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PICKXNs C. 11., S. C.
J . EJ. niO8,.YPuprt'oP
Riatored at Pl'ckons P'Ostofaice av Secoad Class
SUliS(RITTON PRicF/,5.00 V per Year mvaria
ily in dIIIanCC: for six months, 5 cents.
Ad yoI'ertienis liserted at one donar per square
of one Inch or less.'for the firtst inisereton and
tifty conts for each subsequent Inserilon. A
lIeril discoutit manie to sner- hauts and otaier
advertisin for six months or a year.
pr-r SI'r.0)N AI im'riSIC. I1NT3 POSI
rIVA.[Y NOT T.\I'.N.
ObItarry niotlees exceeiing five- ines, tributes
of respect, eoimmunnitvrona of a personal
character. when acimismnble, will be charged
For as advertisents.
Time Clemson Muddle.
Tie News and ( -ourier of the 1s
inst.. puiblih41 -d a lengthy interview
with1 Prot. Newman, vho recently
rt signed by reqiist. As has alreadi
bieen printed in these columns the
rei'gnation wtts precipitated by I#
unant of biutiaron y bvtwei Presiden 1
Critighetad and thet professor. Th.
puiblica3tion (if the( inti-rview, withi it6
severe critieisms, wouiild be unfor
ti lite if ' lemsa'n College ,vas an in
stiin in4 seekinag public favur. Then
a lttl doubt thant Craighiena an
N(!%mat were b4th simmhat to,
blitme. It would lnve b-en far het.
t-r far Ilie College if tfhey could IaIn
Smy'hllired 0thir little aiIIIioities and
oll.wved the State tWe bentfit of their
eOlOperation. We are not prepared
to believe that the board of truttees
icted m) unfairly inl the matter as the
intvi w reems to iuditte, nor can
we think t.iat Prof. Newmain would
wilfully im'ise-.preselnb. It must be
niderstood that lie was giviig his
view from the facts Lefore him.
Thiere ILe S0110 unrecorded or at
leost unpublished facts on boith sides.
We ar-e 1. ill 4 of the opinion that Craig
head and Newman aire both good
niii, and are sorry that they should
bemcme victims of their little jealous
Which- one of the candidates for
govi rnor wNill receive the support of
the Do nert'l We believo the Peo
ple' .urn111 iA for Ieanw. TnE SEN
'r L, ~to, is for Evans--of Georgia
a1s One of ou)t ex(hmt'gs-R pois it.
Gov, Tiinmi a sialr. shiotild b)t
inen ased it mi)ore 11ih11n $3,500-. Tlh
prsident of ( 4-1m4541n College gets
Iat iielh, ItId he loes not ha1m- to
work i-ar so habm Is the, governor,
aid there is absolut(ely no odium at.
tuohed It( Il. . fi..
The Aiken '1injt~,of uhch John
o ir, Evas i- -eeretary' and- r(a.
urer, -lutes ntot like to be called "Johnu
Ox Evanti's- palper." It is for the
sennlort~t andt ailliaree and reform~h, but
w 'ts to be. conidered143 ind4-penident.
.". mi &aumdt- bts miensed
its I seI ipitionl price to $10'.00 perV
an n> inisltead of redneiing its size
T - form in thet right direction..(
It hi nomuiv w.i a14 ff-ienrds -who will
taii y aI live shlteti, anid vigororly
(dit -d
The. 1 etn Lo 'laut,br-othuer B~owde.n's
paI 4 r, hi~as entlled up~on the Pe'veral
coilinties to hold muass nieetings and
eixpress thsllv6-s oni the sujc ot
a Marichu convention for the reform
sers. This looks lhke the proper plan
to pur1sn1P. But Gotv. Tilhuanii and
trnE SENTINEL are opposed to) this
plan,, but the whe1 rt ay ov-eruile us.
A D~spesurFs Loopoole.
Se-ction' 48 of the dispensary law i i
as follows:
"Tint Chapter 7, Title VIT, of the
ode of'Civil Procedlura oif this State,
en ti tled "Of Provisional Remnedies in
Civil Actions," shall not apply to any
oflicer or person having duities to
p~erfo~rmf undeor this Act, and in no
case shall an action hie against any
such officer or person01 fo damsages to
person or p)rop)erty as provided in said
There are not- seven- chiapters of
title VIL., of the code. The legisia
ture evidently intended to say "chiap
ter 1" iunstead of "chapter 7." But it
did not say it, so section 48 will not
go; andi "anuy ofileer or person" violat
ing tile lawv is still liable to be arrest
ed, and that, too, by any trial juistice
B3ro: John II. Gossett has sold liis
interesti in the Easley Democrat to
Chias. T. Atartin, wvhio is well. and
favorably known all over the county'.
Mr. Gossett is a veteran jonrnialist,
and has ably conducted the editorial
1department of the Democrat. He
.*has many friends and admirers -yho
will regret his retirement. If Mr.
