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PICK ENS C. n., S. .
J. E. 10008, Fopuve*oy
aered at F"ioh9ns P 1ostol eI as Second Class
S I'ICRIPTION PR1I, 1.9 per Year invara. d
hl in advance. for six months, 75 cents.
A .1v-'rtisernents isertqd at one dollar per square
4)f one inch or less for thia firAt lbsertion and
IMy cents for each subsequent Insertion. A
Xieral disnimt made to iert hants and other
Atr~erthiir, for six motso ear.8
( 'tuary notices exceeding five lites, tributes
,r respect, communications of a personal
eisracter, when admissable, will be charged
+ .r as advertisements.
THURDAY., JANCARY 18,. 1894.
Iis Old Oyereoat.
11on. J erry Simpson, of Kansas
--ade a decided hit. in the house of
r presentatives, last Friday in his
1.ow celebrated speech in favor of the t
W ilson tariff bill. He held up his 1
u-ercoat and explained its relationi
t) the tariff problem to the great
; muselent of fie house and the de
light of the democrats, who kept up
r.nthusiastic applause for sometime
after Jerry bad resumed his seat. I
There is no longer any doubt that 2
tle populists who are in office are go J
ing to stand by the democrats in this 1
fight, so those of them who are out
had just as,well fall in.line.
If the organti become discordant, a
who will do tbe tuning act!
Have you. ever seen, near Ahiheville, 1
the million dollar house that Vander- B
The cabinet ladies have ratified the 8
exclusion act against- the pullclh bowl i
at cabonet dinners.
The Washington Post saiys: It isc
about time for Gov. Tillman to in- p1
dulge in ome lialf'piit(d remarks on o
the operation of the liquor law.
There are no Sadducee i) hell,
but this should not induce aiy one
to join that s(ct. They change their
creed b)eft,re thev register.
The moonshiners are alleged to be 0
in a great stir, now turning out a v
prize quahity of sweet mash, before %
the State. constr bles feriment. 5
Georgia's "white car" will soon
start out from Atlanta on a Noirth
American tour iii the interest of the
white eltphliant 1A) be in Atlanta next
Is 11on. Galusha Grow, of PennsYl. i
V1ania, a rising star? He is in his g
seventieth year and1 has just been ti
elteted1 to congress. HeI was speaker ai
of the house during the wvar. j
Busine 4has well nigh be n para
lizedI by a n)ightmare of suspens11e.
Confliating interests before the uin
wieldly congress will continue to si
throttle it with uncertaintv.b
We are glad our high tariff gover- d
nor sele cted whiskey uiponI which t"ot
train his p)rotective p)olicy. It i tI
alike, useful and pleasant to handle,
both ini chemical andt political tests. t
The New Ilamuipshiire G;range has t)
ask'ed 1rsg -C!evehtmd to please 1
r'emov'e .tr'om his ('ab inet. Sewcretarv hi
,orton, its the "'sidit Morton"' is iii
completentt. Who saidi the Granget
was (lead!
The ptesent congressmen were tt
elected fifteen months- ago. The r
reason so may of them were absent M
from roll call last week, they had '
gone back to their p)recincts to ask tl
what they were elected for.
The per capita circulationi of cash
in the United States on the 1 st of
D)ecember was $25.57; on the 1st of
Jianuary it was $25.55, a dlecrease of
t wo cents. The attention of senators
and( representatives is urgently called
to that figure.
Congress Ihas alreadIy wasted some
precious days and has not yet consid
ered the tariff bill. If the great ti
dlemocratic uaajority dickers and dal- C(
lies with this measure "Ichab)od" will "
he written- upon its dep~artmnent ofm
common senswe anid statesmanship, at
Dr. Talmage says the tarrifh[ic hr$
question will never be settled; that th
w%hen the last trumpet, sotl(da three W<
men will be standing on the steps of w
the post office and all be red in the se
face oveu the discussion- of the tarif. su
One will be for high tariff,, one for
low tariff and the third for fr'ee trade.
ADaniel comec to jtudgmnenth Sena. of
tor .James N. Stubles, of Gloucester,
Va., sent in his resignation as senatortI
to the governor last week. HIe has
been in the general assembly twenty. a
one consecutive years, but he voted ha
for senatvr elect, M artin, in the re tai
cent election, when some Gloucester vii
hot-hea~d. got up an indignation meet.-f
inig which declared that he did not
replesent Gloucester, and he was,
fool enough to believe it. Gov. O'Fer di
rail begged him to reeouidbev, and ial
intimated to him if he pensiated in ra
his connae, people would think he .l
liad no mnore sense tian the masar.,
The United States Sentate does not
om to want a Hornblower judge.
