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J. I OOGs. l'roprietor
Hatored att Plckens Postoflice as Stvond Cins
$U 1s5R IPwr oN l'III0C, RI.5Opdr Year iuvaria
bly IW ,oivimee: for six uonlthi, 76 ceits.
A(ivlrtisoiieneIs inverted at mOie toliar per square
of one fiieb or lnss for t h 1irl iisertiou and
fifty conts for cclh sulbseqtlliet insertiotl. A
H=beral dirimont Itlri to tier. ham"s aid other
advertisi, for ix mionths or a year.
gw POSI'i'ON .\ ltrls1uM EN POsT
Obittuary notices exceedtig five lines, tributos
of respect. coinmitti timois of a iOttiauil
charater, wheit aimissable, will be charged
for as aivertisements.
TIosughit Makem C'oracter and Con
As to character and iany colditions
thought is a creator. That to whiebi
it man gives iitenso thought enters
into the toriation of his character.
just as the food he Pats contributes
to the formation of strengthi al(
1nus80o. "Ouit if the abundanlce of
th-o heart thle monthl sp-lakethl" is nlot
true for the reason thiat Christ spoke
it., but Christ Spoke it because it was
trutth. Ai) ny mthy begin to think
evil of his neigilbor without just
cause, and follow l) te e'vil trend 'If
though t tiitil the Convictioln grows on
hlimi andp inl him that. his ilnnoent and
friendly neighbor is i designing an1d
selfis h rilscal. 'ThIo next ch-iance he
gets he will slight or igiore his inno.
eit elighior, then the litter begins
to think evil (d' the foi mer, and comes
to a like illoical conlelosion ill reganl-1
to inl houest , inn0clnt, friend. In a
week's ltie the colnniunity hits two
positive lascldl, whelre b.fre there
were two i iioceit ad friediv neigh.
hors, and yet nothigiiI has beeni done.
There hats ony been evil thiughit.
Discolii nr, 1111(5, avariee, kiidle
evil thoulht, 1111d then it, does its
dirty work ill stirrinig ip envy and
out of life-long frilits. This thing
i4 going oi \.v ry (ayV ill this State.
It is llurtinig fitniiilies, injuring coinm.
muitiei(s, retardling the work o)f the
chiuch, ying ill tI.e face of thet! 1la1w
sihootiig po isonied arrows at white
Winged peace, and polluting the livilg
fountainls of collnflidence, wVIence all
must get intspirations; of Live. The
original evil wats nothbing but a,
tiough t, brooled( by jealouisy 1111d
vinlged by und1tlice, aild theln it thirsts
for blho(.
All peoplo h)\iave p)perty rig-his in
their hn iestv of purpose, in their
mutual estem, fiith, hivo anid coili,
dence. These are teI. subtle ties t.Lt
miako soideties, (con1uunities andl
States better' abodes1C than11 jun gles,
deins and calves. lie whoe thinaks evil
of his$ neighbo anu trieis to get of her's
to ihiunk with him is trying to1 weakenl,
these lies anid ejec't thle cit izen from i
bis ju.4t and1 legal heritage. He1 is
going farther: lie is torinig for himi
self and his abet tors thle chiaracter of
I lie aIH~ssasin. Hie is pu t ting t he miid
night, torch to thle unprotected prop )
erty of sleeping 1iliocnce(, to light the
wayt for aviaice, tol butild thle castle of
guilty amibition oin tile ruins of innio- a
EF.vil thloughis poison1 the hieartJ
ra(inl thme cliium:eter', wraek thle life and1( o
exil the mani fromai all t hat is glood
and( niole in his life. Evii though ts 1
rise; they dto inot. en lt dlowni to ai man. lii
Praying, bat tizinig anid taking the j
commi1uio don't go with the man1 1
whlo is thinikinig evil anid pr'eaching (
thle gospel of Imzt red. Tiin ig evii
kills thet (cOnonui~i onl, 1ki118 bapt ism),
kills pring, I: ills the church and I
robs thie State.
E~vil commiuniientionns corruipt good ,i.
around& anid over man111y goodt mienl in c
the State, like the poison oak oin thlei
stad lwat king (of thle for'est, sapjpinlg
its striengthI U.) corrup1t the litinos
phere'i. Thulis it has insinluated itself s
into thle plolit ical ci ceds of aill patieis ~
and facetioins, anid forever sealed the k
doctrine thailtihurc and( State imust e~
be sepatrat(e; foir a lman who adopts t,
thec creed of one0 hias absolutely 1no use
for thle creal( of the oIther. Never.
thleless, thie mn who is not good for I
the servicee of one is not fit for thev
service of the othier. We miust get 1
mn better shape). It is time to set ourlt
house in ordler, blefore the Bhot gun
and dagger unldertake to supplant the
latw and tile courts. There is now
tot) much ditust ful mailterial inl thet.
plars of the State. We wanlt the
rulers to tu:0~ theO grand jur'ie, and1(
-the grand juies and the 1people1 t(o
trust the rullels. There is no sense, or
* ecson inl thinking evil of each other
because w'e do niot like the same kind
of whiskeY.
You can 1no 1more geb Charlesoton
eople to .0ook thrlouigh a spy glass.
They use atelescope or anl opera-glass
--anid behind the door a winle glass.
Wodg.,,. ireare ainy dogs in
(out Caiia as mean as that fox
ounid in, Virginia. Ho was so bad
after sheithat lie tried to destroy
avery hydrg~ulko rain bie came across.
