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The Ofnce of County Conin'soloner Abui
inhed and the Ofice of County upe vis
or Subtituted Therefor-A Measure
that should be Oiven a Fair Trial
A bill to provide a system of county
government for the several co anties of
the State.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House
of Representatives of the State of South
Carolina, now met and sitting in Gen
eral Assembly, and by the authority of
the same:
Section 1. That from and after the 1st
of January, 1895, all Acts, or sections
of the General Statute relating to the
election, duties, powers and rights of
county commissioners be, and the same
are hereby, repealed, except such
speical Acts, narts of Acts or sections of
tile General Statutes as have heretofore
conferred epecial powers and privileges
upon the county commissioners of any
county, which said duties are devolved
upon the county supervisor and county
board of road commissioners as herein
after provided.
Sectkn 2. There shall be an election
held at next general election for State
officers in the several counties of the
State for one county suiervisor, and at
every general election thereafter, whose
term of office shall be two years, and
until his successor shall have been
elected and qualified.
Section 3. The county supervisor so
elected shall, before entering unon the
duties of his office, execute a bond for
the use ->f the county, with three or more
safficient sureties, for the faithful perfor
mance of his du:.ies, in the penal sum of
five thousand dollars, said boad to be
approved in manner the same as now
provided for bonds of county auditors
and treasurers.
Section 4. The county supervisor
shall have general jurisdiction over all
public highways, roads bridges and fer.
ries, and over the paupers, and in all
matters relating to taxes and disburse
ment of public funds for county purposes
In their respective counties, and in any
other case that may be necessary for
the mternal improvement and local con
cerns of their resptotive counties; said
supervisor shall have power and authori
ty to administer oaths to any person in
references to matters appertaining to his
Section 4. That the Governor shall
appoint, upon the recommendation of
the Senator and members of the House
of Representatives from the respective
oounties three discreet freeholders in
each township in the several counties of
the itate, who shall be konwn as the
township road commissioners, whose
term of office shall be coterminal with
that of the Governor by whom such
commissioner shall have been appointed,
and until their successors are appointed
and qualified. In case of a vacancy or
in case of the refusal of any person so
appointed to serve as. such commis
sioner, the Governor shall Lill the same
as hereinbefore provided: Provided,
that no person shall be required to serve
more than once in every four years, and
said commissioner shall, during the term
of his office, be esempt from all road
and jury duty.
Section 6. That all the duties, powers
and privileges now devolve(I upon the
township board of assessors be, and the
same are hereby, devolved upon the
towngphip board of commissioners, and
towriship boards of assessors are hereby
Section 7. That all the duties, powers
and privileges now devolved upon coun.
ty boards of equal zation be, and the
same are hereby, devolved upon the
county board of commissioners, and said
county Ioard et (qual-zaticn is bereby
abolished. An]i the members of saiol
board, while performne th,e duties
devolved upon the e- w 'ya . ,
equalization, shall net~ .ou samue
compensation as iuch boaris now re
Section 8. That theer uiity suptrvisor,
tcgetherwith the chairmen of thne town
ship boards of commissioners mn the sev
eral townships appointed by the Gov
ernor, shall constitute the county board
of commissioners, of which said board
the county supervisor shali be chairman.
Section 9. That inmcdiately after thle
appointment, of the several boards of
township commissionce, and the elec
tion and qualification of thle county sup
ervisors, or as soon t hereafter as may
be practicable, the said supervisor shall
call a meeting of tihe county board of'
commissioners for the purpose of or
ganization. And the said toard shall
meet thereafter on the flrst Monday in
January, April, July and October of
each year at the county' Court House,
for the transaction of business,
and a majority of said board shail coti
stitute a quorum: Provided, that the
chairman of said board may call an ex
tra meeting at an~y time, and shall be
required to do so upon the writ,ten re.
quest of three members of the b)oard.
That, at, the first meeting of said hoard
they shall elect one their numb)er who
shall be a member of the State~board of
equalization andL who shall perform all
tile functionr of said cf'fico as now pro.
vided by la w.
Section 10. That it shall be the duty
of the county supervisor, togethier with
the chairmen of tile boards of township
commissioners. township roadi commis
sioner, to lay off into convenienlt section
the roads, bridges and tcrries ini the
several townships in their respective1
counties, which said sections shall be
Lumbezed for the p)urpose of let,ting out
the same to be woiked and maintained
under contract.
8tction 11. That, if the county board
cocomm'iissioners * oncludel to adopt the
fontract system for workimng, mamntain
ing. constructing and operat,lng the sev
-eral sections of highways, roads, b)ridges t
and ferries in the several townships of
their respective counties, tho countyt
supervisor, as soon as practical thereaf
ter, shall advertise in a newspaper pub
-hshed in tile count,y once a week for
three weeks and by notes posted in two
*or more conspicuous places in the soy- t
-eral townships, for bids from responsi-.
ble persns fo,- ding the ,wr, .s aoe.
set forth. Any and all bids made shall I
be in writing, sealed and addressed to the c
ounty supervisor, and by him opened t
and submitted to the county board of t
commissionero, and it shall be the duty b
Df said board to accept the lowest bid v
made by a responsible person or party:
Provided, that said board may in its dis
Dretion reject any and all bids. 0
Section 12. When any bid shall have 8
been accepted by the county board of t
commissioners they shall require the t
person or party whose bid, with good 'I
and sufficient sureties, shall have been i
accepted to enter into bond double the 1
amount of said bid, payable to said
)oard and their successors in ollee, for t4
.he use of the county which bond shall a
;pecify the nature of the work required, a
,on(itioned for the faithful performance 8
)f the same. .