SMar-tin writes na i ell as he talks, the
-7 fun has just commenced in Pickens
- ,county journahim. lHe has all along
been in warm supporter of the ad.
ministration,. but at this writing he
sayst he IA at a kiss te know what he
willi do about the politicsof the paper.
eaccuses Taiz Surrmir, of being
on the Tillman lImnb with the Journal
ben: ) is afraid there . is not room
hee for for~ all thrge. Tint 'ENTINEL
~ ga~bim ancordial welogle P-r
rimaticulaira see next issue of
There are -more kinds of polidifas
in South Carulina just now than
Joseph's coat hiad colors._
MW ith a tifty pe eent, beoa in the C
population of its home town in one
year, the Abbeville Press and Banner t
has spread itself to- a twelve pa-ge 1
weekly. About the next step will be
an eight page semi-weekly.
Is not this treason for i faithful I
reform Renspaper? The Aiken Times
aski if there it a n,an in Edgefield s
who does not hold offlice, and sug- 'J
gests if there is, that he would be i it
drawing card at a dine museum. 1
There is a good time coming in I
this State, however loig- it may be
delayed. It mill be when morality
and religion shall give more concern y
(M who shall hold office, and when a
Lonidence, and esteem for neighbors 1
shall become paran ount to political 3
prejudice an1d politieal avarice,
T1linsanR on the Ofilde.
"Gov. Tiliman is in iind out. Both
ides want himli, but both distrust b
aim; and he seems to return the corn
iiwint by waiting and distrusting 0
.,th. Just now lie seems to be lean- t
ng towirds Irby and Evaus, but he
an't dropp'd piernaneintly any where b
The reformers are split. The con.
;ervatives are not much more harmo.
iious. There is amuong them a strong
eeling against Senator Butler. It is
iot in fawr of anybody. It is general
intangonuism-ngainst Butler, agaiA.- t
Ciliii, against the reform faction a
tenerally and each fraction of the
action individually. Nobody can
ell how long this will last. Just a
.mw it looks as if the conservatives
- ill accipt the situation and stay out Y
>f the fight altogether. q
They were invited to retire by a
uinjority of 2k.,000 and, like the mnit111)I
%ho was kicked down the front steps, a
hey can take a hint. c
We have: d
1. The Ikovden reformers. f'
2. The John Gary Evans reform "
8s. .
3. The Tillman element which will "
0 with him.
4. The alliance. P
5. The third party.
6. The Butler conservatives.
7. The anti-Butler cotservatives.
8. Sun, ihiwaid iiten tip a tr..
That is a fairly good complication -
amlong 80,010 voters. Now add in .
the Tillman anti-dispensary people, t
lhe anti Tlilinmant dispensary people, t
the prohibitionists, wage workers t
league,. Rome scattering repuhlicans,
advocates and opponents of a cousti
tutional convention and the normal c
supply of general kickers and floaters 3
and tend bent, rall hating each other '
like sin and furiously suspicious of E
each other, and if we haven't got a
politicail hell broth I want to know 14
w~here' you areo going to' find one.
Yet the old State will scuiIme
bro'ugh it somie how and tnu uap all
ighit, just as she caime through the in
econstruetio~n. stage and the row in t
876, w hen we had one solidl riot hlast-.
jig six straight mronthsan ru lopped C'
ut of it into a boomn. You watch. eu
)ur luid~i initerval is comling out 01.i1
.31 this thing."-A. B. Willinms in
A Dispensary Cage' Li
The Pall Mall1 finds the following a:
tory to be too goodl not to be true: Ci
"'During a recent sitting of the *
.asize at an up-county townt in Aus '
ralia, the last case had beenm rearched P
n due course anid the judge hoped t
.1 finish it, in. time to leave the towno 8
>y the uisual daily coach, which start- "
d at 5 o'clock. H appily the case d
same tt an'end' about> 3..30, and 'after "
bis honor had delivered a vigorous "
haiurge, dead: against the prisoner, t<
the jury retiredtoconrsider their ver
diet After about hrele an hour or so d
they returne)d atnd tie foremrani im. 0
par-ted, the in form:at ion thiat there
was no chance of an agreement. Tire I
jrudge tooko it by no mieans mnildly. e
'The case was as clear an one as evert
wvent to a jury.' In a nrord he C
charged them violently against the a
prisoner. They again retired and ~
after some twenty minutes they re
turned. 'They couldn't agree. His
honor fumed. 'What was the diffi. I
culty? They hadheard theevidene.
WVasni't the case as clear as rnod?' 1
An evidently large majority of tihei
good and true men chorused a 'Yes.
y'er honor.' 'WVe're ele vern to one,'i
said the foreman. 'WVhy it speaks<
for. itself. T1here must be a very oh.i
stinate ran among yout. 'What's<
the difficulty?' asked the judge.
Eleven pairs of reproachiful eyes were
centered on a very uncomfortable I
juiirman. 'May I-explain, yer honor?'
said lhe at haF ti in a deprecatinig tone I
'if counfideince 'Yes, certainly; of
sourse explain.- It's as clear a case <
is ever I. tried.' 'WVell. the fact is,
'er honor, them other eleven wvants I
o find him 'not guilty,' and I'm the a
myone that agrees i-th yer honor.' a'
30mnplete colfarpe of the learned c
udge."~ t
An Outrage at We~ttord. 1.