Jt 114tid sup~piiinig that some wantedc
~eHuse o$ Pelegates to pasa an
~t og law
DI61p- .8ayr nuernne.
The followhit is fron a Columbia
letter to the News- nd-Courier -
"Gov. Tillman-,- talking about the
matter the other day,. said that
he had. received 'niumbers of re
quests from parties in these four
countibs to have dispensaries opened
there, and that h- thought it would
be a good idea to take the- constables
out of- those counties (Marlboro, Hior
ry,,Pickens and Oconee) and let the
people there see -what prohibition
meat without constables. Gov. Till
ilan does not think it will be long
before every county in the State will
have a dispensary. Elections have to
be held to authornizo diSpinsalrieS 10
fore they can be oponed:'
Pickens county does not need a
disIenisary. It already knows what
prohibition Means withoutt constables,
an11d it gets on fairly well And we
hasten to say that we do not believe
a dispensiry ill this county would
ilore than111 pay expenses, aIs we have
no Very% populous towns8.
Since the good people of Central
eradicated the illegal sulo of whiskey
fromm that town, it has been as order
ly and well behaved as- any connuni.
ty. It is begging the question to say
that people will have whukey. A few
people w% ill have it, but they are its
niotlinig compaiirt.d to the many who
have never been corrupted or indulged,
but. who would yield quickly to the
h-mptation legalized and1 held out to
Ilin-m by the State. Putting State
liCers an,11d. chiurch menbers in
Aliarge of whiskey stores will cateli
In1:an1V a gVood, law-abiding Ioy, who
would never dream of going imong
the roughis in a bar roomn, or steilinr
>ut under the cover of darkness to
buy contraband poison. Our people
ne not in the habit of drinking, and
lhe moral, religious and finneral re
mitsl are not such as will juistify the
Slate in an 1401rt to us11h its trILde for
revenile into a frontier couity like
We are afraid that mitany in the
State already, w. ho never before pat
ronlized kir-rookimIs, have lelried to
dink isille they cal purciase
whiskey from the sovereign Stnte
%"e will soon tind that there is a wide
differinee in the old law, which per
mnitted a few citizens under high
license to sell whiskey, ald the new
law, which ilpays State officers and
requires them to sell it. It certainly
must, be some help to the devil to
get thu impromatur of the State put,
both on whiskey ind the side of it,
antd then have the active co-operation
of State olnicers anid c'hurch miemi
bers. W ho will be the first to handle
thie potisoni ini this couty? Who will
first wave the fire brand? Whtero
ire thje pniyers of pious mot hers, and
lhe votes of godly fathers? WVhere
we the wattchmiien thait stand( upjont
>ur towers'! Politics amid dhe devil
ant yoiur sons aind dauigh ters-they
sant your honmcs. TJ.hey are blood.
huirsly hiell-hontmde If they on1ce
rain adittance, they will rend the
hikl and the mnothier, and cut the
I rung man11 inl pices.. Spoil our
ineyardsl~, cuit off ouri flocks and herdls,
ut. leave our younth uncorruplted and
urt homes happy.
If it is unlawful to sell whiskey
ithbin three iniles (of Clemrsoni College,
is wrong to sell it in Pickens county'.
ivery three miiles sq~uarie ini the county
is a place miore sacred than Clemson
olk ge hats ever had time to be.
It, is stranuge [how sonie things can
e kepit so quiiet. We never have.
nowii an.itthing of a popularduemiand
this counmty l,> the redluction) of the
dlaries of thle officers of 1Pickens
~mnty and allowing all the other
mties to go free. We nmay have
tat as good auditors anid just ats
"iid school commissioners as we hiuve
aid utefore, btit we dot not see how
ich mien cani lbe iinduced to) serve for
500 and $30J salaries. Tte $400
iieked off of the school commission
r's salary will not run thie schools
>r mtore thtan one4 week, if that. T1he
cop1 i hio pay the clerk's fees were
ekicking?, but we 8hould never
ave protested onio word if the pro.
ision had been general. Ilead the
Lw in another column.
Thme auiditoi's bill is a kind of a
>oomneranig. It says: "From ando af
er the passage of this act," then
~oncludes by curving back over and
maying at the last: "Th'lis act shall not
take effect until the lst day of Jann.
iry, 1895." A rule of construction is
thast the first part of a deed and the
Last part of a will controls. As the
act is mi the n'ttuire of a codicil, it will
be put in the category of wvills, and
the present auditor is adjudged en
titled to have and receive $300t from
the county in addition to the $500 to
be paid by the State for this year's
If there are any more young men
in Atlanita, good locoking and popular,
holding positions of trust, they should
have themselves intvestigated at oncot
and pose for a newspap)er cut to save
further trouble and CexeseFulton
county and their reclativen and fMo.
The mouths of the administration
people are too full of pie now to
talk politics.
TiE SENTINEn and many of its sub
scribers are _indebted to Hon. A. 0.
Latiter for congressional favors.
A man must be earnest to carry his
point, and if he be honest the victory
will be propitious. Otherwise his suc
cess will hang above him like the
sword of Datnocles.
The hemp broke last Friday in the
sheriff's attempt to hang %% ill Purvis,
the young whitecap, of Mississippi,
and now he will have to be resent
enced in J tine. Some of Will's old
pards must have doctored the rope.