The faithful are holding their
prons to catch the plums which Col
ctor Townt-s will have to shake
Political prejudices are gettinc
:aree of places to lodge. 'I hey will,
berefore, have to return home for
Dosting accommodation.
We trust that the iufluence of ex
peaker Reed, Boss McKinley, the
"olumibia Register and the People's
ournal will not be fatal to the % il
Ln bill.
Several of our contemporaries con
inue to abuse the dispensary. We
gain caution them to look not upon
he wine whenl it is red, whenl it giv
th forth its color in the c(1p1,
The Cheraw Reporter says: Judge
Vatts and family moved to Cash's
ist week to take up their residence.
LIthough I an not itn sympathy with
tdge Watts' politics, I welcome him
a a citizen to thi county.
All the cotiventions in the Chock
itw Nation, held onl the 8th inst. re
olved agaiiist Stttei.ood. It is like
they have been in correspondence
ith the governor of Colorado, and
ave come to the conclusion that
overnment is a failure.
G1ov. Mitchell Conitinume to make .a
1wctacle of hinself about the prize
ght. If it is against the law for
fitchell and Corbett to fight, why
on't the governor leave thei to the
lurts to be punisied by finte and imll
risonient? He inight, get enough
it of thei to pay hi. salarY for t
It tunis 4)ut that, TH.E -i-NTINFL.
as correct in its statenent List week
ant, H-on. A. C LaRtimlker wasprsn
ni voted with the democrats on the
ilson tariff bill. The same is true
lion. W. J. Talbert.. A ian's
>to in congress is obligad to show
here he stunds, and wve are glad to
)o these men standing by their
South aroliia ought, to ha1ve two
)verlors and two dispetlsary sys
IDs. Thiigs become liono toous
here there is no cotipetition. If
te monshiners would adve-tise a
ttlo Imore judiciouslV they could
ive? theo thing a rae; butt thtey cont
-ntt themselves with what little free
lvertisintg they get in thle zrantd
try haund bills of the Uited Stattes
It begins to loo1k very mitch like
ov. Mulitchiell, of Florida, htas som<i
oen in the gate receipts of the C2or
ett-M itebell ring, andh is aiding t he
anagers in e-very way poss5ible t')
rwa big crowvd. If lie really in
tided to eniforce the la wv attd preet
te light, the easiest and tiost decent
nyv to htave dotne so0 would have been~t
Ie qjuictest. It will bie a hnmge joke
i the Aso '%fi,i Press if it tus
tt that the governor and the roughs
uve beent t,ding it. batre-bactiked.
Thte e ait e somie rumilors gointg roundo
tat somfle of the reformers do niot
tant (Gov. Tilhunan to have anyvthinmg
(10 with Staite plolit ics tis year.
btese reformers do not know whticht
de oIf th-ir br head is but tered, ntot
hto btuttered it. If G'ov. Tfilhnan
les not name ytour can iteewl
at lieked. If he says runt Eansti,
in hitt, antd he wiill be elected. BUt
mr safest platt is to get the gover
>r to ruin again, si ais toi tow in the
an you want. as lieutenanit gove rno r.
Thet econd A d WeisSt
A Battle Creek dispatch Hays that
New Year's ntighit 3,1000 peoph
ithtered tomgetherC to take{i act iont ont
is miomtonstitt questoin:
"The eldetrs cal led tupoIn those
esent to dontate whaut thev coutld olf
emi worldly goods to aissist itn thet
nversion of the unsaved. Sevet
ne goild watches were givent, (overt
0 rings atnd other jewvelry. One
tin gave Itis botmise and lot, valued'
$3,000. In all over $25,000) was
ined for thte cause. The elders
vs advised thtose of the mnembersq
ait can to sell out and go into the
>rld to preach the adlvent ist doctritne"
What is it you wil Iniot bel:ev'e,
ten you hear of people in their
sos and( every day clothes, tmakitng
uh spectacles of themselvos?
A PI.rA.-"Have you anything to
before we eat you?" said the king
the Cannibal Isles to a Bostotn
ssionary. "I have," was thme te
,"I want to talk to) you awhtle on
advantages of a vegetari n diet"
DnAwrN&. THE 2NIE-A Chicago
nily, though of hospitable bent,
annournced that, having enter
ned all knowvn relatives that might :
it the World's Fair, it wlli hence
th require that relatives- shall be
mitited before being accepted as
Wurra BrLoOn ta llai.-A Freig
Plornat,conveYipg with the iHawai
3 qu4een on th seiet~ of th*-'nixed
oes in Hawai, sad.Bt erra
Jtf surely haa nowht ledi1
ur veine?" "Indeed tiba,e white
and in my veins." aidthem -- e
WaDbinggob Letter.
