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Final Manifesto of the Ouval Athletic
Club-Corbett and Mitchell to Met
Under a Ttnt-Authoritis on the
JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Jan. 17.-The
fight will not take place in Duval
county unless the ccurts restrain the
If sheriff. Sheriff Brownard declares
that he will obey the Governor. There
has been a good deal of guessing as to
what the sheriff would do among those
who did not know iim. Some say that
he would see his lawyers and do what
they told him to do; others said that he
would not interfere, because his law.
yers had already told him that lie
would lay his bondsmen liable to a suit
for damages and that he would diso
4 bey the Governor to protect them.
The sheriff does not believe that there
is any danger of a suit for damages in
case lie interferes, and that if time
does develop a case that it will prac
tically amount to only a farce, because
the club will be compelled to prove
specific damages to make a case-a
thing which can't be done if the light
is prevented. In an interview this
morning on the subject, 'he sheriff
"I have been ordered by the Go vern
or to stop this fight, and I propose to
obey orders. IIe told me he would
Diace at ray dispasal all the force at
his command, if necessary, to prevent
it. Ills instructions I am going to car
ry out. in all sincerity, whether they are
unpleasant or not. I shall do my duty,"
said the sheriff, emphatically, "as it is
laid down to me by the Governor."
"Will you ask the Governor to de
clare martial law ?"
"I will not unless I see indications of
such stubborn resistance as will make
me unable to cope with the difliculty.
I am satisfiled that if the plan for the
fight is persisted in, unless some inter
vention is secured there will be trou.
ble. The people here should, in my
judgment, look squartly at the true
situation, and make every effort to
prevent the forcing of an unpleasant
4 issue. I have already made mi y plans
to prevent this meetinL, and I know
that they will not miscarry, unless
their execution be restrained by action
of the courts."
President Bowden, of the Athlet.ic
Club, notwithsta-iding the declarat ion
of the Governor and the sheriff, offers
to bet $20,000 that the ight will come
off at the appointed time and place.
Tonight the club furnished the
4k Southern Associated Press correspond
ent the following:
Jacksonvitle, Fia., January 17, 1894.
The Duval Athletic Club make this
their final and most positive announce
ment that the Corbett-Mitchell contest
will take place on January 25th, 1894.
Reports have bebn sent out that Gov
ernor 11. L. Mitchell has ordered troops
to Jacksorvile for the sole purpose of
3uppressing the contest. Notwith
standing these reports, the club reiter
ates its past assertions, and for the
past weeic has been arranging for an
emeigency of this kind. Should the
troops be sent here, while the club does
not believe that any violence would be
participated in by them yet we will not
subject our patrons to the slightest
danger of any kind. So thorough and
complete are our arrangements, that
should any emergency of any kind
arise on the morning of the 25tI', we
are prepared to handle 6,000 people
with the greatest convenience. This
will be no Itchburg affair, where the
people were subjected to a long, tedi
ous and hot ride, but it willl be done
quickly and conveniently as though it
occurred in the arenai, now ready for the
contest. Once more we say t.o all
friends and lovers of boxing: If you
are in Jacksonville on the 2-ith, of ,Jan
uary, 1894, and care to see the Corbett
and Mitchell contest, you can do so af
ter arranging for the necessary tickets.
'The followin't statemsent ft om ('-r
be has also been givei "u'
Mayport, 1-l '., .J.i. 17.
I take this opportunity of informing
my friends thbroughout the country that
Ii have received assurances from thle
'Duval Athlet.ic Club today which wvar
rart me in saying that the contest be
tween 'Charles Mitchell and myself
will positively tauke place in .Jackson
ville, or in that clt,v's immediate vicin
ity, on Janunary 25, providedl both of
the principals appear in the ring.
. JAM~s ,J. CORn-TT'u.
T'O F1(0iilT IN TVhF w~OOi)S..
The above stat.ement by the club
means that the light will be fought in
the woods.
Everything now dlepends on th~e abil
1ty of the promoters of the fight to
keep the place sei et.ed a secret from
the authorit-es, for if it becomes
Anown, G.overnuor Mitchell wvill un
doubtedly have troops on the scene. It
15slundtrstojod that the club peopple
have purchased a huge circus tent,
capable of holding 6,000 people, anid
will b)ring the men together under the
canvas. As to the probable~ location
of the contest, no point will be giveni
by the club ollicials. TLhey know that
if the ight is to occur, even in the
woods, without interference from the
Glovernor, everything must be as se
*cret as the grave.
It was thought that the fight might
occur in St. John's county, where St.
Augustine is located, but Sheriff l'erry
of that county is ats determined as
Sheriff llrownard of t his (D)uval) coun.
ty. Troday Sheriff l'erry said: "I dle
sire to say that iher Corbett. and Mitch
ell ight, will not take place in St.
,John's county, if the Governor orders.
I will do my duty according to oath as
sheriff of tis county, if I have t.o call
-v upon the State troops. WVhen Charlie
Mitchell asked me about the matter, I
told him that I would have to stop the
fight in this county, if crdlered, and
that I would pull ene man or the other
out of the ring. It, takes two to make
alfight. I wish to emphasize my posi
tion fn thi3 matter pub)licly, tha~t there
can be no misunderst andingt with re
gard to my oflicial attitudo toward the
The probabilities are, therefore, that
some point in Duval county will be se
lected for the mill, as tinder the
amended articles of agreement, the
men must either meet in St. John's or
Duval county. It goes without saying
however, that the State authorities ar2
on the alert, andt wi use everyeffor.t
to prevent even a secret light. Gov
3rnor Mitchell is sidd to be thoroughly
aroused, and it is asserted that he will
manage to keep himself informed of
the plans of the club and try to sur
round whatever spot may be selected
for the fight with State troops.