The court of appeals of the District
of Columbia sustains the conmis
sioner of patents and refases to allow
the governor to register the pallmetto
as a trade mark. This may be one
instance in whith the executive will
fail to get the palm,
We do not believe there is one ed,
tor in 8outh Caroltiat who has advised
or ever n"ill advise a Iisregard uf the
law. Further, we (10 Hot believe there
is one Llitor in the Stattu who thinks
such of a 6 iother editor, ino mattr r
how m1uch hie parlades it as his
When tluv. Satim P. Jn.s colled for
pollitents it, his inweting at Naihville,
1118, riday , ex-enator John J. III
galls, of Kansas, was among the first
to go up and give the evangelist his
hantd. We hope tle Methodists will
get Joln. He w.uld make ilimist as
good a pi 1,acher as Jonies, and the
saie prictd lecturer- $500 a night.
That. was hits bisiness inl Nashville.
Congressman Houk, if Dayton,
Ohio, died sudldenly, in Washington, j
at the hoIIe of a friend, - here he naus f
calling last Friday afternoon. -1 e
was sixty-eight years old and was
serving his second tern in congress.
He %%as a delegate to the convention I
that noiinatel Tilden, but bolted 4
and voted for Hayes. In 1884 he
was a Cleveland elector. He was a
delegate to the Charleston-Baltimore
coivention in 1860. and an ardent
supporter of Douglas for the presi
Cooanktionaernm Cout.
Tiestimony wats hieard otn the peti.
tioni for a road froma Fiel to Enslev,
after which E E. Perry. 0. P. Field
andi 8. H1. Brmown were njamted ais I
sp~eciatl com)litIissioers to mzake suich <
chimages anid reconnniendations as t
Ruay see pr~op~er. (
A pet ition aginst the opening of a v
new I oadi from Burroughs' Bridge Oin e
Prater's Creek to Allgood's Bridge on at
Tlwelveo Mile River was p)resentecd ti
Ilcatring postponed, ii
The petition asking for changes in u
the rozad t romn Cross Rzaads to Piekenis oI
C~. H., was then taken up, when a ii
mnotion for the completion of changes s
already mrked out was p. - ented. s:
Testimony was8 taken, and E. E c,
Perry, 0. P. Field andt~ ;. W. Bowen a
were appoinited clfomissioniers, to t
make such changes na seem miost e2
practicable ani to report as to the I
advisabilit~y of o'pening the road froma 10
the bridlge aerlo8s Wolf CreeR, near
\V. T. Bowven's, up thme creek to inter. ci
sect the valley road from Dacusville it
t~o Pickens. el
The aumoun t of $5,000 was paid to w~
the Easley' Bank on the co'urt house ai
Iebt. Ol notes were takeni upj and1 ti
iiew ones given for$2,6 14.2.1. la
The~ peito for a public roaid fronm o
lIutchinis & Co. 's gint, onl thei Eaisley ze
roadt, to initerseict t he Pickens and -c<
Liberty road( ntear the Pat kins p~htct, ft
wvas then taken up. Spiecial cotm ei
nissioners to locate road areO E. E aj
['erry, 0 P. Field anid E. G'lstramp. *1
The peti tiona for a ntew road friomns
P'ickens, to) intersenct the Tweive Mile se
radt~ed road , neiar the Sanders Per ci
it house, is to be heard tat the next ti
meeting. e
Pet itionis wer e filed 1 taig for the fe
following new roads and changes: ti
Commencing on the Cox Bridge road ii
tnar Mt. Pleasant chnmr:h and inter- e0
sectintg the Easley Bridge '-ond( at the tl
ailroad crossinig near the Brunson of
place. For another, beginning at a I
poinit near .\t (Carmel church, to in- ta
ter-sect the E"asley and ox Bridgei Ci
r-oad, at or neatr Mr-s. Cal. Mc \l ahnna's. e
For all nteesar eb3 (langes en the' ft
Pumnpkintown i road, beginning near- L<
Jamtis~on's, to Easley. c<
Th'le report of the special comnmis- ei
stoners, to lay out the road from Mt. w~
Carraiel church to Slicaen road, was (1
adopted. 0 W. Lathem was atp- e
pointed to assess damages on llamap i:
Philipps' land. tl
The report of the special commis. hi
sioners to lay out changes on road I:
leading from Silas Williams' to the d
Robinson Mill, made their rep-ort f
which was adlopted. ti
A petition was filed asinug for a -
new road from Pleasant Grove chur-ch 1a
to in tersect the public road near Grit- c
fini T. Hendr-icks' houso. c
Greenville News Murned.
On last Sundaty morning, about 10c
o'clock, fire ,vas dliscover-ed ini thee
office of the Daily News at Green
ville, S. U. An alarmt was immaedi
ately given andl the fire department I
responad d<p-rmptly and succeededl itn t
comining the fire to the one builditng.
The lose to tbe Newvs has not yeat been
estimated. They succeeded in saving (
their cylinder press. . All other ma- ']
t terial wasso badly damnaged aa to be .
practically useless.
4lerk of The caresat couirs.