Fron Our Regular CorresponUent.
WAs11NootN, D. C., Jan. 12. 1894 -
Presidlent Cleveland has just given, a
practical detionstrat ion of his earnestnisa
In turning the settlement of the latwalianl
complicatioi over to congress, by putting
the official disiatches just received fron
Minister Willis at its lisposal. No one in
vaslngton1 seriously believes that anly
danager fs to be apprehended from the re
I-oited probability of 3ritish marines being
landed at llooolulu. It is well known to
the Blritish government that the United
States will not tolerate aiiy interference by
any, fort-igi governieit with Hawaii.
'ihe Ilemocrata f the Ilou-c have much
inore than held their own in ne tariff dte
bate this week, although some of their best
pom-ed men, have purlc sely made io
speeches in favor of the Wilson bill. With
the exception of Represemittive Tom,Johti
son, of Ohio, who oppo8es the bill lccause
it relains two much protection ani who fa
vors free trade withollt ly if's, and's or
but's, nt democrat has sp)kei tgawst the
untderlying principle of the bill, even Rep.
resentative laines, of New York, who rep
resents the 'l roy district anid who h:s beell
quoted na buing strongly opposel to tne
bill, rdmitted iii his speech that he wouid
wotud vote fair it if tht- schedule affectiitg
tote industries of Troy was ainntletdi to ieet
his wishes. Next week lie atal otheis wall
have an opportunity to offer any aine, d
ieit that they 1nay desire al.d the liase
will decide whether thy shall be adopted
or rejected. It is not thought, probale by
aiy membet witli whon I have coiversed
that any material itmendtinei,t will be alopt
ed in before the bill is iasse I lay the flotise
ol the 29th4)f ,January. It is in the Selate
that the Frienlds of thle measine fc-ar it will
be tmetiledl aln i st beyond recilgniition.
WaS'ailigtonl is nlow full of arties interest
ed having t lie hill aieildel anld they are al
basing tlt ir hoplis of success on the Seniate
antid It Ioll the llouse. 'Thil SIte Finnmice
con1111ittee WIll begin to give le.ritngs to
those iltI Crested Its soon IS the bill paIISe
ti.( llous e.
Tie republican leaders ef the I lose were
Vry leverly tiauIght a lilttl lessot by the
deinocrats this week which wo ild c 'atvince
Ilien w% a h less conceit that M-el, Burrows
'A. o., have it stcured (acortier ini parit
Ilietallry Khowlelge. It was the iitentiolt
of the a'ol esti id repilulicuan leaders tot get
at least two (lays debate oit of lit qiestiols
of the liower of tle H ouse to have mcii
bers aIrreste<l, and 4f tle right of metbers
to vote whi Iu 1idcfer arrest, n hen the ml,.
tion for the iischtrge of the arrstel memn
hers catne tip. This waste of tmme that
properly belontged to the8 cinsideration of
the [at iff ..ill was iot countenanevil by I l(
lemorats who cisily detentel it blihving
the Serteant-at Arms mal.e his report itt a
Uti.e wheit the republicatin leaders were tff
their giard. It did tot take a nmoment for
ilpresentaive Catchings to tsk tanimotis
conseitt fair the dlischrge froitl clstody of
the arrested int ibers antd for :peaker Crisp
too lechire the i ischarged, there being no
objection. ly that tirne the kno%%-it-all
epullican papers ats a iatiff "kicker," has
beet. compellel by at troublesminit, thanit af
fe" iin ti) take at trip to Florida itn search (if
rtet, htut before going he disposes of aIy
alaubt as to his poP-ition towards tiriff e
fora- IIle says in that lettir: "Ii order
that you and mny otli-r <leiocratic clillea
gues ait the conittee nay know what to
expect frot me I here state that the ltdemo
cratic Sitde of the committee oi Finatnce
111t-t ltnake the tariff bill atn%l then every
member of said ctommittee anust staid by
the work done. Ta< do otherwist! is to coat.
less that we are not fit to gove, i. I write
thus plinily, as I see thi!i n.wspapers have
plactd me in tle list of those called ob
strtctionists. I have not denied the rnport
aai I never dleny anything the iewaiiers
say of tme. bt I I wi atlwaiys try t elak
for imyself whtent..he tintae caini s."'