Section 13. In case of the failure of b
my contractor to perform the conditions C
)f his bond the county board of'commis- '
iioners shall declare the same forfeited, p
mud the circuit solicitor shall enter suit
n the name of said board for the penal- a
Ly thereof, and any sum of money recov
5red in such action shall be paid into c
the county treasury and become a part s
Af the county road fund. a
Section 14. The county board of com- v
missioners shall have power to remove r
my and all defaulting contractors and r
to relet the sections of highways, roads, c
bridges or ferries so let to him to some e
>ther responsible person or party.
Section 15. The county treasurers of a
tie several counties are hereov author
zed and empowered to receive from any c
mud all persons liable to road duty in the 3
several counties the sum of two dollars c
is a commut-ition tax in lieu of all road c
luty rcquired by law, and all money so r
Jaid shall be set apart and known as the t
ountv road fund: Provided, that said j
,ommutation tax be paid between the 5
Irst day of November and t
Irst, day of March in each year for that 1
lscal year, or when State and county c
axes are paid, and that the county C
reasurer shall furnish a receipt to the
)erson paying the same.
Section 16. The county treasurer v
;hall furnish the county supervisor a
ist contaiuin,g the names of all persons c
Nho have paid their commutation tax, a
mnd the chairman of the township board D
)f commissioners shall also prepare and c
urnish to the superviscr a list of all per- P
sons liable to road duty in their respect. I
ye townships, and the said supervisor '
shall check off the names of all such per- 1
sons whose names shall be reported on c
Lhe list of the county treasurer as hav
inv paid their commutation tax and all
persons whose names shall remain on
the list so checked shall be required to
perform road duty, not exceeding in the
iggregate six days; said persons shall
aot be requi:ed to work more than three 9
lays in any one week, and shall be as 1
ngn,d to such duty by the county su- 8
)ervisor unddr one of the contractors in 1
ie township having under control the t
section or sections nearest the residence
>f such person or persons: Provided, e
hat in those counties where the con- a
ract &I stem is not adopted said persons V
;hall perform the work under road over
icers, to be appointed by the board of n
ownship commissioners for eac% town- t
ihip, under the provisions of existing h
Section 17. It shall be the duty of the c
*ontractor of any section to receive such v
nrson or persons assigned to him un
ler Section 16 by the county supervisor
md lie shall allow to the county board C
3I commissioners a sum not less than r
ifty cents per diem for the labor of any 9
ouch person or persons, and said sum 0
!hall be credited upon th amount due
>r to become due said contractor by th
maid board.
Section 18. In case of' th~e refusal of c
my person or persons to pay his or c
~heir commutation tax as herein lovid- S
ad, within the time prescribed by this '
a ct, andl upon refusal to perform the a
ad duty rcquired by Section 1601o this
act, he shall be deemed guity of' a mis-c
lemeanor, andl ulion conviction thereof
rholl be fined ten dlolhara and costs, or ii
mprisoned in the county ja,ii for the lpe
iod of twenty daye: Provided, that if c
my person liable to road duty neglects t
,o pay his commutation tax within the o
ime p)rescribed by this Act, the county iF
reasurer is hereby authorized to receive f
he same, with a penalty of' 50 per cent d
>f said amount added: Provided, the a
ame be tendered within fifteen days af- P
er the expirotion of said time.d
Section 19. All accounts, claims andd
lemands of whatever nature existing "
gainst the county for opening, con- s
.trucuine, maintaining any public hih- p
vay, road, bridge or ferry, s'mall be pre- p
ented to the county board of commis- p
.ioners (duly attested, and it,approved by 1
.aidl board the county supervisor shall ii
fraw his warrant up;on tl.e cou;nty
reasurer, under the seal of the county iT
'oard of commissioners, for the amount ia
>f any such claim o r claims, w,uch war- t
ant shall be countersigned by the s mc
etary of tbe board, and the same shall
e piaidl by said treasur'er of' the county y
oadf fund.
Section 20. Any wilful neglect of duty ti
m the part, of any member of the coon- ia
y boardl of commissioners shall be b)
leemedi a misdemeanor, puinishable by
fine not exceedinig one hundhred dlollars d
>r imprisonmenit not exceeding one year.
Section 2 . The county board ofcom
nissioners shall, atlihe last, term of the
~ourt of General bessions in each yoar d
nlake a report to time presiding Jud .;e, c
o be by him submit,ted to the grand a
ury, of all their actings and dlomnes t$
ontainmng an itemize~d statement, of nil y
mounts ordered to be pasid by them, um
he condition of thme public highways, .9
ridges and ferries in their respective v'
ounties for thme fiscal year, and alt mat. p~
ers aippertaining to the same..
