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R, L. Gilstrap, of Sunny Dale, i
out again after a severe attack of th
Miss Sallie Harris is visiting r61
tives and friends in Greenvill
Mr. R. G. Gaines, of Contral, ha
been appointed General Store-keepe
and Gauger. *
The editor of the Democrat ha
been norninatett poet Laureato o
Fickens county.
# s. Lollis, the wife of Asa. tollis
on the 13th instant. She wa
the mother of Jasper Kelley.
Mr. James A. Brown and family, o
the Glassy Mountain section, have al
been down with inumps.
If you reach twenty-one years o
age any time this year do not forgel
to register, if you want to vote.
The Governor has appointed J. S
Bowen a notary public and ho is an
thorized to give and take dowers.
Treasurer Youngblood has signed
a great many receipts and he is now
trying his hand on a few executions.
The Journal does not speak as well
of the Cotton Plant and its opinions
as we would like to see. If it does
not fall in line with the Cotton Plant,
we fear it will have business in Geor
gia. -
Born unto Mr. and Mrs. M. W.
Newton on the 13th instant, i
daughter, the thirteenth child.
When named it will be entitled to a
present from the Thirteen Club of
New York.
Rev. R. W. Seymour has boen Conl
fined to his rootn and bed for over
two weeks with ptieunioia. Ile is
somewhat improved. His friends
hope for his speedy recovery.-Keo
Wee Courier.
The Pickens sub-Allianco met in
the clerk's ofice at the court house
last Saturday 'I'lie editor of the SEN
'INEL WAS invited, and sat a corres
ponding member until time to hats
off, then he retired.
Mrs. J. M. Ramp y did on FRiday
the 9th instant at ab mt the age of
85 years. She h.aves a hus.
band and several chil(iren who have
the warmest sYnpathies of many
friends in this great alliction
"Bones" and - - Williams, of
I.ooperi, chlecred THE SFNrTNEr. 8anet
um during the blizzard list Thiirs
day 'Th1ey told us of niauy highly
appreciated reiarks of our readers
anid added their own endorsement
R. E. Steele, of Keowee, iind D. A.
Allgood, of the Twelve \1ile, droppid
in out of the cldi wave last Fraiday
and en>mpiiii ,ted Tim SN1rINHL ill
very substantil way anl also .IhI
in their names and cash for at yealr
subscription to the \\ eekly ( onsi
Anl enthiusiastic reformeor, wvellI
known in Pickens said1 a few days ago,
if lhe shlould1 he elected county su1per.
Svisor, he had a plan by which he
could save the county $1.500 a year.
Thle county' is looking for this man.
We h19( a man selected for~ the place,
but lie will have to remain '"a Corsar,
.guiltless of his country's blood."
Mr. Anderson King, one of the
oldest pitizens of the Fork, died on
the 3d instant in the '75th year ol
his age. and wvas buried at Beaver
damn church, of which he was a mem
her. A |stranige sight wasu witnessed
there that day by those who wver<
present, a double funeral procession
and a double funeral, for Mrs. Phoe
lhe Hendricks had died about the
same time near Fair Play, and wvas
brought to the same church fot
burial. She was-an aged woman but
we did not learnl her ago.
Mr. Julins R. Chapman, of Central,
and Miss J1ulia Calabami, of Liberty,
were married on Sabbathl the Ilih
instant, at the residence of the
bride's mother. The ceremlony wvas
performed b~y Rev J. T. McBryde in
the presence of a few of the friends
.and relatives of the contracting par
ties. Mr. Chapman is a young muan
of sterling character and goodl busi.
ness qualities, and~ lhas the congratu.
