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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1871-1903, January 18, 1894, Image 3

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it's Cotming.
lood white cotton 71 a 71.
irs. Walter L. Boogs is teaching
rowing school at Liberty.
Xov. Tillman paid his taxes thi.
r before the time expired.
'ere Simpson has announced thal
is in favor of the Wilson bill.
hore will be ia civil service exami
.ion at Columbia, S. C., on the 8t
3r. R. F. Smith has a fine drove ol
les and horses for sale at hit
.bles in Easley
rho festive nittle will Hoon be at a
'MIiumi, and the robin and b!uc
d will 1101) Itrouid.
Tohn Lake, of Edgefield, was or
Cned a miistier of the Baptist
arch the last day of 1893
Vrs. W. 0. Simlith and family h]ave.
vel to Piedlioit an11d lre gi(utv
11 pleased with their new home.
-orn is sellin)g att 50 cents, blt it
Vvorlth a dollar to thle nini wh) has
Uld can hold it for use on his farm
[ho R & ). lZailroad i.- S in to
rO a freiglt offie right in th],e citv
reev, ville,haviIg rellted the Gower'
.r. Earnest Cochrai, of Anderson,
gone to visit the Midwiit.lr Fair
the Pacific slo; e. 1ie will be
e about six weeks,
I r. v, S. lice is a far lway friend
T Em.: ErINEI. gea1tl% appi'veateH,
it is glad to know that ie ii
ilig properity inl the Lone Star.
'il: SENTINEL has it surItion
of which aniy p!lper might wvell
proudl. Th'ey Illways c,me) ill
o to keep the inacle runlinllg
),)tll. n
Ir1s. Gideotn Ellis, who has leel a
tiesufferer. Irtmrhmluim
recenitly bweelnich improfved by
Ig the mineluial %%ater from MrI.
CInliah L(joper's w(Al.
irs. Miggie T(d 'lied at her
Ie Larien on the 12th inst.
Sa sllot. illness. She w"m a lIIt -st
il!e w unnllill, andl w-Is r'eently a
Ltitifiul bride. -I(. us a dilaughtcrl
Mr. W. L. Boy d.
[i1 speaking of I h , last week
-: Si:m~ n':i. h-o'.t - said tlat
d-ce \Vabw" .11(wdhihl tithe
11rch two1. (4 ctw - ,Xmd"e Wat ts
Jlly tv'1i, amt J g G aryv t he
The t1ps had bee<ue too tight n11141
:.evli:t Iuist v V n a Illnii''s n. ek, so
(10 14b llntt turl i s - :- a l lith t
rI n h16* 1is w hil't b.s I*v. D r. .it-,
#d hiin p and huis he:ul s
riied vasilv w ithout. stenkig.
-st tjiile last.1 1 Th sdr.v. \Il ri lb..
-ieks hial aiilso b 1e'I'1w a Xvitiim ttj
4h::lin41, oI I)Brushy (i'ree, A wd'' h.rso
oiltv, <tlied o>i the~ I lib1 jnst.<cf grij,
i gedu sixty threte year s. She4 was a
nember('i of Bet i-sada Me4t hodit
Mrli. ,Jay Do.ggs, o f IKer'sha:w, is at
honn.10 fori a~ few' week'ls amnolg hi
14iberty friends nnid r'elatises. H<
will return t) K.rsha1w about0 I he 1bt
Iprox. w~heire hie is a valable4 aidi I.
Mr. .Jldin A. Ibivis, the agent ant
epeiato at' imt po0i n t.
James Illenryv 'Udlidyminus (ChIarlel
U(llyse's Jones P.eter ( Quineer Wae
Caul hiotiiin1 1 Washigtn 4)1 Bishiop Kav is
atssistinig V. E. HIutdgenis, the4 4 tlie'ent
andl a(comod)tatinig agent at Easley, in~
MenCi puit n1p stores in to4wn anid at
wari'(s. Biut all who knoiw, or' woull
town or by ihe pica c ross44 lti ro'w5i' 11 s.