Sec. I. Be it enacted by the Seng
and Hotise of Representatives of t
State of South Carolina, now mdt ai
sitting in General Assembly, aud
the authority of the saine, That fr<
and after the passage of this Act t
Clerk of the Circuit Court for t
County of Pickens shall be entitled
the following fees-, to wit: For signi
and sealing summons, forty cents; I
filing complaint, fortv cents; for liii
each answer, demurrer or joinder
demurrer, twenty cents; for signi:
and sealing subpona writ, forty con
for docketing a cause, one charge or
at ea h term, twelve cents; for atter
ing the trial of a caute, whether ci
or crimitial, and swearing iwitnemss
forty cents; for entering verd.et
other ord r for final judginnt on t)
minutes of the Conrt, twen-y coin
for special order for bail, to ty Cen;
for fi;ing and entering on the J 'urn
every rule or order for it it 'ati
twenty cents; for filing atffida its f
con nua ace when ordered by t1
Judge, twent) cents; for sgning, e
te'rig and enrolling judgment, six
cents; for signing an11d scaling fir
execution, forty cents; for signing i
sealing each renewal of executio
twenty cents; for fliing traiiserij
twenty cents; for entering saitisfactic
on jutigment, twenty cents; for takii
stecirity for codts, elitering ord
therLfor if inatie, forty cents; tor r
cordhuig jldlgient, on0 dollar ti
twenty cents; foar recording decre<
of foreclosure, parLition and report
p.ier copy, t-het t of niinety words, seve
cents; for aduiainistering oati othe
than on trial of cause, proof of servi<
oil S rifs return,, oati of juors, <
oY .rder of CUout, tiwelve cents; ft
taking and tiling bonds in attacil
ients, tr.vei, or in ot'her cases, eigh t
Cents; for tsigning ai sealing con
11uission to exuaoine witnevsses, sixt
Jnt for exaniiiiing (ach witnMe:
pursuaimnt to Article III, Chlaptc
Ki.., ighty ciits; <xeinjblcatimn .
ceeding, )1r other eilice Copy, pa
'o)y liheet of ninety wolds, seve
-enits; recording p (it of land unILe
dvr of the Couirt, or copy ing th
a"ine, to't' cents; rule of survey, fou
y ceits; each oficiatl certificate ude
eal of Court, liot hecii ti) led
orty ceits; i-ssuing writ of attachi
nlelt for conterupt, or tither specint
Vrit, eigh'.y cents; signing and seal
ng writ of hab. fie. posess:on., fort
:nts; receivilng nid pa.3ing ovc
no)ne oflicii ly, one aid oie-half o
,e per cent. if uider three hundre<
lollar's; if over that sum, one and one
Malf of one per cent.. for the first thre
uindred dollars ail one Iper cent. fo
Ale baliance; on every appeal fror:
Irial Justice, all services illelutsiv<
3xeept for entering up ju~dgments- aln
issuing executions thierein, eight
aeits; on bill nol. pros. before give
out, eighty cents; oin bill thrown 0kr
by grand jury, or found and no
pros., abattkd, discontintued, or struc
,0f1on dollar and sixty cen ts; on biJ
'undit, and1( verdict by poeit jurv, tov
loilars and1( forty cents; all ordeors fo,
>atad and1 taking rcegizance
ighity centsh; issuing benchl warrant
erit of habe)411 as corpuLs, scire facias,an
aieh execution ini Sessions5, (one dloila
nid twenty cents; for issuing wairranits
iin ig recogntiz/ance, or other~a serv~ier
it he SI E a'i0)n, as5 Trial d unticc eC
flicio, sine fees as allowed thal
flicer'; for each writ of venir*e facias
icluding all services incident t<
ixty cenlts; for p)reparing and isslun
iartificates for grandi and pe!tit jurornn
uid t'onstables, and fur'nishing re
arnis to County Cimintnissioner's foi
ach termlf of the Court of Cornmor
leas anid General Sessionis, fo urt dol
irs; for filing petitiomn andI 'gning~
r' 4 de lunti co i lqulirelidow, eight e
uits; fo r furntishimit adv~e'nruibentI
cases of cecheait, exeliisivec of print.
's bill, eighty cenits; for recor'dingp
'hole proiceedings therein, oneW dollal
id sixty'~ cents; for licenslte to an at
enciiy. tall services inludeitd, four dll
r'.-; for filing andiC entering niotice
alin's inl~ tationi to becon,( a citi
m1, eighity cenlts: for fiinig anid r'e
>rdin g repoert of alien, eighty entts;
r admiiinIs~ering oat h of itntion,
ghityv cents: for filinig andf (1 tering~
31,1ienationi to becomeit a citiz'en and1(
lmiinister'ing ciath,(11 on holbair aind
xty cenits; tor giving cerii cate (ov'er
al of office.) of citizeniship, eighty'
m~ts; for' taking renunciation of dower
-i theritiance, One dollar and( sixty
mIts; f. r every sear'ch for a paper
iud (not to be charged to the par.
es oJr aittoneys vwen for papers
a case8 pendinlg), twelvo cents; foi
tery search necessaryv for a eritiicatc
lit a palper is' not to be found' ii
liCe., twenity enits; for swearing ii
r'ial Justice or Constable in) 011ice
king ( 'olistab~le' bonds(1 and givinyp
-rt.iicates thereof, eighty cenIts; foi
ery probateini writing, twenity cenIts
31rinn and sealing dledimfuAs po
'statemn, eighty cents; for officia
itiflcate to exemplitientimn of r'ecordl
ighty cents: for official certifkatt
ithout the seal. twventy centa; eacd
ay engaged in I olding re(fereceiC
ighty~ cen1ts; making up1 anmd return
ig report on reference,,bult no mioi
lani on1e repuort mn each casse, two d(l
ura and forty cents; for hecaring ap
hication for d1ischiarge for i nsolven
ehtors, one dollar anid sixty centh
r he'aring the same when itigated
bree dollars and twenty cents; dee<
f conveyance, or mortgage, 0one dol
wr and sixty cents; for recording am
4)pying deeds or other papers, pe
opy sheet of ninety words, seve'
etnts; for o'uteoring satisfaction onl
nortgage, twenty cents; for recordin1
rn copying pints of not moore than si
Orniers eighty' cenits; and -for ever
orner over six, eight cerAs; for grl'll
nig charter of incor'poration, on do
air and sixty cents; for gran1ting chai
or to church, eighty cents.
