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Miss tamido AUlgood li at ho
is week on a short vacsatloh.
All- 'Miss Cora Powen returned I
fondal from attendiug the Willial
on Female Collegt.
Uncle Ephrahn Gilst-ris'R ma
riends will regret ti learn that
vas quite istuk last week. He is
The poultry raisers owe Capt. 14
Orady a chicken pie. Last Moni
1e killed a hawk measuring four f
rom tip to tip.
W. M. Ilagood & Co., Iat W<
limght niiety six bales of cotton
one lot, from J. S. Wilson and J.
Mrs. Elizabeth Capelbart returti
last week fron an extended visit
relatives and friends in North Ca
lina r -id Spartanburg.
J. A. Steel has begun business
his Own account, next door to t
Peoplo's Bank, in Greenville. He
n prompt ond reliable watch mak
Pickons counity has fiftv.tlh
lJchool distri-cts and consequently 1
public school trustees. Young &I
trica's ed uctional Interests will
\vell cared for,
R. A. Bowen rec'eivcd last Fridi
official notice of his Appointment I
postIIaster at Pickens I l will Ia
charge as soon as hia bond is i
Rev. John Attaway wae in toi
Monday morning, shaking han
with his old friends. On Sabba
before'he met his appointments
Now Hope and New 1 riendship.
Messrs Biruco and Carey b
greatly improved the looks of tb
lot on Mainio street, in the "bur
district," by learing it off and pt
ting a neat uid substantial fel
around it.
Any boy desiring ti enter Clemis
College can stll get a permit l a
pearing befo re the school cm 11lmisishc
tr.i any time before the 15th of l'
rnary. There is still one vacancy I
this comnity, which is entitled to t
in all.
Lit Friday, V . V. Clayton, by 1
qu tst and agreement of the devise
of Mr. J. A. lioggs, deceased, divid
the land whiich Was bequeathed
thin its t.ianats aI co1mmon1. ]
place left ,ur feemuf lawyers andcov
oflicers in the settlement of this esta
The colored pat rons( of Wolf Cr<
schlool district will please nmeet t
trustees of said ditrict it pi(:kC1en
the 17th inst. at 10 a. i. for the p
)Osel of receiving certiticates of tra
fvrs for their elildreni to other scli
districts. %% . B. Allgood, chairntu
The sales last Monday wean
follows: LIn I 'raa vs. Miles et al., 1
ncres oif lttad was sold to .J. E Blop
for $3 12: 42 acres to C. L,. Holin;
worth' for 1390. In C. T Huitci
et at., vs. J1. B. Clyde et a1.. 55 ac1
was sold to C. T. IIlutchins
Rev. 0. 11. Sqaffer prenebed
inuterestinug se*rimn in the \leothod
chuarch last Sabuztbat, fruomu the te
"W~herewithial shall a young mn
3lean'be his way: even by takinig he
thereto accorin~g to) thy wonli." \.
we're sorry all the younig men w<
niot presenit to hear it.
A Tpi:il'ate letter frmnu A tlanta sta
.hat Freeman Jlly's wife and (old1
laughter dbed a short tiune ao wi
in a day oaf eah other. Mrs. Jolhi
will be remaembered wats the ld
laughter of the late ( yrus ll amilt.
They have resided for somectimea
Frankin counity, G1a.
Owinag to somne delay ini recoivi
1ur neCw dre5s of artistic job ty
at glood deal of work inl that deptI
menct did not rea b one1 cuistomuers
time this week-as we wish to g
themi the1 best o f every thing '
aowv havec one of the finaest equipt
priniting ofhices in this Part oif1
State, and14 all work in the fuit ure v
be <kme with neatness andi dispait
We nlotice that the Jolurnall is ei
'ing onl its corresp~oidents for coman
niiciatioins We wvonbi like, to do
same for THEs St.W'IN~F.. Mitch vi
is addto ed to each ed itio~n biv havi
four or five newsy letters from dIifi
(eit piints ini theO lounty. We
tspecially pleased with the loe
fromy (Cent rialbu, we wvill have to
'down anid loo4k utp onr scribe,
'On the night of the 31st, M
Whitmire, who lives inear Eb~ene(
chauroch, on the (Grownvilht: sie of
8aludca, fo und20 his ba rn on fi-e,
wa~s -about 9 o'clock at night, si
nothni ig was savedo from~ the fireex
the hvto stock. 'lTe loss i.s a
$300, and it was the. only ho~use
had not insured. The tire wa,
denltly the worik omf an I' cJendiary<
rat, as it began near a dloor not n
ut this time (If the year.