Two men, Crawford Buallew and t~
P~erry bloore, charged with violaitinig i
the dispensary law, were attacked by n
a posse of whiskey constables, at 1
Weollford, S. C., on the night of Feb. a
ruary 8d. The mlen, it is chlaie, vu
mrade no resistance wvhatever, but two bi
of the constables. Ed Massey anidg
Boyce Dean, fired upon them, instantC
ly killing Baillew and seriously wouind b
ing Moore .Frem the facts brought e
out at the inquest, it was cold hlooded lb
mruruder, andio publile opinio6 amnong
both political factions condemn the v
-'Don't neglect,' the doctor saiud
"That everlasting coughing,
if yrou do youj may embark
In ano~ther kind of coffin'" r
School Trustee.,
Commissioner Daght cumled the
Reeting to order. There were seven
y-fivo trustees in attendance. The
ommissioner took the floor at request
ud proceeded to discuss the matters
ii hand: "My board has conchided
hat it is best for you not to ruu the
chools until you know how much
oU have to run the schools on
Pach district is now a corporation,
nd a majority of tax-payers can
ave a special tax levied and spend
on your own schools. This is the
ay Croswell is now running its
Ahoolst. It had some money left over.
teachers will work cheaper and can
fford it, if you have the money to
'fly cash. I he railroad owes $1,100
ast indebtedness to the school fund.
had to take this off the apportion.
int, and some of the trustees raked
ie about it, but it had to be done.
f I had been elected for four years,
on would now be paying cash, if the
hools had been stopped. I recoin
)end that you hold back part of
uur apportionment till you can g#t
nough to enable you to pay cash.
set patrons select a teacher worth
25.00. You pay $12 5U of this and
it them pay the ballance, till you get
> you can pay cash. There have
eel) schools run in this county under
rush harbors and umbrellas. We
ught to do better. Schools run in
ie winter subject the children to
.eezing, and in summer we have to
orrow a house. Hold back part of
%lary money and make better houses.
Ve are trying to look after all the
itildren in the county without re
pect to any particular ones. Get
ood teachers who will teach. There
a difference between school teach.
ro and school keepers.
The board is abused sometime
iout giving certificates to Mary,
Ain, and so on, for they were too
)ung. Anybody who answers the
uiestiunts is entitled to the certificate.
ut you are free to employ who you
lease. It it your duty to visit schools
id stay there and see how they are
irried on, if you have to tako a wet
my for it. Primary schools are dif
,rent now from what they were when
e were in school. ChIdren are ad
meed faster now. We have better
iethods. I asked a toecher- -nce for
is program. He hadi about sixty
upils. He said ie had no program.
wondered how this was. He said
e carried it in his head. Itquary
howed one of the pupils had been
here two days without reciting.
lie State has made some changes Il
he administration of the school law
'he whole r-sponsibility is now
birown on you. The public school is
be ch-ea:,est and best vuethod of edu
ating the children. It costs about
fty cent per month. Private schools
annot be run this cheap. I want
ou to locate your colored schools as
00n as possib1lea and nlotify' me. The
iiblic mnoney will be apportioned to
iatricts, ntot, townships, on laist yeair's
qporto. W e canmot got things as
E9 want them a ighat at the start; but
langs w-ill run smiooth after a while.
any district ievies a special tax, the
x-p~aye.rs cain designate whether dhe ~
x sball be for white or colored *
hools. Somhe districts wvdl have no
lured school Where there are not (
ough colored children in a district, a
use in three muay be put in one and
returned. t
The mountain section wvas not all ~
id off by the surveyor, because na.
re had already laid it off, and on
count of the hills and nmounmtains,
uldi not be improved onl The board
lopted the lines already drawn."
ev. M,. L. .Jones said there was comn
aint about the line between his dis
-ict anid Hazel. The commissioner
0id that was left for the people to
,ttle themselves. No 49 is I rove
istrict I dlon't know the area, but
appo.se it is near the size of an ordi
arv townshaip. All Ihe cnildren go
the same school. People who have
indo their returns can go to the au
itor and have thiem changell to an
ther district.
In answer to a question by 8. H.
irown, it was stated that trustees
auld use all the money for the dis
leit for building purposes, but the
tnnmissioner advised against that, as
pplortionment is according to enroll.
lent of pupils between the ages. of
ix and twventy-one A child can only
Lrawv mlo'ey on1ce and that in his ownt
istrict. If he goes into another dis
rict he will have to pay, uinless by
peccial arrangemenit for transfer of
ioth pupil a1( nd oney. The children
n each district are under the conl.
rol of the truastees. If your school
s small, it will be a good plan to re
~eive p)upils finom other districts, if
heir pay is transfered. Trustees
an use their discretion in transferring
>ulpils from one district to another, as
v'as stated in answer to a question
>y WV. B. Allgood. He further said:
Volf Crees has a colored school anid
loano(kE3 none, or nlot enough to make
school. Would IRoanoke's white
bildren get more money than Wolf
Ireek 'a? A nswer-SuhpSo there is
4,500 of 2 -ni11s tax; expenses $500),
nd that there are 4,000 children en
rilledi in tihe coutyi; then a $1.00 per
ripita goes to enrollment in each dis
riet without regard to) color. Under
to haufas it '4, lloanoke would haive
20 advantage over u olf Creek on
1e 2 mill tax, bitt not so ont a special
mx. You trustees will hamve tot ecom.
endi somen chianges, and I am sure
30 trustees aiskinig thme legislature
ill b)e more apt to get it than 1
oiald. Dr. Field said he remem
bred that the colored chikdren now
at abotmt $1. 151 to whites 75 cents.
ur poverty in thte up-country is a
hessing in givinlg us few colored
iildren, and this is one burden the
aw-country wealth hais to be.ar.