lations of many friends inl winning
for a wife oine piossessed alike of se:
many charming qualities of muiind and
Mrs. Minerva J. Major, the widow~
of the late J. A. Major, (lied on ,Jan
nary 20, 1894, of diropsy of the heart
aged 63 years. She lived andl die(
at her own lhome in Broadway towvn
ship, rend was ministered to by kin<
and loving hands through all lbe
long sickness. She was a good, kmnt
neighbor and a Christian. Her rc
mlains were interred at Neal's Creel
church, of which she had been
member for 40 years, on tile nex
(lay in the presen~ee of a large am
sym[pathlizinig audien ce, Rev. M
M~cGeo conullctinlg the funral.--- -Adi
A neighbors cattle got out an<
lrespassedl upo)n the crops of hi
next neighbor and were imnpotunde
under the stock lawv. Fifty cents
hlead and damages had to be paid ho
fore the imnpounder would releasew
The owvner of the cattle p~aid anm
thought to himself that he wouli
soon have the o'pportuiity to evemi
Sure enoughl in a fewv days bere cami
tile cattle of the impoiuder trespassE
ing upon1 tihe crop3 of thme man wvh
was still warm under the collar fron
paying damages. But the good 01'
portulnity cooled him cff and lie couili
not find -it inl his own heart to mak
the ncessalry chlarge, so be just drov
thle cattle fnrther (on his nixt, neoigl:
bor1, then to .k a seat in his cas,
chair and h. ughed at tihe dust lie hai
kicked up. The first impounde
came out hute, at the little end of th
Candidates are already 'cropping
out in Barnwell county.
AMr. George E. Boggs, the fertilizer
a man was in Pickens last Monday.
U Birds whose wing feathers are not
grown should not attempt to fly
3 Tuesday, the 19th, was the last day
for making tax returns for Pickens
r Hon. B. A. Hlagood, of Charleston,
visited friends and relatives in Easley
on Sunday last.
.J. P. Carey is planning for the
premium blue grass lot in the Pied.
mont escarpment,
Ilon. W. T. Bowen has purchased
the Arter tract of land which was
sold list sale day.
Mr. I. .M. Gillespie and family,
who have been down with the grip ]
are all improved.
The bridge across Rocky Branch, I
near Wolf Creek, is decaying, and h
even now it is holey
T. J. Mauldin, Fsq., of Atlanta, a
Ga., is visiting his parents Mr. and
Mrs. Joab Maildin this week.
Judge J. H. Uudson has resumed I
the pratice of law at his old stand
Bennettsville, Marlborough county.
Mrs. Elias Day, who has been quite
sick during the most of this year, is c
thought to be somewhat improved.
Bunk Arter last Saturday moved
out. to the Peter Griffin homestead
just tho other side of the gold mine.
Mr. Anita D. A mnblejr returned last
Sabbath from a visit of several days
to relatives and friends in Greenville.
A petition for the pardon of W. E. ]
Ninmons for violation of internal rev
enne laws was extensively signed in
Pickens last Saturday.
It would be well for the county'
commissioners to look after the roads
betwOen this place and Easley. They
are sadly in need of repairs.
Mr. J. A. IcWhorter was in at. c
tendance upon a meeting of the Board a
of Examiners last Saturday. He re.
ports affairs progressing satisfactori
ly in the South east.
The cases against C. P. Barrett I
and ot hers, in the U. S. district court, m
have been transferred to the circuit m
court docket, and will be heard in I
Charleston at the April term. 1
Mvesrs. H. A. Richev, Jr., and Ivy
M. Mauldin left Pickens last Thurs- U
day for Clemson College-, these young
Imn-n have the best wishes of Tu as
NEL for a happy and prosperous year.
A. R. N. Folger is a veteran initia
tor. Last Saturday lie assisted R A.
Bowen in taking charge of the post
ofhice at Piekens. There are now
Iweoty-one lock boxes, most of which
lave beien rented fur the quarter.
Ift is certainly a great convenience
to have Vick 'I udgens, thre iket and
telegrap h office, all in one bunch,
hard by the t rain landing att Easle .
If we had to be denlie~d this convemi
ence a week now we would ras aL
The bridge across Town Creek, at
Lathem & Clemnent's mill, has be in
mioved down stream, by3 order of Comn
missioner 0 P. Field, anmd rebuilt.
J. K. Kirkisey had the contract.
Mr. Clemnentts expects soon to restore
the old ford.
The promontory which occupies
the bend in Saduda River, just below
the railroad bridge, is being cleared
off. When the peninsula which con
nects it with the imain laud is cleared
off, the SaIlda suckercs can kiss their
fins at each other across it.
J1. T. Gentry, formnarly of Slab~town,
and1 W.~ T. Nalley', from near Etusley,
wvill farm the WVm. Kenniemore plaice
this year. They have thre reputation
of beiing good farrmers, and they will
find the Trown Creek hills aind valleys
ready to respond to threir efforts.