A very nec(essairy and1. desirn,'11
110 roitiament uias inadtoe last w eek in
Shall:ow I"ord r~od, nieir r F,
ti aitedl birgely' to thnhe pros eciit
itid HI(e-dy comp~))tt'in of theo weo
by' riiiiisinga seven1li hands moe 4
day', all of wvhich was highly appe
ate-l by thet wholse dluty it wmu
put the mnile of new road' in a c
ditjin to be0 traveledl.
Acker, of Anderson coiuty,
Scrnggam, oif Newberory coiunty', i
Were cap~tured1 by WV J. Rork l
week anid conianittedl to jail ini P
.ens, have not given b)ond( Th
Leiiam was turnedl over to raiding
put1y Enisor, and will be sold1 at Eam
as cmnfiscated property, it it she
bie found to Le the property at
prisoners. It has beeni claimed
Mr. Snummers. They were haul
about thairty..mx gallons of goodl C
The Joutnta had a piece in 161i
* week about Goy. Tillman.
.1. D. Aiken has been appolite
pOstiliaster itt 'entral, and Miss At
no ita D Ambler at Amblers.
You nky expect sutne weatbe- thi
month. A warin Deceinbu' geuerall,
st precedes a cold rebruary.
ns- A farmueri never cat'shes a cold frot
breaking the lue afnd throwihg th
nv mud otit of his ditches.
'e The Aets of 1093 have been re
)ut ceived, and it is thought that th<
new Code will be out about the 1st o
C.Onr good friend, I W. Major and6
lay hi intertsting famuily, have moved
to w altuible faim net- Grove Station,
Greenville county,
k W. W, Whito Is book-keeper in the
Bank of Aliderson, He has had
' miich experience in book-keeping and
is quite an acquisition to that insti
ed tutiou.
lo Two dispendary cades were heard
r0 by Justice Davis, of Greenville, last
week. One defendant was acquitted
on and the other convicted and put up
he- for thirty days,
is Daniel Daldwin, of Sunny Dale,
,r was reported in a dying condition
ee last Thursday. A telegram was
59 sent to hie eoi, Tank Baldwin, at
n- Central, but he wak absent.
bec Judge Augustine Seymore, of
North Carolina, has been designated
by Circuit Judge Simonton to hold
,Y the ensuing term of the United States
a court at Greenville, the term begiu
ning last Monday
. The town council will, in a short
tine, put up several more racks-and
n hitching posts. Frequently the numn.
le ber of horsemen and teams in town
li at the game time makes it inconven.
"lit ient to find places for the steeds.
The palmetto is not only on all our
ve whiskey bottles, but is also on the
nr .sumrionses and liens and mortgages,
't printed by Shannon & Co., of Green
It- ville, These gentlemen seem not to
ce know that the palnetto has been
,copyrighted by the State of South
m Carolina.
p. Clemson College has been author
nI ited to assist iPiekens and Oconee
b. countios in the putchase of Ravenel's
or biidge if the price dues not exceed
3ti $1,50 Cleinson and Ooonee need
it much worse thrn Pickens county,
Ilhe cointies can build agood bridge
Sin a better place.
3d Larkin Hughes is now iixty.sovenl
to years old, but that did not keep hii
go froin going into the woods thb other
Irt Imornig to show a negro how to
to. maul rails and tons a cut about. He
has not been so young since, Hi
e wa 4 in town soon after, leaning or
he his trusty walking stick.