T1hie Comtmissioner: The &uditor
ill send you a list of all polls returned
om your respective distriota, and let
ie beg you not to put any man on
y lhis nic-natme, but use hia Jull
awe. Fory out of seventy-five were
heady on t ~e llokatht6 bad been.
sportexllfr dheodriot. A so>n
as the list is received from t1e audt
tor, call the board togetbet and see
if all have made returns who should.
Vrom this on you will have the honor
for the success and the blame for the
failure of the schools.
Mr. J. E. Buirrou lbs isked It a
school was close to a m1e, could they
ransfer. pupils from one district to
another. Commissioner said if such
would better accommodate pupils, it
ihould be done. Districts could not
be made in squares. We thought it
better to take the county as we found
it and recoguize the crooks in the
:obnty lines. Mr. Allgood was glad
ths question was asked, and hoped
fhere would soon be 0 uniform plan
adopted so as to make every locution
petrinanent. The cominssioner vaid
that locations should be made as near
ra practic-able to the centre of the dis,
rict, The convenience of & majority
Af the pupils should be regarded.
Some claims would be disapproved
in account of not being for schooh
properly located.
Ho. Laban Mauldin, in answer to
inquiry, stated that trustees had been
3nmpowered to condemn land for
chool purposes, and handed a. copy
>f the law to the commissioner, which
ie read. It is sustantially the samt
is the law for condemning land fui
my other public use
Mr. Rives stated that the school
iouse in the 5th district was not lo
,ated in the centre, because the land
belonged to muin.rs and a title could
iot be procured. Mr. Frank Boggi
iaid he had no suitable place. There
i no good smooth building site neat
he centre except on land mentioned
uind would it be constitutional to
make them give the land, and wh<
would make the title? Mr. Allgoodl
isked: How did we get title for pub
lic roads. Mr. A, M. Garrett asked
'lte pertinent question How are you
going to get a house where there im
>nly four or live to help build it
Commissioner said: Use the public
money and pay for building, thus
.ach would be compelled to do his
part. Mr. Kirksey wanted to know
low you were going to get to the
uite when land was condemned and
aouse built. Mr. Allgood did not
Ihink trustees could comply with the
aw, because it said they had to so
sure title when they could neither
make him execute deed or take
mnoney. Dr. Fields replied, that if a
man bought an acre in the centre of
a plantation, he would have a way to
go ii mandl otat, according to law, but
b&e thought the act was a little defli.
:iont. This is the act:
That should the Board of Trustees of
lie: several school districts in Pickens
-,nutty he unalte otherwise to procure sites
or st.hool houses in said districts, for
ichools for white children, they shall hve
Jhe power and shall be requireod to makt
said location as near the centre of tl-eir
a-spective scho->l districts its a suitable 10.
,aat Ion can be procured, or nmay' be pnetica.
>ie, provided said -Alto shaall not be whhman
WO l)uutir- d ya'rdc of the dweiiing house
f tihe owner of tihe land taken for said site
lthmout his consent. Thei said Board of
chmool Trustees shall have power, and it
iall be their duty, to appoint a jury of
vo disluterest ed land owners, stal the land
winer one, ini their selhool district, whot
'all assess the value of the same; then. the
'rustees shiall secmre thie title and pay for
tie site, as deckded by the jury, out of any
imds belonging to their school district.
Lipproved December 20. A. D. 1893.
Dr Fields said there wvould be
ome questions to be decided, and
ommissioncr said whatever came be
ore his board wo.uld be promptly de
tided. J. O'Dell asked if one trus
ee could start up a school without
he consent of the other two. The
~onmissioner~ read the law showing
hat all should knowv about it. Mr.
llgood wanlted to know who was go.
ng to pay the fidler if the trustees
vere indicted for tressp)assing on
and. Hon. L. Mauldin said he had
drawn the bill antd if trustees pro.
seeded as the law directed there
would be little or no trouble. They
should go as far' as they could befoi-e
Dourt tand get information from the
solicitor if any difficulty occurred.