Hen')(ce the in .ce~ssity of I keeing your V 41
iadvert sIiseent i In i: 8..i I:ii:r al.
the timei.
over hthle~ Stlate,L were41 writ'edI abouit
two, accor41dinig to law, ennl ino wiont
confillict tlhun Sabbacth mi1114 sale tIai
'The law says, whlien M4 )ndaya is
hiohayIi, lTuesdayi is ualI d4 (4'.
Miss Lena B3Ioen is teacinjl g
flour iishinilg 11susci 11lion school4 14
Six Mile. She (en gaged to teachl I
threi'e mnith i's slcooI, bt t rons ti amS 11
plipils werIe so) well p)leaised they' hava
ahnendy aigreeel to imiake it four niontl
MIiss Bowen is boarding at Mr. Wd'j
Mr. J. A. BIog-, ai noItice of whlos,
dem'iise al. pealrs mi Ithiis issuOe of Tm
I- Nin::,, (15 isposed (of all biis pro~ pet
ty by will to lis chiireni. lIih sol:
Walter' L. Boggs'~, hias th!at p41rt iin o
Ithr. homne place, lin which ilm dw'eil
ig is sitna te ii, an d his miothier's horo
will be with himi.
SIoa, a teni year ih son( 51111 Sallme
Chapmni, o1f the Si Mile 8(ection
dityl last Sat mi- fe'er,. Fetv
clhi'en are Ii. .t thIiis age, am11
his paren('1ts havtl the sympal)thias oI
imany frieis ill theso (1re b4enavenu-o '
whlich the loss of tir br1' ighlt litt I
b oy has brought upon thei.
George Li. Bogg, (If ('orinith, Ark
w~ho has beenli 4)n aL br>')f visit to eb
Iive and11( fr'iend s in th e ('oun Ity, 1
las-t Monda4Ly for iLs w(esternf bouw4
lie gave a good repor1t of tne Borg
kmi in hui' adlop)ted Staite. Hie live
in or near the same section wher,
George 1B. and Mason Chamblis
The c9tton nown got better every
day for several days last week.
Mirs. D. F. Sutherland is visiting
her mother, Mirs. Florenco Gri6lin.
Hi. B. J. Johlinstoi nrived - too
late for the meeting last Tuesday.
David Duncan was quite sick last
week, but lie is reported some better.
Old Pete Craig, a colored inan of
11 airfield, says the bhid tiger is the
State's Rights Barroom.
Ion. C. H1. Car-penter weas a deli
gate ill atteidanlce ll)uon the coulty
alliaIce last Tuesday.
Pickvns is in tinle shape to wvelcoimie
a few imiitnigranIts. It has four
- Vatclit houses fand t w%o morec will 8f)u.1
be ready.
The case of E. F. Looper v-s. La.
th1em & ClenItiis wax setl!ed last
Satu0rd3r tnd discon ti libc hy II,.1gr-co
ment of the parties.
It. is good news for the ladies who
need cook aprous to know that tIe
gin"1n1iha tmill at Chester, S. C., is
now ranning on full tille.
There is c.msidenible oppositi<l to
ehanging Kelley Hill road. so its to
have it Ion along the line of the rail
road from the Majrs' place to Pi,k
Louir; Redwine, the wrecker of the
Gate City National Batik of Atlanta,
was last, Friday seitenced tto ix
ye:-s inl the Columbius, Ohio, peii
Oi thI Ie 9t II inst. (1.has. E. 1)t i na: Id.
of lich111mnd, Va., WIAs iarrTied to
Mi.-s Car-ric W11l8h, of Cheste.r. The
Ceemony13 W.J Xprfor-med by) IL'(ev. R.
A. tbild.
('apt. J. T. Prior ia r.c,ived t1l.
end rmient (of hi,i coliiti lmity%. f'.r.
trial justice !.s i3IIccceSoI to J. T. Clhil
dber. If he gets it Iie will ji'mt1e
a goo 1((14flicer.
Mliss Ainjiv, the beatitiful dauigh'l
ter f (Jol. Boon, of 6ainesvilh G..
has lven on ia visit of seve-ral davs to
MI.s. Dr. Smith, of Easley, :u1i the
li 11oflinlgswtht1, of Pichk'eni.