Secretary Carlisle expalaaine.l this week
fto lie iantlnbrs oft the .senat e F'it.aancae !om.l
Illitt (e iadI thse oif thle IHouse' \"vys and~
Mecanis enitaniittee thec inatdiate ttece.si ty
fair le;.:ish:iiti tao proiile the aiontey tat
inteet, the $50iE(,(0,000 deficit naow i st i ing
the treasurty int the tiace. Ilts obtjecLttwas
tact tao aurgue itn favtor oif the recomnen<hdt ' itns
ina<le ian his atnattl reporit, hut ta ituipress
itpo n thle it.di s aof hiis heatrers, thle i-ea-ssi.
ty faor itctiun, leavinag t haim etntiraely frtee as
to the n ture aof thle la-gislation nii a,akttng
ainly thtat it provithe thn tinoney- necess ary tao
tiueet t he Iiaivanents aital prteserve tIhe er-dit
oft the goverinte at. It is thle oblject af (lie
tiernitbars of bth I cotnttit tee toi agree upon ta
at bill thiat will niot aro use. sutlicieatt toppotsi.
tioni tat cause ant axtenlale<l finanaaial ul-bate
ini eith er thle I louise 'ar thle Satiate. They
recogtnize that ttichl a insate. at this timeia
waoukli be dltagerous if no(t ac uatlly blit Iful
to the counatry.
Thle Inc-ome Tax.
('The tope ill noat toleatean ini
oetax. They- will rise up and
o)verthrocw the palrty that imposesa it.''
Thae great tmetropolitatt newspapters,
with incoames oif hrtmdraa-ds of thotus
nsa year. tell its. It is eatimnatecd
that only 87,000) peoiplo will lie liable
to the incomito tax p>roposed, w~hile
there arc 65,ul;,000 who will no)t be
touched by it. If they all voite for
t heir puickets--as peopIle generially
.lo-we think we can safely predii't
that an itome tax will nott detroy
he dlemocratic patrty. Thle peopIle
won't be butrdeed by) it toi anyt great
xten)t. We wish moicre oif us could
be made to feel it.--Thte State
The State and Nations Neead jr.
So I doa not limiit fatith to) the ac
aeptanice of a few theoloigical pro posi.
trick inT reliiu eta hic, nris
tsmefu lty hich iest m
platys its tyranniotus and sellish pranks.
LI is not1 a tranie,nt mioodi in the
'onjutgat ion u,f life's thruobbing verb
wthi ch theologians hatve crentited for
thieir ownt uses. What faith mayn be
tao othersB I ktnow noit. I'They miay
have tr.ipedl it and wounded it andl
left it half deadl, (It theOy maiy have
mutrdered it anid burtit(I thne hower~
poirIittionunder alters thtat crutrnle at
the touc'h of reason; or they mlay' have
put away the tokens of its strength ,j
put out its eyes andl sent it to turnii
the millstones of sectariani bigaotry.
But to mec faith is reason glorificil; J
fatith is the sublimest actioan of the
~oul, the key that openis the gate aof
ill gre.at, kingdoms and endiurinug em
pires; fatith is insapiration; faith is the
ver*y life cof the sotuh faith isi the hand
hat lays hold on God(.
And its hutman side is as Ibeauttifttl
is its divine aspect. It mioves the U
ceart to gr'andl philanthropies; its
~yes are lighted with the trutest ten.
lernes4s when they look on si and
nisery, helpleastness and despair.
Prtue faith drives ouit selfishness; true U
aith stirs to sacrificial action; trite
aith sees in every man the image of
Faith evithout works is dead, being
done. Works come after faith as
he cause comes after the effect.1
WtVhere there are no works there is,
rio faith, "for as the body withouti
the utplrit is dead, so faith without
works is dead "-R~ev. Joseph Parker,
Where all slot *ead* Ought to 11.
sing a song of penitence,
A fellow full of rye;
Four and twenty serpents
Danced before his eye.
When his eye was Opened
lie shouted for bis life,
Wasn't he a pretty chini
To go before his wife?
His hat was in the parlor,
Uiderneath a chair,
IIs boots were ii the hallway,
Uis coat was on the stair.
Ills trousers In the kitchen,
11is collar on the shelf,
But he hadn't aniy notion
Where he was at hinsvlf.
Wheni the iorn wias breaking,
tonie one heard him call;
His head was in the ice box,
And that was best of all.
-Memphis Seitninitar.
Sehool Sectarianisnm.
This subject has recently been exciting
iinui0h inltere8t and a good deal of coimment
throughout ti'e Stites. Some look with
alairin upon the recent eneroachients of
Ioie upon the public seloo's in anny of
the cities of the union. There is a timllely
article in the Clristian Observer of Janu.
ary 3d, from tle tremchnit peni of Rev. 0.
W. 3oggs, of Masol, T h. hile he
does not ask to have religion taui-it in the
public schools, lie regards the effort to ex.
elude the Bible and the influence of pro
testantisi from the public schools in some
(iarters, as good cause for alrin. Ile
thinks that American iistittitlons should
be jealously guarded from any encroach.
inents, especially from the Iiirch that
would gladly aid quickly ursup the func
tions of civil liberty, if it dared.