Section 22. The members of the coun, n
y hoaid of commissioners shall have ti
o' er to administer oaths to all persons
ppearing before them and to punish by '
nie not exc eeding ten dollarr or impris.
nment In the county jail not exceeding
wenty four hours, any and all Persons dt
milty of disorderly conduct, amounting o~
a an open or (direct contempt or wilful h,
Jterrup)tion of their proceedings.
Section 28. That from and after the si
assage of th1s Act all the Courts of at
his State and municipal authorities, of
ihich under existing laws have power bi
o sentence convicts to confinement in c
rison with hard labor, shall sentence S<
11 able-bodied male convints to hard LL
ibor upon the public works of the
ounty in which said person shall have
een convicted, and in the alternative
) Imprisonment in the county jail or
tate Penitentiary at hard labor: Pro
ided, That municipal authorities
iay sentence convicts to work upon
te streets and public work of the mu
icipality in which they have been
)nvicted, and such convicts when so
5ntenced shall work under the direc
on and control of the municipal au
iority imposing sentence. Provided,
'hat no convict whose sentence shall
e for a period longer than two years
.all be so sentenced.
Section 24. That all convicts so sen
)nced shall be under the supervision
nd control of the county supervisor
nd by him formed into a county chain
ang and required to perform Jiard la
or upon the public highways, roads,
ridges and ferries or public build
igs In the county; he shall direct the
ime, place and manner of labor to be
erformed by said chain-gang: Pro
ided, that said chain-gang shall not
e worked in connection with or near
ny road contractor or overseer.
Section 25. That the county board of
ommissioners shall diet and provile
uttable and eflicient guards and appli
nces for the safe keeping of said con
icts. They shall likewise provide all
ecessary tools, implements and road
iachines for performing the work re
uired of said convicts, all costs and1
xpenses of which shall be paid out of
he county road fund in the saie man
er as other charges against said fund
re paid.
Section 26. That in case any convict
r convicts so employed by the county
upervisor shall become ungovernable
r unfit for the labor required of such
onvict or convicts, the said supervisor
iay commit such convict or convicts
D the State Penitentiary or county
i1. And it shall bo the duty of the
uperintendent of the Penitentiary, or
ie sheritr of the county, as the case
iay be, to receive any such convict or
onvicts so committed. When said
hain gang is not empioyed, or when
onvenient and practicable, they shall
e confined in the county jail for safe
eeping under direction of s--id super
Section 27. That the county board
f commissioners shall be authorized
nd required to employ a physician or
hysiclans whenever necessary to ren
er medical aid to sick convicts and to
reserve the health of the chain gang.
'he fees and expenses of the same, as
tell as for medicines prescribed, to be
aid out of the road fund as other
laims are paid against said futm..4.
Section 29. The county board of
oimissioners shall have general su
>ervision over the paupers and the
toor house and farm of the county,
nd the said board shall provida all
iecessary buildings for the accoino
lation of the poor of the county, with
uflicient tillable land to give employ
nent to all paupers able to work, and
aid buildings and lantis shall be desig
ated as the poor hutse and farm of
he county.
Section 29. That said board shall be
inpowered to make all recessary rules
nd regulations for the government of
tie county poor house and farm, to ap
oint a superintendent, with such a
istants as may be needed, to provi-le
leans for the employment as may Ie
est suited to the inmates of the poor
ouse, to see that every patuper able to
,ork is employed, and to appoint one
r more physiciAns to t he poor hoist,
rho shall furnish medical aid to the
)digent sick.
Section 31. The county hoard of
ommissioners shall have power to de
iand, sue for and receive all such
ifts, legacies, lines, for ft -irt-'s anti all
ther moneys or things which may Io
iven as coining to the us. of t he pour.
Section 32. In cast any por cii or
hildren shall be, or biecom ', char:i,a -
le to the county', tie cannty boaril of
omnissioners may b,ind out any sutch
hild or children as an apprentice to
ome person or good moral ch aract er
ntil such chil, ii ho be0 a male, shall
rrive at the age of 16 years, andI iif it
e a female until she arrive at the age
f 14, or shall marry. Then said bioartd
ili have power to bind out to service,
nder some person of good moral char
cter, any illegitimate child or children
kely to become chargeable ti the
ounty or liable t.o be demoralized by
'ie immoral conduct or evil example~
f their mother or other persons ha;v.
ig them in charge, in the manner and
r the time prescribed for pianper chiil
ren, and they shamll have p)ower to is
ie all necessary wvri ts to en force the
rovisions of this sect ion.
Section 38. Any mnoney becoming
uie on any recognizances given for the
taintenance of any illegitiraate child
r children, if such child or clibi iren
all be bound out to service, shall b)e
11(d ot and received by the su
irvisor, to be invested and ex
3nded by hinmundler the ordler of the
robate Court for ihe benefit of such
legitmate child.
Section 34. T1he county board of comu
issioners shall have power to mike
I contracts in reference to supplying
to poor house and Inmates thercof, re
tiring buildings and other necessary
<penses Iicident to thie care and nuLtin
nance of saiti poor house and far m.
There any contract shahll exceed the
im of twenty dollars they shall adlver
so andi receive bidsi f or same, antI shallI
scept the 1lowest lid from a r'Slponsi
e0 person.