On the 14th inst. at ti(! r4-slttie
of T. N. Iluteir, w%ho (minted,
Ste.1lie E. Si ih w11as nT11111-ied 1t 4'
W. T. Tiatner. SO a Tan11.r I'
a Smith,
The %%ini N Jiy calves at A. M
M(wrris's Imlo b(.-II I'n.atly ao hIi n.,
by :ll who mve " ei thIIm. Tlev
th ihoSt as inlso 1l.as ir
InIS, a 1.ie IX' . a n
Ilai es to that. cel-.1t,
11agod, 1rue & Co ,wl
t he ti-adt. III-twek. L k
their add. In Ite ilnt. ti:
4ji.tt4l tO (41 ' 1i,rwardi4 aniil ma2k
an. Ili"q Ili!
lit-111t. <111 . a't T h t.. Il ,t
J A. Stewa-t w;. ( < in gt
ing 4ft to his nw tin ulit Carnes
ille, GIa. lie left last HSbthlit. his
fannuvly hnving 19ro(4h d him a few
day1. Vlr. SteineVl4 t is (I'n 111 11d1,l t ,
sules a:al c proit' 5 it y.l-~ i i~i
houn lasti-a ftil4' r14 11 31pi - 113 u1 -
eiliwa and~ 43I:e of i .I.i f r ar
air the ( t-einh 54et'IIn. lie ha:s
ininen11:t wase for thel best.
IJalines Sltausell, who livei' ne'i
D:dis, Texas, h ft last 3! iiar f.ir t
w(eks toI relativesi inl Pickenis enimt11v
lHe ha3s been11 is Tlexss ablout iiete1.n
years1 ii no has\1 atix good)4 jah with
thet ITexas Pacoifie 1)hidge Ihibilinti
The,1 iuatlok Hile !!4)1tra l '41says: "Miss(
palstor of the lahrek Hill Alethiodist
oiuireh thrteo yearts aigo." Jt ti. -4
enlled(4 toI 44nh:r b., W. T WD).h, prlesi
de(nt T here vos. a '14141 I 4)rsen1ta
iniost harit01hnois SevelV I lif the
n14thir toollik phwe(1 tha. Th auhl be
con411tract 4tr h i'g inl an it e >vr.13'
the11 aiiew1-Il~44? - h h i aii iin h 14 I
near Gae,fr h u hf I55.l .
e-iing' :.ubienti ns to ll he l
1Ie.le4 wil reap)11:1 that sn4-:-- w..hich
thir ill'rts so ;iviehl deserve.
lIn thte ('ase4 of1 the4 State :4:1ing
Warren 143 r413er1, WiIhan T44 raiiar atiti
(G4o41gg A. Jh Is tri4e- 144 hel4r Til:
,Justic'e, 5. 1). Stewarit-, at .tIbi
flast Sat uirdtay, It' dI,eirnuts 1.er4
.foundl guilty' and1 54 Lte.4.4e to li v 1 ;a
imie of the ldih,lis.nth,e'11-'12-.
1 ltC(tt(115Uud ofl.A the month 1is
1)4 Ilu propitions3 fori e t dio r
.eish"'l t, ll4 14th enati wdul hbe 'isit
n t int 1ickeits tn til the I st of Ftebru
WeonSt rIckland(4o TiIl)';
I ier ity in 1ompam- i" - '% i)' 1'
, 114' is the' 1. stu-hearted'(.4 you)Nigi~n
whos, with his br-ther13, lia't so1niii
wvent fromi South Caroluj to1) ' et
- .- int a baiggy and 411 a bicyeh.. Ile
i'returne o'n t he 1 I 4 tra11and hI14 ii,114 hrie-r
a drove oni out to, Oklah ma. It is ii.
t.4t'res1ting toi hear' hxuim tel of I h trip
a Il r mugh the miounItainIs of Tlennesse,
141n1 Kentuick--.
