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An Interesting atid EiceqQOut OTnon
Froin the Words of solomon-- Wisdom
Is Better Than Ruble""- -Tito True
Christian Spirit.
B1o(KLYN, F.b, lt.-In the Taber
nacle this f-renoon lInv. Dr. 'Talmnage
preached to a crowded audience thu,
filled the great building to ovci 11 vit!,
tte h-uJ -et of h nenon'l ) tiln, ' 110) ri
Surp(,ed." and 'he lext Prover)- vitt,
11. %"Wivdom ib hl, ter otan rub'yes 11
You have all seun the precious stolle
cOmmonly called the rubv. It is 01 dead
red color The ilhIe makoA mueo' ot I.
It glowed in the first. rov (f the high
priest's breas-plato. Undor tnother
name it stood in the wail of I.eaven.
Jeremiah compares ohh rtdy Chei'k .t
the Nazariles to 0i erubv Ezeki i1 poin'ts
it out in th r hes oif ,he kint of Ty
Four gitmes does Solohlna umo It as a
dymbol by which to exil wv isb<)i oIr -
gif'.n, always setting its viah+ es boI.
than rubice.
The world doce not arec as to how -
the precious stones w, I i form d. Tx
ancients thought. hit, aIbr we M IL't nuvie
cf drops of pr iou of tibe lod .
Ge. The thijhuneron.ie w,;- upoo rd
to have droi per fl'iim a stormelaud The
emerald wia lenid to have h( n 'ue <1
the fir fly. The lq pit I zull wa.; 0iomn.aht
to have been 1) )'r of I i- ery' a a:.! lo
dianguiant. Ati mcidern mineralogm
say that the prfff uli sionel S I WS( i were made
of gases and :q'i'da. ro mia 1nby
seems like a spark from the anvil of te
setting sun.
The 101me of the g-enuiattiuby 4, Bu'r
mash, and 60 miks from U its c11p)1:d,
where lives and reians the rotier, caled
"Lord of the Ruhica," ider a cat-Oit
governmental tuard are tthese0 vabian)
mines of ruby kept. R irely hait anM
foreigner visited themi. V\ hi a ruby If
lirge value was dipcovert it wasbu'h
forth withclatoatc cO -em.y, it rc it
SIOn was formed. un!, witi all br'em I
Pomp, military gurd ai ol prn:c vI -
tendants. the gem was brought t-> ihe
kine's palace.
Of gieat value is t1he il, b itnm more
so than diamond. as hipidaries and low:l
era Will tell you. An expe on ti13
subject wiites, "A ruhi of tpciet. c'bir
weighing five karats is iorth at V e m is.
cut day ten times as mi a a dhtiod
of equal weight." 1t vas a ditater whiu
Charles the .31oid lost the ruby he was
wearing at tbe battle of Galln'dson. It
was a great a tli ipnne 'hen", Rdol ph I L
of Austria inherited a ruby from his sis
ter, the queen dowaiger. I was thou.glt
to have had much to d with the victory
of Henry V. as he wore it into tih bat
tle of Agiucourt.
It 18 the pride of the Ru'an court o
own the largest ruby o altl the wo
presented by (ustavus Ill to the RI.
aian empress. Wondr9iutru13 I.t h:t,
electric characteriiue, and Ihere itre
hLghtnings comprest(l in it,(s double bix
sided prisms. What Shal 1. e ii C ? It
is frczen fire. I is plltrifiid bloot! i
all the worlI there i3 o'nIly e0110 thiur
mote valuable, and my text makesi the
comparicon, "Visdoi is bntter than
But it is impossible to compare two
things togethber unless there are soul
penlts of similarity as well as of' diler
once. I am glad there is nothmrl lack
ing here. Trho ruby in more bcauttfuli
na the night and under toe hiumplight hluu
by day. It is preicrredl for tvu ini
adornment. How thle rubies glow and
burn anti flash as the lights idnhf .1m 'ar
nesel Catherine of Aragon 6:ii o in r
linger a ruby that fairly ltunited the
Sir John Maudoville, the ce'lebfrateul
traveler ot 4100 years ago, said that the
emperor of China had a rut)y timut mnade
thie night as bright, as thet day. The
probability is that Solomon, tuider' so -us
of the iamps that iluine~id his CEdarl
palace by mlghlt noticed the p cutlir gloiw
of' the rulby as it looked in the hist ot a
sword or hung ini som11 fold( of1 the u phol
stery or beauti lh d the lip of' some chul
ice, while lie was thiimkmig at the same~
time oIf tihe excellency of our holy rel iu
ion us chiefly seecn in the night of troum
ble, and1 be cr'ies~ out, ' Wy isdoin is het
ter than rubies."
Oh, yes, it in a igood tiuug to haive re
ligion while the sun of' prosperity iid. a
high arid everytingi. is brdiha, m Infr
tune, ini healt. ii wold ily favor Yet
you can at 81u h timesi ha1 (dly tell how
much of it is natural e'xuberanlco atnd hei w
muchi of it is the grace oft God. Buit l.t
the sun set and1( the shadow~s avaIlce
the plam andl t ho thick darkness of stch
nesssr poverty or iersecuitin (er mlental
exhaustion illi the soul atuf fili thme he use
and fill time wvorld; then you sit down bi
the lamp of God's wuord, and1 utnder its
light the consolations of' tihe gospel come
out- the peace of God1 whioch passeth afl
understanding appears. You never fl
ly aippreciatedl thleir power1111 int tie
deep) ight of trouble the Divine Lamp)
revealed their exquisiteness. Peairls and
amethysts for the oay, but rubies Icr the .