Some mischievous boy slipped into
thre furniture store of WV. TV. McFalhl,
Mondlay; anid whlile iris clerks were
busy in another part of the building,
opened a faucet in a barrel of linseed
oil, letting about five gallons escape.
Business ran pretty slick ini that part
of the store for awhile.(
The Eaisley Democrat of last ween
says: Moni-oe Smith, so n of Theodore ~
Smith, of Anderson county, retumrned<
home last Sunday from Pananma,wvhere
he has been for several years past in
the empldoy of a telegraph company.
Bad health brings him home, and ihe ]
will riot return.
The case of the Smate vs. Jesse
- renshaw, for trespassing on lands
bielonging to Mrs. Julian, was heard
by Trial~ J1ustice Prior last Saturday.
Th'Ie prosecution wvas conducted by
-B. A. MIor-gait, and the defence by J.
fondarty. The justice found tihe do
fnatguilty and1( imipo)sed a line of
$500t or teni days. Thne defendant
appealed to the general sessions.
Tire following is the list of prison
ers and their sentence ;, sent to the
Pickens jail fronm the United State.
court, now beinig held at Greenville,
S. 0.: E. M. Alexander, 1 month; A
1- B.Iewit, 4 months and $100 fine;
I lanford Babb~, I month and $100)
.fine: WV. E. Niramons, 4 months and
.$100 fine; .Joseph Chapman, 1 monrth
Lewis Dodgins, 1 month; John Gray,
2 miontins
. lThe many friends of B. Fi. Crayton
a will be sorry to leairn that his .barnr
and stables on his hiome place, two
> ii- awest of Anderson, S. U., were
totally destroyed by fire, on the night
-of February 16th. All of is stock,
1 consisting of a herd of Jersey cows
111and several blooded' mares, were
h borned. The animals lost numbered
- forty-six head of cattle and ten horses
i and mlest. Hie lost, besides this,
1 1,0003 bushmels of corn and a large
r quantity of forage. Insurance only
a $5i00; loss shout $5,000. Origin of
thn fire unknown.
J. .Caroy attended coart at An.
derson last week.
Born unto Mr. and Mrs. L'oe P;
Orr, on the 7th inst, a son.
W. B. Meetze who was shot in the
stomach at Columbia by constable
Miller has decided to recoover from
his wound.
Owing to some delay in the mails,
the always noway letter of our Central
correspondent did not reach us in
Lime for publication this week.
The school commissioners salary
ast year was about $600 and not is
ve had supposed $700. The former
6mount included his por diem and ox
Married, at the residence of Mr. N.
. Divore, Sunday 'night, Feb. 4th,
JIr. William Rodgers of Pickens
ounty, to Miss Ida Devoro, Fairview,
tev. Mr. Hutson officiatitig.
The many friends of Mr. W. A.
Oolger will be glad to learn that ho
as been promoted to the position of
heif clerk in the Pension Department
,t Washington, D. C.
larried on Wednesday, Fob. 14,
t the residence of the bride's father,
fr. Wyatt O'Dell to Miss Frankie
tobertson, both of Pickens county;
tev. W. C. Seaborn officiating.
Mr. John L. Weber has boen
harged with forgery in raising school
as certificates and with being a de
aultor, while school cormnissionerj of
'harleston county, in the sum of
The patrons of Prater's Crock
ichoul District No. 28, are requested
) meet at D. C. Tompkins on Satur.
ay afternoon Feb. 28, at 4 o'clock.
usiness of importance demands
our attention.
Mrs. E. Lydie inn Wilson, wife of
samucl Wilson, died at Briggs post
flice in Greenville county last Satur
Lay. She was 71 years of age. She
aves five chilren. She was buried
Iunday at Antioch Metholist, church
f which she has for many years been T
consistent member.
Mr. John Jamison, who lived near b
ledar Rock, died on the 16th inst. ai
le was about sevieiti years of age
le 'was a good substantial citizen, and
as for many years a member of Keo
ec Lodge No. 79. His remains were
iuried at the family burying gound
carI his oresidence, on last Tuesday,
y Bates Lodge, assisted by a few of
he members of Keowco.
All persons indebted to us for
riniiiig cotton will make payment tu
MeD. Bruce. J. E. HAcoon,
l'. A. PowRER.