Several have coime in with the $1.5(
and availed themselves of the rari
Iopportuniity uf getting two good pa
Spers for the price of one. THE SEN'laIE]
and the Atlanta Weekly Constitution
its .1 ust bring your money on and bai
1)0 it to Eugene Alexander and the tw<
ga palpers8 will comle priomIntly each wvee'
W mr. C.handler, who resides on the
"I old Ferguson place. necar Pickens, i1
"the champion timusk rat catcher of the~
or county' He reieved lis traps Frida
miorinii of one large mink and twe
Rn rats. He stated to a SENrINEL mail
ist that he had caught over 100 of thest
st, tironh lesonme anniiimals* on Town Creek
on since October.
ed Messrs J. J1. Lewis, J1. C. Jenning
Ve anid L. C. T'hornh'y, on the nigli; o0
re the 31st, raided a distillery on the
wvaters of Cri-ow (oek, captured a
es still and seventy-livYe gallons of sing
at lings, overth rew two stands of beei
Lh and two tubs of mash, and routed al
it the her-editaments antd appurtenance
t. hereunto belonging,
m. The Greenville News, a few days
in ago, recalled a comical incident of
serious tragedy. The mob had jttsi
lyniched a white man in Sparitanburg~
tgwhen one said to an old negro wh<
),hard beeni looking on: 'You had bette
Skeep quiet ab~out this affair." "Yes
e botss, I will," lcepliedl thme negro.
thinks you'uns let 'im off mnightylight,
ed Rev. T.C. O'Dell writes the George
*he town Times that h.. has just had th<
-ill pleasurie of posing at the objective
h.i end of of a magnificent poundin1
goitteni up by the good people of hi
l char-ge, His many friends in th<
-i Pendieton Circuit will be0 glad t<
he knowv that this goid brother is de
u. lighted wthtl his new appointment
1"A Iut lie is like the old fammily hmorse
er he will work wvell anywhere.
Tislhe pdll tar delinquents are a
portioned aimong the townships a:
g" follows- Easley 711, Liberty 54, Ccin
Iral 68, Hurricane 16, Pickens 23
ike D~aceonville 23, Puimpkinitown 3, Easti
r..-r toe 25. It will be seen that Pum
the' kintown takes the blue ribibon fo
It paying poll tax. Including the pol11
rnd there are someithiing over 300 delir
opt quenits ini the county. This is
lut good showing and1( speaks well fe
hie the tax~ pamyers generally.
lvi 8am Jamnison, colored. who w.
i n "fatally" shot about a month agt
We as able to attend Trial Justice Cur
ton's court last. Friday and give hi
n. testimanony against Win. Fergusion fo
thie '-hi otiig hin antd for carrying cot
(. eeied- w.-aponms. Thet in for-mation ai
'cn to' conealed weapons was dlismiisiel
ion 't1r wanut (If testimony to show,~ tha
i-k, t'c pistol wtas concieal. The (14
la f. nd~ant gave bowil In the sum13 (
en $3.0 for lis appearan~ce at conit t
a. cwei- to the chairge of assault an
Sbatter-y with inteiit to kill Sam Jua
s on. Saum seemus to be litterally smi
mant whoe is not worth the powie
anid lead it wouild take to kill him. s
nd 99 mien 9iit of 100, eliot as he was
'In) would have (liedt. The defendant we
a-t represented1 by J. P. Carey,
(IX Dcipeanary tIOod.
(10- W. B. Mety,., the man who shot an<
lecy kidlled Clark a fewv year-s ago in Co
uld umibma, and who deligd 'filhinan an<
the his constableis on the fair ground]
by last Nov-emaber, was shot and probat
ing lv fatally wounded by Davis Miller,
urn j horse drnover froain North (Carolim)
on lAbruner. 3.
A- P0
For .0 nas Prices
We ure table-1 to offer it w1it1
SENTINEL for one year for $t.50, elub;
bing subscriptions to be sent to this oilee
and accompanied by cash.
Every subscriber to this remarkable club
bing pr-,position is etitled tW enter TWO
PitIMiE CONTEss, sending his guess-es
for the
$1,00O Cotton Crop Contest
3 In Which there are FOUR PRIZES offeted
size of the cotton crop of 1893-4, now be,
ing marketed, and award to be made as
Noon us the New Orleans Cotton Exchange
annOUnces the oilleii Crop tlgtures. $100
IN GOLD for nearest gasess to the crop,
i$200 prize for second, $200 prize for third1
$100O for foiurth,, $100 far fifth.
Crops for recent years have b-en' as
follows: Iii 1888, 7,017,707 bales; In 1889,
G,935i,082; in 1890), 7,313,721; in 1891,
8,655,5I8; hii 1892. 0,700,3155.
snbscriber can enter our combination
Supply the innsing word in the
"nsociety the all absorbing
b topic in England during thle
quarter was the Prince of Wales
tnd the ........affair."