"Snapper" Garrison, the famous
jockey, who has been selected as time
keeper by the Duval Athletic Club,
will reach here in the morning.
Another Atlanta Sensation.
A,TLANTA, Jan. 17.-Will . a Givens,
who has no settled occupation, was ar
rested here this afternoon for attempt
Ing to kill his wife. About 8 o'clock
this morning, Mrs. Givens was w iked
from a deep sleep by the loud report of
a pistol in her room. She sprang up
wildly, instantly awake. She screamed
aloud and threw out her arms for her
usband, whom she supposed to be
dleeping by her side. Ile was not there
ind she screamed all the louder at find
ng herself all alone and unprotected.
A second and a third pistol shot quick
ly followed and Mrs. Givens felt a
itinging sensation about her head. She
Fell back upon her p'llow which was
rapidly reddening with her own blood.
She heard the voice of her husband a
row feet away calling to her not to be
rrightened and not to scream. She fell
back upon her pillow exhausted and
begging for mercy. Her husban:1
made a light and very much excited,
walke# over to her side and discovi red
that she was shot. Ile helped her to
itop the flow of blood and after day
light went in search of a physician. It
was not until 9 o'clock that Givens tel
ephoned to the police. Officers Barrett
and Bone placed him undt-r arrest and
carried him to police headquarters sus
peating him of having done the shoot
ing. Givi-ns protested innocence and
said that he was awakened by the
shots. Ile sprang out of bed at the
sound of the first shot and could dis
Linctly see that some one was firing
through the window from the outside.
Hle tried to shield himself from the fly
Ing bullets, and not until the firing
ceased did lie make any noise. Then
he called to his wire admonishing her
to quiet herself and stop sceaming.
Mrs. Givens indicated to the officers
her belief that her husband had done
the shooting. She felt morally certain
of it, although the evidence was mainly
Officer Bone believes there i-i no
doubt of Given's guilt. Ile says lie
carefully measured some foo prints
beneath the window and compared the
measurements with the dimensions of
Givens' feet and the two correspond
exactly. IIe also accurately measured
the horse tracks in the yard and aft.er
wards measured the feet of a horse in a
lot which adjois Givens' home, and
found that the feet and the tracks were
of the same size exactly. Oflicer Bone
says he thinks Givens took the horse
out of the lot and tied it outside his
gate intending to made his escape on it
after killing his wife. An exhaustive
search was made for the pistol, but it
was not found. IIe has employed Mr.
F. M. Mitchell to defend him. Mrs.
Givens says that her husband was al
ways jealous of her and frequently ac.
cused her of receiving visits from a
well known physician, which insinua
tion she denounced as without founda
tion. This feeling of jealousy was a
frequent source of trouble.
Dr. Pope a Candidate.
NE~wiwiRRv, S. C., Jan. 1G.-I met
Dr. Sampson IPope today and when I
said, "at representative of The State,
Doctor," the organizer of the "three
for-a-quarter" caucus and later Till
wau't co-adjutor, gave me room to pass,
BaYing "I never read The State."
But when it was found thata subscrip
tion was not wanted, but merely an in
ter-vie .v, the brother of the aisociate jus
tice smiled again, and to my question
whether ho would be a candidate for
Governor to succeed Governor Tillman,
he read(ily rep)lied: "I am a
candidate for the oflice oi Governor,
subject to the action of the Reform coni
vention, which as to be held some time
during the spring or summer. Permit
me to say that the oilier gentlemen,
w'hose names have been mentioned for
Governor, are all st.rong personal friends
ot mmae, and in the conduct of the can
vass nodaimg will be raid1 or done by me
to interiere with that friendship. ~The
success of the RLeformn movement, is, in
my judcment, paramount to the success
of any indhividuial; anti the success of the
movement is what, we are all striving for.
'IThere is too much peace and unity
among the Reformers to allow the har
mony or success oi the movenment, to
lbe disturbed by qluarreling over any par
ticular mani; and the man suggest.eted
by the lReform convention will receive
the in<hividnal suppor-t of all Rleforamers."
Esidorsen Senator Irby.
W VAsla!NGTON, D). C., ,Jan, 17,
EdXitor Re-zster: I will s'ate that I
an naot, willing far the impression to
prevail in South Carolina that, I will
endorse any man whot haad violated a
paledte to me. Congressman (G. W.
Shaeil p)romised mec tiaat he would nt
make an'y enadorsemuit in my district
wi'.haout. iirs', havmua consunlt.ed me or
with my previous enadorsemenat. To my
sLiriise 1 found1 that he hadtt endorsedl
1' lH.sk('lhte for postmaster in my (lie.
iriet in col.nectiona wit.h ex-Congressmen
~J. Hlemphill, George ,Johnstone and
Senator M. C. Butler.
I am a triend to Seniator Irhy and (10
not p)rop)ose to move in thais matter so
l.g as ;ae is chairman of the State exe
cutive committee. I do not p)r'-pose to
foll)w thae ieada o1' any man whom I cona
sideri untrue and self-conastituted.
Congressmaen Tatlbert, Latimer and( I
endohrse t,he letter written by Senaitor
irhy and p)ublishaed in Trhe Register- to
daty, i.J. STRAIT, M. C.
say ther~ are starving.
DEaNvaan, ,Jan. 16.--A committee of
Sanaut 14 railway emp)loyes from LA
Junta. Col., has informed Governor
Waite thaat thae engineers, conductors,
brakemen, switchmen and trackmen of
ali grad's on the western division have
received no salary since last Octcher
andl many of the men ad thecir families
sa on th~e verge of starvation. Salaries
have been proisedl, they say, at differ
ent thimes. The last (late was Jan. 10.
The (d 'y pa5ssed andl no payv car appeared.