IL _______E
Moll I
amiML &
MIEM~ima i
I~amm llmoA i8
?njoyedl in Eden ail the luxu- I
's the garden afforded, wvith
>ut lab~or. You can have your
>wn garden of Eden if you
vill buy your seeds from
LOANS. Vegetable, Flower
.nd Grass Seeds.
4I. B3. Ou~r seeds will not grow
vitnout work.
f3 Main St., GREENVILLE, S. C.
Civil Enginer and Surveyor
Greenville, S. C.
Special attention given to Sub.
livision of land, Terracing and esti
mnation of WVater Power. Office 88(
Main St., over Felton's Book Store.
Jan24 3mno
Is.. C. T1'IORiNLEY.
(OPPosite Ilotela.)
For One's Price.
7c are enabled to offer it with TiE
ENTINEL for one year for $1.50, club
ing subscriptions to be sent to this ollice
id accompanied by cash.
Every subscriber to this remarkable club- a fi
ing proposition is entitled to enter TWO a
'RIZE CONTESTS, sodig his guesses
:ar the an(
1,000 Cotton Crop Contest
n which there are FOUR PRIZES offered
or the NEAREST ES'TIM ATES of the
ize of the cotton crop of 181.3-4, now be- A
ng marketed, and award to be made as
oon as the New Orleans Cotton Exchange
mnnouucs the oflicil crop ligures. $400 li
N GOLD for nearest guess to the crop),
1200 prize forsecond, $200 prize for su
100 for fourth, *100 f.:r fih.
Cropis for recent years have been as
>llows: In 1888, 7,017,707 bah a; in 1889,
,935,082; in 1890, 7,311,726; in 1891,
635,518; in 1893, 0,700,305.
In adidition to the above every clubbingV
ibucriber can enter our combination
Supply the missing word iln the
>llowing sentence: mu
"In society the all absorbing
op)ie in England during the
Luarter was the Prince o f \\'bles
.ndi the...............affair." H
ONE F"OUill i or the notE sub-,
(e ipti olln2I [ats of .bose etiing Cs
lh- conutest. wVil be divi led amnong Ot
hosie who supply the corret o d in e
lhe blank inl the above sentence. ti
'hus., if there rre $5,000, one fourth :o
vould be $1,250. If ten supply thev se
ou r'ct wvord, each w~old receive $125, 4
I o, each $12.50, &c.
Bloth or the~ above contests free
,nd inaddition to
1IVor the Price of One.
~~ ali
[Ins a circulation of 156,000, and is s
vors Tariff Rleformu, on Individualcc
[ncomo Tax, and the Expansion of is
the Currency to a degree sufficient to IH
uieet the legitimate business demands ha
of the country.
It cover~s the news of tihe world
every week, having news corresp~ondl
ents in all the news centres of theU
a '
We offer you THEI PICK-. 't
CONSTITUTION for $1.50 0
iDer year.
To begin
trade and 1
have never 1
position am
counts. We
can for them
been in som<
to come for%
your help, ai
and give yor
We have
Coffee and
Plows, Plow
Tools. We
will sell then
Come to sec
- Volt
The signs of the Zodiack rre
fnow twisting around and
getting in good shape for a
good spring trade.
s ahnanac will start the ball w
no assortment of home made sh<
t bridles, halters, collars, breechi
I harness-all mado of lic
ned leather, and made for serv
We al'o have a nice lot of
solo, harnes3 and lace
iplendid lot of furnituro and ol
>As that is required to mak
ne complete.
Call and see our goods and
givu us your patronage niE
far as you can. Yus
J. T. McFAMi
~otice is hereby given th ati
cios of the F~ersr' Mu tual .IF'
urance Asisociation will iiot ta
et until the 1st daiy of May ie
delay is cou .od by sicknewss a
avorable wt n'her for the agel
~anvass the <ount..
J. M. 8L EsitT, Pres~ident,
eats, and Trade-Marks obtained, and all Pi
business conducted for MODERATE FEES.