Wornai, Whiskey and a Pistol.
On last Friday night a crowd of
darkies had collected on the farm of
L. M. Berry, near George's Creek
church, to participate at a hot suppor.
Among the gay amid feitive throng
were William Fergus-n and Sam
Jamison, who, it is learned, were
rivals over the hand of one of the
many damsels present. They became
involved in a drunken disput~e. where
upon Ferguson drew his pistol and
fatally shot Jamison. Ferguson was
captured on Sunday m1orning by Con
stable S. N. Wyitt, of Easley, and
Lrought to Pickens jail t-) await a
a prelImiiinary hearing, which he will
receive this week. These are the
facts as near as we have been able to
A. M. E. Appointments.
Greenville District--J. A. Brown,
presiding elder. Aimwell Mission
upply. John T. L. Durliin; Ander
son, t!. R. Brown; Belton sup,
Thomas J. Clinton; Deep Creek, R
F. 51iller; EasieY, Alfred Lewis;
Greenville, E. B. Burroughs; Green.
ville I ircuit, .1. It. Rtosemint; Green
vile Mission, .J. C. Martin; Liberty
G. W. Sliackleford; NIarietta, C. L.
Logan; Pendleto i, G. F. Miller; Rock
Mills, H. F. McElwee; Seneca, Yatd
Goodlet: Seneca Circuit, G. W. Beck
lam: Walhalla supply, M. Cherry;
Williamston, E. W. Adams.
J. Addisn o;gg.
It beicomeis ourI piniful (duty to'
chronicle the dleath of .\lri. .J. A.
B(oggs, which ocuemial at his home
ini Liberty, oni Wediesday, the, 10th
inst. at 7 p. m. Hlis age was sixt v
'igh t years, ten tim ,niths and t went'v
tivye dlays. He had bueen ini failn~
iealth for nearly a year, but liewa
:t)nfined( to his room only a short
timne. The fuin.ral was h:ud fruii the
[Giberty Presbyterian church, the
<er'ices being coiiducted by Itev J, S
l'. McBryd1e, the pastor. His re
nainis were buried in the cemetery
it Carmel, the last said rites beirmg
vitnessed by a large concour-se of
-elatives and frionds.
He was four years in that struggle
hat tried men's souls, antd a better
oldier niever tri di Virgiia i's consecra
ed hills. Ilec belonged to Gist ltjites,
lampton's Legion. H e was an honest,
traighitforwardl, pure~ miniided. unas
uming, Ch ristin gen tlemamnn. HeI
ovedl right for thle sake of right.
Elis friends wer*e all wiho knewv himi, ~
md thiose who knewv hi-n best loved
uim lmost, while nione knew au ght
against him He was b)rave with~out
>luster, firm without ty~ranny), and1(
is clear of malice amid envy as if those
luaities were unknown to the humian
lcart. lie wams an elder in the Pros
>yterian church at Liberty, andm lived
mtd workedh as liokinig alay upon1101
hie sacrted vous writtena upon his
eart by the finger of God. lIe ful
illed to the utmiost the sweet obliga
itnsh (if sonl, brother, hiusband, father
mld friend, and seteed literally to
eekc the path lis d sintetd father trodl.
lis life and ebaraeter are ani iinvalu
bhle heritage to the loved ones who
uirv ive.
'See Truth, Love ad Mercy, ini triumph
IDescend ing,
Anid Natutre all glowing in -Aen's first
Bloo m;
)n the c8hl ck oif dthit, itiiiles and1
Roses are hieinig,
And beauty, immortaml, awvakes from the r'
Mr. J. R. Ellis, of Henderson
ounty, N. C. has rented (lut his farm
.nd mioved into thle Vanderbilt ranch,1
anving contracted with t hat genatle
aan to superinatemnd one of his French
hroadI farms. Mr. Ellis has given
his nephew, Mr. aJohnl Mears, a gooid
Ob this farm. John left last
bfnday for his now home in the
[Band of the Sky.
Thomas Perrin Hairrisoni was mar
jed to) Miss Adelia Leftwich, of At-i
anta, oin'i Wednesday, the 9th, mn thelI
~entral Presbyvterian chureb. Thle
rloom is one of the faculty in Clem-.
on C'ollege, and the b)ridle is thle
f Dr. Leftwich, a distinguished
resbyteriani divinie. The bride and
~roomn left to attend( thle rec-ptionl in
jharles,ton. Their home1) will be at
31emnson >llege.
All pe'rsons are- notified not to har.
or or employ any of my children, to
w'it: Amanda, Carrie and Jim Price,
.bey being under age and having
oeft bomne without my consent. Per.
oms disregarding this notice will be
-"Tip Top" Cough Syrup, the best out,
for sale by Sloan Bros.