Approved January 4th, A. D). 189)J
)ne gave hilln force, the other fire;
'his self-control and that desire.
)ie filled his heart with1 fierce unreal
With pI.ace serene the othen lessed
A kernmd(rkable Cure.
to "About eight months ago. I had' the
be MnUMps, ad Just after recovering I com
itenced to suffer. with dyspepsia or indi
kd gestion. For three months tlere was oontin.
by ually a pain or lump lin my cliest, awl my
bowels were so constipated I could never
in take an aperient. After using three bottles
[10 Of Tyner's dyspepsia renedy I was entirely
Well ati have remuained so. I have not taken
be a ingle drop of iuedicine -since, and have
,' gaiued twelve pounds." Yours truly,
J. E. MIVIs.
)g Atlanta, Ga.
or Price 50o per bottle. For mile by drug
ThIs Is a beautiful bock and at the
same 'ime one of the most useful.
or Comprising in o'io volume the rarest
treats .n history, adven;uae, art and
science, concluding with a concise,
but most conlprelhensive history of the
World's Fair. 600 splendid illustra
tiol and henutiful engravings of
Colutmbi-n Archi'ectu i,. Sold only
1 suibiscriptio . Address or call on
11. WV. FARRl, lHice's, S. C.
m' maunmons for Relief.
Cout of Common Pleas.
Tempy C Stevart, Sallie Simmons, Susan
d loward, J. N. Howard, E. N. Garrett,
Morning F. orrett, Alva V. Garrett,
s, Lillie 0. Garrett antd Verner Howard and
S Mitaie [Howard by their guardian ad lit
r em, J. N. tioward, Plaintiffs,
Again t
Corrie M. Blalock, Robert N. Blalock and
L. F. Blalock, Defendants.
Sunn ins for Ilelief. (Complaint
ro the Defendants above named:
You are hereby stninoned and required :
y to answer the comphitint in this action, of i
wh-ich a copy is herowith served upon you,
and to serve a copy of your answer to the
sa id complinit, on-tli snbscri bers at their of
f lice at Pickens, S. C., within twenty days
r ifter the service Iereof, exclisive of the
1 day of such service; and if you fail to an
swer the complaint within the time afore- 4
stil. the Pmintiffs 1 this ct.!oti wll apply 4
, to the Conrt for the relief demanded In the
comphtinit. .
r Dated January 8th. A. D. 1894. -1
J. M. STEWARr, C. c. P.
(Oflleial Seal.]
J. P. Ca.tnt, and JoinssovJ & Ricitt,
Plaintiffs Attorneys. .\
To the defendants Robert N. Blalock and 3
L. F. Blalock :
Take nolice that the complaint in this 4
action, together with the sutmmons of
which the forteolne is a copy was filed in at
the office of the Clerk of the Court of Con
111011 Pleas for the County of Pickens in the
State (if South Carolina, at Pickens in said
r4tate andI County on the 8th day of Jan- N
u n'y l80)4.
1'. P. CAaRv, and JoHNsoN & Ricanny, 5
Plaintiffs Attoineys. 6
n . MURRAxY, J. E.. BOGG;S, .7
A ndterson, S. C. lekens, 8. C 6
U1tRRAY & 1nO6oS,
I . l'IK N-$. S. ('.
- Il & wELD)ON,
la MZinIn Street. GR E EN V 1I.,L E, S. C __
Gs :civenl every Thuiirsday andl( Friday, and 3
teeth extracted without paIn.3
ottlosover Westmoreaand Brois & Duke's Drug
1,jan~ltf GRtEE~NVILLE:, S. L'.
Over Westmioreland nros'. Drug Store. Alt. 11o
wvork don)e1 by the ins~tateous piro(css. Aliso tib
make entlargemients from old pictuirest to any m1.
siz in wa'ter colors, crnyon, India ink, oil aml W.
plIn photograipha. de
SumIIIImn fori lief. e.
Jacob Alexander, Wmn. Alexan3 r), bin
ElizAal ethl Cainnon, Mary M. Gr i - 3n,.
Iley, Milley Bennett, Anth n~y B.
Lewis, M. HI. Lewis, RI. K. L is
anid .11ohn1 T. Lew~is, WV J b)
Lewvis, Malainda ('. LewisI, S I h
M, C. Lewis arnd Elton McD. L -win
by their gultardian adi litemn A. B.
Lewis, Plain tifis,
Georgo K. Hendricks, Juiuits H.
Alex~anader, Thiadeus~ A. Alexander,
Jlames Alexantder, Wma. A. Alexan.
der', Wma. H. Alexander, Epham
TI. Alexander, Mary AILlexander andt
James A. W atts, D~efnad an ts,
Summons for Relief. (Comn
plaint Served).
To the Dofendants above namnedr
You are hereby sumnmouned anid re
gjaired to answver tile complaint in
this action, of whlich a cop is hlere- F
with servedl upon you, and1( to. serve a
copy of your answver to the said comn
plaint on thn submscr'iber at his office,
Pickens, South Carol ia, .ith in ~
twenty days after the service hercof,
exclusive of the (lay of such service;
and if yout fail to anlswer the comnpiaint L
within the time aforesaid,the Plaintiffs
in this action will apply to the (Court
for thle relief demianded inl tile comf
D~ated Jan. 16th, A. D. 1844.