As the railway company has stopped
supphang coal t.o its emp)loyes, many
families are suffering from cold as well
as hnger,
lrp. At stat:ching for Sometbuing -Tal
Ing About Old Tintn
The old trunk was open. Away do'
,n mysterious recesses MIrs. Arp w
earching for somethin-, and as I
n the other corner withi uv little ta
ind pen, I watched her as she laid 1
incient relics on a chair and unfold
,rst ona and then another, and look
:t them so earnestly, and then fold
,hem up again. "What are you hu
ing for, my dear ?" said 1. "Oh, no
ing much," said she; "I was just loc
ing over these little dresses to see
there was anying that would do for t
little grandchildren. Here is a pre
Iress. This dress cost me many a ca
Cul stitch. All these platts were ng
by my hand, my own hand. There
very little such work done now, for
had no sewiug machines then, ant
took a long, long time. This emlb
diery was beautiful then, and it is pi
ty yet. Do you remember when
first daguerrean came to our town
take pictures? Well, Hattie wore t
dress when her picture was taken.
thought she was the sweetest lit
thing in the world, and so did you, a
so she was. Since then we have I
ambrotypes, and photographs, and p
celain pict.ures, and I don't know wi
all; but that little daguerreotype gi
me more pleasure than anything sin
and it is pretty now. Let me see--ti
was twenty-live years ago, and now
think this same dress will look rip
pretty on Hattie's child. And here
one that our first boy was christer
in, and there is no machine work abc
it either. That was more tlm thi
years ago, and now there are It
grandchildren at his house, and tl
more at another one's house, and
don't know what will become of 1
poor little things, but I reckon i
Lord will provide for them. And h
is a little garment that Jennie ma
Poor Jennie;she had a troubled life,k
sl,e is in heaven now, and I'll save t
for Pet. She will priz- it because
mother made it. And here is a p1
of my wedding dress-do you reme
ber it? I kn3w you said tben thi
looked like an angel in it, but Iy wit
have dropped off long ago, and now I
only a p >or old woman, a faded flow
an overworked mother, ten living C
dren, and three more up yonder, an
will be there, too, I hope, before lo:
for I'm getting tired, very tired, an<
seems to me I would like to b. nurs
nursed by my mother, aid petted 1
she used to p !t mie in the long, lr
ago. And here is a pAr of little b
shoes, and the little d:irling who w
them is in the grave, but he is bel
off now, antid I wouldn't call him b
if I. could. Sometimes I want to :
sad, and I rummage over thtse
things. There is not much here n
for every little while I have to ge
soniething to mend with or ptcI
make over again. I wish you we
go and see what Carl and Jessie
doing; down at the branch I reck
and feet all wet, and they have b
got dreadful colds. I can't keep tir
away from that branch."
"Didn't you play in the branch,
dear, when you were a child ?" Said I
"Yes." she said mournfully, "I
nothing couldn't hurt tme then;
were not raised so delicate in th
days. You know, I used to ride to
plantation, twelve miles, and b;
again in a day, and bring a b::g of fr
oit the horn of the saddle; but the gi
couldn't do it now. They can go t
party in a buggy and dance half
night, but that is all the excitemt
and they are not fit for anything
next day. We didn't have any dan
-hardly ever-we went to tho coun
weddings sometimes. Y ou retnem
we went to James )1nlap's weddi
when lie married lI ebecca Saimm:
That was a nig frolic --an old-*fashi
ed frouic. k-'very body was there Itr
all the neighborhood, and there w
turkeys, and roast pig, and( cake, ti
I ever saw, and we played everyth
we could think of. Hltbecca was pl
ty then ; but poor wotmaun--shme has I
a thousand ;chiildrent, too, just like
self, and I reckon .shie is laded, too,'
"liut .Jim l)unlap hasnr't faded,''
I. "I see hint when I go to town),
he is big, and fat, aind merry-lo
a little like old Da)vid Davis."
"Oh, yes, of course he dloes,"said 3
Arp. '"The meni dhon't know anyt h
about care, and anxiety, and sleen'
rights. It is a. wonder to me the~y
at all."
"Rut I have helped youl all I co
my (lear," said I, ''and you see it's t.
ing on mne Look at these silver ha
and these wrinkles, .md crowsleet,
my back hurts ever and anon, andu i
rainy, bad weather, gives mc rhenu
tism, but you haven't a gray hair,
hardly a seam on your alabaster ft
"Why, you will outlive mie, too,
maybe there will he a rei w idou
stepping around here in my shoes
yon will have a finte carriage arid a
of beautiful b ty horses, and--''
"William, I told you to go after (
and ,Jessie."
"'It Vatnderilt?'s wi f' s3htould die
he c'otnhl accidleitall y See' yOtt,"' sai
"'afteor I'im gone, thetrt's no Itilling -
''Well, go along niow atli liii I
ch ildretn, anid w heti yo cia(n t'e b ack
listen In your fooilistiness; I am tnot
ig to let you (lie if' I catn heilp it, ft
don't know what noatbl ittcotn'-01
all. Yes, you have hetlp"dl too I kii
arid have been a great comi otrit, anI
tihe best you cotuld-mtiost oi thet ft
yes, most, ci the timine--and I mi
htavye done worse, andl m you unist pet :
for I am getting chiil<lis9h.