All the bcoks of the Bible atempt in
some way the nlaungtment ol miisfor
tune. Of tihe 150 psalms of David at,
least 90 allude to trouble. There arc
sighinga im every Wind and tears in
every brook and pan11gB in every heart.
it, was origmnally plroposed to cail the
president's residence atl Walhington,
"il'he Palace" or "The Executive Man
510on," but, alter it was destro',ed ini the
war of 1814 anld rebit it w~ as pinted
white to cover up the marks of the
smoke and fire that had blacken3ed tihe
walle. Hence it was calledl "The White
House." Mtost of the tit 5 no07 white
with attractiveness were once black with
Whatithe worldl most needs is tihe con
solatory, and hero it comnea, our holy
roligion, with both handls full of atiodynos
adsadatives andl balsams, as in Dani
Shadratimetostop mouths leonine; as in.
as m Ezekiel's timto cooles curnac;
ty, as in 5t. Joh' ieo unrolltin
apocalypse over rockv desolatinutirolear
its soothing voice asit ce clare. "Weepar
lng may endure for a night b "u ~
cometh in the morninir." "Th, buti-o
tains shall depart and the h ills beoun~
moved, but my loving kindness shallnt
depart from you." "Whom the Lord
loveth he chasteneth." "They shatli
Lunger no more, neither thirst any more
peither shsll the sun light on them, nio
any heat, for thle Lamb which is in' the
midst of the throne shall lead them t(
the living fountains of water, and God
shall wipe away all tears from theiL
The most 'Wholesome tiling on earth ih
ttoble If met in' CJhistlan spirit. T(
m o~ Paul what he was took shipwreck.
ndWhipping on the bare back, and
pealbet)ar~y and pursuit of wild mobs,
and34 tesOrd of decapitation. Tc
waneDavid *hat lhe was it took all tnal
Abitephel and Saul and Absalom and
Gollath and all the Philistine hosts could
do against him. It took Robert Mhaw
bers' malform itiou of feet to make him
the literary conqueror.
It was boreavement that brought
William Uaworth of Westsy's time
from wickedness to an evangelam that
won many thousanis for heaven. The
world would never have known whatI
heroic stufl RHiev was made of had not i
the flres been kindled around his f, et, I
and not lklog their slow work he cried:
"I cannot burni Let the fire come to
me! I cannot burtil" Thank God that
there are !.ems that unfold their best,
.'lories undeir the lanillglit! Thazk 1
'I foir Ohe rill
Mioreov.r I tt.i suire thAt Sal)omon
wasj r'lit, iu sayir;!t that relizion or wis
(4,1m in heutier than rubies, from th fact
huit a thivg is worth what it will fetch.
Ib li ionI will l-clh Oolid i:typnlless, and
Lhe. rill v will :)t tu all your onssrvii
lion d.d You tver 11id a person thor. t
iNV i itavd h) v ti incrusl.ileit of L
j-wel? As jon know ioro of yourself'
th1 1n tn y one ('kC, aro you huppici
ro vih -orldl adtornments and sue
( C.-e";(- t11:1 iore VIc.u Wo)I tlhem1l)? Des.)Q <
Ole l)ettlre h1al. cost, yon hundreds or a
!fniuds of dollars oil your wall brinr Z
011 1A much n isiclCio as the engrav
ih a, t IIho xpnse of $5 was hung
upo(n the wall when Nou liest began to
Do all the cutlery and rare plate that
i14er en vonti extension dining' table,
suu'VOnIded by flattering gueists, coutain
imo o! real olivs t.ha th plain ware
-f % ('1C lirso, tabl 61- 0 which SA., )Inly two
.) -vs a wardroi.e crowdod with costly
:01 ir y 4 ' on 'U ore Rtishaction than
on lir. clo1 he-s cloket, ih. its four or I
livo pert? Dii nt the pluiu ring set on
'Ii trd lim-!er of your leit, hand on tbe t
''y <(' ',our be trotlal mivo more gladness
tinn th ruby th t. ia now enthroned on
tf-c third fiaiZer of your right hand?
If in thin journey of life we have
learned ' .thing we have lea.imed that
tua wald neither with its emolumeurs
Sr I'. can satisfy the soul. Why,
h eIle ans many witnesses as I wish
lo '' to tih stand to testify that lie
lere bH!fh hear en and the world, in can
P-inionlshil) with Jesus Christ and a good
i-opc of heaven, they feel a joy that all
Ihe iceources of their vocabulary iail to
exprese. Sometimes it evidences Itself
into (jacullations of hosana, sometimes
in dxology, sometimes in tears. A
converledl native of India in a )ettcr
cid, "Ifow I I -ng for my bed, not that
I mayulee p-I lIe awake often and long
but to hold sweet communiou with my
11 so miguihty Is worldly joy that Jul.
m1s 11, hearing his armies were trium
thaut, expiced, and if Talya, hearing
that the 1 'man Senate decreed him an
hoior, and if Dionyaius and Sophocies,
olvercome of joy, expired, and if a ship
wrecked purser, waiting on the coast of
Guinea in want and starvation at the
th t of a vessl bringing relief, fell dead
"ram i shock of deliit, is it any surpriec
o you that the joys of mirdou and henv -
en rollin over the nut should Roime
times be almost too iuclih for thet Christ.
itil to lldulra) an11d live?