Last Tuesday, while T. S. Holl ings
worth was ou his way to Pickens, his
imul took fright at his umbrella and
in its eff>rt to rush out of the road
it fell over a log and threw its rider
violentl against at tree. Ile came
very httet' having a Iluost serious acci
It is a Ioote<l question hereabouts
as to who Rev R. A. Child married.
The Newn atd Courier, Keowee
Cotiier and Jturnal sav he mharried
Aiss IRupf-r. THE. SEWixNEL, Chiester
Bulletin ind Christian Advocate say
lie married Miss Stackhouse.
'hle State of South Carolina, by His
Excellneny, the Governor aitil Coim
madiier in-Chief inl and over the
State Afor(esaid:
To Julius E. s at Pickens:
I, reposi II Special trlist aned con
fidlee ill you abilit y, care, prudence I
and ineriy have corninlissilne<l,
CMnStituitcIl a14n1 appiolnt.4, tle bY
t!'-S(- presenl t <1 )IIIInInIHSsin, CMn
stituel ad appoint, you, thle Sai<d 4
JuisE.B1s,Ntr Plie inlt
Mi f,)r. I'i th Clo4 limt, if n t ( Stae it
to getilier n ith ll h le righIits,p i'ivileges,
prodits 11< fIolinents whatsever
t1ereillilto lw-lm)l-ill-, or ill IIIN .\y,ISeV
a1pertaini .
This Colnlis s'l il to vcninuille inl
force during the pleasure of the
Givell Illi<del. Inu, I111141 :tll] the Seal
I)f t- Stait-, ill ('eh: i 4, the c-igltI
lY . If .1itit1r', i4 I we i 4 f oIli
1 1d mv1 tll4 11all ( .i]g I >nig it ilildi . 41 aid
16110 N.V f 1'id44 the ()]Ii( 111111dre(I l lot)4
-ighltt yilear( of thle iI:1lepmndeIcice
* d ie Ullii<t St:ates <f Ai-rien,
BY lie Governor: B. R . TI..M.N,
G, verilor.
rf E.. TIND.\L, Oe y<f Stitt'.
iything f"r yo at alny tiline dn't
hsitatc t) le.t u: know.
I. 1110.rn. sy-t'n with
'x ion - . AlN ter4e*.yI*4 lu re n11nt'4 . r -
441'IA' I ''?. 4 -11 1 ( N1,'% .I 11114.I1it. N I%
I'u-S inll . i/ t(114I4 , tuiLi 4u4el,'4 nii nts.444 11
iss'ip .. pin !c iu:i t" taste lm-t le 4 < il<
otll ct,
Nnmts o tei
Jkcob) A(l"dner, \\ -In Alexm-md-r
--111"I <'M albi,3 arv .l.y av
1--v, Millo- Bcnne(tt, Anth11on- B
Lw i, 31. H Lei--, M.li. . ewLi\i
ntild - .'ll T. L11ewis, \V.
b li".. 1 ir arai ien1A.
'IL i , P..lai ils,0I('4 111(l
>r l - Kl diek~sejtiat Juius 10Ce
dIr, \i. 84411. Ah-anri. Ephrnhni
J:un<st .\ \\I efti'. lief541inlants.re
4 Ifnu 4 hns . f 1:uiie p ,'in.e
I I Il i l' 14<., <-tt (I( il l inyng) n I l 4. e
t tidt. n w r te ctpan.i
14 4 i ical sw -tili.81( .ii
phile lnte subscriber14 11 ~miat h oi
4i4wenty4 days afterl the se'ri.ejhref
(excl,..us o Iihe <h<y of such fi e rvice:14
and Si SI:tu fail1 t( :uiwert ie compIhi
wit-hit he:iin,4(1i14 I a 4rjsmd, tePiti i fs )
in thi .-t i.. ilaplle t e ( o r
Da ted 4J l' ,'' .\1 I 1)t. 4;i .
d. \ 4ri.n. r, .C N . P.0
I Jeri.n N' 4444 >.4 ,
iS 4 liePlaintiiifs' A ;orner.
iTt.ke a that th ei omlait Ii:r0
copy,le whans :id i' A th iilL ~o th
Siltir. fSuhCrlia tPce
in sai|State ad. Co nt, nth 1
day f Jau:ir, 18.0. hat he o
ClerkN. Nale.