Section 35. All accouits, claims and
mands of whatever nature againlst
to county in reference to the pour
use or farm for the maintenance and
ilport of paupjers shall tbe presetit ,
itly attested, to the hoard oi countt y
immissioners andi be~ by themn auid ited,
lowed or rejectt(d, and for the amount
atiy clalin so audi ted aind allowed
ie county supervisor shall dIrawv his
arrant, under the seatl of the hoard,
pon the count y t reastrer, couteilir
gned by the secretary of ithe bmoardh,
ho shall pay tIhe same out of t lie pau -
sr fund of the county.
dection 36$. Tlhe county board of non
issioners shall, at the last termt of
ie Court of (General Sessions ini each
iar, make a report to the p)rtsidinig
uidge, to be by hIm subuditttedl to the
'and jury, of all their act mngs and do
gRS for the fiscal year, cont initig ani
emized statements of all amouotnts or
bred to be paid by them. wit hi a list
inmates and the condition of t he poor
>use, farm and inmates.
Section 37. The county siupervisor
all procure, adopt a seal andl when so
Iopted shall'save a descript ion t here
,with an impression t hertform, to
Iflledhin the ofice of thte clerk of
>urt andI of the sheriff, treasurer atnd
cretary of State, and the samoflu shall
ereunon be the seal of the,,u,ervf so
and all orders or other papers signed
by said commissioner shall be authen
ticated by the official seal.
Section 38. Each county shall pay: 1.
The fees of the grand and pettit jurors
while in attendance upon the Circuit
Court. 2. Witnesses' fees in the State
cases for actual attendants as
provided by law. 3. Fees of
physicians and surgeons testifying
as experts before the Circuit
Court. 4. Fees of sherisif and
Clerk of Court as provided by law. 5.
Fees of county corners as allowed by
law. 6. Fees or salarie: of trial just
tice and constables. T. The salaries of
auditor, treasurer and county supervis
or as provided by law.
Section ;. That the fees allowed
jurors, constables and witnesses shall
be payed by the treasurers of the
coaunLies, on the presentation to them
of certiilcates signed by the presiding
Judge and countersigned bythe clerk
of the Court, or be received by him
in the payment of all county taxes,
when duly approved by the county sup
Section 4). That the accounts of the
coroner and sheriff and supervisor and
physicians' or surgeons' fees for post
mortem, shall be approved by county
board of commissioners, and the super
visor, on their approval, shall draw an
order upon the county treasurer for
the payment of the same, countersigned
by the secretary of the board.
Section 41. Sheriffs, deputy sheriffs,
coroners and constables shall execute
all legal orders to them directed by the
boards herein provided for, or the
chairman thereof, and shall receive
therefor the same fees and costs al
lowed in other cases.
Section 42. That the reports of the
county treasurer and other ofilcers now
required by law to be made to the board
of county commissioners shall, after
the paEsago of this Act, be made to the
county supervisor, and all settlements
by any of the county officers now re
quired to be made with the board of
county commissioners or its chairman
shall be made with the courty super
Section 43. The county board of
com missioners shall prepare an esti
mate of the amount of money neces
sary to pay the expenses incurred by
said boards and for ordinary county ex
penses and report the same to the
Comptroller General of the State, on or
)efore the lth day of November of
each year, to be by him 3ubmitted to
the General Assembly in order to pro
vide the necessary taxation for county
Section 44. In case of the failure of
the county supervisor to faithfully per
form the duties ot his oflice or the con
ditions of his bond, it shall be the duty
of the solicitor of the circuit in which
such supervisor shall reside to bring
an action upon the bond of said super
visor in the name of the county, and
any amount realized from said suit
shall be deposited in the treasury to
the credit of the road fund, and shall
receive therefor such fees as the Court
shall designate.
Section 46. That the salaries of the
supervisors in the several counties
shall be paid quarterly by the county
treasurers out of the county funds, in
the same manner as other claims
against said county are paid.
Section 46 That it shall be the duty
of the county supervisor to cause a re
cord to be kept of all the proceedings
of the board of which he is herein made
chairman, as well as a record of all
contracts entered into with said boards,
as provided in this Act, which said re
cords shall be open to public inspec
tion, and all ne2essary books and ma
terial for keeping same shall be paid
for out of the funds herein provided
for the respective boards in the same
manner as other charges are paid.
Section 47. That bo much of this
Act as applies to the working of the
public highways by the contract sys
teml andi by convicts in chain gangs
shall not be obligatory on such county
b oardls of cornmmissioners andl conclude
t hat the present system of wo!kinlg the
highways ini their respective counties
la mor-e conducive to the welfare there
of, and in such cases overseers, as now
plrovidled by law, shall be appointed in
each township by the township board
oi commissioners for such townships,
who shalil execute the laws now of
force in reference to the working of
publie highways.
.Sectioni 48. TJhat, said conty board
of commissioners at their iirst meeting
shall elect one of its members as secre
tary thereof.