An g!ed aunt said to In(: ''Da Wit,
the times I have faitiled dead avay
un1der too gieat Christian joy. It was
in all three cases at the holy commun
lon." Au eminent Christian man while
in prayer said: "Stop, Lord; I cannot
bear any more of this cladaness; it is ton
much for mortal. Withhold! Withhold!"
W e have heard of poor workmen or
workingmen 'getting a letter suddenly
telling t.t~m that a fortune had been
left them, and how they were almost be
icide them~ist Ives with glee, l:iking the
hrM ship in' climii tihe estate. gut, oh.
whci it is to wake up out of the atulnr
of a sinfail lifeI and through pard(omol~g
fl11 od th. all our CorIith ly existenice will
n divinely nmanaired for our bes!. ivelfare
atI 1 hat thenu all heaveni will roll in upl
tin I lie soul!
(Comiparcel with that a spring morning
:.s st upid, an August sunset is imane, aind
an aurora hasi '10 piliaredl splend2r, and
a diamond has no thlash, and a pearl 1no
li ght, and a heiryl no aquamarine, and a
r'uiv no0 rutddinocsa. My GracIous Lord!
My glorious God! My pirecions Christ!
RI ll over on us a few billows of that
reture. Andi ow I ask you, as fair
nleId imen and ./;omen, accustomed t~o
inaoke comparisonia, is not isuchl a joy as
that worth tuore than anything oneP nn
have in a jeweiedl casket? Was notSoi
omonC I ighlt when he said, "'Wisdom is
bet ter Ithan rubios!"'
TIhere isi aio something in the dleepi
carmiig ofi the ruby that pugrgests the~
nliiuec en whI:ch our whole atem of
r,'eion "pnids. While the emerald
acga ';the muemlows, anu1 tile sapphire
tI:e eiies, mal thle opal the sea, the ruby
5uCosits the blood~ of eacrifice. The
miost emphatic and~ startling nf' all colors
hlalti tth h. Solomon, the author of
my1 text., kne w all about, the sacriflce of'
1lam1b and1( dove on the altars of' the tomn
plo,. and he knew the meaning of sacrifl
cind blood, aund what other precious atone
comi I he so well use to symbolize it as
the~ ruy.Rd, intenrely red, red as the
blo fthe greatest martyr of all time
-Jesus of tile centuries! Drive the
stoiry of thle crucifixion outt of the Bible
and the dloctrine of' the atonemient, out of
our relieion, and there would be nothing
of Christianiity left, foi our wvorship or
cur admiration,
Why should it, be hlard to adopt the
Bible theory that our redemption was
purchased by blood? What great bridge
ey~er sprung its arches; what temple ever
reared its towers; what nation ever
achieved its independence; what mighty
good was ever (d031 without sacrifice of
iufi? The great wonder of the world
the . Ldge that, nnlites these t~wo cities
cost the le of thle first architect. Ask
tihe shipyards of Glasgow and New York
how many carpenters went down under
accidents before the stoamer was
launched. Ask the three great trans
continental railroads ho0w many in thleir
construction were buried under crumb
ling embankmnents, or crushed undler
timbeis, or destroyed by the powder
Tabulate the statiatics of how many
mothers have been martyrs to tile cradle
of sick children. Tell us how many men
sacriflee nlerve and muscle and brain and
life in the effort, to support their hlouso
holds, Tell me how many men in Eng
land1, in France, in Germany, in Italy,
in the United 8Sates, have died for their
country. Vicarious suffering is as old
as the world, but the most thrilling, the
most startling, the most stupendous
sacrifice of all tIme and cternity was on
a blufl back of Jerusalem, when one Ihi.
lng took upon hlimel the sins, the ago
nlks, the Perdition of a great mnultitu 'e
that no'man can numib,r, between 12
o'clock of a (larkened noa)n and 3 O'clocK
in the afternoon, purchasing the ransom
of a ruined World.
Dive ini all the seas, extplore all the
mines, crowbar all the mountains, view
all thle crowned jewels of all the empe.
rors and find me any getn that, can so
ovrerwhelmingly symbolize that martyr
dom as thb ruby. Mark you, there aro
many gems that are somewhat )ike the
ruby. 8o Is the cornellan, 'so is the
garuet, tso is the spinel, so is the balas,
so the gems brought trom among the
wravol of Caylon and N" w South Wales.
but there Is only one genuine ruby, and
that comes from the mine' of Burmah.
&ud there is only one Christ, and he
btmes from heaven. OneRedeemer, one
Lansom, one Son of G id, only "one
iamo given under heaven among men
)y which we can be saved."