County of Pickens.
W. F. Hayes, et. il.
D). E. Ifenidricke-.
Complinht !for ptl.r0itimri.
Ii pursuatice of it decrutal ortler
in1ade inl the above Httetd case by
Hlon. W. 11. Wallaco on 27th Sept
1893. 1 will sell to the highest bid.
der beforo the court ioise (loor at
PieketuS during the legal hours for
sale, ont
Kille.1o Oil'Q )'ttI
sale<fav inl Febl>rlarY
next, the following described real
estate ton%it:
B. B. Crane,
I'Aliz A. Miles, et. al.
All that pi>iev parcli or tract or
blitd il the coun lv ani(d state afore
iid, on branei watteis of Wolf
-ruck, idjoinig lalds of W. T. Bom
HIn, R lss l ike, l ary Ann Suiith
intl other -, cotlllilnng onle buitiredI
10() ac'es oIIt(i 'r lesm.
Also all that pt >iece parcel or
ot of hiil inl P:"ild Counity :ild 31ate,P
)Iar the ecrnlralE limits of the towi
)f 1ichells, Ii(Id Solith oi said towin,
!oitaining vtwent six (26) itres more
r (i, wO'Ii 3uiciijbc A'tt
low liver
Also all th oit- lot or parcel of
M1id ad(jolb,ng hlits I ", livil)rv Law
(n<vY, lll G i'il ti l Jitcol>
A'rifili, -tlit tit,- la t :Ik ,vv Ilwiti'ed(' l
raet, c'tilttillilig p ).)i ig g
111'' ('r less.
Truit' of nil the abv iitione!d
'acts in this cas, a )hI (n illy of
Ille, })11rchase' ti pay ftill ptl s Ali (1
ecordinig the sitieit-'.
J. M. SEi 1NA UT,
Dcc. 1.1, 1893.
T itilertilrollt ham. t1 44, t c% ine tl i' ikenls. hu.
'Wekenls is inl --trl, Ili I i Uilw, v of'the riOlromd
llf yloul Iarp inlEw X:k -- P:, 1 ll %%ifw-h
Alk to any-ne li ti. .. -r tomn. ju-t %tep to
he*hn ' na r::- 'o " onua t
Icity proptl. itde.ven i
In .' N I I it)NI: 'd
83 SHOE NO iP.
Do you wear them? Ven next in neod try a pair.
Best In the world.
$5.00 3.00
$4.00 02.50
43.50 $2.00
$2.50 2 .42.00
$2.25 $2.00
$2.00 "
If you want a fEno DR ESS 8 10E, made In the latest
styles, don't pay $6 to $8, iry my $3, $3.50, $4.00 or
$5 Shoe. They lit eoteal to custom ntade and look and
hear as well. lf yr wuth to economize In your footwear,
do so by p':rchauing W, 1.. Douglas Shoes. Name and
prico stampelt on the bo.ttom, look for ft when you buy.
W. L. DOt;GLAs, nlrochtt,n Mass. Sold by
J iJ of 1Di0olullon
Tihe repart er-hip hiri,tofure existing
ewu . *I;iI. - ram k fio.an . J
In4&(o.. &u Tbeen1th edy dish-db
1~i L1 . H4J. Mmna &('1
NeCpapec E .T FRES
on t. Ia e \ o r h r n-- . ..e
N I- '
Correc u Idigestk 'I I
Itr ! ti'mm.. tlI
I terhec titr1yAt
''1 n tAL iY RUGiSn(VjipTS. o
~ a.. . .% a it, lt('~i avn::r a1,0 .'
tttv ia it a. aW' i ti i ta a ., (intiCe'
It ii tha i uv n r.;t rton alt'' uM Aitt.,.,.