Section i19. That the salary of the
supervisor in the respective counties
shall be as follows: In the county of
A bueville, $900; in the county of Aiken,
$8800; ini the county of Anderson, $OO00;
in the county of Barn well, $800; in the
county of Ileaufort, $800; in the coun
ty of Berkeley, $500; in the county of
Charleston, $1,000; in the county of
Chester, $800; in the county of Chester
hield, $100; in the county of Clarendon,
$800; in the county of Colleton, $S00; in'
the county of D)arlington, $000; in the
couty of Ildgelleld, $800; in the coun
t y of L'airliehi, $450; in the county of
F"lorence, $500; in the county of George
town, 87h0; In the county of Greenvilie,
$1U0); in the county of Hampton, $600J;
lin the county of llorry, $500; in the
counat y of Kershiaw, $600; in the county
of Lan:mcaste'r, $309; ini the county of
I ,aurens,86tx); in the county of L,ex
ii ingta, $00' ; in thte count,y of Marion,
$80 ; ina the county of Marlboro, $700;
ii the county of Newberry, $750; in
th lou)inty of (Oeonee, $500; in the
counit.y of Orangeburg, $809; in the
count y of i'ickens, 84010; in the county
of lIichland, 8%(n ; In the county of
Sparttanhuiirg, $1 ,000N; inm the county of
Sumalter, $1,000; in the cour1t,y of Union,
$Oi 0; in the county of Williamsburg,
$051; in the county of York, $500.
:ection S0. That all Acts and parts
of Act.s inconsistent with this Act be,
anid theu same is hmerebyv, repealed.
Aaglnut Il~Iroads,.
Il aslsv11,1, K Y., ,Jan. 3.-The Ken.
tucky general assenmbly olganizedl for
work at noon today. Thue first busi
ness b)efore it camne in the shape of the
biennial message from Governor Bro wn.
TIhei dlocuament is sigmfilcant chikay on
auicount oi the haoldh stand taken by the
gorvern)or agniust, the railroadIs. IIe asks
for the passage of a law emp)owerlng the
railway commfissionersof the State to
ad just ireight andl passenger rates and
as for the propoised absorption 01 the I
CJhesapeake & Ohio and Southwestern
property hy the Louisville A Nashville,a
the executive announces that he will
iaight it to the last (ditoh. Cheaper coal,
icdluced taxes and the needI of better a
manat' nent, for the penitentiary arcI
:.he oth -reformsni hadontes.
The Party Hadly Divided on the lucoi
To x,
WASIHINOTON, Jan. -.-The failu
to establish a quorum in the iHou
this afternoon was due, in pait, to tl
iefusal of certain Democratic Repr
sentatives to respond when their name
were called. Some of these gentleme
were in their seats, others loitere
about the corridors while the roll ca
was in progress; while others agal
quietly absented themselves from th
House when the session began and re
mained absent during the afternoo
It is significant that all of the gentl
men, possibly with one or two exce
tions, are dissatislied with the tari
bill. There was not, so far as can t
learned, any concert of action amoi
them to break a quorum through fai
ure to answer to their names. One <
the number, a prominent Easter
Democrat, said: "I am opposed to LI
tariff bill; and if such a thing wei
possible, I am even inore opposed t
the income tax as reported by the way
and means committee. I think the lor
gerthe consideration of the tariff bi
Is delayed the worse it will be for ti
bill. That is why I am unwilling t
vote to make a quorum. I understan
that it is a purpose of the coinmitte
to incorporate the income tax in tih
tariff bill without accompanying it b
a report showing the amount of rev(
nue which Will be collected and tih
manner of collection. This is not th
proper way to deal with a question 8
important: I understand the commi
tee have no reliable data showing ti
amount of tax to be collected, and
think it is better to wait until this h
been laid before us."
Mr. H aines of New York, is anotli
Democratic member of the House wil
is dissatisfied with the bill. Haines :
one of the Representatives who wi
conspicuously absent from his sei
during the roll call, although lie wl
jn and about the Ilouse during the da3
ie regards the income tax as part of i
plan to divert public attention froi
the tariff bill. lie said this afternoc
that he did not believe that ieature <
the hill would pass the Ilouse, nor I
his judgment, did he believe the wa
and means committee expected it t
pass. Haines thinks that Iublic sent
ment will condemn the income tax -
strongly that it will fail to become
law, and that a duty of one cent p
pound will be laid on sugar to compe
sate for the loss of reveinue that wou
result from a failure to levy a two p
cent tax on incomes.
While no formal agreement has be(
made to that effect, Chairman Wilso
of the committes on ways and meat
says the Democratic members of t
committee have expressed the opinic
that it would be well for them to r
frain from taking part in the gener
debate on the tariff bill. Of cotir
Wilson will open the debate in a ge
eral statement, in accordance with ti
general understanding on that slbjet
"The memberu of the committee," jsa
Wilson, "will defend the provisions (
the bill In the course of the five mi
ute debate, but they are so anxious t
expediate its ,passage that they wi
probably not deliver formal speecii
in its support."
"Will the bill be voted on the 22ad ?
was asked.
" We want to reach a vote at abot
that date," was Vilson's respons(
"but there are so many contingencie
which may arise in the course of th
debate that the day for taking th
vote has not, been determined. It wi:
be about the 22nd."
McMlillini said that no course of ac
tion had been decidel iipoa by thi
members of the commit tee with regar
to the debate. "I take it that that is
mattter for indlividu tal preferen ce at
judgment to decide," lhe saidi. "ii'
speak it will probaly be toward~ Ut
close of the dlebate."