Ten thousand times ten thousand
Jeautiful imitations of that ruby, but
miy one ruby. Christ had no descend
mnt. Chr is?. had no counterpart. In
he ligtif up grandour and glory and
ovO and s i mpathy of his ch aracter Lie
a the Incomparable, the Inlirtte One
--"the only wise God, our saviour."
,et. all hearts, all homed, all times, all
ternities bow low before himl Lt his
inner be lifted in ali our soula!
In olden times Scotland was disturb
(I by freebooters and nirates. To rid
he seas and ports of these desperadoes
he hero William Wallaco fltted out a
'wrchaut vessel, but filled it with
rmed men and put out to sea. The
iralis, with their flag inscribed of a
eath's head, thinking they would get
u easy prize, bore down upon the
cottish merchantman, when the arm
d men of Wallace boarded the craft of
he pirates and put them in chains and
hen sailed for port under tho Scotch
tag flying. And so our souls, assailed
f sin and death and hell, through
Ihrist are rescued, and the black flag
I* sin torn down, and the stripped Hag
I the cross is hoisted. Blessed be Godt
or any Eigu, for any signal, for any
ireciou s one that brings to mind the
irice paid for such a rescue!
I like the coral,for it seems t he solid
lied foam of breakers, and I like the
asper, for it gathers 17 colors into its
)Osom, and I like the jet, fur it com
>resses ihe shadows of many mid
ighits, and I like the chrysoprase be
ause its purple is illumined with a
mall heaven of stars, and I like the
vhiysoloi.e for its waves of color,which
ieem on fire. But this morning noth.
ng so impresses ma as the ruby, for it
itpicts, it typiles, it suggests "the
'lood of Jesus Christ that cleanseth
rom all sin." "Without the shedding
)f blood there is no remission." Yea,
Solomon was right when in my text he
mid, "Wisdom Is better than rubins."
To bring out a contrast that will Il
lustrate my text I put before you two
last earthly scenes. The one is in a
room with rubies, but no religion, and
the other in a room with religion, but
no rubies. You enter the first room
where an ail ltent and worldly man is
about to quit this life. There is a ruby
on the mantel, possibly among the va
see. There is a rubly in the headdress
A the geenly wife.
On the finger ot the dying man there
Is a ruby. The presence of these rubies
implies opulence of all kinds. The pic
Lures on the walls are heirlooms or the
trophies of European travel. The cur
tains are fromn foreign looms. The
rugs are from Damascus or Cairo. ThE
sofas are st.uffed with ease and quie,
tude. The rocking chaire roll back
ward and forward on lullabies. The
l)iilows are exquisitely embroidered.
All the appointments of the room art
a peroration to a successful commer
cial or professional life. But the mar
las no religion, never has had and nov
or professed to have. There is not a
Bible or one religious book in the
The departing man feels that hit
earthly career is ended and nothing
opens beyond. Where lie will latr
stepping off from this life is a mystery
or whet her he will land at all, for ii
may be annihilation. [le has no pray
er to oiler, and he does not know how
to pray. N hope of meeting aigain in
anoot her state of existence. Ito Is
through with this life and Is sure of no
olier. '['he rubty on the mantel anid
the ruby on the wasted fluger of the
cierartfug one say nothing of the ran
souiiug bWool which they so mightily
ryplif y. S3o far as giving solace or iliu
mination to a dlepartirg spirit they are
m dlead failure. Midnight of utter
10pee5sQsnes drops ou all the scene.
Another roo~m of mortal exit. Reli
iion and no rubies, She never had
noney enough to buy one of these ex
juisites. S .metimes ahe stopped at a
eweler's show window and saw a row
if them incarnadining the velvet. She
lad keen taste enough to appreciate
1hose gems, but she never o wned o ne
>f themn. She was not jealous or un
nappy because others had ruties while
ihe had none. But she had a rieher
~ressure and that was the grace of God
~hat ha~d comforted her along the way
imid bereavements and temptations
and persecutions and sickness and pri
nvatons and trials of all a-orts. Now
she is going out of life.
TIhe room is bright-not with plot
ures or statutes, not with upholstery,
not with any of the gems of mountain
or oif sea, but there is a strange and
vivid glow in the room-not the light
of chaixlelier, or star, or noonday sun,
but something that outshimes all of
them. It must be t he presence of su
p ernaturals. From her illumined face
thinkI sno must hear sweet voices.
Yeai she does hear sweet voices,
voices of departed kindred, voices
apostolic and prophetic and evangelic,
but all of thorn overpowvered by the
voice of Christ,saying,, 'Come, ye bless
sd of my father, inherit the kioghom."
From her illumined face I think she
must hear rapturous music. Ye3, she
[does hear rapturous music, no w sort as
solos, now thunderous as orchestras,
now a saintly voice alone, now the
hundred and( forty and four thousand
in concert. From her illuinnined face
I thinik she must breathe redolence,
Yea,she does inhale aroma from off the
gardens whose flowers never wither
from the blossoms of orchards
every tree of which bears twelve
manner of fruit. From heir
illuminedl face I think she
mnust see a glorious sight. Yes, shte
sees the wall that has jasper at the
bas,and amethyst at the top, and bilood
red rubies between. Goodby, sweet
soul! W~hy should you longer stay?