"Anrd yotin tm its?ttt tfne, Ion,'' sait
"Oh, of ('(ltmso I wIllI,'' said she;"
I nttiiW 5 a lway pttig you ? N ow,
alonig alter t' he hiirlen befttre we i
get, to cry inrg anti hiave a scertne; an
shl y ti wotultd see iti Ibt. buff cttc!
hen1 t hasu ht'lhted in I he hen hto'use."'
weeks,'' sa id I, ''but shet is g'tfting<
amnd these 01lI imot hers ;u e silow, itti gI
I went afteru lte childr't, anud ti
enough they went' tishing in the spitn
branch, and their sht i trt' wet a
muddy, and theiy were b irtthealted, a
I marched~ thieniu it ti- rlyh , and tl
Arp sent thern downmh by t ire a
dried their shoes arnd gro. themt n;'
more stockings, and they optenetd t h
little morning school, flo w ptatietn
tht-ss old-fashioned motiiers work a
worry Over the little thuings of domite
Ic life, Day after day, and night atf
night, they labor and watch and wi
while the f athme:s are cont rivinrg Mo]
big thing to keep up the fatly st
pits. P>arentsarevey..c I
chickens. The old hen will set ani
starve, and when the brood comes wil
k- go to scratchihg for worms and bug
as hard as she can and be always cluch
ing and looking out for hawks, but th
old rooster will strut around and n(
tice the little chickens with a paternE
a pride, and when he scratches up a bu
at makes a big fuss over it and calls thet
>ie with a flourish, and eats it himself ju,
le before they get there. BILL AiP.
ed Now Ilondo.
eca WASHTINOTON, Jan. 17.-The follov
it- ing is the text of the circular whic
ti- Socretary Carlisle has just issued: 13
>k- virtue of the authority contained I
if the act entitled "An act to provide fe
Ih1, the redemption of specie payments,
.ty approved January 14, 1875, the Secrett
re- ry of the Taeasury hereby offers fi
,do public subscription an issue of bond
is of the United States to the amount c
we $50000.000, in either registered or cot
i it pon form, in denominations of 850 an
ro- upwards, redeemable in coin at th
et- pleasure of the government after to
,he years from the date their issue, an
to bearing interest, payable quarterly I
bis coin, at the rate of 5 per cent. per at
I num.
tle Proposals for the whole or any par
ud of these bonds will be received at ti
Lad Treasury Department, oflice of ti
or- Secretary, until 12 o'clock, noon of tb
iat first day of February, 18J4. Proposal
ve should state the amount of bonds dt
cc, sired, whether registered or coupoi
iat and the premium which the subscribE
I proposes to pay, the place where it:
ht desired that the bonds shall be delive
is ed, and the ollice, whether that of tt
ed Treasurer of the United States or a
ut assistant treasurer of the United Statt
-ty where it will be most convenient f
ur the subscriber to deposit the amour
-ee of his subscription. Filure to specil
I the above particulars may cause ti
he proposal to be rejected.
,he As soon as practicable after the fir
3re day of February, 1894, the allotment <
ie. bonds will be made to the highest bii
tt ders therefore, but no proposals will t
is considered at a lower price than 117,2
ier which is the equivalent of a 3 per cen
ce bond at par, and the right to reject aL
in- and all proposals is hereby express
t I reserved.
Igs In case the bids entitled to allotmei
'm exceed the bonds to be issued, they w!
er, be alloted pro rata. Notices of the da
lil- of delivery of the bonds will be sent I
fI I the subscribers to whom allotments.a
ig, made as soon as practicable, and wit
i it in ten days from the date of such n
ed, tice subscriptions must be paid,
ike United States gold coin, to the Trea
ng urer or such assistant treasurer of tl
Lby i)nited States as the subscriber h
,re designated; and if not so paid, the pr
ter posal may be rejected.
ick 'The bonds will be dated February
eel 1894, and when payment is made tier
old after, as above, accrued interest i
ow, both principal and premium, fro
at February 1,1894, to date of paymei
or at the rate of interest realized to t
uld subscriber on his investment, will
are added. All proposals snould be E
on, dressed to the Secretary of the Treas
oth ry, Washington, D. C., and should
em distinctly marked "Proposals for su
scriptions to five per cent. bonds."
my J. G. CAR LISLE, Secretary.
Irby on ilie Anxious Ilench.
we was a mysterious meeting this afte
)se noon in Senator Irby's committee roo
at the Capitol. Early in the day Sen
cit tor Irby informed your correspondei
r's that e was preparing a letter which I
proposed to send to all of the leadir
0 a South Carolina papers for publicatio:
Lire lie said it related to the political situ;
nt, tion in the State, and he was anxiot
'le that-it should be sent by telegrap
ces Later he took luncheon with Job
( r .trv Evans, who does not appear to I
in a hurry to consult the Baltimoi
f' specialists about his "throat trouble
ns'. because he still lingers in Washilngto
n and afterward the Senator and Mr. E
Ilans went over to the llouse of itepri
ere sentatives to see Messrs. Strait, Lat
an mer and Talbert. When next seen tI
SSenator and his friends were headir
t-for the Senator's committee root
mdwhich is in the basement of the Senal
wing. It is understood that the Sen;
rd tor is somewhat worried by the storie
in circulation concerning him at homn
idand hre fears some of his political ass
111ciate s are dlisposed to misrepresent hii
l5and he feels that lie must be up at
Ir.doing or his "political picture mayI
r.turned toward the wall." The confe
ence this afternoon was probably
deagree upon the terms to be employs
dein the Senator's proclamation at
dprobably lie feels that lie needs t
idsanction of, some of his Congressin
rsassociates in the undertakIng. 1{Cept
irsentative Shell was net invited to ti
mdconf erence, and it is not known whet
er lRepresentative McLaurin was prm
ent .'1'hie latter has recently shown
re-( disp;osition to act independently
r-Senator Irby so far as national ai
State inatters are concerned, and lie a
md pears to be making as much, if n
ver more, progress than those membe
Lnd who are inclined to look to the juni
air Senator for advice and guidance on
public qluestions. llecently lteprese
a,rl tative L atier has gained considerat
mdl(epenmdenlce from the encouragir
mdi( letters he hars received from influenti
I I, cons5tituenmts and( lie shoJwO an inclin,
tioni to follow his own ideas rath<
I e than accept suggestions from thel
I il whoi( claim nthe privilege of exercisit
go- political am.thiority over the "'lteforr
r [ era~" in the St ate. Mr. Latimner says 1:
Its is conlfidlent, that lbe can obtain a re.e
w, eention from his own people providin
lid ,he steers clear of "boss'' or "ring"' rul
mue; Ianid, therefore, he prop'oses to list.en
z h the voices of his people rather that
nEl, hieed thle dilctates' of the so-carlled lea<
(ers.-News and Courier.