Are fu
They 11
ee ie to 1
Good I
Lily Pate
A nice
and Chai
Wai'e Do
mii ls for 1
We are
Hats and
You wil
thbe Price
Good pr
tonl and o
And hir's at ye agI,
And ghiol lck to Yo all
Theli's Ihe Sentiients
Of WY. TI. .\CF11ll.
We haive at nic st.)Ak tif Seasonaubled
gOods all(I In 1'i. ., It A.
We Wish to) 811l th1em11 as ra1itly as
po1sible, IIIA il order to get our.
selves "out of the .Ows, we want
ats much reatly cash sprinkled .1in og
the sales as %N e ca, n get for at least
tho next thirty daYs.
we called on ur friends o:u1lv in
the f-al1 to help us, which tlfy. did
veryII hainll4 i , I -v- b uIV e l.I 1 n-W
tht e luilti a suflicent nuiuber of
I htem, or el.ue I her never alhl got becre.
Now, then:iore, wo (ca1 tll on l di e
other boys ( to c11me u.
Firiend o~r no frienil,if you)l hav5e) any)
manr ofnm kind br'ing it on and~
I t us place it wh~ ere it will do tli.
moi(st e-al1. Now i.s the time to
Come u .li1 see us andi s;-e our gioods.1
T4) see is to buy- - to. butv !b II be!
inadte happy.
I offer for s i'P iiuyI faini 44i 6) nr .'. va:1
- v d.teni mle, 44 i 4ru in <;ee vib 14 - 11. 44n t he
If iio t 4441d before,1 ihle 1.4th of .inii i*. it ui ii 14 he
.4?.h i t n i onl4i 44n the~ 1i? nd--es ii I' 4 4n ck
I'inii i,iv. )I.wn,i: .5 IA ili H ,i4 .
$ Caveats. and Tr'ade-M arl.s obt4ain1ed, and44)all Pat
g ent busmiess condoc14i for Moorn ATE FE rs.#
$Oun4 Orricc 48 OPPOSITE U. S. PATENT Orric#
andl4 we can scenteC peno-nt mi less 11m.4 11han those:
r emnote from W,.shmnge.
#Send iniodel, i drawmgi or photo., w.ith die..rip.
t ion. We anv(ise, if patentabled or not,1 free of
Scharge. Our fec not duei till paiten?t 4a secured, e
SA PAMPHLET, **loSV t ( ubtum 1'atentre, With#
cost of samec in the U. S. and boreigns countnedt
g sent irce. A ddress,$
'' A recent dIkovery byan old
phlystia ,5uere fly used
i.onitly Ar. thousant ni4f of 1.A
dirn. Ia itw only perfectly sato
and44 rI'lal?). me44'llelno dico"
cred1. liOwaOl' of unpricip4)d
druggists who offer inforior
rnedilclnei in pinn of thi. A sk for (o'05S Co'TTO(
if.ooTC(O4sr(t,tak.ue iosuibst itute1, orlncloso8linn4
C Cen4t.i In I4otinlgo in4 letter, aund w'o will aend scaled,
biy return rnali. l all R.dald pairticulara In plaIre
AddriaPuirld Lily Comapany,
No0. 8 kIiherLbloci, f>etroit, M)ci
Solil in P ekens an(I every where by,
all r'spcns b). E Dru ggist s.
limi ii i . l v.
oISl.00( A vI .All.
I I' . 4i')s. N 4S
i1A 7j i 554? wonia 'nwt 4 .!ci ns i)e
t 44it 1 ii.t4
It give a'v'y :1 valuabhl premijum
every day for' the largest club re
ly pi'ejpAred fdr C2iru-fimas trade'
ave the best stock of stapie Oro.
)e found anywhere.
'lour at $4,00, and the old reliable
nt at $4,50.
itock of fruits and faicy Candles
'ming assortment of Vases, Chiii
[Is, Noisy Horns and funny ai,
he little folks.
still leading the trade in Vlotin
I not find a better selection; an
sell them.
ices paid for Corn, Peas, Seed Cot
ther produee;
And1l stop growlinig
No wonlader you tih
1ave you an a4d 1i
No? Well, people 4
in bousiness sand tha
scenm aird to YOU iv
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