-If you have any broken window pains,
Bloan Bros., can filf them. 8loan's is the
best place to buy window glass and putty,
paiUts, seeds aud drugs.
Notice the reading matter In THE SENTI
NEIL this week. News! NbWa! Now is
the time to advertise and subscribe.
Advertising is to business what teamn is
to maehinery-the great Inotive power.
Advertise in TIM STINEIL.
"Mrs. Winslow's Soolting Syrup for
Children Teelliing" softens the gums, ro
duces inflamlation, alloys pain and cures
wind colic. 25c. a bottle.
Notice of Final bettlement.
I hereby give notic that I will ap
ply to J. B. Newbery, Judge of Pro
bate for Pickens CountV, S C., on
Sales Day in February, 1894, fer
leave to make a final settlement of the
estate of Vicey Hendricks, deceasod,
and ask to be dismninsed as adminis
trator. D. E. HENDRICK3,
Jan. 5.4t Administrator.
Sloan Bros., mill show you how
to paint your buggy for 50 cents.
If your hands and face chap in
cold weather, Sloan's Camphorice
will c.ire them.
Sunmons for Relief.
Pickens County.
Court of Cominion Pleas. s
Tempy C Stewart, Sallie Simmons, Susan
Howard, J. N. Howard, E. N. Garrett.
Morning F. Garrett, Alva V. Garrett,
Lillie 0. Garrett and Verner lloward aid
Mionie Howard by their guaidian ad lit
em, J. N. Howard, Plaintiffs,
Corrie M. Bllalock, Robt rt N. Blalock and 1
L. F. Blalock, Defcedamits
Summons fur Relief. (Complaint
To the Defendants above named:
You are hereby summoned and required
to answer the complaitit in this action, of
which a copy is herewith served upon you,
md to serve a copy of your answer to t hie
mid complaillt on the stbscribers at thItei r of
ice at Pickens, S..C.. within twenty days
ifter the service hereof. exclusive of thet
lay of such service; and if you fall to an
iwer the complaint wilthi the time afore- j
laid. the Piaintiff.4 in LIiis action will apply
o the Court for the relief demilAnded in the
'omplllai nt.
Dated Januiry 8th, A. 1). 1894.
J. M. STE WAIt', C. C. P. N,
(Official Seal.] 3
J. P. CAREY, and JOHNSoN & t,cHT4y,
Plaint iffs Attorneys.
L'o the defendants Robert N. Blaliock and!
L. F. Ilock: i
Takt: nitict that the complaint in this
wtion, together with the summomis of
which the fore1oimi is a copy wits filed in
ie othee of t he Clerk of the Court of Coml.
ion ileas for the CoLnty of Pickens in the'
itate of South Carolina, at Pickens inl said
4tate and County on the 8th day of Jan
iary 1894.
J. P. CAREY, and JoHNsoN & HIciKy,
P"laintifTs Attoeys.
C2 Main Street. GR RPN VI LLE, s. C II
d.as given overy Tihurs~day amnd Friday, anid
,eth extracted without pain.
)R. J. P. CA RiiLE,
ce over Westmnoreland itros A tDuke's Drug .'
Store. N
jan5stt oRE EN VIL LE, s. C.
PI'CK ENs. C. -i
CF'(ails answered at all hours.
4aug4m. t
Over Westmoreland tRros'. D)rug Store. Altd
ork dtone by the instantaneous procesN .Also no
cake enlargoments from old pictures to any e'i
Ae if water color., crayon, Imndia iunk, oil and la.
lainm photographs,.
For all kinds of Sprains, Bruises,
'ractures, etc., of Silverware, our
Silver and G old Plating done cheap
We repair almost anything.
nd skilled attendant.
JFNo charge for Fitting.
4. P. Collins & Co.,
113 Washington St.,''Greenvllec, S. C.
P. S. Old Engluih Watches chang
d to stemn wind.
june22d'93 ly.f
WNhat's that? W11
kicking! Not kic
kicking our Job P
If you want GO(
in its latest and im
work just as go<
Ltm10 S;pencer Fl . W. IN00l,p -r and Iletebin I
F-oster. er i r.
Condrnme<d htis c ie in vf1'i-ct 1lie. 24. 1NV3.
Trais rin by 7oth Meritia Timlie.
n. 1 . r
Cliia. . t I.. .. ... 4 -ii.n
'l in... ..... ". : . '........ -.0 n
in. . " .\llull '' . ........ 3 30pm11
1 i m . . . . ' - 41r 0l: il y "1 ........ 57%11tin .