I. Convict to be)H aig,
go JA, msoN, Miss., .Jan. 17.-IIorat
>th S'mich, a lhfe convict, was t uday con
I v:cted in the circuit court, of' murderi
in t hie li st, degree. l[e cult open the hcai
of ls(dure Sundley, tbnothier convic
n with an iaxe. inside the walls a f'o
li, months ago. '[his makes two lif'e con
ity victs who have bee-n conyicted o1 mur
der' within lihe last, two days, thre othe
ire beine IIenry Singleton' who was con
vie yesterday. JdeChrisnmanwi
enItCec both to hatng. in a ew days.
rs. s'raighttendi Ug,.
mid .Soi:ir IiE:Ni, Ind., ,Jan. 10.-Myro
n~e dJ. Campbell has made good tire $15,00
'ir imysteriously stoleni from the Sout
hly Wind National bank Dec. 7. Camj
'id bell says the robbery was due to hi
st- carelessness, and he has turned ove
er 87,000 in property and given notes fo
it, the remainder on condition that he b
ne~ kept in his posItion one year. Thi
'p condItIon bars prosecution, and wa
ko agreedrto bnyh the diectors.
And luiS DeRance atit-says they Shall
Not Depose Him from the Chwirmvan
ship of the State Diircratic Commit
h Cow MniA, S. C., Jan. 15.-The fol
y lowing letter was published in the daily
n papers yesterday:
r WASIIINUTON, Jan. 13.-As much as
" I dislike to appear in print in South
- Carolina I feel constrained at this time
r in justice to myself and the Alliance
s men of Laurens, to speak out.
f I have been hounded, persecuted and
L. misrepresented by Kohn, a representa
d tive of the News and Courier in Colun
e bia, until forbearance has ceased to be
n a virtue. I have had thrown into my
d teeth my position as chairman of the
n Democratic party by this man, and my
. failure to harmonize the faction I rep
resent, until it is necessary that the
-t people of the State c hall Know the truth.
e lie, with a lot of enemies of mine--30
e called Reformers-in the State llouse,
e undertook to manufacture a sentiment
a against me in the Campaign of 1892 by
- constantly publishing in his correspon
, dence, the fact that the Reformers
ir were anxious to be rid of me as their
is leader, until.Judge Ernest Gary, a mom
r. ber of the committee, introduced a rei
e olution endorsing me unaulnmusly by
n the executive committee.
a ie has started the same thing gaign
>r knowingly and maliciously saying that
Lt I am to be deposed ai Chairman, wien
y he knows that I was elected in Septein
e er, 1892, to hold iatil September, 1891.
I do not propose to surrender the Chair
it manship of the Democratic party until
pf my term of office is out., for reasons
- which are to the interest of the l. ino
le cratic party; and I hope that t his will
03 be thoroughly understood by all the
t. parties interested.
y In the lecond place, I n:tic( bho.h
[y anti-Refoirners and Iteforitrs in C.
lumbi-Ahave been misrepresenting thei
it objects and intentions of the Alliance
11 of Laurens, in its meeting on last Fri
te day a week ago. To begin with, I
o endorse every word and sentiment. of
re the resolution introduced by Mr. .1.
h. Andy J6nes as to thelines of policy to
o. be putstued by the Reform movement
in in South Carolini. The county Ali
,s. ance is composed of the best. men in
le our county. They represent the e
as form sentinnt of our county. They do
0. not intend-and it is very well for .om.
gentlemen of the Stal.e liousi to take
1, notice right now--to have a lot of men
e- foisted upon them without their con
-n sent, Reform ioveint or no I-Aori
m movment.
it, There can be no objection, except by
he men who propose to take advantage o
be the peope of South Carolina, to the
6d- postponment of the calling of tlh- con
t. vention, or to the othe: purposes of
be these resolutions. I know it (lid not
b- suit the convenience of the clique of
the Reform in vmmt, tit it met o:i
Friday night in Columbia to name a
candidate-a farmer, but not an Alli
ancemen, and opposed to the Ocala
re demands, who undertook to increase
r- the taxes of the farmers.-and that this
n' convention be postponed, for it Is iiot
a- in sympathy with the people and the
It people will not have him for governor
1e with a fair and square deal.
ig The Alliance of Laurens passed these
a resolutions wihotit intending to help
- or,injure anyone. They thought, it was
's for the best Interests of the iHeform
h- movement, and that the Rtelorim fae.
n tion should, at least, be allo wedI to
e choose its nominees, without ,int r
ence or dictation from any ium, highi
,or low. .1 am sorry to see that. these
a, men of L~aurns are to he mistreated by
-insinuations anmd iiimuendots f rom per
s' sons whose p)oliticaIl conduct beret oi ore
*i has been such as to bring in <i inst :on,
eO at least, their loyalty to the li frini
1t Mr. Editor, I want you and others ini
e South Carolina to understand that
- every effoi t of mine has been and will
as be In the interest and for the perpeto
e, ation of' this movement. I anm goloug
D- to stand fearlessly by the principles of
nl, the Alliance and every plank of th ('
iii lirst March convention; and iif corruip.