A member of the minority oi th
committee saidl, when iske<d if 'he k nes
anything about the arrangemeni t to
Democrats not to speak: "Tlimt's thi
lirst I have heard of it. It cannirot b
carried out, however, ii it has been er
tered into. liouirke Cockrani is sure I<
make3 a speech against the income I a
R~epresentative Catchings, a membeli
at the committee ont rules, said thi is at
ternoon t'iat no date had yet, been lixei
for taking a vote on the t,ari If bill.I
would, however, ini his opinion, he Ia
:an between the 20thi an(d 25th Instant.
A fter the llouse ad journed this ai
ternoon, Chairman IIlohman, of thie can
.ais com mittee, issued a call for
meeting of the l)eimocratic caucus to
morrow at 8 o'clock to cotnsider thi
tariff bill.
Comant alA, S. C., Jan. ..--Thei Stat
ias already chronIcled the 5traniiLe death
of the late Mesers. S. C. -i u-.Jerry C;art
ledg~e, brothers, in 18 '.*ebll, of thi
same discase. Now in les than au week'
Lime comes th, intelli';ence that the thirn
and( last oi (lie bh-othera diedl oni Sautur
'lay oi t,he sanme trouble m the sami
rnanner, and the furthter intelhicLe thau
Mfr. S. C. Cartledge's wile is at th
point of dleat.h wit,h the same disease an,
Lwo ofr ciden aricdco tn very i tlac
All these (leaths in thu same soame ifam
hly, occurrum. attr such short iiinitesses
has gi'veui rise to (lic beliei that the iau
p)osed malady is not the grip, *'ut som1
eontagious dlisease which i.s na had au
the Asiatic cholera. Certainily it lookl
very strange ion each of thie three broth
ers 2, al.tend( (.he bedstide of (the onte fir
taken ill, and so soon died in: a iso ua
& Mattison Company, mnuitfactires o|
chemists and pipe covering, yest erda)
posted in their works here ai not ice I
the effect that thie I ntrodiuctlin(i of th
Wilson bill in Congress wats caiing th(
company to lose a large amoun t of >uisi
ness, and req uestinig the e'mployees in
symp)athy with the nmeasiire to resigii
Matt.ison, p)residlent of thie comipainy
savs in futurie r -:''erenuce will be givei
to Reputblicans ii. ..miployiing men.
Riefusedi to be Milu tbed,
KNOX Vt f,alE, TICNN., ,Jan. .3.-T'hcrt
s a great, excitement in social tand
:hutrch circlee. A charit.y ball hadu been
.irangedl for tomorro)w night,. S>meC
ninisters dlenouniced it. Th'le ball coin
nitt.ee propo ted t.o one of' the mlimaters
o abandon thie hail and pay ono thous
nd dollars to charit,y ii he wouldl raise
Ssimilar amount. The unisiters comn
nenced this morning an.d rased thu
nonne hefore 10 o'clock.
ke Final Action of the Ways and Means Com
re WASHINGTON, Jan. 2.-A 2 per cent.
le tax on incomes above 84,000; an ad
ie ditional tax of 10 cents a gallon on
e- whiskey; and a tax of 2 cents a pack on
3 playing cards, was the decision reached
*n by the Democratic members of the ways
d and means committee today. This con
,11 clusion was not unexpected inasmuch I
11 as the committee have been known for
0 some time to be evenly divided on the C
' proposition to tax incomes, with Turn
. er or Georgia, occupying the only posi
tion of doubt. t
> The committee met at the Treasury r
D Department this afternoon at 4 o'clock t
e deternmined to settle the question of a
g an income tax before adjournment. It 1
1- was represented by such of the gen- n
of tleman as favored the proposition, that i
n a general income tax would yield the t
e government an annual revenue of $30,- b
' 0C3,C0; that making the exemptions t
0 include those incomes !.ss than $4,000 t
' would limit it to a class amply able to e
- afford it, and that in view of the large y
11 deficit that will be caused by the re- r4
.e duction in customs duties there was no
o alternative but to adopt it. Some of c
dl the gentlemen who opposed the tax s
e argued at length that the political ef- t
0 feet would be fatal to the Democratic a
Y party, and that it would be better to d
3- limit the tax to corporations only and
o raise the additional revenue necessary it
e from other sources. Mr. Cockran of
0 New York, insisted that an income tax
- ought to be laid upon tll incomes P
e whether large or small, and that any
I other course was unwise and undemo- h
s cratic in that it did not fall on all ti
alike. ej
r When Chairman Wilson put the pro
0 position to a vote, six of the eleven re- sbi
S presentatives present voted aye. These c
were McMillin, lynum, Tarsney, Whit t
ing, liryan and Turner, and it was car
ried. h'lle tax applies to the net earn
ings of corporations as well as to priv
ate incomes. It does not, however,
apply to inheritances, although that
n. suggestion was one of the earliest ad
vanced when the matter first came up r
" for consideration in the committ?e a
month ago. The additional tax of ten i
cents a gallon on whiskey includes
io whiskey now in bond. With a view to
I make the tax fall as lightly as possible
upon the owners of this whiskey, it was
r decided to extend the bonded period to
eight years. It is now three years. It t,
Id was decided that the allowance for "out- c1
ir ago" shall be limited to six years. The ,
term "outage" is technically used to ex- i
press the liquor that is lost b)y evapo- tj
. ration and other causes after its manu
1s- fact are.
le .'ihe large revenue arising from the 0
illeome tax caused the committee ta re
~ cede froi a tax of six cents a pack on V1
playing cards and reduce it to two cents
the iore especially as it was felt that -
Stlie maxunul tax would prove an e- b
barrassnent to the manufacLurers.