Thte land was to be condemned for
schools for wvhite children. Air,
Kirksey said the centre in Mr. All,
good's district was on hand belonging
to colored people, and he did nol
think it would be lawvful to condemn
their land for a school for white peo
pie. Mr. .\lauldin did not think
there would be much trouble in pro
curing locations. The law might be
a little imuperfect and need amend
The commissioner said: There ar<
between 5001 and 1,000 people in the
county not paying polls. If you un
dertake to run two schools ina the
same district you will have to rum
one half the time, andI the other hall
the time, and in some districts font
schools and each one-fourth time. I
the system had goine on as it started
the schools would not last a week
But the p~r.eent phln carried out wil]
soon remult in runnting schools Loum
or five months in the year. The
trustees of two districts can combine
and run one school near' the line.
Dr. Crenshaw said in his di- trict
the patrons wainted the school run
'tow, and twvo of the trustees have de
sided to wait till July. He preseinted
petition from the patronis, asking
.he cornmmissioner to get one of thme
>thers to agree to run nowv or to re
nove him. Consideration oft petition
vwa referred to full board, with the
enmark that two were a niajority and
kstuld control, if they were not re
Mr. T. C. Spenc-er said that the
solored school mn the Croswell school
listrict had been located and would
remain ats it was.
On motion of W. B. Aligood the
meeting ad'turned, subject to ,the
tall of the sa dol commissioner.
Au editor, like nearly all the rest,
knows .ome bad things that shoul
nol bo printed, and prints sonme geocl
thlgtl) hm dnt know.
A Researkabeter.
"About ei ht months ago I had the
mumps and et after reecoveltig I cuin.
menced to su trer with dyspepela or indl
gestion. For three idonthe there was dontin.
ually a pain or lump in my hes,- aid my
bowels were so constipated I could never
take an aperi-ut. After unaiig three bottles
of Tynier's dspepIi remnedy i was entirely
well and have reniined so, I have o taken
a -inglo edrop of medicine sico, and have
gaiud twulvg pounds." Yours truly,
J. ", hlvzIve.
Atlanta, O.
l'rice bo per bottle. For tsale ly drog
1000 Bushelg Shelled Corn, delivered
at Pelzer, S. C., for which I will pay
55 cents per bushel cash and return
sacks. THOS. J. MARTIN.
This Is a beaut ful bo.-k and at the
same 'lane one of the most usefuh
Comprising in one voluine the ramst
treats in history, adventume, art and
science, concludirg with a concise,
but most comprehensive history of the
World's Fair. 500 spleadid Illustra
tions and . beautiful engtrvings of
Columbian Architecture. 64 only
y subscription. Address or call on
If. W. FAIM, Rice's, S. C
Sunmons for Belief.
Pikens County. I
Court of Common Pleas.
Tempy C. Stewart, Sallie Siunmons, Susan
Howard, J. X. Ifoward, E. N. Garrett,
Morning F. Garrett, Alva V. Garrett.
Lillie 0. Garrett and Verner Howard and
Miclanie Howard by their gtardlate ad lit.
cu, J. N. Howard, Plaintifis,
Corrie M. Blalock, Robert N. Blalock and
L. F. Blalock, Defemiflants.
Summons for Belief, (Complaint
To the Defendants above named s
You are hereby smumnomed anid required
to answer the complaint la this action, of
which a copy Is herewith sered uport you,
and to serve a copy of your answer to the
said complahit on the subscrIbers at theft of
lice cat Pickens, S. C., within twenty days
after the service hereof, exclusive of the
day of such service; and if you fall to 11nW
swer the conplaint within the time afore
said, the Plaintiffs in tIhis action will apply
to the Court for the relief detnanded in the
Dated January 8th. A. D. 1894.
(Official Seal.]
J. P. CARET, and Jownsoy & Mntcr,
Plaintiffs Attorneys.
To the defendants Robert N. Blalock and
I. F. Blalock:
'rake notice that flie conplaint in tcis
action, togethier with the stummons of
which the foratoint is a copy wa.' illed it
the office of the Clerk of the Court ot Com.
mnm Pleas for the County of Pickens in the
State of South Carolina, at Pickens in said
diate and County on the 8th (lay of Jan.
uary 1894.
J. P. CARET, and JoINsON & I1icHRV,
Plaintiffs Attorneys,
E. It. MURRAY, J. E. n1oG.q,
A ndeirson,, 5. U. ickens, s. C
rIenExs, s. C.
ts2 Main street. 0HE ENVILL E, S. V
ea lhne aery Thcisay anid Frkday, acnd
DR. J. P. (A ai4Li.,
Otalce over westws-hend uros A Dttke's Drtug'
11am59tf UREEVit,LE1, 5. tU.
Over weatmoreland iros'. n)rrig store. AI(
work done by the instantatneous process. Mao
make enlargemnts f romn old pictures to sa~y
size in waiter colors, crayon, India Ink, oil and4
plain photographs.
Summanons for Relief.
k Pikensa &. ty.
Jacob Alexander, WVm. Alexander,
Elizal 'eth Cannon, Mary M .Grave
lev, Milhey Bennett, Anthony B.
Lewis, M. H. Lewis, R. K. Lewis.
and .iohn T. Lewis, W. Jacob)
Lewis, Malinda (. Lewis, Sarah
M. C. Lewis and Elton McD. Lewis
by their guarudian ad litem A. B.
Lewis, Plaintifis,
George K. Hendricks, Julius H.