J. M. STrEWART, C. 0. P.
[Scal.] JUiSK oci'
Ptlainmtiff's' Attornoy.
-To all the De~fendants except Geo. K.
I Htendrickcs:
Take notice that the complaint in
this action, together with the sum-j
m fonsi, of which the foregoinlg is It
Scopy, was filed ini the tince of tile
SClerk of the Court of Commlon Pleas
for the County of Pickens, in thueI
State of South Carolina, at P~icken,.
inl said( State and Connty, on theo 16th ~
.daiy of January, 1894. That tile oh.
ject of said action is to partition the
.real estate of W ilimn~ Allexander, and
that no persFonal claimlis mSIado against
-any of you, and if you answver it will
be att youlr ownl cost.
J. Ii Bocaos, Pl'tifs'Aty
What's that? V
kicking! Not k
kicking our Job
If you want G
in its latest and i
Work just as g
unuel Speteer. P". W. Ifulickop ir aid Reubii
Fokter, Receiverv.
Condensed Schedule in 0Ofect 1?. 21.-1F93.
Trains run by 75th Merlidan Time.
0. 11 No. I
)aily S!T 11rrX S. D1a1ly..
i5n ....... Lv.Ciarlestn, Ar.. .8 4pIni
201am........ " Colin ima. 'a.. 4 1Ipmn
03pm........ " Alston ........ 330pmn
18pmn........ " oini " ........ 314pm
35plm........ " Pros 4 . . 5pm1
50pm........ " .Ne1)'cbry 39pnu
51P111 ........ Helena ........ 211m
30pm.... Am ..".Chapiel's I 5.m
181)11 ........ Nx ........ I . pm
371)111...... . " eenw od ........ 1215p
0pm..... Iog' . ......1235pm
20pn ." ontoild's " .... ...1611pm
5pi .. n a h ........1 -2 01:1ym
55. n........Ar Hellon L.......... 11 40pn
0O11n -.........L' IltIoit Ar ... ...... 11 ) pm
2-1pipu............ A ndersoi.. . .,.... I5pIm
Mmpm ............lc u leton ..,.......... 10: i
30pin ...........A r Senen hv ..... 100 pmn
5Opu-..........Lv Seiteen Lv .......9 15pult
..pm.........Ar Walhalla v.. . O05nil
SI2.~. .Ar~(reini~'1lle Ia... . . 1pm~
Between Anderson. Helton and Greepville.
11 STI.T~INS. N.E.
08pin.........Lv Atalerot A r .........I 107pib
40paln............ r 1014t1) I ............ 145pr
(00pn...........L v Hes-lton Ar...........Il 0piii
201)m........ r Willitiaston. A r.......II Otitni
2 p.. n............... l' .er............:. 103pm
4011pm ............. IMed Ii nlt.............10 I8pi
20pm.............Greenvile ............1015pm
letween Charles'ton, Coltnibia, A l1ton and
1. 13. ST.\A T iN. No.~II,
15an ........ 'v Chitrieston Ar.~... .... 8..5pn
ihma.........Lv Coluambia Ar......... 1.0pm
50pIn . . . . A lston............220p
411p1.............. Cirlile. .. .... ...t26pm
53n...,..........111n1tle.... . . ... I 17pm
10pnt...............111111 ..............14) 5911pm
30t'm.............ne',AiI)..... .. ......0.37ipm
4Cpm....,........ 'aIolet .............10.84pm
10m .........\ r Synitnilrg Lv.. .10 00am
lleten N ewherry, Clinn a1ln1 11( Laurenis.
1. I'.\'islON. Nm. .~~i
'(0ntn .. ..v i'4Il'Imia~ r.\4 . ...-11pm
O(Slm........ ....N1.Newhert y... ... ".. ol 3pm
.m...........\ r L~aurenaa hv..........10 10211n
iietween~I hodqCe..ar22( A b vi'ltile,
It. T'Ns. No. 10
opnt........ )a rraiughi's.... ........ 235pmn
10pm... ...r A4 bbevil L 4 .c L. ' ..2 20)pm
.I0- No. l2
10pmn....Lv Hloliges.A.r.... .......25p
30p.In..... ......irrauighs............125p1m
I5pin.. ..A'r .AbigeIlle IA' .... Il 50ami
Ctetnetlons~ via Sou th hlonnd el Ilroth.
.1 SS. 3
15:1.....Lv Colutnblda Ar...2.40pm11
30ftm..... Ar .Savannah Ly .. .1020am
aos. 13andl 14 aro-sc'Iid trains betweeni Citaarlea
111an41 Asieville.
hIarotagh coneh between Satannlnli antd Ashe
le on 14 and( 11.
'rtulna leave Spartaanhtrg, A. A C. division,
rthbiound, 1.43 a1. m.. 5.5 p. in., 6.12 p. im. (V.'s.
uledl lliited~): sonth~btinl~d, 12.25 al. mI., 2.51 pi.
, 1.37 a. im. ( Vest ibtd 1limitled 1 ; westbound,
N. U. divislnon. 6.20 auoi !. 10 p. mn., for Ien
rsontville, A shev'ille anad Ilot, SprinagH.
