
anal relIable m iclino disicov
ered. ieowaro of un >rnci ed
druggists whoa ofYe inferor
edicines In pileci of this. Ask for Coog'S VOTrON
ow CoKtrouno.takento substiatute, or inoloaSiad
ents In postage in totter, eud we wilt send, ccealed,
return mail Full seailed particulars in-plain
velope, to ladleson2stm.
hddroes ndL Comnpany.
No. 8 Fisher Jitok, U>e rolt, Mich.
Sold in P'ekens ard ever;wheoe by
LI re.spnsiblhe Druggists.
maify 1 '93-1 y.
ewspapers .. FREE
hoseof eO tR OWNN.tAI M l ad a-l'lress n
na a postal encrd or etou srieds aora, nehthhir
A VAN N A n \Y Ei(K NE SvI awnyofthe
aeh aeddressaarunas. lb ett
ac a nssl'y.s ANn FAtoI.v n Ol TT
inhedt In the south--ixteen larRa gs
aplenadidaly got ten up andI carefa teat I[l yai a
nave never aeon a copy of It, ienad for one at
Bargains in Millinery
Felt hWtN .25c., former pricc, .75.
Felt hats .65u., former price, f1.00.
Felt hats $1.0u, former price, $1.50.
Felt hats t1.25, former price, $1.75.
Trimme Hato to go at a sarifice.
126 Main Street,
It. WI f.IA AMS,
Is now peranuent 1y located Ht licken4 and of
fc! his professiotti services to the town an,11d
surruiinidig couintry. aills answered rb all
h(m rs.
M/"Otflice and re.sidence at the urilin house.
ov t. Wth 93-3.
IL L & W ILln,)ON,
122 Main Street. GR I NV!.rFE, S. c
Gas given everr Thursdiy aid Friday, and
teeth extracted without pain. l
Ri. J. P1. ("A 11.1SIF,
0111ce over Westmoreland Bros A. Duke's Drug C
1jan89tf GRErNVILLE, S. C.
9 alls'ta!wercd at all hours.
S. S. CIITTINiEN, Proprietor,
%lain Street, GRI.1PN VI LLF, F. C. -
W.'A firut-class hiotol at $1.50 per day.
A uglist, 31st -3mi.
i C. FI TZG I-n.i I ),
Over lVetnrehrI Urlos'. I)rg Store. All
Vork die by tbe trtanitnIcons loroce,sm. A iso
l.Lke viharem'iniits fromt il pietures to any
b'e in wu(r coliorp, crayon, inda ink, oil and
i1niU iotiigra hs.
-1 E. [. llwr . ". CnlILDRESS.
P It'K Ns . C.
WIll prog,tivi, In Sthte and FederI Courty.
91;V-rompt ,t ttenti Kiven to ll bu..Ies
oct I%t . 311).
I -GNi rc-;prtfully informs h is
patroi- and friedlls (1hit ht- has fit'ed Up
(oM% over i WAt end where lie will 4clntilue
IShinve, Ibl,tir-eit, Shuin po . e.. in the most
rtitie st%lt. le. I l oing by ri rot r i ind prvnmpt At
ont ion hev~ ll irme'rt yuior pattroiiage ini thie fu.
Lire ats Ii the. paiit.
Very Ro''.ie'i tlily,
?2. N. Nlolloway,
UU"\ VI I. S. C.
TO 'Il i'~sol
Punbl ished at A thianta, GIa.
'Il1 F PA 1 M EKS- l s 511.
A lit4M10 ('OM PA N ION. C
las A irendy I .51,00(1 S uxerihers.-Thel, airg
est CireulIation of uany Wteekly Newspaper
I tt Agriceultural D)epartment
.'th be lst mn the landt.
'olumnsu aire oif unusual don-est ic miterest.
I tM Spee:InI F'eaiturue' "ost morel I
none.y~ thanti is PIi by ANY TEN Souith.
-rnl pape)t1rt combIined)' for genecratl reading
nat t er.
I ts Newx ColumnsM Cover the
Bill Arp writes for it.
D r. Tahnngei:izr pi e:n'ies for it.
.Joel (t.inulrr liarris (Uncle Rlemuts),
I iar' P) Reed aund Fran.k L,. Stantoni aro
-eglairly employeud by it.
A. M. Wier (Sarge P'lunkett) hars a Week
y letter.
Mark Tiwatin, Robe'rt Louis Stevenson.
ilalcomb 1~ Johnstuon, and -hle biest literary
~eniius of lte world cntribuate to its col
tents wanuted ini every locality. Moniey
for nnnIts in working for it.
SN ND iii ving the athlrosses or >ourse'lf
S an ri Ilive 'ighors who wanit free cop
C . . i :sj.. i *'/"Write for uagent's teri-i.
~ rIubse of ix for live D)ollars a yeOar.
Add ress
Ionni.' Liver Aaaiant, aIao 'Pan
When we have hiarmless eleaning remerthll's in
re hou-se that grow In our ow" MiM$ that -the
onther can grive aiid enre varlous dis'ceaes ins
er famIly without Inur adi save a large :.ali I
f expense, It shan alth 'on,lItiona In P'I .
na county that will be invitileg to enplditlista
n yahghrvalne to real .state.
O. .l>nn.M Plekens, M. .'., w Ill keep a sup
Olerk's Sate.
County of Pickens.
W. F. Hayes, et. al.
D. E. llendricks.
Complaint for partition.
In purstuaco of at decretal order
ma14de inl the above stated case by
Hon. W. H. Wallace on 27th Nov.