I 'le tax of 81,50 per thousand on cigar- -
ettcs, upon which the committee
I argreed several weeks ago, was allowedI o
- to stand. h
S Mr. Ivilson, the chairman of the
ways and means committee. will not i
s present these revenue features, agreed t
upon today, formally to the liouse. t
lie will announce tommorrow the con
cliisions reached by the committee, and v
' will offer the items as an amendment
- to the tariff bill at the conclusion of re
the morning hour on Wednesday, and hl
e will make a short speech in explanation c
e The chairman is so exhati9ted with the
I labor which the preparation of the bill
hias imposed upon him, tha, .b is in no
condition of body or mlin(l, as he ex- -
pressed it tonight, to do tho subject Co
' 1stice. lie is unwilling i,hat the dis- an
ssion should be delayed, however, and ag
it is for this reason that he will bring it
up~ tomor row with a view to disposing ""
>I' it as q uickly as possib)le. WVhile there '8
is no0 disposition on the part of either Ili
Mr. Wilsonu or the Demnocratic majority pu
to) prievent the lIepublicans from do- an
rbating the matter fully, it is the chair- tem
milan's intention to reach a vote on the bei1
lill .1 anuary 17. D)educting Sundays, thi
-this will leave the bill before tihe lotise t(
hiirteen legislative days. It is Mr. 2
CWilson's intention to limit general do. adN
hate to live (lays. Th'le remainder of
r thle timue will be occtupied in considierIng 30'
-the measure uinder the five-miniute rule. '.
Nih ssioswill lbe held in order fo
tim mtabrswho dlesire may have an Ad
opportunity to speak, brit unless the, syl
presntprogramuie is changed, all de- Ca1
Ine il b c oselo the 7th inst. li
At~ th i e concluiioni of WVIilsoni's re- anI1
aiutrks t omtmorrow iluirrotughs of Mich- 00
ia,one of the leading lI epublIAic memn- fikl
h ers of theu co tnnIttee will sp)eakl ii
oppoaslitui to t he bill. mi
- wit
Co.tt .IAl i A, S. C., Jan. I. -Scuoti iV
21I ol the new I )ispenisary law al lows the l)0
manag~ers of h oUles to disipense ~luor to t
'and winecs to guests undclr certain restrie-ho
The'l State lloardI 1i Control ha:s pr*e- I~i
paruld thei following. rules andu 'i a lunssi
to govern hotels and1( hais fixe themi so resi
t r!gid( tha,ft, there cant he 1n0 violat,ion oi ch
"'I. The managIllier oi the hotel, alter inigi
- ivinig the hioud' requiredi, must receive Coni
-a written iuapoitit as assistant to met
thic n spienser fromx whom sid hqunors mel
tire bt,ained, roll,
C. lie will use the r((lucst book for mal
3 ordler fromi guests, the same as though Net
purIchased~ at the I)ispensary, and( the seti
uiales' mtusut cuono in every respect t.o "
the ri qui rmet s o1 the law, especially U"
as to cr-ossing out the labels and writing'o t
the requaest, using. ink ml all cases. lix i
':3. No l;uquors will lie sold except, by sing
the bottle. rule
"'I. The prices on the wino cardI musst a in
lhe those chaiirgedl at the D)ispensary, It is
''5. lie will obtain the liquors or ordi
wines by th,e case fornm the D)ispenser TIhe
and1( report al' sales, auf p-ty over tile to t
amount, due e.ih day, getting new re- itec
quest books whenever neceded1 andl turn-- it i
ing themu over to the Dispenser as last to g
"G. No liquors shall be sold t.o any in
one b)ut 'bona tiide' guests of the hotel, 23
whose names are on the regist,er.me
"7. Sales to miners or to men already up
itoxicatedc are forbidden and no second
sales shall be made to any cuest, who,
S-) ian none of the Columbia hotels
have evinced any intention of lurnishing
liquors to their guests exceplt Proprie- in
tor Taylor, of the Grand Cent,ral Ilotel- can
lie us anxious to affl.ord his5 guests this der
privilege, but has not yet, made any ar- Dai
I SnIy e ra Not Present or itefue
to 1i*1-Uecertaill Vhen the Tarif lii
(i'A he Take,n Up --A Bad Showing.
ecASHIN(VrON .1 . 4 -An air of ex
ectaill. aCtivity pervaaed the House
vhen it convened this morning and a
etermination was manifested on the
)emocrattc side to carry things in its
wn way today. Boutelle's success in
ying up th lRouse yesterday after.
oon apl-aredt to have b)arne fruit, and
bie Iomuoerats seem to think they had
(Luorum of their own. Immediately
fter the reiding of yesterday's jour
al, and bet ore the beginning of the
rst mior,ing hour, 1)utelle again at.
ampted to fet his IIawaiian resolution
efore the I louse. The Speaker ruled
iat the motion to consider the resolu
on which was pending yesterday had'
xpire-1 when the House adjourned
esterday and might (lie suggested) be
The call of committees was then
)mpleted without producing any re
ilts. The Speaker announced that the
rms of the regents of the Smithisoni
i Institution having expired, it would
avolve upon hii to appoint regents
>r the ensuing term, and he accord
igly named Wheeler of Alabama
reckinridge or Kentucky, and lIitt o
linois, as such, regents, all being reap.