Your work all done; your burdens all
carried; your tears.all wept! Forward
into the light! - Up into the joy! Out
into the g randeurs.
And after you have saluted Christ
and your kindred search out 1dm of
the palaces of Lebanon cedar atnd tell
him that you have found to be glori.
usiy true what, thousand of years ago
ben asserted in this morning's texL,
"Wisdom is better than rubies." IRi
those burnissed palaces of our God
nay we all meet:, for I confess to you
ihat my chief desire for heaven is not
the radiance or to take the suggestion
>f the text-not the rubescence of the
scene. My one Idea of heaven is the
place to meet old friends-God, our
est friend, and our earthiy friends al
ready transported. Aye, to meet the
millions to whonm I hamve never seen,
out to whom I have administered in
the gospel week by week tnrough
journalism on both sides of the sea,and
throughout Christendlom, and through
many lands yet semibarbaric.
For the last 23 years every blast of
injustice against me has multiplied
my readers all the world over, and the
present malignancy printed and utter
ed because our church is in financial
struggle aftt havirg two great struct
ures destroyed by lare and we compell
ed to build three large nhnrcesa-I .a.
the present. outrageous iihjustice it
some quarters will multiply my audi
ence In all lands if I can keep in good
humor and not fight back.
A gentleman tapped me on the shoul
der summer before last on a street of
E linburg and said, "I live in the Shet
land islands, north Scotland, and I
read your sermons every Sabbath to an
audience of neighbors, and my brother
live in Cape Town, and he reads them
every Sabbath to ah audience of his
neig bors." And Ihere and now say
to the 40,000,000 of the earth to whose
eyes these words will come that one of
my dearest anticipations is to meet
them in heaven. Ab, that will be bet
ter than rubies!
Coming up from different continents
from different hemispheres, from opp-s.
ito side of the earth, to greet each 1 othr
in holy love in the presence of the glor
ious Christ who made it possible for us
to get there! Our sins all pardoned,
our sorrows allebanishe, never to weep
never to part, never to diel I tell you
that will be better than rubies. Others
may have the crowns, xnd the thrones
and the scepters. Give us our old friend
back again, Christ, "the friend who
sticketh close than a brother," and all
the kindred who have gone up from
bereft households, and all our friends
whom we have never yet seen, and you
may have all the rubies, for that will
be "better than rubies."
Instead of the dying kiss when they
looked so pale and wan and sick, it will
be the kiss of welcome on lips jubilant
with song, while standing on floors
paved with what exquisiteness, under
ceilings hung with what glory, bounded
by walls facing us with what splendor
amid gladness rolling over us with
what doxology. Far better, infInitely
Detter, everlastingly better than rubles.
Syper Attempted to Show Fraud in the
ship Premimniums.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 9.-Chairman
Cummings, of tha House Naval Com
mittee, has completed the reported of
the committee upon the Holman re
solution declaring that the premiums
paid for speed of naval vessels are ex
cessive and seeking to restrain futrher
payments on that score. Mr. Cum
mings perfaces his report by calling
attention to the fact that Mr. Holman
sought to secure the immediate adop
tion of the resolution without reference
to the committee. He says a patient
effort has been made to unearth facts
to warrant an investigation. Mr. Hol
man has introduced Mr. J. Iale Sypei
as a gentleman of excellent reputation
who had furnished the facts upon which
the charges were based; but when the
committee accepting Mr. Rolman's es.
timate of the gentleman, called for
facts none were presented. The wit.
ness did not believe that any naval
oiflcer had been party to a corrupt com
bination, but believed that the pro
mimum law was unwise and that re
ekles extravagance had been shown,
it appeared that Mr. Syper knew noth
irg Af any fraud or of navl construe
tion or engineering, but relled upon
newspaper reports, Ile nanied experts
who would support his statemeLts
that the designed engineers could cal
culate the speed of a vissel within a
quarter of a knot, but when one of theim
was call-d he denied the possiblity of
predicting the speed within a knot or a
knot and a half. Chief Engineer Mel.
ville had denied that the prediction
could be made within half a knot anc
so had other naval experts.
The committee found that the chargt
that the dosigns were purposely dra mr
to secure more than the contract speei
was not borne out and the same wat
true of the allegation that unusul an
limproper means were used to force thi
vessels on trial trips, dam aging the
Th le report next taxes up the question
of Mr. Sy per's motives in passing the
charges. It quotes the testimony to
show that he declared that he appeared
"pro bono publico, a patriot" and that
he had denied any concern in the in
troduction of the Blair resolution pre
ceding Mr. Hlolman's resolution on the
same subject.
Then it quotes Syper's letter to the
Cramps Sept. 28th last saving that he
had important information at their
service; and continuing this evidence
of ex-Rtepresentative Hiazelt on who:
drew up theBlair reolution he says it
was prepared in Syyar's office in forma
tion furrnished by Syper. In further at
tack upon the ch aracter of thewitness,
the report says:
The Hlolman prermble and resolution
were introduced into the 1-louse D.ec
13. On his first appearance biefore thu
co~umittee Mr. Syper was asked; "Did
you prepare a copy of that resolution ?'
ils reply was, "No sir." lHe wa
than asked whether lhe had knowledgi
of t he resolution before its introduced
ils reply was, "Yes, sir; 1 had know.
ledge and that i'esolution probably err
ginated from the suggestions matte b)
me basedi upon these newspaper arti
cles." Futher along, he was asker]
"Did you farther the resolution ?"