5I nNin. ...."h r:y .... .,... 2 31.1 . in
51p:1 ....(...I"I it .n ..'' . 3. pi
301pin ........ .. it' 4-elI '. ........ alii
.111n........ .. y .
3I m. . . .. " Gree.: nov i " ..... .sis:,p
'etwen . . " iu cr o. na'<tl's " .... . . c I' le.p
5i1 :............ JIt.i .v..... . II 10pWIm
tipm-..........Lyv 7t<n A .\ ... . . .11 -0p.n
'!1im..........., .... . ..... 1 1 .in
l ii n ..... ..... i ........... i0 : :
30pin ...........\r Sei: i ,...... . lS;.pra
5et ipm ...........,v St-iwon 1,\ ......... . 4>.5 nm
'5 n ..........\ r \Va!hI !! I 1, v. il. .
:'lpm ~ ): 10 U5 ' l
15 >n ..... .\r it r e vi - , ..... .. 1 n ,
Between A ntlerswti. 1:elt0m unit Greenivifle.
. . . . . A iTi I ANS. No. I'l
IUapm. I.. . I- 'ie-r. n i A1Ii\r.....1I IK;.m
41pm ............ \ t i -v.... . ..... 1sm9
00; ItI I.... .......L.v l,4.:t,lf A -.. . .. . . . . . :11: .l l m
241pmn . .. .. . \A r W i1'i;.!m- !tn. A r....... lI toi-.ir.
'111i .......... . .. II tQi: m I
10111m ..... .... .. 'h , : * n . . . .. . . . - i4N inl
:N0pm . ... ... . ..hE weil............ 101.1
letwenm Chat hl ton, C'ltim.ia. Altol ilnd
DInX y.i
ST \'it TI )N %S. No. 14.
5 m ...i .... ,v c'ha i e-t n A r ... ... .45 .in
I 1a in.........Lv ('W.i- A .... . Mi m
50pm ........ .....A t n .... .......2 5 pin
- .ii . .. .........' r ...e. ... ... ... ii.
M imi . .... 1
1*1pin ..... ........ ' niI n ..............10 .41 I
.. i l ............I -r14, l l"t,.............10.37p m11)
1311 1m ........ .. . . I1 -e4 I l .... .4 . . . 1.3411i
Wipmn ... . ... \ r.synt .iml u rg iv......... .10 4 Nt i
... ......\ .\..li '.!:. b)
li9u. e Ne heov. ino a '
15d:n.I.' 4x..iI, . 2.14tiny.
lOn . . Sau.i:l I' I..uu
'nn.1in dI r 1111ta:abewe ':re
I :0pm. oiIle
50rng) 44 Ii1t*imS:a::a otAiie
Ic nIIm 01 3
L''lii,Ileve Si Ti i:Ng .& 4' lil.
ri Io: Ol. .11 . i:. ..4'' .ist n ..4i1 o i5'
Np. .Ilf:o Io :, :.i .i.,rr Ii':
:l1:oiui~1. :1:1. 0:. 3ip. i. 4111 I 3 . ni
\r o1 ~o .5 . o-.us k iov . . 04it
.. : i lF.
5....m. 11.K
'T.\ t. iAiAS
. cinrrntii. A.m...r.2can U
la i 1 . rA l-v 1. .. 1101
'o nonto r re aanido.kber1ille.
P.houhacnL betweenOCI'li Saatns aIln Ashe
leon ui4b notIcogvn1reo3.agei h
Cnindeavife Spartan t,r,A ' ifyuon
rgth bound.a Io.43 a . n p len.. l ' pap. In. t\e .
nnle d bmie iltout. t hbon el,II 253 m., atn p
N.i' $'.W disiont. Auidoi .141 p. ~NN l'o 0en
reJM.onvie, AUJevllrOanr lio Yprings.
Praioeeeleav reeile.* . ('..eA. eA . eIin
Jlrt ho : tu, 1 . i.u rUY m ...0 .i.5.'ue t \'I t ib
'Chro.n I \'aleti.bred inaLte trube P.t
Ilvnd l, . 'zei. :7in., n.,t)ec nae Corn: '.m.
ji:t. t. tl n.uth IIon.. ehe .. if amburn.:1i7ip.
'ullnn0 Sleen. ly nn 1 et. ('hnpana ivr'ru, ri.
1 i ItAsheylIe*-.-ht *'ol l i nfst Spartan-.
LIolmn aine'e in,a Ion Itrain of 141 n4 '
\'. J I .tr i l . ,
t t e Iia'i,Saeinene t l'heninbl. S . ('.