Iwe cn secure paen l 'less lino thaiiih
note from Washi ngtor.,
snd model, drawing or photo., with descri
n. We advise, If patentable or not, free
arge. Our fee not due till patent Is securec
t PAMPHL.ET, "How to Obtain P'atents," w
it of same in the U. S. and foreign countr
i free. Address,
res stlioonly serfectl
eredre laro of uprinci
liomes in placo of ti. sk fr Coon's C
retn up toladiuonseled partloulars lnj
idress . No.8 a r k d> 'o'inv
old in P ckens and every whcre
responsible :Druggists.
mayf 1'93-l y.
ewspapers .-. FREI
END YOUR OWN N.\MIE and nddreiss
rse of ive to ten of your frieIOn or necighi
r uol i arl.o thwle i d t'oly ol
a nI'sIN.i' Asp) 1'Axut ,wiwarArI:ni rOn
rnTIV tIAiytn. It i the Lanrgest Weekly
ed In the Kouth-ixteenl inrgo ,nges.
andidl~ly Rot ten up and enreful y ed tel. If
' never seenI a copy of It, sencd for oneC
Swill pronounce It thle biggest and)4 best n
>cr you ever rend. A i,YtN eW
savnnah, C
ur RLoovfii
st a onlv $2.00 Ier 100 qref~fF fect. Mi
rood roof for ye a, and aniy one cian
mi. Jum-El'astic PauLt costs only
its per gallon,-In hhl lots, or *4.50
i gallon tubs. Color dark redl,
j leaks In tin or iron roofs, and will
years. THtY IT, Send~ stamp
apies anid full particuilas
uim-Elastic Roofing C
and 41 West Ih'oadway', NEW YO
Local Agents Wanted.
with, we want to thank our friends for the
>rompt settlements during the past seas<
iad better collections. There seems to b
:>ng the most of our customers to settle
appreciate such trade, and propose to d(
this year. The few who have stood back,
a way hindered from paying us, we aga
vard at once and do their best for us' \
id you may need ours later. Pay us what
ir note for the balance,
some Bargains to offer in Groceries.
Flour to be had any where. A full assor
Stocks, Plow. Gear, Hoes and other P
have bought these goods lower than u
i accordingly. Lots of corn and seed oats
Anid stops gro*Min
No wvoier you t1
flaie you an 1add i
No? Well, people
in business and tha
ce44an31 1ha1r4 to YOU 16
al 111an41 get outr r
Put III aidd iI TIM(
developnl0ents. 11,
The 11vist Shoes~ tor
tht e a t M e.U
will ~ il cmnpasn
ice. % $3.050 F
her - -
DEAL.ERS who push the sale of W. L. D<
wh!ichhieI ps to inicrease the sales on their
WV. T'. McFALL, M11
Bu ist's See
tare theBe
'We have the
Gar'den Seeds
Oi ons 2t
I. Ca rpe
"One Hundred Brewsi'
Ever Offered in Sc
SGreenville Coac
kes We make the BiEs'
One and Two Hiorse
v~iIl Why buy Cheap Western Wagonis when you
lasut that wvill out lar' Lv
for E~Patroize HIOME~ INDIUSTRlY,
0,H. C. MA R
G. W. IXRRINE. Ssp1tnerint iam
ir liberal
)>n. We
,e a dis
there ac.
) all we
or have
in urge
Ve need
you can
rhe Best
Lment of
ual and
ror sale.
JE & CO.
mlank timnen are liar
Io't know yoil v
at i the renitsofill: -n
attes oil adverdtlnisi
iSentciel, and auir'
ar imaes ultia YA
Waterproof. Best Shoe sold nt the pr,
Id $3.50 Dress Shot
tomn work, coLIting tromn $( it) $3.
olice Shoe, 3 Solme
SValking Shoe ever maidc.
30, and $2 Shoes,
UneC(iu ealiii ct the price.
fs $2 & $1.75 School Sh1oIu
ALre the tiv or torLSm ice.
$3, $2.50 $2, $f.7n.
Fittlaacnd ServIceabAl,...%
T.g in the world. All su lI
-Douas Shoes101,. N o
andL p~rice stamlpert
"Eai~ bottom. Bo
mtglas Shoes gain custoi .nw
fuill line of goods. TheLy e.
RfV savo oney by buying all yr .
finest selection
ever brought
3edI that will r'a
>Unlds the fir'st ye
llter B10
~NVILLE, S. C'.,
Spring Bugg~
uth Caroli
h Facto1
can buy a HIotnetriad(o Wjogne
KLEY. ProprieL

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