'flds Ien~o Grat.oivtIle, S. C., A . A ('. dilvision,
1tilbi)On121, fl.42 2. m1., -1.00 p. iih., 5.2;1 1 V"estibul.
limited I: sioutlhond, 1.201 a. mn., 4.00 pa. m0.,
'ralins leave Senica, A. A C. division, north
12n(, 11.30 p). mu.. 2i.27 p. nII., an21( 4.10 p. mn.;
t h ibound, 2.3'l a. rn., 5.35 p. im. ande 1.37 p. nit..
tilitnan Sleeper Oin 13 and211 het ,etn ('harles-.
ant11 ASshevlle I, vIa Coi luial aind Spartan
inllinian pala'e .sleepinig car1 on traIns 315 and1(
17 and2( 38 on1 A. A C. (liision.
Gen'i Superlainteit. Columiiaa, S. C.
As't lein'l Pass. A gi., ,itlaunia, Ga.
(Gen'l Mia~ger, W.5asingtoni, D. C.
(Oni 1Pass. Agent, Watshigton, ID. C.
801. 11A.\S,
TIraflle Mianager. Walshington,. D. C
Scientiflo American
Agoncy for
information and froo Handbook wrti to
ItUNN & 00. 881 in1oAnwAY, Nauw on01R
lent bureau for oouring patents in Aeric4,
cry patentt tak~ ou b us Is brough beford
'U pufeb ~ ogut eo Oo hargo in tho
go6ornaonof any scientila Paper in the
rd pmidy illustrated. No Iitell ont
a should be withaout it. Wolokly S83.u0 a
rt$.0x onh.Address M8 JNN & CO
.DL~uses,, li roadway, Now York Citv.4
*.eoeeeee s.eeeeee*eeeeeeOd
'rJT10 RIPANIS TABULE.9 regulatoethla tomach,
liver and bowels, putrify the2 blood, aret ileas.
anxt to take, safe anti at wayrec tuat. A rel (blle
rmedy for liliousnesis, Blotchns 411 tho liaed,
1right's Dflieas, Catarrir, Collc, Consinio,
Chro to DiardhUea. C.hroni'o Liver Trouibfe, Dia.
Dee.i)sorde.d StOmachla izzineassq, Dyaientery,
aEczema, Fiatuiience. Femalo Coim
Faoulureathn leaaceeartbuarnlf,llves,
LsofAppetite, IOnltl Depreson. Nausea,
N o l tieashi, -- l'alnfuliiges
tion. imaile, lInah1 of iBlood
to thie lienS91o Cm
leloin Bal Itheittl Seald
?endu, dcrof. ula,icklilend
ache, 1kin Dis.
lIver, Uficers, Wa toe Jrash
andoevery oth-erimpo
or disease that . .rosiefo
Impure blooed or a failure in the pro r erform-l
ace of their funcitions by the stomac~ ,liver and
inltetineCS. Persons given to over-eating aret benm.
cotinud i th RpnsTaes in theurest
cuaro for obaetinato cons(ipation. They contaia
nothing that can 60e injurious to (110 most delia
cat,. I gross $1, 1-2 grorss $l195 14 grss 18.,
1-24 gr'os 15I cents. Rent hyna vo1 a .lu
P.0O. Box 67*, New 'Y ork,
Slettees for R. ft. Depots
3 and Public Btd'g.
-'n - QGRE ILLC &, 0.
hy certainly We at'e alive
icking about the hard times i,'j
Presses for all they are wo
nost artistic designs, call at
rices as low as anywhere
uod, if. not better. Satisfa
Samuel Spencer, F. W. luldekoper and
Foster, Receivers.
AtIa. ta t Cha.otte Air-Li
Schedule iIn effeet July2nd, 1893.
'I tlui .su. No. 30 No. r 21.
Ensitei n Timt . Dally. Daily.
L. A ianta (1 T....6.41-mi 9 50am
" Pt ehile C. .......... ........ .....,
"ielt .1uCttn .. ...........1 0am
" oodwitf'...-...........1022am
" Chamblee ...... ... ..10 28am
Doraville........... ......... 10 Slam
Norcross...... ....723pmi 10 39u m
" Iuluth .......... ... .....00am
" auce.... ... ......... Im Olam
"Uuford................... I IaM
Flidkery Blanch 11 2am
" U ll'---. -' . . I 33am
8 20pm 11 46am -
New iloltand 11 .- -m
" White Sulphur- ..... 12 0n'n
" ~ ~ ~ .... nn......- 84p12 Wnpm
" M 111t . -..... .. .. * 4. pu. 12 12-pm
Logvit . . .... . 12 28pm
ornei...... 12 39 im
Ar. 3I1t Ay 3.... ... 9 05pmn 12 42pm
Lv. '%t Ay - 9 0510Mpm
61 Ayerivior te ... .... 1 20Pm
"6 T co --.. -... --.. '. pm M pm
Fra.om -............ ........ 13jpm
FoI.~~on2 MI 27m 3
M.. on--- -................... 20im
66 lanrblins-.------... 2 2RR'pm
\ m e . . .... .... 2 281:m
Icbaund .-.-. .... 2 371,m
.encalCl RD- 105pm 4 48yra
. eonce .. .................2 64m
011Calhoun -................ 300pm
(entral.......-....10 37pm 3 05pnm
, tit' . . - 07p 3- 2r.3 in
ro wel ----..--- ........ 342pn
Gleenville........ 11 28pm 4 65pm
..T.or-a - - - - - I.. ... 4 22pm
G . ........ 4 31pm
66 utwnn ........... ........ 4 4 pmn
"-\\ -ll d-. . .4 471-m1