As's'.er t Ge ' laa Ag. uAIa, Iek n Ge a .
ache.ii. (I1ti.:I-'.N.
ane e 't ortngr Was igto,D.(
or dimeaseWtha. Te'iilK. ii
impur bl Ido 'as fA enre hingth on,' D.eI (,11
c Tf r obi'eat Manag.t) \\ti i o. D. (O~A~
1-2 fVII.~n4.Sentinot Ameria
?.O.Bo47S. Agenor y fo(r
Idet brea fo seurigepten o t iAmrica
li ublic byanoio ionfeeo cag n.h
an shoid be ithout it. oel 83. 0.
oa 15 sr,ots Acdel31 ' %
y certainly we are alive
sing about the hard times,
-esses for all they are wort)
)st artistic designs, call at T
:es as low as anywhere
)(>, if not better. Satisfac
nmiuel SpOneer, F. W. fluidekoper and
Fo.ster, Receivers.
Atlanta tt Charlotte Air-Li
Schedule in vffect July 2nd, 189S
NuImrit ,.ot N. No. 86 No. 2
Dn I'44 lI Y.IC4I
V. At 1 1tita iTI... .. 6.4510 9Iva1
" l i ln tret ........... .... .... ... ..
" t l i 1. .1if 3netv Io14l1 .. ... .... ... 10 It"'
" G t n i ' ...... .. ........ 10 '.' r I
c'hninlf .e .. . .. ... ........ 10 t
"ornv ille........... ........ 10 31rt
Norerosm ........ 7i Pin 10 3!-1.
" ultith .. .. ....... ....... 105UI
".. uw.. :ee.... ... . ....... 11 Ma
S .......... ... .. 11
"Blweyfrunch . g
- - - - -- ...... . ...
" i i Ie i - . - 20 pin i -
.New 110lind ........ t
White Sulphur ....
8 1 II12 Cfn
.lflt..................... ',1%1
I"eLIbie1.... . ..1
" Coel t ......
.r. Nit Ait%....................
LO C;"), [t 1 1
".. iw. . . ...... ..... 9 m I V1
" Ftob-cin ... . . . . .. . .. E
"1 nd4igoI... ~ . 1.
" % li ib is . ....... .. .. 4
" 1P.h-hhlnd . .... ...2.
'~%e f~II.I r . . 2 98
" pieoc ............10 151,111 4 4k
E (. I C( . .. .... ...
CaLIhout ........... . 3
.('e. l - -.......... .. 10311 im 3 ..
" .iberItY ... ........... 3 1 f
" U1:nsle%'. .......... 11 (7 u I S
" GtUers .... ........
'I'tty ICis............ . . . . 4
I ..t ...Iv ..............
I.2 I n It I I .... ..i. ..... .
" Fatir F-' tent -. ..- . .--- .... 6 C.
" pa b a til %it un-efI (.. . .... 5
SIAlitl.u u rg .12 t') 5
" ('11flo nl -- -- -- - ... . . . .
o( pells................
I h -k . .... ..
" l ik.,urg.. um ?I
" Utover.
" lemcin er Ci
"1.mi .
Ar.t heti 14 tlIe-2m
Sot Tan (0 Ibei yh.
.V. ('ha rh.1tt .. 'pm 12
" 4%t mher ('tC
" it:' Mou%nttair ...
" linek'1burg . I . .4.1m
"'V G fIe s .t .. .U5
" partanburg.... 35am
"Fa,ir Forest
Weliford .
Greenville . 'su
" nen.. . 3..
'ois. . ..(tr
Ar .itt. A Irr.
" .rnen.~ v -.
'4 hite lSitI;phur.
t''in1e4ville......843t 'ln
I"''lwery Iluic......
helt Jnincti'a
1leneh!Itr I.........
r Atlaanta (IE. ''..7. 104.m.i
Note e44pe(Iin Ily that traIns No
ilI run betw een 4'01rm in Iand44
Lu In ii A thin lta. A%gents, y
pity p4ohible4 und hn ve newlp,
enliitn In mnIraunce with 44u
sing ani n nethnents.
W4%. A.
Gen'1 Pnnse. Ap4t.. '4'a
S. II. A
J1. A. I)
W4. II. I
Ocuneral Matnager. '4 e
14(41. II
I'ratIc 4IaIlnge Wi
WilmIgton N. I.,1J
~o. a- ITAT-ON
IWutmington,le tN.., Ju-4
4dI'pper.....h.CaroNin I'nt
.14amji.............. Laneo. ..
.63pnm.... ....,..... IiumtorI..
.30pm..........a cliNto..
.0pm.......,...AbIlle .g
80pin........ A hel ,N.
.-1pm.r ......A01 a d (l tlantaS I
57m ---l -...neeonh
WItDail. N.4)4 re)tal 53) ioli
I1url tet o rroand lto . ji.i o
An't en' I

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