Alexander, Thadeus A. Alexander,
James Alexaider, Wmn. A. Alexan.
der, Wmn. H. Alexander, Ep hraim
T.. Alexander, Matry Alexander and
Jamnes A. Watta, Defendants,
Summens for Relief. (Com
plaint Served).
To the Detendants above named:
You are hereby summoned and re
q.uired to answer the complaint icn
this action, of wvhich a copy is here
wvith served upon you, anid to serre a
copy of your answer to the said com-.
plaint on the subscriber at his offiee,
Pickens. South Carolina, within
twenty days after the service hereomf.
exclusive of the (lay of such service:
and if yon~t fail to answer the cmplaint
wvithin the timce aforesad,the Plaiti'si
in) this action wvill apply to the I 'ourt
for the relief deinmaded in the comn
Dated Jan. 16th, A. D. 1844.
J. M. STmwART, U.'. P.
.JunIa E. BOOGM,
Plaintiffs' Attoarney.
To all the Defendants excpt Geo K.
Ta'ke notice that the complaint in
this action, together with the sum
mnons, of which the foregoing is a
cop, was filed in the of11ce of the
Cle rk of the omrt of Common Pleas
for the County of Pickens, in the
State of South Carolina, at Pickenis,
In sald State and County, on the 16th
day of January, 1894. That the ob
je 't of said action is to partition the
real estate of William Allexander, and
that no perstmal claim is made against
any of you, and if you answer it will
J.E.Beo Pl'tffa' Atty,.
J,.M. S~TwtRT, C. C. P.
What's that?
kicking! Nc
kicking our J
If you want
i its latest at
work just a
SamUel Spe'en IWiudelop.r and M
01pyvster, keeciverv.
Condensed Schedule in effect Dec. 24, 1
Trains run by 751h Meridian Tinie,
7 (11m. ....,,L.Uhatles0m,Ar..,,.. i
I 20dny., " a~ w I, ...).fnb.,. 4
12 03pm...,..,...... " Aifon .
12 Ispm,.,. . Ponaf * . 3
12 35pn..,.,,..- " 1romper. . 2
12 50ny.,,....,,'" Newberry " ... 2
12 Mpm ,... " Helen " ....... 2
' 3pn, ...., , Chappell's .,...... 1
2 i8pfn* ., . " Rhiely Six .... I
2mpnl,...., . "Greenwood ........12
3 00pin...., ......, - lodg ' 12
320pm...... , 1iounalda ' 2
SB~aa.,. ~...r Icion 1v I
npm. ........ r Seneca v ....... .t
5 . ............ Aaren' n. , ,.
6 tipm,.. ........ Ar Walhalla Lv.. .. , 9
5 Ispra.. ...0 reenfile 1., ...0
Btweer Andeso9 Itelton and Orcentil
No. ii fc'n&
308pm.....~,,Lv Anderwl Ar..,..
3 40pm...........A r tU41ttt t,v.i........i
4 00pm........... v ielton Ar.,.....,.1
420pm........Ar Villin tnfon. A V-,.. .11
4 2pm . .............. P tet,....... s. 11
4 40pm.............P1 idmont..... .. ... t
11 20pm .............Greenville . , .
Between Charleston, ('ol Uubta, Alstut
INo. 13. sHroA T NMI
7 15in........ Lv Chnrlestor At... I
510am. Lv Columbia Ar.......1
6 0pm.............Alston.........
6 44pm...........Crlisle....... ...11
05r3fpn,....,,,.. Sant. , ... ...... o
7 10pm............UVnion ............1t
7 pi m ............. oneslille.............10
'74. am.,,,,....,....Paerolet ............t
8 10pm. I..tr Spnrtnanburg Lv....
111pmn....,Asheville Lv...
Bietween Newberry, Clinton andl Laure
I)anily Lx.copt 34undany,
No. fh. 8''AifONS N,
11 20am..,.Lv C'olutnbla Ar......,
l'00pm.............owberry.~.......... s
1 50pm........... Ghtvf11.,..,.. .f i
2 Il5am..~..,,,.....llaron ...,,......I
850pm.........Ar f,atens(fl Lt.,.......re
between Hfodges and a bbeville.
No. f1. TA TlONK
SO5;rin,...L l'lodges Ar. .,. 2
3 25pm...,...,.iriugha's,~..,....2
340pm.,..~Ar Abbeville Lv.,.. 2
No.9 N
1240pte.. Lv hodges Ar...,,..I
Conaneetions Via South Hotand ialron
JDnil y.
. dem ,.Lv ('nltfrnbla A r. . .2
91.11am,,,,At 5ayanfnah Li...f
Noa, 13nnd 14 aresoffd trasinsbetwfen Cl
ton anid Ashevfile.
Throtugh coach between Sayannneh and
yille on 14 and 13.
Trratrra lesr'e Spartanburg, A. & C. dii
northbotundy 1.43 a. m., 5.05 p. n.,0.12 p. m.
tibufeed limfied't; sotithbound, I1L.25 a. ih,
rin., 1 1.17 a. m. ('ventfh-fed ihn fled); 'westb
WV. N~. C. division. t.20 and 30 p. fa., for
derao'hvie, Ashevie and fint Springs.