He replied, "Why? It is not m:
He was again asked, "You did lie
prepare or caused it to be prepared ?"
Ils reply was, "I (lid not prepare its
but I had a talk With Judge Hlolmnan
several times and showed him these
newspaper arhicles and gave this Infor
The Vilent MIay Return.
NAShVILLE, TIenn., Feb. 9.-When
Evangetist Sam Jones called for peu
itents last night at the Gospel Taber
nacle in thi3 city, ,vhere he is holding
a revival, the fIrst person in the line of
those who went forward to take his ex
tended palm was no less a personage
than lion. Johin J. In galls. Mr. Ingalls
has been In Nashville several days and
will lecture here tonight. Ils presence
at Lhe tabernacle last night was con
spicuous and it was noticed that he
took a deep interest, several times
laughing and joining in other demon
strations as the unique Georgia preach
er In turn roasted and cajoled the sin
"I endorse every word you say," he
miarkedi earnestly, as he grasped the
evangelist's hand.
"God bless you," responded Mr. Jones
"Possibly," said one who witnessed
the scene, "the decalogue may after all
havo a place in politics and hope for
the politicians prcve more than an ir
ridescent dream."
.Thirtiy Were Fros e .
KANsAs CITY, Mo., Feb. 18.-Reports
received here today from Oklahoma
anid the Indian Territory make it al
most certain that at least thirty lives
were lost during the great storm of
Sunday. Many Isolated honesteads
where the families were porty prepared
for the winter, cannot be heard fro m
days, and possibay weeks, and there iF
reason to believe that thirty will not
represent the total number .of the dead,
In Western and Southwestern Kansas
there was fireat sufteriug and it Is prob
able that In more than one house dead
bodies will some day be found. Th4
worst of the storm was over in thi
MIssouri valley today, and as it ii
growing warmer and Is cloudy ,it i
not unliaely that the snow will be melt
ed suddenly causing floods ~in man)
The 8tate 1 aold of onter.1 Will Kaoore
the Law SltetriT-parties Who Have LI
quor SteTd Alut O t Coriloatosor
Have it saigeda
COLUMBIA !. . Feb. 13.-Aftoe
Friday week those who have liquori
stored away in. qurimtities greatei
than flive gallons, and who do not appl)
to the liquor comm'ssioner for cortlil
cates to be placed .upon t hew, wil
make I heir places liable to sear ch and
all such property found thereon will be
seized and said. Such is the action of
the State boarcof c3ntrol at a meet
Ing held yesterday, acting under cer
tain sections of the act.
At this meeting yesterday there was
a full attendance of the meumbers of the
board, and Commissioner Traxler was
present by invitation. It was decided
that Section 35 of the act shall be rigid
ly enfosced on an after the 23d. Thin
section reads as follows:
Section 35. That violations of any of
the sections of this act, wuere punish.
ment upon conviction is not especially
provided for, the person or persons or
corporation so convicted shall b3 pun
ished in the discretion of the couet try
ing the same. All talcoholic liquors
other than domeetic wine, and in q'iAn
tity more than flve gallons, whict (to
not have on the packages in w iich they
are contained the labels and certilloates
going to show that thev have oeen pur
chased from a State officer author izec
to sell them are hereuy declared con
traband, and on seiznre will be forfeited
to the State as provided in Section 31
Provided, That this section shall not
apply to liquor held by the owners of
registered stills. Persons having more
than five gallons of liquor elsewhere
than at his or her home, which the)
wish to keep for their own use, may
throw the protection of th law around
the same by furnishing an inventory
of the quantity and kinds to the State
commissioner, and applying for certill
cates to alix thereto. After sixty days
from the approval of this act any liquoi
found in the State not having suct
certificates may be seized and conils.
catcd. Persons having more than the)
wish to use may obtain certificates to
ship beyond the limits of the State
Any persons aillxiug or causing to be
aillKed, to any package containing al.
coholic liquor any imitation stamp or
device than those furnished by the
State commissioner shall for each of
fence be liable to a ponality of ter
days' imprisonment or twenty-flve
dollars lue.
The State bard fi-Ce a spPcillc day
in order to allow all th se* who have
such liquors storetd away and who ma\
not be acquainted with this provistuu
of the la w, time to secure the req uired
certitlca.es from the State liquor coi
missionar. Tne board holds that the
certificates cost nothing and can be bad
by simply applying to the commission
er as specified in the act. The member
of the board say, whether as a blul
cannot be told, that they have infor
mation of where a great deal of suct
liquor is stored away in Columbia and
elsewhere, and if the application is n)t
immediately made, an I the certilicatjs
not secured by the date named, met
will be put t' work seizing the stuff at
The board dlecidedl not to allow the
commissioner to issue any such creti
ficates to former liquor dealers wvhc
have taken out revenue licenses since
the dispensary law went into effect
ciming that they have the right to
make such refusal, under the following
section of the act:
Section 17. The payment of the Uni
ted State special tax as a liqulor seller
or notice of any kind in any place o1
resort, or in any store or shop, indicat
ing that alcoholic liquors are there sold
kept or given away, shall be held to b(
prim a f acie evidence that the person or
perions paying said tax and the parties
displaying stich notices are acting ia
violation of this act, and unless said
person or parties are selling under per
mit as prescribed by this act they shall
be published by a line not exceeding
one hundred dollras or imprismoent nol
more than thirty days.