13outelle then called up and had read
is resolution reciting that the execu.
ve had invaded the rights and privil
res of Congress, and ask for Its im
ediate considertion. This was the
gnal for a short, iut exciting setto
itween Boutellt .'ml MCIiclin-who
iampions the au ii iiistration end of
e controversy. N M Iillin raised the
testion of consideration itifivor of
e tariff bill.
Boutelle inquired whether it was a
oper procedure to state for what pur
)sea question of consideration was
McMillin replied that he simply de
red to be candid with the gentleman
om Maine, and had stated his reasons
r objecting to the consideration of
e resolution.
Boutelle declared that the gentleman
om Tennessee had gone beyond his
irliamentary rights and lie wished to
J11 him to order.
ioutelle's resolution was then read
id tie moved its immediate consIUra
on. The Speaker put the question to
me h[ouse. On a viva voice vote, the
ouse (ivided on party lines, the ima
rity being against the consideration,
id thereupon Boutelle demanded a di
Th,11e (ivision resulted: Yeas 58, nays
1. ,l)outelle tleni (lema11inded tellers,
it N1Cillin called for the yeas and
tysIN, as he said, to save time.
j)outello was on his feet in a tuouent
iLh an objection to Mcli1llin's form
making a motion, and asserted that
(Ijoutelle) was trying to consume
ne. (Laughter.)
The Republicans refrained from vot
g to take up the Boutelle resolution,
ereby hoping to break the quorum.
I the yeas and nays, there were 150
tes against consideration with 4 in
vor of it, the Republic'ns generally
fraining from voting. No quorum
ving voted, McMillin demanded a
I of the l[ous.,.
the call showed the presence of 229
onbers, and McMillin moved to dis.
Ise with further proceedings under
The question then recurred on the
isideration. of Boutelle's resolution
j onl this the yeas and nays were
sin ordetred and the IIouse settled
wn to I he monotonotis roll call. The
ondl call on the question of consider
on of lhoutelle's resolution was al
3t, a repetition of the first, the Rie
blicanis as a rule 'dusling to vote,
I the Dem'ocrats being )Z~.e to mus
but 150 members. Trhe DUpocrats
ng thus~ disappointed In their4l s
it thle afternoon trains would bring
ims relief, the IIlouse at 1.40 p. m. on
tion of. Wilson of WVest Virginia,
ournedl until tomorrow.
L study of the last vote discloses
so0 Interesting, not to say striking
ts. The four members who voted
the Houtelle resolution were
ams, the new member for Penn
vania, (O'Neill's successor) and Mc
I of Massachiuttes, who Is opposed to
mustering on princi ple, Rlepublicans;
li.'ence of Colorado and Hloen of Mint.
ota, I'opulists. T[he absence, or
tire to vote, of' l)emocratic Itepre
tatives, suiliciently accounts for the
b)ility oi the majority to proceed
hb the Wilson lill. Of the Demo.
Ic members for New England,
reltt, of Alassachusetts, Poggott and
l' orest, of Connecticut only voted
ake a quorum, ten of thle eighteen
nocratic members from New York
e not recovered; the six Democratic
resentatives from New Jersey were
estedIiC by English alone, and the
01 Louisiana all failed to
ond to their names except Blant
rd. By not being within the rail
mn their names were called, Catch
Sof Miississippi, a member of the
imittee ou~ rules and Blynum, a
nber of the committee on ways and
uns l ailed to get their names on the
although they after wards tried to
:o good the oversight. Cockran of
v York and Stevens of Massachu.
3, also members of the committee
vay seand means, were not recorded,
k rani wvas not at the Capitol.
view of these facts, the prospects
he Immediate passing of the order
ug a date were voted upon the pas
of the bill, which thecommittee on
a wi!! report tommorrow, becomes
utter of Interesting speculation.
said by some 1Republicans that the
ur cannot be passed tomorrow.
Rtepublicans have decided, it is said
htie printing in the Congressional
)rd of undelivered speeches, so that
i y muember wants to have his3 views
o to the country he must express
n on the floor.
hue committee on rules at Its meet
tomorrow will lix on the 22nd or
I instant, according to one of the
nbers, as the (late for taking a vote
n the bill.
11anged HhimseIf.
A N F"IRANCISCO, D)ecember 30.--Ex
Le Treasurer Adam hIoroid last
lit committed suicide by hanging
uself with a silk scar f to a washstand
he Golden West 1Lotel. ie was a
didate for the oiThee of si.perinten
t of the mint, which was given to
Igett, and has been low spirited ever
3e. ile was State Treasurer in 1880

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