1893. I will sell to the highest bid
<ler before the court hotatie door at
Pickens during the legal hours for
sale, on
Saleday in January
next, the following dwscribed real
estate to%%it:
All that certain piece, parcel or
tritet of lan<l lying being situate in
tite. couln ty anl St.ate aftoresaid, on
hial waters of town creek, containlinr
lirve hunflr-d ant eiglty-sevenl (387)
acr11S 1111>re Or less, atdjoinling lands
of T. W. Ilill, A Rtper and known
is tihe Oemre Hentricks homle place,
Aill be sold inl tlirec tracts, plats of
V11 tract, will be on file inl thel
Clirk's ofliee and exhibited day of
Tvrmns : One third cash, balance
Onl olle aid two years timle seculre<l
bY bond and mortgage of the premi
S. sold.
1B. B. Crane,
Eliza A. Miles, et. al.
All that 1if-ce parIel or tiract of
hund in the county an<d stato afore
ait, on branlv waters of Wolf
cre(k, adjoining lan<ds of W. T. Iow
en, lillssvl lIke, M[ary Ann Smith
ani otlhers, containing one hundred
(100) ner-Os nore or less.
Alsoa all thiat of.her l>iece parcel or
lot of lantd ill said emioity tiad state,
near thle corp1)(rate limits of the town
of Pickens, a111d south of said town,
containing twenty six (26) acres more
or less, on w%hich Bunconbe Arter
nlow live.
Also all that other lot or )parcel of
land adjoiini lands of Henry Law
'eniev, Weslev GrIflin an<d Jacob
Giiilln, ald t,he last above Imecntiolned
tract, containing twenty acres (20)
mer.- or less.
.Trms f all ti e above mentionedI
Iraes inl this c Ise, :.-I,hl on day of
_;:lv, purchaser to pay for p,apers and
recording tle sIaIe.
Clerk of Cotu:t.
Dec. 14, 1893.
- -: IIA Oaan.,.Ifl.. .1. I,. Tuo(n5.4.r., J.14.
. ' Torn!Aoy Bro ,
LIIvEll tY, FEE"D an/d
EAlA AY .1 I P-KE-.NS, C
c()jo 'a'I a' ,itej tuls
C'trrhweu, 1i1gles iunt Sa<-fle Ilory;,.q,t( Rea t
uible Raltei. Y(mur l'atrotiagt I t
Do you wear them? When next In need try a pair.
Best In the world.
43.50 '' 2.00
*2.50 4'"2LAIE
42.25 *2.75
F2.0 4 1.75
If you want a fino DRESS SHOE, made in the latest
tykes, don't pay $6 to $8. try my $3, $3.50, $4.00 or
i5 Shoe. They fit equal to custom made and look and
iear as welt. If you wish to economize In your footwear,
lo so by purchasing W. L.. Douglas Shoes. Name and
mrco stamped on tho hottom, look for It when you buy.
W. L. DOUGLAS, Ilrockton, Mass. Sold by
- . ; N V ;- N .\ w .\_ --
N .aa vaual B ok fr a l''arine'r ataatitt %usiness
COL!YflE . S OU VEg'NIut
S il'1)N.
HTe(rst t every Ntin r:y ! susribr IT iiif R of
i'he~ NI ak ly Nes 414 ot r ier, I yea24r
Ii l'he a Wee y Ne I' nI. .<.n.i , . nonh
S N Nil 'i.:t )'! is N N tI il(t I ts.
OI.V 1!(1.0(0 A YI Ni\t4
I 1 stI <'onstense<'in N ews,
I !lest .N 4iwers to, i'abrrespalenta,
a i i I:d tials. aI
It giver aw:sy a valuiable premnil D
very day for the largest club ,e
elv Pd.
sampl,e cof4F,C' ofI th' Weetk ly < '4)urier-Jou4rio
'il 4. "('nt fre ( to any 4 an3i444re.s. writea to
UIa-3M M~A 00 Loui~il~ K r,
Caveats, and Trade-Marks obtained, and all Pat.
ent businens conducted for M oorna1C Fets.
Oun Ovvaec to Opposia-E U. S. PATENT OrriCt
and we can secure patent in less timo than those -
Stad model, drawing or-photo., with descrip
tion. We advise, if patentable or not, tree of
charge. Out foe not duea till patent is scured.
A PAMPHLT,c )Ow to Obtaain Pate'nts," with tl
csofame ressft U. S. and foreiga countuies
LO.* A.8NOW &CO. ~
For all kinds of Sprains, Bruises,
-actures, etc., of Silverware, our
Silver and Gold Plating done cbeap
We repair almost anytihing.
d skilled attendant.
;R? No charge for Fitting.
L P. Collins & Co.,
113 Washington St., Oreenville, S. C.
P. S. Old Englii'WatchlehS chang
to stem wind.
june22d'93 ly.
cAlister' & Bentz
TIo Di)j;olve.
Ul1 goods in all De)partme2nts to b)e
di without reserTve.
rho Stock comlprises WhIit(e
>ods5, H-osiery, Na. tionis, Linenm,Flan -
', Bleuched Goods, Cloaks, Carpets,
P.ve.ryt.linmg must bec sold for the
Parties indebtod to them will pleas;e
Now is the time to got a bargaibi.
(areen1ville, N. V.
)o* You Want
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I-ter, Receivers.
Atfanta (* Charlotte Air-Lir
ecedule ia vCcet July 2nd, 1893.
N i n :,t. Ni n. No. 36 No. L21.
-.taer Ta T111nt ltally. Daily.
.A thinta I I T). ...... 0.45 au
( IIhtI (-...........................
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7 7.32l 1 a
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lattata.............. .....1150a
at............ .....t0n'
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3l I,20 20 ,6
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