It remains to be seen how the scheme
will work out. It shows that some oni
is studying out the various phases o:
the law with the viewv to breamking ui
the blind tiger business, if possible.
No action has yet been taken by the
Attorney General's oflice to carry the
local lioquor cases futher. Assistani
Attorney General Biarber is to have
control of the matter and cothing it
going to be done until his return to the
Isaastina strrm,
BEILN, F~eb. 13.-Rfeports of loss o1
life and damage to property by yester
day's storm2continued to be received
from all parts of the country. Among
the many dispatch received, giving de
tails ol' the storm, is one from RIde
burg, a small town in Saxony, one fronm
Penzlin, in Meckclenaburg Schewerin
one from Rintein, in IlesewNassaut
and one from Sondlerburg, on the sauch
west side of Island sf Aisen, in the
Baltic. At Reoadeburg, a scaff'olding
upon which a nnmber of men wver(
working was blown down and four o1
the workmen were instantly killed.
Some of the other imen who fell witla
the scaffolding were injured. At Pen
zlin, a house was blown down and all
the inmates were buried in the ruins
Seven children were either crushed tc
death or scaff acated1. At iRintelE, the
tallchimney of the stove and giast
works was blown over, Some of th<
brickastruck three persons, killing
them instantly. At Sonderburg, r
bridge collapsed and several personi
who we:e on it were killed.
T he O n1
privave statement of one.
of the Judges. .r$>,
ReOsp)onsible Oout
J. W. &it
COLUMBIA S. C., Feb. 15.-.At the i
cent meeting of the National. Farmel
Alliance* at Topeka, as .reported b
Delegate Bowden, who fias returned t<
this city, it was decided that the AItI
ance should discuss three topidu befor
States shall regulate the liquor tarif b
some such plan as the dispensary. K
Bowden is emphatic in saying that th
Alliance has made no offilcial promulg
tien ou the question. The Dispensar
has been no part of the platform, an
it has been announced as a topic fo
consideration and debate merely to ge
the matter discussed and to get Aillat
cemen thinking about the advisablit
of State control of the liquor traffli
I and whether the South Carolina DiE
pensary idea is suitable to the needs o
the various States.
All of this goes to show that th
Dispensary idea is spreading and I
may be taken up as an Alliance de
m and.
Mr. Bowden talked interestingl
about his Western trip. .The femal
suffragists, he says, had a great time ii
Topeka. 'heir convention was aslarg
as anything he has seen, and the womel
were much in earnest about the mat
The National Alliance, he said, dii
not do anything on the question of fe
male suffrage, and was inclined to er
tirly dismiss the matter and leave eact
State to act independently on the ques
tion, if it saw it. The order adopte<
without alteration or amendment th4
original Oaala demands.
There are two candidates for the nex
meeting place of the National Alliano
-Loss Angelos, Cal., and Raleigh, N
U. The selection is to be made by thi
executive committee. The offer fron
California is coupled with a propositiol
to pay the expenses of the delegatel
and if that effort is successful the Al
liancemen will no doubt "Go West
next year. The Alliancemen of Norti
Carolina wish to have the conventio
held there and for the members to at
tend the ceremoles at the dedication o
a monument to the late president
On the subject of, State poaltics Mi
Bowden said that there will be an earl;
what Will Become of Parvig.
JAISON. Miss., Feb. 14.-Attorne:
General Johnston, in the name of th,
State, has made a motion in the SU
prome Court in the case of Will rurvi
to have the question settled in or der t<
have a new sentence passed eithe r b:
the Supreme Court or Circuit Court, a'
the Supreme Court may see proper t,
determine. The motion will bepresent
ed to the Supreme Court next Monday
Section 3467 provides that the sen
tence of the Supreme Court in all crim
inall cases brought before it shall be ex
ocuted in like manner as if passed b]
the court in which the prosecution or
iginated, while Section 1451 providei
that the-mode and manner in whch th4
Circuit Court may resentence a convicl
where the convict has not been' execute
according to the original judgment o
the court, ond this provides that th
convict shall be brought before the Ci
cult Court on a writ of habeas corpus
The question which arises is whethe:
this case, in which the sentence wa
not executed by the sheriff was pronc
unced by the Supreme Court and wher
the sheriff was acting under the man
date of the Supreme Court come
within the terms of Section 14b1 an
whether it is a case proper for the Cir
cult Court to award the new sentence
The whole matter can be readily de
termined on this motion by the Sn
preme Court and the proper directioi
given by the court in the premises. Er
hausted inquiry confirms the belie
heretofore telegraphed that Purvi wil
be dealt with under section 1451, Codi
of 1892, that the Supreme Court ha
notning to do with the case and that it
will be so stated.