Trinir leavse Greeiryfile, S. C., A,. A U. dih
n'yrth~borim,1f.42a. mn.,4.06Y p. in., 3.23 (Vea
ed Tifie:. aouthbound, I .21 al. t't,, 90
Trains feute Seneca, A. & (!. divisfott, 1
bonurd, it.30 p. in., 2.27 p. in., and ..
motthhovjrrd, 2.32 a. in., 1135 p. mn. nnd I.S7 p
Pullmhan Sleeper on 13 and 14 bet,,.een Cl1
ton arnd Asheyilte, via C2olainbja and Sp,
bui rg.
P'ulftavti Pahreel tgcar tt trmine 2|
38,37 and 3s$o A. IA7 edvision.
Gen'l Sulperftteirdeng, Columbia, 5
3. II. H A Rl)IWC
A es'l Gei'l rass. A g ., A tlanta,
- W. HI. ORE F.N,
Gen'I Marnager, Whashington, 11
Gen'! Pass. Agti ~hsgfn
Tratec Manager. lrasifhgton, L
Solentiflo American
Agency ff
Nov information anid free Handbook write to
MUNN &G 00l 1 noA DWAY, NEw YouE
Oldest bureau for securing patensts in. Aern
flyery paent taken out by us is bl-ouhtbeft
thuuleb ottee glIn free of charge in t
est eireatlpn ofan scientifi paper in
man should be Without jto Wekyo 30
I ears $C,50 six moths. Aidresa 3tu441 c
FeaSUxsW61 A roadway. e* York Lv
'1'JE RIPAIS T toK ~1~ stomael
Hv n r eb are jlea
riht ~ inouen io es e Fae
er ,
imples, us ofle
flea' Slow
he, In s. ea .., 0.
:n :reasmlae
impure lo rar in
. Wib~skas.Q .ul
_, ey ei on
Setagetot R. R.D
and Fab~le Dsd's
*avue, 4,
Why certainly we are alive and
t kicking about the hard times, hrut
ob Presses for all they are worth- -
id most artistic designs,call at T I V
Prices as low as - vwhcre :..nd
good, if not bettet. Satisfac' n
Samuel Spencer, F. W. 1Id4ekoper and
Foster, Receiver.
8, Atlanta & Charlotte Air-Lih
Sehedtule th eflet 01ftly Shd, 1893.
. 12 ,,.... . . __ ___ __
aily. NUrn'ISOLNI. No. 80 No. 21.
4ipi Eatein Thu Dally. Daily.
80pml v. Atluntu 4E 7)..,.... 6.45pm 9 609m1
31pm " Penehtree ,......,... .. .,.
5pm Ielt .innction . ..... 10 Wamn
39pmo Goodwis..... . . 10 22t-m
m " Chamblee ....... 2Vu
>mpn " I)oravile...,.......... e.\ 10 Slam
32pm " 'Nortroas .... 723pm 10 89m
p " uluth .1 ......O un
8; In " Suwanee..,. ..1 ..,. 1 01aun
I .. "...ford......,. . ........1 l3n
03pm " Flowery iranch- ... a
40pm " odelL .-. -. - ... .11 38mur
40pth "1 Gainesville..---- 8 20pM I 46uml
1jrm " New Holland--. ... Ir5m
o htS6 phor..... .... 2 Wn'n
" Lu.-8.....' ..8 40pma 12i2pn
4 ,pm "'N lin- .--" - ,....1211lm
Onn3ajr " ongview 3..----e.,. 2 2t'pm
"I Corelin........... ....... 12 3tpm
Ar. Mt Ally *-..t9 05Apm 12 42tmi
e. . 1 it Ali ......,---. 9 0pm i 1 (,n
"4 Ayersville ,. .... 5.
oea .... 9 27pni I st- U)
IC. 12 " Folom '... .... 3
11pp " M~ai..,........ 25
4.p.t ".H.rbn...,.......... .......2
pin Wetminster 2 ..18
0Mf9tn Richland ., .......
0pn '' i......een .... 10 15pn, 4 416.1I
4ym K.wee ,..-2 521
15pm 11 Calhoun . .... .. 0(
Central ........... 10 37pni 3 Ub. I.
id bet ,,... ,... ... 9
Eunleys ....... 8 I.4 .
" Conswell-................. 34.12
V. 14. " Greenvlle.......... 12tyu 4 t5-n,
.4ipm " Taylor's ............ ... 4 221 m)
.00mpm " Greers.. ........ .......4 311 mu
'pni "1 n' n'... .... 4 401.