0 i E FOUlR F'i of the net sub
rii,,n redeltst of those entering
d i$ conitest will 1be divided among
a i ,s~e who suply the correct word in
* . blank in the above sentence.
l'hIus, if there rre $1, 00, one fourth
> would be $1,250. If ton supply the
-correct word, each Wvould recoive $1',
-if 100, each $12.50, &-.
' Both of the above contests freo
ii nd inafdditioni to
i For the Price of One.
- Has a cirenlation of 156,000, and is
vors Tariff Reformi, 11n Individlual
tncome Tax, a;,d the Expansion of
fthe Currency to a dlegroo snflicient to
nimeet the legitimate business demands
dof the country,
eIt covers tho news of the World
r every week, having neOws correspond.
B ents in all the neows centres of the
i world.
SWe offer you THlE PICK.
a CONSTITUTION for $1.50
ner yenr.
Le o m. -a ssmsas.. ... ..s-M a a mae a
Clerk's Males
County of Pickets,I
W. F. Hayes, et, al,
D. E. Hendricks.
Complatut for partitMi.
In purauanae of a dteedtal order
made in the above stated ease by
Hon. W. H. Wallaoe on 21th Sept
1898. I will sell to the Vfighest bid.
der before the coUft frtnae door at
Pickens during the legal hours for
sale, on
Saledaty In Vebtuary
next, the followitg described teal
estate towit .
B. B. Crane,
Eliza A. Miles, et. al.
All that piece parcel of ttuet of
land in the county and state More
said, on branch waters of W olf
creek, adjoining lands of W. T. Bow
en, Russel Duke, Mary Ann Smith
and others, containing one hundred
(100) acres more or less.
Also all that other piece parcel or
lot of land in said county and state,
near the corporat4 limits of the town
of Pickens, and south of said town,
containing twenty six (20) acres more
or less, on which Buncombe Arter
now lives.
Also all that other lot of parcel of
land adjoining lands of Hebty Law
rence, Wesley Griffin and Jacob
Griffin, and the last above mentioned
tract, containing twenty acres (20)
more or less
Terms of all the albote nentioned
tracts in this case, cash on day of
sale, purchasef to pay for papers and
recording the satne.
Cletk of Court.
Dec. 14, 189J
73 Main St., GREENVILLE, 8. C
53 SHOE adJ1re.
Do you wear them? Wlidn' ne'tf in need try a pait.
Best'in the warra.
$1.00 $3.00
$3.50 42.00
#2.00 FRBY
It you want a fSne DRESS SHOE, itade in the latest
styles, don't pay $6 to $8, try my $3, $3M5ig $4.00 or
$5 Shoe. They fit equal to custom made afdd 1ook nd
wear as well. If you wish to economire in yodF footwvear,
do so by purchasing W. . Doutglas Shoos, flamb and
prIce stamped on the bottom, look for It when 16V buy.
WV. L. DOUGL AS, Brookton, Mama. Sold by
W__I. 1T. McG all.
Oivil E g -tr a d Surveyor
Greenville, S. C.
Special attention given to Sul
dlivisioni of land, Terracing and esti
matio: of Water Power. Oflice 88J
Mami t., over Feltoni's Book Store
Jan24 a3mo
L,. C. 'I)funk.T.
,iona o hte,,. >our lIrt a ng .o 0c.li e.
To begin' *it
frade and pr'o
have nevef had
position among
eb*nts, We a
caii for them thi
been' if sowie W
to come forwar'
your help, and :
and give your n
We have so
Coffee and lo
Plows, Plow St
Tools. We ha
Will sell them a<
Come to se to
The igns of the Zodiack ara
now twisting around and
getting in good shape for a
good swring trade.
rhis aiuanac will start the ball with
a fine assortment of hoine fd shoes
and bridles, halters, collars, breeching
and harness--all inade of inie
tanned leather, and made fi r service
Ve al-o hiafve a nite lot of
sole, harness and lace
A splendlid lot of fuirnitarre andl other
goods that is required to make ii
home complete.