>e tion andi treachery shall dominate fthis
r- miovemnett, then I suOppose, honest mienu
to will have to take a batck stat.
3d WVhat thle peop)le of sou th CaXrol ina:
1d want, is honest inent, inoin Inatted in aii
'ie honest way, by delegates selwedl ini an
ali honest manner.
rq. und In,t,, a I ,,rt.
a &RI:A NTON, ,Jai . i .\ artIn .1 oyie,
of who for ttie past several yeats has be-u
id employed as p)rinicipal of the pubi)lbe
p- school of i ncaawanna tow osidp has
ot turned the school into a fort, wtich lhe
rs holds with two large revel vers. I' re
or quent comlhaiints have be-en iun;ie
ill against I 'rinuci pal .1 oyee to thlie a:choot
n- directors. It is alleged that lhe gave
le great offense to the femnalte pa rti ion of
ig his school. Th'ie dir-ectors ideided to
al close the school Thuirsday, and( allter
a- that day .Joyce was not to Ibe arn -i
er ploye of the to wnshti p. Wh ern itrector
se Morgan wenit to thte school aft er the
ig keys, lie was met at the door b y .\r.
r-i.Joyco, who pit 'ed the revolver ati
e him andI ordieredl htim away. .1 oyr- re
I- malned in the huilding all ntigLat arid
ig Friday morning openied for schtool at
e, the regular hour. A fe w pupilus coetmi
o and through them .1 oyee gt proyvision ii
n and oil for his lamtp. The r- vol vers
I- lay on the table ini sight of the pupil I
all dlay. F'rid ay evenintg Ithe sethiool
hoard decided to serve ai r. ,Joyee w ith
a written notice by the hii no t If >ecre
e tary Rtobert Jieria igh to vacate. .Jove
refused0( to go t hena a consitale w.s
nI sent. .J oyc. stu hlell his fort.. i t i:s
dI customary to hold Stunday School in
t, public school houts., bitt no ser vie's
w were held( Sunday, as ,J oyee ref ii ied 10
- allow any one to enter. TIhte school
directors will appeal to Sheril hFiabey
SCoiwunzS , Ga,, ,1 an. 16. -Chief of
Police Williams, with live of his as.sist
ants, unceremnoniously interru ptedl a
festive game of poker here, which re
n suIted in the capture of four of the
0 country sports, together wIth :~> stacks
h of chips, six decks of cards, gaiming ta
bles, et.c., and about $35 in money
8 The house raided.is located in the rear
r of the Centennial bar, and( was most
r elegantly equippedl for ganmbling pir
e poses, there being nothing wvhatever
a from an outside view to create suspi
8 cion. The raid was one of the mosti
suce.ssaful ever moae
(1ov0ruor MItchell 3miIng Un):wed - A
Public Fight Impossible.
val Athletic Club has played its last
card in the contest it has L-aen waging
with Governor Mitchell and has lost.
That card can8istcd of a personal appeal
by Manager Bowden to the Governor,
begging him to cease his opo-)sition and
allow the Club to pull ofl the Corbett
Mitchell mill publicly in Jacksonville.
But the Governor was obdurate, and
told Bowden that the 1.ht should not t
take place in Jacksonville or il Florida,
it lie could prevent it.
Tihe interview bttween Bowden anti
Governor Mitchell took place in the
!atter's oilce at Tallahassee, the State
capital: whither B-wden went last
night. Attorney General Lamar was f
prescnt at the interview. It is under
stood that Bowden'p attitude towards
the Governor was very much that of
the suppliant. iIe almost implored the
Governor to Jet, up, but the executive is
far from being iuove:l by Bowden's hu- C
tuility and roundly denounced the club t
people for their ins ulent 'attituie, osp3- -
cialiy in the mtatter of issuing state
ments to the public in whi'h the Gov- d
ernor's c.)ndu t tomArd1 th3 club w.As f
characterize'l as "'-nteiuptible aid ty. t
When asked for a statement. for the
S>xuthcrn Ass-,ate, Pcess, )wilen
"You MAy say that. the 9iu.ttion is
uchaned. My interview with the
G.vernor iAs re.sult,l: in iotiun,. 'Tii
14ht, however, will take place. I ad
visO all tho3e wl) desire to witness it to e
as:mbicnljl m Jacks>nllvillc on or beoro f
Janu.ry 21.
When Gvern,>r MAtc*all WA.1 a3ked d
for a statwnent, lie si A: A far a I t
am concern d, the sit.ui on remams un d
chaii nI .l. I will nlot diiist iI my dter.
minati1on or my ell'orts to st.i) th3 !i-,ht."
Nahin:: is left the cli; no,v hlt, to C
make arranm!cni.nts i >r briaginNL Mitc'i
('1 andI Corbet,t )i'ether in the wo.lis.
As was stated in these hspatches lag
a.' ), a se .et li1ht h[ l b, . the onl y re
source left .-- club ever sinc. Gvernor
Mitchell anliounce d hiis opmuiio |t
MiX1ni:-er J ) vydenl's itdvice for "all t
thio e wi:) deuire to wvitnetwi th' 1 rlt to
assemble in .1,tcksonviLe on or before
.hmary 2 V" is re-!arde.1 here as an ii.
dictti'M that the cILI') Peop1le have
tlrowui up the -p mee, 41) lar as a pui,
VC 1-1.tt in Jacksntivilie is concerned,
anii wi no.v pertet pans iy wihich
Corb2 at and Mitchell can l3et in secret
and within danler of AirA. e ic,:n
L.he .Mate auth.>riti.