2tlpm Wellfoid.................47111
17p11 " $at Voe t. ..... .. ... 001 m1
5pm "'yal t1ahtnbrg J un'c. ..... 5 041-in
Xpin '- Sparfanbtrg . 1222nn fil mbi
.7'pm " Cliffona......... ...... 52'q;.z
'00amn "Cowpent......,............ 5Nt
50amn " TIhiketty --------.. .. 2p
Ganes.,.... 12 5Vm -Mi p
.6. KIfug Mounitain...,..,...6 35ipm
15m em.etner City,------ .. .~.-. 6 45;.mn
30pm11 Gnaton ia-.- -.... .I r3n- 7 (0 in
35am in .owell . ,.... ,..- .* -.----.. '7 l'j m
10lami flellq'iiont...-.--- .- .... 7 * m
40ama Lodo).,................-. 783fiii
A r. hrotte ,..~..23mm _456.rn
--.- SOUTHBDO'ND, bidl. tUnIly
iTipmi Lv. Chnrlotte.... 1125pfu 12 001 -
,fen "Lodo.,.-+...--....-.. , ,. 12 11pm
~13pm , elleauont.....,....,...... 12 271 1m
0,. 12.. Low ll.... ,.. ...... ,
-.5pn "Gnxonh.. ...... 12.2nm12 Mzpm
fpm * fl lew..el:er City,,....,...... 1 07j m
Kan ing a Mountair ...,....... .1t: m
Diackebrg.... ....1244aMn1,7
aneys..~.... .... 125B9n 2.p
.20amr Ciffton....--..... ..........2.88pm *I
' b~4affenborg,... .,. i 35am 3.09pmj
atlen ,#fp~ti#hanrglunc.....n...2pmn
'air Forest...,... .... . .~. 3 07pm '
Asahe- Weliford ....... .. 3201-m*
I)uncall's.... . .. , 8 211jm '
(son lreers .. ...,... ... .-....,..3 li6)n,
(Ves Tayo's..... .....,....,..(34pm *.
otn , C o s el.,... . . ,, 4 20r -
Heon: Eunsleyn. .,, ...2.48nm~, 4 35pm '
" ibert y.,.....,,......... . 5pm*
iso,"Cenitral.,..... ... ..3 I7nta S06l.m '
fib'ui- " Calho,,....,..... ....,.. B 1ispm
R. mn., ,, AeE)WN. ..... ,..... .. 4."
Senleca......,...,....40am 520jm n
wrah- " lI ch landj . .... . . ... ..'. 5 45pnm
'i. hi.. " Weti3ninse r-..... ..... 5 54pm *
nrls- d faon''''''''''': '.. 60pm .
Trt--* oeuu '-* -~-.. .... 61pmn..
'-.- - .- .. 6 19pm ..
f.OflAfre--.-'--.--..-.....,....Gf0p ..
C og lev -- --- .....7 215pm .
- -l --...--..-........ 7 p
..n., ... ..c l
New Ihdlhand.-.-..-.-.......62 m
C afn -~............... 805pm.
Xmaio-- .-. .. .um811.
.. Norcviro ---- -...... 9 2pm.
,T'h ~...... ...9 40pii
"Peachtree.. .-.
A r Atlanta (E. T.j,..7 10.-m 16 11
S'oftespeciaill thaI ftaknsNon. 16, 16, 17
iWRl ie bettveen E.4pnr1 ik Ad A tlanta -
of Jussa NA* A thariga. A gents will give al
ik' ty possible and hate nlewspapers make
inention in atecrdlance atinho1r existing
5Ikang tlasag~e leta
0,3'1 Pasn. Agt., Washin~gt'n
Ass'3 Oen'l Pass. A 't., A tlanta
J. A.l~e,4~ ))SON,
re Spernten~fAtlant.
l1e W. Li. 0R E EN,
Genieral Eta3'ager, 15asahinlgton,
rame NIdfugr Wasahingtoxa
W ilmilngtonn,- %.- CX.y Jan,. 14, 1893.
Fant LIne betweew Chiutnletoni and Cciii
and11( Upper Nonth O'arlinu, and Western
a Carolina and Abhena ad. Ataanta. Con.
S chedule;
S Going West. B''1 8. uoian -,
eNo. 52. T O
7.............. v Uharleston, S. U., Ar.
..........m.... ........ ...u...r... ...... ,
* 11051am....Ar COiumaaaa ',v.
II 12.29pm........... ro.eiy
~j 12.4llpm............en herty. .
. i.i80pm............ itton......
r 2.41pm..........Orenwoot......
d 8.l4,nm.... .... ....bbetile.......
n .45pm....,,..A tlnat.
6.0m.. ,. Wilnnsboro.
8.0p...,,,.Carlotte, N.U.
* xe...n.......,.AAneron,.......
...... pm.. ,.......~......reenv ........e,
4. 8 0pm.......,...partanburg.
10It 22pmn....n enronille, N. (.
II 201pm...............le ..C.
*1)aily. Non, V,2 and 53 solid~Ira~Kia I a
Aunst GJelil') at'Cenger ~i
IAU J. TR. IC EN LY, Ti. 11. EM!' ERSO
()en'l Mlanaager, TIraffi Ma e
E. On improved farm lad nu of .v a r
upwardn. Loa repayable hn simall annti yy ~.
'ment'. through a period of stix years 1ia ,'
Q0. bling the borroWer to pay of i In hi n,
* wn A pply l'g J. E illOGOS.A ttor o '
- aniti, 6bkk t o. '.

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