Call and see our goods an I
give us~ your patron~age ne
far as you can, Yot:r:z,
W. T. McFA LL.
Notice is herebv .:iven that ihe
policies of the Farin -eS' Mutual F r.
[nsurnde Assmoet -will not t k<
,-ifect until the ist - r Ml. xt.
unfavorable w atth 'r thle t,
to canvaWss thme ouil
.- lu. SIl' WV I'. Pe..itdent.
I o(Yer for tale my farm of 63 arees, welIl hr
proved, ten miles fromt Groenville, C. ii., e tC
slickeni rodtd and known as the O'Shiel's pl~aer
If not ,ol1d beCford. the hi5 r of Jnn, 18911 it will br
sold at attion bin the p$Pntfse att 12 o'clock
Terms cea: iAn)Is ANx liANxxosa
Caveats, and Trade-Mtarks obtained, andalilPat.
ent business conducted for h' raTE' rs.
and we cn secr usuen inIi ie than ~r~
remote from Wash ngton.
Send model, drawing or fimto.; 4th 4fsetlp
tion. We advise, it patentable or, acre, free of
charge. Our fee not due till ptents scired.
A PusLzy, "hlow to Obtain Pa(ents " withi
cos ofsam inthe U. S. and foreigbttutirIes~
sent free. Address,
ok8s 0ft0R Roof
bhyician. MEces fulv su
onthly by thusrd o aio
and reliable medicine disoor
*td.JBoware of unprinciple
o odru toift forho x'se ieor
Sadin Pcko.. and eer wherebyd
ens abit Druggists~.ornle~
-y yur t i'hj'3-dly.enaa alas
'aw pa p olde rsej,*tm . FRE
'ehiddrs in xk.. u vrweeb
SEN-ra YOUan It WN N t enrgoxtle~kl pub
hate ofeve toeen acp of t frend for oeighand
itou il rooeitthe bIgt, and es o he
pap IIo evered idJ. eNKLY RS ,
Is Btiti'.5 ~tIF~lEL NAiAvanna*h niE
h, we want to tIark -our friedds
rftpt settlem'erts during the pas
btter collecions.' Theie seets
F the most of our customners to !
Vpfeciate such trade. and Pitop6se
I yeai. The few who have stood
ay hitidefed fiorn paying us,- w
i at sikd *ttd do their best for 1
olu thay tied uttrs later. Pay u!
ote for the bNl1ticet
me Bargains to offer' in G'rocern
Lr to be had any where. A full
ocks, Plow Gear, Hoes and oil
re bought these goods lower th
cordingly. Lots of corn and seeo
Anid stop gr
No wonader y
lfave you an
No? Well, pe
in bioduseis ai
scent lhard to 1
tall and1t get
Patt -In ladd 11
will soon phi
Carpenter Br
One Hundred Brews
The B]EST and
Ever Offered in
Greenville 0
We nutke
One an d Two 1i<
Why buy Cheap WIesterg WVagons whb
thit will 0o1
eWPatroir-e HloM1 IN [tSTINV,
H. C. M
0. iV. Sitith11NE, supeceAnti
We will take stt<
hew building across the
All .peirsons indecbtj
andl settle before~ tht da
We have Walited pa
Utlyott actdihg now.
R eseti;'el
rtr ti1eif liberal
t seas&ni. We
to be a dis
ettle there ac
to do' all we
back, or have
e again urgd
s' We ieed
what you cari
!s. The Best
assortment of
ier PIantationd
an usual and
I oats fit sale.
AUCE & Co.
wiling abosat hard tint#8el
otts thiik tinsem are hards
add is 'EE E SENTINELl
ople don't. kasow yoa are
oil that Is time reaAoua times
EOU 11hI1e otlactes Prosper.
omus aa143s Ott diltertisiaug.
it 'Ise Nenttiieli, and await
. 1E41d tiss with YoU
Ais away.
ve reeeited their stock of
list's Fresh Garden"
4f.Tlu SeedsI 4f them and
re a g'od gardern. Yours
ter Spring Euggies
South Carolina
ach Factory
hie BEST'
we W AG ON$.
iyoU cs lJy a HIonflmade wifon
ARKLEY, Proprietor,
uadeat. ap30y1
1st 1894
k and imOvt Ilito our
di tti us wi please call
tiently' and mutst inlsis

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