A'thl'. largely attenbd in meetin
her toigh, h whch omeof, thle
l ls. pr 1iinen t blu iiis Iu ln il LIhe c ity
touk ii:ri, tie I >lo ,vin Cres >uions
wvere adopt.e :
VhereCs, it is currentfly repor!ed oa I
the streets of the city of Jacksonville I
that Ilon. i. L. Mitchell, Governor, I
has instructed a numbr of mi!Iihtarv 1
c >Ml Paies thr-1ug4hoit the S.a c t') re
port in thie city of .1acksonville oI the
2 1'.h instant fIr the pupo)(.se of main
tainlin. tind prcservig the peace; ad
whereas, thrre are no indicatous or any
bre9ch of the ve.aco with which thie (.vil
aitioriiles of the ci y and cont,y are
not 11ully a!lo to dheal, antI whereas, we f
(em the nassitg of trPo)Ps in this city r
uinder the circumstances unwarraiteil t
by lawv andi a serious reiflection upon
the cliharactert (f our citizens and the se- %
ri0us lderiient to th busite.s interests b
(' the city.
T1herefore, the ct 7ens of J acks imvie
atl d I)aval ceunity, ini m1assi meeing as -
sembthled, hiursuanLit to Ia caill f a i large
numbi er of our mos(llt cuminenit biusiness
an'n, do resolve as fol lo win:
I' irst. 'Thaiit we (i arnestfly p'rot e:st.
nI1iWnt the mtasdagL oif troops ini ')ur a
cd t, we hainIg amtiple coniblhence ini thie y
c:vdi locaf athotrities atul their thi:lity U
to) full y pireserve the 1)C ic'e am11 min- il
f:iun the' diity ofI the city an! co)unty, iJ
S'celfn. 'That. wei iniiduatill y iand t
collteliel pledge.~c 'iurselves to aid the r
the Sheiif ini all hliwfuIl e1ff ls todis1-t
ihnarLe lois daiIex anid to nu;.ntain arid
preserve the pea1ce and1 to folly enif orce
t'e law.
ThIird. That wve earinestl y pirotest,~
ii:nnusit suchI rmnor(iedI actioni on the part l
of the I a'vernIor iuril must respeictfutlly
oIil0'M that~ he d!esilet thierrom and1 I
l1ave tIhe comnludt ari cuil ince thiere'f t
to the civl danl a'u'iv>rtuq.
' 'tiurih. Th'fat aL copy~ tf th,e4e reso- a:
lul'i., n'ih f.r w iuded to the (;mveror, sr(
A Malrr IiagoE rauil.
WIiaunisorn, an elderly anud u elf- to(1do
farmter, living rtar 'httstonm, dlecidled cf
[not long ago t o unarry. Aniie Wahtln ~
wats a <ishig birun ett e and 1-:mmi
luchiard. wans a qnifet lit tle fblo'ufe. Foir
a ti n' Williamrisoni paid altentidon lin a
M i Walen, anid It, was geniralfy uni-'
desood that theiy were 4'ngagediII, bu1t
he irialfy I rnsferred htis atteniti ms to I;
Mliss Unfb irdfs, s iying~ to hits friends wl
t hat t liw Waldent girl wasl too) gi'ldy f or to
hi in. Soong t hereafter it was anniIouitne fr
SInit. hie and .\1i>xs li irds were en-m
Whe All NIS Waln ari her friends as
hemd r of t his theiy werei itailigunant, toJ
chaf~ing tha','tWihamsxon h:m.d promi- s.e
s if tia marry hier bief ore lie began paty- e
lng attenit in to Ml:ss liihardls. She nt
swore she wvoiudl becomo his biridei in rat
1)ne1 waiv or anoethier. Thi da1y before, i
the weilding, Wi hiams n s:ays, hie went, or
loI 'itiston1 anid t here inet, some oit A ISs t
Will en's I rie'nds, who toolk fim oarounidli
to severalh saloons and1( got hIn fi'oxi
cated, it i teni too)k hi ni to sot ne plan'o
where .somnebody married thiemr. lI[e
s ', tyhi tht wheni he got sober lie founi rd
NIliss WVahlen instaitled in h i iis house as
his wit e,andim tha;t he wast possessed of a
lanarriage ce*rtIificate In prolier le'gi lh
formn. Williamson hais beguli suit for h
Trua oin ii t ii me.
anmes to Augusta fronm House, settle
met ncar ,Jackson Station, S. C., onW
heo Port U byal itndt Augtusta roa'l o!
rouble between white tnd blacks. An
,ttempt, was mladle to arrest, Jeese Jade,
ntiegro, de(sperado, but his hrienlda sur
rounded his house andl ambushed the
posse, won ading three of t,he constables
ane seriously. It ia not known if anyc
of the negroes were hurt. More troublep
was fearedl tonigrht, btt later advices say I
all Is quiet sar. Ib
IvAnt to se(t ilmslf "Asuaumi
nI IIt in 'he nArk"'N, iPOPu11t Ne4 d
A pi >, I' 1-1'0 4i;e From The,i J n
Ior -S,Ilttur.
NVA -1 N. 1 ' N, Jan. 1i.--lhe follow.
ng rel;ly h4s been made by Senator
.rby to a v >llmnic ion received by
in utilay tromn the ilon. NV r.U.
3 Ates, 'I' riasui rfer o1 >I)ltli C trolina:
, I t'lted 'tatei .nate.
Wastiigton, L). C., J in. 6, 1S54
-on. W . j. -i, (hinbia, S. C'
My dear sir: I hive voir letter of
hie14 itt., in which You make in
I idry as t>) what I thIk oud b
lo'qe in re ttrene lt l'Ading a faction
I conventiri of the iefrin p:irty of
>outli Caran. i, to wh),: I a-fwer ln.
Ily, but franZkly.