" F artPo rI. .. . i C . .-.. 5 01.p1m
iatitbuig 12 itn 5 6pm
C ifton ...... 522;m
owpens----- ---..... 526pm
" '1lhicketIy---....... 537pm
' Gai inels..--..... i259u 5 0pm
" Ulackhbur g..--.. I Rlana 6 (07pm
G6 rover.-.----- 6... 6I8pm
" Kiti' Mlounatain.. .....6 35jm
Giasteni- .. .... 1 S~iaan 7 0pm
i e ll n. . . . . .-. .-.--.----.... .... 7 m
Inia........---..... 725pma
.t'h (nt lette............ 230am 7 45pm .i
SOt-rnnorsn. Dlaily. Unai~
I Y. ('Ri irlottem.......... 11 25pm 12 00 'n
-. Lo........-.-..-----.. 11pm
"61c lie.enIc.... --........... 2.27tim
"6 Lowell...... ..... ........2.37,m~
"Uessemer City ...... ....... O 7pm
" Ning-s Mlountuir ...........119pm
" Grover ......... ..........1.3p
"6 lincksburg....12.44nmir I.47pbn
" Ga if taeyh..,.. ... ....12 59am 2.97pm
"6 Tieketty..........,.......222pm
"6 Cowp us............... 2.3pm
"6 (6lifton .... .. ... .... 2. 8pm
"6 Spartaanburg.. . I 25am 3.00pm
"Spairtanuburgdunec.. ,...3.2pm
"6 R*enar Forest.,. ........ 307pm
"6 Wellford ... ,... ..... 320pm
" Duenn ............... 326pmn
"6 Greer......... .... .... .... 336pm
"6 Taylor's...... ...... ...... 345pm
"(Greenville.... .. .... 2.2ang. 4.05pm
" 'ross~well....... ... ....... 420pm
"6 lEiueys..... .... ... 3.48amn 4 35pm
"6 h.Iberty ...... .....~ m4 5Rpm
" (central.,.. ..........37inm 506pm
"6 .tIlhoni.......... ........ ts1pmn
"6 heowee............... 5 24pm
"6 Seneen ......... .... .40am 520pm
" IichRinnd .... ...... .........545pm
"6 3Iarhia--.--.-.-... .... ....03pm
Madson-- -----....6 1Rpm
66 h-omi~u...-.- ...... 619pm
66 n--. -. --4.2tam 6 20pm
AycravIlle,----..---............ 03Cym
Ar 31t. Airy--.----.......4p
!VMt Airy.-----.-----........70pm
...rne.......----.-.... .........720pm
L6oni~gview.,.... .... ........ 7 25ipm
lieillgon..--..--.... .... ... 735pm
66-L-..... ....a 5 1amn 7.50p~m
66 hWiimSulphlur..... .......752pm
'6New llollaind....... ....... 05pm
66GaRinexville......... 534am 8.12pm
66-O0c1-(............. ......-20pm
Kloawery lranch.... .......S.3pm
Ruford.... ... . ... 8.40pm
....wan.......... ..... ........ 864pm
"6 1)1:luth-.--......... .... .... 9.7pm
'6 Norerosin.... .... ....... ...20pm
"6 1) 11.......,.. ....,.. 940pm
"6 ( 0........... 942pm
"6 0 in-r.......,.. ........ 9.5pm
'- %*6lt Jiuetlon............ ........
"6 P'enchtree......6 .
A r A tlranta (lR. T.). ,... 7 10.-.m 10 l5pm
Note espciall.x tenV traIns Nos.R5, 10, 1I
will run betiveen Cotam 11ia and A tlanta
of Lu la and A Ilanta. Agents will give a
licity possible and have newspnapers mlak
mention in accordancee witha our exhaling
tiinag arranageanenats.
Ahas't (Jen'I 16'n A g't., A tlanta
.1. A. 1)ODSO)N,
Superntenident, A tlauts
enrlManager, W~ashingto'n,
rnfilc Mlannger Washin'qton,
Wilmington, N.. Oq .Janf. 14, 1893.
I nst 1L1ne betwpen Charleston and Co
ated1 Upaper South Carolina andi Western
Carolitm and A thens and A tlanta. Cone
Schled ule:
Ooling W~out. Going
*No. 5!. STA'TIO7(S.
7.00am..v Charleston, S. C., Ar.
tt.40amn............. Lnes. ......
9.53am.... ........ umter.,......
RI0am......Ar Col)umibal liv.
2.4lpmn..........-reenwo,. ...
5.08Rpm............thens......1 6
,7.45apan ......tlnta.
....pm...... .... ...W innboro.....
5.30Rpm.. ....Crlotte, N. C .
4 2apm...........A nderson......
5 15panm....Ur.. /........renile
8 10pm.... ......Spartanburg.....
10 2'2pm..lndersonvillo, N. C. 4
Ii 20pm. .... A shevIlle, N. C.
*iDaily. Non. S3 antI 53 ~solid trans b
Charlesaton and C(olun.bia, 8. (1.
1I. M. EMERlSO?'
.~. ~. (~~L, Asr,'t Ge6n'l Passenger AV6 iin
taen'R Manager.. 'Traale Manl.-'
Money to Loan.
On lipmroved farm landsn in sums of IF >a* -.
up~wards. Lonns repa yable Rn mnial1 anna'
menotts through a period' of six years, a)6.
bhing the borrower to pay off hIts inde
without exhausting hi crop in any 01
Apply to J, E 1lOGG4,AttorYI
inn4mi. Ycket

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