MuI~rder of an Aaed Conple.
I ~oxvILLE, TENN, Feb. 9.-Hlenra
n era v, aged 9i, and his wife, age's 70
were murdered on Tnursdav night
about 8 o'clock, n Union County, eigh
teen miles from Knoxville. The news
of tragtedy reachied this place about noon
Tae old man wais very wealthy and was
kntown to have a large sum of mone'
c -ncealed about his house. His grand
son living with him had occasion to g<
on an errand to the mill near by. H'
opened the door and saw two masket
men on the outside armed with revel
vera. Hie sprang back, but a volley wai
- Gred and Snoderly hell dead. Anothe:
was fired and Mrs. Snoderly was kIlled
The burglars covered the young mai
with their pistols and ordered hIm t<
find his grandfither's money. The be.:
pulled the drawers out of the bureau an<
emptied them in the bed. Finding at
olportumlty while they were searching
for~ the money he sprang out of the dooi
escaped to alarm the neighborhood. Af
ter searching the house the burglar1
saddled two flne horse and escaped in ths
direction or Knoxville. it is said they
secured only *200. No accurate descrip
Lion could be given on account of then
maak, but the robbers were trailed tz
within flve miles of Knoxville. It it be.
lieved they were city men and may ben
concealed somewhere around here' Thn
4police and a force of deputy sheriffs are
ocouring the city and county.
Pianora and Organs.
Now js the time to buy summer p lan
$25 cash balance November 15th 1898.
Will buy a Piano at spot cash prioe 61C
cash, balanc November 15th 1893
Will buy a tgan at spot cash price
See the list to choose from. Steinway
Mason & Hamlin, Mathushek and Stir
ling Pianos, Mason & Hamlin and
Stirling Organs. Fifteen days teal
trial and freight both ways if net satis,
factory. A large lot of nearly new and
second hand Pianos and Organs at bar.
gains. Good as new. Write for pricei
W. N. Trump, Columbia, S. C._
y Aw a rd
TATE FA IR,';OV E MB~ft1, 1893.
ty Agents Wanted.*
ibes &; (Jo.,
COLMIA, 8. 0., Feb. 9.-Last
s night about 10 o'clock a trio of D)O
y vagabonud forcilely entered a colored
L) teum t'shue' o"' the frm~n Of tienerAl
fIMP1,n, about four and onebau miles
from (Jolumbiai, and, at- the point Ofra
0 platol, he was ipade to give tup all of the
y rations he ha4in his house Thaoy then
r. marched hinfout and made him go with
e them to the residence of Miss Hampton.
I. There they broke into the store bouse
and appropriated many thinge such as
Clothing and groceries. From there, nor
r being satisfied Aith booty obtained, they
it came back a mile p the road and broke
L- into tie store home of (ol. John Has.
Y kell. While there a white man on the
)s place dicovered them and fired uponk
them, but they made their escane, The
supposition is they belong to the lot of
a newnegroes who have come hete in the
t hope of getting work at the nl -ill
. when it commences uslineas.-- a.
1) b hy Ray tIm Prdies for Goods I
Srnd for atlogu aid See What You Can Saul
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$69 o ,-3
jIst tc Introduce them.
No fretl 't pail on t.bbi1 Or.
t -- gn. uaratteed to be a
ii food "rtau or mnoney re
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of Son A rrn Chair. Rocking (hair Divauk
A 2 a et -Is- orth $45. Will delivet
I it to yonr depot for $88.
- This No.1
with 21
pieae of
be deliver,
de for
frY~~ ~ r1.0'&
on 2
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wit all attahelmeLn. for
----O N *18.6b
deliver o your depot.
e oirr6ce f this
The manufactursr pvq all
eexpense and I oell them
to you for A4.7..-.
and gusrante every one a
~bargailn. No (roljht pi
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dolivered at Your de t A&
?1..SreihtFp d (irr t
seud for catalogues of Furniture, Cooking
M Stoves Baby Carriages, HicyclesrOrgans, Pi
Met. Dinner Sete, Lamps, a., and
U EMONEY. Addross
With a view to mutual advantage, we
invite all-parties who intend buying man
chinery to correspond with us before pa
lng their orders. We are confident or our
ability to save money to our customners, and
onily ask the opportunity of proving the
Besides machinery of all kinds, we.
)deal largely in liuggles, Wagons, ann other -
venloles. Wrte to us.
W. H, Gibbes Jr., & Go,
- For Ajfculr
Stural anG
e' ral Plantation.
- edse, have earnl
Stien as the best,
Son tne market..
- ~Durabil a i
-.fuel an watery
Has no EQual~
Rlice Planters and Rice Millers can
buy a singl machine that will clean,
hull and olish rice ready for market.
Corn Millers can buy the best French
burr mill, ina iron frame, fully guaran
I teed, capacit ten bushels meal per
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Baw Millers can buy the variable
fricotion feed DeLoach .Mill from
'0190.00 uito the l argest sizs.
Saws, ~ip s, Ed Swis g
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oif wood working machinery.
"Talbott" Engines and Bolers.
Special discounts made for cash.

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