I regret, a" deePly aO yU, tj see di
'isions in the lieforma imotvement of
tur State. 'Tle 1lrpiej for which it
oegan have Wot been acm31plIshed, and
annot be, witli1Lt the! exercIse of har
nony, j ustive, C 311u-n s3ik ani lair
lealing. I live hal. but one purp>se
rom the very bUm4innng, and trj-t was
o do my duty by it l) tq-! very best, of
ny ability. NovithUadlfiL this, I
ave been prosecite.l by mon, suppo3ed
o be prominent in the lRfor mvo
Lient, from the v-ry bgimiing, until I
a:ide ip mny inliA that I would not
ubmit to it any 1 :iger, anI appealed
o the true men ilon,ig ui to protect
ne against such p >htie:a43laslination.
It is not imly fllit that we have these
videne n of div in i our State. I
tirnished I > ex : I i every Reformer
vh1o goes inLO C ), i r tro:n the rural
istricts to the Saa - I ii t 1w taken
o one side and g.-> u an I preji & .
iced against "Irby's mia ijement of
lie party," when even the Antis tht '-n.
elves acknowledge tit my ciadu.t as
hairman, has been p1erfeztly fair. I
.i unwilling that a Thirl pArty leader
hili take charge of the 11 !form m>ve.
ilent in South C.troliti.i, *1 I thui die
ate the nominees of the )iivcratic
>:irty. I a:n s itisliel Ii it the paople
It' Ue Sate will no', sal bi t to it, and
he sooner lie, and olhers wao expect
o rev, olli e under himi, in I thiz out,
,he better for him and the i)vemeat.
I an-we- r You franikl'y ai to what I
Ahink ough', to b- do:i,, v) t ir a 1 cl
'e. litre are six or sev.n other CiA
11dates for gubezrnat irial horors.
I'hese men hive b ,i true a-AA loyal,
ind are all able min. Tn t are enti
Aed, at leaiL, to a fair e.)n!e.it and the
orotectioii of tit prin-ieii of the first
L%arch Convention, the nSt proininent
,f which was the right of Li, ppople
Ao name their cU-vlid;tIes, ii'I of a
ring in tie SItate It 1. I' will be
aecess:irv, beore th e uin p ti:t th it is
Lo be Iod by il as I'e.i1cratic chair
man, that these contesti sh Ill h set
Aed within the lines of our fwction, a'id
.hat, after the )eople have ha I tiie to
veigh and nm:isuire theiii and c iclude
Li to their choice, the sunccessitl one
hall tie given the colors of our iaetian
o meet the Conservative faction in
ebate on th s'.iin p before the gcneral
iiiary election. Thiscinnot, be done
viti an early con vention hid anti snap
tidIIlmeIt taken, beLore the people have
een or hear I the variotis e.idid ito i
vio seek the endorsenient of the lie
orm party. It savors too much of old
ing rule and Ilaskellite methods, and
lie people will not contenIance it.
TI'lus i.s perfectly fair and all parties
till be satisfied; but the people, who
elieve in the theory and system of
rimary elect,ions, will not stan.1 for
wvo or thr ee men---one a leader of the
'hilrd party andu the self-constitute]i
pokesmuani of the Third~ party, the
thecr a trait.or to the Reform party,
'ho seeks, as an emissary from the
nemly, to rinC the leeforan party, and
thter ment wiho desire oitlice--to lix iup
slate ntow, have it, endorsed b y a con
ent ion as early as March, and rammed
ownt their throats, I say this, because
t heir scheme is allowed to go th rough
inder flhe whulip and spur of' the RegIs
~r, the mioveitneiiY not stand. Self
cspectinig men11 ii it woth. :iiMe go
the wall thani to serve uinder a trau.
>r to lisa movement and to see tbem-e
'lves assassinated in the dark by men
'hoi have claimed to beo their friends,
iid the people robbed of thebeets
U the vital tiriniciples of the lirst March
at f orm.
'Thlis has blen Writteni to you julst as
think It and( believe It. I have tried
ha true to every man in the State
Ouse, and( siubjcctd myself to abuse
ni criticIsms ini 18h11 for leaving my
at mi the Senate to go to Southi Caro
ii t) work f or themi amid their re-elec
on. I do not initenid now to be abused
I themi.
A.s you suggest, 1, being the State
taininn, ha;ve nto right to call a fac
nal coliveition,.
I have niever assumed or contom
ated any suchi action, nor could such
conelusioni be dIrawn from anything
at I have said or written. T1he or
miizationt last presided over by the
on. (G- W. Shell is defunct, because
wini the crisis cntne in '92, wve failed
have seen or heard of any action
uni h imi in behalfI of the Rteform
ovemeiit, and(, besides its mission
is fillilled as a political organi-ition
soon asi Its object was accomplished,
wit: the cap)turinig of the whole
ate governmrnt by the peopile. It,
ilig a templorary organization, could
it exist loniger thiani after the inaugu
tion o1 the State ollicers. 1[o, there
re, eaiumot call and control a caucus
ciinvtition and the only way for It
be dlone regularly within our party
ites IS, as suiggestedi by the Laurens
Ilanuc re'solutions, to wit: That
>vernor l'illman call around him the
1.ders, draft rules and call a conven
m if they see lit:
In conclusion, allow me to say that I
Il (do more and go further to heal
caches andi( unite our forces than per
ps any man who has been treated as
have in the house of my friends; bout
will not subiit to the dictation of
iird party leajers and traitors to our
overrenrt, let the consequences be
hat they may. J1. L. Al [nay
Ilot-sTioN, Ti-:, .Jan, 17.---This after
>on about 5 o'clock ,John P. Moris
as shiot and killed by .James McCane.
uth men had1( private dletective agen
es and furnished watchmaen for pro
rty. Same time ago they wem.e in
Irtnership but dissolved, McCane buy.
'Morris out and working up a good

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